Do you give money to panhandlers?

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Thursday, July 27th

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The other keyword cache just before 2 o'clock also gain in parks coming your way Caremark are here now yesterday was your due dates is that right yesterday widget today. I think we have figured out how to now. What's even talked to me about us now there is a bit yeah it's up on her FaceBook page on Twitter as well Jamie did you watch the video now. There is a woman. A television reporter in Dallas and she's at the the Dallas Fort Worth airport. And she does a great job. Finishing the report because if you look at her left shoulder somehow a spider is Kara has a tremendous fear of spiders if you're new to this instance. Despite her crimes are crawls. Doubt it seems like he curls outer ear and into her left shoulder and then down her left arm and I got to give this would mean she added Burry credit. Kerry you saw one and ran out the door this woman get an entire report from an airport and didn't flinch. Ash she's pretty amazing that was not in me. There would have been screaming and probably things that couldn't be set on the air on the air it makes for good TV if she were to have screamed like that's a better that's better on TV for her to flip out. It was great radio when Carol lost at. He's fine place to begin phi air out Travis and played that one in awhile see beacon you can come up with a panic in chemistry as a lot is Travis elephant is it and do anything but if you think of if this like you've been walking around malls the baby is you're ready and you're sick of being pregnant sister asked about it for sure. This wouldn't it wouldn't. It would probably just give me a heart attack I would die. That's what. Else free era. Try to help you handle so because everybody somebody asked earlier. Has Dana had her baby now we we know day to be Superman around here by eleven kids data's not. It was pregnant. Feel like how our manpower and reserve is wondering I'm fine are you happy yes. She says today's don't hear whole image I. At this point just being asked about it it is kind of like just like lake. You when I'm not here not here that's when I'm tired baby at this point is people it's not a concern they don't is that due dates past week that it'll right now. Now it is it's out and I say I was under him. Nothing has changed so it exactly the same as it was against our aunt both you guys have no despite care keeps around him a lighter and lighter fluid. The vice president asked aren't you still pregnancy Wilbert. Well our people texting because of that in Alaska just concerned is so you'd like and field or where friends of but I got now. All like that's still be rappers and attacks her mother and sister aren't paying. And he ourselves and abounds about now is there is fine I understand that it's out of love. Is there just to remind myself that when it's. Time. Is there another step I mean is is there the next step on the radar here mean you're not go into labor yet. I. Stood out or something. For me it doesn't that make the novice here. Like can you be induced is that sending your like can you go into like I get this thing out of me yeah parent that is an option at what point will they do it anyway. I like I say this now we got two weeks at all how our suite thirteen more days of this possibly. You better. Everybody everyone prays every insane it's really for everybody keeps telling me to go home and have Sachs is right he will be here please leave me I've tried it and it's not working. Well we just learned yeah and let that when golf ball. A. I. It just doesn't I don't mean it's an ultrasound or. It's not. Is nothing you could enjoy it's like let's just try to slip now ceased to be fine. When that happened. When she said I do. I got here I roll over and get stuck and your back like. Us. Our own. All I ask I'd literally done everything we Andy but he suggested would cut except for drinking castor which it will not do at that happening. You know entry castor oil. Well everyone nor not only pray for Kara. The parade for Paul yes yes and really indicate NBC's that your husband is a pretty calm guy Fuzzy how's he handling ease. Just dealing with me pop pop up. Just before. Soul. Perhaps that's leading to his calm I think really he's just trying to lighten maintained it for me icing and not irritate us. Best of luck to realize is not to use luxuries. Or is at least once we know at least. She has tried everything. Align your blood shot. They tried everything intervening 27 times he tried everything at least violence is gospel going on the today we are happening so it was I am. Sort of one half half put together one that I don't think you were there we can still go as we can still do it meet your pregnant for two more weeks. I don't. Do we pass this while in Paris at night what it's probably going to be more sympathetic to your prize when she hit the ground here not in the kindest. Not you but around here have gotten a little capitalists in their approach to cares appearance sometimes and I sent retirement or sad. Of all the matter around your wickets going to be the one that's going to be. It is going to choose his words more carefully than anybody else right you've been around at least I'm like you're not going to be. And today you were not going to be Carroll looks beautiful gras I think wonderful right you're going to be the person that's gonna teller out you know. Know you're an act and act you're welcome sound. It will look at Angel but today I'd I'm gonna throw spiders amber but I know pocketed talent of that Internet yes thank you Karen it's fair real past it's a date is apparently awesome we're getting her car what's going on Travis guys here now so is Deanna Scott somewhere. Outrage there. Oh. Yeah I didn't have a car either and what's happening in the afternoon or whatever air is their car for a month and a half to lay writing and article one embalmed and paprika and I was supposed to be Scott discovered. You're asked the question I don't know how can I got a phone call that says hey I need to be picked up from this out on the coarsely and about whether on air for two yet we have to do that we'll work out. The day and it took locker is it a bonus hour and I also thought that gets lost going to an off site yeah should become enter her actual on site. I expect to be here till two. Airing now we'll continue to add to. To fill the gap here until 2 o'clock. All right coming up we restore about panhandling that we wanna talk to you about. Especially because there's a big homeless situation in Kansas City yes there's also one in Wyoming and cyan Wyoming and the police department has come out with a photo I'm face but incur urging people. A particular direction when it comes to how to handle that not everybody's pleased about being told what to do what it comes to panhandlers will find out of this is something you think Kansas City should do next in 91 TMB easy. Line KMB easy lead they would Jamie and wickets Jamie money selling might look at data and parks coming up at 2 o'clock tomorrow. Jason that things from the rock is going to be sitting in here just here when you guy and you know in Detroit I was in Detroit. It was a long time ago I yet. I'm not three to 7 PM on the rock down the hall. It's kind of funny he's kind of got a bit of crash course here because I had not met him until the day before he came in important for you have you two ever actually urges communicated online we spoke. Probably he'd. Three times it's always been like hey or what's up man like liberal passing in the bathroom got it right that happens a lot yes yeah it's just guys from Iraq yet that. And so good time when he was you were mean and so I will be tomorrow on different color just for a long weekend getaway here to get me through the summer. Insurance and I think turbans a timer on so. Nivins in studio tomorrow for Jamie and Travis did you hear that by the way. Jamie's going to Colorado. Cholera just making sure. That you knew that I'm not yet now. This guy she's going to Colorado a travesty is so you've heard that term don't show and he handed right I mean. Go yours I PD calls I can then they'll use some money I'm just I'm right about the money the row and then out there on. So I should show in Colorado. It Fred. I am going to be wit I don't think it probably going to be he doesn't drink I don't think that as a reason probably is that it's in doubles that's what. It is a sad time Fisher actually will be kind of hiking experience that's sort of that's the point and that's their husbands currently at. I. I. I happen to you need to stop talking about it so much and go together and planned a trip together and just go do. Everything your hearts and I'd love to go to name Travis would love sports you but here's one thing. Hopefully we come back Brooke. You mean rod drive out the mystery machine from scooter do this forever and ever coming back from I'll agree on the U. Explained the winning it does count three if you would have to explain is that the text please send money and garrido is that. Itself we need a care package that's a great act what's the tax the boss. He's got some money and burritos. Allen was a child product of the hit of the sixties he might be out of our meeting the buy ads now in and out. I think it's Texas a M on the way right and I obvious I'll be there at ten. Does that mean I admit it's ten days whatever I'll be there and said that would do the boss. A reminder though a week from tomorrow to got a lab in downtown Overland Park. And really busy August that's gonna be really fun it's fun and let us out of the building that trust us to go and be on the studio here and so that's a week from tomorrow we will be out at the lab at their news space in downtown Roland park this is where if you. Had interest in brewing beer like I did I had an interest but not so much that I didn't I'd be good at it. I invest in the equipment to do it at home enough I wanna do more than once. So -- has all the equipment so this is where you can go to brewed there all her bottle in Allen and they've got recipes and seven a system that always got out really cool bar they do. New menu with students up it's a really big beautiful open round. And that is coming out and do the show from there on August 4 us. But just as nobody else no no it and parched just DOS program line until and oh park mall will be the site of the Salvation Army radio on the entire station will be out in August 17 this is to benefit the children's shelter at the Salvation Army even hearings on the problems on the air and it's a really unique and really important mission there the shelter is where kids that. You know they get pulled out of their houses in the middle of the night they go there with nothing and they create you know consider really going through. A lot of trauma at home but it creates a safe environment for them at eleven normalcy for the and that maybe they haven't had. It's a really important mission but it's not she and so that day we got to raise money for that minister said it's holding it's not that we get the whole day out. Evil we do city spotlight sometimes we're not behind. This is 7 AM until nine if you were all going to be up at a park mall that day right out asunder and so you'll be able to find us in coming out. That's on August 17 and then one more date a solar eclipse day August the 21 will be up the 54 street grill and barges you and me. In the heart of the beast in St. Joe. I'd I'm excited about this because I feel it's going to be a lot a lot of controlled chaos and media on controlled chaos so the the heart of the eclipse happens I believe between 1230 and 1:15 PM but you'll see it between eleven and two. Like. There aren't yeah. Pattinson doesn't believe before Don is he's a guy out there doesn't we didn't get in your B&B and we didn't reserve. You know a site for attends on anybody's line and will be at 54 street grill and bar in Saint John honest money for. So we'll get through solar eclipse day and actually we are working on getting to VP of the astronomical society of Kansas City on some state soon. Will be out about hopefully come say hi. The six story comes to us out of Wyoming and has to do with panhandling. Which touchy subject about it because we talked about this before about do you give to panhandlers Wednesday you know we've got there's and intersections where you like it where there are quite popular with. To be out there and sell. Do you get to them do you get judge G about what they're gonna use the money for do you care do you read the signs or do you just ignore. All of them. So shy and Wyoming and a police department there is stirring up some controversy over photo they put up on FaceBook. Asking people to stop giving money to panhandlers and instead give a local cherries. So that part went on to face but on Sunday afternoon after they arrested an intoxicated pan handler. That they frequently deal wet so the picture is of cash and some coins. And the sign that the guy had been holding need help god the last. And it shows that they counted it and it comes to 234 dollars and on the bottom in the face the process. Yesterday July 22 we are rested a transient for public intoxication. This person we frequently deal with but we want to illustrate that there are better ways to help the transient population. Than to give them money for panhandling this person collected 234 dollars and 94 cents in just a few hours of asking for money. Rather than feeding someone's alcohol addiction you can donate directly to local charities. Like to commute shelter where your money will assist the homeless in a much more effective way. Post went viral more than 30000 shares and caused a stir with thousands of people who commented on it. And eventually alleged I am police to update their previous post saying the money was not taken from the panhandle are. But was being held for safekeeping so several comments and and it went both ways. But a lot of people said I give my money to whomever I please somebody else at public shaming nice. By the way addiction is not a punch line of FaceBook post awful. Who might just a little bit is just the assumption that. And I and I know they deal with them a lot you know it's it's someone at the pretty familiar wet and in the I was arrested for being intoxicated so I get that. But don't assume that every time you give money is someone who's homeless that there only using it to buy alcohol it's it's like the worst airtight we have. About people who panhandle. But what do think about eight police department and that it was face but date they showed a sign which you would recognize probably see the quite a bit which probably do. What do you think about police departments trying to guide. Where your money goes in terms of how to help the homeless. 5767798. I think the police and I love the police I think they do a great job. But I think the police need to stay out of telling me where to to spend my money where where to donate my money. But they day you know. You're Dirk a lot of dots that maybe are not fair can act but they deal with the sky a lot. They arrested him for public intoxication. Probably tells me that's probably happened before our and he's getting money from somewhere. So should it matter where spends its money. You're giving it did land it's really not up to the police or any reach of the government. Or or any one to tell me where I can and can't spend my money by wanna give it to this if I want to give five dollars to the same guy I know. Who smokes a joint on the sidewalk. At the intersection of you know wyandotte and fifth every single day it has a pint of vodka with a bottle orange juice and he uses. If I choose to do that isn't that my right to choose to do that yes. And why and the yesterday is that this is public shaming it totally by the police department. On their personal FaceBook page and other person who may or may have an addiction. Who is is not. A member of society who's contributing I understand that. But they can (%expletive) off is this is my money announcement at how I want. Your rights but today have a points anyway. You're right you can spend your money how are you want and the way you choose to help and in Allen and help society is to donate to the guy. That is out of the intersection every day you can five bucks a day or whatever you do don't care what they're spending and high and I hope you don't care yeah I hope that you're giving it about it. Doesn't matter to you where they're spending it. But the last Linus FaceBook post is. You can donate directly to local charities like this one where your money will help the homeless in a much more effective way. The only thing I appreciate about that is that that sort of the way I think is that. Then I can guarantee that my money is going toward food and shelter and showers and and real you know life and death and it needs me. Those kind of Iran. Now this is the wrong way to approach it well but I think. 57677985767798. You can texted at 22980. Is this right for police to be doing this to be to be publicly shaming a homeless person who. Each set collect. 234 bucks let's say three hours. That's pretty damn impressive he's pretty good. It's like 72 bucks an hour on this police care. About where the guy is spending his money team in I think I don't like the assumption that if you get his. That's telling you if you get to panhandlers they're gonna spend at a feeder alcohol. Always true. And tear point a little bit you know there are some that are genuinely using it for food and they're not going to shelter because maybe they don't they're not the ones I eyesight incredible. Video wanna tell you about coming up after we get to the news here because. What you just said resonated with the video I reversing a social experiment done on YouTube. We'll get to your phone calls by 767798. In texted at 22980. Anyone. KM BZ mayor David Jamie wicket taking your phone calls I've 767798. To detect 22980. We're talking about police and Wyoming are doing. To panhandlers. This is Cheyenne Wyoming the police department wets on the FaceBook on Sunday afternoon after they arrested. An intoxicated panhandlers. That they frequently deal with so the picture that they put it on FaceBook. Has that person's sign the very top that says need help god last. And that has laid out on a piece of paper all the cast that he had with them and it totals 234 dollars and 94 cents. So the FaceBook posts as yesterday July 22 we arrested a transient for public intoxication. This is a personally frequently deal with that we wanna illustrate that there are better ways to help the transient population. Than to give them money for pinning him as person collected 234 dollars and 94 cents. And just a few hours of asking for money. Rather than feeding someone's alcohol addiction you can donate directly to local charities such as the can be a shelter. Where your money will help the homeless and a much more effective way. CE police department be steering your arm. You're giving your dollars one way or another if you wanna get to panhandlers and they spend it on booze should that be your right are. Do they have a point the police deal with the homeless a lot in situations like those they are pretty familiar with him they've arrested him before. And they're saying he is spending the money on booze and we would rather you help the population in a better way and get your money to the shelter. I remember what we're a right to the phones and I I don't think the police should tell me how to spend my money if I wanna give the guy industry two bucks today that's up to me. And and I know there are a lot of people on the street that are using it is go by that next bottle of vodka I I'd be ignorant to think any otherwise. But I ate I truly do believe there's good in everyone remembers seeing a social experiment on YouTube where they walked up to a guy. Sleep on a match. And give my hundred dollars. And he said Weis in 'cause I wanna help you out and the guy walked right to the liquor store and they're filming him in and do with a secret camera. And he said well there is going right to the liquor store and the guy comes out with two bags full of food not boots but no food. And they follow them without him knowing and they go to a park. And in that park are a dozen other homeless people. And the guy used it to feed the homeless and not every time when you give people two dollars or five dollars or whatever. Are you giving it to some and go by that bottle of vodka now again there are plenty. That do that but not everyone is like that and then it to see. The the organizers of the social experiment. Walked back up and they gave him another 100 dollars. Just so it just to say hey. Do it again tomorrow or whatever or just take it just. It blows my mind that we just look at every homeless person as a lost cause and we think it was a drug addicted alcoholic loser they're not. Were very judge you about it yeah where we get very we feel like it's okay to be that's what this police officer is doing. On somebody texted and how is it shaming they did not post a picture are the police telling you that you can't give it to you want to the answer is now they're just making you aware. It would be better to give it to an organization and make sure the money goes to necessities instead of vices. I 767798. I understand that till I do like tiger I that's at defined text giving to the shelter guarantees. It goes to basic needs. Let's suck to Beth in Kansas City back thanks for calling your 91 KM BZ. Hi. First of all I know I green. That. Odd that we are not telling you what you slaw and cannot do. But they are and use that Jack yeah. You named acting out of them and real count and edited. They're only effective they're alcoholics. Our current and a year ago I live in any doubt in any. And then came to me and then it. I'm. You know I need money I need it might just end the night. And ally oh that I can't name. And I begged McCain he cracked units and and you'll have a and I I want that either. Again. Money or midnight and your name. In the area are I'll let that. A way I handled and another couple of kind apparently they during. Neal timing gave him. But mile per somebody in the street. Well you. Know in my hand eye and steered away every. Albania. There are some people who are doing. Trying to be an advocate for and by a billion by. That are about it. They've been I think is so much for the phone call we appreciate it take care 767798. I would acting it'll do what my first gazing Kansas City went into the Jimmy Johns on Broadway no one right downtown Broadway like sixth or seventh or something like that. And there was a guy. Showing and obviously homeless person. How to order Jimmie Johnson walked through the line and paid for amid. And he blocked him out of the stored in any left there was guys certain high necked sport called probably their and his lunch me and is on his lunch hour. I thought that was really really cool we don't see done enough we don't really doubt it was awesome. They say that phone call let's go to Steve in Kansas City Steve you're on 91 KM BZ. I buried today. I'm not too bad Steve what do you make what these Cheyenne police ago and. What I elected mr. You know the police or just donations also just aren't fortunate toward an officer stupid or you know that what you said. It's here account in an immediate moment that you don't get the money to get the traditional late for. But you'll be so. Don't. People cannot get there under the pick up about it actually got it got ultimately will. We are not in this country thank future. Thank Dave appreciate it is thank you very light not all your needs can be met by a shelter. Some of your needs do you have to con the shelter can't provide absolutely everything like transportation to the shelter GAAP were closing or to an hour whatever you happen and what you'd ever now. It doesn't cover everything by 767798. Indian the next site you're an 81 KM BZ hi Andy. I Jamie. I'm you'll ever meet every year. Create an Iraq but people the holidays like I'll Wear. Well I heard I heard a lot last year made me cry every time dared talked about I cried every single time the. I hear you brother. You know there's there's a lot of people that you know they get down on our. Seeing him out at the top or not. And you know whether they have all our nuclear ought. You know of quality poorly judged. Those people based on the navy those people just eat you know 230 dollars or whatever is we're. You know hard spot and I don't really think it's they're on art. You know it to make that judgment for now I understand. Maybe they're a better way they're doing Matt maybe get better at but he out but actually UT being looked at it where they took. It. I don't think that they're all they're all. We'll probably wouldn't you know. I have heard of you know exactly what he's talking about it it's not totally fair on their part but there's also is as he mentioned there are a lot of people. Or the slogans on the program for the that that. That the Iraq does is not a handout it's a hand up and sometimes things just happen and that that's how people wind up on the street and it's a great phone call Andy I guess and just be lucky it's every its IPO you know yes or you start judging what a person's doing with the money just feel blast it's not you know you mean. A lot of people listen to us right now pretty OK don't have to worry about where their next meal is gonna come for some people listening to us right now do you have to worry about where their next meal is gonna come. L and a lot of people that are living in this situations have no idea where their next meal is gonna come from. It doesn't happen because they're always low life losers here just freeloading in dole did it. Sometimes you just get tripped up bills become too high something happens at work maybe you do have problem with the substance you fall back in you and and all of a sudden. You know your normal straight line of life it's a big speed bump and you're thrown off that path and then things should start spiraling. It sucks it happens it's real life and it's hard to bounce back it really is and. So why can't they buy booze if the average American gets down they say need to drink a homeless person can't say that just because they've got a bump. Teddy you know well. A homeless person has every right to that bottle of vodka as my wife. If they needs I imagine being homeless is stressful and that's where they choose to spend 25 bucks. So why. We'll get Paula who's got a really good alternative this coming up next Ashley and Jamie as well it's midday with Jamie on a Jamie wicked right you're an immediate line. KM BZ ID one KM BZ May Day with Jamie wicket. Coming up Dana and parks. It's Dana is here right G. Here in Lima medical picker in the last half hour but apparently I. Know it's not deny that. Now does that really ever changed the way I mean c'mon. Are wrapping up her conversation with you how you handle when UC homeless people on the street you give them money and shy in police officer or the police department should say Wyoming. He handles it very different way. Big what are the FaceBook and they basically encouraged people to give to a shelter instead of just giving cash to pan handler because there's one that they dealt with quite frequently that they arrested for public intoxication. And they sad because they do with a lot they assume that he is spending that money and there's a lot nice I'd rather than feeding someone's alcohol addiction given to a shelter. So we're asking you. How do you handle 5767798. Detects 22980. All in liberty Euro 91 KM BZ how Paula. Day. Might suggestion glad every parent out there that went out that red bar and they're at an analyst at bat like it and then more. I would McDonnell and I got back into it yet or are dollar increment. And I yeah Hamas person on the corner him up by Dolly and cart I don't but the only by MetLife. You know what there's there there's a burger and Fries there maybe at the most healthy thing but it's better than going hungry is that. Yeah he sure has and I felt better predict and. And it's wonderful thanks Paula appreciated and that kinda cures the if you're worried they're spending it on booze or other right. The pedicure is that right yeah absolutely. Let's go to Casey Mullen talked to Ashley and KM BZ I actually. I I'm the driver on her lounge around all day long and it BioWare give each of these people a dollar I would not make any money that day. I've had of the homeless people can handle it at the corner get in my face telling me that I have a job I can afford to give them something. I'm also had people approach me and they highlighted in a couple of dollars to get the union mission I canal lock outs and homemade chicken and noodles. Although I'll give you that if you're hungry and I don't want. Shall I can't even deal with it anymore I'm just show. Angry about the whole situation that people have gotten in my case I carry around bottled water and I would gladly give to people. That people of god in my face and that no I don't want that whenever I tried to do things like that should really showered me honorable. Trying to help India eight. I get that I totally think actually for the call I've done that all right here I'm. I was at a 7-Eleven once there was a guy that asked me for money and the way and is said no don't be right back. And again the sand which he threw the sailors in the garbage yeah he wants the sandwich it's really discouraging that really sucks talent makes you now wanna get next time then don't next time. Now I don't get to a shelter or. Yeah give my guitar whatever you wanna know my new reason why don't while I'm driving. And this is my new paranoia. Hit that your where you're gonna had a prior Null when it by apple to a quarter. Tonight and I am. She. That I'm gonna get jacked. I'm serious a report about six months ago about. Homeless people pulling a gun and carjacking those made united a busy intersection. But if I'm the only one at that intersection comic paranoid call me. It negative Nancy on and I think that's. Because again you don't have to get it now you can still you know. Donates to the cause and not get to the panhandlers that's a two word about then too perfectly entitled windows already down my hand is already out. All they have to do is edit I know that's a terrible attitude that if I it's just meted intersection I never ever give busy intersection different story. Let's talk to Jamie in walled JER 91 came easy. Yeah I think one problem with this issues. Idea. Saw them up and saying well maybe there's there's something really need. Don't deserve to be there are some eat. Equal court make it better and it doesn't matter should it. Just say they're using it for a beard drag you should be given it anyways and it. Equality and there and it is Israeli evil that car it's true goodness the credit such as the night per night per cent of its kind in their. You must give them a ridiculous and benefit of the doubt. You know nobody gators and grace and mercy. To begin with it's trying to be quite Psycho or any type ideal but it. Can't be it. It's something that there's some people don't you got him even if you didn't regret that media undergo. Tell your jewelry and gave it to the courts and lately he describes it grade I get. And thank you very much Jamie appreciate it. Little airy North Kansas City Larry you write 91 came easier. Yeah or Auburn. Or. The drop by. Packet at the par I would early armory or by. The library either. Complete that we problem or. That are jail. Or are we learned a great mop RR are oval here on out. All the way report. And regard your money. And Hitler call. Or car or. Are given mirror. Money you. One of the shoulder like there are union and outbreaks are as the court Tuesday ordered by Carter ordered. Wondered about that legacy of the stories of the Salvation Army or goodwill people who make twenty million dollars a year like the CEOs and wonder about that. Oh yeah and it is true very are all well. Without the market. Or not hearing at all sorry. The other horse mark on a bombing on a it was more just so you can be a director you're in your via now the other power. That meant so much. The paper. And so there are actually a verdict by. Oh. So we're. Well you people well there. Are you get a and they are huge and great you. Hopefully will give them you'll be reelect graphic and well. What. Airport or are still there are no place. Or better mark across. But. I. It very. Larry congrats on the and so over in his name and it's good man we're we're very very proud of euphoric appreciate the phone call. Look at one more year is the last word is gonna go to David David I 91 came easy. Well it in the air. Executive pay America lower regard so yeah. Saying yeah how I I do a little straighten everything out one of them got you locked spotter and now the Dick Clark spoke in general ban. And I am not out there are sitting you this year and I looked at the curriculum lack program. And then I don't want to hear now. There are that queen's so we're yeah are. The game ought to look different boomlet won't be or current well they've but people want I'm not there. One not a lot of what I learned that I feel that you make money I spew out like they're so. Why he people out there why are now I under in my dollar you're not currently. Inaugural ball. Our view as well I'd give a bit so I'm over some people out there there. I am almost back and Gartner. But they don't work out how did that put two hands on the wheel and appreciate the kind words and letting that things turn around four and hopefully more more people do the same thing. You can keep text and a 2290 centerpiece of page or on Twitter. Coming up in an part guys congrats on both of you getting here today. There is of concern at some point. You're supposed to pick her up and then you're in a carton no. Are you couldn't reach years why my number called the studio to get hold yeah it's like you guys are. I have problems. I thought. I I don't its phone. Myself. My stepson has been in two car wrecks in four days. Christmas. Costs Chris was swept off the road. Water flooded in to his truck on the way home. And now we're down. Two cars. And implementing. Twelve hours and hours on two out of three we're down two out of three acres gets isn't it a Lincoln Navigator right there too it's only Lena. You know what he'd like Good Morning America I think the outcry Connecticut cats would get a guy like a police escort to a road how many years have we said turn around turn we that it does not currently with that overnight and it was very very early in the mornings stark. You can't turn around don't drown if you don't see what's coming in so. He turned on 219. Out of tomahawk creek parkway and he said Dana I went from totally hot and dry. To water rushing into my car and he said it it happened. It's so cliche he says it happened so fast the and the cars just to it was to earn one of response it's he was not. Obviously carrying goods and she was pricking his stepson to work well guess he crashed. My goodness well. I thought I thought may views coming home from delivering the news to Kansas City where one of his buying so. All moment in your house and a key over Angela today only time you know let it last it was over it was like uber black and has been out front needs he needs aren't people need to grow up. I'm glad he's okay Anaheim so does fundraiser for his hands and what are you guys doing that don't don't don't be bringing in your corner of the house. OK so it's Denzel or escalated around nine men carrying yet. Like winter I ever get Bryan Busby and your yeah. I'm good evening there more more intimate. And Iraq. Scientists have manipulated a human embryo is it time for humans to start playing god the lord almighty they move their eggs and the lights. Yeah that's yeah. The state lines like I'm Katrina last night. Tale.