Dana went and saw the movie "It"..... and Hillary writes a book.

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Wednesday, September 13th

Run.  Do not walk.   But not to a storm drain....  


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Hurting night and into Sunday. Fair weather out there for the afternoon the high 85 we dropped to the mid sixties tonight. Sunny an upper eighties for Thursday and Friday with an increase in that southerly wind on Friday. Stray shower and a rumble of thunder Friday night more scattered storms Saturday night. I'm staff meteorologists shattered era more key NBC weather. 83 downtown 81 and Miriam 82 at your severe weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Yeah. Thing revenues. Only in this world. Dana right what about Haiti. Thing a little tub of younger and looks at me and goes before shields and meet 31 points and eighteen is a bad week. June July on a poll. And then proceeds to. Eat out I did need it because it's not spot but that's like a long time ago. Right that's bad right it's great actually it's not like go to younger women is meant. As opposed to September 12 the end of may so it's really June July August September. So I stir it's like chunky but you know oh yeah there is there. And I its editor I met you I didn't need it embodied clump the animal of the past. It's dairy diet fine and why and what month Korean and now it's been awhile what days this September I know was September 11 so it's around the twelfth or thirteenth or something. And when was that done. Me that's a big swing it. Swing and a miss. Crystal. Ahead now and eat it pick one net. It's not a suspect is it doesn't but the consistency is weird it's rocky and if that makes cents. Commit because hurtling now you know I think it means I think there's so much in this G in the crap that we eat that it's just that. It's. As Jean I don't know I just think we put things in our food that's not food and. It about the way and I'm not there so what industry. Crap and stuff. There's that the notre I don't know we'll look at twelve. What still be good for months later if there wasn't some type of chemical and it would be Sadler and it's not sour I know what's our house. So Travis. You all my friends are the movie whisper because Travis is the one told me. Goes see the movie it you'll love it if you love stranger things. I went sought last night with my seventeen year old I crack advance it is fantastic it is Soka. It is so well written it is witty I laughed I thought it was funny. They make kids do the movie they will be gone this show away from the class now that being said that clown. Will make you food you can speak in the first I isn't that out isn't free it's bad here's the other thing they've made him. Drew rule. So when he's talking. There's rules it is it's disgusting. And can I mean I don't about you Travis the drool for me I don't know what it is. It makes its oak tree spirits like. I think the stock for told people wanna who this week in that movie came up with you needed I screams a three time recruiting and program Aaliyah. It's come in Scott it's a cheap thrill with a cloud jumps out you. Sure I've closed eyes like what do what visit but it was in it but it would have missed it and so you job here shall tell which it. Right the first time that brown. Does something else they won it. I want a theater and I I screamed. At myself much demeaning goes if you do that again. And then here's your making it worse you cannot do that Albany is definitely one of those movies to me for not scared to scary movies. But it's still gives you goosebumps when your watching it's marvelous thriller yeah it just you could easily it's the it's not necessarily. It's definitely not a slasher film because I don't like those I've never seen saw. That's not my thing oh my god soul. You know I don't like them I don't do ever but I've seen a couple of the saw movies. Rod have you seen the saw movies get out man. It it's just creepy freakish league glory and the girl I will tell you the lead female actress I need to look her up. I don't know that there's a more beautiful girl in the world. Oh my gosh the actors are so dead Scott in this. Like you know a lot so I go home last night about 11 o'clock. Service working late night is it's a term which should start working. People to the house Travis you'll love this report to the house at 11 o'clock last night and you know I have a sewer drain in. And my dark out now somebody has tied at a red balloon to the sewer drain in my York no yes. No and I laughed. Serves like Kia. It holds its night which was a red bullet in my yard now too which. I told her I said. Go get it. As she is I don't understand what were wires riser red balloon. In the sewer grate. And I said honey it's from the movie in as I think some is playing a prank on us. You know in the movie they use a red balloon tied to the Seward who were the kids and then there is a gross little freaky clown. We're sitting in the driveway. Here. We're speak the tribal insert us. You really wanted to get to the kind of like milk honey just leave the balloon it's actually kind of funny and people audited. This year is tremendously yeah. You know who doesn't get a kick out of it the grand view police department you heard yesterday they said they're taking this seriously all all and there are now I'm find it amusing polar leaving red balloons along the sewer lines in grand I've your city's police department did they lose their sense of humor. All walk. Sort of thing into arrest people that tie balloons to there's operates you'd have to catch them and we don't know who's doing. It's so creepy it is so treaty we often they sorry ass on sex line do you think it's vote your road a thirteen reports you know it goes. OK so right after me receded. There were a lot of people in the theater actually this that they were showing it like six theaters. A woman and her girlfriend locked in with the. It's probably seven. Then at nine years old and I looked at my son and I go. To natural wood made that call. You know there are a couple of scenes that are its disturb. It's just disturbing and artwork jewelry and example well there don't these this actually brought the disappearance of children and it does show you. You know one of them clearly ends up. And it's it's just really disturbing. Is the word I would use you know. You don't see a child get hacked to pieces but you understand that something awful without disturbing disturbing and maybe some of the language. That would be the biggest thing maybe via. Yeah always admired bat. It made three dollar there's an inference of sexual abuse at that's all of this say about that has existed at the inference of sexual abuse. In a couple of scenes so. No I play twelve like the clowns a pert. Now. I say no because my son is eleven. Honestly I would I would probably say no thirteen fort. A circuit. You're getting closer to the ballpark of. Airbus is there room in anything both people either have read the book or in the original and the and you know that the girl is portrayed as the kind of posse. The kids there's bullying are sensible. Here's what I will say which I use my fifteen year old. Daughter. Wanted to see it was her sixteen year old boyfriend and they made us go in his parents and give them permission to see we to physically go in and say it's okay for the exit. Yeah it was yet okay here's what I think you'll find that kids are not loving this movie Travis the adults are loving this movie. So became homage goes and I mean. It was all riots this is it because. It didn't go out everyday he was Steven king in and it does a huge. References Scott to the the New Kids On The Block just funny stuff that adults are going to appreciate. And so he liked it that she was like can take it or leave it and Jack last night said. I was good I didn't think it was rates. So keep in mind your kids or not it'll of this movie yet this movie's for you I'm glad you miss now because some even so it's like climate general's audit laughed at the whole time yeah. But she's now it's not old enough deceive our original. Right he's netbook -- understands the nuances of the things we're talking about in writing get some of the you know of the jokes about a human and you keep them I don't think it's the kids driving the box office sales for the story I think it's the forty somethings that look back and think I'll look at what they're wearing and it's just some. I wanna run all it takes place in the takes place in the eighties. Okay. ESPN is being encouraged by the White House. To fire one of its anchors. The White House is calling on ESPN. To fire one of its anchors. Good about just moment. Here on Damon parks. 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Things. This sounds like we could check very busy not. Alitalia every time I hear one of his songs on my oh my god they found a lost Waylon Jennings gap now is. Rod help eager some reds and Scott I'm assuming you've heard about Gene Simmons the ball what does that mean. Some going Ronald. Johnson and and. Okay. These cameras were visited. Our and ESPN anchor yeah. But cold president trump a white supremacist. Should be fired according to white house Press Secretary sir Sanders. She said this dark and gloomy hour. Sorry I'm sorry I have to ask recorders wanna clarify. Is ESPN a sports station correct correct but they have gone. If you if you've watched recently no Wyler and their their posts. Not to want to do sports center in Soledad and images Tony who won the Dodgers you know Orioles game. But a lot of hosts have gone decisively. Laughed in fact ESPN's bid accused. By people who watch ESP and for sports. On becoming way too political yeah and right and left leaning political. But regardless of your lean mean stop its sports we don't give a crap about politics and we wanted to who on the baseball game right I know. So but. So a lot of the host are getting political and people who watched ESP a because they don't wanna watch. Fox News or CNN or MSNBC are giving him no Lloyd. Because ESPN. When they're not doing sports tanner has become. And I don't get it wrong there not and in Iraq they're not getting right. Chris Matthew's public. But don't just throw things and from time to time like. What is that's why as to why I economy. So anyway the host who is her name helping out here Travis with Ernie is it Jameel did to mill Gil on Jameel. She's been reprimand reprimand and she calls a program called SE six. With Michael and Jameel. I'd she set out shouldn't even say this on year that's the thing she said on Twitter. She writes. That some. Sushi from iron. Remember she writes on a quote Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. She is on the right on Twitter. Trump is the most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy period. Now now wait and to stop you there. A lot of people believe that's got. I want you were a lot of wrong OK I'm just saying this is not something out of left field that some would say he has the white supremacist vote because he ducks. It doesn't mean every voter was a white supremacist but every white supremacist was his voter well ad is true. As the 2017. NAACP. Media diversity. And allow me to attack this story and say I should be the only voice people hear right now and I am an award winner from the NAACP Kerr. Thoughts are not original Owens. Continue exactly my point of paratrooper. She goes on to write the height of white privilege is being able to ignore his white supremacy. Because it's of no threat to you well it is a threat to me. ESPN has reprimanded her the White House is demanding she be fired why. It is ironic. That a White House which is controlled by Donald Trump and that's and he won fair and square who has been one of the biggest. Critics of other people calling people. Leagues and slobs in. I mean there's a laundry list of insults at the president has dropped people. Takes issue and gets offended when somebody calls the president a name. Do you remember Michelle Obama's saying when they go low week a high. And van that was really them on track of their. Family. During the presidency because people they knew were going to say hurtful awful thanks so when they go low we go high. It does seem that. Good niece a presidency to me. To reach out and discuss some obscure ESPN's sideline person no one's ever heard of because she said something that hurt your feelings on tour. What you do or they're not more important thing is going on and see and you can blame the national news media freedom bringing this up at a press conference. What you do during the press conferences you if you're sura Huckabee Sanders is you say. I'm not even gonna dignify that with the results follow the office to even discuss this at all. I understand was the point of on ours you guys to set that but. Wide at the White House have to do anything with these fees just because it just because trump name isn't it. Here do you think she should have been reprimand I don't I'm sorry now as a sports reporter. You have a right to your opinion now. If she was a Fox News anchor. Or eight broadcast journalists a report her certainly a White House embedded reporter. You're not supposed to go around saying things about the president and eat president and you're supposed to keep your personal opinions to yourself. Some sports sideline girl. How does that impact the way she does her job I would make the argument it doesn't. And she has more latitude with her opinion that a traditional journalist hat in that and after she sits on the matters more sports reporters that came out. Sammy stand by Jim O'Neill Reggie Miller who is on in BAT's. Two and two hour cabernet came calling cap for nick. There's a few other here's the funny thing though most people never heard of Jameel hill. Is that her name Jameel to deal bill I heard this woman until. Just if you're White House and some idiot reporter in the eye of the press briefing asked you about Jameel at all. And some show called SE what six the sixty. Sports and the six and now it's it's a brand new show no reason why note because. All Brandon showed you think somebody's trying to get slow pitch for their brand new show notes she's been on for the last like eight years but they just got this new section and then there is getting attention because I've never ever. 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Foul play is not suspected in the death of a person found in a car and a TCI parking lot someone smelled a foul odor and called police who discovered someone inside who apparently committed suicide. The medical examiner working the case now. One person is dead at least three more hurts taken to a hospital after a shooting at a high school in Washington State. Brian Shafer the Spokane fire department says the threat has been eliminated at Freeman high school in Rockford. That he's south of Spokane no word on the condition of people hurt. A Jackson County man claims new evidence will clear his name drew Ryland says he was wrongly convicted in a DUI crash that killed Michael Hernandez. That was in September of 24 team. Ryland once a new trial reviewed dash cam video that he says will prove his innocence. He claims new technology will be able to enhance aside near that will show another person was behind the wheel that night. 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Sunny out there for the afternoon time high in mid eighties tonight clear and 65 abundant sunshine an upper eighties on Thursday. Sunny and breezy in upper eighties Friday in and that low in chance for wet weather Friday night. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more key NBC weather. B three downtown 84 at the legends and AB to add your severe weather station. I'm will stare stay connected with the news is 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. I. Tribunals and. Then you'll be vigilant to ensure. This from the Daily Mail over the UK. Hillary Clinton reveals she bought a one point six million dollar property. Next stored or her home in New York three months before the election. For the Secret Service to live in when she won the president. Bad and. She also had no concession speech written that's part of the but home. That it just didn't occur to anyone. That he could win this election. Certainly didn't occurred error. Hillary says she still does enjoy her second hole. But she bought when when you say. Doesn't occur to anyone it's seems that it occurred to a lot of people. Or is it. It's just not harm rubs or reason drying Hillary says that she's still very much enjoys her second hole. But she bought three months prior to the election. You've got a spare key additions at least use that now. You should see me do this thing looks like south fork. If the idea that. Like some days shall turn on the TV and see some thing and I excuse me everyone and go across to that second home and like. Break dishes. Bringing me now. Terror furniture. And then come back to do that okay you know we were in the. She has to wake up every day. Literally. At and it's it's apropos that the book is called what happened. Because I guarantee you that's what she wakes up every day and says yeah who knows what happens. Opponent. Because I remember being on the air that night. And Jonathan we resume here with his little yet brought in his laptop and a and I think we're really did not want to. And he's we're going through needs all the areas like OK it's not looking good bye bye. She can pull Wisconsin Michigan. She's gonna get washing she's going to those she. There's still a chance on front market and with. Fell each so if she hits was constant and mrs. I. And I remember one point. I just looked over at Davis and I started last. And I might. Ol'. Ball well all. Good dumped on June. They don't know is going to win tonight. And hit it if you read the book from what I've understood from people who have she blames everybody but herself. No sweet cheeks. No one liked you. Well there were other forces at work there I mean she puts a hippie blame in fact ask is on CNN today on Kelly. I think that was all they know I think 80% of it was she was an unlikable and 80% 80%. I think that in the 8% 20% you've got Russia. You guys. Call me he got the made the DM emails that would mild pick the one against trumped here's the favorite riders thing. I was reading on. Williams tourism Twitter just now. She blames Obama as quote war on coal. For her losing coal country. Do you remember Hillary Clinton to hold a group of coal miners I am going to put you out of a job. Yes. Do you think maybe. That's what do you think alt country. Can you imagine coming to Kansas and saying. Wheat stocks were put you wheat farmers out of a job board and that we'd be able vote for me. Well every speech she did was like. That she was sure. And be like. You know she would do somewhere. Up north and say you know the south is awful. In this country I'm gonna do something about those. Backwards rednecks down there and that she would go somewhere and it's not like the north is terrible everybody knows the south is where this country really is. I mean it's like if you win it's great that you it's like Obama. People cling to their bibles and guns and then you wonder why people who own guns and go to church on religious base is no pun intended. And. Yeah the light in the it's like somebody mean to polar sides that you realize they're filming every single one of these speeches. Like everyone's courtesy of people think you're too old or write yesterday that your downtown these people all of their wrong. This speech no actually Roger too fazed. Her certain. This no. I don't think that's the word you want it is though had no. Idea. The real what the real Hillary is. You know there was a joke NASA now where she comes out mechanic Kate MacKinnon who was. Great as Hillary comes out and says. I think you're really gonna like that Hillary Clinton my staff is prepared threes tonight. That was the most truthful thing I heard about her during that entire action. So we keep reading and mentors five. I remind you she won the popular vote. 0925. Kabul my injured but that's not how we do elections and united states of snow asserted that the asserted Al Gore. We you read it. Probably have a different company. Okay night and it's already at. On board your cup I'm not I'm not going to pay for because it gives them money. Even somebody MSNBC the other night was going crazy. About. How reading this makes Hillary. Because people when she has to say because they're argument was on MSNBC the other night and this was a Democrat. The Democratic Party has to move alone. Hillary is re injecting herself into politics a year after the fact. She's doing a book tour is obviously to sells books that should cause we camp. And they were arguing we need to move on from Hillary Clinton. And all she's doing is reminding us that she's still here and she's doing it for money. Well that being said everyone in Washington writes about cult is writing a book. That's what they do I understand. But people wanna hear from rampant probably wanna hear from Hillary. But what their argument was as a Democrat Cameron who was once Jordan read me wrong. On their argument was pleased to school please let us move on. You lost it's it's over. Don't sell this book for money my god don't even to a booked or just go away. And let us move on. Of the next generation. 5767798. And Jenrette rob Babcock on Scott parks and KM these. Are you hiring G. Post your job to find the best candidates it was hypocrite you composer job to 100 plus job sites with just one click and then sit back. And let their powerful technology officially match the right people your job better than anybody else. That's why is it critters different. Unlike other jobs like super critter doesn't depend on candidates finding new it finds them. In fact 80% of employers who posted job on her broker. Quality candidates through the site within one day. 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Mario Antoine. Led his victims. Eye's outer rim. Many of whom were in desperate financial situations. To believe that they would be paid tens of thousands of dollars to appear in pornographic films but first he had to audition them on camera. This is good for those of you who serve that kind of stuff these are called casting couch videos. It. Am on according to the federal prosecutors. Am one perpetrated this depraved scheme on dozens of women throughout the Kansas City metro area and beyond. If they complained here's where I think he actually broke the ball. For the second heat light and get aspects absolutely not you've got to be kidding me no. No yes no law. Yes and a. You and I are signals. That we goat to and we don't know did you. Okay you fire at the bar. And IRA wanna have sex with June because I'm Mario Antoine and and I tell you that I am worth millions of dollars I have a boat. Docked in Miami. And lines. I am but let's be honest I pick up to approve a public park. For minimum wage and I don't have a boat in Miami and lying to you Dana thank fraud okay what's it going. I go home and you have sex with okay. I don't have a boat Miami and I am not worth millions of dollars I make minimum wage. These women. Did I just a fraud and well. It's certainly. Or you may be just a little bit too loose with your news. Just blame the victim. Yet until. They just don't victims of that does it make it victims so it. And knocked out and I and a I don't know. I know Dana we're not talking that he drugged any one back of course would be a crime and you know now listen to me. And listened carefully. This transaction. If you well. Was. Completed. Based on the rot in this. Of some type of monetary. Or professional game. I'm going to give you an aid and you're going to give me beat. The whole thing was a lot. Some people say this is not. It is not. It is not rate it and what is not at all and and you know what not I don't know whiteness supper to second. And I'm I'm I'm asking you to calm down for second beat out of an abundance of caution. From time to time I say things to be a little bit provocative. And you always look amigo Scott. Stop OK Dana I am telling you. Because like I am I yeah I'm looking at my email not the text OK I can already tell you what detects what is saying. You are literally. Insulting every woman in Kansas City who has been raped. By suggesting that this is rate. And I would ask you in courage U2 walked out when I just said. I understand you'll probably say that this is it is not this is not okay. It is certainly a crime it is not a crime it. Crime is committed when he tells these girls women. If you say anything I will share compromising pictures of you on the Internet apple came inference bear is the cry out and I. All I'm also a crime to say to a woman. This is eight transaction let's look at this like a business even though that makes me feel like I need to shower this is a transaction. You're going to do day for me. And I am going to turn around and doobie freak you. There's an expectation. With this transaction even though it's excellent nature that he has a service eight profession. And money to provide which he does not. That is fraud that is the actual definition. Of what it is is dole apple desperate women. Folding. For the promise of a man who is lying to them we see this with elderly women all the time Scott were a man from. Nigeria reaches out and he's paying so much attention or. And he says send me 25000 dollars or really are off and he does need it Scott he does but at the out at the point that he extracts my knee. Then you have committed a crawl out why is that different. Why because the giant not cash well in in some cases guy that is. All in Dana I am telling you this is not in different that the Nigerian scam are saying. I am in love with you take care for the rest of my life and there was a woman at Kansas did this she started seven. But there's the crime. You're taking money from somebody and not providing the service asking us if they may and is at a bar. And a woman tells him take me home. Makes sweet mad. Passionate love to me I look at it if you do. I will give you my Porsche I will give you house. And the man goes home what this woman and has sex with power. And the next day he wakes up and she's gone. There at a hotel room there's no Porsche there's no house if he'd just get raped. Was he just the fraud that its fraud. It is fraud. I would. Hazard to say. Every. Transaction between a man and a woman a man trying to convince a woman to. Let him get in her parents is fraudulent. And how much Arden defrauded. Tablets. Before she finally there. Constantly in my. Paul do you really weird. What do you want I'll do it I'll get it. Just all these these old. Whenever it is. You rise it yes aren't sure you are not stopped. And future. Job. But your struck Barack. 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Or online infinite well in this case C dot com.