desecrated flag art and PUBLIC university.....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, July 11th
Two hours after we talked about this story,  officials at KU took the flag down.... 

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. I mean he's out on. Little. I know the sack religious this is my all time favorite when Max. I don't know why. Probably his. Greatest scandal in music. Period. A minute disagreements. I can think of a hundred other signs that and I wasn't enough. Regrets you'd see. Men and while I will tell you leather laces one of the best songs are well it was strange and that's a Don Henley Stevie Nicks solos on him out of we would Max Duncan. UT. Yeah installments and Indiana Jones. I know this was due out whether god next summer and I. Question back right. July 22 point. Right now. They pushed again. So they've pushed back into July 20/20 one he will be 79 that somehow come on 789. Any action. We just got to let some things down when you cannot bring Harrison Ford at age eighty out as Indiana she owns. And it area teams now yeah. He's going to be swinging McCain and not slow staging area and Jones. Who swear it sort of now. The last movie was bad enough we don't need another one. I'd ever saw but I heard it was terror it was a long boulder grad. And Mario let that go yeah I do still goes to check Star Wars. The don't what is he let it go because if errors in fort you don't need the money now. I'm sure he likes the Burr just go act in something else that would be. Now why I don't I'd say eighty year old can't do anything that. Twenty year olds can do and we shouldn't be in Daly tell now all. Battles it does whip Morgan Freeman and the I've Elliott they tried a paper there or they do their bucket list yes now. Whipped yes in the last movie you can tell it's a stunt double. Idea trouble Edward. Is looking asset and I was like the don't ask so what is it what pregnancy brain. Equipped to. Paint his very hyped. You can intelligence stunt double when he's due connections to do if you can't man. Now an idea. To hit it or just driving me crazy because CNET. Oh. Guess what we have to lose. Its common. I was informed of this yesterday. Of Karl put club now. We have to go see that movie about may. Have you seen run on total raw hate I read in the trailer is. Which are down well into the trailer her brother. It's it's basically the new jaw. You guys were out of out of town eglin dawn it's called the man I have it in my count outs when it is it's August 12. I put it in my calendar and I say yeah he's on up were. Rodkin YouTube me via. Trailer for the Al mag get August 10 at the bank comes out in on my calendar I not way. All fall it's got at all. It's this little. There's a tank there is some kind of you know underground ocean. Its underground is again deep and yes I'm. So so that she. You know designer. My sense. Like this gigantic sharpens. Post a difference. So they just. It happens and most. Yeah John stable look at look at the size it's usually comes every story fall more. It actually shows. That camera existence. Thought to be an exchange. Bloomberg. Oh. They'll play the music gets really weird here coming up. Smith lived on. He's getting right. And then all of a sudden we go to the makes you want to. This isn't it. To stop kids. It's Jurassic Park meets jaws and I cannot wait and I will be in the front rows screaming like child Jason state and isn't. Yes they them that is speaker's. Office. Hulu transparencies. Of are right. I am going to start campaigns. And that's what she says I agree can't talented there's so many people they use it it's like the comedy equivalent of cliff notes right. It's lazy humor and it's gotta stop I regret that iiroc. Likely to bite from the offices in this week. I guess he knocked us out. I bet you money that the meg lived on eats too late short. Or did you get it's so big. Hey that's she's how does scandal ridden as long as she says that's why show him a toy. All right how about the Phyllis Angela dispute your RD did mean that's what she said. At least for this matter it. That's she's. Or he said. It can't. Stand happy 20%. It's old and tired but it. That's funny. It's like when I. First started the show like 420 years again. He was into the rim. With the columns and shot the rim shot that's what you said. And after about three days sitting in this chair. I you know. What is it with you and that ran thing stopped doing that. It drives me crazy. It's not funny. You're using it like 67. Times a day and I wanna kill you and I've only been here 72 hours. That's what you say this is the new rim shot. He too much in line about jokes. It's funny the first time it's funny the thousandth time it's just I thought its ports. OK so the met Madonna so anyway I have to go to the maglev. I've worked when your pets com which when your kids Mya and Kelly's son. Can make cents. Sarah is like mountain not interest you got a movie that got the wood and tell him. Know until you goes seat like a shark slash Jurassic Park and mutiny. Because I get really into it to the point of kids are like please please. To really excited about oh. I can't wait. To tig Dana I call. I am party you know I have been suit one concert. And one comedy show with. GAAP again. It is. Borderline on. She's fairy. And it almost I'm being honest with these were all being honest with the each other. And apparently my age that's what you said is getting tiring frightened ones we're just being honest with the each other. You are very hard to watch a show OK okay I'm just being honest with. Don't get Matt. And it's Roland Martin over well right now I'm not done rot you've been with me and Dana at shows needs in Smart isn't. Through periods. Different kind. It's very difficult of hours on the show I was I was argument with a couple of friends of mine when you go to with theater shut up and watch the movies and when we're watching a movie at home. Make fun of every single second of that film I will enjoy it and and and make fun of it with you but when you're at the theater shop. Agri OK now you wanna be on us go ahead. I'm going to add to the list of things I do the drug use please stop doing this. I'm adding that glass case of emotion. And I'm sorry. Hell. I'm sorry and sorry all I know Ernie it's no she did a nice. And I wound. Hack. It's time I know I mean not just had a one word you said he'll. I didn't find any chance the get out get it out like I watch. 56000. Oh my god I just it's it was not me. I think certain things run their worst. Like a glass case of emotion. Obstruct. All while Tara. Your soul while they're right. You just call my dog I've been. My god care we're being honest I year I would not mind the end of the glass case motion either. You will it. I'm about to drop someone you were now. I just look at finding something. Something and. It's better than the black won pop I don't I don't like how about a new news reader and I knew how probably find those things that are new. Anchor and came out fourteen years now and I should sing and maybe we could find something else and I'd say Kara. But you go back at her home mark or island. Like Alan. Break that Allen gets in our keys that have. Him lead you. Double. You. Oh. You're. The you know what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna play anchorman stuff now are. Crazy party. You know. You know I don't speak Spanish in English the fear of ours yeah. A. That finding the right higher retaining the right hire is tough I have a girlfriend actually looking to hire right now and that you are a small business owner. You know how important that decision is but how difficult that decision can be as well. Have you tried linked again. He should try it you could try posting on a job board but does anyone really know who sees that. 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You go Karen combat queen's he had this next we're running and a warned people this is gonna make a lot of people Matt. So here's they don't be mad at us we are just the vehicle. Of the information. We are about to impart upon you. Eight congressional candidate from Kansas second district which is to the north south and west of the third district so read that Lawrence Levin worth Miami count me Ottawa displaces. I Kansas congressional candidate is speaking out against a public arc arc project of the University of Kansas. Decrying the art work as a defaced American flag. That is disrespectful of military members Steve Watkins. Who was a combat veteran and Republican candidate for kansas' second court congressional district. Sharply criticized the University of Kansas in a statement. For its display of untitled. Flag to. A piece by German artist. Josephine Maxi for the flag. Which is really an American flag but with added imagery is the last of a series of flag pieces to fly over the KU campus. In the last several months. It is let me paint a picture forward it is an American flak. It is on a flag pole on the University of Kansas campus. There is a large terror. In the lower left portion of the flag. And it is covered with a lot of black in what looks like black ink on the fly. I asked Scott when I sought as it is that blood or ink and it's it's all watched. On the American flag. Quoting here from. Governor Jeff collier in a press release. The disrespectful display of a desecrated American flag on the KU campus is absolutely. Unacceptable. Men and women have fought and bled for that slide and use it in this manner is beyond disrespectful. I have communicated with cater chant occasion chancellor a dog to rod and the board of regents president Blake Flanders to express my disappointment. That a taxpayer funded institutions. Would allow such a display of our sacred fly and I demand. That'd be taken down immediately. Before everyone gets all mad. I'm going to play the devil's advocate here. Public campus. Yes. Is the flag. Pole. On campus and owned by the University of Kansas is that it KEU flag pole or is part of the art did she just stick of poll you know like we have nothing at all no no I mean look at your editors concede it's clearly. My computer quietly here's what to say there it is the it's and I. If it is. Arts. Affixed to. AK you own flag pole. I think the university might have an argument that that whole. Belongs to the university. We are not going to lend it to use to fly York. Not C flag slash confederate flags slash art it's watched American flag. What I wanted to go tomorrow and fly a Nazi flag on top of that poll asked. That's public university I should be able slap on a flat. I think KU has the right to say we don't want that flag on our poll on campus now. Can they stop someone from just displaying art in another way on campus that some might deem offensive. I think there are we're getting into Dicey. Oratory art let's explore that this meant that that's a great point 576779. It is an American flag. It has been. Desecrated clearly there is large patches of black ink on it there isn't air largest air that runs about. Three stripes and long on the bottom left of the flag. Is that art. And doesn't belong on a public university campus. 5767798. To the newsroom here is Caremark. Happening now a new parental leave policy gaining traction congress more next. No I got my guys at lightning landscaping irrigation working on a design for our backyard right now. Let's talk to via the day I know it's super hot outside him I think of going out sitting on my patio on my out. Up the start thinking about those outdoor areas in your home and here's why you wanna get on the schedule now if you are thinking about. 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This flag that is now flying. On a flight. And the university of cannot likable flag pole he put on her from porch I'm talking about a flag pole. And it is an American flag it has been decks the desecrated. It is it's splattered with black ink interest Orrin. It's part of some art project cold untitled flag to. Wonder. All. Was hoping to keep that guy around Brian in KCK hello Brian. I don't call. Or through this first stop. All ordered freedom of speech and read our of our act and it stopped. And become illegal whispered to my second port. I do believe that it is illegal to get the create in any way shape or form an American flag. Leo that is incorrect out remember Bryant the Supreme Court ruled a long time ago you can even burn them in protest. Because it would be over reach to say you can't burn a flag because that's how they'd. Responsibly. Dispose of them correct me if I'm wrong correct in the Boy Scouts and other organizations and VFW and that kind of thing. That the Supreme Court firmly has rules that it is. A free speech rights Texas vs Johnson 1989. Are now that being said. I'm not going to say that pisses pleasant and I think if I saw that I would find it to be offensive jarring for but you can't say all tattered flags are offensive look at the flag that flew over the site at 9/11. That is a tattered worn a flag that travels sometimes in museums and you've seen it in other places that. That is very humbling and beautiful. And his use going to his art now see you also can't say it just because it's tattered desecrated it's bad. Which is why don't think they're can be a law. Now I I agree with that and I don't I don't that would say that tattered flag and while our legal. I agree that it's taken down like the fire department here in case today at a bar at our planet tattered image and weight work ticket down and let you know. My third and final point is if that they can use. Alone while apple which it sounds like it'd. I think it disgraceful for the predicate for K you know. To effectively say we're OK with this picture that art or it desecrating a lack. I absolutely think the case you should take it down and not allow them to put it on eight Lombardo didn't want to put it like oh go ahead I mean I don't. Now let me ask Brian because this is obviously very controversial I get that and and I would never in amid years. Burned an American flag I I am opposed to the idea although I am in favor of it being legal. Through the First Amendment of the United States constitution. However. How would you feel if Kate you put the same fly. In their museum in an art museum it's still on. University. Read that public property. It is still a desecrated flocked. It was a big way today. AD. For lack of better term semi pro you've seen them like somebody in the Egyptian art. And are going to be they're going to be taking it out like that you're all the exhibits that showed that the art. I wouldn't have a problem that is actually a report. I don't agree with them putting him up in the going to be permanent because that can be a and says. Okay. It's a sanctioning. Now we are OK with that I can being permit. OK I think Scott I'm in agree with him I think if you take it off that K you flagged hole. And I think Kansas has to do that because of the example I gave earlier about a Nazi flag or confederate flag or any other flight that someone. Their family crest on a flag and chiefs flag it where do you draw the line I think you you cannot allow them to display it. On a public university flag pole but I do think she has every right to display this in another manner on campus what. So define the difference there for me because I'm not sure that I agree with and I'm I can't believe I'm going to the left of you. The flag bothers me. But I also respect the right. And and and I've always struggled with what is our duty you've been on the show wanna. Rolling black ink on a flag and ripping the bottom last half. To me that's not the UST a message that that's my next point. Sometimes art is not. Well Scott couldn't do this pain so this ball skills. But sometimes in art it is simply the message read that this Christ. Yeah which I found to be outrageously offensive. As a Christian. However. I believe that that person and that was they ruined dumb boring easy piece of art but hat it was trying to send a message. And sometimes art is not the complexity of art but the message behind the. People will now be talking about this today and I think any artist will tell you. That if I have started a conversation that's uncomfortable or otherwise. That I've done my job that people are talking about this why you think right now. In 2018. I desecrated flag is art and in this. Year and last year are among the most contentious politically we have seen in a while. No one's gonna disagree with our own people are angry on both sides. People are I don't get into politics I understand what this message. Is trying to quiet the messages loud and clear however. I don't understand where is the line of distinction here Dana. Between. Well we. We're not to allow you to fly your art on a flag pole. But you can frame them and won't put it in the art museum here on campus. Their both state property. And there both. We're gonna let let me give you another let me give it still disrespect get a better example. When you answer most public universities and certainly OK you. At at one or multiple entrances there is a removable changeable interchangeable sign. And usually that sign bulls say welcome freshman. And then they'll change it. In chilly winter break and they change it again welcome back students and happy graduation week cut that is public property. Absolutely it's right there campus. That you would not allow a student to bar those letters in its public property. Use that sign which is intended to do one thing like a flag pole is raise the American flag. You would not let some sophomore freshmen come over and say public campus. I wanna are those letters. And instead of have a great winter break students I'm going to put on the sign screw you professor. Smith for giving me entity. Here's what I would like to go from carrier am and I don't. Like this flag. I support. Their right to fly it temporarily. As a piece of our. What's that big building in case you conceive from Kate and pressure Frazier thank you for original. Do you think for one New York minute Kate you would while this flag at the top from the top treasurer hall why. Why choose this flight poll I mean if it's art it's far right right if Kate used in support of the arts. And free expression and it really looks like the university is is sanctioning has an updated black hole in the middle of campus outside of the commons. Does not look like the case that KUN sanction it. I have a problem would this fly. Being flown. I understand the message that the artist is trying to convey. I find desecrating the flag to be reprehensible. And should not be illegal. But it's just not my cup of tea I don't think it's cool whatever. I don't burn flags but I'm not him to stop you from burning it just doesn't mean that much to me. Chris in the north and hello Chris. Current. Oh. Pay your original comment weren't at this ordered by the very core thirty years yeah just ask the my momma and artists. And as you point out arc is meant to. Create a motion the people they come back and epic it's late we are. Artists like the group. And and art and progress in their career. They begin to understand. The impact they can have when they tried to deliver that our mom kicked out of clay and a bank. Look at people misinterpret or are bad each against abortion. They threw look at it was such an ugly you are in it disturbs me that they'd walk and there are out C. He's good at being sucked down the grain. And yet. It's part of outbreak like the life and she'd well. Her explanation of what the piece meant to her and she was trying to get by somebody came and it would probably be you'll work. Like what they saw it upset them. On purpose but then they chose not investigating further all we'd like art. Is meant to move people sir and this is moving in. Every direction. And just because. It's on a flag pole that they own. Make no different you began the score report saying this with the period of war lag that they've displayed over the last few mark. And it adds a total piece of art. This is the one people buying defensive. How you're talking about the prior three your right. Even though the back porch and I think people would be just disturbed if you try to quiet not like on the whole. And and been trying to explain it to be our and everybody knows. What that were present is totally get that don't. Chris the university would never have allowed that it would have even made August would've taken down. Of course not look at everybody knows what the Nazi flag represents and there's nothing you can do to make our. No no and that's interesting. A lot of people would make the argument though let me play doubles after with you Chris that a lot of people know what the American flag represents. Yes thank you cranky unions what it's follows direct read them in the way a chilling what it. You think that we're at right now in the content just that the park our. Car. Okay thank you. Our Brooke Coleman of dale dale hang on they'll call you guys hang tight. How we get to both in just a moment 576779. Oh man I and then. And ride around town and that Volkswagen Jetta and academic essays to be attacked the Volkswagen the love the way it rides they love the Bose speaker system in that car. 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Earnings saying it there may be Kris it was in the original speech and altered. The artwork part of it. If we can behind glass case and you weren't forced to look at it. They're try. And and Paul aren't all in politics. Backed by the state and federal government. Not far. Written a flag is escalating let many years go along mate it that. Was it your actual. Audience and now. Well. That's because somewhere will judge decided. It's interesting because I think there are a lot of people who leave I saw this on the text line and truly believe it is illegal. And that was a case settled at thirty years ago and by the supreme board and we're happy. How that vote came down I will be surprised if that is a close vote. I'm going to guess maybe seven too if if I had again working corporate it because he you. It does stir emotions bypass decision it was 50. I'm stunned it was 54. 54 with a majority of ten. In delivered. By the way. Rehnquist hang on. And dale. If you can cool the wind in the background I would just the opinion of the court here. Was a five to store decision with a mature. You feel you can certainly Chris. Dale I don't know what you're doing Mac atmosphere. But the decision came down among those voting in favor. All of flag desecration being protected by the First Amendment was none other than Antonin Scalia. Who else. William Brennan. Thurgood Marshall was. Nominated by Lyndon Johnson. Harry Blackmun Antonin Scalia and Anthony camp. And I know a lot of view on the far right give me again it's. Him only because I'm curious. Icing on the cake with cases like this you would be surprised I don't know. That a case like that is gonna go down ideological lines if you start saying it is Il legal to do is apt. Did you have to figure out a way of your boy scout them VFW. How do you appropriately. Dispose. Of a flag without breaking the law can't put it in the trash that you breaking the law you can't burn it that would be breaking the law. One of the big reasons that decision and it's been years since I've read it but I have read it was that it was overreach because if you if you outlaw it. All the sudden Boy Scouts around the country are breaking the law when they. Volunteer. To do like a flag disposal roundup day in a nuts and bolts of that one year they said bring in your flag we will properly disposed of that flag. By doing the Anthony Kennedy Antonin Scalia Blackmon by the way it was nominated by Nixon. Who was no liberal. So the other ones would have been Joseph Stevens Sandra Day O'Connor. Byron so I O'Connor voted against local post that decision it's it's that's very interesting to me tips of the newsroom here is Caremark happening now in KM BZ the World Cup final is set that's next. 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