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Monday, September 11th

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104 on a Monday A-Rod Babcock in Virginia modest sell you an hour from now we'll check in with Dana and parks. Soon they have coming your way from two until six who's doing the weird shore tonight. Eggs a ragtag group of people. Like every night and party pretty it's. Usually what we do is about. About 530 years so. Over here and drive down Adam Johnson drive in tune and find some war industries. Not just in that's about right. It you know authorship and our visas yeah. Lastly the clippers are your partner is there a line on the gang scrape the bottom of the barrel might be hymns and yours oh he's awful week. Turkey where we are it was sick sick last week you know he's awful yet he would actually planned on taking. Vacation time this week. And he's strangely sick last week. Iran uses to extend that vacation. And a bad zone went bad. Or rapping over conversation with you every just joining us and you wanna get in you can't by 767798. About a story at a New Jersey. Dozens of students were ordered to undergo drug and alcohol screenings after several beer cans were found. At a high school Randolph high school in New Jersey alcohol came to the attention. Of school officials wouldn't open container either fell or was thrown from the bleachers where students were sitting. This holiday letter written by superintendent Jennifer on. Officials that found several of the containers of alcohol. In other indications that students consumed alcohol and those other indications or by the way but students were consuming alcohol you found empties. Probably. Have too much slight. Odor on the breath back and being and Hugo on the issues eyes glazed over or rather belligerent behavior. That we would know anything about any of that and you know. These students were told to leave the bleachers and put in a classroom school officials contacted parents instructing them to pick up their children and bully and bring them. To a facility where their blood and urine can be tested for alcohol. Citing district policy superintendent fan wrote that the students had to be screened or it would constitute a positive test. And a result in a suspension. The pair is required to quote a range for an immediate medical examination of the student. Within two hours for the purposes of providing appropriate healthcare and for determining whether. The student is under the influence of alcohol test comes back positive. The parent is responsible for paying. Negative tests must be paid for by the board of education this is all under the district policy. About 75 students ended up getting tested at emergency rooms in different suburbs. Fewer than five. Tested positive for alcohol. Board president L mock toast couldn't be reached immediately for comment board of education. VP Iran Conte declined to comment and New Jersey advanced media left a message with the super. Intended by the they ran off on that football game 1850 just in case your your plane the number. What I was just trying to find out who won the game came by massive cylinders did this cool. A lot of people there are telling me that talking about it it's not a rite of passage. That's that's terrible way to think of and Adam. Basically. No child should ever drink. Or do anything wrong BI I read when there that drinking and high school is for losers yes. Well I can't disagree and I'm not saying I think it's great that kids are drinking. It's not something I don't imagery is not something that I think people should do however. That's just a fact of life I'm sorry the more you tell. A group would teenagers not to do something and they're gonna spend every waking minute trying to figure out how to do that day Mong I mean that's. That's just. That's what. Adolescents kids. It's it's. I I read through the story never did several times on air off the air. And it seems like it's a lot of Bober preached to get 75 kids in the class and call the parents and then have been tested for with their blood in their year. It seems like a lot. Four. It's you know granted seven cat five kids were detained for kids or sipping Beers 5767798. In the school react correctly. Jess on her FaceBook page says no as far as into a nose could have been apparent that the game. Was semi normal and I was in high school not proof that no one cared hack it in somebody's walking through left the beer. Let's see here carbon rights. It's at a time as we sat in bleachers. Drinking and stuff you know and in the Mel and I went there is no school going on and okay. Brian writes fewer than five positive some ethical waste of money Joseph writes time to lawyer up. John says that the school has a drug testing policy that the parents and kids are made aware of it's not a problem if they don't it's a problem but it is going to meet. Somebody on the text size says you can buy a breath analyzer on line you can you can get drug screens from Wal-Mart. There is no reason for 75. Parents to have to take their kids to the ER. Jim writes I'm sure the testing facility appreciates all the extra business what intrusive waste of money. And time. Michael says it was ridiculous. 5767798. Let's go to Steven in Johnson County Stephen you're at 91 KM BZ. I agree school. What are the new orders because we wrote Joe's category in school. Read it to return and then add a rule moderately at school. It could go to school property. If QB ammunition was done away from school property. It would have been different now autos is. Cute shall drought. That's went to go put them. I I don't know if you would have. A case against the school for letting them consume alcohol but I think you would have a case. Or at least your point is absolutely right Steven by saying. You know if these kids get behind the wheel and drive in something horrendous happens it when you're at sixteen year old driving a car you had three Beers. That's a little bit different than me having three Beers and getting behind the wheel here and it's it's it it just is there rise to sell I having to Stephen's point is I mean you play at all. All fairness if you go to. You know Steve's bar yes and you get hammered drunk and leave Steve's bar and get an accident kills somebody. They can go back to Steve's bar and say hey you're in trouble for let that guy leave here that Europe through. So that new rule came Alex expletive yeah whatever and so now. With that in mind. You're right then the school has a certain liability in. In that and here again I don't know that. You know I'm Smart enough to know that I'm not Smart enough to know there's an answer here I have no idea what it is I think there answer was it was a little too much. Chris says you can't do this without a warrant your blood is your property search it in Warren is needed. If you're a miner act and the parents willingly pick you up and take you to a facility to get tested. Are your rights that it went to actually war yet your parents or your your dad say European. Cup all right knock your hat off. That's a warrant that 5767798. Meg and in Overland Park you're in 91 KM BZ what's up meg and. G. I. Agree. That it didn't go over reaching on it. No it didn't activity actor or activity. I hit it after school power and. It's like 7 o'clock at night for kick off for whatever. I know. They're going to be wet. Stared at. Rain kid in the heat and you know typically. And arrogant. And there yet been happening it. Last time and get into a slightly different subjects that statement and it happened at the partner you at anchor high schooler. They keep it and the principal are trained and and Killeen saying that dealing out and it year her at all and he. No there are looking at kit and thinking that it seem that. They can monitor and making it here so school. Are over reaching. How are you negative you don't mind me asking notes are not supposed to ask a woman that but I feel like you and I are friends. Yes. Yes. And I mean I am not a I will. You meet the mother of high schoolers okay all right I schools shirt change when you and I would admit. Yeah yeah. And re setting it they think it back on an appropriate. I guess having got to pull out all the stops thinks the focal appreciate it I don't Ager in high school and they confiscated. Gas. All the cell phone thing is still. New to as far as schools is that I don't know people they don't know how to deal with it. It's so if you can't is so mainstream but still new for yup because kids are getting a younger and younger begin and then there's part of me that says you know. There's no reason to take your phone to school what if you're stranded what do we shooter incident down in 2000. There was a deal that came up one time where somebody was saying you know they should have to life. Like slightly hidden lockers some that are not real it's taken a school. And then you have you know Davis said one day know if I want to get a hold of my child. They better have their phone that on pay and for. It's it's a bid to tough. It is a tough subject to figure out right it's easy and somebody says on here talking about this case with the you know a few beer cans are found on the bleachers 75 kids get detained since fur. Testing to find out that three of whom were drinking and somebody said. Which you have to realize is. Those kids now no. This school is not messing around to grade point. And we can't handle and you know what I hadn't thought of it that way and I will say. If I was in that school. There is no way am taking a beard too high school game. Ever and we lead by the way we drink at the friend's house who lived around the corner from the football and yet we're trying to iron out from the house dry run our door. Mean that's what we did that we just didn't go to school is we've just got it a look at Ian we'll get the Barbara. We'll find out where you're at speaking a few more phone calls 5767798. Check the story tenor FaceBook page we'll get to you next year and 91 KM BZ anyone KM BZ. Big day with Jamie wicket rob Babcock in Virginia minus Ellie she returns after her long trip to Morocco tomorrow. I'm sure we'll hear all about it in if you wanna check out of her pictures follow her on in Stu Graham and Jamie money selling. Another hour talking about some beer cans on the ground and whether or not the school was right at the Jersey. Dozens of students were ordered to undergo drug and alcohol screenings after several beer cans were bound. After high school game or at a high school game. Randolph high school look at New Jersey alcohol came to the attention of school officials wouldn't open container either fell or was thrown from the bleachers were students were sitting. Other officials found several of the containers of alcohol and other indications that students consume alcohol. And according to the superintendent the students were told to leave the bleachers put in the classroom. The parents were contacted instructing them to pick them up and bring him to a facility where the blood and urine could be tested for alcohol. 75. Kids. In about five positive test less than five positive tests was the school in the right it's funny the tax line is backing the school. The FaceBook page is backing. Everything but the school calling it a waste of time a waste of money invasion of privacy. Meanwhile the faced a said the tax line is all about schools in the right yet to deter these kids is kind of funny is sometimes it is different ways that you can connect with a skit split here as a. Here's a good tax that's actually. Says this topic in outrages me I'm sorry. People expect the schools to be totally aware of anything that might happen to other kids. But win the school takes steps to our win steps are taken by the school to do just that everyone screams bloody murder. You have to choose people. It. I guess your only offended if you're not on the side of whatever decidedly opposed. As the point have you brought across editors if you're against the school you think this is ridiculous. Here's a good point Floyd from grand view texted and said. I think this would have been a lot different had it turned out that there were sixty kids drunk instead of injury now blessed and 575. To browse it. Had it in sixty out of 75 this would be a whole different discusses where to go. I think we like can you believe it sixty out of 75 kids were drugged and Nebraska. Football percentages that act. Let's 80% of the kids at Randolph high school in New Jersey are drunk. What's the use of this country Cummings is and there we with senator ago it's Jersey when he got it up. I get drunk just to get through this in now. Yen in Johnson County near I 91 KM BZ wanna be in. He. Hit you sir yes article about you know and error there's coal. Watch duke rode their well I heard about it. More or. Why would you war. Over. The bat. When any warning or are there. I don't see I've not anywhere in the criminology world so I have no clue. I don't know there's like I don't know if there's more evidence from. Blood vs year in the immediacy of any of that it's a good question that just that's their policy. Well I think it under earn their children. There are. Yeah you know what kind of attic or Gilbert. So did the other school overreach their boundaries here they overstepped. I think so I think city airport are. There. I should fogleman appreciated I don't know the difference. I've never had my black and my urine tested for alcohol so I don't know. I use that mix them together. And the blighted that in the year a lot of mayors and tried if there's a mixture of that and efficacy my doc. Parent and a half. Yeah. I don't think the differences I know I've had to pee in the cup several times in my life Jerry's reasons for jobs that are. Has got hurt on job or whatever one. Just for fun a time. Just because my buddy was sleeping unity is cut and put it next album that. I'm not saying it didn't now I'm nine mean it has its problem. Laugh out of it says that. It would say that you know we take your blood oozes right here on anything I don't know what the difference that you refused a breath allies. Most. And and I know can be done but I know most of your year and tests are for. Drugs. Is these fairly rare rarely alcoholism. Although my brother that travel yet have an ankle will we call this is Lindsay Lohan bracelet. He had an ankle bracelet where it evidently if he drank a beer it went off well. I know that if if you refused a breathalyzer. If he lets you get pulled over and Dade suspect you're drunk. You get out are you he refused a breathalyzer you're immediately taken in I think goes right to the blood. I think the immediately taken to a hospital humor and draw blood and just take your blood yet I think that's the way. Works anybody knows terrorists 57677. Day this is something we are not qualified to speak. Will let's go to Barbara in Kansas City Barbara you're on 91 KM BZ. Well actually while I enjoy your show how much we should. I drove a school bus in three different light they're rate outlook very independent military and Davenport Iowa. The every ten years when I drove in the night at the break from a legal back Hewitt. The lap later I retire it out and and these kids and parents are looking for any any excuse to do the school districts. But I have a pop RB story or ill or in regard to that and that was probably twenty or thirty years ago. A young man from high school. I said he was going to break and hit the school. And he terrific asphalt he went through the root for them chemistry department. Isn't yet perp that was too. Break into the chemistry department. Make a bomb. Love the school lap. You know ball that well anyway he was sick that make you bombs but he blew an arm off. He'd been in the school and he won the the losses. I don't you love that. She'll love that. Bob Hartley story on the court that but the truth story. Thank you pick something out of that. I totally believe the eight thank you so much for the vocal Barbour appreciate it it's what 27 you can read designer FaceBook page. And and give us your thought the conversation continues there. From the text line a blood test will show your alcohol content on your analysis we'll show alcohol present with the miners so if you if you paean accompanied him to any alcohol doesn't matter thumbs up thumbs down and end whereas blood. We'll show to the degree you've been drinking. Does that matter for talking about minors. I have no idea someone says on here says. Blood test if you're drunk or on drugs right now the year and if viewers are on drugs yesterday. At two that seems backwards hats that would seem to go the other way because. I I can can IPO a bunch of Beers and Pete in that you would know I was drinking yesterday. Mean it was drinking yesterday but I was watching it all in all you tree yes watching the Packers game yesterday and some very just three nothing at halftime I was very nervous or any one KM BZ leading with Jamie and link it Jaime is back tomorrow arrived Babcock is here. And has been fun you know given different guys in while Jamie's been out. All week. One of the guys that fills in or did fill in last. Was Thursday of one assaying was as if it was in Thursday it was Thursday he just posted this on FaceBook so I'm not busting anything. Congratulations to live in his Nivins and his wife they have just announced via FaceBook so it's official I'll it's a fizzle that there haven't there he can't take a back on FaceBook there have an update having a baby. The do. 2018. February of 28 scene so congratulations or boy. Jason Evans from the rod is also he's having. He's having his own little limits his own baby. All so be very very cool very very very neat. That was just look at it this. Serving yeah. Ball you know the the outside wall and yeah they did a happy states of America survey. And it and it's confusing to me. Well the most confusing part is. Minnesota is considered the happiness day. You know cold it is in Minnesota are now so I'm like okay. You're determined and the happiness today is arguably its arms snow falls sure. Anyways. The three he maim metrics or whatever. How emotionally and physically well it's citizens are today. Work environment. And came and in community gauges. Such as average leisure charm and the ball and here is a raped. All rights. Spin how many people volunteer for things determines how happy your status. I think it shows goodwill. OK I can see that I think it shows your ability to want to go out and help those who might be I guess fortunate on a happy person you're probably not. Spending time at the soup kitchen. On that side of the bride exactly. Mean if if you or in his state that does a lot of work for. For the less fortunate than yet that the I could see that being that it makes you happy if you draw a joy and happiness by helping out that I can disease that some people just don't like doing charity work. And that doesn't make to a horrible person. It doesn't make you depressed person but it does make you a horrible person if you. Doing your job and when you have your free time you want or blacks need to carry your family your life your husband your kids whatever. And you just are are not the person's gonna go out there and ring bells for the Salvation Army or whatever. Terrible person. Raga. Yeah out of the person I'm a slightly better I had never ending quest to do nothing. And and I keep play in the powerball is very difficult and my wife is constantly governor reasons why should be doing something in Newton but the most happy states. Minnesota number one you talk number two Hawaii number three. California number four Nebraska number five live it it goes five again. Minnesota. Law. Hawaii. California. Nebraska interest. Those are your five most happy states. And I guarantee you if you're listening to us right now there are probably a lot of people. Rod that ascendancy Republican leadership Democrat leadership republic pictures there and everyone's trying to make it political all. It. Democrat the mixed. There and they're mixed. OK you would think it be like Washington or Oregon Colorado. California. Yeah that's that's that's a good. And Massachusetts. But it Alaska those B to have is state in the country right now. I do think ads that are resident lies on the air. It seems like it would be hard to be sad in Hawaii but at the same time. I know everything costs a fortune and if you don't like spam your pride and joy there. You and I were talking earlier about living in different places in the country like living in the gulf region were watching what happened with with Harvey and Irma. I am no want to live in the south because I think if I lived in anywhere in the south whether it's Baton Rouge Miami Houston you're in the gulf region. Oh by the way Texas is not the stuff. Now did you dollars that's now there's this out and then there's tax then there's tackle taxes is its own empire animal whereas on the Sar. But if you live in in that part of the country. App I lived there for five years I'm a unit by Erica there's there's some there'll be an evacuation at some point because of a hurricane. I guarantee it if you live in the north with the live in Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania anywhere up the eastern seaboard when you get. You know the eventually. You're going to be in a state of emergency there's definitely three feet of snow or they don't fall to 24 hours Spain and you're gonna be screwed. Grown up in taxes what you would watch the news as a kid yeah I would say you know blizzard is like a blizzard was this. Mythical creature like you might as well as I said nine Griffin's flew out of this guy bigfoot while in reality behind. That was news to book operator writing on. I didn't need to do it I just met nothing in a blizzard like it is I didn't even grasp that I didn't know. That snow mobiles were an actual thing they're real thing you like I thought that was like maybe if you live in Alaska or you going to date. Some sort of you know so ideally on that yet scientific expedition into the North Pole no but yeah. That I would you North Dakota and found now. Know everybody owns who snowmobile that prop. We have to still mobiles in one car gap I'll tell us the united buddies that went to school at Northern Michigan University that is way up there like like Detroit's called. You get to the middle part of Michigan is called but northern Michigan and they would snowmobile to a from class. Except that's how they did you would they got a parking for snowmobile there. The building I was up there at North Dakota Grand Forks, North Dakota. All up there all I had area and there are title today so a lot yeah. Anyways. We were setting an edit edit edit and we were in the spring time and there were still like heart large glaciers melt leaders deal there's no spy ring time in North Dakota Daschle lie so. So it is present at the stop sign and I'm in the passenger's seat. And I glance over and I realize. That in the in the trees next to the road. There's a stop sign. About the size of a softball yeah. And I'm like. Hill is a was that you trying to tell me that the woodland creatures use stops him and he's like. It is for snowmobiles on the what does he goes well in the winner that's a snowmobile road and may have streets aren't stubs as they are they don't just. It's at any is that it's a matter of factly I I'm dome. Does that. A different man totally different. If you live in the Pacific northwest it rains constantly up there. Wanna live in Seattle. That it brings a little bit every day bright like every Leggett did just like in the gulf it rains have let you know I was in the Dominican Republic about two years ago. It rained every day for fifteen minutes there it rained and then it was gorgeous now it's still cloudy and dreary news you know it's still develop there in the Pacific northwest went. In California earthquakes Vegas desert I would wanna live there. You go back to Hawaii if you're so damn expensive. And hard to get to apple IC backed. Seems amazing. Someone's. Sources rod as a fellow Texan I was not a blizzard is what you gated area going it is it is played delicious it it. Is it still feels that the jet skis of the north yes and hell nobody jet skis to class so nobody jets keys to work it. I'd just like a body he had pictures of this. There was this huge as some big bars aren't even our somewhere North Dakota Minnesota the solid deserves all it's north of seven yeah it spot thank mr. Biden. Paul Bunyan so anyways. The port it is there was this bar they would go to NC bands all the time. And it was like a very popular place. And he had moved up there when it was summer and and he went to this place Monday like they're like those taxes that's bands play and it's wintertime. These are they pull up and there's three trucks in the parking lot. Tagged Andy in this I guess this place was on a lake like the back deck was doc could set over the water you know one. And he's like why can't leave out dead it is patty and he's like the plug has a card you have no idea that walk in the place packed. Is that what. And it's it is winner whose that you go through each step out on the back deck in the frozen lake is covered in snow will shall I India parking lot you know and he's like. But that nobody drove no bodies have this note though. Is the cars are probably frozen gas you know debate their their harder to start. Getting. Mean that's the point of the country if you keep going and candid and further north. You have to keep like your battery plugged and apparently you're here debt have a special heater core. So your horrible start that was a positive for exit out here at Akron taxes but I went up there we pulled into the motel room and plugged in and yeah there's this long reign of the things like all across a parking lot and I'm like yeah. Soars Legos for the block warmer yet. What the hell of war you can. And he got it at 2 o'clock a little warmer or it's never turn and a it is never gonna turnover. It's 143. We'll check in with data and parks coming up on the other side are here in 91 KM BZE. One KM BZ. But anyway as Jamie blanket. Coming up next in parts of check in with Scott and DNA in a moment from the tax line. The hubs and higher selling everything in moving to Hawaii very soon a law I'm jealous. I mean that's a dream I have one day is like moving to whole IE or moving that it you know Puerto Rico or settle on those like I. It has to lend a different name Steve. Is a great guy. This dude amazes me. He has some friends that moved out to Colorado grew up here kids that he had some friends have moved out Colorado. Went out there to see a one time in the summertime. The Colorado is awesome. I think I'm gonna live there right like two weeks later Edwards Steve he was a Colorado now like what's he was not messing around. It was his joke in no photos collar I don't know had hears it they haven't his buddies living in Colorado what do I only take a vacation and they go to Hawaii Steve goes the only line. Lived a life for like three years hi Kim left. I could never do that gas and live there for like three years he moved back about a year ago Denver. Notes here are geared to kids city and house asking him about you know the move back in my life you were living on speech. He ought to mean you're only former transportation was a motorcycle that you wrote shirtless every day you know like why did I come back. And he said. For the exact same amount of rent utilities that I paid. Here I've paid there. Now there I was sharing a place with three other guy yeah. And you know it was a tiny crappy place and I had a little bitty bit here and live alone. In May 2000 square foot error sure. Oh yeah I guess I get that part about it I can. Again a whole lie like the reason that you go live in a lie you other than it's so far away and it takes forever to data get. Drive from why is the expensive. Factor the expense actor plays a ridiculous. To live on the any of the islands in this in Hawaii death. Still I on the powerball I would probably buy a house in quarterly and I'd fly out odd. I and I would I would either. Enjoy that subside this Sunday is the the enemies it's hosted by Steven called mayor. And I guess over the weekend I didn't really know about this but the creek the Emmys creative or towards did you know this was a thing. I know the Emmys creative arts awards were where this weekend and one woman who won an award. For her impersonation of Sean Spicer. Was awesome car. I'm the actors won an Emmy for best actress comic on a comedy series at the Emmys creative arts awards. Yesterday I enemies creative arts award I don't know that was that means I don't know. I eat I eat at target since I cameos and stuff like best. Theme dab best host Heidi and it's I don't know interesting I don't know if she's going to be part of SNL. Come this season to Sean Spicer white house press secretary's been like oh. But I thought why not revisit some refer as Sean Spicer before we get out here. The think the first time we saw her play Sean Spicer the SNL crowd didn't realize who lies until I started talking. Yeah I remember not seeing it was just creepy how much of a chair has a trance formations. But a here's some of the Melissa McCarthy is Sean Spicer and a role that she won an Emmy for over the weekend. And right there's when people realized it was. Reich is he blocks owl yeah realize when she gets the podium what is it that Mueller talking errors at all my god doesn't guard. Yeah I mean didn't defensive front of the movie because yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. And also talks a good. You began to. I apologize. On behalf but it to me. Yeah for me the last two weeks. I accept. Your body. I mean that's why. I'm here to take. Story about Spicer than he'd he'd chewed thirty heard five. 35 pieces that go into that game they had for you to swallow that much I don't know it's one of those things that people say it is Tuesday we grew up and organized bubble. But we our hearts we get. All thinking that was the worst Soledad varieties all. Stuck it aired seven years seven years and years and I've no idea if that's true. I don't know the view when it happens of the dogs from his got a kick off and there. Thank you know president Chirac announced. His Supreme Court pick on the national TV. When he entered the room that crowd greeted him with. All they. Yeah think that everybody was my. Don't want the women young lady. I don't know why no one was and thanks for ever and there's something else we got something acts three or capital T capital peak. Floor hang on wedeman that's my email password and. Or. I don't who's gonna play Sarah Huckabee Sanders did it mean eighty Bryant on Obama she watches and Eller if you watch highlights in my however I love Macedonia. Right huge fan. No I'm dying to see this in you know every season you're hearing is some new people and somebody. So you have excited about the right now the all the new stuff is about to start and is really a bomber because. Like I don't wanna give it to 7 NEWS it like like my whole life is planned by the TV guy yeah you know I know trust me I know I got to hear what new show I'm gonna get into ride and it all shows coming back that I want to. Watch again and there's stuff that like I I I wanna watch that's out there like Netflix and Hulu like I hate to get into something new before. These other shows start in which runs an argument we have time for it. These are the first world problems we deal with on a daily basis is us is coming back Thursday's. Gotham is coming back yet everything out all the all the blogging the day I come back west were are to see this and which I feel like it's gonna suck but I just can't wait to watch that straight America it would sent Seth. MacFarlane Ole guy did anybody watch last night last night it was an army retired last night yeah yeah or video audio and I got losses I don't I don't know I don't know why. Legislated. The premiere at the same time as and I football. That's just sexy and so darn Uga played especially coming off your football coverage a guy like you're going to lose a lot of the league are a lot of the the viewers to go watch strictly back in giants cowboys ask me as I guess jaguars. Sounds like it's like game of the week a legend around. Because the Sunday night game.