Dead man goes unnoticed at KCI parking lot - family sues.

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Monday, April 23rd

Randy Potter was missing eight months.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. If. The heat and bond moonlight. So we'll get the blue. Can we talk about the royal baby. They came out literally like seven hours after she gave for now I'm like holy crap lady said. Princess Charlotte's. Is going to stay in her succession line two of even though the baby's a boy that's right burst that she made history today. Because humid history yes the next deadline will be their oldest son. Who is George Wright Charlotte will be after George told George and his wife and have kids some correct correct but before this. Her new baby brother would have skipped over. Who. Am. But not a Queen Elizabeth become what was she like the only kid you know the issue is no sun yes your daughter's right doesn't she won two daughters yes. Watch the crown so. All trip. And her dad died it's a long story but yes there are roles and that's why she's. What they named as they because I'm so exciting there's all kinds of betting going on off. You know what's weird the only two people in this room who actually have any sort of English in them are the only two people poker. I'm like you know I loved could not there couldn't careless no. Okay. It's a data rot with the may never liked rock you're from England. Barring marks and that's about his story chizik gets. You do indium and meet parks so no I'm not the only ones from England. And were the only ones who don't care. Can. Be put. When I today I'm going to be honest. The biggest smile came of my and they were talking about. Prince William was putting the car seat in gap mean isn't that just lovely it just makes me among them its modular when the things have an English hospital looks basically like. Any other store front ranks. That window. Yeah they're simmer as possible on the show there is building a might that looks like everything else looks like your residence yeah. The fancy house but by the way just to Costa give birth there Italy 9000 dollars US dollars are there. Did you see the couple 1:9 this morning right after the media showed up. Do you see this now they think it was for them well they didn't know what was going didn't know I mean there in the room given birth merit you know their star and her family. And media gets word that. William and Kate Kate William and Kate thank you Cobb. Have gone to savers hospital so the media like it does in London just to sentence on that front door waiting for something. And out walks this couple with their baby in a carrier. And the husband just looks up at the dab into some some of those. Ella. A well this isn't really impressive receptionist. To the doctor on call when she comes and I know you see Nadal you've been there done that it. That is. The wife of the future king of England don't you think I. You can reach did you say that everybody came and don't look. She's really good humored the doctor for her you'd be like. I see this all the time zone in June even put an air mattress down and war newsletter now. Royal. And marijuana is allowed to look at the royal vagina. Believe it is going to probable lamb on manhunt. Swim at that point we will do it in. The hole. Let's spray of a member of the land monitor him but it's not. On call. Oh pretty exciting. You going to be going to be one of the askew a personal question yet both. Did you give birth I'm naturally now detect and he sees it circuit but they were down there working in the of course. How many years were natural all okay. When your going through that. Yes which is a camp I think rod you agreed to being kicked in this. Job. Did you really here. Who was Motown you know middle of an odd and your egos. I mean there have been. Channel 41 channel it's true that could have been in their filming it you do like. Mine. Skated out people's army naked it was ridiculous bring an inner anger out here you really don't there are happening down there tacitly that just happened. You mean when the nurses now. Let me give a bit of advice. I've. Advice in the region who would be dads. Who are getting ready again at that that. The advice product that you agree with me being a fun of yourself this advice is important. And we do it because we. And ordered by New. York. Baby mama. Is getting ready to birth a child. The doctor inevitably will turn to you Wednesday. Would you like to would you like to see this and everyone says oh it's the mean. It's. The answer that you work to give to the doctor or to the owners or the nurse practitioner when they say would you like to see your child come into the world. I'll help answer is boom. No I do not cells because I know that the answer is though because I accidentally said yes. I did they. I. Ladies do not take this the wrong way I say this out of love for your husbands or baby daddies. It is not beautiful. It is not a pretty sight at the baby's not the only thing that comes. I'm being honest. I think I've told you before I gave myself a horrible migraines. While standing in the delivery room next to my wife holding her hand. And keeping my left eye shot for like eleven hours and so that I wouldn't accidentally. Eat and sees something and I don't need to see a steamroller destroy in my favor flagrant and. And keep in mind and I'm just being honest. But it is not the only thing that comes the baby is in my eyes sparked. Aside from aside so the answer man is no I tell you that in advance because a love. What should be happy I don't want you who's doing what you see can never be unseen again. It's devastation. Just. Adultery in my Johnny Bench him breast cancer. Congratulations to the royal Fam I think it's two. Coke. The answer is now. 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Ask them about their MS RP buybacks sale at Wilkes wagon of Lee's summit they're so easy to work with the number one VW dealer and all Kansas City. Folks wagon of Lee's summit now BW Lee's summit dot com VW Lee's summit dot com. All right. Second annual day of parks and bash thank. Those who donated thank you. We raise thirties we by we I mean all of us. Raise 36940. Bucks. That's pretty offs. Region. A story here from the Kansas City Star. Words were to talk about it. The family of a man whose body decomposed. In a case CI parking lot for months. Is now suing the company responsible for monitoring vehicles in the lot. SP corporation in two of its employees are named as defendants in the lawsuit. Which was filed Friday. Buyer Randy potters widow Carolina potter and his two children. Imply coming court. The suit alleges the Delaware based company and the employees caused extreme trauma and emotional distress. For potters relatives after the defendants failed to find them the UN next man's body. For eight months potters body was found last September you may remember the story. After Kansas city police were alerted to a foul odor by a patron. Potter had taken his own life. Sometime after his role since last saw him the previous January. Jam Paul Miller an attorney representing SP plus said that he could not comment specifically on the details of the suit. Because he hadn't seen a copy but he obviously our hearts go out to the potter family as a tragedy. That mr. potter decided to take his own life SP plus vows to defend itself from this lawsuit as tragic as. The situation is. According to the lawsuit potters relatives suffered mental anguish and insomnia as they wondered last year where their father. And their husband laws if he was trapped. And didn't. Doing too good to duke it. We remember the story I I I thought this is probably done. That being said. And trying to be sensitive year. This is a man who chose. To go into a remote. Area. Of the airport he parked backwards. He did not pull in to that slot so that someone could see a license plate and he backed into that slot that's right. During a snowstorm. He winds in my opinion to great lengths. Not to be found. At least in the beginning. Truth he put some thought into this okay. I failed to see as tragic and sad as this is for this family. How it is a third party's responsibility. Looking at the decisions that this man who's obviously in crisis made. You know when someone goes missing in Kansas City Scott is it necessarily. If they have taken their own life. The police departments urgent responsibility. Two to locate that person. People make this horrible decision every day and it's awful. But I don't know how do you blame a third party. For not discovering. This person's decision final decision. Let me say this I'll preface at all by saying I'm sorry to the potter family for their loss. It must be tragic and I am so sorry. However. Name a parcel of land in this region in the region. That isn't owned either by a public entity read that county government state government or city government. Or by a private individual name a parcel of land. That stretch of of grass right behind you Dana gap between swift road and the exit ramp to don't want to Metcalf is owned by the city of mission yes so is. The land behind it correct its own by the city of mission. Every parcel of land is owned somehow some way by somebody or something yes. So the family. Of precious doe had the right to sue whomever had. Tragically. That young girls be headed to head on their property and didn't find it. Entercom owns this building. What does someone and I'm not suggesting you do this please don't. What is someone decided one night that they were going to. Somehow get up on the roof of this three story building and kill themselves and didn't know. Engineers don't typically go under the roof of this building they do from time to time but number often and somebody's. Body was up their decomposing is it our responsibility. That unbeknownst to us somebody went up on the roof or out of our own building and kill themselves. It's not that out real quick just there's there's one distinction with the families going to say this is true is that they have license plate readers out at Casey guide to make sure your not parking it legally your battery and he'd he'd he did back in. They're gonna say they at least had a mechanism in place to locate that car as what police who are riding around those license plate readers. You know if you were I were missing and Roland park he got to hit the license but what I agree don't know that there is a suitable infraction. If they don't find that car. It's unfortunate. I think we all agree it's on fort absolute. I just don't know that Casey eyes responsible here this guy to ride. To not be found. And he succeeded. Our 767798576. 779 nature Casey I'd not Casey I but the company that runs the parking lot as he plus should SP plus beat on the hook. Let's make you wonder are they really monitoring the cars that are in that parking lot and how many people Kara. Commit a crime and then wanna get away and dump their car up at airports across the country not just this one. Three weeks later they'll say well he recovered the car at at Boston's airport group. This guy apparently flew out the money fat you know it just happens all SP plus. Is a parking lot owning company. They're not crime fighters. They're not. Death investigation solvers. They own a parking lot 5767798. To the news or liquor marks. Terror in Toronto today more next you know I talk to body mind he said he goes up on the latter three times a year to unclog his gutters and he recently just. A company to come out and do that three times a year he's at Albers has I don't wanna deal. Sentiment actually sentences. 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Or visit Belden radio dot com for a free in home consultation. Belgian radio dot com l.'s elite guard that are home begins with bells and. 330 warning Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are eyewitnesses say a band was driving at high speeds when it crashed into a crowd of pedestrians today in downtown Toronto. This man's disease some people being flown into the air eyewitness at least. I save 67 people being. Kate and flying in the air the driver of that band now in police custody police trying to determine if this wasn't intentional act. Secretary for the department of children and families in Kansas will ask the legislature to increase her budget by 24 million dollars over the next three years. Jim Meier homo today's said that some of the new money would go to higher child protective service workers to conduct abuse and neglect investigations. She said the state has more than 200 positions of fill and they can't find enough licensed social workers. 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The clouds rolling back gains Tuesday night with some widely scattered showers a little upper forties scattered showers and low sixties and the forecast for Wednesday. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC weather. It four in our case CI 73 in blue springs it's 73 at your official weather station. Iridium dot com app is the official name home with KM BZ downloaded today listen to us anytime anywhere. I'm Kara marks or news Eddie 81 KM BZ. You go to somebody wrote. It's better when I was trying to say. 8451 says to me the lawsuit is about the potter family wanting to blame someone. For mr. potters doubt they are angry would mr. potter. Mattis tragic. And I hope they find therapy but the parking lot company seems to be the closest thing to mr. partner's death. The family is re directing their anger. And 8451. You wrote what I was struggling to find words to say and you're absolutely right. I am sorry. That this man. Took his own wife Randi potter. But he went out of his way to not be found it not be seen. And yes he lay. Sadly. Decomposing. I'm trying to find a nice words to say but it's hard to do that. When you're talking about something like this he lay decomposing in a car and Casey are parking lot for eight months many of those months were winner months. So there was no smell. And the family is angry. They're angry they're Randy potter for whatever reason decided to leave them. And leave this world. Leave his world and their lashing out and they're looking for someone to blame. When the only one to blame quite frankly let's be honest is ready potter. Brandy potter made that decision down. And I'm sorry for the potter family and for his wife and for his children I can't even begin to imagine. And Scott I don't wanna get into that head space I really don't but maybe that decision was made to not be found to spare the family from that find. Going to be. But the parking lot company to me is not liable for office. They're they're not investigators it's not their job to go through the parking lot and say. We've tagged his vehicle this one's been here for a while when you detect a mean golf they do that players and I think that's what the families saying it. They do that routinely because they wanna make sure. You have paid they wanna make sure that there are stolen cars out there that wanna make sure. All kinds of things as a business when you own a lot of that size and magnitude. That you had some mechanism to keep track of the customers coming and going. In case something does go wrong that does not mean they have a legal obligation. To find a loved one who has decided. Suits to not be found. What are the fairway and Arco and scour the agent I think they did I think everyone looked but if you've been out there it's not as. It's acres and acres of cart's there are thousands. Of cars you throw in snow. And that this was going to be the outcome which is why it's. Based on against his decision. To go there. His decision. And I understand some Lisa Scott you said it correctly my son committed suicide and I wanted to blame someone. But my son is the one who made this decision and I've accepted that. That's true. Again not to repeat myself but I wanna be sensitive here because we're dealing with the family tragedy. I feel sorry for the potter fan but your husband your fodder. Made that decision. As tragic and is awful I can't even begin to imagine what was in his mind. It's awful. But he clearly had demons. And he thought wrongly this was the way to deal with and he put a permanent solution on a temporary problem coming months was out there ace money stops him. I'm horrible. It's bad you would be frantic wondering what had happened where did he go course I all of those things. Of course. But I think it's a little bit. Forgery. To follow lawsuit again. The company that runs the park. It's not their responsibility. If somebody jumps off the top god forbid I'm not advocating this. Jumps off the top of the liberty memorial. Should the liberty memorial be to blame because they don't have enough. Fencing up at the top to keep people from jumping off no. Your family member made a conscious decision. Even their attorney says and it's on concern that negligence may not be as strong enough word obviously people did not do the best they cool it. I disagree there in the business of selling parking spots and not finding dead bodies. And that's just a fact. That they're not law enforcement. They're not crime scene investigators. They sell parking spots for a daily rate. You wanna park here pay the rate that's what they do. Me ask you this is somebody rented an apartment down town. Is it the apartment complexes responsibility. To check and make sure that everybody there's still breathing and has committed suicide notes of course. Their job is to rent an apartment you pay the rent. So I pay a full year in advance that means I want to be left alone 576779. Robs busy taking care of a job for Miro quick summit grab this person or lime tree like three year old Amir hello I. I am going to have to find deal lawyer because. As Dana just keep gave me a heart attack and and your read them I'm not sure what. Yeah it. This is unbelievable. She actually believed that someone is responsible for what they did other than a third party if they can't beat it. Be nice. It can't see the family seeking damages well over seven figures. Well and the here until we start sanctioning these lawyers court is far. Somebody is going to make up by caucus somebody they don't care what pour apparently going to that you. Oh yeah. I don't know I think it's it's not an attorney's. Issue I mean there there's an attorney on every corner that would take this no it's not. Idiot because if I'm an attorney and you come in would be something ridiculous. I'm going to be general but I'm gonna tell you you know. This is really not chopped a third party ball. This is the person that did this to themselves. The now know a lot a lot of these attorneys but you're talking about don't do that because they know. The the company will settle before they ever take this to court put in front of the jury and you're gonna at least get something we do not not. True it's true. Not true because it is you. Can you not to settle this case goes nowhere. I will be very very surprised at that actually not if I. Because dubbed. You know sure sure how how did he have the image is because. There are family member killed themselves against a third party. They're saying that it created extra anxiety has a stress and trauma was I don't always I don't disagree with I'm sure did I just. You get the Bob. OK. I can't do. Do you know. I literally I literally almost opera because the book Dana actually. Disagree sit. This is pretty if they ought. I do not I don't I think you missed understood what and say I don't think they have a case against that's always that's what he's saying yes and I doubt caused him horror. Pa operations and I doubt now that being said I have no doubt their attorneys all of the city that would roll the dice and try. Absolutely I mean. Nothing against lawyers they provide a service just like the easiest people to beat up on their three groups of people that are very easy to beat up on. Politicians lawyers media everybody loves beat up on that goes three people or groups of people. There are plenty of lawyers in this town. Who would take this case just hoping that there is a settlement. From SP plus out of Delaware. 200000 dollars they walk away with eighty grant. Family walks wave 120. They'll take it. Eighty grand. North brings a more. There aren't you one thing. Some partner much what every year. We're we're new editor and then gate goes it automatically church structure. Well yes. And you know and then. So there were an incident like this don't prisoners hours such urgency due to like number. And then they'd punch and into the computer. And bring cardinal are. Once it is parks among the acres and acres of other cars I don't know that they have a way to specifically. Find. One car in that sea of 90000 that are parked out there. In registered eagle and retribution corner. Does it does it literally monitor there's some sort of algorithm. Yeah that monitors do. Yeah because it couldn't rental companies do the same thing for a no matter what Jessica company like ordered GO. Is to inspection is known lawyers play. Might it might take them lightly but Norman might take a picture of your license plate but does it create a database. Words says. 123 ABC just pulled into the parking lot and three days later 123. ABC pulled out. It it doesn't. Now turn to take a look and well I'm not I'm not saying that you're an environmental cars are different as rental car companies scanned the car in and out of the blind and they scanned the cause there's nobody doing that at a K yeah. I convinced that that they have been able to create some sort of a system that registers. ABC 123 pulled in. At 120 in the afternoon on a Friday and pulled out at 120 in the afternoon on Monday. They may take a picture her license plate but but that's so they can go back if they need to. And look for it but when you're talking about 56000. Spots. Per lot. And god knows how many thousands. Of cars pool and every single day and pull out every single day. What do you do get an internist at category we need 123 ABC find it and then file follow them somehow and find out where they parked. I'm Bob Bynum and 57677. On it. 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OK I would and I read that comment yeah. Yeah. Kate really quick someone wrote in and said take just lighten things up. My car was tax code after six days overdue to pick up and how it held this guy go eight months without being towed I'd like to sue this company for lost wages and inconvenience. Your eyes and how much they. Charging you want guest. 500 dollars 600 dollars an altar recovers vehicle that was six days overdue. A breaking news out of Toronto where they now say nine people have been killed. In a fair amount terrorism attack. A sixteen have been injured I'm sure care Marshall have more on that coming up at the top of the hour Dave in Shawnee hello Dave. Why yet. There's a couple of it meant to our story. Number. Apparently. They have these. Back at their orders vehicle with a description and the viruses played yes and they said they had checked that did not fine. It. So that and they were supposed to get out of their vehicle and not do it and eat despite there. Their equipment in my doctor at our. I am the license plate and when they don't want this back there and that was to get out intact. The second thing as a business. Here. Wouldn't allow someone to have an apartment break a so that monitoring out of our site. Are meant to make sure that those bases are at or essentially and so. There's actually an act of art there are. I don't think argument that the site. Not committing suicide the plane is about the fact that they were asked about. And an upper did the cover. The body retrieved it and they were told specifically that it was not there and get checked they're not it is not you. I would just say the fact that they're supposed to do that is probably true per company policy. That does not mean they are liable for millions of dollars because they did not. Well I just out on the liability. You large but the fact that there were half the unit stated that it wasn't there they would savior for look forward but actually it. I think that's what the a bite to about that's where maybe some sort of help me is what they're there what you or there and they're they're valued you. You know actually what they say they are doing. Although I would only point out Dave went when I made the analogy regarding the apartment complex. I made sure that I pointed out that you that whomever had paid three full years in advance. In this situation that it's not. Well in these Brothers are different. But Dave hear me opera. Within apartment you pay for the month that you're about to live with a parking spot you pay for it after you've used the space. On actor to make sure that someone that our elected gentleman or. Are restored after seven days there's your look at their revenue. Apart you're a man. Kids in the newsroom here is care much. Happening now I'm KM BZ. A band mows down pedestrians this afternoon in Toronto details next. 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