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Wednesday, August 2nd

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Retire something I plan to do when I get back from Florida retire at. You know we're going down there for vacation why are you retiring and he packed floor because we're going down there look for retirement or. Well lord. It over the years I've been saving them money. Now I think we do know that this will be my last bush that's great you don't care about. We're. Here and kids can be like kiss has agreed to original members last. And the unto replacements. As very I mean the back abandonment. So yeah. But we like them Pete best of the David impart not as angrily for no reason and I'm sure I. Kind of grand welcome divisional. I'm Scott is about to raised eye care. Well for your next job I got wondering about them not just in case. Picking up dog group on Florida beat you can be the planetary protection officer the planetary part have you heard about the show but I like it already. NASA is looking for someone to protect earth and other planets in our known universe. What other planets in our unknown you know of morals that's the problem not care about those planet simple problem is going to make sure that the nothing from outer space no aliens. Get on to earth. Contamination for outer space. And one person is going to be in charge of that Gascon mean bunkers and and how does one person guard the entire planet. From an alien onslaught it's just it's it's at its idea. I don't know but it does have a really good salary. A 2187000. Dollars a year. It's a real job you want me to guard the planet. For a 187000. Dollars a year it's gonna cost more isn't that what that can't sore. Right. No that's what just problems or me if that is right yeah Clinton and they stare covenant today now Atlanta. No jam at a gym today I'm sorry on your and my last day here he'll be here tomorrow. I won't beat you won't be fat. Column. I'm. Does he live far away. I don't he's letting these days you didn't salute far from the station but. This pandemic the rooms seem like a. My IP. Of the Kobe things has been worked out former when. I don't have holes. He has no ask him and a on the air tomorrow from the if you are going to be here tomorrow share all of his. Trials and tribulations in the last six months is it wrong for me to have. This. First all I am 35 years. I am divorced. And I live in there under around but I don't ever. I. The best part. Okay here's the steady diet or government she. Yeah a month. So this is that this guy was pregnant I'm not like I am. Such militant. I ended you know I got him at all day I think mainstream. Because I said words in the car to drive yesterday didn't hear it. Oh. The words don't ever crossed but really. It's it was just that someone going slow yes and he was all. Old people don't mean to be slow and understand that and then I had to drop and I think they do actual team. It's payback I think so yeah and then this morning I. To seem like. And you know when you're driving in front of the terminals Casey I. There three lanes you're drop off lane in the four. And then you have the two lanes in the or the middle name in them left Geithner will some DB from Johnson County. Hold up. Along side the the skycap. Outside of southwest. He stopped. In the middle Wang. Right in front of this guy. To and I have my mother next ms. Ryder Cup water down. And I go hate joke so you can't stop there. And he. Gets out of his car I know really stop stuffed yeah. I thought he was just like looking around you know is this where we go to this maybe use Roland on the passenger window asking the sky cap what's going ranked so. So when he gets out of his car in my case joke you can't stop here. And he gets out of his car goes to the back to resist UV pulls up. It's not as luggage. And the door for his wife who now own. I didn't realize the people from Johnson County are armed last. Hey you're penalized doors I am all opening doors when they're getting men but when it's time to get out can sound. OK I should really go so far. It. Sit next to you about your well. It's code he goes to side opens up to do Cooper's wife. She gets out there talk race. And try to get the Bartlett labeled the buses keep on Bible people better I mean one by. Likes. Which were so it's going to be once you start constructing this newer 11. I guess you'll have to worry about standing behind anyone in the building more is able to get that close to detail about our current. Upon there. Okay because. I've ever at the story that I saw and channel four S because it is about aggression on the route and clear you that is. I you and I do not get by. Dana I don't give the middle finger to people when you do that I don't idol. I don't do that I just scream out words that start with C I get my hands. Hughes network up from your mother no no. You wouldn't be a lot of different were it starts with the C has four letters and with a K crap days. Stated it has crept based in a four letter word that ends with the care for four. That's exactly right still fort Leonard. Rates are up in the air wrapped pork. Nicely you you can. Like my hands go. Ocean air crash not worker crap for is eight letters. Letters do I say that now he just had four letters thank you cry. Again doesn't end with the K Dana doesn't. And yeah it. Has. A so the treatment room and I. I. Is the crap work before that you used to eat some deals yeah. Ice and nice if you have been so it has been out for coming from school are okay. And has put syrup. I tried to help people lower their road rage and cramped work as a first step in to another word to roost and were. It. Her father proudly told him my name is Matt Foley. Yeah I know I am a motivational. Speech you're. It started and let me. A bit of a scenario what it is all well. First well. I am 35 years old. I am divorced. And I live in prayer I'm down by the river. Are your kids are probably saying to yourself hey I'm gonna go a lot not gonna. That detail and wrap around and want to. Well I'm here to tell you that you are probably gonna find out and as you go out there. But you're not going to amount to acts up.