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Monday, August 7th

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Are so Surrey comes to us out of Little League and what happened it got a softball team disqualified. From me championship game story comes to us. Out of Richmond dot com where there was a social media posts that ultimately disqualified the softball team as the original story is. Just hours before players were sent to the field on national television ESPN two. At the junior league World Series the app leave Little League softball team was disqualified. Tournament. Because social media stuff out we've been undefeated all we can determine Kirkland Washington went one on Friday in a feisty semi final game. Against the host team from Kirkland the event except for the best while the fifteen year old girls teams in the world. After this past Friday's game. A member of the aptly team posted a picture on snapped out selling six members of the team showing their metal fingers the caption made it clear. The gesture was intended for the Kirkland teams sell or sportsmanship perhaps the the aptly manners Zachary said after the post was called his attention it was deleted immediately. He arranged for his team to deliver an apology in person that night to the corkum players he said after the apologies. A Kirkland coats lauded the effort but on Saturday morning. The head office of the Little League World Series disqualified. At least from the tournament. And awarded Kirkland a berth in the title game so bad that so they apologized. Kirkland accept the apology. The head opposite the Little League didn't care and disqualify him. So the president of the aptly Little League has since released a statement that came Saturday night about the softball teams disqualification because of these snap post saying. We are deeply disappointed the social media posted not reflect the core values of Little League or national or aptly literally we expect Little League international take the time. To fully investigate the matter and we will comply with the investigation by giving them everything they want to know about the social media opposed to leading up to that event. And we hope to protect all youth were recipients of inappropriate behavior both on and off the field. And we take it seriously sportsmanship network coming up quite a bit and it comes. After and they they think this is some retaliation so this happened on on odds Friday night Saturday morning may may put this social media opposed. Well the game against the between these two teams on Friday ended in a double play. There was a base runner on the Kirkland team that lost they got ejected for stealing signs from the aptly team who won. I and reeling them to the batter. Then a Kirkland coach also got ejected. Sell the winning team then gets on social media. Six of them drop the burden. And they make it very apparent that it was the team that they just beat they were given the bird to. The team that just stolen signs from them they were given the bird to. And then they get disqualified for giving it the burden on snatch act. So well. The question for you teaching ninth zero or 5767798. Is this bad sportsmanship. And if it is is that enough that should've gotten them disqualified. From the championship game. Keep in mind snapped cats the one snap tap which like an oversight is the one that kids thing is always is gonna go pretty likely never to be seen again yet that the pictures and videos can still be found out why is still on servers they can still find him they want you but as far as kids now they goal right away some I'm gonna gas. That the kids that nobody was gonna see the kids thought it was an. Does this punishment fit the crime. Does disqualifying these twelve to fifteen year old girls from playing at a championship game is that justified. For a snap chat where six members of the team. Gave a team they just beat. The middle finger in a post. On social media is it sportsmanship or is it just. Funny or is not a Heidi it's a stupid 57677985767798. You can also texted 22980. There are a lot of different opinions out of FaceBook page already and I. Part of me thinks really. We we we can't like I can see both sides and end to no matter and keep in mind these are twelve to fifteen girls knew what Edward island. Yet they did the fifth outer hold it we don't know who did what hobbled each middle finger was both of black. It it in one side I can say really Bergen again and I hate the term but hurt we're gonna get bought her about a picture of six people flippant somebody off. On the flip side when do we teach sportsmanship and class to our young people. And that's the championship game this is this is the little league championship game and your point again it lose you know. I hate the term but her we need a different idea different phrase for everybody and I don't wanna ever is it oral and about everything. This Little League you know cycle pitch again this is these are the guys that. That set the tone for what is acceptable in the week and what's not and so what do they allow. And what do they not you almost I I I understand that if if they're going a little far with the punishment I kinda get. Like this is the championship game you don't DS 5767798. John writes on her FaceBook page blame everyone slipped off the camera at one point or another they were having a little fun once again overreacting snowflakes one. I'm Nathan writes they knew the rules and chose to ignore them consequences are often learn the hard way I get that. But this to do what should the punishment have baton for those intersect is a lot of you are saying it was or sportsmanship but the punishment doesn't fit. That in your line keep it and how late we are in in the game here you know there's one championship and is that all of us now so if you're not gonna punish them with Dennis. What do you punish them. Make the six it out. What does that do to the T I don't know how many players are running regularly enough flattens. I don't know that's my class and that's a good point that even people apply are they gonna and that disqualified anyway because they don't have enough people to play and the somebody find out identify by how many Iran a girl's softball and shut and and you that know sports better than I do let me just ask is this entirely unusual that the entire team has punished for the behavior if you I don't think so I've never really heard that. Before you know only if I it's one of those things and you the bad apple spoils the bunch and everybody pays because there's no line team yeah. And all that can't just punish the sex 5767798. A sock to Tommy independents or 91 KM BZ top. What do you make this these young ladies who flipped off the other team via social media. Well you you're the you're on the air bubble. Well a couple of them shivery is still in the players. Sports' Marc. The commission never never ever do anything on on social media war. You know. Everything like that election authority now that. That was not right so I think that yes the decision was correct and there are. Go to the group as an open should be punished for reduction of U. I don't think the phone comment appreciate it don't be a strange 5767798. We'll get to more your calls Sean to barely off later we'll get to Jason will lead to jolt don't forget we have a keyword cash you have four minutes left to get it and it is wasteful waste WAS TE text that winning is 72881. For chance to win. 1000 dollars will be back Samir calls your text it's FaceBook and tweak what should happen to these young girls was the punishment. Was the punishment deserved after the crime they commit. Yeah we're gonna find outlook and coming players on the team because several people some of the are saying suspend those six players for the game would have for part of the game I wonder how many are on the team and I wish that I'd have to look up how many you're on a Little League. Girls team will do that have been up next which more answers and more of your calls next on the other side are here in 91 KMB easy. 91 KM BZ leading with Jamie and wicket Jamie minus Sally might quake hit coming couple asking about your kids and their teachers. And whether or not you should have a say we'll do that at the bottom of the hour after the news what's trending coming up at noon right now though we're talking at softball. Should entire team had been disqualified their four affecting me championship game four Little League. Because of the post I want and social media we've got a group the girls these are twelve to fifteen year old girls and junior league World Series that was disqualified from the series. Because six of them went on to snap chat and put up an image of them holding up their middle fingers it appeared to be. A bit of retaliation. Over what it happens. Against some members of the host team. We treat the aptly girls would last night he'll hospitality is what they're calling it so it looked like it was it was an act retaliation. Against the other team none the last because of these six girls and what they did the entire team was disqualified. And so we're asking you to the punishment fit the crime here and somebody made a really good point on the tax on the wall at the conversation. What is these girls have held up the middle finger on the field to got a what of the six of that gotten together any more public but not social media setting and done. It's. Would have they just walked up to the dugout afterwards and just whom six have dropped the Burt but at twelve on the team's safeties who spend six to let it you can't play the game anyway so it's irrelevant if you suspend the 63 suspending entire team the results I don't think they should have been suspended for this championship. I what do you think the punishment should about. Or is this just something happens in sports I mean look it it happens in professional sports in collegiate sports there's trash talking when does it begin. I mean. Is this more than trash talking is I know it's where sportsmanship on I understand that that's where the values of Little League Baseball and softball. Why. Tip to suspend the team. From the championship game hours before they're supposed to play. Act I just I don't know I think they did hours before they were supposed to play. I mean they're kids so it was a re edit a coach Texans is coach at thirteen years at the beginning of every season I made it very clear. That each member of our team represents all of Bosnia and on and off the field and someone gets in trouble laggards at school at home with parents. Or what have you it be reported to. It's a good point and her. Girls you know right twelve to fifteen year old that are well aware of what they were doing I still would let him play I don't know what the punishment should of and I I have no idea the correct. Punishment for business and further options. At that point. Affecting the season affect minds of the it had to affect the season because some of those kids might appear on next. Limit the innings the six kids can play like three of them can't start and then after three innings three able have to go in India three after come out so so are not so the team could still play yeah. I would have done that I would have said you know three of you have to sit Campbell just randomly select which three of you have to sit the first three innings and then the next three innings or whatever or split in game up. In autumn I was out on it is that enough. I don't know if it's an. Is that enough how bad is this I think is the question it's bad sportsmanship how bad is 5767798. Let's go to show on an Overland Park show on your 91 KM BZ. Or aerial built. Hey just one or what are your first call I don't think the punishment but are. But overall mean look at the sports chip that. They went ahead and at all but it purple in the upper. And below thirteen go on new blatantly cheated withdrew its sister. Yeah they have the other team the team they beat stole signs and read laid them they were they lost. And even though they lost because this team got disqualified for the social media post that losing teams still got to move on and play in the championship game now that team lost 71 silk. Maybe maybe ball don't lie in karma is you know watch on but it it that it is interesting that team blatantly cheated. And still got to move on even though they lost. Absolutely have yet to look at him in all of the mine are all beat all mind when you. Simply app that we're a girl who are still curl the 1215 year old. Critics note that what they simply look averted but not the keyword you have a cheap. It hit it seemed inside teaching that girl to try to cheat to gain an advantage. So really I think Gary you'll backside that is to really what was the Greeks saying and all of our marketing. My mother would tell you two wrongs don't make or try and fifth F a and it has not saying. For these girls to respond the way they did just because they were wrong. And now and it's all it does it's not a good message to still let this go unpunished some now. You can't hear what you're saying this is way down. Sean good call man I don't get it's hard to figure you'll get one team that blatantly cheat like you said with the assistance of a coach. And we let them move on and so coach was teaching them to cheat yeah. That's wrong I don't think the coach is teaching them to give the bird on social media news. You know what I mean. Yeah it does seem a little unfair. And terms of what happened but we can only take this particular part by the way that team that did move on the lost to some team from Ohio went 71 Mena I think I was kind of get and the I'm sure the people the most role where was the other two exactly and absolutely let's get adding Kansas City up and 91 K and easy it's up Ed. Eight a great job that I I coached I talk for over thirteen years. If it's somebody. In that range there's no speculation. That there were now players can continue. Those six curled on him they would get on the first blush or. What were out of that are that the remaining yet there was you know journey to play. Ellerbe and dinosaurs me in the leak goes but there's no honor in Beijing just provided me that these chicks. Thirteen and fourteen barrels up. Another chain chick pictured it to okay. Let me ask Ed let me ask you this there were twelve girls on the team. But he what would what would what would have been the right. Punishment there are twelve girls on the team and you know as a coach you can't play with six. Chore. The very first the very first day and airplane or whatever out now all seen the whole. Damn right. Say he's OK with the punishment and the phone call at. Because yeah I'm sure the conversations had with them about what's acceptable what's not acceptable terms sportsman like human behavior and sure they've all been told at some point and you can you would you want a whole team's gonna take that hat. You know it in EU brought up the point earlier they knew what they were doing. They still are twelve and thirteen and fourteen but at what point you excuse I don't know the chance for. Excuse it if you're ten but not if your twelve to fifteen batter if. That Chad they know exactly what they're 57677. And eight Ed thanks for the call stock to sue out Lawrence sue your 91 KM BZ Dario. Great I agree. Oh with an injured. And your other kids that chat age are on the world. But the coaches petition. That he would not only because every one beat. Story don't all of our. Support. National support a higher standard the kids annually and coached for my show. At the top let. Know I need a dirty play in the other at nineteen. I would I be able to. Not be all. Right. Let gene that Iraq and in some ways debate it. And in. And that's not. That's right I I wonder like why is it just seems to be an odd wrinkle that a team that stole signs of loss moved on where as the team that was victorious in May have committed a the un sportsman like blunder. They got punished and bird and her bounce. You're right but one decision does not affect the other you can't bring up the other thing because we don't know what happened when that we don't know Little League did about battery is going to we can only look at the list. And it's the Little League headquarters jobs at the standard for what's acceptable what's not and ends your point is Olympic coach punishment. Can guarantee you that coach would have punished. I can't guarantee that in a way that they would have felt the. At the U Max I don't know as the coach and because the coast might have thought they did anything I mean would you make new run twenty extracts right what do you and dude is gonna happen in Birmingham and one extra laps on gas data with her dog tired for the game you wanna win and I don't like the argument. That we don't hold our professional sports teams to a higher stared therefore we shouldn't hold our kids to it I'd I'd it is let's start kids that's what's let's teach kids right it's that in our engines yeah. Yeah it's a little line Timmy vs Eric Hosmer a little bit different I don't excuse kids' behavior because adults are top matter to me that's not the right way to go about it. Mean you if you're you become. Mike Trout of the angels by being the best that your game for twenty years and then. If you get to the big leagues and you're thrown hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm certain it's a little different than your son playing shortstop let's teach kids better let's not say well you know pro players are glad you're there wants that you can't you what's what's the about the suit thing for the phone call appreciate it I 767798. A second gene and Johnny junior and anyone KM BZ. One in my genes you know my girl by the end well that amount it was. Beginning of a tournament they were trash talk in the other game and they adamant that okay. So as tight they're comedy. He remembers where on that team to sound like get okay well partly it turn a game like that had fourteen. Well I can tell you that I I I I I looked it up in the every team photo has twelfth and there are several several team photos so they could not physically of play that game. Well I noticed that AME playing wit here. And their ilk and still like game and a girl. I wouldn't let them get they want to talk about their holier than. Aisles -- don't know the rules if you're even allowed to mean I don't I I plating games where you got eight any unity of two outfielders or whatever Roman right Atlanta senator. But six I mean you'd have in two outfielders in two infielders. And and that would be really really hard to deal. Right well. I totally understand that the other the other team members. What came down on narrowed seeing me out girl but the picture. It's the reaper pageant what economic team and the coach is Elmer I mean I I I totally agree that those six girls shouldn't that. You know what but again you you couldn't doing so because you couldn't sit six and played the rest of it was the punishment right it'd to disqualify him from Little League. Well. At one lecture like. There it and social media or. It's whatever who opposed the battle at jetBlue and us. Well it back Earl is they're probably issue an honor Ers that jet so I would get that her. Partly banality that it was going to be posted. Sadly only punish the girl that posted it. At least error I mean not order I would either that or play every other inning played you know pretty girl aside. Every other. The fogleman appreciate it I was I don't know if you're allowed to but I don't know and they'd like to get away with eight I don't think you can play. With which we just six out there like Ed I did a little like it will dry here Jamie I like this here might scale based crying that's due to real aren't there you'd have to outfielders in right now senator you have a shortstop and someone playing in the second base first base area based area. At a pitcher and catcher. You just couldn't physically do isn't it is again as a result the same you know they respect you're losing that game team that it scored seven runs in the next day right. I mean you eat you just it it just wouldn't work. I'll get to a few more your phone calls coming up we'll get to karma will get their care kernel believe. We'll get to Jason we'll get to everybody on KMB easy it's been they would Jamie awake at 1132 what's trending coming up at noon. Well also don't forget if you want to last seek care as baby it is on our FaceBook page. Charlie Flint plant like that name and it's it's on her FaceBook page Kerry had a baby over the weekend she's doing fine ten pounds eight ounces 21 and a half inches long. And they're going home today correct so after wonderful check it out on her FaceBook page is also on Twitter speaking of Twitter raskin you. How to feel the school's summer weather perhaps the love it or do you miss the heat most of your like Jamie. The most is a freak like you to read and opt out. It it is 9010 over 120 votes follow us on Twitter and vote at KM BZ radio 90% of you think is cool weather is wonderful. As we have are nesting that we can control and it's a cheaper not to run it than it is to run. It's cold days less fun for bait I thought it up come and accept it. Well you know of the Tellme to myself this out if you're gonna have to tell me to do that. To a story about Europe kids and your kids teachers commit appears sacked wrapping up a conversation. About a softball team. Yeah story comes to us out of Richmond dot com identity it is just hours before players were sent to the field on ESPN two with Teague junior league World Series the at least a Little League softball team was disqualified. Because it was social media keep mine at lead to an undefeated all week in the tournament Washington. And they went on they kept going against the host team from Kirkland and now we're talking twelve to fifteen girls but after Friday's game. A member of the aptly team posted a picture on snapped chat selling six members of the team given their middle finger caption made it clear the gesture was intended. For the Kirkland team and it should be obvious retaliation. Against members of the host team would treat the aptly girls finally on and so they gave the middle finger and initially. Derrick coach had just apologized and it it looks like everything was okay. Then you Little League headquarters found out about it the next morning and sat. You're we saw that we found out about your. Does the punishment fit the crime. 5767798. Is this a life lesson or did this go overboard. Back to back tweets coming in one from Elizabeth he says no not even close spring amid explained they represent the league in team and uniform. And they could be disqualified but won't this time instead their topic all mistakes are fatal. Meanwhile I teed dirt not on Twitter writes yep totally fine bring back a respectful decorum by dismissing privilege and those that think there's no responsibility for bad behavior. Where do you come down. So if it was a mistake that day had not. Ben warned about I would agree with someone that that you don't punished than in terms of every mistake being fatal on. 1215 year old girls if you're Smart to be on sat Jack. You're aware of what you're doing and the impact of it and I think. Not punishing and sends the wrong message to eat because punishment. Maybe not but you don't have a lot of options last night got left is the championship game you've got to do something with impact give me another idea of what they can punish them with in stat. An end to say punish the six if you're just joining us there are twelve girls on the team you take out sixty can't play you have to have as many on tech's final pointing out minimum eight switch which is about right it's what is usually as. You have to have eight to play in this was the championship game you know they were they'd they were put number it's a real good teams or anything less than the standard nine to ever going to be. In some trouble anyways six was impossible that I 767798. Let's go to a carpal in Casey and 81 KM BZ karma what do think the punishment. While actually crack and thank you my apologies are. And that oddly here right at that they. Again I wouldn't it and it. What it. Back to you couldn't get at that I get out and ex CNET crowd that was not a lack of or are big and urged for me. The question I have on that. And and maybe you can answer this let's say some of those girls are fifteen and going out coming and they were coming back we can only assume we don't know the ages of who did what with the the middle finger. But if they were coming back and they would face no punishment whatsoever because they were going on to the next bracket of eagle sixteen and up. Actually. When you when you go up or you're on it well I. If he. Caught and it. Content they achieve it. She looked like four or why she got any. Cheese or people. And I'll say it. I don't want team because she. Port yet. There are there we're back when they die. Your ears I mean they were kind of backed into a corner and think over the phone call appreciated. If you're right they they really didn't have any other option and next year. I don't know if another team would give the go let's say the girl what the stars of the team turned sixteen and goes on the next year. And then but I'm the coach of the sixteen and up team and I wanna draft term or however this election process works. I don't care which she did in the championship game ominous sit down and talk premier like no no middle fingers on social. Eon and one of the first rules of punishment is it has to be immediate you know your little kids you can't punish them six months later for something they did now because that's gonna happen. Kids can move out of state they could lose Andrus and softball they can do all kinds of things. And so I almost say maybe that's too harsh is punishing them in their next league you you got to make it right now and and it's got a fact. If you're gonna set the standard that this is not a tank than the punishment needs to hurt. Deal I think I'll give you that I just in a story was that on they couldn't. Return dot com could not reach a Little League spokesperson tracker are exactly what they're just occasional ones. But they do say the organization's rules recommend that discipline is first handled. By the participating coaches. And it hit look like with the apology. That everything was gonna between the coaches that it wasn't until the next morning the head office found out. That everybody got disqualified. About the center FaceBook page it's there it's on Twitter is welcome back to this a little bit later on in the show if we have time what's trending coming up at noon at. And this next one. I. I think this is one were moms and dads we wanna hear from you went 5767798. And has to do with your kids and their teacher. And whether or not Jamie that they should be able. To select. And received a request. And receive the air quote right teacher. For their son or daughter. Yeah and whether you should its request basically what classes your kids are and based on who else is in that class on keeping kids together that are best Franzen were talking about. Kids with special needs in or anything like that are kids that have certain conditions where they're gonna be calmer. If there was their best runs that's a different thing this is just keeping kids together their bodies. So all the moms dot com and take that somebody USA today and saying on Friday The Today Show post and article. Other social media accounts it was called stop doing these four things for your kids. And enjoys their school a year tip number three. Is what people are upset about it was. Don't ask to change your child's class for the right teacher or the best front. There was a family physician who wrote the piece that laid out these three arguments. For why you shouldn't be asking to change a kid's teacher number one. The school knows what it's doing and has a lot of practice and placing children in classes. Number two other standout teachers and every school and most grades your child might not need that teacher at that time. And if if what these arguments is the best and it's those on. Kids can learn and grow stronger by being in classes with children who were not their best friends and with children they have not particularly warm to you before. Kids go to school and the last couple of weeks did you have any control over what teacher you are your kids had or why whether students in the class and shouldn't. 5767798. I have a story where this happened. With my parents and I will tell you it about it coming up next but it's a wonderful question because. There's an old school thinking and then there's the new school way to think about it and we wanna get your calls on this coming up next 5767798. Moms dads. Should you be able to request and get that teacher for your kid the special one the right point whatever it is. You're a teacher I want your opinion hardline opinion on this of one note it's like you taught it holds to that coming up next midday with Jimmy advocate. I'm 81 KM BZ. But he won KM BZ meeting with Jamie wicket Jamie money selling Mike wicket what's trending coming your way at noon at a pretty devoted her Twitter Paul whether or not you're enjoying Horry the other cool weather. Or you miss the heat. Any quick reminder coming up on August the seventeenth that's in less than two weeks Jamie were going to be out at Oak Park mall for the annual radio Thon. Holding a Villa there 7 AM until nine. 67798. Should you be able to get. The teacher you want for your child whether it's an elementary school or middle school. Should you be able to request and get whatever teacher. You want to today show posted an article on our social media accounts saying I stopped doing these four things for your kids and joys of their school year number three why is. Don't ask to change your child's class for the right teacher or cloak best friends die an expert on it. Made several arguments the number of offers Sunday school knows what it's doing as my practice and put against together number two. While there are standout teachers and every school and most grades your kid may not need that teacher at that time. And three kids can learn and grow stronger by being in classes with children born not their best friends and with children they have not to Italy warmed team before. Jamie money selling the former T. Jamie should. It's be able to pick and choose what teachers their young children have in school now. What if we let every parent due back then who do you who whose request you greats. And whose team not on if you know what parents don't want parents decide what classes the kids are going into in terms of who they're grouped together wet they don't they don't pick a favorite teacher and say it like mrs. Johnson the most I think the idea of that. And so it's good for your kid not to be in the most comfortable situations and the school on the most basic level school cannot grants. Every request ends up Hewlett some parents do it there's no way that you would be able to prepare deal. Let schools. Are doing on and again I think the the best argument there. Is in terms of Clinton kids with their best friends fickle. Kids best friend in three months and the stock class about pat. Comfort zone make new friends on some teachers are better than others and I do get that you want it to have the best teacher. On but maybe there's another kid that need that needs that teacher more then that your at us. My mother did this for me in the first grade I wanted out of mrs. Swenson his class and I cried I was six or whatever. I which earns I nod to the teacher went to my mom and I was unhappy united wannabe and it. And maybe my mom little snowflake on me but she moved me to mrs. Jolie or was class in the first grade back in like 1987. And whatever was. So I have seen it I don't know all to this day exactly what may be upset. But I was in class and with my friend Christian. If that was his that was my friend. And I had to be in the same class with him maybe you should have just been forced topping out. Changed my life. It's different also on. Like moving your kid midway through the year after there is a demonstrated problem I think less of an issue with that. Because then you're the one kid because it's obvious that there's an issue rather I don't that was the problem with that as going and before hand saying. This is where I want my child. Too bad what if you. It will go to the phones here because I got a couple of have a few devil's advocate I aria as Korea Greg. 5767798. What it's called is up first got to Denise in the north land eggs and Easter on KM BZ. Hey Harry you know it's. Well I am I have to agree that with Jamie a bit. Situation happened to me what I talk first grade I am a retired teacher. And a parent. Requested that their child be caught not out of bed cut his best friend list in my class. Became kind of a nightmare that people of court acted because. Tell it like at nearly together and prayed together but what really what's the problem why the fact that the parent felt they had. Control. Over me and that school at that point. And they would drop by Carey got a clear they would find things wrong and they would request that this could be changed and with an ongoing problem. I would I agree with Jamie that it there's the problem in the middle of the school year or app gave gotten into the clear to me the teacher also knows there's a problem. And sometimes there at the personally part of that. That request something before school starts it's ridiculous that teacher and the print look that throughout a lengthy process to figure out. Deaf deaf teacher bad situation for kept. And I think they pick and choose and they try to align and spread kids out of it's a good point. I will it even fewer to tell me that it's a completely random process and that there's no thought put into whatsoever market that is at least it's fair for everybody. Denise thinks the phone call appreciate it let's give it back to the phones doctor Michael in Kansas City Michael your right 91 KM BZ. I think that parents are not. Located help. But the future is that they could be a part of our group with burn it to the open brand. The that if they kit they have been on crop both situations. Because they're gonna in the old guilt and lied to be able good gap because you're not in all our parents there who make your life you the year or better. At a job you can call in. You're also say I want framework in there because Greg Omar culpable in the phone book enabling. Well a thoughtful about it. Michael thinks the phone call appreciate it. I agree with that I mean your your basically. Giving the kids free range act or the parents for your was X Monday to sit in the class and make sure the lessons you're teaching are the ones that she wants you to teach as mom's going to say I want my kid on this team is it now is I'm going to be showing up saying and now I've my kids can apply my kid's gonna start Mon watching Bob walks into the huddle hey who he's throwing the ball to on this play that and it needs you. Assume that you know those teachers better than the people deciding where kids go cap is an Overland Park Kathy thanks for calling your 91 KM BZ. Topic. Teacher. And another and another. An agreement that he can make it at that an egg that I didn't break near our. And might that oracle is great here at silent and it. Any teacher but why is that pattern is that he and ethnic. But is that is that the that the norm linking you see that being there you see this actually opening up pandora's box. Yeah I would really quiet about it. Me. It got. I don't hear it here yeah now I don't edit each juror I would like Harry. But you did so its line. Of thinking for the phone call appreciated. I guess what that what are your question no I can't all right let me let me ask you this track. What if your. Kid is placed in the class their right and you know you don't want to be around. Let's say little Jimmy's in the class a little Johnny is a troublemaker and a bully at age seven. Action I have the right to be able to pull that it out even before school starts out by it by now should have the right to put him and others class of I know that the that bully as a problem with Mike you know. Because what if that police problems six other kids what is your that is the problem. Mike it'll never got what if your kids the problem again I don't have a problem with preemptively. Doing I think wait and see what happens and that address that issue later because maybe. It's better to move the ball bent to move your cat let's suck to sue in Shawnee and 91 KM BZ Aysu. It's up here on the air. I don't know I mean that kids shouldn't have that in the room. I do work and at school. And I have found that and when. Bad and they stick together and they may not look like that the other student. I'm right at me a bit problem. That when they're not they're friends you know social let the other students. You know it and and that's what you know making new friends and that's what. Is one of the most important things in this world is is being able to socialize and meet people and not be so pigeon holed and confined win IA. Moved to Detroit at the age of 141995. This school I would have told you Jamie it's enormous there's two schools on one campus we'd classes in both and one was can't in high school. And yet there was Salem high school. And did the new one I thought I wanted to be in the Salem high school like kept hearing about that that's for the radio station was it was eventually gonna get on when I was fourteen years old. And I walked in to go pick my classes because I had moved late in the summer we moved to Michigan and August. And I walked in. And literally the counselor. Handed me a bat and he said pick a chip out and that's the school you're gonna go to it was either red shipped to go to kitten or it was a blue chip to go to Salem. And I reached in pulled out a red ship and you know I don't know how different my life would have been but for the most part they sort all that stuff out you know it all comes out in the wash. Because the thing is most kids are not going to have a problem in the class thing and upn the vast majority kids are are gonna do okay and if they have a rough year and then. My teachers didn't always get along with teachers and it dealt with that I got over. You know you'll work that stuff out. And high school that a lot more control over you you to high school matters a lot more with teachers there west then kids have a lot more controllers schedule I've 767798. Last word goes to Jeff in Lee's summit on 91 KM BZ how Jeff. Don't get. Not let my mom Casey requested a teacher or mean. I was going to hit it straight here at the school they'd do for me. It have a debt your round up note that feel that he's trying to meld teacher and she wanted the male teacher. They've been my teacher. There a year your regarding giving them. They don't include in my life and in the school obliged but look at where you. No issues at all. Yet yet again he's actually still might get our you graduate in Baghdad would I look what a year ago. That's pretty awesome picture for the folk a good start and appreciated. Are there FaceBook page can check it out it's on Twitter as well at KM BZ radio. Coming up pretty gauge what's trending also. Let's see we just had the latest OJ hearing we have them that the trial for Michelle Carter you're not only comparing. You're not on Iran. This is the real trial of the century. It starts today it just shows you what you don't do. To the cops are oh don't you take you to court.