Do you have depression? Well go to the military

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Monday, November 13th

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Our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 981 KM BZ and have some fun a little bit later on. My mother in law a hardy got the OK to say this on the year I had to ask the president and ex my wife just ask. Asking you and it's out of FaceBook page my mother in law. The other day. To clothes dryer while driving on the freeway. And they're right she's fine her car is in horrible shape she's okay error rate. But the question is what's the strangest thing you've ever hit while you're driving. Maybe that'd dear maybe you assign BB. Maybe that closed her the cop said it was better that she hit the dryers opposed to the washer is the washer can you are dead after a look at. Couldn't exist and have our Monday the united Iraqi in Virginia today. But she's too dangerous thing. My grandmother god bless her she's up. Asked the most two years ago she ran into a bank once she hit a bank my wife and a schooled us really it was easy out and and OK you lost control and slid back into the school this pretty actually dry I think it was Thursday when she that the car hit the dryer I don't know I can't do it Ivan. Right my wife's been of the dual Boeing for the entire weekend so I haven't actually got a full conversation with urges text messages. But go to our FaceBook page like I got ran over a snowman once but in time. Yeah I like I did I can't really remember. I think again. Let us on FaceBook is there reams of those six and calls LeBron man. This story comes out it was from the hill and USA today it's on a FaceBook page and it's on Twitter as well. As reportedly lifted a ban on issuing waivers to people with a history of some mental health issues who want to join the service. USA today reported that those with a history of self mutilation. By disorder disorder. Depression. And drug and alcohol abuse will be permitted to get waivers to enlist. I'm lieutenant colonel Randy Taylor who's an army spokesman to the policy change stems in from the fact that the army can now see. More mental health information. He said quote the decision was primarily due to the increased availability of medical records and other data. Which is now more readily available these records our army officials to better document applicant medical histories. Oddly policy enacted in August went on announced it comes after the army in 2009. Implemented the ban on waivers. They're trying to hit some some new recruitment numbers and they hope to recruit 80000 new soldiers through next camber. The army last year made other changes to reach its goal of lava last year to 9000 recruits including upping the amount of waivers edition for marijuana use. And letting more people joint did not score highly on aptitude test so. We are trying to get more people would join then. We are not seeing as many people joy and then we wanna go from 69000. To 80000. H kind of wonder what X going on yes and it just a little. Yeah I mean we meet up where I never honest obviously that they're they're turn and amp up. That the beating of the war Durham I mean really. All the chit chat about you know. Over over and north Koreans and that area. Back I think that review could pay attention what's going on seems to be the case. I think it. I have spoken with that many service at a minimum and and this seems to be for all of them the concern of how. Aggressive. We are to trying get to men and women to enlist. And how we sometimes seem to forget about them when there when their services and yes. And serve us in and screw you you know like. I've I've I've known. Instead of being on pills guys that have. Have gone to candidates. To to help. Mr. PT EST and anxiety that comes from being in that. War torn parts of the world and and and and I think that's a great thing derby we obviously like we look upon that lakers we frown upon but I missed it from this new piece you just read sounds like we're gonna let. The deal teens and I think I think dated since I think if you go back to interview from the late ninety's with Charlie Rose hunter Thomson that the writers he was pro draft. Yeah he was pro draft because it brings the heat he thought brought a little bit of civility into the services I don't think we'll ever see a draft again using too is that we win when we you don't. It. Lot of times we Singapore. Ended the ports and have a collar. But at the ports support turned and there doesn't seem to be a lot of I think concern for a lot of people when we Singapore. But when those college when those recruiters show up on campus. You know when you when you start having the well to do folks realize that there they're little the little Johnny or their little Sally. Might be getting pulled and it seems to make people wake up to about because even says the Adobe can be wars that we don't even know about that were involved in. Why were we and as year. We were training we know no we didn't know about it now we is Joseph Q blow up John Q public don't necessarily to build but every where does this ever visited we should know everything that goes with I think there's a lot ignorance is bliss people don't want to admit yeah because it really it's I don't enough to know about it I don't care about it because I mean the concern is about NFL players Pekingese well we'll get back to that but yeah. I mean I like. It's that age when that when I was 1718 years old I remember I'd I didn't know what that was ended when I was gonna go my. My parents split up my mom said you know like you gotta for what you do on. 'cause you know free rides over Iran high school and there was a moment when I thought about enlisting in to perform a service where there was army or Marines. And I looked at the long term I thought because I'm not a half. Have vast kind of guy like I go all in on everything and my concern was that what the mind of getting thrust into war I don't wanna go. Yeah idea and I look at the long term at that time it was Andy's ex was there is pretty peaceful time and remotely remotely Ramel I mean not in it were never a peaceful. Means. That Ward's big business. But. I looked ago I don't wanna be put in that situation so have at night I guess I have been many friends who served. And we have in engaging thoughtful conversations that were bowing to listen to another and talk about it and I understand where like my buddy Kevin comes from because he grew up in a family where is mom and dad and goes and so it very much. Was for him wasn't for me. 5767798. And especially like to hear from some veterans you know we we thank you for your service be at veterans day over the weekend. But what to veterans think about. Those with a history again quote self mutilation bipolar disorder depression and drug and alcohol abuse will now be permitted to get waivers now that as a leader in. That means the army will then. Review each person and you know Jason Evans has a history of bipolar disease they wanna know about it it's like a look at it built into read over your history. If Mike quick it has a depression history they're gonna wanna look at it and and giving the thumbs up the thumbs down ID Eddie this start using on the tech sites are using low level felons citizen and a prison he well that's different. Different conversation goof felons who may have a history of bipolar depression drug and alcohol abuse. I know some people say they're felons screw up send him over. But those same people may not be good for that unit they may not be good for anybody in the army about more sick recruits but no trans healthy records. Is it ain't that the truth. That the truth you've depression or history. With alcohol abuse. Well you know you might get set up locals and you. Your trans. Not you. According to this individual they've been in the army for 23 years air packed full of people with similar issues and it would not be good to add to an I 7677985767798. Texted at 22980. The army is reportedly lifting the ban on issuing waivers to people with a history of mental health issues. But want to join the service good idea bad idea tell us why it's Nivins in Virginia mine to Sally it's midday with Jimmy wicket Iran 91 KM BZ 11185767798. Do you think the army should open its doors for waivers for applicants. Well the history of some mental health issues in your self mutilation bipolar disorder depression drug and alcohol abuse will be permitted to get waivers to enlist one. Person now wants to think maybe this is. Self mutilation and other mental health issues sounds almost like a dog whistle or something for allowing trains people in the military or waiver. Interesting also that comes on the heels of the Texas church shooting the shooter was kicked out of the air force for his mental illness. I don't see much of a connection considering that this actually was enacted in August and went unannounced. So oh Oca. We're just finding out about this again spoke but this didn't this didn't just pop up because of I can read it or every about the story on her FaceBook page on Twitter as well seek she mentioned this this came out in August and we're just now. Finding out about it in November. Are we inundated with so much information about so many different things Lotta times that are irrelevant I mean there. Kardashian family and but I know more about that and I do a lot of things so fortunately so like like the duke duke. Is it is out of sight out of mind is is that you know doesn't affect me don't care. You don't sand like we just to. This is something that shouldn't. Have gotten more attention problem August. Probably a mean it's it it to the techsters point it is interest and we're talking about it now after. The shooter in tax season committed is kind of the connection being made there because I'm sure whoever did this story for USA today. Odd Tom vanden brook. I'm sure there was something along the lines of all right what do we do with armed services when it comes to. Mental illness should this have been seen should even be it'll be let in. Let's check the story on that await we have this new thing coming up already happened when our allowing guys to try to get in via waiver. Or women. That have these mental health issues I think there is some connection to it but it didn't come out didn't come about because it should we be allowing those two. Enlist for the army. To do so with the history of mental health problems 5767798. It's gonna happen is. Spew if you have a history of this you apply for a waiver of that review you and if they deem your OK and then your children sure. I feel like it would have to be very close. I eighty case by case basis which which we have enough people staff to handle any situation ranked we wanna get to 80000 new soldiers by next September. I don't think this is a great idea. I really don't. I think one bad apple can spoil the bunch. I do believe in second chances. But I don't believe that throwing in a 21 year old with depression history or alcoholic alcohol abuse history. Into the army's the best thing for. My personal. What what is. What's your reasoning mind what's your concern let's say it's the got a guy. Billy Bob de Billy Bob we called Steve it's the months you Jimmy jams are a dead. Carl. Charles Carl it's a coral let's see a coral. Sees as a misguided view let's say maybe he self mutilation depression pick your favorite you what's what's. I self mutilate they got tattoos I don't believe that's the you don't think so I don't think that your self mutilating your body because you have tattoos I think we're talking about someone who. Physically has cut themselves a guy for I I believe who has hurt themselves before maybe they're doing it because they come from a broken home could where they're maybe the dad left to their mom left at a young age but if it's. It it has to be case by case do you think that the of the army would be a good structure environments for somebody like that out in let's go let's let's go self mutilation let's say this person. Let's say it's as Steve Steve got himself alive because. Mom laughed when he was hurt. Dad abused mom laughed and nowadays many dads are right I think dad's anger at his best to hold together. Maybe bounce around from jobs because automation forced and I'm sure you're doing here and there. And let's say that Steve cuts himself because mom left. For no reason whatsoever she just that Baghdad and can handle being a mom anymore. Because sometimes people change if this guy's been hurting himself for five years and he needs to be at a mental institution or seek mental help not goal. Grab a gun. Or be given the keys to the armory but he's but he's becoming trained he's becoming disciplined is learning self respect I mean it's. And I know it's not going in learning karate but I mean this. I would rather he learn not to cut himself before. Mean maybe he's gone through the treatments and he has that history doesn't do it now. And again that's why it has to be case by case I just I worry about guys with meant if we talk so much about guys' mental health issues and and the mental health problem we have in this country and leading up tons of violence. But why don't we we we are we cutting up for nose despite her face by letting guys that mental health issues getting to a situation where they. Become more tactically trained with with guns and ammunition. Why wouldn't we wanna put the kibosh on that out again. Got hit 80000. 5767798. Anthony and Casey your first up on 91 KM BZ what's up Anthony. Do it that was a little off not much and I am. This furniture my my thought. Do you think we should allow men and women with mental health issues to a enlist in the army to get a waiver. Absolutely I think it should be checked in on action by case. Person by person. But why not provide structured environment that person. Surprise. Get on the you know media. We can by the nose you know so that they beat each and recover from wherever there are suffering from course that they. Again that's changed vacationers some people are really deep and Derek yeah. So maybe not so much suited for them perhaps president that are that we don't. Stop. You know providing opportunities for people that. These people. World war Turkey politicians. About a half an hour we don't want to. Yes it takes the vocal in appreciate it well played Tony we'll play 576779. Day let's go to John in Kansas City John your 91 KM BZ. If they don't if they're gonna do that they might as well into out of prison just. They object of the outing of yup princess and send a prisoner. In. To the military. They do a tour of duty if they make it back. They get a clean slate. Clean slate. Yes. Rape murder. Regardless drunk driving. They all else. You've got racquet all them other foreign country where we're at eight. The state Beckett back. Great. Hey John John let me ask you this I just play devil's advocate let's say you're you're in the military you're going out on a mission UN and fifteen others of your friends or your your military Brothers and sisters are with you. And one of those guys is a homicidal maniac who you decided to empty the prison out four or. Murdered three people or whatever. Is that somebody that even with army training and the that they carry at the end saying hey you get to lose half your sentence do you want him in your group. Well are we trying to defeat the enemy. Yeah but if I've got Psycho killer Steve in my group right now and he flips and all of a sudden. He says you know what I'm out of the country I've got it done I might as well do I can do whatever I want. I don't trust that man in my unit. I don't think that you don't turn on its own people. I think you don't turn on the enemy and I think that's what the military is mourning their morning greatly people pick and they can stand up to the enemy. I do not want crazy people in my a in Meyer a medium to long gone wrong on that. Givens. Think he's on to something. In the low level you know low level I mean let flaky you got it means low levels what's low level rapists or where he already drug line. 'cause if you're gonna put a rapist into a units can have women also in that unit all of a sudden I don't want that guy that I and you said that your words not mine I just throw it here in the problems out there like you know we got we the pot dealer yeah upon dealer enemies and that guy over there we have that cat that I was over in downtown Casey that. They'd H shot his dog he was a low level drug dealer or that story coupled with exact I would we wanna send over is that low level and the drug dealer here. You know and I'm not talking Grand Theft Auto but you know like well maybe. Cut its cut of filling Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ. She played dozens of ridiculous idea. You know war in combat is serious business. In you don't need people like this in the metal chair. I mean you know it is it's exactly of that you know what people why they have issues like mr. going to date. In my mind issued ball point senator Tom and updated for Aqua dot com. They call it friendly fire killed civilians that gladly that happens it does it does still thinks the phone calls words skid it's the please read though it's a business it is a business we. It is a major business. So I think that there presumably looking at this is like can be find some assets out there to help our business and that to me is that did the end of it like. On the whole if I have a hundred guys applying that have different. Mental health issues in their history. I might look at ten. As as thumbs up and I might only look at ten and hopefully. They've gone through whatever medical. Necessity medical training other they've possibly needed to get to this point. We'll get to more your phone calls Jeff's gonna hang right there we'll get to air it everybody. Giving it's a good idea for the army to allow. Those that have a history of mental health issues. To apply for a waiver to join. Is it the right place for me now belong there at all 5767798. Jig a lot of silly out till tomorrow Nivins from the Rockies here. I enjoyed being here. We've got a few more calls to take wrapping up a conversation with you the army has reportedly lifted a ban on issuing waivers. Two people with a history of some mental health issues to wanna join the service USA today reports those. With a history of self mutilation bipolar disease depression and drug and alcohol abuse will be permitted to get waivers to enlist. Is this a good idea by the way this new policy was enacted in August with an in out Syria so we really didn't get hold. Anything about it till the USA today did some digging after the mental health. Issue that popped up with the shooter from Texas a week ago. It's a rescue is that it is this a good idea to allow. Those with mental health issues to join the army 5767798. We go to tong and oxy and talked to Jeff thanks train Jeff your on KM BZ. Hot. I don't eat bank like say about that that issue I'm former marine. On and part of your basic training is to Ritchie her pressure. You see how you're going to respond. And how we had a couple people that Tom didn't didn't cut the mustard surveillance and go. In part of the reason why they did added is when your combat not to respond and. You've got issues beyond we've all got issues but it got severe mental issue there. I'm. Right there note how what they persecute you. And you know I'm not aimed at thirteen bank. I'm not against people at an escalation is that the military is really. Not quite that kind of people that you boycott prepare like you're gonna go to war Hulk co leader crappy. You boycott it had to be an accurate mind at any port you know the possibility that war so. I'm in the it's just not a good idea that someone that name. You know just out on it in a situation. In. It can't be what knowledge you bet you one more thing you've got you know so a look at the well to me it I think that a bad idea. You know it seems like like with it was just cracked yet so Jeff and and a lot of attacks lines comments and the Q and they're called those that have served those that spend some time. My. As a serviceman or woman they'll seem to be opposed this idea because there's already. It seems like an paraphrasing and just that there's already seems to be like. A lot of work it has to be done and a lot of emotional brought you got to take on my loan and bringing in somebody who already has. For lack of better words some excessive baggage did try and work through. Well as Sean writes on her FaceBook page no for the simple reason the military deploys overseas for extended periods of time fourteen years and four deployments is cost has taught me one thing. If you're not mentally strong this job will break even in the soft skills occupational liability is just too great and the risks too high to accept this. And Jeff thank you for your service and to show on to you as well thank you for yours because that's that's to me results could a person who's depressed fire a gun. I'm sure they can and but it's everything else that goes. In two. Those sort of things and ended the deployment was and they're just a big to do about Goldberg on and bird doll only counted who actually had issues already going into it any abandon his team into and his unit and let's just let's not get that's not going on that topic we artistry coveted nauseam. But you'll have a public a lot of other bow bird dog stories yeah guys abandoning their posts are outstanding. Let's go to Eric in south Kansas City Eric thanks for college you're an idea on KM BZ. It was corner I don't go. I bet I am not our earlier in the ninth maybe eight years. To our winter chart. And I am all the way. They're crank out government. Have gone down that low. To allow people will mental illness and drug issues there are good I'm on a word martyr arms Obama where. It according to the story in the USA today the army is hoping to recruit 80000 new soldiers by next September this year that number was 69000. We're we're here we're now in the world apparently Warner stronger. Market. Military. Right now that's fine it a lot to bring our banner now it to anyone. Well about a certain standard. It. It feels like your lowering the war. Effort to to get in and you should be able to join if you meet certain. Requirements. I don't know if we need to lower the bar people who have mental health issues now people of -- history of mental health. Can get old but will always still need like an alcoholic who goes through rehab and never drinks again. Probably should never be around boos again yeah you know and I mean for the simple fact that one beer can lead to ten can lead to what have written. Age you shouldn't have to lower the bar I agree with Eric we should have to low over the Bartlett the is it lowering the bar yes it is yeah I mean if you're taking someone who is. High risk high risk who has. Problems adapting to every day life. So Cindy city's sees people basically what you're saying is have a hard time pulling themselves up by the bootstraps yeah they they they shouldn't be in the army. Should mean the navy or the any any any branch they should get their life together. And and do what they can in this country to succeed in a lot of people beat depression a lot of people Pete alcohol and drug abuse a lot of people. Will be self mutilation or bipolar issues. But the army's at the place in my mind and there. President 67798. Eric thanks for your phone call and as always thank you for your service Janie in green valley on KM BZ what's obtaining. I've been looking at about an hour now and I was there I have a family member in this effort from bipolar issues. OK and with great that cage in great doctors and everything. She is quite well now that that is always in the back of our minds because. When you're under additional rancher you had a child with an under pressure. With. Even now being treated or whatever but why we can't Dan. If someone do. Oh please we all have trouble coping at different kind of our lives that. And it is now are at the Arctic on page eight it traumatic. I'm back. It's Ike you know it a neighbor who tortured. It issues with children which you feel the men are now it. No absolutely not and Janie thank you for your phone call we appreciate it at it it's. People at at as she put people who already are under pressure. Widely to put him with the most extreme pressure via a defending the country dad and taking lives. That to me is not. Not the right answer but did you think your phone call last word on this goes to Steve in pale later on 91 KM BZ was up Steve. Not a lot of I'm restless night you know what. Or the problem we have released immediately needed our military needs to be strengthened that we need to go ahead and and enact a regular perhaps just like they used to. Do you think we need to get to 80000 people by next September I mean that's what the army is that. I don't know that I don't know the number but I didn't O'Donnell and the problems. That all these people have. Or because they have no structure no special plan. Poverty. You know that drug problem you are calling from all the old son should be people were talking about. That better immigrant and an out and other blanket they're talking about going ahead and let them. It would it would take our young people. And door after the a large portion of them. You know any gain again. But it wouldn't be so many people imprisonment would initially alcoholics and it wouldn't be sure many drug addiction and people would have discipline or respect the order for the country. And a lot a large portion are prejudiced problem would only because this data Portugal are being in you know inaugurated with fish. You know terrible prejudice problem they would be fighting side by side and the other side it you know as. Whatever race I mean a lot of the problems the country had his lack a bit on structure. Our children have been like about trauma not able to find a job. I'll all of these these terrible issues. And no objection about it. Big rueful comment we appreciate it I don't know lovers you draft again and I. They're the reason I say that and people may vehemently disagree with me and and Steve. I don't know if we have the need for because everything is so technology based thank you still need guys on the ground he still need guys no. Grinds to get out there and do stuff on our military guy I don't know works but it seems to me every day. Technology. Is making it more and more to the point we don't need. To have so many boots. On the ground the delegate I don't know I'm not a about a book an army guy. Right there at the right hearing from veterans is so important to him by the the the racial prejudice issue let's not forget that many. And black man that served in World War II came back to. A whole another fight on the home front here different hole different fast. It's on FaceBook page you can check it out to on Twitter and let us know that's a midday with Jamie in wicket and Eliot givens in Virginia month selling today hello all right so. My you have my way of life has been up in the mowing for the weekend and her mother in law her mother my mother in law. She hit a Ryder. And clothes dryer. So I would like to know and feel free to Dallas up 5767798. What's the strangest thing you've ever hit with a car and a snowman if you think that's was it fully operate was an indirect snowman gas in touch it did you min mean to hit later he what you meant to get down absolutely and I don't think she meant. Didn't clothes dryer and richer by the way. Her. Her car's not in any she's safe thank goodness she's a little bit sore but she's safe. So wanna know from you 576779. Nader text in 2298 here you can is up on Twitter KM BZ radio or on FaceBook. What's the strangest thing you've ever hit while driving. More or maybe your spouse or value. A tight on him so I'll play mine come at a Mexican jumping in 5767798. They do with Jamie wicket it is and for Jamie here on 91 KMB easy. All of the song have you seen the the goat thing and it Noelle I love goats that scream like humans. And that's it yeah. Yeah David's in Virginia might Acela today she's back tomorrow. You know she went all the latest Seattle isn't bring back any presents or treats for co host she's gonna come to she did yes you can bring back cheap. Yes you could drive sent back she flew there. She did you can you obliged. You can bring us oysters. Yet that's that about oysters yet he could get up a cheap goods you must stop at the market can only when the principal is good doesn't doesn't travels better than seafood raw. Well he gets a mere query stated that. Direct flight is exactly. Think she's kind of directs I don't know. I'm not sure which is back tomorrow so my idea my wife has been opened to mowing. Up for the last 45 days. Spending time with the family and she sent a picture. I was like. Is she okay her mom my mother in law. Hit it clothes dryer on the freeway. And I don't have any details how lake weir was it was sticking in the language of all I know is there's a picture of horror her Lexus. Messed up. And clothes dryer and d.'s Droid lake you've seen the picture I am amazed at. They clothes dryer is done my dad's not in the boulder did even see it coming. Civil it like to know from you and and might get my mother in law's OK she's. Little sore but dollar. Know how that clothes dryer ended up on the right bounce off the truck had to you would think in them with that Lindsay you've used it it I don't know looks beat to crap so I've known until it was re. Accident and he noticed that. It's on the side of the road it's into pieces on the side and the pictures on her FaceBook page and we're asking you as well as here on the year 5767798. Strangest pairing you or your spouse ever hit or drive could she not swerved to miss it. Don't know I mean did we see what she distracted by may be playing. Originally honor my mother in law was tweeting okay I do she's a 78 who I want to say to me. I don't mean all drive and probably not all dry so I kind of she ninth seed come. Get those questions answered around Thanksgiving I'm guessing an idol to DeMulling I think that's for the validated that good looks you know a glittery yeah. To bill bumper smash. Oh yeah OK yeah it's come and house arrest you what's the strangest thing you've ever hit Nivins strangest thing you've ever actually done rolls into probably snow and snow yet probably. I don't have anything. Now I hate on the pretty cautious driver. I've cars both yeah. Like I've been in several accidents especially my younger days like I'd told by 1984 escort which was my very first car had to do that drove to a giant puddle and realize that makes or breaks not do well right after a tornado. Act but Ford Ranger OK so that was that was card number one. And RG totaled. To hold. Dear to him to pony up and it would that was the only when that was my fall below. It's always somebody else's well and somebody slammed into the back to mean it was in 1988 for tracer you only buy for her Mercury tracer. Now this illustrate the first heard about was a forward but the second one was a gift from my friend. It was a rich friend and they they had money you know they bought their sudden pretty new probe when they when he got his car Bailey about sports they give for the most part. But they had a car that was in storage was this 1988. Mercury tracer. And there's like they're really want it we don't care about it once or blow up at the right way don't say that out loud Garcia because the gas the reason that agenda it was an intro. About the Pinto. Think what you'll get one of the same really they city could have the car for ninety dollars B just got out of storage or on a hot zone. The Mercury tracer was the Mercury car parked at the Ford Taurus OK in the trees are number the chorus are the Haskell yeah ES award yak is the you. Nothing not funding not the other guy no never had one guy. Accidents not felt well I had a wolf I guess in a war that people had animals he drug drug through the mountains out by spring deal payable readers are just again there are available from or Boca it'll Wolfson right that that counts lot of animals eminent it's -- that a lot of you'll buy it and here once but I mean I just like most people like not most but that's sort of calm it's a comedy and it but it I'd forget your driving your early in the morning I freak out about the idea of running into a beer a chair and yeah I saw what my wife and I saw one bounce around over near. The county line over in Kansas between. I guess would be like Roland park in. When is it of their keys you can short so we we saw one these weeds and it just went to area councils lost it was confused as. It's a friend's. Grandmother ran into a bank before she passed. It was just did you see in Westport someone with a run it into the Westport coffeehouse theater downstairs by the slight abrasion I did that over the weekend and is that. One of those. At one of those late night accident. Yeah any idea that it's either that or it's like I've seen the one like salty iguana out south some Graham on the gas incident at the break Matt right what my grandmother dead or whatever you had a terrible damage to a Buick has created an echo the flows through 5767798. Paul Italy thought. You're an 81 KM BZ what do you run into Paul. Unfortunately I admit that he had a ball off of a crying. Art what's a headache ball is that the big wrecking ball. The other ball at the end that makes child the law and come up and down with the hook in there and backed up. Pickup truck flatbed truck in the east too young girls was driving. And I guess should come on look than we're well on the road and crossed the median not I thought to myself. I'm gonna miss this this is gonna roll right off the road important aren't in it hit double and then look like back on track. Oh no hole goodness how big is that things are things false flawed steel. Well yeah it's steel and it would about a 200 pounders with the hole in diameter. I'm glad you're still with us today Paul how bad was a car. Problem. And the caller yeah it cross river and brought arts center that. If you get. It right on welcome all and all the yeah. Up this and then. Boom. Right back gap. Appalled ledger came in things are college appreciated by 767798. KG of Manhattan Euro 91 KM BZ. Saint Louis and I cute not well at the NT I came. Head over ill. Articles like it could be trip Charlie are buying up the road and yet at the when children are hood. Flat at the last second I am hurt or got damaged in my and I went the next. Sweet ride by the way. Sweet ride to 91 civic. Yeah I mean no automatic. I can hear. A statement are going down hill right and other. And it kinda. Back. I have a friend is it like it hit anyone here as a few weeks and. It ten deer at a Saint Bernard. My birds. You argue argue that your your the poster child for mass transit like the importance of like expanding our mass transit in the. In America. I out yeah. At pebble in the gear my dad's planning here I brought our total and minivans. On highway it heat heading east aren't writing last minivan. Mom. I think there's a car it is I am network what was. But I think I the question really is and this is probably the best one. Have you ever hit a prosthetic leg. A prosthetic leg. That it led that's that's off the text and that's got to be the winner Katie thanks Fraser and all alt plus like. I mean that's I got that's got to be it I got to know more like you're all it says is Hispanic way with I think they have a leg up on a rebel. And alcohol and my dad jokes that and that's pretty good today I got to know more at the prosthetic looking need details war. Uses Sandra Italy it's your 91 KM BZ I Sandra. And are doing okay degenerated for us please on our. On the other egos under what have you run into while driving. I didn't quite in it but it got out. I totally. What was it like LA large body was the standard toilet was it you know we did a toilet jumped in front of you who will once it. Head a and have them do that bat on the back. The whole bathroom. I didn't. And you avoid it luckily. Good good for you Sandra thanks for the phone call appreciated. Tons of on her face out of FaceBook page. Charley hit a hunting percent to hunting blinds lawful pick up and rolled over my husband's car imagine entire tree line. Gas falling right in front of you GAAP goodness. Somebody said Kiley rights at his word not in a recliner on southbound I 35 in the middle lane. Yeah big issue up to now on the highway give downtown DC a lot of weird stuff from Shelly as I hit a trampoline I was driving home on a rainy night it was Darko was set my car stuff that I had no idea why. There was a trampoline GM under my car. That's great daughter FaceBook page you can check it out again let us know my mother in law any clothes dryer I driving on the freeway yesterday or over the weekend.