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Monday, September 11th

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Your regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do what would you do remember anything and why did what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they feel like you're plugged into the game right there on 98 point one JMB. Right normally there's about eight or nine things that you and I can discuss right now and in today's that one of those days ride that what I seem pretty modest selling what's trending nine elevenths it is the anniversary if for the most part it's never forget September 11. It's remembering 9/11 it's pentagon its World Trade Center flight 93. For the most part everything that's trending is is September 11 towers coming down sixteen years ago today. That's six that's a long time. I'm glad it amazes me. Things like that big events in history and then when you have kids. It amazes me how something came at the same time seem so far away yet like it was yesterday. It's true I will never forget that week that day I know. And it's it's also. You know we bring in Travis walker producer here. We we've had this conversation before what's the first major. Media news story you remember the members seem wall to wall coverage and for me it was. Does the does desert storm. The gulf war the first time in the early ninety's ride. From my parents is probably Kennedy's assassination. For you. I don't know it live ban first thing we saw wall to wall media coverage first big giant thing I remember word that's all anybody was talking about all. Was. Mr. Gorbachev tear them up or down now law and then Travis yours was 9/11 and he legalized and we had this conversation serve yeah it was definitely and Ireland. Richard that is just so adjusting to lead. You go I mean not. What nine years older than Travis. And I was you know beginning my career. And whatnot when that happened Travis will be younger that was the first thing it'll be interesting what Romans. For wall to wall coverage of there will be you were a starting career and I'll go in the math class shy. I shot a Travis. And rough and I are and have given up on life rough. I was getting ready for life you had given up on land Travis had yet experienced life exactly what the Romans will be I mean is does he remembered. I don't collection of trump I mean that was a major wall to wall story for months and days and it is gonna it's gonna have to be his first. Election they're like my first election memory was. Reagan and Carter my it would have been net. Bush and Dukakis GAAP. So that barely barely any real embryos that it was the first time I ever heard my son mention anything that was. Cartoons yes botched bomb or yeah you know whatever. For the first time like he's coming on Saturday and stuff about proper. He has no idea what that means then it's just kind of funny again. I mean it's like. Parents are saying for a time as it was that's going to be this younger generation we have right now and I'm talking kids today. That'll be their first thing and who knows. Five years from now we're gonna get involved with her ten years from now we're gonna get at Walt lot of people would say in the challenger explosion lots probably there are some day I'll bet you're about 45. If that's your first half. Right around 45 but guess. That right that would that makes sense yeah. Jack is I remembered. Quite well content. And if if if if your bounce you around forty yeah I just turned 46 I guess it speaks some some mine terrible upbringing I was skipping class. Imagine. And I hadn't left I was there I was in junior high I didn't like leave the building I just there was a particular class I'm not going to that class okay well so let's wasn't. Even remember almanac I don't remember not like tarmac as the only guy and then there again but I could fit fit it fit the urges like roaming the halls and hiding from you know people waiting for class to be over. And I was looking into another classroom. And they were watching the launch. And I'm like you know levels that little long narrow window in the classroom door yeah I'm like looking through it I was trying to get this girl's attention you know like you do lose and wave it matters to glass and the TV's on and I see that they explode at night and I freaked out. And I thought that now I'm gonna get trouble like I was idiot troubles for analysis like Arlen god. And I like ran and head. This one's stairwell. And then after classes over Resnick or god did you did you you know what happened I was like yeah it's. When are we are we or are we EI do you realize the consequences here because remember. Columbia that show that exploded in 2003. Down. I have it didn't have the gravity anymore I didn't really yeah you know that we don't care about it I don't care by out of football practice when that happened and we watch we solid explode. A reacted it was it was coming back snack company Houston and it EI Ed Anderson parts and pieces that people found you know couple months later they're like. All the crap this actually that there was one a couple of months ago or maybe a year ago where there was some drought going on part of taxes. And this one particular par and head for the first time ever gotten down low enough that they realize there's a big chunk of settlements are a La on some farmers plan that says about a year ago. It's injures and is who people are texting in their first memory. Kennedy's assassination. And the other Kennedy assassination kind of weather was JFK or it was Bobby obvious fascination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Princess Di's death. That was just seller and it celebrity was remembered that I act when he was here three years ago last Wednesday as trousers are gathered arbor today. Lists are yours to governor in 2298022980. It's amid they would Jamie and wicket. IGB money selling off until tomorrow after a long vacation rob Babcock is here. And coming up why some high school students were detained while at a football game they would that reason is coming up next are here. On 91 K am BZ 91 KM BZ mid day wins Jamie wicket. To be minus Ellie back tomorrow rod Babcock is here thank Steve for tuning in here on a Monday. Not the text line does rod ever sleep do usually. Yes I do about it and if a student is sleep but it. Actually normally is about time I'd be giving up. OK so this is normally when you rise yes I I does that get up early with the kid make you lions make sure he's got all crappy needs taken to school. Nadal McCrory recommend. Get up around noon must be nice man and figure out department be later. Not this is their dad does drizzly ugly Travis called Travis off the blunders if you're going to be late. He's the all that Estes started the date and actually broad strap this is just figured out I'm probably going to relay but okay Travis. When you war and working your normal shift you get a new year about what 9 o'clock or so you helped Jamie and I usually get ready for the show you do some stuff for you take over for Jay. At what point you actually on a daily basis expect rod Babcock to show up for work. Probably like third through 38 tech is certainly does actually is Dana park circuit like 235. Three you know too well these are necessary art they took a started to Richards for that's not well then robs an hour and a half her. If you can hit it period but how else they'll. He's not he's here before news always for the bottom are now which our dad that this that it is like four original. Are buying their body which is does he get your floor. During date and yeah I should be getting here if I was a decent person. Leaving here at least. Ten or 15 minutes before 2 o'clock. I would say an hour before 2 o'clock of let's just say I'm not your boss so I literally can't hear her trip planned. Gary's. Just made I think everybody's this way what's that the surest way for me to be late is to have on its. Column. Yeah. I hear what you're saying I get to this about it and the worst about it because I'll look at the clock and be like. We'll have to leave for another 45 minutes I got time for anything it whatever it is or nothing. And then yap on time to watch TV whatever it is and then. Sure enough I look at Chicago I is at left ten minutes ago this happened to me on Friday. We were and Lee was working later we'll never done out in green valley I was used it is stuck or operative and parks and now I got home about 3 o'clock and I had. Allegedly until 6 PM for my wife to get done working. Soviets are so we could jump in and Guber and go out to buzz beach right w.'s gonna drive because lord knows the note you are not trying to bring back. So I can get us there bitter pill so like I did a few things and then she gets home and were ready to go at 605. And then only a later forgot have to go do this NAFTA go do this I am victorious. For having to do something at the very last second or even past the very last second. It does I had three hours I'd actually at 605 economic and it was sweatshirt McKee colder got to go get the answer. I forgot or put my sunglasses. If I have fifteen minutes I can get ready. But if I have three hours I will forgets all. I don't they are now notorious exactly the same way horrendous. Yet I'm I'm much better if I've you know set the alarm. Get a breast disease trauma close run out the door. Because yet I get up like local like breakfast watched TV look up some stories how many relate that. They think it in our absolute. Give me an hour and you need an hour fifty actually sixteen and a one time gaffes. Samie texting and by the way smear first memories of big media coverage which is pretty cool in honor of you know sadly we're talking about 9/11 here. On sixteen years later man on the moon. With somebody I saw that. Watergate. Some reason I was born 1965 the first big news event I remember was was Watergate. Apollo eleven the OJ Simpson trial. That's right in my wheel house I'll bet that person somewhere around my age ride because the gulf war. What the first off was the early ninety's and that all and I remember wall to wall coverage because my mother watch court TV's from the hi Mike apple rep probably from the time she woke up. To attract I would Tibet she just loved court TV I do to have QWERTY meaning or is that they. Don't think so now every. Every network is not a major network has some sort of Judge Judy the right. Judge Joseph Jackson there's some crap on an all the networks shepherd anyway like DOJ that rolled your everybody was. Watergate Berlin Wall Oklahoma City bombing of Iraq has left Oklahoma City bombing ones yeah. I definitely there's so it's I find fascinating about OJ in the OJ trial. The pin and on your page. Like I'm 46 I'm 36 OK so for me OJ. Was a football player. Who did some movies having gotten trouble. For me I knew it was a football player but he was ignored berg and it was a sideline reporter and then he killed two people bride. Allege cure for me he is a notorious killer who used to play football used to be in movies and has a thirty for thirty of for. I'm attack documentaries about future and now is about to get a jail facility memorabilia. And that and that's me yet as you watch right as the thing that amazes me about that is is yet when. Kuznetsov mean that that's he's a football player. And then like you said he did some commercials it was in some movies and then and then you know we kill the well as my my my dad watched him play football Qaeda has ignored berg and the guy would the gloves the isotoner side and that he was did some stuff for NBC and then he killed two people and he wanted to hear and even older rep what do present initially got Morales Lloyd. When Len Dawson retired after the 74 season. He became my favorite football player. OJ and I think just because I was a little kid and he was in the wilds Avis commercials his round today or has jumped over the suitcases and Avis and towering inferno this before he was a comedic factory was sold at a snort birdie was actually very funny is Norbert is great score those movies are. A huge fan I was shocked when he was charged with that in and 94. I think everybody was yet analysts that was that one reason one of those fascinating little trivia facts. When they originally made the terminator movie. OJ was up for the terminator. And the guy that directed it said it's OJ is gonna believe that he's a killer app. And so he rejected it and went to Schwarzenegger says. Worked out for Arnold worked out for army was already and everything Jack you know his thirty is that before I was after the first terminator was after. After predator after the first I believe so was it gab predator was one of the first all sorts of good big show movies by the way that drag. During he's such an idiot he just disappeared from the face the earth that some loser named James Cameron that. Nobody ever heard of them narrator but from I'm against after that accident activities of one and done kind of guy that does Guerrero now dozens of by the in the last note on OJ before we get to the story at a high school in Jersey which is fascinating to me. There was. A thirty for thirty called June 17 1994. And eight there are no words and your wanna watch them and tonight Netflix go get this one it's called June 17 1994. This before any of us had cell phones and you at all these events going on on the East Coast you had. The parade of champions. Out of York Rangers would just won the Stanley Cup. Yeah dad and while that was going on OJ's chase was going you also that Arnold Palmer. Playing his last round of golf 'cause he wasn't the same player anymore guys the last you know old guy. So you had that going on you had the US posting the women's World Cup. And then that night we had the NBA finals where they were kind of going into the police chase for OJ Simpson try and it goes back and forth back and forth back and forth all these different events. It's wonderfully done if you wanna watch it again is called June 17. 1994. It's less than an hour you can burn through in 55 minute. What a crazy day it so bizarre OJ's chase overshadowed all that stuff absolutely. Aaliyah and eight the other day all of those any one of those things would have a huge news story and I remember watching them that that. NBA finals that night it was what the knicks and the rockets. And I was living in California at the time so my mom jokingly is we're driving around said they keep an eye out for a white bronco and a leg. Lie. Couldn't understand Roscoe and I was twelve or thirteen at the time. But I remember watching the finals and the big square was on the chase and the little square was on the game half. That's how big that chased wise mark you'll remember that we were everywhere that big chase said of the big square in the NBA this broadcast. Was a bronco and the little square was the NBA finals. Yeah because it that you basketball people forget it it in the eighties when I was a kid they would they would tape the game yes and running them at like 11 o'clock at night because Aaron Aaron the audience was so that was the NBA freaking final rites. Exactly so I got believe at least. It was life just got the little box and in the big box went to the bronco chase amazing anyone KM BZ midday with Jamie in wicket JB money selling back tomorrow after a long vacation rod Babcock is here were keeping an eye of course on her mind now it is now tropical storm term. But I mean we're watching some of the images here from CNN and just to watch now in Charleston, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach that part of the country getting hit with it right now just to watch the waves in the search come up and you know up and over the sidewalk near the waters. It's unbelievable and that's that the danger there and out the other gonna get rain but it's the flooding that comes from that. Okay well I've never been to Florida I don't know a lot about the state. My concern is are there alligators just everywhere now they like in trees and under car that just last. Is the place's littered with gators. There there will be. Is like shark NATO light is it gonna be deadly dispersing alligators everywhere trial because I went to my sisters went LSU that's Louisiana State don't know if you're gonna get her first year is back on her first year was Hurricane Katrina. The next year meanwhile moment or visitor there were still alligators walk the streets and Orleans at bat lo saying fuel these Krieger critters and creatures are going to be walking around for awhile on order more than what they were before man. I don't see here's the thing that's crazy I. Know there's a perfect place to live in this country. You know and I don't know what the right answer is. But there that story right there and your question about Allegheny and the critters. I would never won a live in the south by. That sounds or I mean to limit like the gulf region. First of all hurricanes are going to hit you regardless we just know this is gonna happen if you live there long enough to admire it. And Ed Peters walking around no think. And what's just the beyond light side have some friends in Houston does when Harvey and he is telling me gathers mortars going down right now. But it can you imagine that crossed his bros were gonna happen next few weeks. Stress you know to go to the creek to catch him back at this could be your living room carpet do you eat almost. Products and I'm not OK okay I've got so other I've grown up in the upper midwest for most of my life. And I spent ten years in San Diego you've never how we talked about the differing kinds of foods people do tell gates yes in my so you don't cook fish it Jamie go to any SEC. Tell game you'll find more crawfish the annual Feinberg is not like those little like little mini lobster things and a product how he knows what those to you and some humans suck him what's. Yep army and you go through a hole bullet to cry better crayfish. It's obvious answers there it crock that occur on your big ones crawfish and this coming year. Normal obvious to you eat like late. The popcorn shrimp in argued that he appeal is that what you do so for example the body you hold the head you squeeze in you vets do so great you can. Mark. See on the body and and then when he is the tip did you Tony got the juices that track us. So wait Lilly got back to back up. Start over you grabbed the head in your route to tail ice hits it. We could. And juices are. Scranton sale gain an episode. In it's outfits out there. How silly you have to eat a bunch that yes OK yes. Is there I'm never catch him as a kid like it creek NCAA -- like we know tell you do that we ought to lead throwback whatever we always say we we are clever we would take him and put him in the in the apartment swimming pool look like caused this here's where we realizes day chlorine pretty ridiculous your. Acura total that I'm on top. I think what's crazy is like Everglades in Florida I mean that's for your big snakes are alligator. I bonds probably live there are only for sure like like the ones that you Selig and it lake in the Anaconda movies that are 27 via wide no thank you. Why that's you know slower. In and Louisiana's kind of the same way there's no actor on the same level as the water menu go to your backyard start digging a hole water's gonna come out of yes and there's so. Swampland. And and moss. When the mosh. Or whatever and all this rain is just going to like alligators are going to be like old house got bigger serves up yeah. I know explore more and art I've always wanted to go downtown. Right here again. But this from the text line Kansas City is the best place to live don't tell everybody. I'm not sucking up to the plays I've only lived in for a short amount of time. But between the hurricanes down south the frigid cold lasts for nine months up north Gareth great earthquakes out west. Yeah that far off like this is a pretty you know a place to live I hear all concerned about whether or natural disasters. Look at the occasional tornado. I get that. Can cities a. No it's fantastic it is it armpit deep snow Knoll. You know there where you're from yeah I it snows in October and probably through May and in May react saying snow is on the still Clare never warmed up after. Accurate 100% accurate. That freaks me out yeah that's that's I mean there were times it would snow in on Halloween and I was old too old to go trick or treating in theory. But when I wouldn't put it at F. I've I've or when I was out there I mean I was fourteen I was still out there one point but you know BC kids that are. When my sister is that we Halloween pictures of my nephews are now ten and six. Trick or treating in Detroit in this now now because they they have to put. You put your costume all over your left your winter congress act so whatever lake if it was role in electing a medium he needs an excel. Dad is yet to put on over the winter as we learn they have Rico and the mask has to go over the health the ski hat. CN weaker. Travis and I both growth in the Dallas Fort Worth area. And yet the worst was if it was a little chilly out Halim and you might have to Wear a sweater right and here. Six girls that are totally cost not going to be like and enjoy all year like audio on there. But I mean weather wise to rainy and crappy in the northwest earthquakes outlasting California. Too hot to live in the desert act does my only complaint about Alice's. And and it's one of those weird exit Eden notices acute because that's just how it is you like this is life better have a choice right at it but now. When I go to taxes in the summertime like on line it is. That's ridiculous. Like this in my fairly for the holiday and that happens to be a whole week in Michigan Christmas. I don't know how to handle more I become very soft very quitter and that is its only win terrier for like a month gap. I know some people like shut up don't jinx it. In the two winters I've been around there have been eight inches of snow total. That's amazing to me that that's that's unbelievable. And I love. And I want fraud that. So anyway we'll get to the story about these kids in Missouri some beer cans were found are right. Yeah and the the attention was brought to school officials wouldn't open container fell out of the bleachers. And in front. Some administrators more on this coming up next I promise here and anyone came BZ. Anyone KM BZ May Day with Jamie linkage AB minus Ellie back tomorrow rod Babcock here Mike wicket with you. This story I've got to be teasing for awhile and I apologize because we just had been getting on some fund and did this morning. Comes to a set of New Jersey Randolph New Jersey. Dozens of students were ordered to undergo drug and alcohol screening. After several beer cans were found at Randolph high school. In a Friday night football game the alcohol came to the attention of school officials. Win an open container either fell. Or was thrown from the bleachers where students were sitting this from a letter written by superintendent Jennifer and I'll. Post on the district's web site. Officials that found several other containers of alcohol and other indications that students consume alcohol. The students were told to leave the bleachers and put any classroom. School officials contacted parents instructing them to pick up. Their children and bring them to a facility where lied and Europe. Could be tested for alcohol. Citing district policies superintendent Santo wrote that students had to be screened or would constitute a positive test and result. In a suspension. The parent is required to quote range for an immediate medical examination of the student within two hours for the purposes of providing appropriate healthcare. And determining whether the student is under the influence of alcohol if the test comes back positive. The parent is responsible for paying. Negative tests must be paid for by the board of education. About 75. Students ended up being tested an emergency rooms. In more stout and vigil Joseph over fewer. Then five tested positive for alcohol. Lies the football Unser was the did the school board was the superintendent was the school correct in it testing kids because some beer cans. L from a off knows stupid to waste it. I was a wasted time. The the school board is now having to pay for seventy. Paying ER visits basically. 45 kids. News. To get five fewer than five so maybe to ride maybe three that stupid. It seems political little and it's a little. It's a little prison campy it notes to be like. There's a beer can on the ground in every single person here has to go get a blooded here attached because I got. I mean you can't over or use sixteen wants. Or use seventeen once didn't you. Stand outside a liquor store hey dude. We pints of beer. But is that make a right wing of when Roman is sixteen in seven years from now he's driving your car probably driving you around but when he's outside equity sixteen. And let's say you see him try to bum alcohol out of mean. You know sort of random person or you'd be okay with. No but that's the same time I'm not gonna lose my mind because I know it's common. It's a fact of life it's it's a rite of passage. You know I have a buddy of mine who. Go through stuff with his daughter and she sends you know graduated and moved out moving. What was she was high school. He was always going through all kinds of stuff with her you know in the in the they had that thing on your phone where you know where they are oh yeah and like we'd be senator hanging around maybe play with a -- also the hang on second. And he caller like wal marts at the game. Senator romantic music note according you're alone on the other side of the school from the football field Arlington I don't wanna tell you dad and yet it is so I was always liked it. Up like she gets good grades she's she's not skip in schools you know and he's like don't tell me like I'm like 116. You'll. We're basically selling drugs that Monica parking lot and I got up and he's like. However. I don't that doesn't mean it's okay for her to do that like you know it doesn't mean it's okay for but you have to understand. It's gonna hurt authored our kids. You're likely to do it if you tell if you're always. Hounding them in keeping an eye on here I mean like. I don't know it's kind of one of those days. The wildest and craziest kids. Most of us will ever meet are the kids of cops and preachers and stuff like that he. You know too much. Locked down makes it makes it is some Longo just crazy the first chance they get away but at the same time too much freedom. Is a bad thing to you can't you know I had friends whose parents. Right Eric care do whatever you are in power or they just had no supervision at all. And that it. You can't be extreme one way or the other I think there has to be a certain amount of. Understand the trust between the two GAAP. So being in your eyes then and if you're pretty jumping and we love to hear 5767798. You can also texted 22980. So an open container falls from the stands at a high school in Jersey. The school board decides that those students. Everybody in the student section sellers like 75. Of them got detained in a classroom. And then were picked up by their parents. To take into a facility to get their blood and urine test. Was this school acting in the right 5767798. Or texted at 22. 980. If you have a zero tolerance policy on your sky on your day those well we're talking about 15161718. Year old right being here if it is zero tolerance policy. Then I would have to say the school board acted in the right. I can understand. And have seen before. Excuse me the whole. All right. Somebody here knows who did it. If you don't need us who did it and everybody gets part actually punish everybody if nobody stamps up OK and you know there's always that one. Kid that I hated when I was in school realized it was Rodrigo. As will our from will starent probably. Bush. As a parent you know highlight that kid. You should right answer for the rights to heat up when you were. And the place as a dry in the dark. But now you Conner like yeah but what I don't want like you to be drinking while he's in high school and high school football right. But I'm I mean I would be hypocritical to the vice Sadr blasted the kids that I drink high school. Yeah I mean ending mole a lot of people would say most people I'd say it probably. 50%. Drank in high school are easily eased more than. When I was at school. Word you know obviously. My friends were all the long haired hippy dirt bag free boys burnout burnout. But like I knew all these kids that word is your arm and I was friends with everybody. And I knew all these kids that were like the good kids you know the animated craves it never skips school there was the jocks and cheerleaders in the the press and they all had grown up in the same neighborhood and all known each other their whole lives in all went to church together. And I was like wow this is this whole thing I gotta check this out. And I would go to Vince with them and these. Bible camp things at least they did the same crap we did they just did it. Behind the building at church and like we. Skipped school and god in all this trouble and they did the exact same stuff but they lied about it where we were like yeah I totally did that. They lied about it and did it under the cover of what we were a Bible camp. We were. Church bus we have you on the church bus chug and whiskey. You know I mean they they were doing the same stuff they were just doing it in a different place. And everybody thought they were good kids I. 767798. Was the school in the right or they are aligned Stacy Dallas up stays here in 81 KM BZ. I Stacey would you think was the school in the right. And I'm gonna hit you can't see and as Mary Meehan I have that we wandering early leader and I have their recovery and a daughter and it was a task or ears and her addiction. Serb schools camper van. Kids around doing drugs or alcohol and I think they weren't airing. When did they go to too much of an extreme to detain them and to call 75 parents and have them brought to testing facilities only to get. Five positives. Probably not because if I was in that situation and school would have probably I mean my job was during Kennard under. And I get a preventative back and then. Yeah I would want someone to call me in saint look at your got hurt them here protesting her and then maybe I can got to help she needed and the four years have gone you know I went through luckily she almost warriors suburb so. And while and win an amount one but it could mean for years not like. Oh sure absolutely Stacy thank you so much for the phone call appreciate it. You know I mean it it's it to that point and I don't know how many of the kids battled alcohol addiction already kind of independent diction or to benediction if you make. Win there in high school. But if this had been one of those five for Stacy is Kate could have been found out. Mixture of.