Door-to-door SCHOOL sales... yes or no?

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Tuesday, May 15th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. So. Man my hitters so. Kubert Cassius hours laundry. Laundry LE UN DR YE a Texan and a 72 hated one in your in the running for thousand dollars with kubert. Very sweet story for you out of Arizona. A dog in Arizona decided to save his friend from the swimming pool. Lorie and Jay this they're rested they're home surveillance video captured the moments of the dogs. They'll add their two dogs Revis and smoky out to the backyard at some point smoky felon to the pool. So Revis is on the edge of the pool and he's barking and running back and forth like come here this is how you get out yours you just play. Hands. To smoke you hasn't figured out so remiss jumps in and pushed him over to the edge that he thought and a well isn't that. Ken doll and commit to all amounts when he just treading water he just wasn't adding he can't figure out to you so on this surveillance camera that can be. Any kids now I think he's darling you know Q I have a friend who's lost. Fair and schnauzer. Into peak of many years ago. In this article about a god and cannot figure out you know they can transfer however long it. Mcginnis and it was traumatic for the steps to get out of the pool I think you know if your dog you're just trend around you don't only note to take the last you know I mean well but I mean like this like in the like shallow right now Michelle when ye of little steps that lead out of the pools and banker not a little legs are long enough to understand which speaking of flags and took tank to yes. Bet today or have you seen these pictures below their market. He is morbidly. Obese. How bad well he's so I'm now I can only get him in or out of my car. Heaviest in. Now it's going to sound like this is not that happy OK that you have to keep in mind. He is solid. As a rock he is dead weight solid as argument the argument that its muscle weight muscle weighs more than well lap dogs are just. You know there. They're Dave has all but he's not muscle he's fact he was seventy pounds. To keep in mind stowaways sixty doctor Libby wanted it she goes. Take all. They had to bring into text to get him up on the way I don't know and they had to bride it was easy cheese. Don't know what should be what is he seventy pounds any news but Reid now who's a little niceties or English or the equivalent of a 400 pound man. Yeah he's supposed to weigh between 5155. Am she don't know he does not do that. So I took command has got an infection in his old or not he's steaks and something you know get some medicine for that. Little schools there. Rebecca Livingston she gave me new cup to feed admin and she wanted to know she wanted to know okay. How much do you feed him. Like with. Never heat and eat I know I don't like to cut and she goes how they measure up well. In market city mart city brewery they have. You know these beer cups and I so I know I used to be cut from mart city. Just the out. Why don't given the whole thing I get 1 of the morning and sometimes the kids feed him. Use. I'm trying this out in normal. Like the cup that he Sahara to be eating OK yeah those cups that you paean to get the urine sample out that I. I don't. Die. Die if I feed him that she knows he's going to die of diabetic related causes anyway if you do not. Get him to lose some weight. Michael funny. Can yeah. Some medicine for fools. Out of folds a mean it's it's. Thrown like free spot. All that well. I hear from it get cancer in modern returning him to not get infected all you know their face and their folds it was like FaceBook. Sub sub sting out words stop but I do clean him I clean and it's disgusting but I need some medicated wipes do you not walked the dog I'm being serious she can't walk. The course he can't amoeba like it gives you like my six our Tom. People he's got I mean at some point he has to start walking a little. And then he starts to. You know. You don't want to date one egos ten steps I hate to you go to 1 AME will halfway around the block and he just collapses on his belly and and once that happens. You cannot move and he is dead. Weight you can't move and got into it inspected. To present day on the throw my back out trying to get him in the car we started having a mobile. Groom are. Com all day. Him know you're because I can't wait your enable him in the car you're fat dog and able to really like my 600 pound life work people bring and then their meal yeah. Here's another pop pie. You need to get that we're seat coupe. He comes out of the bathroom in the backyard comes right back again but you can't inaudible I had my summer Kenya while. Outside the summer be dead and twenty minutes. Can't penalty at all. Still got a full. Bonnie of first she's. Thirds buried there delicate can throw him like a ball or something and have him go chase down. What he'd chase sitter when he does we'll get you might deter and it's just look like what that whole money to do that's funny owner or a year. We'll get a dog park LC other people like to their labs there playing in their running. I didn't get that god I just that's not what tank done like Stella and I will go in the backyard and I'll sit in my back patio. Like mice to. And I'll just sit there and throw the tennis ball probably ducked when it's time. Labs do and then finally I get to him when she shall see it go up in the air should go about halfway through the yards shall stop turn around Cameron. That's what I know we're done playing. Well. But that's usually after about twenty throws and a tank doesn't chase things he doesn't. He wouldn't say good. He just it is as he bark like if there's you know. Property he does do that a case we warn you when somebody's here in fact they are trained when the little alarm system does. Then again and switches can find. I am just I am worried that how old is now four. Right their life expectancy is not enormous anyway well and certainly he's five or six I think he's five or six. Look at them but now we've got to that is that back that's fine. The mrs. they have a Basque town in the same situation. And they started walking him in the evening but they have to bring the kids wagon. Donny Don I don't think this is good it's fine that. Happy. He is the one thing they said when he was in the air he is the habeas dog and I am I in. He's fat he's smells and he's so happy. There is now here's here's the winner of the dumb dog award. Very. Yeah. And a half. And that was when he was then. I would say then he says he expects that any bigger now than he was the last time I had him in here. Never said it had to know what she thinks she looked it up she goes. Flat out Jena. Eleven pounds a YE. Elizabeth's chain would you say he's six. Things like to know he's got six you do it yeah we started the show. You probably five I don't know and we need to get this dormant if we can't move this dog we have to. The cup to you feed it with the cup you're supposed to feed us. I've got above and there is a discrepancy between the sciences is that the size of the kept you feeling with yeah I don't wait I don't at all and there. Okay and disposables are those they inhale the Minnesota star they don't get heat in. They act like there's 500 other dogs around rattle him either fruit again I totally get you get for just a little cop I give her a it would be about this much. Excise got a giver that much in the morning and I give them much at night and that's it. Think it's and it is now the lot of calories in the well to the mall and just double in the temple. Don't want it. If I guess it's not a good radio Dana I posted takes sciences companies gives you doctor today. Miami Heat output beyond pitches he is tipping the scales. I'm just saying. I loved him yeah carry your dog is fat. He could lose a few programs. We need to get him to lose. Twenty pound. It's like on my 600 pound light Tara when that mean like I Iranian or whatever doctor comes and and you know the person is supposed to last 38 pounds a month. But they've just been doing the same old thing and they gained like ten pounds and waiting and waiting in Orlando has covered and they know you know that or so and he has. You've teen twelve pounds and then all the same thing they don't why. No. What is even doing have you been following yeah I did follow the human walking yeah. He gained twelve pounds. Doctor scares me we. Mean they're walking a lot from the couch over the fridge back down its arms or walk over the chair. Sometimes a walk in the alternate take to prepare the food and skulls and he's like well this is the give take treats. We don't buy treats like dark street mountain. Jim scraps from the foods. Oh yeah I mean I would be willing to bet that every single person and that house goes. And it is a can hear tank he's that. You know like we at stake Sunday and I didn't just the fact. You only do that. Two pieces OK I didn't give him like pour house. Double what happens if you give him one or two pieces and then all four kids write a letter to pieces and in the where I'd pieces. Now is Wednesday. Called fat. I. There was no meet their rot that was just pure fat knows the witnesses. Who. At a default status it once Casey came out the other day and help spruce up the back yard area of our house. And if you like me have new fencing a new objected to think about sealing it permanently protecting that investment. 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Apparently there are some military generals going on involving the United States and South Korea. I'm North Korea has just pulled out. Of talks with South Korea and is now threatening. But hasn't done so yet threatening. To. Squash the plan. Summit between the United States and North Korea June 12. Did some little fact he'd give his feelings are terrific so. Cats exactly what you just said. It'll back you go with these drone on the boat. Going to be my third give me his and story here speaking kids. And I don't know how many times I read these stores. Are you tall boy died over the weekend. Twelve years old super cute kid to. After he and his friends were playing. The fainting game. Which led to a significant oxygen a shortage. And no oxygen leading to his brain his name is to a movie. And his friends have been playing the game on Friday afternoon. Two days before Mother's Day. In hopes of cutting off oxygen to the brain to obtain a higher or rush whose mother found her twelve year old son unconscious. And called 911. Says Celeste him away. He was just playing a game and he didn't think things are. The young boy died at the hospital. It was a somber Mother's Day courting her for mom. Telling Manny got to talk to your kids about the stupid stuff. I spend Mother's Day planning my son's funeral riding his obituary. Instead of having breakfast with him or flowers or I love you mom. Try to imagine what it would be like you multiply them by infinity and that's kind of what it's like. There are no words. To a one's in sixth. Great. Just when you think you you've talked to him about everything. You gotta add that to the list. This training game as stupid. It's been around for all we need we've played when we were I'd I never did I never did you do a rod did you watch someone else do SI did. He has cited. Many times. MM they would look tomato it's your turn and I just couldn't. I thought man that bad doesn't know. Now that they offer me booze and you know I can look like an idiot walking on the street passed out Broncos went for the split. It's in the newsroom Ayers is seal the great things you get to look forward to talk to your kids about Caremark would. Pass out game. Oh it's good it's fun. And when they start to drive these are worried like every night. Speech used. Just please god. Vision care marks. The governor's legal team goes on offense more and axed. Take comic it dies at lightning landscape and irrigation we got that Smart irrigation system put him finally pulled the trigger and at that. Several months ago actually when it during one of the breaks of snow. The guys like in landscaping irrigation came out that the irrigation system and our lawn has never looked like this. In sixteen years in this town we have never had a lush green lawn until now. 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Or lightning dash landscape dot com lightning dashed landscape dot com. 331 in Kansas City from McCain MB easy newsroom I'm Kara marks our governor our Greg his attorney and down says there are legal team will submit a police report accusing the circuit attorneys lead investigator of perjury in the case against the governor. It is Damon downs at William tis could be invoked his fifth amendment rights in refusing to answer fifty questions during a deposition. The governor still faces another felony trial for computer tampering and possible impeachment. Last month's deployment of National Guard troops to the southern border is not a stunt this from Homeland Security secretary to Christian Nielsen. Telling lawmakers today officers there have apprehended more than 2000 people trying to enter the US illegally. Nielsen testifying before the senate homeland security committee. Ranking member Claire McCaskill asking why there's been no request for additional staff to US ports. When the department is short more than 4000 officers were the most opiates and fentanyl are seized. And a Fred has struck sister technology in canines and that's what we're increasing. I can't get people to run both technology and he's not to have every dog has a handler active anthrax more than one handler. But there's no suggestion that we have a lack of people to work with the canines around him machines don't check traffic and weather together next. It is a low end chance for showers and thunderstorms sticking around for the rest of today and partly cloudy conditions through the overnight hours and from Wednesday and Thursday reluctant dry weather and warm weather TO. For a high today into the upper seventies overnight low near sixty alerted mid eighties for Wednesday and Thursday and an upper eighties and the forecasts on Friday. And shot an isolated showers and thunderstorms coming in Friday night and Saturday two with an increasing chance for showers and thunderstorms towards Saturday evening. I'm staff meteorologist at a pretty or more key NBC weather. We're now 79 and TCI it is 79 downtown seventy eights and your official weather station. Radio dot com app is the official who almost KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere. I'm terra marks are nears 981 KM BZ. Here. More parks. Lottery Tuesday. Yeah. Went 76. Yeah 779. There's a story here I heard it on the Jimmy we've got this one touch on it does from here knows that it. Stamkos picked it right through. Goddard news. I'll be Lawrence school board on Monday. Signaled support for a draft policy that would end door to door fund raising. For district activities. The policy will be brought back for the board at its may 29 meeting for a final decision the policy would forbids school districts classes teams or clubs any of them associated with the district. From soliciting money door to door that was a stricter recommendation that a previous draft the policy shared with the board December. Global bankers are school board president chanting Campbell. Ed board member Kelly Jones not when the tanker job who serve on the board policy committee. It just acquire for cash as. Soon. Said safety concerns led to the door to door solicitation bad. Kelly Jones said that she has made hundreds of at home visits and Lawrence. During her career working for social services. She is mostly greeted graciously but has had a knife held on her from an individual on a mental health crisis unlike schoolchildren she says she was trained. In how to handle a tough situation. I know a little something about knocking on doors she said it is my professional recommendation that we not put our students in that situation. So the lower school district. Is now considering. A policy a no vote on later this month. That would forbid students in a cloak of in June school activity. In this sport. From going door to door asking for donations. Whether there selling some thing. Or whether they're just simply saying hey I'm on the cheerleading squad around mama. I'm in the band. We're trying to get money to go perform in the Macy's. Thanksgiving Day parade in New York would you care to contribute. Those door to door activities will soon potentially. The outlaw. And it's. I think it is one person who works and social services. Who goes door to door. Knocking on doors where there is the potential for a dangerous situation. Who's blowing everything out of proportion because one time this school board member had a knife. Exposed to her she thinks every Tommy Kidd goes to adore all gonna have and I've exposed to them. Summer ship was murdered and her body wasn't found for years after going door to door doing government census surveys. You know what I let my kids randomly knock on doors up and down the street asking for donations hill. To the now. Not happening I let my hat do women you know I with her why walk with her body language and totally different scenario. And you stay in the car because it was raining you told me that no I walked. I never drove. And it's not I think I would think it's doing it for two reasons safety number one. Number two. I feel like we live in an arrow were everyone's kids are asking for money for banned it OK for now we're getting into yeah car. You pay me just when he and I'll pay you that Tony's got I'll pay twenty for your candy bars and you pay me Tony for the banter let me take the guilty as I've ever felt at work. Was when my it was selling Girl Scout Cookies. Years ago. And she asked me if I would bring the cookie. Sign up sheet to work. And I did. And I felt guilty about it. I felt guilty asking you I felt guilty asking Kara well that want cookies and lawn bags. Cookies people will buy if you just set this sheet out say look you want cookies or they aren't you don't I don't care. The other fund raiser is lawn banks I am going to buy those anyway. In the fall. So if your school sellable on bags for you know ten dollars parole I absolutely will support that some on the buy anyway. Can there really aren't we all just peddling crap. Back and forth to one another for the stuff that's why I don't want and are you bothering and it. Is this Dana are we peddling crap. To borrow your phrase. Or are we all looking at each other saying hey will you help me out so my kid can do something. That I'm not gonna be able to pay for Obama's. Will release saying GAAP. My kid wants to go to band can't or Mikey wants ago audit cheerleading competition. Or the baseball team is looking to play and determined it's not funded by the school. And it's gonna cost a lot of money to sandal these kids there and some would probably can afforded anyway were asking for a little bit of well. You can easily say now. You have to say yes. That's all I'm asking. So let me ask you this. You can't really say no to a kid and that's where people get annoyed because when a six year old says can I please have twelve dollars for a candle. Most people are not gonna look at that twelve year old ago now and shut the door on the child's face you'd be shocked. To my look at term. Now let me tell you this when my soul Girl Scout Cookies and we practiced. And she would knock on my door and I would pretend before she ever went out. I would open the door and I would pretend to be a stranger and I'm like yes man help you and then she would have to give me her sales pitch. And finally I got them where Mike. You're good care Watsco. And we would go door to door her aren't aren't. Hi my name's my parks and eyelid and I would always stellar point to where you live or at least in the general vicinity don't point right to the house. But I live right over there in the other block I'm selling Girl Scout Cookies today would you like to buy some. That was what we worked on. I didn't tell our you know tome exact number we would've. And I would guests. 40%. Of the people that she knocked on their doors would by the cookies. And usually it was one box two boxes. The other 60% would say pirated bought from somebody else and that includes. I would love to buy some cookies but if I gave you money I can't go to work tomorrow because I won't be known for gas in my car and. SharePoint. It's a different ever so this is right here yet but your neighborhood. So I guess frenzy that we does that whenever you undermanned opponent and no no. So we would get probably 40%. Maybe third. Who would say OK I'll buy cookies if you get. Okay I'm surprised if someone comes to my door and asks and does that pitch we had a little people ask a couple months ago. Popcorn and eat popcorn. You casting doubt also yeah. And it's not very at. This park. I either. It is silly feelings getting that you know and I every kid your neighbor that will. So. It's like he's reminded me of the kid in the movie hi my name is Russ. This is something. To me silence in him you know I bought that movie. Well let's let's talk about movies that others bought for each other how does that Star Wars movie I bought for you. Ice I don't feel good movie. Where is the Star Wars movie I bought for you shift okay thank you I tight end. My case. Let me ask you some summer breezes up on the tax. If we don't allow our children to go door to door and be rejected and here know how they ever gonna function in the real world. Isn't this a lesson in life. The lesson being learned how to take a no and say thank you for your time I appreciate it don't slam that door in front of me please. And walk away and just try again. Are out this is the one certification of America. We don't want our kids to be told no I don't want my kid on the back. Don't kids need to learn you can't the lord knows you're dead. 576779. How many people in this very audience. Are listening at 345 in the afternoon because you are in the sales. You're in sales. That's why you're in your car right now you're going to another sales call. That's what you do for a living and you probably make pretty decent living doing it. I would bet as a sales banner sales woman. On a daily basis you hear the word in the arm now. Where did you learn to accept that word. Probably when you were a kid. As a girl scout selling cookies. As a boy scout selling popcorn. Or is a member of the band going door to door saying hey we wanna be in the Macy's day parade would you care to buy. This Hershey's bar. No it really wouldn't but I'll give you a dollar and in my porch. Okay. 57677. On it right here from. Good guys at the plumbing throw hey you want some peace and quiet in your kitchen call my guys at the plumbing pro go to Dana's plumber dot com easiest way to do it. Dana's plumber dot com and tell them you want the quiet. In sync a raider in your kitchen. Peace and quiet at last in that kitchen our old garbage disposal used to sound like I don't even know what to call it. Horrible grating awful. Headache inducing noise and they came out a few weeks and so Dana of the technology has changed. The new N'sync raiders you can barely hear and I remember when they knew they first flipped on nets bits I said that set. He said yes that's it it is so quiet it is very efficient grinding up your food and that is good for your plumbing go to my guys at the plumbing pro tellem you wanna. Here some peace and quiet in your kitchen with a new incinerator 9132701280. Is the number. 9132701280. They do it all big and small and got a busted sewer lines water or gas line yep they do that. Go to Dana's plumber dot com. Dana's plumber dot com. On his. The text. Comes to a door. Fundraisers. This school c.s sold little of the profit from that stuff who. We prefer every year to right out of 22 dollar check. Thirty dollar check straight to the PTA. And then you avoid all the kids selling altogether the school sees more of the money than they would see out of the fund raiser which takes a percentage on it. Plus nobody wants the crap. No begging involved and this way we can pretend we're being helpful. But you don't have to go to order. But really I don't like I do my federal walking around talking to people. Stories and your kid loses a lesson in life. Being told no and being told to get lost it's easier to write the check okay. Bill in Kansas City hello bill. It's gotten that our. Bills. I agree west got cloture and I and it paid card back so I'm excited about it Burton and learn about. Shock felt safe. Well I really admire my paper that is where our bothers him sidewalk as the child also out the door comes back. Sidebar goes next house. So tank being OG Richard Scott. Too bad. Popular. Our father daughter the other side are. At an at bat relation. Ship Jew and that neighbor also. Adapt at all our respect back that your try to coach. And beat her child's say the same side. I thought that data can teach at this vehicle. But that they lie about a good start. That. I I I didn't do it for the compliment bill I promise of that what I did was I was simply trying to teach my daughter. That in life you were going to ask for things are going to try to Celtics. And you are going to be told no girls are gonna be told yes sure. And there is great reward that comes in not just financially but just personally with. I was able to go to the door and convince somebody to bonds something it. But if there was sick on the door that said no soliciting we wouldn't bother you didn't go Boca. Senselessly means no solicit. We are not buying your crap on me and for cute kids don't. Scare. Odd John in Overland Park allowed John I. Yeah thanks in Michael outages due to implement it. Already eight about the going to order kids. Yeah in the what probably 64 so sixty. I went door to door on. You know maybe eight or nine year old. You can imagine killing the useless now. Greeting card all keeping greeting card you know nothing was inside picture rev loser whatever went on the outside pretty useless. Sold very little that's for sheer. But anyway. Did it by myself one of those things you wanted to. You can play a thing immunity money from it so I I did that. Lot of knows flat nose but I am what's interesting as a nowadays we're seeing Uga. Value on children and our Carol like Gerome. Around that goal a barrel oil Eric element Joker gas. Back in the sixty. Took a bit more oil out there they chart to data they're like. They're like you're out of gold outrage now there's so precious and it lets them. Figured rejection or to achieve. The light slip through that they're going to Wear and how they point to learn them. And shot and had a so they won't they'll do it hurt. I understand it. Or world got about. And I will say it around nowadays aren't yet. And eight or nine year old. I don't buy it seven year old Albert pike alone or walking on the street ought they are all remote or. Around. Do you idea bill John not elaborate on them candidate John do you have any idea out last weekend this happened to me. My and I got done with a soccer game and we had to run by Sean is house. Economic corner down by Sean this house was young ladies selling lemonade. The going rate by two Iraq. Is still twenty fives in Tacoma. It's weird. It has there's been no inflation on lemonade stands and we were please tell me about someone I did buy stuff and I hate them. I hate with a passion uncontested. But I rolled up I said young lady. I'll take 22. Minute so I handed her fifty cents as soon as you can show me the lysine. That you got for a Steve I need on the city is license and it says you're allowed to do and it takes like there's any out here on call ABC will be right back Kara I drove by there was a three year old same thing. She and her siblings there at all in the front yard three years old she comes to my car called I suggest you sweeping I want ice on the eliminate how much she. I. And the so I bought from this young lady I'd bought fifty cents worth of lemon you IE eight did you give it to my. You wanna know it is to come back picker will later one note I do that Lebanon. That I call the cops the out that you need to check is now that's right bus those things that are operating without a license. News Carol kubert caches cake. 72 hated 1872. Rated wonders of earmarks. Having knowing KM BZ police meet with the governor's attorneys about some alleged misconduct on the part of prosecutors. Details next. We at some cake at Jasper. Over the weekend my dad had the oil mr. Dennis. I've been right about that is hardest Jasper says it is one of the best dishes they've ever had on the menu and for Jasper to say that for many decades is it conservative and Kansas City. That's something my dad got 22 entrees of the oysters check it out when you're there yes they have the slow roasted pork shank. But the spring menu is also in full swing that means tables side mozzarella is back Everett and people go when they say is that here is a pack is it back tables side mozzarella is back check it out you'll be so glad you did. It is hands down absolutely the best appetizer in all of Kansas City and then listen I just got this today Jasper is restaurant just received. The distinguished restaurant of North America award. For the 28. Consecutive. Year. Twenty years don't take my word for it go on and make your reservation at Jasper is now especially if you've got a nice event coming up a date night you got a business event. Cult Jasper make a reservation you'll be so glad you did 8169416600. 8169416600. Or Jasper is Casey dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.