Detective walks in... Suspect cuts loose.

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Wednesday, November 8th

Not funny.  But oh my - it is SO FUNNY.... 


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You're listening to the Dane and parks podcasts on K and easy. All the way to the 21 the coldest air of the season thus far in the afternoon high on Friday afternoon 43 degrees still think your chance of rain on veterans day. From jump on them for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ weapons going down 44 and I TCI are looking at 48 and Elton 49 and you were official weather station. The only two things in life the vacant rooms and it's guitars to good term feeding women. Only the name in the marquee clients. So got you okay tonight. Today it's. Yeah. To the basis. Of Lou Martins let's go to its. Hundreds of Sandra and it's an honor this and this. And tonight. I guess Keith Urban is Britain's some sort of a song he's gonna perform tonight about the Harvey Weinstein. Allegations. I'm. With one Ellison. And they're gonna honor the victims of though Las Vegas massacre tonight you and we only just stick to match. Hear about this. Suspect in Kansas City. Thomas and bat and thrown. Him city star report I can't make this. His flatulence. Stopped. A police interrogation not a continuing investigation. That is resulted in a 24 year old Kansas City man now facing federal gun and drug charges. Shawn Sykes junior and is now charged in US district court with possession. Two with intent to sell albums. Being a felon in possession of three firearms two of which were reported stolen. Tank. They go through him Richard Magnum drugs law. While being question though Shawn Sykes denied knowing anything about the guns and drugs and that we're on the road this fall at. After it fell from the sky and in my car so. Anyway in his report about the interviewed the detective rights. That when asked about his address and I'm quoting here from the police report now. Mr. Sikes lean this is when he was asked about is that that's. Mr. Sikes leaned to one side of this year and released a loud for. Before answering what his address. The report continues. To miss the good cop bad cop and there the bad apples like cannot. The detective went on to right mr. Sykes continued to be flatulence. And I energy interview I ended the interview. How bad did he have to be that were like you know what I'm just dawned on you not added enough. Now probably just let him go please mr. Suggs can magnate sure congress plays the other thing. It. It's this is a bad guy legislature last known and allegedly. Allegedly. Your last known Andrews wasn't 339 finds there toppings and correct. Yeah sounds right. So. It health care to interest there's now help me. Mr. Sykes is here you claim you don't know where the guns or the drug. Drugs came from are you still holding true to that story. Well detective. Yeah gas soared way. Oh. It's. Good cookbook put out I think it. It. Mr. Sikes would you like me to read your Miranda rights. I guess it. Yet it. Right to be an eternity but you're right to be in its early. She just say you ranked in the turning to the town. Kara the story is that I loved. That you just talked about it was in school resource on the ad saved that girl's life when school extremely high school. Which cramps topic so. Why do things I want I invented a cardiac event. They this is not a contact via the school nurse and the school resource officer saved her love the stories high school you get right okay so do you know. That because that happened down the street I'm mr. wrote about. Well. Who knows her six years ago there was a girl on the basketball team. At the middle school just on the street year she went up for a layup and they could not her she just had to and what could a Mac and and I interviewed her mom and dad. Sometime after her death and they started. A campaign. Really an education campaign. As well as a fund raiser. To get defibrillators. In every high school middle school elementary school so so keep in mind is why I love the story. Had we not had that campaign and the education and know what we know now. I don't know that they could've saved her Kara because in the case. In Prairie Village there were resource officers there that there were paramedics there rank this was an athletic event. The only thing that would have saved her maybe. They said was defibrillator and back then they didn't have one. So every time your kids' school you look up and you see those defibrillators on the wall there is a local family to thank for that who lost their daughter. So god bless the people that brought that girl back absorbers so glad she's okay. Yeah I'm. New airport coming new airport new construction starts with him next fall that there are crowned the jackhammers and they sing groundbreaking next ball once they get FAA approval one. There's a whole rigmarole of design things have to happen before you tell me in the news around that a couple of airlines have Marty maybe we might. No room first round there are armor is we could be getting some you know because other people were watching this vote. People around the country were watching this vote to see what's Kansas City gonna do this and I think. And rocket talk about it until we know. There could be some new stuff coming to Kansas City just because of that yes. Certainly the Amazon. Bit to. We really high on this I. Hello I'm high on who pulling Kansas city's chances but you seem like it's. Signed sealed and delivered that Amazon gonna move HQT. And I can't say we will be in the top ten but only because the airport vote went her. They said you have a laugh. Your Overland. Is that you have to have a world class airport or we will not even consider you for dead. You don't think it'll have what we got their distribution. Censor what I understand that probably had more to do with the fact that we're centrally located than anything else. But when you're talking about. Probably the biggest company now America yeah. Besting wall more I think I'm not mistaken details aria. You're talking about the biggest company in America which is headquartered in Seattle or not. And they're looking for a second headquarters saying the Kansas City doesn't have. Odd chain it's now but it reminds me the chance and dumb and dumber. Right where she goes no one in a million youths and Jim Carey goes sing in this change. A group doing that chance it's possible. And we were up against you know cities like Austin, Texas. Which is young and vibrant and I know Kansas City is becoming more young and certainly more vibrant I've. Watched it over the last 31 years of a bit in the city. It's it's been fascinating truly fascinating to watch Kansas City change. Over the last thirty years and change for the better. I would argue. With a much better but. You know were were up against 200. Other cities and regions. I don't think we are well I don't 200 people put their hat in the ring. Some of those cities don't even have the minimum population size. Required. To be considered true MM as Puerto Rico says they're mastery Puerto Rico's I mean c'mon it's not 20200 might apply how many of those are really viable cities got. Really. A Topeka Kansas is not a viable no but city but in Austin, Texas is in New York City is certainly wants to pay those property prices I don't I don't think Amazon right now relief can hear him more money. Current steel structure. Hero I'm sure severance is go put in Denver put in Minneapolis. And 'cause I was literally Amazon distributions that are sir that's right I forgot Edgerton there's Casey can't let nets and Edgerton. So it's not like we're an unknown with no company. Not the one thing that Kansas City is always going to struggle with and I think will struggle with in this regard to. Is they want to make when they announce it because I'm gonna announce the age cute too until next year so they're gonna want a splash. The one thing that air and laws some point in the some attacks and to segment when your counselor right texture. If you live inside of Kansas City and by that I mean the greater metropolitan area. More often than not yours you know this great place. I love this I love this town. It's a big town in this it's a big city in a small town. You feel I mean you bump into people you know at the weirdest places. You know even failure metro 2.4 2.5 million people. But it didn't wanna splash. They're not get that when Amazon says that our headquarters. In Kansas that it. He voted against it because I'm telling the reputation of this city. Temperatures is wrong word the stereo type of this city outside of this city is that work out. That it's. Land with a big building or two and they can't figure out how we have a football team at a baseball team and a Majorly sucked it. There were people coming cancers like. Buddy Joseph came here from Greenville, South Carolina is not exactly up metropolis. My buddy Joseph comes here and he's like and I take around the city and he's like do. City we're gonna go eat some barbecue and basically fly out. That's the impression people have of Kansas City outside of its Amazon gets no splash. By announcing their putting HQ. In currency as easy to park were not saying we don't have a chain wanna be doctor to. I just think I've rod you argue with me on this when I think our chances are slim but not extinct now I don't think we haven't oh. I've 767798. Caremark to rub Babcock bigger items up parks and came music. You don't sums up almost all of us and knock on wood happens to anonymous in the future but it you do find yourself in a car accident. Whether it's fender Bender portrait something more serious. When it comes time to get your car fixed remember the name Dale's collision repair. In blue springs there without a doubt the best of the best in the city and probably this region. I'd been up to many times tales of personal friend of mine have watched as crews work. They are the best there worked as guaranteed as long as you're on your car trucks of get it fixed right the first time. Deals and blue springs 81622818558162281855. Online at Dale's auto collision dot com Dale's and blue springs take care of cars taking care view. Coats for kids 20s17 it is underway let's check in now with Camby is he's my quick. Very much doubt he hurt it leaves them pride clear at not a lot birdies would chapel road collecting coached kid that got it 2017. But it might wholesale battery out cold that it can it would stuck in around Kansas City in approach they were big topic even chopper. If your kid sort drop off your to appear until 6 o'clock cubic out here bring change it he used Carol. And about the need pride cleaners in the area. He wants stopped decorating senator or pride lead Kansas City location plus. Are we to be alive including tomorrow. Quality boutique over parked GB I will be I don't care for potential to bring your coat and cleaned out by tried cleaners and distributed. All around the metro if you locates Kate independence and milk break out all over. We teacher coach so police. Either drop off catch check all eight new or used Coke we were totally appreciate. It till 6 o'clock a little while longer pipe cleaners. I don't want to repeat what each would chapel road. Italy sound like 91 KM BD. Here's some. If it John's boyfriend rod like vanished may not be drowned they found his boat. In him his wallet was on the boat it's a long long time ago that no writers are so. It disappears. As an beginning and agrees they declare it dead. In 2000 I think a they declare it dead and buy and use talent are because they have just. Sat out again all some she. How bad is Olivia Newton trot out of the speaker of death to get away from I. Am yeah and abandonment and I is vote. It's been more than a decade since the LA based camera man vanished at C. During a fishing trip off the coast of California. The disappearance is long hunted Olivia who. Once tellingly revealed his had been a very hard and human to wonder about what really happened to Patrick and now it appears. Well this says she can breathe a sigh of relief I wanna beat him without holes. You blame and her current hit him they have been tracking him for five years. And a whole bunch of media outlets have picked this up but they claim that they found him. In a sleeping Mexican fishing town called say you'd be heaped on. The image shows a man who bears a striking resemblance to Patrick he appears to be around sixty years old. Lounging with an unidentified woman soaking up the beach front view. Wellesley so what was the name of the trauma that this say you. Outside in the war that's what I sat there are things going. I mean they've lived in the. He would know the anymore and. And everywhere so it's Kent. Is it. I mean. Did it. Out. Watson's terrible. You're the one that I want and he said and one and you better shape but he's a guy I got a bottom Lehman. Is crime. Can't fake you around to ship out the only way you'd be it crime is if you didn't pay your taxes. No crime if you profit off of that like a couple of people who tried to quote die during 9/11 but they were alive does demonic and attacks it is wanna now. Is it a crime to just. C. Sure. You cannot have the whole world thinking you're missing it won't see at least. He's got to pay back the coast and no veto yet not now certainly show because he did not there is no indication he faked his own death he just abandon his vote at Mexico because he was sick of me Ozzie chaired. She said. That's your right. And I don't mean to a man. Die. Out. It's different this. System is just breakup with our. You know. I got to physical argue. Physical physical. Gonna get is that call is at call. Better shape up better shape up. Oh he's a good looking guy. Olsen girl things Saturday and I. Abdul central I suppose that on our web site he is a fake fake dead person acre not dead guy. Baker. Act as an insult to us now. It hurts you re there or that's a good. Answer for security to focus on Capitol Hill today we'll have more coming out. Great shape and. Believe only fair price it's what you'll get an always get. With carries icon in climate switch almost three years ago since then three million American men and ultimately. They made the switch staggers to come to him because Jeff Mandy. Two ordinary guys who are fed up with getting charged in Armon allied for razor blades. Started carries to take shaving for all of us carry stripped out the unnecessary features and the unnecessary cost and they now deliver customers one perfect razor. At an amazing price probably be tried out for yourself two dollars a blade compared to four dollars or more. 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In particular the massive Yahoo! hacked and compromised an estimated three billion accounts. Meier telling committee members that all companies are vulnerable to cyber crimes the threat from state sponsor attacks has changed the playing field so dramatically that today. I believe all companies even the most world and the ones could fall victim to these crimes the US charged for alleged Russian spies with the 2013 breach. David Al they is talking about his plans for Kasey Kahne now that he won the mayor's seat last night defeating incumbent mark Holland. Al he says he's a big advocate for police and firefighters that local government needs to support families. On the middle. Good of the societies created them into it and we can't have enough police presence if our families are breaking out. Now he says his views on crime and social welfare come from his experience is a long time school administrator. Check traffic and weather together next. 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Skies mostly clear this evening and temperatures have dropped through those forties are wind chills down into the thirties and our morning temperature right at freezing. We'll look for little frost in the sunshine in the afternoon high temperature 44 degrees still below average for this time of year. Friday about the same but we start to get this coldest air of the season thus far. Will begin at 21 degrees. Then 36 to about fifty degrees on Saturday which is Veteran's Day. The showers in on Sunday but the temperature only stays in the low fifties were high. From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. I'm Caremark sir stay connected quickly as 981 KM BZ and yeah he got. Cranes that. Sometimes when. Yeah. You can't shoot. And have you ever seen them right there in the eye theatrical production at. Or that movie grace no because they single line I musicals. It is have been home with you I don't hate is almost each turned in to like DFS I I eyes eyes. You don't like we went to New York. Years ago. And the girls. Well actually. In new York and then here at starlight. Meyer is really high for whatever reason. On this play musical Matilda on the arts. She likes the tilt of yours. So. Couple years ago Matilda came to start. And my is girl scout troop wanted to ago. And so we got tickets and I spent an ungodly amount of money on tickets to see Matilda and starlight. And the whole way there all I can think about was. This will be of. Very nice. Two hour now. There is something wrong and that's exactly what I did who sees no value in theater I I I hate. And goes well regular he passed to the theater his wife doesn't have to go yes he does. And using reside it's my most everything and had not seen it I'm and it assets are. They actually bring the car out that's all during greased lightning it it is and if you've never seen it please get tickets are here to kiss concert Gene Simmons grease fire. And I'll post him floats. Over the crown not the same thing is truly shoot stuff out of his guitar. Now this in Israel's. I still do that in their old age is that yeah they do still do that generally. It's I don't know what I would do without her like I it is one of my favorite. Places I won't start no I love starlight for concert. I hate musical musicals are like a concert. But with a story line yeah beginning and there's a middle and there's an end. I don't like here's what I don't match and be like this get off by one curmudgeon which of your trying to paint me as I noted. You kind of. Jazz hands. When it is such a problem majestic and yet. Her sister is because I don't. Like watching a movie. Greece would be one in particular partners CNET. Where they sing the lines like single line to move into with dialogue and then there's songs in what it. You know who else is just like me is my mother what was that movie with Angelina Jolie was Micah. Almost Cinderella like kind of movie a couple of years ago I'm not mad I didn't see it. In the name come to me up anyway. The whole family won my brother was in town with his kids and everybody wanted to go see this movie came out of the woods in the way into the woods that was. And seen a couple of freebies like a warm homecoming. Of the kids wanna see you will go to. So my mom and I am kids and my brother his family. We'll go there. I just wrote I'd just get tickets for Christmas Carol to Casey ripper you OK with that yes will be fine I will ago. But anyways so we get into the movie theater. And into the woods and as it starts it opens with one of the signatures singing. And I happen to be seated right next my mother. And down. And we both looked at each other and I ago. Have a mob doesn't cost. Never cuts as looks meeting goes. In its eight. And it was awful. But we I cannot imagine growing up in a world. Where I don't value. Theater and music and the arts and gee I cry at the end of every musical when they come out and they sang and they take their out look I don't know and there's something about. That. Moments. Where you're clapping and they are coming out of work so hard I cry every time packets. Some good points out Lima's rob is Barack I did see that one time it was very I did like that that was if they say that's kind of a man's man play that's right. Outlays on how long. Yeah that the bread and the and the music's really good in him is and I did enjoy that there other ones that are good like that well. I haven't seen. You need to be in the wheel house of lightness war. You know famine. It's bondage. Science I mean. That's a tough one but but but this here care remarks during game right before to go get Knowles snooty on meat animals. It just so persons. Like arts aren't vote via our I love when people I I'd like theater. I don't like musicals. All right so. Don't get it polls snooty and openly with me. One achieves. Its and you adheres you guys you play. This thing now. Enticing here here's the thing that you two were doing and I'm MB. You'd like to there's one key word that the up but he crowd likes to throw out who did. Not people like me down. Like we're not cultured enough you know what that word is my. While a cigarette now. And I. You don't like them. At CU guys don't say things like oh really don't like musicals you say at all the you'd throw it all into one group who don't like. Ball went up. Customers is Campbell Scott who love Hamilton. My daughter my 'cause I can't wait to bought a lot of that music I think I would like that because I like American history like out you know the music and the music is really good companies and sex line you need a hug. There's a woman on the text line who says Dana. I want to thank you for telling us. The and it costs. Girl she's that I wanna thank you day after telling everybody at eight hugs per day at twenty seconds seems nice it was funny. She said my husband and I have been doing it and it is so hilariously. Awkward but she goes we do feel better after immediately so we've been doing it. So today Chris cut me and I can't there's number. Don't you feel better Scott button. In some is a kiss concert. Is the that's true the kiss concert is kind of the it's crappy overpriced theater policy you don't like though. Her home theater allied out now. You would love has cancer. Things. People are flying through the air there's fire and everywhere there's a lot served as a way I can see insert distillation people applying Oliver. Well. So no I have never seen Greece I never want to see grease and whenever wills calories maybe it was the unit John's boyfriend really did not like musicals and it is on Saturday night fever kind of like the sequel to Greece or something. Oh. I'm sorry ideologues are I don't know I don't go a little thing you really like her words you batters until we probably would tell funny. But I there are things I like you don't like. Joy. She'll. Now I'd like stupid movies like dumb and dumber and Tommy. Those airplanes those things make me laugh cause there's police academy in their souls put their funny. That's what I like I said Steve and sunny every single day. To go home is to have to agree with the bottom line. Yours your finance. OK I can do that. It's try and be honest here percent and how much do you like a snap no doubt. It's fair part of my game. Clearly notice if you'd known name. Your wife is a a draw almost two yeah she's yeah she's also in ovals you're. Yeah which is what the up but he ladies on the show like to do to talk count me in electoral count all. You have to take your wife to a lot of places. Yes. I want you to be honest. Let's pretend that Tampa is about listening all. You like all. I've been to a lot of plays and I've seen a lot of plays I enjoyed. And it's a lot of plays its. But that was along time ago listening children and you were in the last year he's not talking about you know who won this there was really. We thought was really. You know as I knew I might like god. Helping Floyd's the wall that music I can get behind that is a great my wife got a FaceBook message from a woman choose to work with that was right. This guy. Rod on the Jonathan we your show was talking about the belt theater and he was saying how great theater was a it was really good I have no idea we why he was there but isn't that great that he was so nice about belted a high school he and and it up on the radio. It's in my life responded that's my husband. He's. Aren't a lightly and that it. Guys there are new robbed not just love to see he's just randomly goes to the I don't ever happened to walk into the ultimate highs not done. And at Ole what I do on weekends ago what school plays and show in this mountain. A. Did right here with different programs to it would very low cost life insurance dot com the cost is slow the process is so simple Stewart and all the got to do is give you at all. That is exactly agriculture a couple of that of course we are more than happy to help the listeners that it into the maze of processors so many choices. So many different products out there. We will make sure we look if there's specific in the right situation. And find out the policy that's suited for their situation about this a forty year old male. That's a nonsmoker and otherwise it could help in getting one million he'd year level term plan less than twenty dollars. He is so much more affordable than people think sort remind people where to find Jack. 8167920700. I think 16719. 070. Etc. what Varitek website low cost life insurance dot com. Coats for kids wanna seventy let's check in with KM BC's Mike wicket. Very much are you more minutes collecting for kids 70% of my old tale battery. And deliberately let chapel road lease of think everybody's stop it now. We have on it then the very bluster and I cut out trying to coach donated including salary in Europe not just locked up. Look at all eight dropped off recovered to really appreciate it beat such distributed to schools and keep slope educate. Independence. Bill reach out all over the in the city metro all cleaned up. Great leaders near you can't come out here and actually it up at 6 o'clock. You could drop off any (%expletive) you wrote it in Prague leaders want to stop it according senator or products each knocking. Tried to study location RL. A lot showed that we are going to be equalled Arnold. I'll eat cookie IG and not be live at the attitude to you all were parked at first on dirt including a battery. They are he can't sleep and the city and it was all the. One stop decorating center antics that sports. Are on your day. Or are stops and AMP easy. Dot com coach Kirk it will not like anyone take that beauty. Fears are. I guess it's just like. I don't hate the theater I've I've gone to see. I would see the Monty Python musical. Accounts and my lie yet realize when I was at a dollar and there is an outdoor theater very much like starlight in Saint Louis on the Muni and might Ian used to take me there. Like she had season passes for musicals. In my dad was upset about it such term she's she's gonna tell him hey make an am when I heard at us like oh we need Keeneland. This is driving him nuts. Rate now know we need to go there every time out every ever come back I'm just gonna. Ever so casually just throw lists into conversation ever want someone. Just drive you nuts dental folk. June I don't know I don't know if he is a home before necessary I think he just did wonders to. What would have happened if you're. Well gee I guess he would disown me and that would be totally different in my experience right out right at the excessive pay. It the kiss you know is the intro music. Mike Rowe. Has a podcast. And I don't like to encourage people to. Listened to podcasts are the ones on this issue but this one's on like seven minutes long tank does he's very very short little podcast about like people you don't know who that person is until. The end and he does an amazing one on Gene Simmons. It is I feel bad days giving it away joins Simmons is horrible leader in general no he's just an interview on. Tells like heat it's like and that you know the rest is right yeah. All parties and it's exactly like that only it's it's a lose a little about it that's the way I heard yes oh that's where heard it in the one he did on Gene Simmons is it's more about his mother. That's an actor Simmons yes it adds Rain Man is not what I love about it's only they're only like seven minutes long team c'mon Mike you're just. You know I want to tell me the stuff I missed in history class someone telling them was and it was not you step in this district has been put needles and hard core history. And you can find if you're a road trip and I do what you listener podcast we put it up every single day. But if you're a what road trip you can find amazing stuff and the best stuff I missed in history class. Was not about in that hill they did an entire podcast on and it spills month term while. Yes amazing. And it's like. Saturday until about you know Di's death. But you go to any podcast search engine and you type in weird showed. The show I'm trying to you'll you'll find the Jonathan weird show and does a fantastic podcast we'll as the state parks. She I think that little guy here as in all other. It's not listen I guess legal beat users view it's like shameless plugging now so. Well shamelessly plugged Mike Rose entered week in June so that's the weird show W he. A totally free and commercial for a oh. Aren't we better and have a great night everybody on behalf of our producer today the finest men and all of America the great rod Babcock like a politicos there right. I am Skype parts of god willing rollback tomorrow 2 o'clock have a great night. Be safe. And be good. Happening now on KM BZ already issues with the first drive released shuttle more on that in just a minute. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.