Dana's gone to Mexico. Scott, Rod & Mackie hold down the fort.

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Wednesday, March 14th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. That's how you increase the population. All of our. Yards Texan a 72881. In your in the running for a thousand dollars of the Q were to cash. You look miserable. You can hear every list I mean you sound super sexy I hope it's a sleeper hits Kathleen Turner reading in its. Rent a car. Or some answers. Some two months ago my name is Paul. Today is my birthday would bill O'Grady please sing me happy Ebert. Real don't agree. On. Mean they I don't think it releases I think people like the raspy when I'm going to be honest Anderson and that's I don't know that I've got it and skid saying it. Criminal law. Singer's 21201230. Against good work guys. Really don't work. That the ha ha. You you are directly to spend hours at the fly them out and get this thing up so called. Care. And it is pat you are accurate but he needs to your. Care we're so make announced today that way. Way or drawing the line I would give your ten dollar bill if you'd lose in the middle newscast. United not happening. But doesn't have an off fear it's not a camp and on the air. And meet me gag and stop it and making me. Not. Just upgrade. Your old problems. Static. Definitely the marks. Going to mean. Whole once you all you really noticing you can't Bieber but it's really neck and happened at Whittier and it's willingly use of coal and then. They gave it to get worse that you were yesterday and he urges you know a little uneasily. Well you've you've dropped its dropped and via lower lower register. I keyword is order OR DER order order in the court. Have you seen my favorite video of an ankle and now it's Tokyo so up in Boston you know they've got like ridiculous amounts of snow right it's sixty degrees here and it's like snowing in cost. And so this guy dressed up as Elsa from what it you know that present living well yes to help. The police and yes so there's a police nearly parked outside does business and this guy dressed literally in nothing but B also cost or. Goes out there and starts to shove this this ban and it back and as a traffic lanes only got he manages to do it. And then at the very Andy curtsy and it's so fantastically peep. In the bar who are probably well able to go out and hamburger Mary's and white dress or a no no I yours dressed up like Elson. But even here all these people in the bar going well also don't sell. Well Chela who does that dress up or else that's gotten parks and does mean well fine I call it Thursday. That's going to address that has also on the air you still didn't think it would so appreciate that. So we want to say butter my biscuit and looking for your original one. Hang on. Here was Fred is ready calming meaning can make particularly care about one. What do you insane when did you make anything. Jacket off. So. Twelve years old cargo jacket out. Where your your eyes. Yeah and I. We need to do helium and that was a you know what I bet you bet that the that if somebody audio helium balloon right now it would not and probably none that probably go back to your normal speaking right how short is yours now. It's jacket off. Jacket off jacket off he doesn't know wasting our only her magazine that's not her who important is it. Reduced to him as opposed to that market. I really don't have anything on talk about because it's all about guns thank god Arizona I've never sent anything inappropriate on the show they can be used against you later. Holes here you've got up and tell our. You'd have a big fat in and then you'll have a little win and you put the big little one and pushed it. By Greece got it and it's a lie can check out your ball to him. And well you don't wanna do less or something shoved in there does el centro things Saturday night saying what I feel like this feels big. So get these. And I hear a sponsor again because that's like. Olsen girl things Saturday and a. I hope I hope they are Mexican and her her Spanish on inflation has come in handy she is down in Mexico and straighten. So does that get harder the more you stroke yes no the fat yes yes and then there's a little hole and you can add water to make it. Even. Better resistance and bucolic. Hunting in the and a all it. And we're. We're I'm hiding a banana what was the what was the guy who knows the owners I actually I'm a screen. It's a sneak. There's something. Men might. Some things about him don't you on both end mine now. It's hard Scott's NAFTA really usually nobody it is or well field I was going. Bowl. Is yet to do that. To do to get her to do that. I wish I remembered the content and loves that room. Well I. I was going. Goal. Keep that couldn't hit a home to do that. And needy. Very. It looked inside apple. Yeah. It's it's the again in this is that they that you care advocates have like three or four right as your 400 veolia. And I just play with cult Islam. Stretch some huge squeeze. Mercy. I just. Don't. And may if they line. Because Stevens dead to me. You know you would check it before you stick it my game. You would ship hit a poor units ticket. It. It's. Powell is. 1212 yeah. And Christians here I I'm angry. Iron government Allen. As the snowblower exercise. We. It. From our line I spent Mountain Dew all over the inside my windshield laughing so hard coming into Iraq. I doubt it. Here's a review of important stories about the Elian we get I mean I got a big fan of the not blog I can suck on enough. Law global day long okay they're this big have you seen how bigger or does this. I. I go on. What's mattered who. Every song you have to play. Your joke and and Stephen Hawking got. My intentions. Really beat Clinton as a huge every last song beautifully today minus our artists of the day. Has had a robotic voices. Your big is your brother together you're being injured. It is an. Code system. All right I'm on arm bears really I've used in this. It's just happening I apologize. Well I've I've my mind's eye with me today it's a black hole and every song run as had a robotic voice and it. I'm sorry. On them they got out this robot so that was my that was classic because I was the first one that actually made me I'll go at all. 3 to thirteen a story here from Kansas City Star from from rose. For the third time since December. The owner of a long time late the restaurant is facing charges for alleged financial crimes on Monday Matthew Sandner. Was charged with a nine felonies and six misdemeanors. For allegedly misusing a customer's credit card in January. Sander who is 54. Oh herb and as a member of this restaurant is the owner of smoke and Joes barbecue. You've heard that right right smokey Joe's. Smokey Joes barbecue a fixture on Santa Fe street near the Johnson County courthouse since 1989 he was charged in Johnson County district court. With seven counts of identity theft six counts of misdemeanor theft. The alleged crimes were investigated by or with the police and. According to available documents the listed victim's credit card was allegedly used to make purchases of several retail stores. Sander was arrests on Saturday is on sided toward 5000 dollars. What do you think he makes an album. One good thing also you'd have to know that there are eight Brazilian kids zillion cameras. Every. At. Every retail shop smokey Joe's remains open by the way I can assure congress. If you read your identity stolen now my identity but I have my credit card spiked multiple times and it's it's putting me. Well like for whatever reason my credit card number gets out there into the universe and they start making all these random purchases and force each face. I credit card company is wise enough to alert me when I. Because when was the last and I went and tried to buy a brand new carburetor when I was in Poughkeepsie I did not so they. Like did you just I carburetor in Poughkeepsie now no I did not. If your Greg your identity storm again. Well I would that absent the Packers though India us. They'd still lit and negated back there like yeah I do you know I'm sorry that we're gonna deposit fifty bucks and walk away you go through bad. All. Her press. What about you. And so in in this case though I do think it's it's unfortunate when it happens to a place you know this was. Probably like one maybe two people on the staff. You know the only. It was our own house. Who's actually the guy -- olds smoke and Joes barbecue. And shot and spree just got dropped on seven felonies for identity theft. So. Okay I've just bought that it happened at the the location by the way. Second worst mug shot ever taken of anybody oh. Second only to Nick Nolte. So what am I to assume business is not going well. He felt he had to steal I mean you would think as the owner you would not want. Q well nine felonies right smokey Joe's maybe open just retrieve it. But as those hidden. How steal some see you guys think I'm crazy man. This is why I write checks. And I may be the last person in this country that writes Jack you. Well you and my Nana yeah Nana but when I write it when I pay my US aid bill when I pay KCP and L. I had Paige Johnson County waste water it is with a check. But immediately direct the putt exactly withdrawal exact data at all because somebody can steal it blind and everybody thinks I'm crazy. The only people that I pay with a credit card. Is sprint. And when I buy CDs on Amazon.com. Man. That's it I was standing at AA where it was and I like I did in my car payment with a check. Are we standing at a like but those quick trips but not really it was like a mom and pop shop. And they had an ATM and the guy in front of me just happens to. Team like miss swiped the card. And the scraper thing fell off it was a scammer. There's a schemer on the machine and if he didn't catch it. I would have been acts like my credit card information when and instantly and so. Thank you go just like I pay my gym membership of the credit card. Some three. Sprint Amazon.com. And engine that's. People who pay with checks there's chime in on the chat on the tech slide up and sent a much. Carrard you do write checks at all yes. Particularly but it. Mean the baker it would you don't count the ones who were leaving here at the end of the week next week. Should kitchen because drones and tell them because it's at your best Arabia is as being mean. Do you ever. Wished me good he's organizer voiced Asperger's. I'd. Paul Paul. It's our way it's about it's. It's. It's only that who did you. Charlie I'm repentant story. Scare the kid tonight when you return home and read a book. I would get a closer we did the cold to you to yes Havoc all. This movement and police telling me weird announced that I really good Christian Bale the itsy bitsy. It's. It's who is he spider. Port kid's gonna traumatized for life you're gonna make improved his diaper. Maybe. And it. Kara I say that at the clock our viewers that pride and by the three area slumped in chairs so gotten worse I Hayden. Five years. The under the desk but what what's I just gave you a heavy duty did. Cinnamon apple T and it just totally perform my tong with tons of caffeine and it's honey. It's lemon outs it all the things the need to make it the next hour. It's it's because. Here and Scott would die newsroom. Newsroom. The US is pushing for UN action against Russia will have more next. Whether 64 in our case C I 65 in downtown 64 and you or official weather station. And Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. You asked. My life is beautiful and well guess in the world did. They had about Huard. I'm pretty journey got a first class since we'll all hold the door open where you get there Rodney back. Ups. Some mrs. Scott please make sure that you point out it's not Kansas City Joes don't smoking Joseph smokey and joke. Barbecue. Everybody knows there's a difference smoke and Joes barbecue. In downtown only. The owner. Who is named. Match Sander. Is in jail wasn't. As bombs have towards 1000 dollars. He's accused of stealing the identities of our customer. And using their credit cards to make other purchases. In fact he faces seven counts of identity theft. Six counts of misdemeanor theft. And single counts of felony theft and criminal use of any financial core. That means he spent over X amount of dollars. And purchased on its its like 250 years something so there's some arbitrary amount that it's a felony if you spend over that. Is it that and I'm. I'm asking out of ignorance or really am. Because I've never had knock on wood I've never had my identity stolen. But I know I've never had somebody put a charge on my credit card. But I didn't recognize. I've never ever and maybe I'm just careful I write checks. And I know. At 46 a lot of your thinking in your old. When you know what I've never had my damaged Sony's. When I hear about well you know. Such and such organization just got raided and they had you know 150. Million people's identity stolen. Usually I don't have to worry about that. Scott usury credit card at target yes I do when they have their that problem couple years ago I was like oh crap. I got a new cart. 576779. If you go as one William but the owner of smoke and Joes and down tunneling through is now. Jailed and charged. With stealing the identity of a customer. And he's in big trouble. Faces over thirteen counts. I 7677. And it Rhonda just abouts we'll figure is cold. Like one hello you're on the air go ahead. Yet second accident at Kerry. Doing. Yet you know. Virtually at Lamar feels connection how I know him. I had into Milken Joseph many times. Are cute very well. He came here a lot lot. Actual and different things. It is it's very fortunate that we have a barbecue restaurant in this town. You know I hate word gate and everything else and we had an individual that. Own a popular. Barbecue place and he decides to. Revoking eighty certain privileged by. You mean I'd unity. You know I try and everything else that it's gonna give these barbecue immunity and the ideal that black guy but. And say you know they rule or fight it Agassi yet they say end. I despite the. I'm resolution than this gives them barbecue commune that I may well give them a black guy who gives. Smokey Joe's in the pac. Like for your Amir like four. Right that this marry. In and that KM easily so. I'm here. Sorry I didn't let it be weird mailing extra your mailbox at home because I am them. Personnel and thick then that has had her checks stolen out of her mouth bucks. They took off my tech information. And they attacked my technique yeah. Like they created like they created a mock up of your. Check. Yeah magnetic that they had a computer power that that might founding member count. Everything on a computer writes Jack. Home Depot and belt and invited 300 dollar. Gift card. And not just The Home Depot Beck called. And other places they would buy gift cards with these they check with my name on my account information and everything. So they did get the people say god help me. I don't know how they did it but I know that right now letter from independent police department. I think product on the cop told me he had pressed back on trash bag. Where they can win and went through people's mailboxes. And he when they were mailings that out of their home. How did you correct this with the bank debate forgive all these expenses. Yes they did I had to have court documents I had to prove that it was the police that aren't involved ants. They did. You know honor everything will not honored that bad checks but they reimbursed by checking account that about money. We I had Mel checked what I went on vacation I'm adamant about not that because I vacation and we got back from vacation. That's when I don't know about it. To him. As a baby just eat. I'm a human I'm at midnight it will probably at college app mystery individual that was for the cot. There were prosecuted I think they got probation I don't think they got jail time I feel like they deserved. I didn't think that you could a debt purchase. Gift cards with checks anymore I thought it had to be. And that may be exactly the line could that was several years ago and they are probably eight to ten years ago. Let. Me add that can't be where. Now I don't think there be good about it aren't. 5767798. In a skewered cash WA the top of the hour 57677. On it Michael MacKey for Michael MacKey. Right rod bad cut I am Scott parks and K amusing. Okay she's here and I'm sure the players something different like maybe I don't play. Let's hope this song always so I thought maybe that was this one was for me but yeah. You're saying today that this is a bad choice that I'm making fun of Stephen Hawking. And and I think you're the one who has the problem and I think you've Stephen Hawking was alive today he would not stand for this cooler. Share. There's a Joker. Monsoon is I don't I don't. Don't think you would like it I think he would stand for what for one minute I guarantee you that Steven hawking was a huge fan of sheer he had you doing good Joseph did you. We're right pastor Alan bond. I was too excited that we are playing share. That we never please share as busy playing her. The air Apple's world happy news report is out ranking 156. Countries by their happiness levels. Care to guess gentlemen. Which country is on top. I mean yes this is based on your life expectancy. Your social support the Netherlands Finland. One abuse right. Finland is number. Really I do it isn't because of the flag because that's a big plus he took it. The pods are giving out to pick up. The fighter's does and does answered it exam legalized prostitution and Merrill. But it's that little bubble of like Belgium they're all there of Spitzer and are blonde and beautiful here here's your top ten Finland. It. I know what countries missing her Finland Denmark. Iceland. Switzerland. Netherlands. Canada. New Zealand. Sweden. And Australia. The first orally blond hair blue did. And there's there's no there's no us I think there's no us where we the United States was eighteen. Out. 156. Dollars on him to death to engage in what is the last. I didn't say which one was last I would bet it would try to be like to Syria. Where it chattering if you hear someone that summer where the flies Ron eyes. I'm horrible human being for assignment. Where is Ireland now. I don't know I don't have the entire list in front of them. Did you notice all of them minus Australia and Canada and New Zealand which are 89 and ten. The checked that 78 and ten. All of them are in Europe. All of them and many of them are in there'll attached. They're not all attached Iceland is not attached now that them. Finland Norway Belgium and Holland. College and there'll noses out of there. By the way the Canadian prime minister had to apologize yesterday. Very welcomed the prime minister from Belgium and the flag that flew was German I'll. Whale. It's let's fly the flag of a country that took you over seventy years ago and Killinger people. Claritin. I think him and moved one of these countries. My. My locker mate in high school was from Finland has been with UC. And just a huge negative infringement I think we're close of Scott that at this point. In my radio career I can share that I had it locker mate when as a senior high school. As it was you see he was from Finland. Appoint to that story other than it was from Finland. Don't to be jets I'm which she. To try to find out the entire list. Final which countries are the least happy. Hostile hostile unhappy bitter angry mean spirited countries. Oh area here in the ten unhappy is countries. North Korea. Don't nor is not in the top ten unhappy he's alive because and ask people that live there are you happy they go. Yes of course we are happy we have best leader ever we are thrilled. Up but Rudy is the better halves in some ways both. But Rudy is the unhappy is country and employment is burned in Africa. Off to a federal I don't believe so where's your globe. Central African Republic south Sudan and Tanzania the conduct Yemen. We're Wanda Syria. Liberia. Haiti and Malawi. Yeah. Lot of what you're gonna for that. Commissioner. I've by the way after the top of the hour we have got to give back him of his dog on the united flight. There's a lot about the story I don't understand. Always put in the overhead to vote yes the dog of the Bulldog. The aft flight attendant demanded. That was put in the overhead compartment there's a lot about this story I'm not fall united cannot catch a break their people well are can and I'm starting to question the owner of this storm big time. The dog was told to be put earned the owner was told that the dog in the overhead compartment. And did. A three and a half hour flight. The dog bark for two hours. And then stopped. Would've gotten up because you are allowed to actually stand up on flights. You're actually allowed to open up the overhead compartment on a flight. DF after you put the dog in the overhead compartment and a bark for two hours and then it just stopped. That maybe you might open up the overhead compartment and checked under all yeah I'd nobody everybody's is my well cool. I'll bid or the baby steps crying. There's a lot about the story I don't understand. Forcible. Why would you put your dog in the overhead compartment. Because you were asked. I mean she said no several times and I think they were threatening the kick her off. Or they get all play I agree. Let me yelling you know knowing the situation. But the flight attendant asked her multiple times and finally just made a mandate that the dog had to go out there and on top of that the dog was going to be fine and for two hours the dog barks in the overhead compartment. Right. And then just stops. And the owner of the dog didn't think Mets are my dog just stopped barking. My dog in the overhead bin the airtight over had been yeah. And since airtight airtight there's. I ate there and there's something wrong with his dog owner. I'm not buying the story. Dog barks for two hours on a three hour flight and installed sparking all the sudden in the donor never gets up to check on his dog our dog couldn't apparently was buried in turbulent. Seatbelt light was on. Nobody ever stands albums seat belt light is on. And serve drinks. I'm not buying the story. And kubert cash this hour. Hat. HAT. To accept him 72881. In your in the running for a thousand dollars of kubert cash your keywords. 72881. Newsroom remarks having knowing KM BZ defense attorneys for the Florida school shooters say they're ready to make a deal will have more next. Hey it's up parks here too. Tell you how excited we are that one lucky homeowners can win a 7500. Dollar window make over from continental citing supply there a couple of ways you can and and win first. You can stop by continental citing show room and independence. And submit your entry in the contest box you can also enter to win the window make over online KM BZ dot com. Just click on the contest tab when your on the KM BZ homepage. 100 people will be invited to the grand finale event on Saturday march 31 from ten to noon at the continental citing charm. It'll be breakfast for everybody. And narrowed down to ten people for the final drawing an each finalist. Walks away with a surprise one lucky person walks away with a 7500. Dollar window make over. The contest is going on right now you consume your entry no later than Sunday march 25. Don't miss your chance to win a 7500. Dollar window make over from continental citing supply. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.