Dana & Kara's 2018 Super Bowl Breakdown

Dana & Parks
Friday, February 2nd

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So apparently need to be Super Bowl Sunday's fun yeah Dana hang on a second I am just watching the all 22 Thelma in the pats that three forefront with Fletcher Cox upfront is going to be and nightmare for new England's offense is I don't. You. Too. Other. Different three that's the Eagles run especially with alarm in the slot and it fools I mean hello soak it play action deception here so cute you remember him used to play for the chiefs and came in for Alex Smith when they went into your impression vertical last season. They've looked great especially when he's in the shot you know he's given him a chance carry it says that his first here in Philadelphia and you know attending 27 touchdowns and just to an. And no pro football reference anymore we have the Internet people I now you know it's because Carson land that was on his way to winning the MVP in his second year and it tore his ACL on a naked bootleg grunt that naked bootleg run. That four and everyone just thinks because he's back up he can't beat Tom pretty mister US Humphrey was a backup quarterback for Drew Bledsoe. What about Jeff hostetler and the giants I mean yeah the giants. Who do you think's gonna went beyond. All say the patriots the difference is grunt being cleared after the concussion from two weeks ago he's back practicing and you give the go out Bill Belichick know that the G two full weeks to prepare against a second year head coach in Doug Peterson it's hard to pick against them. I get a Dion Lewis has been a stud lately in the running game and yeah I do think New England a rally around a two coordinators taking the head coaching jobs but defensive coordinator Matt Patricia looks like he's homeless. What is not all right. Bullets. But a Josh McDaniels yes he looks like he's wonderful I'm pretty sure reasonably balanced when team. You would you like. AG. Eagles nobody is giving them any respect he can they beat Atlanta and Minnesota back to back games and you know how I love the analytics at pro football. Obviously he doesn't there too defensive back. Jalen mills and Patrick Robinson are the top. Two players in yards. Her cover snapped. No brainer just remember if you're gonna bet the game on the bottom of the spread over the pats might just six and it's gone all the way as low as four before climbing back up to five and a half you know the late move is the right the yeah.