Did Time make the right choice?

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Wednesday, December 6th

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Halfway to the weekend it is Wednesday right like you and I've had asked this three times today as far as I somebody's tax man started morning to let you down to go out surgery town go to Dick Smith court on Friday is today feels like Thursday which is gonna make Marcum bomber. A big story today it is. No real surprise like they had to be the odds on favorite but the the reveal was out for. The time magazine. Person of the year it was announced on the the two. And and actually this is the president of time it was actually on the show wanna play for the entire deal process 'cause they give you 32 in the number one. And they explain how they got there and explain the relevance of them if you were coming did they start with thirty yeah seemed like 25 or thirty yards down a five or six that we told about earlier this week in and yes this morning they explained who want. But that's a hard decision or an easy decision this year. When you know this is the 91. Year we have named a person here is always hard but I think it's especially hard this year. In Europe so much disruption in the United States and around the world we're account that according to keep the anticipating going at number three on your list the president of China. Teaching yeah. He has consolidated power in his own country to a degree not seen in decades and even more importantly. He's made very clear that he intends for China believe the world and step into the breach as the US three trenches. The runner up president Donald Trump first of all your rationale and second at all. He's had tweeted that I wanted to be the person of the year and he rejected you wanna set the record straight on mount. Well he's number two on our list because. He he has changed the very nature of the presidency and and the way the White House functions is on the verge of his first major legislative victory. He's reshaping the judiciary. And aggressively rolling back regulations. Then in between as we said wasn't wasn't correct. In fact we we did the photo shoot four. The reveal we're about to do five days before the tweet we didn't say probably but you know how it got. I think it's time for the big reveal also let you do the honors hell is time's person of the year. The 2017 person of the year is the silence breakers the voices that launched a movement. This is the fastest moving social change we've seen in him in decades and it began with. Individual acts of courage by hundreds of women and some men to. Who came forward. To tell their own stories of sexual harassment and assault which we see celebrities on your cover but most importantly perhaps we see someone whose faces. As scary as this that. The woman whose name we don't know the woman who came forward briefly or is thinking about doing south. One of the important things we explorer hit in our coverage or on the issue is. Of course the parade of headlines this is nonstop and an incredible. To see but. We we look at the degree to which this is really just the beginning and and how far will it go how deep into the country how long lasting the image you see. Partially on the cover is bubble a woman we talked to a hospital worker in the middle of the country who. Doesn't feel like we can she shared her story with us and some others but doesn't feel that she can come for without threatening the livelihood and where thank you so much. That was the president of timing was on The Today Show revealing your time person of the year and I don't I don't think anybody's really going to object to that I mean there are. I say that. In the back of my mind I know if I go to the KM BZ FaceBook page there're some people. Making some interesting comments or did you wanna get to hear in a moment but did the meat to movement silence breakers. I don't have a problem at all. On. It just fits the bill for what day -- in as time persons of the time's person of the year they look for someone with influence good or bad regardless but somebody that made an impact this year and whether you. I agree with the sentiment of the movement or not it's it definitely. And we'll play you I hear in a bit some of Alyssa Amano was on The Today Show who. On for those who didn't know she was kind of behind that initial hash tag a friend of hers had told her about that hash tag me too and it's holder about her story. Having trouble and somebody suggested let's let's just to a day where women feel it meant to feel empowered. To tell their stories and what started as a decade prompted months of stories and took down some pretty major figures and entertainment. And I didn't oldest Koran Burke is a woman. Who started the meat to movement in 2006. Men like this was something she had done. You know through various campaigns and monitored Twitter wasn't anything back into Iraq six it was nothing and she was on The Today Show this morning as well explaining how. It began. Way back when. Trying to start with you because you did this have to you could meet you in 2006. Yet. Has this exceeded even your wildest. Hopes for what might. Be able to be accomplished I could never imagine I could never have envisioned something that would be that would change the world I was trying to take my community. And it changed the world and as you mention Alyssa Lana was on the show this morning and she was asked about the first time she tweeted. Hash tag me too. The minute before you decided to speak out a list of what was going on inside you kind of courage did it take. Well a few things were going on or one and I was in bed with my daughter and she was sleeping next to me and and my children are the great impetus for everything that I do in life. But also my friend Resnick Allen had been very hurt. And silenced for along time and she was fighting back and I wanted to support. Harm and and what she was going through. And in turn support women everywhere zone. I thought you know if if women can just come forward and they need to just. Two beautiful words that he's running start and then we can really start to shape us and get an idea of the magnitude of this issue and of this problem. And it sent a tweet I went to sleep. I had a little laugh and there were 53000. Went. 53000. Replies after however long heard countless yeah I mean just in that day that was just in the first few hours after that and sort really caught on and on and an Indy. Months that followed on and it was men and women came forward with their stories keep in mind that when it comes to Kevin Spacey in a couple of the others. These were men that we're making these allegations is one. It has touched every industry obviously has hit very close to home care with the firing up Matt Lauer. Toronto what addition hope now means one thing to do a hash tag and what do you want to happen and what should be happening in our workplaces and in our homes. Well this is just a star about the same weekend and that it's not just a moment it's a movement. You can sell well with movements take Tommy build over time in there and there strategic I think now the work really begins right hash tag as a declaration. But now we're poised to really sit some really. Standup thing and do the work of. Then I want I want companies to take on a code of con back cousin who I want companies to hire more women I wanna teach our children matter. These are things that we have to set in motion and and as women and we have to support each other in stand together and say that's it. We're done no more do you think men have to be out of a convert I really absolutely I absolutely do but I feel like at this point right now when women are always pitted against each other. Which I think is also part of the strategy I think we need to support each other and we need to be there for each other of course many to be part of the solution. For sure on but it's a vital to me that we really set in some actionable things that we continue to continue this momentum. Let is Alyssa Milan on The Today Show along with Toronto Burke and the two of them were guests as the meat to the code breakers of the silent spring excuse me now. Or announces time magazine's person of the year your reaction that it 5767798. Always welcome you can text to 290 easier out. And I'd like to read you some reaction from FaceBook we come back kind. Yeah and people are making some comments about president trodden being named the runner up Gibbons that he has been accused of some of whites dean meat to movement stands for I'm. I think it's interesting we were discussing too because it did the justification they gave. For president trump to be number two you could've made a number one again he could have easily won this thing I would not have had a problem with that either. Talk more about that coming up as well I 767798. Time magazine's person of the year. Silence breakers the meat to movement 5767798. Or text into 2980. On the cover of the issue. It is actress Ashley Judd who a who had come out against Harvey Weinstein. Engineer Susan Fowler. And also Taylor Swift. Also on the magazine. There is just. Saddam looking at the camera the right shoulder and arm. Global person who's not a celebrity. And these people these women are all wearing black it looks like black robes or whatever black shirt like sport coat. And then there's just the arm of the unknown woman because we know who Taylor Swift who actually two guys. We we know little assemble on ways we don't know the thousands if not millions of women in the world who have ban. Affected by sexual harassment or misconduct. And that's what that represents I think it's a pretty cool cover the like they're celebs and the person we can't see or or Heidi feel about the cover. I think Ashley Judd is definitely appropriate because she was one of the first and more outspoken and women's four against Harvey Weinstein. In the midst of everybody else I'd forgotten about Taylor Swift case on to be quite honest. And so she's as we just talked about off the air she's gonna sell magazines. It's a little disappointing because I would have rather obscene Alyssa model on the cover because she went you know as we just heard from The Today Show. She was sort of behind and has had to pick up steam in the first place on but it's it's it's it's an artfully done copper which is fine. I 767798. At your thoughts on this because like to read some from face you don't mind. NC this is from Kim who says the only one that deserves to be there is Taylor Swift she immediately took action when a man groped or the rest of them know. Robert writes I applaud these women for their bravery however there are some people that are saying decades later. Blaming Ashley Judd for not coming forward earlier to allow others to be preyed upon by Harvey Weinstein. I'm there there's a feeling in this is the overwhelming feeling. About women who waited. And that's the argument which keep on hearing. Justin says like don't agree with some of these women who wait until the careers took off to come forward I think it's an appropriate win based on all the women who did step forward. And those who fear but still came forward. On a co writes for all those commenting how long some women waited until they came forwards because of the stigma associated with it. We victim shame and blame those who you're complaining are the reasons they doubts. If not a broken record I feel like it's something unfortunately that we have to explain a lot and the fact that we have to say the selloff and frustrates me about the message that may be isn't getting through them. On two things I feel like we have to say a lottery that I feel like I say a lot. On number one. I don't. Feel like it's easy to say will just come for why do you just come forward right after on because coming forward is not the easiest thing in the world to do especially if you've got. A more serious story you know if if you've got its allegations that go beyond sexual harassment telling your story being raped is now I don't presume is easy. On and and you're not always gonna be supported and that storing and so I act let's not assume that it's that it's a simple thing for a woman to decide to do. And the case of Ashley Judd in the case of many of these women that have spoken out we for Gwyneth Paltrow talking about those we've heard some really big names with women and entertainment talk about us. You don't realize the power of somebody like Harvey Weinstein. You don't realize the power that some of these men had. And the women had to choose between their careers. And and and not and and they had a choice to make about that than the fact Harvey Weinstein can decide whether Ashley Judd ever worked again. And she wanted to work. And so she had to choose to. To suffer anyway because she had to deal with the aftermath of that but chose not to come forward because she would never work again and it's a decision. That women in every level of business and and every level of the workplace have to decide what if you need that job and that man can control. Whether you have that job. By 7677. And eight we think of the meat to movement the silence breakers for the time magazine. Person of the year it's gonna Johnny Johnny hey John thanks for calling your on came easy. Now expect what do you think of the the meat to move at the silence breakers winning. But that I I think it's great I really do everybody everybody needs to have a voice whether there owners are some speaking out for a month finally. I don't I don't want that to come out the wrong way and I don't want any and I'm sure you're going to be called after the I don't want you to completely. These men or women because it does happen and then also it. It in your opinion. Do you take any of these people that have been harassed her. You know sexual abuse are in them. That didn't speak up. You think any of them feel in the least bit guilty. I think there's there's and a ala Jimmy answer. I'm from her perspective I think there's probably some and not. And they feel guilty for not have coming out. Earlier I'm sure they do but again yeah you weigh that don't you mean John do you understand the reason why women wouldn't come out against Harvey Weinstein fifteen years ago and they're trying to break into the movie industry. Yet Indo yeah let's yeah I don't understand it in the know that no part of that is I don't understand it because. It's just a job at the patriot. It's a diet but you're an industry that is very small and when you say just a paycheck. I think that's what he means just a page I mean your ear. Oh no no I totally get it in but I I think in the back to keep thinking. They feel guilty because let's be honest some of this is forty years ago. How long. Did they let this app might not speaking up to date let this happen to other people but I people kit also because if you look back like Korean court belt. They were letting. These guys in the equipment as women do also they were relating these people get away. With almost murder. And you in speaking up they have prevented it from happening in the future right it's you know again it's people act like it's so easy why didn't they just come forward I don't think it's as easily as you make it sound I don't think it's and John I IC giants coming from. I know it sounds like a harsh way to word it. Do they feel guilty for not coming out maybe maybe not when it happened maybe a year after or two which still would have been fifteen years ago I. I see what he's saying I also 100%. Understand. Why the man who has the most power in your dream. Could make one taxed or one phone call and you. Are not working in Hollywood. Or New York or anywhere ever in your life so now this dream these act. Acting classes this passion you pageants you might have been seven. And now you're 22 were 23 you wanna get a call back you wanna get in in an in his an interview an audition. In this guy flips the switch and says your numbers disconnected I get both sides of. When you say just a paycheck so yeah I mean that's your livelihood what do you mean it's just a paycheck it's. If you're on your own and there's no one else to help with you just a paycheck summoned to sexton what's more important a job or your respect and integrity good question well. You have to Furlan and yet you have to make money. It's not like me for the for most of us. We get fired. Jamie if you get fired I get fired some working its surrogate fired somebody working a whole markets fired or other companies you can workforce there's a lot of different industries or or jobs that are similar to that. If you get fired by Hollywood and your entire life has been dedicated to movies or television acting. They're too many other places you can go. Where you can be an actor you know it and politics too if you (%expletive) off the wrong senator right. Who has all the power in in in DC or it in the state. There aren't too many jobs for. And I think it's easier for men to Saturday because we have more men in positions of authority and power in these businesses and they don't have to worry about it as much they don't we have more women that reports the men the men were to win and some and why about losing their careers as much as women to edit and just let me read as fast and so basically they put fortune and fame over being sexually harassed or doing what's right. No they put having to support a family. Over. Protecting other PQ can you soften that position for just a sec I I but I. I bet there are a bit this group of you'll listen Malone L and Rose McGowan and human you mentioned Gwyneth Paltrow and at a number of other female actors actresses they came out. And blew it away you know blew out the whole Harvey Weinstein thing. Bible bad taste they're probably the back of their mind they can I. I wish we would have done something sooner as hard as that is to say. Three years sooner for years sooner could've saved a lot of girls who were trying to get gigs even. Ali I'm sure they are thinking that yeah they also thought I've got kids at home and that I have to support and this guy controls. My entire career again it's it's hard it's I can't imagine beating Ann and again just a paycheck and means you what if you've. Couldn't work in the industry that you're gonna act ever again. We give it it it's one thing to say just a paycheck of your construction worker right you can and and I'd love our construction workers and every. But there are other places to get gigs if you get fired from the local K got construction right you can go to. Across state lines or go anywhere else in the country and hopefully find a job think it's easy to say but for yourself in that spot for just a second and that paycheck by the way. It's millions of dollars. So you know that's it it's significant. I'll never make millions of dollars so I have no idea what that just a paycheck is like. Iran stick right there ready come to you coming up now I 767798. Talking about the time magazine person of the year these silence breakers who started the meat to movement that is your person of the year. I 7677. NA coming up talk about the people who finished second and third. And just dissect a wanna get Ronnie has been hanging on out and Overland Park Iran thinks calling Iran came BC. Lord. It's great that people are being honored. Well I think we have to look at you know it was a long or it's coming out of agriculture. Mastery and industry. Doom. And also not actual racial. And you know let's be cautious on the company. And the person who would actually. Erase it and what we're at a higher. So I mean were situation. In Munich and it looks old just look at somebody's circle and look at it now. So you know. And via the court. And in some of these are still Jack well that you'll clear you know and leader to take care of so I could immediately. You know. You know you're still under and probationary period when you're tired. You know so you can be the reason. Rock that's a great call man and an end you know it's not always. Sexual misconduct racial misconduct whatever the misconduct may be. If if you're conferred dude that is a blatant racist but he hired you or someone in the company hired you what you know that that GM or that CEO. Is a racist do you say something do you stand up to him after remarks may be chides a joking your way. Right and the difference to me between. Some kind of racial discrimination and is sexual discrimination are not skirmish in a sexual harassment as a sexual harassing can be physical. Where's the racial discrimination and racial harassment is probably not but yet you're right the point is the same that someone is. Treating you poorly and saying things to you that you know are not rights but you need that job to support herself and to and to make a living and so what do you tolerate. And it's the same thing by letting that person harassed you and not speaking up and that person into its other people at some point someone needs to speak up but it's not that easy pay. This just kind of broke. In the last break and now it actually makes it it's come back here to Missouri in. And this meat to discussion shall continue line past the time magazine award. Kristen Gillibrand junior senator I believe she's from New York. Has called on senator Al Franken to resign he's going to go through ethics committee. To conclude of course we know the video of the picture in some of the stories from. The news anchor out of Los Angeles. She as a a long statement I'll paraphrase while senator Al Franken is entitled to have the ethics committee conclude its review I believe it will be better for our country peace and to clear message that any kind of mistreatment of women in our society. Isn't acceptable by stepping aside. Swanee five seconds ago or shorter. Senator Claire McCaskill has weeded out Al Franken should resign. I mean Kristen Gillibrand carries this much weight in the senate. Claire McCaskill. Has been their for a very long time is now calling on. Senator Franken to resign. I think it's got it it it's a good political call it won't happen I don't think cal at that story has already kind of died down. With camp I don't think I think it's good for. Women to stand up for other women I think that's a politically I think it's good for Dan being a human beings. By whether he'll do and I think it is unlikely. I don't know if anybody thought John Conyers was gonna stepped out is the congressman out of Detroit. And he is gone you know has come out and said he's going to step down after every now he's 88. I think it's a big difference yeah he's the longest serving member in congress on Al Franken star in theory was rising a little bit before those have been mentioned as presidential nominee next time around so. Al Franken has more layers. Oh absolutely doubts but I I think it says a whole lot when you've got someone like Claire McCaskill stepping up and saying Al Franken should resign. Runners up in the the time magazine. Person of the year number three was cheating paying the president of China. To. Was president Donald Trump. I could see an end and we played the audio earlier for you from the president time magazine. He has transformed a lot. He is definitely transformed a lot the way that we view the president the way that we you know we view government the way that everything comes out of the White House two. To govern and I could absolutely see him winning had it not been the meat to. I I county government had a pretty good chance at winning also on because of the influence that he had. Over the course two seasons of football you know and and the conversations that that prompted on. Downturn Canada which you find on is it tweet about. No that is surprising actually maybe it isn't Bremer president trump tweeted out that time magazine had asked him. To be the time person of the year if you remember that. Time magazine called to say I was probably going to be named man person of the year like last year but it would have to agree to and interviewed a major photo shoot as it probably is no good. And took a pass thanks anyway that in a tweet from Donald Trump last month. Time came right back as we know refuting the statement quote the magazine said in its own tweet the president was incorrect about how we choose person of the year time does not comment on her choice until publication which is to day. And we find out that Donald Trump was lying. Again. Because they actually had done the photo shoot five days before that tweet even came out from Donald Trump. Who lied to his millions of followers and millions of people who follow him. I in this country. Do you think that his silence. So far for person of the year. Congratulating. These silence breakers. And the lack of congratulating the meat to movement says what what does that say to you about Donald. Trump. Not a whole lot yet. Because there's still time. To get at the last three hours doesn't mean he won't on and so I. If he doesn't say anything I don't think that means he's had some massive change of hearts like ooh I've I've had does missiles urging and and I should have done what I did and if he does congratulate them I don't know that I would take that to be genuine either. On. Jack I guess I'm not reading too much in the fact that he hasn't read I'm surprised by it. There's still time Donald Trump's never silent on anything except stuff that'll make him look bad. I will make a bold prediction. We will hear from Donald Trump when it comes to the time magazine person of the year the silence breakers. Partially because he didn't win so why does he wanna give anyone else any notification or notoriety. And the other reason. He's got so many women that have accused him of the same misconduct. That these women are stepping up for. But he got elected anyway. So I don't think down dollars and I don't I don't think he thinks he is done anything wrong I don't if you were to ask him something like. While isn't it ironic that the meeting movement in now. One person of the year and you've been accused of the same thing number 214 times I don't think she puts himself in the same club as the people that have been harassed. As that as the Harvey Weinstein are the people Adam accused of things. Involved enemy to movement I don't think he. Will wait egg knowledge that that's ironic I just don't think he puts himself in the club and I don't think that he is someone who's easily embarrassed. And it was ever going to admit defeat I think you he will justified if somebody were to say. If you were call on the we'd play for you the clip a few minutes ago of the time magazine president too who explained I think we play this part emirates and I we did explaining about how. The tweet the president trump had sent they'd taken the pictures animator decisions days before he even sent that tweet. So I I think president troubled is justified you know if he's called on the carpet wall why did you say you have been offered number one I think he'll make something up. To justify what he did he lie yeah I think killed and people believe it's an and then they'll forget in a move on something. I'll bet he'll try to justify because he still thinks he won. But he still thinks he's been tied magazine. Person of the year. But instead of admitting defeat congratulating these silence breakers that women that have led to meet two movement what does Donald troubling to do. In honor of the women he's going to go she'll Perot or more in two days in Pensacola that's what he's going to jail a man accused of sexual molestation of a child in sexual abuse of a child he's going to go shall for that man to be in the senate. Because he needs a vote that's what he's going to do. Man that vote. That's what he's going to Lamar comes up next week next Tuesday it's Tuesday on Steve Bannon. Was on quite a Rampage yesterday about that went and and rallied voters in support of Roy Moore. Called Republicans Howard's Republicans in congress cowards. On its budget ST ban and turn has been kind of interesting but and yeah that that votes and it tells a lot about this country next week Intel's. Held a lot about Alabama and it a hell of a lot about Alabama and badly you know your moral compass is in the right direction when Steve and it is aligning with you. That's how you know you got a lot no and for you aren't you can read time magazine story it is up on her FaceBook page. Coming up some new numbers for the streetcar and mass transportation in Kansas City we'll tell you what those numbers are up. Or down do that coming up next 1048 happy. Wednesday right we need to sign in here that tells us what the other way it is is Rick does not archer. Up up big stuff. You can always text into 2980 or it is up. And FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. There's an interest in street card numbers that are coming out in downtown new. Numbers that are coming out. When it comes to mass transportation. So tonne Jarron. Who is in charge of the street car he's the employee in the city employee who oversees the streetcar we get these about once a month. And he was tweeting out he's got some really easy to read charts that we appreciate that he put out on Twitter and here's the bottom line and they are continuing to seat. Kansas City street car usage grow across all Kansas City Council districts over the last year and processing growth. Across all age ranges. But it's definitely growing more rapidly with the younger 35 and an under group. That makes cents simply because those that live along the street hard line are more likely to be younger like the wickets of the world. I'm not 35 and under but I appreciate appears to be a strong correlation between age and usage they say on which they say in forces out reinforces changing transportation needs and the wants for younger generation younger people. What more public transit options which means good news as we. Have an effort underway to continue ran nothing further south. On and that looks acts again it's it's up across our council districts but the sad. Over 50% of Kansas City residents polled have written public transit in the last year. Up from 36%. Just over a year ago and then they break it out based on bus or street car. On and just looking at the latest numbers or October 2017 so 49%. Of people say they have re ready to one so about half and never written a street art but I would believe that I am not written a public bus in a long time I never ridden one in downtown Kansas City 41% of people say they have written a street car not the boss. 21% of people say they've written a bus not the streetcar and 12% of people have done both. Crank out. Well and it's going up and ridership is going up downtown. Zoellick and let me just say what it's like comparing it to October of last year or so lol you've got Alia 31% of people October 2016 a year ago had written streetcar only. That's up by 10% here. NN that surprised too because it's getting more popularity. It they're remorse there's more things opening up around it for you to to to park with a come from late you come from Overland Park blue springs or whatever. And then boom we can hit up all those different fun places to go along street. But what it says to me is that on when the streetcar was first being proposed and when it first opened there were a lot of skeptics who said. A lot of people are gonna write it once when it first opens and then the novelty is gonna Wear off in ridership is gonna go down and what we've learned is that the opposite is happening now I don't know who those writers are. He's talking about people in Kansas City it would be cool to see I'm sure they're doing us a natural wide survey among how many people. And not caught up parks with Scott parts of the world or Dana writes the world that live in that don't live on streetcar line. That on. Wrote it once or twice in a while this is really cool and now two more often a lot of the people that live farther away. That thought they would take their kids on at once because it's cool. And now have gone back and done it repeatedly who might have thought they were going to you know anything. So this just looks at Kansas City residents to be cool to see outside I think that's obvious adding people there live closer to streetcar line are gonna spend more time downtown anyway I think that's a given. But it you know me I mean of people that Lyndon Johnson County acting. In theory what they're finding is that it's attracting more people more often even if it's not the simplest thing for. And and in the next few months we're gonna see the numbers go down from month to month that is what happens in the wintertime and inserts picking up back in the spring when things get more minutes just. That's just plain and some. But I wondered if the opposite might happen all's well because in the winter and this happened more as we run it further south on right now that two miles is still an area that. If you're really committed to not driving you could walk and so. What I thought might happen is in the winter you would pick up some ridership because people would block in the summer in the winter although it has not selling out. When it gets called into the street car instead because I don't Lockett hasn't snow and stuff like that site maybe there'll be some consistency because of that we just haven't had the extremely cold weather that might. No but I think I heard tomorrow the lows in the teens having heard from the from what the weather forecast current AB CE that it was going to be like in like fifteen L. As a guy who writes the streak are pretty regularly and etiquette here being from a window. You know you can walk out to the thing an image that is. Stand out in the coal that to me is that people stay indoors more off site I think the numbers will go down. Hopefully I'm wrong and it continues to go up but. I'm not surprised at all the more people are right we thought it was a novelty. And it turns out to be pretty valuable to me more and more times when I take the streetcar. It's it's packed it's asses to elbows and as a like this. Some expected they are writing a stupid thing because it's Fareed. On I this stupid thing well and has commensurate same person that is going to Tommy next on as is and as they start charging for people well right. Keep in mind the way that the street car is paid for is based off of taxes that command for people that either live our own property along the streetcar line. Those as ridership goes up those businesses are seeing more business. And so that tax is making even more money. Meaning you're not net charge for rights you know I mean. It's it's fixing itself the chicken and egg is is fixing itself so you won't have to charge for an end to it I hope it stays that way. I've got my family in the Detroit area and they opened up theirs they call cute line because I think Quicken Loans sponsors hitters like that. It's a buck fifty awry and it goes further theirs is four miles ours is too but it goes through downtown Detroit. Tom but it's a buck fifty a wry. In Milwaukee right used to live and I've got a lot of friends there they're building there's. And Milwaukee's about the same size Kansas City little smaller. The way they have a feeling right now one of the casinos up there. Has financed the first twelve months after that they don't know what the plan it's no one's really revealed that. We are very fortunate here for fans of the streetcar bands of free transportation. Were very fortunate here. That writers can get on for free those of us in the district Levy for. But writers can get on prefer. Businesses are paying for tune and as a results. They are getting more business networks up and you living on it you benefit from it being up front door businesses are are having to pay for all but my guess is they don't mind because there are making more money as a result of that. On and so the bottom line is that the street car will continue to be free as long as it continues to run through areas where there are businesses that people want to visit. Which will happen when it runs another two miles south the plaza did you run you know you get close to west or in vehicles applause and spearheading. A lot of those businesses that people are gonna wanna visit so it's it's a further reason for people who ride the streetcar line. And it'll make money again when you run it to mark miles south as we can and like you and Casey in a little bit closer Burke's side. Because now you're hitting a distance where people wouldn't ordinarily walk you know and you're getting into more residences just like you've got some on river markets you're just hitting a population centers for people to begin ride. I think this will be free for a one time I think it's I think we've shown it's not just a novelty it'll start to become a regular thing for people to start using I mean a bit in people's. The beetle Casey lied flock at lake and I know he's really get a good check it out nobody it's jam packed every weekend sprint center concert to witness. It's jammed all the time I think this the same thing terriers attacks wheeze to go to a specific place downtown and would not venture past that now with the streak are we at several places downtown when we do drive there. It has to help the businesses downtown absolutely does and those on the street are. It's getting more people there and are visiting more things at once or short I mean whenever we go to sprint center and we always take the streetcar meaning gets off the bat at the power lights copies of the walks five whole minutes but but that happens at crossroads stop in at call and senator stop and all those things so so texted on Digg didn't start letting people ride the buses for free and see how quickly the writer's open the joke street car will fall but it street carts that really a joke it's just I don't think if you start if the buses for free I don't think that mean -- are people organs are riding the bus were talking about two different experiences. I don't. People on. Yet the most though I heard in his it that's fine you hate the streetcar I don't know why you probably also hit a single terminal plan and anything that's changed.