Dad assaults and kills stranger who tried to enter daughter's bathroom stall...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, August 16th
The dad is charged with 2nd degree murder.

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You're listening to the Dane and parks podcasts on KNB easy some showers and thunderstorms around. 87 for the high on Friday if you morning clouds maybe a shower early in a look at some sunshine back by about mid day. Upper sixties partly cloudy for Friday night looks good for Saturday upper eighties and mostly sunny rain will be likely on Sunday 85. I'm staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KM BZ whether. 86 Casey giants 87 and blue springs 88 right now when you're a special weather station. L. You don't like they boss is. Cash and fame. FA ME. Fame Texan in the seven to added one message data rates may apply fame FA MP. And yes everything frankly and that today at the age of seventy. Six sedan wind bomb out in news rooms like to to. All right all we've been singing it. But that isn't even her best song and we can have all kinds of conversations about what was the absolute just amazed at recess. It shows stopping moment. If you have not seen and it's been making the rounds online. Her performance. At the Kennedy Center awards. Kara she must've been seventy she was 7373. That the one where Barack Obama's article Barack Obama was artists and Carole King was like losing her mind during -- I Carole King was. Before the show well it. Is it and it gives me chills every single time analyst at so I sit here we're gonna play interpret Astros player award and is allowed to match. And I had believed Donnie because I moved to LA. But this is the injection before island New York Jerry and I were walking down Broadway when Jerry Wexler the co-founder of Atlantic records pulled up in his limo and. What you do. On the moon and. Being. Yeah. 73 Santa here I'm remembering a man. She became the first woman ever inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame before The Beatles. And one was inducted before The Beatles 118 Grammy Awards 44 nominations made. Really she had advanced pancreatic cancer. Why not heard Don lemon. You know god bless him. Do you like Don lemon or not he was a good friend of reeked of Franklin I did not know that to a new 2000 times I didn't realize it really good friends. And when she when working I was watching the news this morning and were interviewing. You know dumb double parred eight and dump them blow hard V about trump for something and and then finally be it goes wait guys stop stop and that they wouldn't shut up arguing it was stopped. I am breaking news and I have to get in here. And then she said you know Aretha Franklin just died and six. And so it took a second. And then they got Don lemon on the phone I did not know he was good for an differs. He could not one year first he was crying so I mean they went to videos and music it's. Eagles. And then he compose themselves rather quickly. I. Yes as strange. Coincidence maybe. Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley died on the same day. 41 years apart. Iraq General McChrystal both died on August 16. Weird I mean. Or three or 65 days in the year that's kind of strange coincidence and it's today Madonna's birthday treatment Madonna turn six Tuesday. Queen of pop. Or as her heart I just I am I in I didn't see it's bittersweet she led an amazing. Long. Long life. And you should grow up in the church in rose how religious she still Wallace. That's what she should really very relieved hostels and I of course. I'm yup that's three point texture Aretha Franklin had a microphone. That's it you know your voice and somebody pointed that out today there was now and what's that stuff think what the autos and auto ten. Right there right there was none of that auto tune bag and you couldn't have a bad voice and still make. Just on your looks or whatever you had to be a singer. When Aretha Franklin coming out if you could not saying you were out. There was none of this like Britney Spears where you could you know she's prettier she's cute. Where may occur star Edward fixer voice on the record that he and probably accident concert. You had to be able to say. Period. Our. Read frank under the age 76 or kubert cash. Is fame FA MV. You are 24 hours out. I'd buy him pants today. That's all I have set he seemed distracted. What are your typing. I'm gonna you know who seemed distracted someone wanted to know if we're having a guest in studio today. We are not that is next. Thursday. We are welcoming Toby door into the studio. I believe at 4 o'clock and I do want to make that announcement because initially we did say. It was today. She is scheduling conflict it is next Thursday and people were already asking about it even in his head you know that's at. That is next Thursday now I'm dead we were certain they'll load. It if you finally packed well yeah sort of sort of Turks and Bullock's. About teenage boys yeah now. I don't know I. We don't. Out of the country I will act either the night before early in the morning before we leave for the airport ideas him. Yeah I asked him and then I get there it might mean for him to. I do it and I was forgive some and that's why because you're packing last minute. Yeah. We should mention this I Kregg Glazer died today will well known Kansas City comedy club owner he and Stanford and sons are comedy club. You Westport and it was out of legends meant it was well Westport and it was over and park it was he's like how. Long has he has he been part of the Kansas City companies in Scott oh four years. Comedy thirty years or at least at least thirty years I walked in tears at his that we knew Aretha Franklin was coming I'm still Sabbah we knew it was coming. What did interrogators deter Craig Glazer and when someone says that it really only means one thing. Sure it doesn't mean he's been nominated to the Hud secretary you know I mean I don't know why. I I am not aware he was sick now leukemia. And he's big for yeah had been handling chips for a long time just in the gym ample months ago he looks fine. I mean yeah I might I knew Craig for. Two decades. I like Tim. He was I think anybody who knew him would say he was eight character. And I don't mean that a negative way I mean that in a positive way. He was funny was gregarious he was controversial. He could be outlandish when he wanted to be. But I thought ultimately he was just a nice guy who was a little weird. But a lot. And so I'm sorry to hear about Craig Glazer and god bless him and god bless this family riker marks rub Babcock and Scott park. Security and b.'s. You know the right hire is so important if you're a small business owner making that rank higher retaining the right higher. Is tough to do sometimes when you post that job host. It is the most important step in the process and you wanna make sure that pose reaches the most qualified candidates try. 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Can understand and if you missed. Com but it involves a father down in Arizona. And giving the reader's digest in the region some of the more pertinent details the story. He picks up his daughter for an. And they are. It's in Tucson undergoing some. The girls say they need wanna pull a quick trip and go to the bathroom and get some different and so dutiful dad pulls into the quick trip. He goes in as well. Notices his daughter her friend owned about. A man and follows them into the bath. At here's a come ocean. Okay. He goes into the map room. The guy is. This stranger ma'am. Is trying to get into the stall where his daughter where the man the other man's daughter has. He's like what in the name you know he's starts alerted secure what's going you call the police from a take irony is killed and with my bare hands sorry even call her by the way. I CNET and I concur. Anyway. They they finally. Whatever distract this guy he gives up. Dad and daughter go out to the car with their friend. Everything's good until Nazis. Would be attacker come out of the quick trip. Approaches him and says what were you doing in there they get into a scuffle. Dad beats him to it turns out beats him to death. Okay now under a year ago let's talk about this because the timeline. Is important terrorists later allegedly approached the man outside the Q2. Where quote keep punched him in the face causing the victim to fall. Then he allegedly struck the victim in the face several more times and kicked and stomped on him. I according here. I don't think anybody can be prepared to hear that type of news that someone was just so rule. That is from somebody that the dead persons and she said he suffers from schizophrenia about oil that's fine. The man the father has now been charged with second degree murder okay. Stop you there when I first. Read this story he had not been charged yet can't sought a headline that it was overnight last night. On through to air. I said to myself. I don't blame him I would have done the same thing in a different way he's going to be charged with murder. That is actually these three thoughts I had had in that order when I read the story and here's why. You go and and he is trying to get into the bathroom stall where your two daughters are how how they did you say against they were teenage Democrat sixteen years old. I would have. Assaulted him. On the spot. No questions asked I would've pulled out and looking in my bag when I have that could kill you honestly that divot fixer I would've killed you with a divot fixer. And I would've done it right then and there to protect the girls. He waited. He waited until someone came handled the situation. Had him removed you know you start putting time in between net. Him trying to get to the girls. And your reaction to him trying to get to the girls. And the law is going to viewed that as. Manslaughter or murder I don't think it's I really don't think it's murder. If you want to get this guy on something and get them on manslaughter. But let me ask you have passion is generally manslaughter is not it is I would agree I think it's I think it's manslaughter the argument would be made the prosecutors will argue. He had time to go out back into the parking lot. Get into his car and calm down now the defense would tell you. What would any other father Dennis. You you're sitting in your car the adrenaline is going nuts you're sitting there with your daughter thank god she's all right and Scott Italy had gotten. Gets worse to me as apparent as time goes on because you start thinking. Liken them you're like. And here. But then you. Take five minutes and you know any as a parent struggling. Oh I thought he was probably gonna rape you start to simmer a little bit and man. And then you see the guy walk out of the front door of the cutesy. And you're right there there is that this will be. Areas right their honey. Eighty uniting your car which you shouldn't do. I understand but you're you're asking somebody who is now. You're rational. Act through anger and adrenaline and maybe even fear which is doubling by the minute by the head and his protection ism is kicking in for his daughter big time. And so your your asking somebody who is illogical to now act logically and that's tough. That's hard to do. And he sees the guide the would be attacker who was trying to get into the stall where his daughter watts. And he walks right up front doors QT a free man ready to go home and usage yourself don't know. Hell no. Is it possible. This man if he had. Some type of issue to on this other schizophrenic is it possible that he thought he was in the men's restroom when he does one and the wrong salt and I think about the chiefs game incident a couple of years ago Scott. Where that poor man just happened to. Opened the wrong. Truck door. A truck that looks like the Truckee arrived in with friends. Falls asleep inside that truck and it is beaten to death when the truck owner comes back out to me. Is it possible. That this guy wasn't trying to heart liberals and anyway. It was just a mistake and he's walking he's he's like let me in yeah. And I feel I'm not saying that that as a father you would not have time to think all of that Thoreau. Here's the other thing it's your going to be hard pressed funded jurors convict us. Specially second degree murder I think it's split I think have to peoples say. This was an overreaction we don't know the reason he was knocking on the stall door he wasn't knocking on he was jiggling it write it in right. And and how many minutes past between the jiggling and the parking lot eight minutes twelve I don't know let's say it's eight minutes it's five let's say it's 55 in that five net that's where they're gonna get. If you hate him silly in that bathroom we wouldn't even be talking about this right now because the assumption is he's trying to kill you got. If you're on the juror this guys charged with second degree murder we laid out the case as well as we possibly could dad. Says initially get somebody in here he is trying to hurt my daughter. Q somebody and there's some security guy nearby suburb police. For whatever reason either work Calder had arrived by the time they let the guy ago. Adds up the parking lot he sees a guy come out the door this is the guy that tried to get into the stall were my daughter was going to the restroom. I'm gonna get into an altercation with him they get norm altercation. The guy would be. Horror of daughter ends up debt I've 767798. To the news or McCarron marks. The standoff ends just minutes ago in Kansas City more next. 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Partly cloudy for the afternoon a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm it'll be warm weather or temperature staying in the upper eighties for tonight pretty good chance of rain and thunderstorms clouds and our low near seventy. A few lingering showers into early Friday morning and then we're back sunshine. Going up to the mid to upper eighties partly cloudy for Friday night and upper sixties will be in the upper eighties to near ninety on Saturday mostly sunny. Pretty good chance of rain Sunday I'm staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KM BZ whether. 89 are now add TCI it's 89 downtowns. Eating nanny or official weather station KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take us everywhere you ago. Tara marks or news 981 KM BZ. From man's that's the end of time. It's been me or she could go. It is and the stock market fountains only didn't. We'll see us. Woman here 576779. Days. Hey there is a great point on the text line and it's a points. I'm not sure you can disagree with that if you really think about it Scott talking about his dad who got. Killed a man after the man tried to answer a public restroom stall where his daughters were or inside. So much for it is said you cannot kills somebody. Off of what if they write nothing ever happened. This man lost his life over what might have happened. But what didn't happen. And I think in most cases. You know unless you're holding a knife to someone's neck. And you can reasonably make the assumption that what could happen is going to be death. If you're just jiggling a bathroom stall door. What did he do wrong others sand and creepy ass mistake in the restroom. Thing error may be. You know. Absolutely. But just jiggling that. Stalled door. And any prosecutor is gonna say this you are assuming. He was going to harm one of the girls. Where you have to respect I would as a parent I would assume you're not sure that a prosecutor's going to say a sentence of death. Is not an appropriate punishment five minutes after the fact when we don't really. No he's intent here here is where dad and again I don't think you're gonna find a jury that's gonna convict him of second degree murder I do think the prosecutors are. Overcharging. To use that term in. Court. They should go for either second degree murder with lesser included of manslaughter. Which I think they could yet actually and here's why. You have to take into account the time element OK a certain amount of time had. Passed. Between wind dad screamed get somebody in here rocket take care this guy myself. And some security guy here or somebody from quicker when I'm Aaron and you know apprehended or whose term their apprehend this guy. And then dad going out of the car the guy being told they don't coming here ever again. Whatever and being sent out the front door only to be seen by dad immediately. Yet to the jury's gonna have to take into account the amount of time passed and if you listen to what I read you. Dad approaches this man the day fight. The man ends up on the concrete. And dad continues to punch him and then storms on is face. That's a problem. Now a lot of you are probably say good for that. Protect your daughter. Is good for dad protect your daughter but that doesn't give you free rein. To just go Willy really crazy on somebody's face. And kill. And kill. David liberty Claudette. I got it it. Bill yesterday or epic. It was proper. Bet openly tried to drag the eleven year old. Away from our group of friends and her sister and the other girl beaten economy through coffee ought at he would grab the girl yes you're going with. Now I would add in that situation. And justifiable beating almost said that the man would would be justified in their case in we got that last night at work. We we all that we and then a few quick trip restroom. And they aren't all restrooms as we know like edit it right we're yet to three year old and you have oil. But they're mostly like unisex bathroom. And I'd be interested to see if it was just like the next bathroom. And the guy would you can't call and of course that would freak out teenage girl he then I think she thinks that these aren't in and that'd be interesting to see if it was an actual men and women. I'd differentiation between the two bathrooms. Or it was a single bathroom or even Strickland. Can't. Well quick trip have you been in where they have. Unisex bathrooms I've never seen. Well maybe units at. Expect that it ever. Read. Well he went into the he went into the women's restroom. That was the children's story. I I didn't I I in. Or were actually. He wit in the women's breasts and that we were trying to quantify it is right at them and a quick trip. Where they have multiple. Goal restaurants that maybe adding it. They may but it would be interesting to see that app. It was just the single bathroom door or in the. I think his biggest problem Davis going to be there at that time that passed between. The encounter in the restroom. And this man's death. If it was again right when the father figured out this have happened or if he had been right there and heard one of the girls yell loud. Can I should just have a good today even Dana real quick in the name please continue. I need to issue a correction dad was not in the spore. I'm re reading the stories outside he was outside. Was outside she somehow was able to get out of this. Precarious situation hate that word but it fits here. Precarious situation she goes out to the cartels are dad what happens he then goes into the store yet. And says and points the man out and says you guys need to take care of this or I will. Right. OK and I I misunderstood the store I thought he was in the store and saw the men go into the map right so I was. It would be the story that. Aren't. I'd like to partner at the person trying to get them on and then back to act in the daughter came out of the car and told him app. And then as a security guard was leading the gentleman out of the war. Bet we'll look at out car because the dollar said that the guys there it was trying to into the June and and that we. Needed to. Other street girl. And it would say. I mean somebody hack at the only be doing something there in the end and shell or meet the demand to. I agree with you and Dave you know what else on his defense attorney is going to say this this is going to play in his favor as I read that as well. That this is a kind of normal. Father of two this man came up to him outside asked for some change he was hungry. And before this dad beat him today as he gave him money. He said here here's some money let's say gives him five dollars. I think this case could go either way Scott because it is attorneys gonna say this is a good man. He gave a man begging for money. That he killed. I think you're going to be hard pressed to find a jury that's gonna convict on second degree murder. Voluntary manslaughter maybe. Sean in Lee's summit hello Shawn. A Gannett new guy. I think you hit the nail world tennis or tie a mob that the kicker right there but being a doubt and check it. I would honestly believe he'll get manslaughter. And sent on a merry way. This in Texas this is Arizona Tucson Arizona. Well. I don't think it immediately choked up about. What result that not thank bill reduced charges. That are at them that year more more strut now. So I. I don't think. It's going to be at bat on and everybody may I think maybe it's gonna turn out to beat it and feel bad I mean Amanda Walker black granite. But there's. I don't know. Here's the Sean here's the problem and this would be the only thing. That I think the prosecution if you have to get a second degree murder conviction. Every quick trip parking lot is videotaped. If it's well lit enough that they have actual video. Of dead stomping on this man's head. That's going to be really really hard to defend. I understand that but. When. You get that human about I bought apple Apple's board meet by at all. I don't want this got a read again. I understand that I'll look at it but I don't think body. I agree with you Sean. Yes. If in fact this man's intent was to harm those girls. And I will reiterate if I had been standing there and this happened. I would have done everything in my power to handle it right there. I think she's gonna have a problem because of the time that passed in between the encounter in the bathroom and the deep down in the parking. In light of everything that's happened you know with the the sixteen year old daughter says. Other event when asked what was your father doing and she said protecting me. She was asked by reporter another question and she said I wish I hadn't told my dad. What happened in the Q socialism that for the rest replied that Scott that is a scary thing to have happen of course I would want my daughter to time well. Well hey I was in the bathroom and this crazy look at tape came to yank it on the handled trying to get into the stall while I'm going. You know number. And I would want to know that quite bad for the honor. Linda in Gladstone hello Linda. They're gone and I am Ali. I know what my aunt and my heart beat somebody up there that. A lot of people are out art. I want my there. Well I'll let them and bringing that out now. I bet I've I would bet it all happened so quickly. Out I don't now. It seemed like you know surely there were other people around and I don't know I. Let me ask this. It if you saw a fight outside of a quick trip when Judy jump and then. I I'm I'm a bit I'm a big guy I'm six feet tall over 200 pounds. I don't even know that I would get involved. And you know you're right now they it without really get involved if that my dad and I see that. The curtain down on the ground is no longer able to hurt my dad. I would be there and yelling stop stop stop me because I would leave my bad. I think the I think what we'd like to do and when this is certainly not any sort of critique of what you just said but I think. We all like to think. We would be more brave and we relief would be. Yeah you don't mean. It was somebody else. I was walking up to the quick trip entrance and I saw these two men fighting all. Dude. Of course and a I don't know if one of them is armed. I don't know I know I assume is resumed your crazy I know you're fighting to keep my this is at midnight outside a quick trip. I like to say I'd get involved I know wouldn't. I Pacific gas station and Lawrence six years ago you remember this story you and it I was walking out and some guys started school screaming yeah. And I was almost my car and I turned around I'm like what in Sam hill is going on back there. And he yelled at her and went into the store was cause and all kinds Iraq this. I didn't run an insane wire you yelling. Let me get in the middle of this while my teachers do not his car and drove all Iowa's play. I doubt there is a security guard in there there is a phone right there I am I am not getting shot. Here here's the other thing and Linda do your point note that the daughter should have read that when jumped out of the car and run over dad I think. We all believe that we live in a slow motion world. And we don't have to high aims to nearly think pops in a way that is just punched him in the safe option demand is now on the ground. I need to exit this vehicle and go stop that. Well by the time you exit the vehicle to go stop dad he's already stomped on his race. Yeah you know we don't live in this world where it's like oh and and everything is people who are. Our own don't. Know everything I I would bet that this fight lasted less than ten seconds. Well to beat a man to death I. The story says he hit him in the face once the man falls to the ground he hit him in the face two more times and then stomped on his head. That's probably ten seconds or less. In a fit of rage. I've 7677. Non. Eight Scott parks and it AT&T. More for your thing that's our thing. Like finding the latest must have tacked to enjoy your entertainment anywhere. Camera that let you capture all your adventurous moments. You need to head to your local AT&T and check of the new LGG 35 in Q phone. And find out how you can get a Smartphone for your favorite person on AT&T. On top of that you can also get 400 dollars in credit. When you buy an LGV 35 theme Q and trading your old dribble Smartphone. Visit your local AT&T store today. And TAT and T rep showed you the nearly edge to edge screen. That lets you enjoy an immersive viewing experience and all the other technology in the news LGB 35 in Q Smartphone. The pink hue comes with an AI camera what does that mean. Addressed. It means it's a camera that is so Smart it knows exactly what you're shooting and it automatically suggest the best filter and the best angle. Your life smarter and AT&T more for Europe thing. That's our thing and don't forget about the 400 dollars in credits when you buy an OGB 35 in Q. And trading your eligible Smartphone limited time LG offer must activate eligible service minimum tornados are treated by you require. Get instant credit to promote cart activation fee and other charges are restrictions apply. See the store for details. It's still a telling moment where it. It was a that this guy has two daughters. And I was kind of shocked by his take on this he says if the daughter's life was not in danger at that time. You cannot justified deadly force look at look at just. Underground stuff and you know I don't agree with any of that but it somebody. You feel like they're hurting you and then they turned their back and run. And will shoot them in the back as they are running away or as the case in Florida the guy is backing away and charges were filed as dirt bag got. Charges were filed against the shooter this week they charge to manslaughter. Problem. Because he was backing a guy and that man is clearly backing up that's right and it. I I understand anger I understand frustration I understand fear. This father and I think it's knee jerk easy to say he was defending his daughter for data and Bob Hope law. I'm not saying. That I find that he was guilty in my mind. Of second degree murder I didn't think he was guilty of crime and I think it's probably man's from the text line why was the stomp necessary that's probably what killed him because his head we presume would've been on concrete. The initial punch yes the two hits after he was on the ground. I am a mother but this sounds intentional. Thing how small one it's now. Tell me about the dead guy's background I sat on the tax line what is his background is on the sex offender registry. To me that's important. But as a juror I bet you they would never here would be nervous about the background because the father at the time he killed him. Would not have been privy to that information let's say he is on the sex offender registry and the dad wouldn't of known that. It's good to Scott in Platte city hello Scott. Gary I'm. I think thank you Google but it took the spectacle on. No it doesn't Marines they talk a deadly force was the worst achieve no work should know. Can cause. And in all countries that guy didn't set out in intent to kill this man but it happens the Michael Stone grotto on the phone there. Are also worked as a pork voucher for years I've been in more than a couple of spike. Okay. The worst thing you can do that you've had a few minutes ago Linda note picture expect her. But it's the stupidest thing you can do is to physically torture shall the middle of a right to school at all. I've seen women get hurt. Punched knocked out borrowers. Because they they jumped into the middle apple byte think him they've got called down and they ended up catching punched. Only an intentional but it currently doesn't matter when she went to war. No hiking gear T wanting to do. It here the people boom and capable in a fight can end it doesn't mean he means for all the better any thing. When you find you have one actual purpose of the politic idea. And start your right spike can take less than when he thirty expect. Once you start between real. Real hard disk. Oh. Q were caches are women and one fight it last lot more than twenty or thirty seconds but the I guarantee summit punches me in the face now and I'm going down. It's over. Q were to Cassius cry CO RY Texan and 72881. Your running for help but I would step you're in the running for a thousand dollars with Q were to cash. Cry EC are wise seven to edit one news or care marks. Happening now on KM BZ a man who struck and killed a man on a bike going to prison for six months mourn axed. Write your doctor today in the center for nutrition. Cleveland at a 135 at bro love hearing your stories your success stories keep them coming out and write about my girlfriend who's to pound. More than fifty pounds since going in for a free consultation with doctor take. But some of the things that we hear over and over again where is. Women and men who have gone in to see him. Art little life changing things that you might not think about every single day like the guy who wrote in and set for the first time in my life. I can now comfortably fit. On an airline seat and I had never been to do that before never been up to four. 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