Do addicts passed out face down on a patio have PRIVACY RIGHTS?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, July 10th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. This is an album. 7800 degrees Fahrenheit Bon Jovi. Use. To play anything alive from Y. They said it is their worst most god awful record it is not a leader backs. Record. They've got some new records out these days that aren't Arab. I feel bad my brother. For Christmas and birthdays every year my brother and I. Or by each of the like four or five different CDs as Meebo complexities. And it's always airman. He bought me this new Bon Jovi record about three years ago. I spy on that thing twice once just to see if it was any good and two to determine if it was really got back. In his it has gathered dust in my CD collection and Bon Jovi is not put out good records and keep the faith doing. Everest and check in 1992 better roses song keep the faith that was their last good record. Ever since then Bon Jovi Sox. But user artisan the back. And the music story for now. I know this so kids are rising insurance. I cannot have a go but up. It's not number one on Amazon's list of best selling songs in Britain. Let's head of president trumps visits fall or fall off the hour. Or get a currently there is a Twitter accounts that is trying to make this song. Climb the charts and it's working. But there's a way to answer today maybe we need in Brussels to impose a Brussels and then he's got in the UK from Thursday through Sunday. They just trying to get the son number one time. To Apple's iTunes Hurst and. We will not talk present we will not talk about offering although here's the thing I'm so proud of myself. I am or. Hole ripped coal political predictions you got rid of that because. Com there was for one term president John McCain he was elected in 2008. Never have a if everybody remembers. Good night did not do well I I predicted it runs it would happen you know who and then he he was only one term president he about going to serve one term never never have a man. We have president Mitt Romney in two that haven't either because I've predicted that as well really the only thing you're good at predicting is dumb stuff. Now although he I have Twitter. That's stung just. I have Twitter prove I did predicted yesterday afternoon. That judge Cavanaugh would be Donald Trump's pick for the US Supreme Court I was right. Down speaking of albums that are old and yes. Topping the charts Roger's going to be thrilled to hear this. This album. Has entered the billboard top 100 top and the this week. We know we know the song you heard it. Rods favorite band of all time Guns 'N Roses appetite for destruction has re entered the top ten why they released a box set this. And and and you can get like the box set or you can just get the deluxe remake of appetite for destruction. And 29 years after it left the charts it's back in the top ten. And battle of that's as. Rob let it fly eight. You know when you're on vacation we made Guns 'N Roses the artists of today I am told we like November rain like three times. It ate up like 64 minutes of this out you know why we've played three task as wanting good enough. Oh I apologize Kansas City. It we did we letting you know when. You know. He's done. We want to talk about kid dying Amro. We want talk about breastfeeding has not die he was not to the dead accident game but when I saw that third last night. I I I tweeted it and I think you took a look after Dixon US belong to them if you haven't seen the photos Karen they are. They are hard to look at. Just. Is re the first first paragraph breaks your heart I'm a shoulder it's from the star guard checked that from the Fresno bee in California but the stars put it on their website as well. I'm Michelle Garcia. Went to meet her son Michael for coffee last week. And found him passed out in front of the cafe where they response to me and she cried. And his tears were still streaming down her face she lifted the lens of her camera. And she snapped a photograph. The black and white image of Michael asleep passed out on a sidewalk is one of seven. That she recently shared on FaceBook talking about how her twenty year old son is homeless and addicted to meth and herald. It's been shared more than 3200 times since late. June hears he looks nothing there's the picture. Yeah yeah I mean he's face down face down on a patio you know it his trousers are. Pulled down he's she's boxer she's still see. His disheveled. He's he's an addict. Now. High. Was very uncomfortable. With the notion he also suffers from mental illness now which was drug induced. He did not have a history of mental illness but a lot of these cases you hear this they start taking all these wacky drugs. And it brings on severe. Complications in your brain chemistry right. So. When I saw my first thought was oh it's terrible. And a nice thought was. Do you lose somehow all your. Privacy rights or you or. I know he he was on a good looking kids I guess private property it was a business but where's the property is on site just because you are an addict at Heinz I am really uncomfortable. With his photo now being shared 30000 times during what must be the absolute lowest. Of the lowest of the low points of someone's life. Now in fairness it's quick to say well she's publicly shaming or embarrassing. Her son he is the one who initially asked her. To share these photographs that she had taken it now so that quote more people can see what addiction and life on the streets looks like. Garcia the mom says her photos are not meant to glorified nor exploit her son. He also suffers is Dana management believes schizophrenia and bipolar. She says and I quote as hard as it is or was for me to post it used the truth. This is the horrid reality. I think it's interesting that he wants those pictures out there. That happens. If he can in fact give consent because of we're going to agree that addiction is an illness okay. And you wanted to lock into a cancer ward at KU med and snapped someone's photo and Sherrod over a million times because they're fighting cancer. Mean you would be sued 43000. Ways to Sunday for privacy violations. And so I'm asking those of you who do believe addiction is a disease and illness and I do. Why we treat the posting of these photos differently. Than we would with someone who had a traditional physical. Illness or impairment of some kind we we do treated differently. And I don't know that we should it. I think a lot of people blame. The person going through the addition when you brought this on yourself but I've always made this argument in that regard and it is legitimate and fair argument to me. OK I can see the argument. And if I was a lawyer I could even maybe make the argument in court you brought this on yourself. Nobody forced that crack pipe in your mouth nobody forced them bottled down your throat. You had the disease in use. OK you were probably born with. This propensity for drinking or for drugs or whatever. But you brought this disease on yourself okay that you could make that argument however. Do we say the same thing for the person with long cancer. Oh use smoked all that's those cigarettes you deserve. To have more on cancer we don't say. We say things differently. Or you died at all or are you how we are Aziz differently so that if you are in line for a transplant Scott people will saying. You need a lung transplant shocking I don't think you should be at the front of the line. You chose to stop for fifty years regret to say that rod who had a heart attack hold your route 44 are right. Right now on the same exactly the same ages that we 44 and yet part of 43 for three dollars for a for a laughter so. One of those. What did you lose all. Memory. I'm sergeant says and I'm. How many I mean we joke about rod eating pizza still to this day. Always felt sorry for. People were writing him constantly and understandably so saying rob you know prayers are madam hope he's feeling better. Eroded its it brought brought that heart attack on himself because he weighs 300 pounds and doesn't watch what beats. Said he totally did. But nobody said it nobody said it all that crazy living as a teenager. Who's twenties. Does he have any privacy rights as an attic of course faced down. This public serial purse and says. This is my and don't give me that. Hussein knew he's also saying he thinks people are after him rotten and he probably sees it as eight years not in his right mind can show an IR NC. He could not legally sign a binding contract right now let's say that equipment. Even if he said I want to be queen mines ports and an attorney Tony sign real quick if you could not sign a binding contract and the state of mind at any court would apple. Real quick and I'm going to give the brake problems. When the cops found those two adults. Passed out on here with the kid in the backseat. We praised the cops. Way to go shut the face of addiction. Show it looks like why are we not praising this mother. For doing the exact same thing. This child just happens to be her twenty year old song. And she's not a cop she's a professional photographer. Should she not be praise like that copping Cleveland Ohio. Who took the picture of the couple with the kid the baby crying in the backseat is this not the face of addiction. Just like those passed out adults Wear the face of addiction and I would argue that crying baby in the backseat. Was equally the face of addiction I've 7677957677. Yeah I love that jet have been right around Jenna and that Jenna from folks I know Lee's summit for weeks now and I loved that car it is simple it is sleek. I love the design it's actually on the frame. 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Or Volkswagen of Lee's summit 547 in Coburn road you're telling you wanna see Dana's car. Do it and. Rendell now. Monica Tuesday throwing two games. Loosen him reach out Bristol my friend. I go about it. I don't agree I don't like drug addiction is a disease it's an addiction that all of its. Our granddaughter and Kenya. You know students he had nothing to do that in effect until. Drug addiction doesn't happen to people. They they do on most of on the wrong there addicted to some sort of medication. But what does the escape medication in the beginning Burris is legally prescribed by a position Unita positions and jam with forty oxy code downs. And in four days your body is starting. To become addicted. I tried the same direction it just exactly what you say conviction not either of these. These sound cynical but it happens in somebody's body that they're. Nature of brought it you know or may be smoking you know grosans cancer. I don't agree at all. You are that prediction is a physical thing. What what do you think about people who say they're addicted like gambling or something. Without a conviction. As mountains needs. I don't branded. Or what and who are what what do you say to the doctors the scientists who say. It is a disease because some people are born with a high much higher likelihood. To become addicted to certain things. 00 about one masking. Whoa whoa what would your reaction be to those scientists those doctors who say that some people were born. With a higher propensity to become addicted to certain chemicals. Yeah but they didn't get it on her own. And didn't drop I was Guidant and in their mouth. We know now ironically. The about the same kind of playing as the heroes. They tell say only certain Heros they're not heroes. Byrd is doing their job. So our soldiers here. There are heroes that they do some something heroic a lot. Of owners out there and and and do it do what soldiers do they're not a hero but it but it should somebody in Vietnam. There was a battle and he went into the fire line by line and pick up. Many Obama out. That's our hero analysts on the line. Bruce Bruce and I don't a lot of cops and firefighters do heroic things when that make them here. One million LeRoy and where are we use it cops are not heroes I was just trying to get some clarification. You said cops are not heroes they're just doing their job. Just for clarification here. Is what I'm an essay to just cap that discussion we have had callers say before. I used to think exactly what Bruce just said. Until it happened to our family and I prayed for its never knows anyone close to him. Who goes down the spurs addiction because you'll change your chin so quickly newsroom here is Caremark. The battle lines are being drawn under the president's Supreme Court pick. That's next. If you or an aging parent is looking for a gorgeous. 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Check out Casey smiled dot com and see for yourself that's Casey smiled dot com again and Casey smiled dot com. We are stuck in a hazy hot and Nike weather pattern. Here in Kansas City this will be lasting for the rest of the week and the trend should continue into the weekend even answer early next week with no major chances for precipitation in the forecast. I go there for the rest of today are high close to 95 for many locations heat index closed a 105. Clear mid seventies tonight sunny conditions and low to mid ninety's from Wednesday and Thursday the heat index value about 100 hadn't. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more KE NDC whether. 95 KC 998 downtown 96 city or official weather station the way you can take KM BZ with you is the radio dot com map. Download it today listens there was any time anywhere. Kara marks or news 981 K and be seen. Please don't make it. On a Tuesday throwback to the eighties Textron has exploded as you can imagine after Bruce's call. I've already angry would this guy. Talking Roberts addiction is a disease that is initiated by a person's actions but causes changes. In the brain. Mental illness is a disease addiction is a mental illness. These laypeople like Bruce that think they know all about disease processes but have never studied science or medicine in their lives are. Idiots like it's not even well it's not even studied science or medicine it is happening. Liz ain't life. Where you have dodged this bullet. Where addiction has not touched her family how many times have people called in here to say I used to think the same thing. I used to think that these people bring this on themselves added an addict and then my daughter had knee surgery how many times have we heard that story. On this program Scott I really do believe it's difficult for people to understand until they go through it if not impossible. I can still empathize and I do believe it is chemical it is physical and if it was easy to stop. We would not be in the mess we're in right now in the United States. Other people agree with a bruise it is an addiction not a disease. You have a choice to do it doctors and scientists are full of poop. Coca. Let's go to Ken in Lee's summit hello Kim. Good afternoon. Dana and god you guys in the best show on radio. And my oldest brother got drafted nineteen. Haven't. And he went to Vietnam for over year. He came back and heroin and smoke we know everything else. And when he came back humanized but he got together went down on their party. Didn't get home like 330 in the afternoon the next day. Then he was a horrible miss my mom took the movie camera out here and they don't know it's taken about the car. Yeah I mean noses running as close personal element. And so we took and showed him. Then he went down turn around and turn himself into the police. And god help. Then yeah he's good today he's got three girls. He's been married 36 years. There and I'm proud of them you know that he was able to overcome that and it definitely was a disease. Because she got hooked an order 'cause in the crappy went to every day in and his buddies and when he got back here. He won't he just couldn't attack and he just went. You know you just went wild then we had to do something then that was the only thing we can pay income due to see. How he looked. No in the act of being himself in condition. There and Lou thank the lord that he you know got themselves. We'll look for him I'm so glad you your family so I just heard in the North Kansas City open to detox unit yesterday and they are accepting Medicaid and Medicare on major insurance no one else is doing is signed a social worker. Dan in the north. And I. And that we deserve my friend thank you for Coleman. Well I appreciate those during the but you're you're because. Tiger started where my career. Yeah you know their record chain curtain Eric all the moral thing. I've been privileged to help very very good and some of which who clergy. Also incurred would help very very small our men and women as well. And could itself why it was more people. And good people continue to do things for themselves. And others. I don't that is right out of your. Because if you would just stop and it would be easy and it wasn't diseased and everyone would just wake up after finding themselves face down on a patio in the middle of the day. They would wake up until I grabbed them and as I'm gonna stop. But some people would argue and I think here is where we might have the difference in opinion. You can't just wake up from an addiction either. Eric say I'm gonna quit. Now I I happen to be one whose thoughts have changed as I've gotten older and maybe gone through a couple of personal things myself. Where I do now believe it is a disease and that's not too. Give myself any sort of an excuse I am responsible. If this if I don't beat this disease. But might might I used to think like Bruce did and does apparently that. You know if if you're hooked on heroin for example or alcohol or you know cocaine. That that you'd you'd just simply lacked. Self will use you lacked any will power to control yourself any self restraint I don't believe that necessarily mean I think there's a component of that. But I think some people are more inclined. To become addicted to certain things than other people law. Now the other thing like it's okay to be vote. And the real subject is how we can get better. Not the new order Hebert there that's like you I help people buy out that they are. I'd be happy you're here or number. And pretty. Dan did not give your number about me you know I can have dropped to get edgy and I can't rob ticket or run to her and looking at an email from rob. I can ever ride take your number and then we can pass it on anyone on the checks on who would like that. It's a very. Well very sort if you look at cancer and other air them and in amount of sources to get help. And crematory. To struggle why. I think that won't get a better job. Working for the money along Congo. It just for the record on organizing. The third party reimburse her. Came out and belly option that entities or they're gonna subsidize things like inpatient care. Outpatient care. We're catching up her. Recruiting president it is expensive it is costly and it takes time it's not like you can check in and in three days your fine. By. I mean like everybody from the machines or coworker you know and they all think this org. And so you don't want a the actual model sometimes in depth up front and to petition your senators for those quote jumped one quote Norton. Add it did you say that North Kansas City opened d.s up talks center yesterday and our. The source said that's the only place doing it is that true. That's not an excellent programs or one B program will open. That's for Medicaid Medicare. Just for a Q which ball like that. Most of the time you'll pull up in no for the group in her company and a bit like well it's so he earned. There's really nothing more than them that it is in this sort. Of pork in the does that actually got a code which was. My off the absolutely and they are. Dan thank you can't ride his back we're gonna put you on hold and if you would be so kind and to pass that number along to rock them we can pass it on that anyone who is looking for that thanks. All have them reach out to a sex line via rod if you get dams phone number just put it up and a box forest. And anybody who. Once stands help he's a substance abuse therapists. He can at least point unit direction. I insurers are gonna do everything for free but. Wolf will pass it along to you if you ask for the number on. The text and and be cool don't if you don't need the help donuts. Charm don't want to help trump Joseph Paterno. Tenements on hello Tim. Yeah our guys. Caller are Boller was today. Retire batter went inquiry. Vietnam again at all that would be the out. Also struggled with the actions now. Telling me how much he hated. And all the medical professionals can now and diagnosed addiction as a disease. You know being a bit off his idea that it these organic. You know I Bellamy that it you or drop a desert desert dot. No retort that the whatever come you have been organic security. However the addiction. Even though unit goes it would are all mental and in the course. You would eventually overcome that or get you know with with out medication. Wouldn't Chile. It's a certain point can Dietz talks not Killian. That I don't know I'm not father and I'm not enact our action. All but that was what he always told me hated it when make in their city. And it is probably diplomatic work laid back Ian like organic. That the at all. That to them to drop him let. No thank you thank you for the comment I always treat I think Amy Winehouse had stopped drinking. Remember Scott and then she had won a Bender. After her body had detox to if you will. And I remember reading that that I believe that is what killed her it was such a re shocked to that system here. And so maybe it's not the detox that kills you it's the re entry into your system if you slip. I've 767798. In Iraq right Babcock and Scott parks are carry a music. The right hire can have such an impact on your business it is crucial to make sure your job post reaches the most qualified candidates tried posting on job boards. But do you really know who'll see that. When you post your job on Linkedin it reaches 70% of the US workforce. And unlike job boards Linkedin is a community that career focused people visit every day to grow professionally. And explore job opportunities. Linked in jobs intelligently targets candidates based on their skills recommendations. 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You know I had to do it in grade school I've opponent EPA and you know this kind of stuff. What I want people to know they think it is not a big east. And I I want them to note that need to open mind about it because. I've had and the army. You know yet but maybe consciously use the ya yeah I'd hit it on April on the Monday at woken up. And I need it. I needed to collect the conscience to work in anything. And no matter light. Consequences that Britain. And I. Opinions about what carpet. And I don't believe that. You know it it's different per each person out there. Basically just what I want you know those not a big east. Either yeah. The factory EU. Over and over it and preview it in years. And what are you just stop and tell me your current temperature artery liars so. The report Doherty. For money we're glad you got out and congratulations can you tell me. Why you eventually got help was did you just wake up one day and decide I'm done. I'll know I've actually been in and county. Post went for and I had not been in my name I told my car and nothing now that out and I'm the last ten years then. Particularly the Mallard said economist about myself. You know them there's been narcotic anonymous it and you better botany. Now I'm working. Actively with my girlfriend. Rihanna metadata and couple. Didn't either. Three just truly. Through two injured in over the departure. Do one different take breast. First and just and that future guys it's under that eighteen months off from. Graduate is that I've got I've got several stories not knowing that I'm one though. There's a book called fearless about former navy seal named atom ground. It's Rangel the navy seal what multiple deployments. And still relaxed in the American academy. And then deal what about mentally strong people you've never. Even hurt. In relapse can come back and it made me feel. Go back and that our. That tells you right there that if this is an addiction this is a busy this is something you can't just say OK I'm done and walk away from. The American navy seal them and guide. And Afghanistan conservative country stabilizes Brothers. And what we addict and was addicted to Mecca that. And it can happen and it can happen and that to me that goes straighter yet this is a disease. Even that. Yeah I've always said Jared if you can't understand it. These cells thankful that you can't understand it. Yeah I agree unfortunately. Lot friendly banter was that was family members that whether. Alcohol or drugs we've seen that we've lived. And you know why I've got my boundaries are economists see how can help that person in my failing in doubt and it. It sucks it's terrible it is that so much for a payment for up for him imparted great bank accounts of family members you know it. It's terrible and it says I believe it entity that that would. The court and it is here. Are. Not a story like that is that that maybe children now appreciate that thank you. It's the newsroom here's care. Happening now in KM BZ the senate gearing up for a big battle for the Supreme Court and snacks. You know summits have been almost all of us and knock on wood doesn't happen any of us in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name. Daniels collision repair and blue springs because they can fix it. Tales of personal friend I've watched his crews worked there the best in the business her reputation so good. They've had people driving from Omaha Colombia you name it that's how good they are their work is guaranteed. A small unusual in your car trucks and get it fixed right the first time. 81622818558162281855. Online deals auto collision dot com. Deals and was francs take care of cars. Take care of you thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.