Edgermoor Managing Director Geoffrey Stricker talks KCI results

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, November 8th

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But obviously the big story lies the TCI vote question number one in the Kansas City, Missouri ballot. And up by. A much wider margin I mean you and I thought it was going to be 554540. Maybe I the only person I heard that predict any big victory. Was the guy that doesn't use the airport that much nets got parks he thought it would be something large and of anybody thought it would be this big 7525. The airport pat question does pass to we will happy new single terminal. Airport and instead of you and I talking about the process and what has happened. We wanted to bring a couple of special guest joining us from edge Moore managing director Jeffrey striker is with us here in studio. Jeffrey much to last night couple hours a couple of yeah. Good night fraud certainly with councilman justice and the mayor and City Council the tremendous effort they've put into. Explain to the voters all the benefits that come from the new terminal from the job creation and economic development creating the new workforce of the future just a great night for Kansas City in the community. You mentioned her she's also in studio with this airport committee chaired Casey councilwoman Julie justices were thus. I asked Julie how much sleep she got last night when she was walking up the stairs to come in studio and she would laugh she wouldn't answer me Zell. That's the and committee meeting this morning even the city's business continued this guy that is close to wrap around and think wow. On a whole 24 hours and elitist because I was so excited right. Speaking with Jeffrey and and how we got to this point because. Part of the process that I think was so interesting and use that word very very. Cautiously interest. Was the process of how we got here and what we saw mayor James bullet six months ago talking on the TCI. I'm single term of art terminal a was. This is burns and Max deal what did you guys think when you saw the did you have any interest in this project when it was supposed to just go to burns and McDonnell. So we contracting the airport project for probably a year year and a half in news that there is clearly need to someone who travels in and out of the airport fairly often recognized. The needs for new terminal and so. They've been a project we have been actively following. It's so we were thrilled when the competition was opened up to allow us and others to bid on it and obviously worked up favorably for us in the end. How you feel about answering it into a project that. We are just going to my house for it where one company in our band text. And it seemed like the city was gonna go with a local company and their seem to be some support for that company but some unconcerned about the process. And that it gets opened up and then you're you're picked but you're having to do some work on the project without knowing if receiving a cap. What voters are so come on first part of that you know we were as I said we're thrilled when they open it up for competition we felt that that would give us you know a fair shake in a fair shot at winning the bid. And we put forward you know compelling team proposal on offer that ultimately resonated with the city in the selection committee and that's what we think we were chosen. You know it's it's been a great process the last two months after the selection. Working with the City Council going out to lots of community meetings meeting community talking with folks about their interest about the airport project we've been. Universally accepted as we've gone throughout the city and so. We feel grateful that community has welcomed us with open arms. And as we went through all this mean Jamie and I went to council meetings. We we listen to what people had to say im sure. When you send your people to these same City Council meetings where the that the people of Kansas City could voice their concerns. It felt like it was a negative campaign not from you guys up from the city up from the airport but it felt like this was going to beat. Met with a lot of backlash to feel that disabling. No I think you know from our perspective. The civic community really stepped up between the better Casey I program what the key security KC BC and others. They really spent a lot of time educating the voters on the why why it was important to have a new single terminal the benefits from. I said job creation 171000 jobs economic uplift over a billion dollars. A creating new job capacity what it means potentially to attract and is on the World Cup and so they did a fantastic job explaining why. Which made it easier for us to then come in it in work with them and collaborate to continues so the story. One of the biggest talents that we get from listeners as we've talked about this or the last several months was Walt's not a local company. How do we guarantee that they're gonna use local labor and and make sure that they take Kansas City any consideration you know others. We're suspicious of people there outsiders and and you're getting some of that suspicion maybe unfairly that you're getting. Well you know we've been in this community and now for a couple years were building a very large project at the University of Kansas which has been going on since 2015 so we've had an opportunity to work in the community. On that project is just for example 94% of the company's working on the job or local and 90% of the workforce is local. We know local hiring is critical to the city in terms of companies and employees and there are significant commitments as part of the community benefits agreement for us to uphold that in meet the goals that we support. At age Mora managing director Jeffrey striker joining us in studio also a talk more with Jolie Justus Kansas City councilman here in just a minute she's here as well. I think people want to know. What judge Moore nobody airports. Don't lots our team. Has done between the design in the construction. About sixty billion dollars worth of airport work all over the world thirty different airports we've built terminals with the parking garage is. Tension utility plants all the all the things that Kansas city's request is the scope of the project. We've designed and built before so we bring that knowledge and expertise. To bear as well as our company focuses on these types of public private partnership projects and so we bring the expertise of understanding how these deals can put together and financed. How far along are you in the design process I know you're on us we just got we just wanna vote but. I think I'm I'm not tax like right now but I guarantee you when I do with the word amnesty the most often is convenient how do you guarantees that the new design will be as convenient as the current design. So so from a process perspective we are. Going through what we call program validation so the aviation department spent two years putting together. Analysis interviewing in the community. To put forward what was ultimately called exhibit K which are defined the term footprint looking like the letter age the number of gates etc. So we're going back now with the aviation department in the airlines invalidating those assumptions. And that process has been ongoing now for a couple weeks and continue throughout to the end of the year. With that information plus the design open house as we planned to hold in the community later this month and in December. We'll take all that feedback in and begin concept design and beginning of the year beginning of next year. Regarding convenience I think convenience and should be thought of and a couple ways first it is. Today Kansas city's one of the two of the in the fifty largest cities. Airports missiles arrival and departure traffic on the same level which means it's always crowded toss to mix with the rental car bus with that airport shuttles. So one of the things that we have is he revels in the partially separated like you see many other reports about default 50% of the traffic is someone leveler the other at any given time. We've got a parking garage across the street that's 50% larger than what exists today some more communion if you're. Parking and then going culture whether it's vacation or business travel. The comedians also then doesn't end at curbside its once you get quickly through security once you have opportunities to. Due to restaurant or do some shopping or two within sit comfortably at the gate and not be squeezed in and be able to charge your cellphone so. They'll be convenience woven throughout that the new term. Jamie does that to sit on the floral drinking a beer now is that. It's kind of how I gonna have to wait for restaurant who have siblings you can you comment right now. Other record. We have more than two Rutgers past security you want more than all the rest I'm. Just more than two time. Habitable it's more managing director Jeffrey striker also Kansas City councilwoman and airport committee chair Jolie justice in studio to talk about renderings and that design open house he jurist heard Jeffrey mention its mid day. With Jamie wicket more on the new TCI which won yesterday's 7525. Right here on 91 KMB easy.