Does this investigation change your view on Trump?

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Thursday, May 18th

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What I was seven we will logic it would data and parks before they take over at 2 o'clock. I didn't I didn't know you could choke on a Phidget Spinner but apparently this is becoming an issue. I'm here about more more problems with the Phidget spinners I heard about one caught on fire. We have one exploded and ask somebody choked on a piece which. Makes total sense given up the pieces are pretty small and of course people are making them into weapons right we'll get to all that inevitably Iran. We were we can't avoid the biggest story not just in the city and state of the country but in the world and that is our president right now. Is. Air quote under investigation there there are those the James goalie situation that went on. He fired the FBI director. There's this idea amongst some but there's some collusion between president trumpet the Russians in the election and all that's all that kinda stuff going on southern special counsel. Let Robert Mueller Robert Mueller. Let the FBI for quite a while under two presidents and has been named as these special counsel which is like special prosecutor just at different how they're chosen. Anyway he has now been tasked with investigating. All of this and he gets a lot of authority analog power prosecute in the case. If he finds anything prosecutable. But his job now is to sort out the allegations and and find the evidence if it exists in the find approved and is that exists. To see if any if if at all there was any Russian influence. On the 2016 presidential campaign an answer why is. What role to trump campaign might have had in all of that this. Such a massive story and people liken it to Watergate and everything. BJ were kicking this around yesterday and we were wondering. What did take weather your pro trump or and tight we welcome every 15767798. There this is your opinion we are not going to. You know shoot you down if you don't agree with us whenever if you're trump supporter. Or your trump hater. What would it take for you to change your mind on this trumped only thing because. It trumps supporters no matter what the president does they're going to have his back trump haters no matter what the president does they're going to. Think eighties dirty. And there are few people who are looking at this objectively going does does this is my president doesn't matter who I voted for maybe you know maybe you voted for somebody who wasn't Hillary and wasn't president trump and the last election. There are some people who are going to say. I'm just gonna take it for whatever it is that that I I support him because he's my president may be I didn't vote for and and I hope that this kind of rice stand. It doesn't benefit anybody if we go through an impeachment process it doesn't benefit anybody except Mike Pence except my. And he is removed and if you are hardcore Democrat. You should be more afraid of my parents that you are of president trump in terms of values and conservatism so. It just isn't good for anybody even if you don't like and were better off if you really don't like him than fight really hard in 2020. It out on but I think a lot of us. It would help everybody to get proof one way or the other 57. 67798. Bipartisan discussion what would it take to change your mind. On the trump Kobe's situation a special counsel 5767798. You can text into 2980. Jamie is there anything out of this day would change your mind because I'll also I believe there is something going on you know that's just my personal belief but if this. Special counsel. Finds that there is nothing to this story to trump Russia's story and I'll believe it. That helped out all 100% believe it I don't know if everybody will listen to whatever the verdict is especially if your opposite a verdict and believe it. And if it clears him I will believe that too because if you're not gonna trust Robert Mueller to. Get to the truth and out of your gonna trust again the guy is known for not really caring about politics he's known for. He's been involved in investigations. Like this in the past where. He went with what the truth was regardless of what president he was working for and I do did. Credits although president trump tweeted that this was the biggest met a witch hunt he's ever seen. And I would say if he had fired Jayne is. We don't have gotten here because James coming could've done it you don't pick a fight with the FBI what you don't get that. You don't get rid of the guy doing the investigation. Assuming that the investigation is going to act like a lot of credit to the justice department for saying. This now is the way it's gonna go I just don't. Think that he can win. Fighting the FBI in fighting the media I just it and there are still many media outlets and ended just Ed it just seemed to. Like firing Colby. Was like what are your firing the guys investigating you that's gonna look very very suspicious to a lot of people. It it does look back and and so we're seeing now at Fox News is tweeting at W attorney general residency will be briefing senators on the commie fire Nancy reports that Paul Ryan was asking for documents today. Their reports that James Connolly is gonna go before committee and testify. Ons so all this is gonna come out all leave. Whatever the report says 5767798. A stock to Austin and south Casey Austin you're on any one KM BZ. Oh I had to endure Peugeot and I wanted to say. You know all of pro. Inserted and everything I'm not. Trumpet my favorite guy out there. However. You know what they found that key it campaign it colluding with there are you know her what about it because honestly. There are a lot. Terrible thing brought here the American. Voters. Eyes that couldn't run up them. Whereas it was during a week you WikiLeaks and everything out there in the campaign so I don't. I tell you about about that because of aside you know Hillary at. You know last summer and a army came out. Describe all the wrongdoing she had that then. Bed. He wouldn't grant you wouldn't go portrait tartan he wrote the department justice however that's not his beauty. I was ousted and and your I just want to make sure hurt your right you wouldn't care. If our election was battled with by the Russians. No and the reason being and it's proven it Hillary at all. Donations from the Middle Eastern countries. It would donate blood donations aren't. Yeah that's an awesome I'm telling you you're wrong that's the your your opinion is ballot here's tatters is a special interest and this is the difference that makes a mean pollution is one thing because we're not talking about specifics here because we don't know what they are. Two metres difference between influence in terms of influencing public opinion and actually doing something like a hacking or getting into. Systems somewhere in that would change the outcome of the election I hope everybody cares about that right and influence is different I mean. Austin I'll I'll agree with Austin it ever look at most politicians if not all I can't say all that there's got to be one on this one out there. But most politicians persuaded by him you know money or special interest or whatever president Trump's no different Hillary is no different Obama was no different. You know. That's a vocal lost interest in perspective I 767798. Sucked atomic grandy tong here on 91 KM BZ Tom what it take me to change your mind Donald Trump Colby situation. Well from Iraq and other state and I came across that corporate buy at that you Korea. And that socially since. It scares me more than anything else right now with Ford is going on and that's gone on for the past. 1013 years it's just been as a I'm great civilization that is not conquered from without until further destroy itself from what they and and that's what I'm afraid of for myself right now that Lee. Individuals in this country. In the process of doing this to sales by our tree each other. We're not respecting each other were not respecting the opera we may not respect the man but you have to respect the office. And I think to me that's what scares me more than anything else is at work in the sort of by. Very dire straits right now in what attitude toward each other reasons. I I think the as a 100% truthful statement. I mean I I've I told you earlier Jamie I was watch and in the Bernie. Case sick town hall was supposed to be a debate entered into a town hall actually turned to a bipartisan slam on president trump. And in case it had some really good things to say. The governor via any any basically said don't hate someone. Because their views are different I know there are a lot of people that are conservatives that are Republicans that listen to this station. And hate me just because I am a proud Democrat. And I know there are some Democrats proud Democrats listening. That hate Scott parks because he's a proud conservative but you really shouldn't hate people because they're different beliefs are different. Hey it's probably a strong word. Although there I think there is some of that on. We take it really personally we we dislike the person if we dislike the beliefs and and when I say we I mean that was that dude that mountain not everybody has the ability to look at things objectively and that's fine. I think a lot of people don't want to be true if you did then you would watch CNN and Fox News equally instead you watch the channel that you perceive. Plays to your belief that if you're conservative you love Sean Hannity I eleven Bill O'Reilly was on Fox News and you. Aided Rachel map out right but there is something to be said that if you are strong conservative. Give Rachel a ten minutes and just listen to what she says the vice Versa bureau bleeding heart liberal. Golf and give it you try. I hope everybody wants this investigation because if you believe that there was no wrongdoing and then this report Robert balls and Muller's investigation is going to prove you right. So let I would say give him access to everything he wants so I don't that once and for all. Take John and Brent and Rick coming up next it's a midday with Jamie wicket you can jump in line 5767798. What would it take for you change your mind don't matter what side. What would take to change your mind bold stroke coal lease situation. Now that we have a special counsel for investigation will take or your calls and text 22980 next 91 came easy Nady lined KM BZ. Midday with Jamie and wake him we'll check in a wind died in in parks coming up it's got this texted thank you very much we get blasted a lot of attacks line people think we only read those by the time. This is from the text through says I'm generally I'm generally Republican but I very much enjoy listening to your show both you and Jamie lean more liberal and high. But to discuss excellent topics and you appear to be open minded full disclosure. I struggle with dame. Well. We're all I am I up until now. What are. In the we're taking your phone calls are now by 767798. This special counsel going on to investigate president trump in the firing of James called me and possible collusion in an influence with the Russians. What would it take no matter what side Iran would you believe Robert Muller's. Investigation and if you don't why don't you if you because it's it's perfectly okay it's it's not there's no wrong answer to that but if you're the people that says. You know it doesn't matter to me with the investigation finds why. And end to that I wonder let's say comes back and forward. Bleeds and giggles let's say that the verdict is president trump and Putin are our bodies and everything has been corrupt since he started running. Republicans double Republicans and trump supporters believe that the order or that goes the other way. And let's say we find out everything's been made up by MSNBC and Fox News or and and CNN it's all the layup by the media right. Will Democrats and anti trust people like self will we believe it. I believe that Robert Mueller again I I believe it is. Yeah now the reason some people not believe and Robert Holler some reasons some anti term people believe in him is because he was named by somebody that works for truck he was named by the Justice Department which works for two don't shoot at and the and the other question too is don't you want to know the truth that this investigation should. Should wanna know and and if you don't know the truth my guess is it's because her frayed of what it's gonna find from the text line and a trump supporter and welcome the investigation with open arms. I've 767798. John in Casey Euro 91 KM BZ John what would it take for you change your mind in this whole story. Well I don't think about. And yet it is out there. And vote for. A lot. About it. Not that it this year but. Think about it. It might be it jet game. He hit a little bit. Well there's no thank you keep your current all these votes are. BB gun it worked out. You know. I mean look I think there is whittling president trump when he was campaign. Camp candy truck. And he said yeah why don't we why would we wanna be friends with the Russians. I get that. Wouldn't you want to be friends with the other air quotes superpower like Russia we don't you wanna be buddies with them to find friends here and now is the problem. Define conflict of interest defined influence. And when that crosses the line and. Absolutely. Thinks the phone call John let's talk to brands in liberty Brit era 91 KM BZ. At that comment. Game tummy and everybody interested to hear what he had the last time Eddie and say troop also work is credibility. What was. Whenever you get and it is untrue and that testimony. OK in my memory is not as great as yours but I need more specifics on now and just said inform us there's also that might not remember. Oh well and every step by rob even untruthful. They're older and bank of several questions that he would need him. Recently. A lot. Harder. Right or he would he lie about it you know specifically Brett I mean we're not trying to teach new quarterback injured I'm curious I I don't remember that. I don't exactly remember that question that you bat you call that you've gone through and for about three days after that at all. They have. And made big deal and being country. Dele you welcomes this investigation as it sounds eager trump supporter Brent do you would you welcome the investigation. Order yeah well met because improve betray. What it doesn't what do you mean the truth probably as you see what so there wasn't what I mean. It or. I mean look at that hopefully this gets us to the truth. Whether if this doesn't I don't know what what I mean this is the stuff now that supposed to now as long as Robert Mueller is kids then. All the access EE and isn't roadblock to anywhere I Brett thinks the Obama appreciate Adobe is stranger. I'll suck to Rick and Casey Ricky 91 came easy. Yes chases history repeating itself again admirable and rich mixture. Turkish special prosecutor. Actual decade. And it didn't come out Bert Loper and Arctic air. Barack parred out the truth and I believe they went agriculture. Released and toward the bully there. Are you trump supporter or you're not a fan of the president. Are. Okay so look whatever they the results are you're going to believe it. You know that's all we can I say not us. It's normally not I mean that's really all we can ask anything is to find the truth and to believe it dog and I think if you are a ardent trump supporter. And every time we say anything bad about trump you text the station you Paula you email the boss or whatever. If it comes back and it's bad on trump then if the report is bad on trump. Will you admits. That this was a bad thing and vice Versa if every time trumpets praised on this radio station. You tax that you call you email the boss in that comes up that the trumps Scot free. Will you be able to say our I was wrong. You well yeah girl you know I'm wrong a lot. I I hope he's clear. I hope this investigation shows there was no meddling in the election I hope ultimately people got the president they want. Let's talk to Adam in the north at a mere 91 KM BZ out of wouldn't take me to change your mind on the old trunk only thing. Well you know that he. I have candidate differing views and a lot of people there that I'm a conservative but it was not a trap of order. Did because now a lot of it is the ideal but it. They're betting that we needed to quit dirt dirt just forget all me because Republicans and Democrats. Jim boat anchor aide that he completely. And his reputation. On numerous to count you know anywhere and any chance election for that Democrats. It did it didn't look good wing Colby decided. Six days before the election or whatever was to say look back and her emails that opened up a new can a war. There was there was absolutely horrible and. Yeah all it when he achieve Forte left JP PD that didn't mean that investigation. Didn't and into it KE DD. FBI can still investigate without the director the director. Acute to reach out numerous investigations that are going on. So chances are you'd probably one of the person doing the investigating anyway. I mean this this is a broad spectrum of investigation there's no doubt about that now I say here's. We're anti tax that Camry the mall but here's one that word or get a little bit of you hope he's cleared because ice and I hope he's cleared yeah BS you do currently. Hence the problem Woolsey do you why don't you believe me when I say you would not want the election to be real. Well I don't want people to have gotten a person they want I want I want. The current results to reflect what people actually won I won a legitimate election. You should want it to right. Like I I'm not one of those people I didn't vote for trump I'm not a fan everyone knows that. But I'm not one of those people who says we need to get Electoral College they ran a great campaign Hillary ran a crap has to campaign are able for either. Yeah that that the truck campaign. Actual vocal get to monetary and Paul and Mike right now though we do go to let anyone came easy me David Jamie wicket. Jamont Sally might like it it is 135. We'll check in wind dean and parks before they take over at. 2 o'clock out. Clicks just to focus on state volunteer state politics here for just a second so we're at we're at that time a year where a lot of states are ending in clutch coming to the end of their annual legislative sessions or spring legislative sessions. They're not get everything done that they need to you and Missouri is amongst the states that is in that situation and I'm just seeing several dealer between Casey are just retreated to that. Missouri governor air crichton's has said some career politicians failed to do their jobs and then went home. That is wrong we are canceling their summer vacations and calling a special session to get this done so looks like these are lawmakers will be. Sending some bonus time I don't Kansas that costs about 45 grand today for each 4045000 dollars a day freeze. That lawmakers and special session and sickening and done during the time aside form doing. Right now we're erupt into our conversation with you at 5767798. What would take treaty change your mind of the truck only situation president trump of course this investigation going on fire James come media and the FBI. Robert Moeller former I had the FBI is now part of the special counsel that bull. Hopefully get to the bottom of all of this and whether you support president trump where you do not what would it take you to change your mind 5767798. Or text into two nicer. He acts he's being given a lot of leeway and a lot of freedom and a lot of authority to as he should be battling it out to you you want this to rest once and for all. As of this guy. And hopefully they say do what ever you have to do you talk to every you have to use whatever resources. Hopefully they get him giving him a big budget to do every S do so that we finally put this arrest. And then there's this text. Trump is the greatest presidents. If you have an opinion until the haters and media like you guys and Dana. Get locked up in jail for false reporting. On. Back to text earlier something about Russia it's a sudden he said we should be more like Russia. On the tax. A lot of countries we can probably do more to be like brush just not the one. We should be more like Russia we actually got that text all right locked up in jails with Arab or else like I ate. Yeah big if if trump is innocent you would mean Danish go to jail. It locked up in jail if they you know if you brands right if you bring fried pickles will be be tolerance fierce 5767798. Tea appalling Kansas City you're next up I 91 KM BZ. Eight to show now look at our border policies. What primary under election I don't believe. That. There's an inclusion I don't believe. The machine of course has been proven so Hillary there's candidates on opiate or. But having said that. Over the art director Mueller comes out the report there yeah and somewhere in my my eleven commission report in theirs. Our data only on. Evidence that there was collage weather's been lit beside whatever. There are good. Well I'm in an awkward do you here's Chuck Schumer mr. colosio and probably a couple of Republicans like McCain may not be so I'm sure that we are out here while the country kept our report. And I think that's where it lies double standard. But no prude. Up in mr. trot his campaign the president of the United States made a deal with any representative of these Soviet Union Russia. Can you influence election none so more. To be aired now let me Arab doesn't like and to be fair we don't know that. Because I'm pretty Dan information but that's what does investigations gonna follow for better or worse. Know you're a revival ultimately ended the other thing on earth certainly cute they've got the aren't these leaks former I'm former military member. These are so the imaging it's coming from this. Yeah and I'll look government. If there was any. Cop here mr. Welker and there were any ambience with all the seventeenth national intelligence agencies and only in market share up. We repair orders EP. Times vote somebody would have it took them eight. We solve our care our ambassador we adios and are they Oca. There are slightly dampened you're right there's been not your way. There has been done as president well may deal with the Soviet government not so for. Let me we really haven't that it Paul thanks much for the call I appreciate it's all at least right now a lot sank us trump did not I don't believe there's a blank you're right it it's your belief. You know I don't have the kind of access that the Palmer of the writer actor does but that's what that's gonna find that 7677. And eight bank eggs in the day at the phone call they're all sucked Terry grant you terrier and Andy linking amusing. I. I'm so long that they election last year we had a choice between both soon and about the net. And fortunately. But firm line. The latest investigation shakes hands in the kuril domain if. Trout is guilty he'll be impeached therefore might cancel become president man. Still republic and still have the choices birdies Supreme Court. And now that the Democrats. Can't. Insisted screen and hollered and moan and groan about it special prosecutor and gotten their way. The next thing you know moaning groaning. And not complain about is they want the special prosecutor. To subpoena. Donald Trump's tax records. There is an argument to be made about where the money coming in and out of the trump account has gone come from the last twenty years and in his relationship with Russia mean. Would trot went when president trump said that nobody cares about. In his tax returns. That's blatantly faults to just another probable falsity because I personally would like to see those tax or target the information from I don't tax panels and air. But I like to power came from and where there's the idea of collusion with in. That does the money coming in out of the trump beg. It counts it's the reason why every other president since Nixon was last one that it releases tax returns are my presidents do it right. Yet at it is of interest but Terry thinks that phone call from an I don't know what happens after the investigation is done. He said what happens after the I don't know it is we do know the real all. Hearings possibly if it comes up with nothing and then the investigation. Dies hopefully right ad that the issue. Dies hopefully hopefully nobody is questioning. The integrity of Robert Mueller in the investigation but if it comes up that there is something expect here. Let's talk to a Ashton in blue springs or 91 team BZ I Ashton. And I think the line. And stroke gave. Information to elections any. Why don't we are in that direction price because there are things. The line. And. With the whole thing about giving the information the Russians in the picture that came out and after the White House denied it and then trump came back connects more to get Tweety did it. The president has the right Teemu talk about as the president can declassified. Legally yeah he gets to decide what's classified and what's not lead declassify whatever he wants doesn't make it right but it doesn't make it illegal right absolutely aunt and Ashton thinks the folk on appreciate it. The question is in my my big problem with that whole situation was when McManus came out and said. I quote. He didn't know where he got that information for a one. That is either careless or clueless and I don't know which one and that's what scares me the most is he's just getting Intel showing off for people. Giving Intel away from our allies. I mean it's a very sensitive situation he's got to go on a trip to the Middle East and if you don't work came from Heidi you know it's true. You now are in the media it's our time while verify your sources you know Howard came from Heidi you know it's the conversation that a FaceBook page can check it out will take one more phone call here by 767798. That is Mary in war expert. They married at the final word I 91 came easy. I'm yeah I've got a quite he can't keep talking about where we got it right well this special are your parents that but they did it in and aren't. But how long it back out and I think Eddie Aaron and relic many and a half an hour. Yet the outer. Eye Eddie and the guys that was leading the investigation Mary just got fired. But we'll. What about that means they'll have their investors is the senate will have there I mean look the the house and senate want nothing to do with this well the lidge or I mean really. Yeah your right to the house and senate have done their own investigations sure. Those are also. By definition partisan. Groups. The way to go is to get the guy that's not gonna take sides you'll believe the outcome. A his investigation want you to get get a guy that's not up in a member of in now is elected by a party right. To come up in the same way or the other readiness and if you're listening to president trumpets is is not a percentage isn't he might peak. You might be guilty if these numbers innocent he would want the truth out there I would think. I would think you would want the truth on he called this. Again it was his Justice Department's. The assistant attorney deputy attorney general that name's. Robert Mueller as the special counsel. And am president from tweeted that this was the greatest witch hunt you know that naming him as as name is just pound counselors agree is what's on ever. So I don't know if president trump wants the truth to come out. I'd I don't know if Napster if he's in this anyone's patriotism should be welcoming and has nothing high it was no wrongdoing anyway and you say great. He gets full access he gets a big budget when. Whatever he needs to prove me as innocent as I an out and go for and wouldn't you want as a as an American. To know the truth even if that hurts the candidate you have followed I would hope so mean I would hope so. I was happy to see that. Debbie wasserman what's her name was corrupt then that EO that Hillary got the questions in the debates ahead attack like that stuff. Ansari shot trying to I was happy to see how corrupt Julie real everyone's now. It's out of FaceBook page on Twitter as well you can also text into 290s or it's the day with. Jamie and wickets at we will line check in with dean and parks coming up next thinks everybody who got in on that. Coming up. And it show kind of digit Spinner a policy Jamie's hands are going up in the air and we're hearing down five or a light not our uniting your house that put it back to our pickle chips. I'm pickles your nation. I'll do that next 91 came easy ready and came easy lady with Jamie wicket. Everybody who guided and that I pretty well rounded conversation people making points. Text line says differently but. And to write every is the 1 o'clock hour we always refer to this hour is about her power and I think it is warming up for Scott. How that's what Paul and text although I'm gonna need chips vs. The things that really matter yeah hard hitting stuff down when we look that we are asking you. Pickle chips or pickle speeders which one do you prefer deep fried. Text chips or spears to 22980. And lead to bone Rogen in a couple hundred votes. You and I are big fans of spears yeah 72%. Going with fried pickle chips. We are wrong your you're just I'm. Wrong you're just uneducated about spears right. Fault he's been exposed or we just don't know you don't know you don't know. I'll offer a not knowing better. You can text the word ships or text word spears at 22980. What purple what would you be willing to pay for on a plane there is a conversation on over at Bloomberg. Saying that. Some people would pay X amount dollars to be able to recliner seats. Or pay X amount dollars to not let the person in front of the recline their seat so we took all your answers that are flop for favorites what would you be willing to pay for on a plane. Seek reclining with some extra leg room and drinks and snacks. Overhead storage or a kid free zone I'm going to Kristi. Seek reclining like room 61%. Plunge shorts I don't care so. I'm really like from being his advisors room from my feet that's really all I care about the telling you I hope it doesn't come down to the institute having to pay for days. I mean they're really only the fleiss. Was it a lot. I normally fly southwest and exploited taking I'm cheating on southwest and now the flight was cheaper on delta. It was hot rod delta until rank paperbacks. One yet and it was still cheaper yeah yeah paperback room. Spot. Coming updated parks hello Dana. What it feels kind of been interests and I'll go on here all areas snaps things trying. It's very sad and she's now breathing high. Have been out of my medication for six days that's my fault that people that they Gigi will tell you that they forget to last minute and when you forget last minute. It's a controlled substance it's difficult again. So I get my prescription refill today. I take one after six days I haven't eaten and look at me and shaking and complete. That's out right now okay days like right now I am completely. Balancing out of my skin. Add to that I start crying in the car on the way here are why. Today my fourth child of four walks out of the elementary school. There's a ceremonial want to sit through fifteen so now you're finally getting violently and are you are. I missed all the other ones blocking out as well there's going to be another one and there's all listed. At some point object model blocking out it was never that big a deal. He's the last one and Scott is wallowing. In joy over the disaster that my life is going to be today. And I don't know why I don't know why I'm so emotional about it it's silly again like they're all. Here I mean but it's something about him walking up those halls and we have had. We've been there they went to preschool their twos so we have been there. Fists fourteen years of our lives have been in that building. And as a over. It's over there and so bigger name on the wall and this is so funny Larry and I tell you adopt another I and I don't want more rigorous was like it's gotten out. So last night this is a crazy I am. In my FaceBook memories like this I find a photo of the four of them zone on my son's first day of preschool seven years ago today. So I don't running around the house like a crazy woman and I tell all of the kids I need you to find these exact outfits I agree I asked about it today. My son looked at me my seventeen penalties like mom. I don't find any Red Shirts do you like I was I assessed with three creating this that it today seven years later today. They all think I'm crazy. I'm like I'm your mother this is the only thing I'm asking to and your math and I met the now you're an analyst at Goliath match. Today's going to be a disaster and we got severe weather coming satellites. Version of what I went. Zach disaster and percent in past years with alcohol drug and I want to drive one hour now well. You know what I think I mean honestly and I hate to say this is I'm not one of those cracks people I think one glass of wine would you. And early eighties that's really. Don't lose I just need to knock it down in the galore landing happened and I and every ideal the day so you somebody else coming manners guy I think wind normal flooding in the air we're gonna float in here and there's going to be bill O'Brien lap back power yeah. Let there be totally fine but once people start clapping and cheering and they all locked out I think I might be. A little emotional and I are going back so it is I'm at right out there watch him walk out and drive back just. So it is FaceBook like that for you you can watch from here and the last one I cannot miss I high pop pop up. No I can't miss the last one that's things like my debt that I would grant in town here that is eatery this. The story is resentment yeah in the died yet again. You know. Lena read that it is about wouldn't and I don't wanna see it. Appears story earlier wrote collect well Rory tells once we're in Florida. Where you sixty year old woman named differences can mark an idea effort just to market has choked to death might well form. And okay. The time was the subject of the performance has been charged with murder. That's the story. Is that in or. For lawyers to prove that there's no way he could've choked her look at Syria on the this they want on to yes we can't lay it all out there you'll eat candy and yet in an open courts. In front of jurors was that can I ask a question as as I like like here in giggling Ashley Carlton sensual yes. Now. To me by somebody he'd kill her yeah she I had sexual asphyxiation as voters of course it's Florida right. It just happened in Florida to 63. And get. Now. Enemies smiling as much lately it's. That was main site you agree to. I is. And I may need amending his dad and now how are they gonna bring him and I mean that's is rose. As snow is as thin line moms into the newsroom if it doesn't fit you must record low now. Pop pop up and face like yeah yeah. Lance and his family out or woman I would just feel like can we please just let this I just on you wanna I mean wow I just saw the murder case. All right had you know heard this is the other thing we're talking about today and I'm in a makes got weight for me because I'm so bluntly this. This is in Lawrence journal world there is a woman in Eudora. Accused of killing a baby. I don't know wait wait there's more she's on house arrest. Her lawyer is petitioning the courts to remove this restriction wait for it. Because it's inconvenient. For the woman. I I don't you cannot make this up it'll pass to get you know what I'm sure isn't convenient that death of the baby Dahlia family dead baby I mean there's an inconvenience every American day when you wake up and wanna. Honestly not live life anymore. I said to Scott how does how does these people go into court with a straight face it's inconvenient for her after the death of a baby to be on how. Law or he can go to Hawaii is really. Enjoy your messed up programs I have fun to have clock and that's human being out there. Mentally emotional. Or some wine Ukraine are right tomorrow is Friday and like it promises to come in tomorrow. Show last time though no less a dollars hour. Showery art call.