Dana would give a kidney to a stranger. Scott?

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Friday, October 20th

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Listening to the date in parks podcast ancestors a low winds chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm tonight her low in the low sixties. At the mid seventies tomorrow with more showers and thunderstorms accounting likely to the afternoon and into Saturday night's strong too isolated severe storms are possible. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KN BC weather. Right. Els 75 downtown 76 and independence. 76 as well and your official weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with the news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ. Dot com. And and and didn't. And didn't. TV theme song. Okay. I make a request and if that's our theme. It was a restaurant and I when Hill Street Blues and ask. I've got 11 of my favorite shows from the eighties. And I'm. And don't act like you're not 43 years old cinema car now on let's go I don't act like you didn't you you did. Is it you take that can you take that you'd take a book and there you have now it's not. Anybody who's in their car right now who is between these so I'm 49 if you're not sing along your line. And act like it. I always thought that sounds like a mentos commercial. All that's missing at the end is fundamentals. Of fresh maker. Death punishment. That's of these same mentos all. Area. Can see the cop car turn and out of the station. Oh yeah. I rely. It's also good enough to be deserving of the theme back. Angry it's not like it was a great team for just don't want to show. We wouldn't rule. Commuters as. The band. I love to treat him Lawrence is little. Then even I notice. I'm not gonna say I'm not concerned. No no I'm asking how this. And he knows that his buddies at the original so. It was a huge hit the eighty's I don't know why. What you need. It and catch it who's the boss. Can't wait I have won the you have to play. I'll give you the artist and you have to tell me what this show was down. We're real quick. Well yes. Let's be careful out there people thank you. And. Now his replacement do you remember what his catch phrase was sergeant your blond ski. Is was let's do it to them before they do it to us. Moonlighting. I love that theme song though he had some flaws and as it was Alger wrote that did. It. Means and means I never watch that show. What is probably well David Addison for Bruce will you will sound snacks say. Well was dividend I was living in Germany the time and they didn't have an army offend me. Yeah yeah. I am. It's a. Okay (%expletive) well. Notable shots you remember the names of pest and a member missed a pesto and now I never saw that show she was the hour. Receptionist. She was holed lit areas. And then. Sybil shepherd was. David Addison and Mattie. Mattie days I guarantee you it's Matty days. Each I can't tell if wasn't a universal for you do you just they didn't have an armed forces we have one channel. What we're protecting your freedom. He was one channel for the sex line dated you know why they did those songs so you don't have to. Maim the characters the two main characters on match roll you know it's rocked it and then dork in torching. Crotch. No that was sunny current. And a Crockett and Tubbs. I want to play this one and see if they get it. Because I can say it I can comment right now. I remember that show so clearly. This last one normal and on just instrumental I don't know we're in this oldest known or not. Or not is it any more than this one and employing draw okay it's so good on what's his name. And door key. And. Like he ruin everything. There is really doing. While the sergeant from police account was. Can you name it well yeah out at saint elsewhere say. How men do all she. Hours. And I remember one time in. His stand out he was doing this thing where is asking people you know where you're from what do you do we give them hearts yeah. Washington was a doctor he. Now hot on its stars got theirs to. Ask somebody in the audience in the guise that he was an any yards. And he has Alia what do you do we have someone come in with a gunshot wounds chest. And a guy started the stamina and what you do. You get fifty security guard one. And the Dodgers looked at it stunned because that's what senator we're a dual core. It could happen. Yeah. Why can't I think of the name of the blind to Corky doctor Angela. It's on the tip my time. He was also an Six Feet Under. Doctors on saint L sells its lenders at a TV show around and me. Greatly junior. If it was an HBO so. That shows an industry. It was you know on behalf of Kelly can I ask your question because we actually had this conversation we have today about you yeah you came up yours may have been burning I don't know. We in the name of Sam hill do you find time to watch all of these TV shows. Well HBO I binge because I got the dvd box at about ten days I asked how you've just got and I mean this is Vince. And we work but we were just talking about like a some TV show us again Dana laws about I don't know when we're gonna ever have time to watch it should kind. She does how is that woman. You know I actually have time to watch all this TV is Chris. Works nights and so if I wasn't and home cleaning and re doing house which is the other thing has been my time doing. And bids watching shows like the Vietnam War and that's how I'm watching that. His Chris is it work and then the kids aren't around Monday and Tuesday nights so especially in the winter I get all of my eight. Been watching or like help pay to Bagram. Scott. And I binge the entire spurs season this is us feigning my banker him. Name this TV show and. They civil war room especially. No but look how young doesn't want to tell. Yeah I am wondering yeah. I. I don't Zardari you know her mentally. Steve Austin band barely knew ma. Kind of wish I don't voice I thought that was you would like me when I'm in the capability to make the world first I'll. Oh my god. Is actual sentiment showed kimono Celanese none on and on the moon. And and rob like you and I've been given those voices were young it. Steven Austin. Born to play on. We do that enough and the voice will calm. With the surgery can whiskey game and smoke some cigarettes I don't know. Steven Austin excellent there. Steve analyst. Has got it Grady Grady would be rates Bruins tomorrow now. Bottom are now. Get back the city of Kansas City, Missouri about too well what do they do. With the failing jazz museum at eighteenth and mine. We get to that just moment here on Dane and parks. Hey Dana right here for seal once Casey got to get on that schedule before winner gets here was sealed once Casey there will come out permanently power watch. Protect. And seal any indoor or outdoor concrete surface you're patio your pulled back. Tiger cracked and staying garage floor they came into our grass form looks amazing luck I didn't even know how much I was in Italy Camden. Garage floor looks brand new Andy get. Snow and knocked it all kinds of gunk follow popular car. You just take a Bremer hose and was get out there and it's done it's back to look at Brando again. It's what still wants Casey can do for you also think about any of your debt surfaces you or wood surfaces. Or fencing yet still wants has recovered. Mentioned data for 20%. Off go to sealed once Casey dot com and get on that scheduled oral targets here 8169423927. 8169423927. RC wants Casey. Dot com. Plus that's at a local Y you know people. I'm a little ball. Already knocked cold. Of all of its. Yeah golf. A lot better. Since I don't know. Land. Courthouse Friday afternoon and canceled because I heard them program sure. It is. And 72. Degrees and sunny. Oh. A jazz museum. That's plagued by operating losses and bounced checks to musicians. Could be headed for a takeover by the city of Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City Star reported that two City Council members introduce Norman's yesterday that is asking officials. To study the transfer of the American jazz museum to the parks and rec department by next spring. The measure includes 225000. Dollars. To help the museum meet its payroll. The twenty year old museum currently operates in a city on building but under an independent board. The institutions financial difficulties became apparent earlier this year. When performers from him made jazz festival realized their checks from the museum had balanced. Performers were rode a 150000. Dollars at one point. Kansas City manager Troy Schulte says there are no legal obstacles to a city takeover. Years ago Dana and I questioned the viability. Of the eighteenth and by industry. We were invited to dinner by one congressman Emanuel Cleaver and his wife Diane. We attempt. The mayor and his checked that the congressman and his wife could not have been more gracious hosts. We had a lovely dinner. Then the congressman former mayor of gave us a tour of the negro leagues baseball museum which was lights out. Then we went over to the jazz museum. Which is actually within the same had a blast. And he also was very interesting. But quite frankly I didn't get the lights out kind of feeling I got when I was in the negro leagues baseball is. It's okay sometimes I think for the city to admit a mistake. And just say you know what we tried it may have worked for a little while but it's just not work out you could argue hey Scott you dumb dumb. You said that twenty years ago about science city. And Union Station and look at its gangbusters and well Union Station is gangbusters I don't know if I'll ever believes science it is gangbusters I have always argued when it comes to the jazz museum they need to shut it down move over to Union Station reported and a small little room over there. Because let's be honest I agree however you not remember meeting the son of satchel page. Met him alive remote satchel and hey it was a baseball player not a jazz music and he said as I said of the whole thing. And he said my father. Would be so against that and and he said let me tell you why. I think you move the whole thing if you're gonna move it ice here's ice you you'd kill the jazz museum move over in two. Union Station in one of those small rooms off to decide to go and look at Charlie Parker stone for him minerals. Counties seal its. And you expand the negro leagues baseball museum a make it bigger and better than Adori. Because let's be honest. Jazz is cutting it anymore. What it rot rot what do you what do you so emphatic about it mattered and I just. What is he rot devices of the agree with. With what he's singular. Nothing to you okay. I thought you like yellow light on target Travis okay postcards to troops. We're talking about you know to you her gone. 5767798. Apparently the jazz museum is struggling. Like Joan neighmond strolling. To the tune of over half a million dollars recorded in part. Is this an idea that we need to prop up that this is part of Kansas city's sister we need to prop up that jazz museum Scott come on man. Resist some we just say you know what we tried it when it didn't work. It would also in a plane kids jazz festival went away what 910 years and then they tried to bring that back. I don't think we shut the door on the history of this town. And if there's a better way to keep these treasures of Phillips. I think we should discuss it I'm open to ideas that you pay for me 576779. From the newsroom and will stare as mentioned museum business and all that Jan is more next. Her of the old VW into work today I am such a huge fan and honestly it took me about. I'm going to be honest about four days. To fall in love with that big seven passenger VW atlas I mean. That truck Collins a truck it's a smaller suvs that think seats seven. Go to VW of Lee's summit the number one VW dealer against city Volkswagen Lee's summit. Asked them to see the hapless it is as close to a self driving car. As that technology gets and you will love. The car apple feature if you have an iPhone you plug that thing in and I mean it's value. Everything your phone can do the car will translate for you in real time while you're driving it's my favorite feature about the VW it really does make yourself. Hands spree when your driving which makes you sicker. Right now save up to 101000 dollars NS RP on remaining twenty seventeens while they last year Israeli every 2017 is at 2101000. Dollars off. Volkswagen of Lee's summit just force it worth the drive you go in and asked them to see Dana's car. While low. This this Travis no I would not be Dana's assistant. Or listen to. They NM parks just past 330 in Kansas City I'm will stare at the jazz museum plagued by operating losses and bounced checks to musicians could be headed for a takeover by Kansas City. His City Council members introduced a proposed ordinance that NASA officials to study the transfer the American jazz museum. The parks and recreation department by next spurring. The twenty year old museum currently operates in a city owned building but under an independent board. Saint Louis blues have signed the youngest player in their team's history till one day contract. Eight year old Levi Irvin signed that contract yesterday it will travel with a hockey team on the visit the Carolina hurricanes' next week. Leave I'm at the general manager chairman and blues great Brett hole before signing the contract. Yeltsin got his own personalized Jersey a look at traffic and weather together next keg NBC news time 332. Rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy in this Dana and parks podcast or listen to keep it and this is a podcast. Please don't call me okay don't host nation and I know he's given up the number I'm not there and I don't care. Fair weather conditions on tap here in Kansas City for the rest of this Friday high temperature warming to the upper seventies and an increasing south land. Little bit of moisture coming in tonight a low wind chance for showers and a rumble of thunder here early sixty. The main activity coming in Saturday afternoon into Saturday night with a cold fronts showers and thunderstorms becoming a likely area wide. We do have a chance for strong to severe storms with the main threat damaging lands they can also see locally heavier rainfall Saturdays high 75. I'm staff meteorologist Chad for an error more Katie NBC weather. Right now 75 downtown 72 at Thelma Harper's house and 74 at your official weather station. I'm will stare at stake connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Ask China to give me yours. In the desert grow. So it is no it's a boot let's not talk to hit two fold. Our vets call editors. The break down. Yeah happens. Dig into the through the two. And our wedding day it's. Of angers the Swedish. She idealism and. Want to cross is it that far west you taught them. Me and tell our FAR arm. Far west huge it's accurate to say that it was like an essay are being specific request you to. I a 74 year old men is walking for miles a day on a mission to add time to his wife's life. Was. He this is a sweet story Dana I thought you recognize. He is spreading his message by wearing a sandwich board and is gaining the attention of drivers and thousands of others on line. Wayne winters started this journey just three days ago walking busy streets near his home in far west to help his wife find cute. He said he is already overwhelmed by those who want to help. Says winters I don't walk relief fast. With every step he takes every car that passes he gets closer to his goal I'm going to get kidney from my wife. My wife has stage five kidney failure she's on dialysis and she doesn't like it it's. All Wayne found the love of his life 26 years ago. Now he's on the search to find her kidney. While dot DN undergoes dialysis. And honestly Scott she's probably not in great candidate for a transplant. Because of her age. Red letters spell out the plea for his wife in the hundreds of people and you tall also in need a kidney. Where is Sam the board turns where does that there was a picture somewhere. I mean it's it's basically a stranger donation they're asking because of someone dies in a car wrecks got he doesn't get to say hands like that kidney. He's asking for a living. Donor that's the only way this process works and you can't jump the line when there 6000 people ahead of you and Scott I've always been. It's an uncomfortable conversation to have. About those decisions. But someone has to make and rank. The order in which you received. That gift somebody somewhere has to say. She goes toward the bottom of the list and a four year old in full kidney failure goes to the top. And it's unpleasant. And it's awful and if your loved one is on the list and you know. Drank for a 45 years. And is in complete liver failure someone has to decide that that person goes below. A 22 year old with poly cystic kidney disease. You know in sand and and it's awful. We have limited resources because not enough people donate so those awful decisions have to be met to whom would you donate one of your kidneys. Come. I am signed up. To be not asking when you die aid and an L eight living marrow donor I did that be the match speed to match. And a buddy of mine what is the match and flew to Colorado. To give a stranger donation he he was matched so if someone called me tomorrow from the match and said you're generally do it again. That was very good at dodging the question mr. trump. To whom would you give a kid. I'm imagining that none of them are in this room with. How can you not you can't like OK I've looked for three years analysts dead we cannot find a suitable donor. And then you know rotten nine carat down and do the swap and I met her hands to slow from our. Better safe than sorry dad is I don't I don't play Obama Matalin and Obama match. That I have to go and given him. I don't know is it a lot. Yeah I yeah. It is is I've your one and four point five. Here's the best it's. Not. I I have a good friend who donated a kidney to his father and this was in late ninety's. He's got a scar basically from belly button to backbone. It's big I mean today they had to. Almost cut him and have to get that. It would Alter. Your relationship. I think it would be easier to give a stranger to Eleanor and here's why. If it's a stranger. You say yes I'll do it I'll save their life she's twenty years old she is to start now. Opened me up take a kidney if it's someone you know. I think it gets worse the closer that relationship is because like it or not it is ships yes if you stop the big groups. Ticket now I mean I have been telling them the one kidney. It didn't think it. I think it's worse when someone like your dad your mom because. You've he would feel like okay now you can't fight I can't ask them for money because that it's gonna look like. I need to borrow a couple thousand dollars because I feel like you have to give it to me and that they feel like they have to give it to you. It screws the relationship up. For those closest. Borrowers. Is that I am and I I'd walk when was the one kidney and tough to walk out when cute and I are here as I gave you want here at eastern fit their. Only this what you permanent thing you give one to your kids. Tonight your parents. Of us which parent would you if both your parents were in kidney failure. To an atom line wanted to put the picture view cross idle over the Internet can't cut it half and give them each apiece and can't let it happen given me to be easy to do that without liver not a yeah they were okay. And if you cut your liver and half I think you'd and then you flip for. Ol Scott that's hard. I'm a bigger gonna give to know what I would have to tell them you work it out amongst yourselves. I'm not make that call are his idea and throw the key idea. Whoever her view is it's like. The bride's group acknowledges Ogden I'll turn the other way and I'm Laura and look I feel I'm proud of myself to be over right shoulder isn't letting her right hand I don't. He is prominent tosses kidney over my right shoulder that kept it delicate ground that popped in now Linda. I know you're not walking the way I used so you're gonna have to figure some out here because Craig's it would more edge. Would you make your dad stand behind your mom and race for a I would wanna watch the use of each other out of the way. You would donate a kidney to someone needed it you know my mom's very got only has one. And. For the love of god you not focus on any part of the show. What happened in my my breast. Cancer survivor she's a kidney cancer survivor. Seek her sister's kidney issues. You're not very long ago I was very upset about it. We remember that day took off work serves so my mom can happen kidney removed as she got kidney can't we talk and act now words and we knew everything was a member I had to take a day off and I didn't talk about it prior this kind of coming back when I came back yeah you remember my mom was feeling chest pains one day she wouldn't think she was out. Heart it's hot there's a pretty good chance adds Dana can't tell you what's in the cup she's drinking okay and you want her to remember something that happened before. You. She had heard taken off it's not like what I see here and see that she's missing something. Like kidney remembered things to do you remember that heartfelt story that I told. About my mom went in for. McCarty or whatever thing Graham and they took an X were ever part. Don't get. Back to me. Say that Dana they sent home. And then for whatever reason about a week later the doctor took another look at the X ray. Even though he knew there was nothing wrong with their heart and he saw something on the bottom of the extremely concerned and they just happened to capture. The top part of for kidney in the X ray and he found the cancer that way. It was stage four. I. Was here. And I. Maybe. Liver. I was thinking. Occur it doesn't think. And liver problems and it's true. Member. Now he's Catholic and remember your your parents' health issues. There's there's quite a few of them. In that time redundancies on a plane of her that time before your eye correction surgery how would you stop it. Thank you macro admire someone found a photo has made where they digitally. Enhance. Last item in my lacrosse and right eye to make me look like. He says something insensitive to make it look like one of those people were you can't really tell which where they're looking like the guys on Fox News what was his name in seen. Member there was a point counterpoint on Fox News and one of the guys and I and it went and a can never listen to what they were saying because I was liked it and it made me it cross site or is it. It's not that aren't forced work. Let's just say that glass sides think I don't think that's right he's not cross and he's got a glass and. Why can't you look at summit if they're cross site. It's now that I have my eyebrows tattoos when I'm looking at you and silently judging your eyebrows and what do what do you think about it they don't look back the next. He got mental problems. She's Kris I thought listen I remember she had surgery. I just you know what sticks up my mind the most she's breast cancer survivor that I remember. Heart attack survivor kidney cancer breast cancer irony of the total tackles twins and red heart attacks story because she tried to smoke one last cigarette dollar and a great story you like she's just got. I don't drove home. And she pulls out a cigarette you know you go. She don't you should she had a pack my mom smoked Winston cigarettes. And in the kitchen at our house and lamps and she had she always kept her cigarettes in the cabinet kitchen. And she sits down she grabs Sager before she says and she grabbed her cigarettes out of the cabinet and you're watching as well dogs in the room for second get organized as I was gonna stay with her for a little bit yeah my dad was near death and a and Adam. I walked into the kitchen and she's opening up this pack of Winston cigarettes and she puts it in around I go in the hell are you doing. Ed she looks at me. Sweet Margaret. And she goes this is my goodbyes. And I don't work out you better suited to buy into it cannot smoke Matt. Is that it was smoking that got her fired 52 years. And you like Peterson tears. It's hard habit it is hard habit to break. I just look at her home from the hospital. And there she is with a cigarette we were in the house five minutes she's sitting in the kitchen table in Lansing going. And she was get great lied and I walked toward Ann and I are I just look at what. You do and don't for some people it's like Harold and she looks means she is like this is Mike could buy cigarettes. And I go the hell is she never smoked her heart attack was at 52 institutions so. Did she get normal just dangers of silicon albums I wasn't there a random house and found. 57677. On it over defenses try to limit Dana tell us more of your knowledge of heart attack. I am. Not a doctor Lou on the race recruitment but Johnny got tingling in your arm. That's arguments. That were originally else jaw pain women's no wind it dies I care are completely different than men's it's you are paying that you could be having heart attack and I'm not kidding. Danica please lord give me Margaret what's. Doctor Norman. The right battery the first time that's what you'll get and always yet. With wholesale about 605 Kansas avenue in KCK big bettors batters media batteries. It doesn't matter that's the thing about wholesome batteries would ever kind of battery it is the unique and pound his guys they're gonna have it and on that rare. Rare occasion when they don't don't get a for you right away. Is such an impressive warehouse we've been there and it is just. Titles and idols and rows and rows of every battery you can imagine for any need. You can imagine tiny batteries for your hearing it all the whipped a huge big back up battery systems. For corporations. Yes they supply back up batteries for that's got a whole cell batteries though you or your business charge right up also batteries six a five Kansas avenue and KCK. The right battery. The first time. Story thing. Hottest game. Woman in Wichita. Stolen 57000. Dollars from an 89 year old woman in a nursing all that easy issues taking care over was the column. Our return power returns they can't hurt. Since he's aware that she's eight ninths governors and a lot of people were saying and I'm not comparing the two crimes and I'm about to them about share with another crime and another very. Fair. Old defendant. Listen to this. A former guard at the mod do nick death camp in Nazi occupied Poland has been charged in Germany. With being an accessory to murder. For allegedly serving their during a period when at least 171000 Jews were killed. The 96. Year old Frankfurt resident. 96 years old. Whose name is not released under Germans are Germany's privacy regulations. Is alleged to have served with the death camp near the polish city of Loveland executed. Between August 1943 in January of 1944. Prosecutors allege that as a 22 year old member. Of the SS death's head division and the man worked as a perimeter guard and in the camp's guard towers. According to towers by the way it would stay stood on with rifles and shot people who tried to escape let's beyond sort yes absorb. According to the known evidences from prosecutors in the statement according to the no evidence. The suspect as well as all other SS members of the camp knew of the rule. And organized mass murder not accusing him of actually taking part in net. They're accusing him. Of being a guard at the camp. And being aware of and I know the argument you know following orders is not an excuse them and your right. But he is 96 years old. And I'm I'm just I'm asking these Roman prison yes. I think they also the next unit well I mean they never from the sky and there were. Hundreds of thousands of bees just now find him well it's ninety sic there are still to this state Nazi hunters out there. And they goes scouring and I don't mean and a negative way they go scouring for these new. And when you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of people and you data for example you find one you know here's ons Friedman. And we start looking for Hans Friedman. And either the trail goes cold world we find out pounds for an indictment and it. Ahead let's move on an excellent. Men we find a guy who's 96 years old in Frankfurt who was 22 years old working at this camp. So he's basically skated for seven. I'm just saying at what point do you just say he's 96 years old. What's the point. Dual. CI IT which make this topic I think with that crime there is always a point. Cut. 5767798. Is due to the news Ramirez will stir happening now on KM BZ progress. But not enough in the wild fire fight more next fall is here Greg you are we get home tonight already leaves are falling but where are they fault guess of course are falling in the yard but they're also falling into your god that's the worst place forum. Don't spend your for your weekends away from the family up on the latter dig in and out it's dangerous work pain in the neck you're away from her family. Called K guard today let them take care let them guarantee that you get rid of that latter never spent another Saturday afternoon on. K guard does amount underneath your roof shingles they're custom made. And Kate guard handles 40% more water the in the leading competition call right now it 80% off installation do it now before all those police are formed. And of course 0% interest with no payments for eighteen months 9134898965. Pitcher at least three gutter system today from a fairway you can trust. 9134898965. Or online at Kate guard heartland. Dot com.