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Friday, July 13th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Her name is currently in use. And they are your artists today so. Self. Away from office describing your grievances Michael MacKey from Michael Mack. Interpreter who's got parts. The or three days away from their only being one blockbuster. In this entire country. Where where is that blockbuster gases Alaska. Now the case Sheboygan know the keep mentioning those problems and it is up and they have that plus they're on to say it's kerosene with some Sheboygan. And keeps. We're Sheboygan Wisconsin and where's the last remaining blockbuster. Is in bend or again. Which I was kind of surprised that 'cause it's fairly close to Portland and so a lot of people from Portland will come down and be like. Oh my. We have to go win. Picketed business and tourist evident. Port learned that the card kind of guys that take old school typewriters. It's of them Starbucks mr. and so people see that there have steers and we don't use laptops anymore blockbuster has on the way of the dinosaur so it is kind of catchy and retro yeah we don't need to Cyprus a veteran power. Both of them. As of December there were ten blockbusters across the country. And ever since they've just been fallen off one by a lot of them and Alaska were six and Alaska and four of them to close by may. The last two will close by Monday and I'm trying to think of the. Little plays that some some restaurant that is. Gone by the wayside that I would like to go to you if there was one last. We it was it wasn't. Is big boys thing ever to have that win UBI I can't see many years member at the giant bailout aimed at the Pentagon with the gentleman's. It antigens and opens holes in the it's kind of like an overall best checkered it just didn't when you're little and you went road tripping. Did you sound a big boy that was always that thing he'd be in the middle of like near where they'll. Lived in Texas is a war over. There are stupid voice. Where they've. Where are the big boys. And looking renown there are some in Wisconsin. There's some in. Northwest audience or did you go to as a kid that no longer exists. This. I remember best remembered the and they would never get away with this now that Sambo is true. Samba is like a Mexican restaurant no it was they sort of racially tinged. Which. Back in the I don't know it's early seventies with a racially tense but they went. By the way of the go to Byrd as well because their mascot was. It. Was an I was pausing. Looking. With black or white and black eyes. Act that. Or did you have adventures here. Yes please we adventure where the Mexican Wal-Mart is right now in Rome. Is of interest or bias is Carlos and Kelly still paying. He tackles chi Chi's hello to. Direct don't Albert is extinct. During story she would have backed him. Well I know I speak for ride when I say one store that was really popular your kids that it's not extinct birds dying. It's Kmart. Now came apart. It's asking. Well. Chucky cheese used to be a lot more popular or Woolworth's. Sears used to be around theme Chucky cheese they were during the year and pay your age promotion piano wire that you're in this not Smart and well and it doesn't seem overly. Worked like. Yesterday's chaos at. Well there was a time that everyone thought Sears would take over the world like Amazon through how many times did you get out of that yesterday Caremark certainly were unbearable like. Was it panned out Mon AM it. A do you guys remember Toys 'R' Us those good times everywhere so that all yes that's the reason sire records yes. TGI TJ why the a lot of time penny lane records. Doubt seriously GM violence that is at a younger players use to agree. You can't try to teach you want anymore no summonses redden says there's a big boy at forty highway and Chrysler's near independence muscular. Are there isn't my father in law lives over not far from the stadiums and there's I guess it's high boy. Over there when and they're not long ago was right all my god this is delicious. This is fun rockers are thought there was one Metcalf. A necklace and Adam been one of those and Juan borrowing in the remnants the building is still up in the science and it's been dysfunctional. Early rate or RadioShack you know what's next guy is best buys. Yeah I'm surprised it hasn't did that tell you. When I was in college. Before. Sean and I started dating this was probably called the marry me probably her biggest mistake. You know who she dated before she and I started dated dating. The heir to the best by fortune again I guess this kid from Minnesota wins two K a year. She dated here and she was taking him. And then broke up with him to date me eighty it. System other things he lays awake at night regrets. Sure there are certain things that you are any adult there's certain things that you brought tabled he didn't. Whatever it was it wasn't very good as she left that Terrell. If it. More. I had enough now I do not care for doggie bag and leave the. About teachers Stewart pictures dating me Ayers of the best by fortune. Broke up with him to date me. I think these do little reconnaissance and find out what happened this guy is Q and hyped you. You remember what his name. Well now. Best by fortune board ignored. Opponents argument that's there no toy store last. What towards the rest disclosed you write it but currently number KB toys KB toys and I can Schwartz. To the other. In Mort there's a brick and mortar Tourtelot yeah well I tell you this Internet thing is going to kill the American well there is nothing. Literally nothing that you can go by. That you can't get cheaper and easier online what is it was a primates. At the sixteenth month yeah definitely right. I. Hardware store stuff. In your pocket or shall along line. Yeah but if you did you'd still you viewed that thing with hardware and auto parts stores as you need to stuff right now but it. And you can get auto parts a lot cheaper online. An all out. Somebody says there's a five rockers by the racetrack. At the legends. Particular match. It is there because. I tell you variety you and I want to make a million dollars. And I know they won't do because they have this stupid corporate argument that the many Smart gonna be is flourishing Kansas City uses down on the by the coasts. We need to open a water over. It's. And I'm telling you right now if we ever get fired and not enough when we get fired from the show. We are going to open up a water burger franchise and we are going to make a million dollars that they can it does that will allow you to go past what Oklahoma and what's the Tulsa Oklahoma is yeah Oklahoma there's one in Arkansas that I guess is about the same distance from here I don't mean to brag but when there was in Austin a couple weeks ago I went burger and bury it today it's so it's. Which also rod tellem what gift I brought back for. He's stolen number for Mortimer threaten. A well. They give you think you're not alone number you put on your table in the name you know like you're number five and they bring your food out. And that's finally had to water murder and I stole a rod will remember a play. Heidi we know that it's from wanna burger and not because this is what do burger on it up a can sometimes it just says you know I don't know who's actually say whatever they're very proud of their name. Please of course it is off. That. And who knows if not bringing rod back a fake water bird numbers. I. Might be cheaper I would recognize records in speed still in the burst. At that big get where. We'll be balanced aware of that looked like we found Davis replacement. Toll is pregnancy brain thing is killing me today it was the same cheaper. I can't say your baby is now mode dial like lake is. Yeah in Jackson ideas. How's that word he used these so fast he's so fast. Can I rescue and HR not complying question you're going to anyway so why are you gonna quit this job as taxpayers. I'm being honest and honest to know. Is I mean the amount of money that you're gonna make. Is going to be good enough to pay for the child care yeah for so you're basically working for for well make a little bit more. Like 36 and seek out something. Plus it sort of how are becoming too worked just get out of house. You know I I realized on maternity leave with Charlie that I was not meant to be a student mother. We notice because I was really bored by the end of it it's and really thrive on routine. And we don't have per each can we talk about how mama was gainfully unemployed for seven months rain lost my at Bert yes love thing. Mind. I do not do well when my schedules just ever so your staying on the show. Sorted sorted out that face that lets that's the face of honesty I believe you. I've 76779. It pacers' front coming to Iran after the 5 o'clock news Michael MacKey for Michael McKee. The right. Who possess more than 6500. Images. Of child pornography was sentenced today to. 6500 images of child porn rob. My Concord guests came sentenced to. 6500. Days of hard labor. Which would not be that long in the Borough board. Found that employers I'm gonna say probation for ten years. Eleven years in federal prison. My doctor Michael Vander grew 56 years old. Sentencing US district court today in Kansas City where he pleaded guilty to attempted distribution. Of child form. FBI agents trees pornographic images shared online backed Pendergraph. According to mostly a subsequent search of electronic media belong to Pendergraph turned up no less. The 6500. Files depicting child hour. According to a sentencing memo filed by prosecutors some of the photos were shot. Inside his home oh. That in the victims aren't. 6500. Pictures of child pornography. Can you get eleven years in prison. You should go to jail for the rest your life. Eleven years in prison equals to really what though way. In federal prison it means eleven years oh it does. When is that not when is it like when you get three days sabres OK and it when you get three years and turns out we elect 36 minutes and gotten them. Here's the story and we'll get to this from just. Who your source have stories today hundreds of miles from Orlando's pulls nightclub massacre or more than a hundred people laid that are dying. Tim Hewitt and his friends in Kansas City wanted to do something anything to help. They thought donating blood would address a pressing need for the victims. The LG BT bar but these perfectly healthy young men were federally prohibited from giving. Blot. You know why. Because area that's right. It's still thing. You still cannot give blood to donate if you are gay and active we have links hold on I need to look at it in 1983. The FDA in the midst of the HIV epidemic. Told blood banks to prohibit men who have sex with other men from donating blood. The ban also included women who have sex with those man. The medical and scientific community say the Paulson was necessary to stem the spread of HIV back in 1983. But has been a point of contention for many in the LG BT community who view it is archaic and statement ties in a time when HIV is less of a. This from the Kansas City Star July 1 gay men can donate blood only if they give up sex for eight years so the FDA recommends that men who have sex with men. The same for one year before donating blood. What yours this. 2000 intent. Newsroom here's her marks a little girls separated from her mom at the border now reunited more next. From the. Michael MacKey infinite right. We have just try to get under way in twenty. That's right. Estimates for the rest of us this week's decision by the University of Kansas to relocate a flight based art exhibit was made hastily. Under political pressure writes the Kansas City Star editorial board. And it reflects a betrayal. Of the university's mission to promote learning and debate. A flag spot with black paint was first raised on the campus on July 5. Who was part of a months long arts project called pledges of allegiance. And exhibition that invites people to think about the fly. Does not appear. That the peace initially generated serious controversy. Among students or faculty then politicians stepped. Quoting here from Steve Watkins Republican candidate for congress. I am sorry that a Kansan would deface our symbol of strength. Unity and patriotism. The artist by the way is not from Kansas she said the flag reflected they deeply polarized country if you haven't seen it let me paint the picture for. It is an American flag I fought it wasn't air by the way. On the bottom left a large hole it's actually white sock. That's been stitched onto the fly. And then from there. If from the story. From mayor there are at large. It's washes if you will of black ink that have been spread apart across the center of the floor. Kansas secretary of state Chris called balk called for the flags removal. Governor Jeff Cole your quickly chimed in with a similar statement all demonstrated according to the star's editorial board and regrettable. Misunderstanding. Of the role of speech and art. In the state of Kansas particularly. On a college campus. Of course the Republicans embrace of the flag. And dramatic demands for the art exhibit to come down. Conveniently played to their base and just happened to coincide with the final stretch. Prior to the August 7 GOP primer. In fact a similar flag is flying in downtown Kansas City as of Thursday without incident. Why is it okay. For this flag. To fly in downtown Kansas City off of the front. Facade of a business. But it has to be taken down. From a flight pool the University of Kansas. I don't like it at him I I find it to be. I don't wanna say offensive because I get the point. That the artists is trying to make again it. Just like I did with (%expletive) Christ back in the 1980s. I understood the point that the artist was trying to make it like it. I don't like that somebody's flying in the face to American flag. Wonder would become so thin skinned. Serves I remember for years. For years. In my ears I mean eight. When Barack Obama was the president of the United States is a guy that has house. Right down the street from the radio station and mission. And I would passes house every night on the way home. And he would fly his flag upside down he had a flat forms front yard sold us. Now the flag flies right side up strangely enough which is. With the flag applies ups and downs at the international symbol for distress right. But for eight years when Barack Obama was president this man flew his flag is American flag upside down. So why it. I didn't find that to be offensive. It's his speech it was his way of sending a signal. I don't like Barack Obama is what he sang I find that with Barack Obama as president this country is in loan. I'm distressed. And he flew his American flag upside down for eight years. Let's be honest Americans. Franz. We are not getting along right now. We're not playing well with others yet thank. And that's what this fly again. This him or hurt. Is intending I would argue to convey. Do I like it now. Do I think it's art and and it's pretty simplistic art now. They probably shouldn't and flying the flag the latest numbers probably shouldn't display. A bit but how is it's funny you say that Michael and and I'm glad you brought that up because Dana brought up the same argument. What's the difference. Between flying this flag from flag pole. On university. Or state property were seen adversity and putting it in a frame. And putting it on display in a state or university museum. What's the difference because you'd you'd just it was. If you fly a flag. On flag pole it can be considered desecration of the flag. Whereas in the end it's clearly art won't but clearly it's desecration of the flag you've thrown black ink on it sonus sock on two indeed. I mean it's clearly desecration. Well birds sing in a museum Toronto I just think that I I just think that the flag should never be used as a prop. Person went about his cloven. Then. Not the actual I mean I don't mind the flag as it like the colors of the flag. Or about people who Wear a flag is tie. Fine term there I think we should not Wear the law flag. Like the actual like. You know like. What's her name and one of The Spice Girls to Wear the union Jack she literally wore a flag them as address. 767700. Yards away him. Probably Kansas City Star is taking to task the University of Kansas. Saying that they buckled AK. So this is they get federal money in state money OK okay. So what but what do you mean by that. So Kim a professor. Not have an opinion that is critical of the United States just because or the state of Kansas. Because they get state money or federal money. Somebody says because it's a state college doesn't that mean at state sanction. Lots of people are Chiming in and they're saying that because the flag. The flag pole is its proper place. That that is he now wears should be not it was should not be placed their efforts. Broke that somebody else writes and not to mention it is against United States flagged boat okay I'm glad you brought that up SharePoint. It is against flag code it. To fly it desecrated flock. Flag code is not slide lol. And I would remind you according to the US flag code you should not Wear. The United States flag as. Jewelry. Or as close it. And how many times have you seen a politician. With the US flag time. She applied tonight illicit slipped. Should not fly in the rain. How many you go out and bringing your flight when it's raining. Company if you make sure that your porch light illuminates your American flags well done. 5767798. When it's your calls your comments just a moment. Fest this Friday January right after the 5 o'clock news to forget we will begin the Q were to catch on Monday. RK a music major or. That was give there was only got the helicopters not bear. Nobody has better hair lover. That Canadian mullah. Crew right out of the game with cal well. So it. Who was. Pulled. We're watching yourself cult hit me baby one more time where Robert Boyd came out and perform the song. And let me tell you with that Mike what's the thing you know. Sure that is correct yes Mike rebound well also had a big hit on the soundtrack with and Wilson yes I do arts. Well and Wilson we'll now can block out the sun but I saw Mike Reid I would always like if she's fat. She's the period barged into the so she could rip literally written the amphitheater. Roof off with her voice she's she's thinner options that we get back to my point. Did you see Brett the other thing of the north rats. He's. Steve piercing. More like when he has not used well RE ET I saw that I mean and this are rock solid rock for us last year atop the hood. But they're set that was great yeah it's and he was asked. I was like am Stephen some format. I think he tried at all. Well. I think that's what looks like that. I think he'd sampled all I'm still trying to get over the embarrassing. Not right now past apple app. Hey man and an autograph mill it was a one at a picture with the war in martini guitars from rat and I saw walking up to the stage of my. And here comes 40 central weirdo. Eighties hair metal dork. I might import about a picture and Regis tomatoes. From all the ruin my son down by more indeed moral and channeling his inner fourteen year old is a real. Well it was I mean all the morning aren't I mean I've seen him accounts at a time they were deep marching one time. Warned emerging. At the most and here is walking right next of Carlos kabob stove and choir I like more competent. May need to work in my verbiage a little bit because I don't know that that was and icing for him. It out of it would probably go back and have some sex I mean what. That's what it sounded like to him. That. But the worst part was Kelly and I were relatively new dating lies. And so I thought it was really cool. I don't know how you survived that there was there right in front of her is like not and then you as I had called Hoover and take off. Did you. It was embers fall. Because it was right in front war but OPEC. It. I just Cameron my hand like a loser dude it was already on photo because I thought he'd say yes yeah malls that. I'm like ready for Celtic moment. Maybe he was haven't done it. It turned to look at Kelly NGOs what did he say. Roger is organized says he said not right now. To the top of the north and hello Tom. Darden doing while my friend thank you for asking. I think that mark caller yesterday corner Rossi on the odd date. Is murder. Excellent art under my comment on this flag situation. And I told the gentleman or to and I wasn't aware arguably can't dislike the other day. And I just found out today about the wind and the city arguable probable witness cut its desecration of the flag he has don't do it. Jim any minute minute our freedoms and that like we're present. Ari is blight because of their last broke the big. Government. And have our work down there and I'm not what people want to take you down or are you most like our. It's nonsense. I understand art but that's not our. Bob Bob but let me let me can play doubles act advocate with you Tom. You said that that flag represents the freedoms and and I agree with you Tom in this regard I do believe it is desecration of the flag. I do believe that that certainly people can find it to be disrespectful. But I also see the argument that this is art and it is a symbol this flag. Of the polarization of America however. To your argument that this flag represents the freedoms. That men and women have fought for. It is not that they didn't fight for the flag but they fought for the freedoms that it represents and your absent at your absolutely right. However some people would argue. And I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. That's like also represents the First Amendment of the US constitution. The freedom of speech that those people also fault for. That is true. However do it any respectful manner not disagree do not disagree. There go all your generous manner that is exactly the preach. Preached com. In a respectful mayor. That is just gonna do nothing but insult a lot of people now I get a okay your college kids you're gonna make this statement. Fine. Also realize. What could come after that little statement are prepared for that. Not ever want to look at it that like I'm one of those clips are Serb on the back. I'm Robert Byrd thank you walk up one of her purse or shall stand in and freedom to say where we want to order you want. However the American flag. To me off limits leaving a lot of it represents wager much. What might what about the guy around the corner who for for eight years. Flew upside down is that disrespectful or is that a political protest. It is actually big because the because let's be honest on the guy on the court here at mission from the decision he's really not in distress. They're there's nothing going on in his world where. He needs to be rescued you don't mean. He's making a political protest with that fly. No I agree I agree I'm I'm not for that at all that justice dot. I was not an Obama by any stretch the imagination. Why in the American flag psyched out. Doesn't do it make you like crybaby. Jerk for doing it. Just might choose cents. Tommy you have a good week from we are all right. Tom cult on as any man one time on drinks beer right out of hand. He salt of the earth that's right he's. Some says nothing is off limits freedom is freedom EY. There's something to that. I always have this thing anytime flags stuff comes up and always drives me crazy. Because I like yourself like Tom. It's the American flag they don't mess with the does let it be. You know enemy and I say this callous India but the thing that cracks me is all the people that say. You know well it's just a flag it's no big deal the guy putting gonna flags so wives. The guy hung his flag upside down so wide. Supreme Court says you could burn a flag in protest its foreign are the same people that go how did. Jared you have a confederate flag. You. And you know in friends on my rides I think in a confederate OK there it means nothing. Or means so lives. That we need to never see that flag again and if it means so much that we need to never see that flag again to bare hands off mine. Wounds. In. Wounds. Not. It's one of the other not both you just bring. You just he did it for the option from the text. Thomas probably the smartest person has ever and the seller ever well let out of it is. I'm like Tom and it allows children to elect him bureau of. That's this Friday is next the airing of grievances get an early 576. 7798 rod if you would be some time it's clear the lines get everybody fresh. Don't 767798. Professor this Friday is next Michael MacKey and for data right here is Kara marks. Happening now on KM BZ Russian intelligence officers indicted for election meddling today details next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.