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Monday, March 19th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Well when your only now. Have to go what's that there and ride it learning what it's like to have been alive in 1990. When we heard about this thing coming down the road called the Internet or the check out world lie to win or the information super guy okay. Witches for unions was what the Internet was first call was leaked information. Super high so my grandparents used to refer to as two lane blacktop where Paul. I remember being in. By the secured cash and 07081072. Added one I'll never forget being in professor Adrian rivers class of the University of Kansas Lawrence. And this spring of 1994. I was soon to be graduated seeing. And Adrian rivers. Ernster class and Jesus kids. Some comment on the lions and changed the way we'd do our business. Lot of 22 year old cement Costco and she does it's cold. The world wide web the the information. Super highway. My eyes clustering which she then informed us that we would on our. Big fat computers at home which we used to type papers and Matt set because there was no other uses for your computer. Because you're right many coat usual ports mark. I see you use your computer to write papers. Which she said through your computer at home. You will be able to get anything you. Shut your mouth which I said. Just stalk and Rupert has come to my door and now she said he'll be able to get anything you want newspapers are going to be on your computer. She is you'll be you'll be able to watch things on your computer this'll sound itself into. Speaking of universities. Oh yes if you're tuned in about two weeks ago you would have learned the great fear. That fell upon their right. When she found out that her son Jack with whom she went to Mexico and lost him several times along with her phone his phone and two pairs of shoes. And didn't listen to me when I always teller only eat at the resort or at the crab how she ate chicken all of the resort and got the group's. Fredette anywhere right before she will make a difference. It was water it was not food was law don't drink off the resort. It's not possible it was panic who were and we trinket and I knew when I drank it shouldn't be doing and you like eve. In regard to beat me in high heating and this source teenagers like. Get around explore here grab some choose what happened. Press and was eight pounds which is what I do so ripe old. I left with she snickering and she said how hot water. Got worms and everything you're gonna tape. So. In about two days I had a at a different islands and Mexico came back it was like cynical times I just drinking water. Let me ask you this when you order your drinks did you get a win by ice cool yeah. Okay you're that stupid can you deserve your wisdom. So anyway right before she left with Jack for Mexico she informed a statement. That Jack who she has been grooming for the last eighteen years to attend the University of Kansas. Had made at least one maybe two trips. To Kansas state university in Manhattan. While you're away got a president stop it we got this letter from. Eat now to stressed to me it was. For the record it was addressed to Dana am marks which I am. So I handled that. Anyway so the only open happened so Casey wrote shoot data right. But she is that hand written it handwritten note on their own state there. On Holland and that's what color is. Purple that's right. We wanted to send some purple your way. We wanna send some purple your way after we heard about the surprise interest in K state. Let us know how we can assist. As yours student makes his final college decision. We hope to see the whole family and purple. Next fall their heart out that's actually really nice now before and I I graduated from the university can. I gear and hot damn tee. Kate you when they found out Jack was exiting going decay EU and made a site visit. They never thought to do this. They never thought we finally got an email Kate you never thought to handle right. Our show. Our show can't even be heard. In Manhattan I know you know what the address was to us what the Dana and parks podcast. Wow all. Right you are correct or. It was a I was the one who delivered it to Scott it was addressed to the data and parts podcast. K state. Putting them number one on my Jack wishlists I'm telling you know I didn't impress or yeah or eight took the time hang on care. K state took the time. To hand write a letter to you and your family. And they don't even inside K state victories well they simply said let us know if we can assist. As yours student makes his final wild college decision on this note to you can. They sent something else you object. Mall. Or hard makes me happy. This is for Jack. And asked. Who's very own perfectly size that is the. K state teacher wow here hold up is. That now I'd say that is pretty impressive. Yeah tech opponents and attack. To have to go to the bottom of the media. Caribbean somewhere in Mexico and sold for parts or anywhere I want to do this this is for Jack I will deliver it you know I will we can't forget to turn. K state is putting the all out assault to get your son to join their universe yeah yeah. Smart play Caremark you know our trials last week when a meat Packers genius genius on their part canonize now. Case you didn't bother to do that. We've had some correspondents. Catherine email. Because K use like look face it's deliberately would you know you're coming here okay stop even talking about that other school I'm saying we send Jackson case say. All you wanna they want them. Even finish her handwritten. Sign now. That is. Cain had his breasts and odd yeah. Through the rooms they're like. Waste of five to teach it to you and Lee were good students come here are eerily dark hair and out. 25 bucks a five dollar teacher too easily. You know I'm just happy there'll in the tournament still and and what's really think about handwritten notes from K state. I'm happy they're still the term you know what is it because K state doesn't have the Internet I even. While just curious as we're there and the gold Ferraro. I even rated for any state against that UN be banks school. It was arguably bank it was UMPC. Whatever sounds like a bank and it got him got potatoes and I was so happy I heard UND I was like what do I mean I don't know if her I never got atlases kids how exciting was I had never heard of that school monologue Scott how exciting is that there actually is a class act. Offering him a multi year contract today yet say they do and our activity in big dancers bless his heart is because his phone's ringing off the hook yeah. You took the University of Maryland Baltimore County I thought it was Baltimore campus. Because one in Munich there's a UMMC. University of Maryland Munich campus. Where a lot of the American high school kids used to go to college. And so I thought when I saw you MDC they were my universe in my Maryland comic around Baltimore campus. Aren't bolt town it. How much would it have been worse if you had chosen that team in saint Las Vegas. They busted I think I was watching our present on Saturday morning or something. They busted all but like. 500 brackets. According to ESPN here's latest numbers. Only three brackets out of seventeen point three million. Done on their website now. Correctly picked fifteen. Out of the sweet sixteen winners no way that's why not her Wasilla that's the nun that aren't objects. Don't know don't have as perfect brag Deborah no one no one in an. Follow me here I kind of wanted to fill out a bracket today and let me tell you just follow you don't know Ronald again. That the bracket so it was all going on and I wasn't he had so why did so one bracket Mexico and I forgot to leave one when I left. So Christmas night one of fill out a bracket and you leave me attention like clearly I know the UN DC one. I know OK you line. Guess I know Xavier won but. Bigger than what I mean lost a lot of missed it on. Fill out a bracket still. And not be that far ahead of anybody else 'cause I'd not been paying attention and been. And you could still fail in the sweet sixteen did you get the ESPN. And may he co is not the ESPN here warts now it's all soccer of an. And like really. The colder Portis. And it's called the Ochoa. It's called we were roaming around looking for a bar to watch the games they're not part of time. And I. Still one excellent bracket or I want to point out. That won't you were wooden case state took the time. To write you when your son a hand written note written. As for swing and send him a case state teachers. I want that to weigh heavily it will argument is. That is commitment. They are now or what have you received other than an email from the University of Kansas. They know we had a little. Michigan street most winners. And I don't even know one. Hop summit of attacks like K State's extra effort. Made the difference in my decision between case state NKU wow they want your Boyd KEU doesn't. Sleep on that tonight him. Our. I have until around in that little Volkswagen Jetta all weekend long ever since I got back. And let me tell you that Jeddah it is a smaller sedan it is the perfect car for your college in talking about college. Is the perfect safe car for your college kid and I love. That it has the apple placed system just like the app was asked just like the T one task. Your kid can plug in your phone put your phone down and really focus on the road the phone does everything for the car it's amazing. Volkswagen only summit asked to see that Jeddah. You can lease that thing for a 139 dollars a month that's a 28 teen for a 139 dollars a month or. You can buy it and they will knock 4000. Dollars off MS RP. One of the things I love about books like in Lee's summit the leafs will give people mostly it's an external. You wanna buy they'll give you a huge huge discount they are so easy to work with their so friendly and eleven. No credit problems financing and payment solutions for everyone. You know most of the 28 teens come with a six or seven to 2000 mile transferable. Warranty. Check amount Volkswagen a Lee's summit or VW Lee's summit dot com. He. Who. Had gone ahead and I mean. And yeah. And I believe this phone is on the side. He has to be a good. Tribute sprint center tonight by the way I misspoke I Jackson Browne is not with the mound it's Vince Gill. Who is now the newest member of the Eagles. An interest in Jackson Browne is kind of answer. Not so much with the Gil. So how would you like to Glenn writes it nobody wants to do. Or B I wouldn't Sammy Hagar did daily Ross when he was a man who your candidates. You have but David Lee Roth didn't dot. Right he just got drunk and got kicked out of the bay. Glenn fry. Passed away. And then Don Henley said there's no Glen Fryer there's no more Eagles I can't see ever tour and again oh by the way were tour and again. Money money makes people do interesting things and it just irks me. Jack has gone and doesn't have enough on types. Loved and so who who's in the Eagles now Timothy B Schmitt Joseph Walsh. Don Henley. Garrison felons. Honestly no skill or I will say this most of my favorite songs. Are Don Henley songs and yeah. More with the exception of tequila sunrise most of my favorite Eagles songs are Don Henley Sox game. We'll tell me who what are his most famous songs tequila sunrise is probably my favorite songs so that's Glenz. What is less the only a rigid or not because. Neither Joseph Walsh or two retribution original members. The only people who were in the Eagles when they actually recorded albums. Don Henley Joseph Walsh and Timothy British meant. Now I have to go one Don Henley song you know just name who the other on Glen Frye once take it to limit. Know that I believed to your to limit its parent. When Friday Eagles please do a game show called names that eagle and I would get zero out of 40. Am. Never heard of Don Felder. Who ever to Don Felder neck okay. Period lionized Glenn fry and a I love that's all after the thrill is gone peaceful easy feeling new kid in town James Dean. Tequila sunrise. Tequila sunrise and lionized would be my two favorite hardy tonight already gone green these are some of the big business take it easy. That's Thomas kind of fun to me general Glenn fry songs. Glenn fry it was my fair article. Those of the best ones. Now you're Don Henley songs have nothing to sneeze at evening away. So period Don Henley. Eagles notes a desperado. You are different for sure. It tops and songs were Don Imus of course hotel California. Him to desperado I put him are oh so California is more or Joseph Walsh on. Life in the fast slain in the long run. You know I saw them. I mean obviously no one knew Glen Frye I was gonna open guy. It was complications from surgery or something a look at an Arab I don't remember anyway we saw him the last time they were here at the sprints or what was it two years ago wanna say group. And like I hate to say this out loud if you've never got to see them it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. But what I paid that kind of money to go back without when fried no Israeli miser in the Eagles of the doors. Newsroom Caremark or a Lawrence police officer rushed to the hospital after a training accident today we'll have more next hey folks bring. Be here before you noted his time to start thinking about your debt your driveway and your garage floor still wants Casey is her to permanently protected beautify those areas. They're experienced team will clean and seal any wood or concrete surface with their clear penetrating permanent sealant. Can you imagine the cost of replacing your decked driveway or patio seal wants Casey eliminates those worries still wants Casey offers a 25 year warranty. Against deterioration. And how about those cracked and same garage or basement floors still wants Casey has you covered. With their permanent polymer decorative coating easy claimed on slipped Dexter comes in a variety of Austin Powers. And we'll definitely bring that wow factor to your home. Call today 8169423927. For your free testament mention Dana told chip called receive a 20% discount. Remember was still wants you conceal it and forget it go to seal once Casey dot com call 8169423927. Today. By 32 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom and terror mark Sarah Lawrence police officer were shot in the leg during a training exercise this afternoon at the police union lodged. He was sick into the hospital and is now in stable can be condition police tell us some equipment became tangled inside the trigger guard causing the gun to go off. It's being called the biggest scandal and Facebook's history sending its stock plunging on Wall Street today. A data analysis is accused state is accused of filing of the social media giant's privacy policies. To gain access to millions of users accounts using your lights of religious preferences. And even your friends' accounts to develop trump campaign strategies. Senate Intelligence Committee vice chairman Mark Warner mab Virginia Democrats says his committee is investigating the company's possible ties to Russian election meddling. Reflects the fact that FaceBook which sends the beginnings of this investigation. Have been. Reluctant to say the least to be fully fourth. Coming the data firm Cambridge analytic are continues to deny any wrong doing. Traffic and weather together next. Katie the dead tree that has become a giant eyesore your yard maybe of trees and shrubs are overgrown or ugly I did too. But not anymore mind wasn't a dead tree was living tree it was a silver maple with five trunks. Whoever planet that never trimmed it up. And I got so sick of watching my trees huge limbs fall to the yard and on of the house that I finally called choice tree service and had a professionally removed from. Listen handling trees dangerous business that's why it's absolutely crucial. To hire the right company I chose tourist reservist. Because they have all the up to date certifications and licenses they also have also fully ensure every worker. That steps foot on your property and they are the best trained experts in the industry worked at choice tree service to the miles flawless and clean up immaculate. Call my tree guys at 9132844833. And for 10% discount tellem Scott parks recommended them. Called choice tree service and 9132844833. For free estimate today we're look him up online it choice tree service. Casey dot com. Lots of clouds and chilly northerly breeze for a Monday evening also a few left over showers here and there. Look for our temperatures of all down to about 34 degrees for low black Tuesday morning. That and you Tuesday will continue with the cloud cover a few showers will be possible. Most of the day is going to be dry with high temperatures in the middle forties then on your Wednesday partly cloudy and warmer higher at 56 degrees on Thursday. Partly cloudy and even warmer with highs in the mid sixties from John and adversely meteorologist that'll Miller came to see whether. 48 KCI it's 43 and only have 45 right now in your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with Newsnight DA one KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Hey. Maybe perhaps. Sparks. Me. Singh and maintenance in the meantime an am. It's been a lot of people on the Texan pointing out. She limped fri sun is also in the band now. Take stance place that's great. If Phil line it's kids were in thin Lizzy don't make capitalism. I'm. Are you ever single Nelson his son Luke Nelson is amazing in a different way. But I've never seen someone shredding guitar like that you have in Colorado and yes I just used the words read. My Cuba though he is not really and he opens the show yes he doesn't command and I'm still mad at. What's his stupid name Eddie Van Halen for kicker Michael Anthony now and then Clinton. His kid and Wolfgang expert yeah resort you can normal man OK here. Etc. all. This because it taught him to play bass doesn't mean I care. Has ever been a famous artist. Whose son. Let's start with music. Exposed daughter was as good or better than the debt. Hank junior now. That's exactly gross aren't the only one I wouldn't say he was. As good or better but he had his own career and more size more successful dad that was ever really successful. I was thinking Kirk Douglas Michael Douglas. Possible why voters started news well it started with music at the only ones I can think of are acting. Grew. I remember when I was out I'll think about his mettle once and now Bryant when I was a kid. Is Johnny Carson I guess Bob hope's son was trying to go to politics. And Johnny Carson made the comments like this man could make it all the way to presidency and we would still say ladies and gentlemen the president United States Bob hope's son move right. Wrote and Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus at Dayton now well now well now how many hits did he have and how many hits does she have. I would argue she's been a bigger success. I can name two from him. That stupid. Don't break my heart achy breaky heart and the song some gable which is raw goods. In other parts our hearts are but I don't know that other. Okay someone just said it. And Donald and Kiefer Sutherland sure. So much dissent. Frank Sinatra junior play sounded just like his spot that's fine you can sounds like dad had to make you bad. Is Lisa Marie Presley more successful and today she's brought. You don't usually. Did you hear no she is I'm looking capital teen beat. Now. How can you be broke when you get your dad's mom like Dane on the 29 every month broke look it up. There. I'm telling you can a couple weeks that I thought how in sand hill our nation's issue. Jeter results it's not least over Lisa Marie Presley's suing manager for losing elvis' fortune Nan. I always say it was their manager I don't know maybe you jet around on private. Jets and multiple houses and says she's sixteen million dollars in debt. She's down to 141000. Dollars. Or money and Lisa Marie Presley down to 141000 dollars. Has 500000. Dollars in credit card debt. I. She says she's sixteen million dollars in debt all of own darn Lisa Marie says Barry Siegel ram the trust of Elvis Presley. For his daughter. And in 2005 he sold off 85% of her interest in the Elvis Presley enterprises. For hundred million dollars. Well. In the lawsuit documents obtained by TMZ she says Siegel took all of that cash and invested in the company called core entertainment. Core is the parent company of American Idol. Core went belly up in 2016. How about this novel idea how about you tell your. Financial advisor to give you your 100 million dollars and then you never have to worry about another penny for the rest. Your life says a closer look at the counter lawsuit describes years of wild spending and a failure to heed warnings. While the same time ignoring an agreement to resolve the feud out of the public guy. Now how much money do you have to spend to blow through like a hundred million dollars prologue. Chris even. Have no idea. I have no idea on. I am not asking my feel sorry for I don't know I'd and I don't and I was gonna say that I don't feel sorry for people like that. She get a dollar every time someone wonders increase plan well. But according to that story and TMZ her financial advisor sold 85% of her stake. In Elvis Presley air got if I am your financial advisor let's just say I in your eyes and and I. And who in my recent memory yes and I know you're to Scott and I help you with your finances and you own 85% of let's say an account. And one day I decide. It's in our best interests and your best interest to sell 85% of an account do you honestly think that decision happens in a backing him. I would have to come to you and sake use this as you hate them sign here we are going to sell. Your 85% stake in Graceland or whatever was that her dad out. Then you have to say OK and you'd have to sign can't blame this on somebody I'll ifs and it and it grieves for someone to sell it. And then theoretically. He would have to turn around and say by the way we just made a hundred million dollars. Here it's on our selling 85%. Of your stake in your dad's new music royalties it's right etc. I'm now going to turn around and invest this in a company called core entertainment. Well no I'm Lisa Marie press I'm in my forties now if not early fifties right okay. I have. At most forty years left on this planet. I want my 100 million dollars I'm gonna put him into an account. And I'm gonna continue to reap the 15%. Of the interest that's right. And and I could spend two million dollars a year and still die with millions of dollars. I have. No sympathy for people like as Fidel not 500000 dollars in credit card debt you are not in that can you imagine just the interest payment well how do you get 500000 dollars in debt and credit card. I. You've never got to work it day in your life. You suck at being a human being you really do. Your everything that I ate about humans. Not U not. A drug at least repress. It if you blew through a hundred million dollars. And by the way sold in 2006. So they blew through all of this. In ten years and eleven years here's the other saying you suck if she's down to her last 141000. Dollars. She can't even afford to fight this in court. Russia wants to work it thousand dollars in like fifteen minutes with one of these Hollywood shies sheet of Libya the next 15% this year has left of her dad's story wrong. Surged. I have no sympathy. For rich people who blew through their fortunes are just dumped. Well with the exception of one I'll say this and for people who rapidly. Come into overnight. Like a hundred million dollars in power politics so. That to me if you've never lived that life and you don't know how to manage money and if you don't surround yourself with people who will help you I can at least understand. When those people fault no but somewhat like this who has the best advisors and the best agents and the best people know. Because if you were to win say you won the 240 million dollar power ball and I know you would crush on wouldn't blame you for quitting this year. But the for the last advice children's testimony though where. I'd petty. The last advice I would huge would be hit a lawyer now. Don't wait don't even go to the lottery office to pick up your check before you get a lawyer. Get a lawyer now they would talk some sense into you and say okay here's how we handle this money is where and it wouldn't take lump sum. We're gonna put it in a trot our some of them trust we're gonna take care of your kids we're gonna give you an allowance. And you can't go over the allowance do you understand me who owns elvis'. Michael Jackson by that The Beatles on the catalog he he bought note rod you know this but it and I. But somehow The Beatles catalog came up. For sale right Sony under sodium that's right and Michael Jackson bought it well no poll Paul McCartney called. Michael Jackson and said look out the catalogs coming up I've got X amount I need. X amount more. Hate to ask can you loan me the money Eden and Michael Jackson said. Look man I don't alone in my am comfortable that really don't. These are guys who made hits together right rise like I I just don't I don't wanna do it is they're OK I understand. So bin behind Moore Paul McCartney's back answer Michael Jackson bought it. Bought it out from underneath them. All the media and have the money alone amity and feel comfortable with it and then bought it out from under. And then sold it to Nike and some other places. Paul McCartney. Was of course furious. And they never spoke again didn't Paul McCartney end up buying it back at some after Michael Adams and Jackson died yet up. Take. And I guess I bet he paid a lot more than he ever would have been if Michael Jackson and stabbed him in the back. Oh come on what these compared. Please. Julian Lennon is good or he's not John Lennon. On him but let's be honest and one that went back in the nineties number. Steve Harris's daughter Lauren as a singer and a metal band you know but she didn't start Iron Maiden. Doesn't count. Them. I think the point is your biology. Plays some role in it I think if you're. The son or daughter of an artist. I think honestly 98%. Of it is environment. But you either know and pick up the guitar and have that and you work at it or you don't don't figure does born. To an artist and you become an amazing author or actor or writer or. Certainly with music. They're saying you can. You Wilson Phillips. Right it was different of the programs Stuart Woodbury and low cost life insurance. And low cost life insurance dot com that is website and it is says no easy just go there click a few buttons and bill mister Harrelson have a life insurance. Well that's exactly right in it we can help listeners navigate. 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When your McKay and Vizio home page 100 people will be invited to the grand finale event on Saturday march 31. From ten to noon at the continental citing children. Breakfast for all the finalists habits and narrow it down to ten people for the final draw. Each finalist walks where the prize and one lucky person walks away with a 7500 dollar window maker over. The contest is going on right now you can submit your entry no later than Sunday march 25. Don't miss your chance with 7500 dollar wind make over from continental citing supply. Can. Yeah. You know. Eagles. In town tonight sports center. Service at 779 and I've no idea why does give the number up because it's crunch and the show of. Answer. So things I didn't tell you. One night we decided rod to. Go to one of the shows that they on the resort. And I jokingly asked what the protest. She does have like a Michael Jackson tribute oh my god I saw that he came through in years ago is still acts. Oh don't. Maybe it was a different one Rodney fake Mexican Michael Jackson out don't know oh my goodness. So you know what they tried they tried but it was just a soundtrack of some of the units. With six little skimpy dancers which was fine believe gene can out and here's what's funny. It said you said it's letters in the back behind him on the stage. Michael Jackson's. Apostrophe S. And that was the name of the there were called in to I think Mike McCarthy Michael in. In Spanish. Let Jackson as a please welcome let Jackson's this guy comes out and sleep from a distance he looks like him like I wanted to get surgery to kind of look like him. So he has to could be at a Billie Jean or whatever was. It was just a whole lot of crotch grabbing. Like and wants while he'd like. Producer. Yeah now after couple glasses of wine if you were standing in the twenties early kind of looked like him and I who's not right. It was funny it was fine and we got a picture with him as we got a picture with well. But when I was in Cancun. Several years ago they had a Michael Jackson thing down and in the main ballroom scene and I thought it was very good having yeah. Look ahead. Now that's not us. It is is batting glove had he took photos and everybody afterwards. That dancing was really gut the singing hand. And then they did this one thing what was the song about the children. The children bring the children together our. That's what went on a late in the two thousands like baby late nineties early two thousands here in the world yet you were. He does heal the world and then starts bringing all of these children up on stage that's which I think twenty years ago would have been a very touching thing to do but I turned my girlfriend can't. Around them I'm a little. I mean it's a little weird after the history that we now now. Kill the world. Without the children onstage. That's all I'm saying. Don't Santa Claus and creeps me. Gives you Gina my lover. This trash like how I viewed nor Michael Jackson concert yeah he's dead. On behalf of our producer today the finest men and all America the great run Babcock my good Franco's welcome home. Iraq and I am still parts of god willing roll back tomorrow at 2 o'clock have a great night police say. Give. Me. It. Yeah. Happening now on KM BZ march cases of the measles in Johnson County Maher next. Eighty dead tree that has become a giant eyesore your yard may be of trees and shrubs are overgrown ugly I did too. But not anymore mine wasn't a dead tree was living tree it was a silver maple with five trunks whoever planet never trimmed about. And I got so sick of watching my trees huge limbs fall to the yard and on of the house that I finally called choice tree service and had a professionally removed. Wasn't handling trees dangerous business that's why it's absolutely crucial. To hire the right company I chose to history service because they have all the up to date certifications and licenses they also have also fully ensure every worker. The steps foot on your property and they are the best trained experts in the industry the work that choice tree service to the miles flawless clean up immaculate. Call my tree guys at 9132844833. And for 10% discount tellem Scott parks recommended them. Called choice to reservist and 913284. 4833. For free estimate today or look them up on wanted choice tree service Casey dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.