Edgermoor Managing Director Geoffrey Stricker on the new design of KCI

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, November 8th

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Further for those of us that have no idea about design and and if you saw our pumpkin we drew for the for the debate the contest I'm terrible art. How accurate the renderings that we saw several weeks ago they got released about the nuclear TCI to. So that the renderings that we released. Are fairly accurate that they are the first step in what I mean by that is. We will go through a process of working with the aviation department the airlines and the community. To get feedback on what amenities design aesthetics it's that are important and then take that bad back and incorporated into the design as it progresses forward. So while they look like they're finished and done we are ready to start construction there really the first step in a process that long faulty or over the next several months. And toss this question other somebody is asking it may be a bit facetiously but we'll address it anyway. Out went to the additional fees on airline tickets start and they said when they stop if ever. Because that I think we should talk for a second about how the. How it's gonna be playing whom. So from. The cost perspective right now. Every airline ticket in any airport anywhere in the country that there's tax called passenger facility charge pfc on every tax. So you people been paying that today. For PCI it's about four dollars a ticket the number that's projected it'll go about two dollars and fifty cents or about 7657. Dollars. Once that extra tax that is imposed. The thing to think about though is Kansas city's fairly low cost operations airport for the he beach or the airlines it's about six dollars per plane and any person getting on a plane. Saint Louis for examples and eighteen dollars to even when you read two or three dollars it's still gonna make Kansas City a very competitive airport for the airlines wanna bring traffic in and out. Go ahead. That is if you don't mind I'm we're getting a lot of specific questions about the new about the new design and and if there's any that you're not prepared answer that's totally OK but I want to acknowledge that we're getting now and and some asked about the location of the new single terminal where on the grounds it will. So the location of the new terminal B where eternally sits today. So the first part of the project once we close. Will be to demolish terminal a build a temporary road to bypass. Terminals being sees that operations in BN CR open in and a fluid throughout the entirety of the construction process and in the new terminal will be built races that. Also people want to know about the hiring process obviously people want to find jobs around here in Kansas City and surrounding areas. Will you specifically and focus on hiring local. Short so. We are in the process now adding. Teams. On the designer professional services sites architects and engineers. Announcements to be coming out shortly of new team members we've added and they will look to bring subcontractors on in 2018. Part of pump our commitment in the community benefits and what's in the ordinance is around local hire around MB EWB commitments and around workforce development and so. I said in all the meetings have been act. The first pool the first place we're looking at talked companies and employees will be Kansas City because that's what's important justice to have Kansas City folks built in city airport. Can you explain as I'm sure you have done many times as I have as well on the difference in dates between the current design and the new design I think people get confused because they're numbered 1090 they don't know how many are used. Vs what the new terminal. Chore so it's number 290 but that includes terminally which is close said that the the airport really has sixty to 65 gates opened today. The new terminal have 35 which is obviously a lower number but the the airports as it's configured today and as it used. Is not as is as efficient as it could be. For example Dallas love field has 31 gates and they have more flights per dating Casey has with twice the number of gates and so. The benefit of the footprint that has been put for the shape. While allow the aviation department to be more efficient in the airlines more efficient in their 42 have greater throughput at the airport. People keep what about the convenience factor Jeffrey their company and hot and heavy on the text line when it comes to security right now. I'm guessing if you go to the airport about 6 o'clock in the morning these days in huge open at southwest line Jamie you've done it your weight and or twenty minutes sometimes thirty minutes of times is standing there. Will this get changed to the point will have several access points and how does that benefit meet gas going through the security explain the math on having not won a security checkpoint that divides out into ten or fifteen vs having multiple individual checkpoints and the difference. Short so there will be a single checkpoint today going to be ten or twelve lanes. So you think about a there's ten separate lanes if you're the twelfth person of the tenth person you get through faster in your individually number one number two. I'm studies have shown in my wife did a paper many years ago in college on bank lines but. The theory was a single line faster or as a snake climbed faster in the math proves that a snake line gets people through bastard that bank tellers back. In the dates on my age but the and so we think it'll be faster to get people through from throughput perspective it'll allow for. A true T TSA project which doesn't exist today case I sort of have halfway there on TSA project. As well that'll make it more efficient and easier to operate for TSA who doesn't have to now staff across multiple checkpoints. At the airport. Celestial to take a bus for about seven or eight minutes ten minutes just park that's another big question is the parking access people wanted out they can still park clumps so the park. Yes is the short answer we'll parking garage right across the street so you'll have the front face of the terminal roadway and their parking garage. Today Casey between terminals being C combined has about 4200 parking spaces the garage we've proposed a 6500 space it's about 50% higher so there will be plenty of parking. Those that are coming for vacation or to leave the car get across the street and into the term on out there. So one of the Markham questions we're getting also is phenomena wrap the silent one and does they single terminal mean we will get more flights bigger airplanes. And honest becoming have a myself with no one else does this help us get a flight overseas. Does this help us get an international flight. So did it know the aviation department also is working with the airlines on number of flights is certainly think based on what. Other airlines that have talked TCI and what has been written in the paper is. They are not adding flights with eternal as it sits today so I think he creates the opportunity to get more flights in with with the new designed. Certainly would accommodate a larger planes as certain wings of the terminal so there could be up to you for bigger flights and I know the aviation department is working hard. I'm getting transatlantic flight ski CIA and again and the largest cities is the only one that doesn't have direct flight to Europe and so. This gives them the ability to market the new terminal to international carriers to get those flights. Question we just got restaurants that are going to be past security and when they will be open. That's what people on a bars that are going to be open more than I would like ours to be and in your my gate my matter of factly it's got. Today at but has not I I don't want to go for it it. So you know one of the things that we've talked about in for us from a design perspective was making sure that this airport reflects Kansas City it's the first thing you see when choked the last thing you see when you leave and so therefore we want people to know. You're in Kansas City. One of the great cultural pieces of this city is its barbecue culture and so there certainly is going to be a lot of barbecue restaurants in other new terminal. There will be restaurants and a retail sort of clustered into different areas but then there'll also be on additional restaurants. As you move throughout torture gates will be plenty of opportunities to hear have a beer for ego play for the. That do fly in and Jamie and I are both out of town this week and we both flu she flew into and I flew through Denver that's a monstrous size airport and expect. This new Casey item beat Atlanta O'Hare Denver. Can you give us a comparable airport in this country that the size wise we're looking at that the new Casey I can be compared to. Chart I think Indianapolis is one that's the consumer sides love field again you know 31 gates will be 35. Kansas City you're right it's not going to be Denver it's not can be Hartfield that's not what it wants to be but. It's gonna be convenient it'll be easy to get through her via the great experience for the traveling public. And then we continued questions about the price of parking. Parking prices are gonna go d.s at that adds more I don't think you guys set that I don't want people to not acknowledge and Jolie and yet Jolie Justus because the city Kansas City to the aviation department sets the parking prices parking prices are gonna go up by one dollar but parking prices are gonna go up by one dollar weather rebuilt a new term. Last one for a Geoffrey before military get out of here how easy will be to expand if necessary let's say this is wildly popular in the amount of gates and his size we wanna build even bigger one years down the road is that easily done. Yes of the design as it's currently contemplated. Will be delivered at 35 gates and expendable to 42 so it's shaped like obliterate so two of the sort of wings of the H could be expanded out to add additional gates. A different thank you so much and yesterday it was a big day for you guys look forward to hearing more from edge more we look forward to more announcements renderings. The open house given date on that for people to check that out. The will be released in the shortly but we will be in each of the six council member districts so everybody within the city love opportunity to come out participate.