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Wednesday, August 15th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Cowboys say season. In this callers. Who. Then rather good news song and diamonds. Hot dog down a little old me did we mom. And we've gone around then yeah you don't. You probably do. Thanks to Greg Norman being independent candidate in cancers. And I certainly don't wanna overestimate his chances. The full disclosure I did. Say that he is walking putting yards on my name is I can't vote for Laura Kelly. Democrat and I can not vote for Crist. And I do so got to vote for somebody I'm gonna vote for Greg. Told them to Gordon put yours and my. Have a two hour unacceptable. Yeah don't live in Kansas that I did likes them what he said. Mice got a best in the good guy. As can be divorced me it sounds like what's his face and sponge Bob but that notwithstanding I mean. Kubert Cassius sale as a IL sale. That is your kubert cash Texan in the 72881. And you're in the running for a thousand dollars of the key were to cash in key word this hour is sale. Update real quick on the young man out in western shall I mean Nolan sprayed. Who was paralyzed. Baseball star how to mill Valley High School. Paralyzed from the chest down we've now learned. Diving into a pool. Last week. Family is wanting to thank everybody for the outpouring of support they received. Obviously people have been absolutely incredible. It. You know I was tired microphones about this this morning is best his best friends been staying at the hospital with a nonstop I can't I can't imagine that aren't it's it's. We. It says here support for a teenager who could be anyone seventeen year old son. Out what is best friends last Thursday night the group went for a swim in the neighborhood pool. Nolan did a shallow dive into the pool and misjudged. His best friend saved his life wrestling him from the bottom of the pool. When he did not resurface that was five days ago. Since then no one has undergone surgery physical therapy and a lot of emotional trauma. And is learning that he may not walk again. Management. The spreads have four children. Ranging in age from four to 22. They say the Al outpouring of support has been on real says. One of the parents. Not just financial financials been amazing but really just the outpouring of law that we have felt it is genuine. Very gently. Did you see Danny Duffy soft. This happening on lines on Twitter. And it tweeted I think is is overnight. Very tough situation for really good kid. Gives us a look if you have time hang in there Nolan which they said relief lifted his spirits and write this could be anybody you know. As tuchman girlfriends about this morning I was talking to my children about last night. Hundred times don't do this and this and don't do that and in one. Shred of a split second just need a fraction of a second. His life has changed and I think he will go on and having a good life. It will not be the life. He was going to have. He has a long road ahead. I just it it breaks my heart to see it but I also know that he has so many people supporting him. And surrounding him with love right now that that. I just I hope that that it'll be okay are you. I have good stories like that really. The I think are tough. For anyone who has a son or daughter that age and really. Really enabled the summit it Scott because when you look at the numbers and look deceptive today with these types of injuries they are all most. Almost exclusively male and Eric Young art young male out there there are answer which handful of girls who have this happened. It is almost exclusively. A male. Injury. And so insisted it I can so easily for just a second. Try to put myself in his mom and catches. And just be you know not the emotional. And the physical and and all of those things but also the financials I mean this is a a new. Date for them and is free. Sense of that. I even had more accurate member who was summoning of the gym and knows him pretty well. And I'm speaking at a school here because I don't know the family I know a lot of people who do know that thing. But if no one to pass me on the street week ago I don't know if I would have known who wants apparently everybody else in which western shot into a but I guess the the family has split level house there's already talk that they're gonna have to sell the house. And get something that's more conducive Ciurciu obviously what he's on certain. And it's going through will be doing this for a long time you know was wells and about we talked with. Powell will's first names. Scares me at the moment the young man who's in the wheelchair two weeks ago we spoke with yesterday your game. And even he said and he's right the first six months after an injury like this are critical if you're ever going to walk again. And there's no guarantee that Nolan Sprague is ever gonna walk again there's certainly no guarantee. But if he is these first six months are critical. Back cost money. Across. Lot of well and it and in a lot of cases travel. I think we have amazing resources are in Kansas City but we've covered stories like this over the years Scott and diverted citizenry and very artist his treatment will be out of camp so yeah. Denver's a big one number of people go after this type thing happened so I just you know what I I wish the family my investment my heart just. Goes out to them and every possible way. You know as a parent and and I thought about this to him and not to internalize about it wolf just a moment. I thought what must it be line. To get that initial. Phone call. And of course the call on the other end is going to be panicked. And I wonder sometimes and I've never asked my mother. When I went through the windshield of cards sixteen and I was being rushed to a hospital where were you well what what does that look like. For her right what was it like you I knew what it was like on my end yeah I was about to die. What was it like on you'll lose. And I never asked. There's a quote in one of the stories from his sister. Yesterday Nolan sister. And she got a text that you need to come to the hospital and her reply in this article she said I looked at that text five times. To make shore are OK that's from mom. She's talking about my brother and I I think you would you would look at that don't want like important. And it. And he you know god bless the family. And an Emmy favorite it's gone through this kind of stuff here and can sit there and everywhere for the matter. You just keeps in the words long road everyone keeps saying longer and we don't want room. And I think you've said it to name and nothing via today. But the life he knew he is so. It's over he doesn't mean he can't have a good life then no it just I don't see the life and was going and I know that's not what your saying yet nor would anybody say that. Of course he can still have. An incredibly productive if not even more productive life. We don't know how he handles this situation. He's been dealt a bad hands. How do you play that bad hand. And you know my prayers. That so. Cliche but I mean you pray for this kid and you just hope he's going to be all right and hope Sam was gonna be all right can anybody else going through this. And you know knock on wood that that that none of us ever get that call again. I mean how many of us losing right now texted their kids or had a conversation with their kids. Over the last 48 hours I do not jump into a pool or lake or an act like you don't don't don't do it I mean I I have. 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C a store for details discover how cooking and cleanup can be quicker and easier with frigid air and you'll love house shopping in saving his quicker and easier at the mark. Revolutionize short acting maximizing savings shop the latest from frigid air at Nebraska furniture mart today. He has not understand. Every the last plus news. As he says now. Some days it's cool non. How's this is Willie and his son Lucas on this one barrel while not enough. And really what we're gonna. So what is on the wall like problem. Others they've done enough ethanol to. I've at all and I got up and fall 43 and now he's good thing. I just a Pearl Jam song. As it's called just breathe Europe Africa. No you sound. Very because we can. There's let me live. And we. The Obama your man. Soon. Am so. As he says the amount. Some day it's goal. I'm gonna sell like Willis better hole I'm certainly. Now. Story here and of New Mexico this has gotten a lot of people worked up. Judge's decision to allow the release of an extended family accused of child abuse of a ramshackle. Desert compound in New Mexico prompting a political uproar. By lawmakers in the state of New Mexico way this is the crazy guy and just reining them to be schools shooters right. Got it he is the only one who remains in jail on bond. Because he's also wanted to in Georgia for child abduction. His other family members who were part of the compound. Out in the middle of the New Mexico desert but if you have been anything called a compound. You have win problem well now Dana let's hang on. And you see this place got out of house it is a ram shack it it gets. Not even tents analyst Colin it it is palates users' walls okay. Is that fair. Yes with. Hearts as groups yes and crazy people raising all right well I understand that but. Oh now wait who who we're gonna walk in some dangerous territory here. There teaching them how to become school shooters and I will not walk that. No I and you should. And I don't think anybody should have been granted on I'm with everybody who is upset about this. Nobody in this and we should have been granted bond they were training allegedly. Children how to commit school shootings so that you know. Listener. Note the three year old boys that they think was found dead on the compound in that tunnel. Died during some sort of Islamic. Faith healing process okay. But the thought was that if the boy did die and he did. That he would come back I'm I can't write this story that he would come back as Jesus Christ. Now explain that to me as your doing your Islamic healing process. I don't don't tell me damn that Muslims. Believe in Jesus I know that Jesus appears in the coral I guess. This is not a religious debate. But that he would come back as Jesus Christ. And tell them which institutions in America. They need to destroy a Catholic I see but hear what where's your but they're still not know might might only but BUT. Would be. All of that notwithstanding they have a right to live that way. They don't have a right to teach kids how to kill. Haw haw haw haw they dull. I'd get a disagree with everything you just yet. Those kids did not have water plumbing shelter. Education. Very little food if any food at all I don't know which one of the children die. Don't have a right to do any of that now do you want until about the does desert and be crazy and be crazy. Faith healing person ever rights that do you have a right to live off the grid you don't have a right to do what they did. Because it's as I say every issue with those kids well. I agree the you don't have a right to do with they did in regards to. Clearly a child died during our faith healing episode or whatever that was. Are clearly the allegations would state. They were training at least some of the children to shoot up schools clearly illegal no doubt about it. And it's easy to say to look at this ramshackle. Compound or whatever you wanna call it and say that is wrong. I do it I watched the video and I thought to myself that is wall. To raise children like that. However. And I know when you say however or but you seem to negate everything you said prior. Do you have the right let's take the Islamic faith healing out let's take this school shooting training. Out do you have the right just to live Albert grin at buy in Appalachia anyone has read the book glass castle. Do you have the right to live without net wall without running water without him warming. Off the grid without electricity out in the desert it's the reasons that I hated that book because she ends up a very successful writer in New York. Despite. Harrowing and I would argue ill legal circumstances of her upbringing. Do you have the right to live in Appalachia it. Without water or food or shelter or appropriate shelter or closing. And I am I don't I I think there's a very fine line there. Between living in alternative lifestyle. And abuse somebody says you have a right to be on edge. Yes. No electricity. Correct. No motorized vehicles they are fed and they are educated okay. These children were clearly fed they were a lot amazed CAD yes and you can make your argument about child neglect sure. My question is do it and again I'm just using this story as a catalyst to a larger question. Do you have the right. To raise a family. Off the grid. I think we're Dana has an issue. You personally Scott parks have the right to decide. I'm out I'm hermit among live on this though I don't have the right to take kids into that secure by what right do you have children dad who have no choice in the matter so I could be grizzly Adams. I could head the civil Disco and live with them error. That for whatever reason never eats me. Right but I don't have the right to bring Sarah and Mya with India disaster saying that's how angry old miner friend with a mule named number seven. Can I ask the question everyone's wondering you you were members matches like coach rides good educated judge granted bond. They can't afford things like I don't know a roof. How is anyone going to make bond I've seen that compound compound reminds me of like Waco. This is not Waco this was living. On desserts. With some palace. Compound I think paints the wrong kind of picture here if that's the way they were living how to held in those crazy people. How well they come up with pot. I've 767798. To the newsroom here is Dan won so we have some road construction issues Unita Nobel. We'll tell about in a moment. Dana right here for a different of the programs Stewart would vary and low cost life insurance dot com go to the website low cost life insurance that Tonya I spoke to. Stewart on the phone this afternoon as a matter of fact. Andy said they one of the things people forget when it comes to life insurance is that annual review. 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Partly cloudy throughout the daytime hours on Thursday but some thunderstorms could impact your plans toward late afternoon early evening the high temperature gets all the way up to about 89 degrees then. From channel line I'm first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether it's 84 degrees the airport 84 downtown and 81 degrees here it's your official weather station. NBC is now on radio dot com download the app and take goes everywhere you go I'm Dan one bomb news 91. KM BZ. I was on highway man. Along and you run. Arizona I'm. What's on the tax on where they squatters or do they own the land where they trust passing a great question I don't know. I don't know I am more puzzled look like because I've seen what this place looks like how did any of them. Find any resources or money to post bond. Unless. Carton residents no way not to that kind of crime there's a dead child on the property bail Bondsman. And a half the time these kinds of colts following groups these compounds. You find out that the guy that runs it. Said in order to be here you have to give me all your worldly possessions. And that dude has a bank account somewhere that is fact everybody else's starving. I mean that that's it right to his brother bring me your money and your guns yeah see and that's I mean that's kind of an. Olds you know it happens all the time. You have to give away all your world. Now this sickening about this is now that the adults have been arrested. They're going to say to the children see. Everything I told you is coming true the government came in here took you away from us we're now in jail the big bad government. Which is why we're teaching you the things we're teaching but in it's this self fulfilling prophecy of core crazy. But in fairness. A lot of people think like. Not that extreme. David Koresh. I would hope. I would really really really hope that that is friend my crazy what. Let me ask you this and I know you watched the movie Waco. The miniseries evaded Waco it's called Oklahoma City and it's phenomenal physical player I don't Oklahoma City had nothing to do with Waco. What Waco you you are wrong but you gotta be I'm talking about the miniseries Waco that aired about it a year and a half ago member yes. It was about David Koresh and and a branch Davidian they interviewed and now forty and fifty year old somethings that let their children burn in that right property but but. When you watch that movie take out. The obvious. Crimes that were committed the stockpiling of weapons. Which I'm not really convinced was illegal but whatever. Clearly the child sexual abuse that occurred inside the compound was a week. So take that out baton notwithstanding and and I say that. With a huge grain of salt. Other than that that the child sexual abuse that went to error occurred. At the branch Davidian compound in Waco. Did he really do anything wrong. Am I wrong I mean illegal not a left right just say wanting me OK so if you judge clearly gathers on ethical stuff there yes he was sleeping with the other team. Wives yes it was obvious if you just gathered a group of people who want to live. In peace by themselves. And teach without the government without that without the guns and without the I'm not even commenced Wenzel I don't Sam is out of the guns were legal but okay. Can you live like that and not breaking laws or. I think yes. I mean they were fed. Correct children worked caught yes surely there was eight and we can all say your most of us can say. We heard a religious component of the David Koresh branch Davidian compound but that's not illegal. Any more illegal than the international house of prairie grand view is it we go. I mean it's a weird religious compound. And that is what it is it's a compound. But it's legal. There's no evidence that there abusing people when there. Aren't and how to I hop. I CNET. I think most people would would say Scott that is it illegal just had to do what you just set just to do that. No but that type of environment almost. Always goes hand in hand with the illegal activity whether it's illegal sexual activity. Error. K can you just have that without the weird creepy. MSM Davis sex stuff does get close if if you remove. Because I don't think the guns at the branch Davidian compound were legal or grenades are they were at the upper revealed it. Remove the illegal firearms compartment. Okay now granted there are plenty of firearms that were legal. And I don't ever promise. Remove the illegal firearms component remove the child sex abuse. Would Durbin anything wrong with the branch Davidian. Compound. And I'm when I say under what I say wrong I mean legally under our constitution I think the answer would be now. That we can look at that you and I would look at ago. Is it. You're just a little bit nuts on lower right. And I would agree with. Okay your your living in this compound nobody ever leaves you think this guy is Jesus. Earn something close to Jesus. Or whatever it's weird I get it. The question becomes is it illegal to live off the grid at I would have to make the argument that it is not. And that if you wanna take I was fan tightly re all look different he. I would reluctantly agree with it because I think it is so rare that you can have that. Cesspool of crazy and not have illegal things I am I understand your argument and your point. What I'm saying is I think after a lot of people in this country that live off the grid for whatever reason they don't trust the government at all. Or they just don't trust modern accommodation. And they don't wanna live that and that's fine. And I think you should have the right. To raise your children in that environment so long as you're not breaking an established law all. Even though you hate the government is still out. Follow the law all the judge in the case in New Mexico. Has been getting death threats. After she agreed to. Make bond available. For these people. There were. Around twelve malnourished children found on that property. Or why she decided. To even give them the opportunity to post bail I don't I don't. Understand you you what she says wedeman prosecutors failed to identify. Specific. Threats. And this to me always goes back to you were theaters shooting. He generally said he wanted to kill bunch of people who but he never said. I want to go to west theater. And shoot at the theater and killed these people of this movie tonight. And so they never ran any of that up the chain because the threat wasn't specific. The phones marked Italy the mark hello. Our area we don't think. I. Bought this year you know and it bit why don't reader comment on the comic Bernie. I think just fine and obviously this judge is more and I want. You should thank the record. Separately shallow benching he spoke at that caught the action goes well tomorrow and urged them at that. I think that more than not the current thing or two others. Don't don't not even going down the school shooter training and all that. But human element that it was you know ridiculous. To provide the or you know not all. But don't my issue was you know if someone yell it even in our area in peel my grandparents. Don't let spent you know and they are like on that group with dirt floors. Had an outhouse and running water and the modern conveniences that we have. As simple why you. I had Barry standards based on can't afford to go with it. You'll sentiment about how great people on the whole batch how people based on the economic situation in tortoises and and operating that's how they. That rate and did some people choose to go to wrote and I think by the constitution when you mention that BO reluctantly yield the kind of built in your opinion you know. That constitutional or from the right now I would won't outweigh I don't agree with it personally. But I don't know that I have the right to judge someone. Where they can't make actually think the spotlight namely that environment is protected have a responsibility regular kids. Morally ethically and healthy you know take Khartoum the way. The somebody else. And I think that morbid. Was going on in New Mexico in the out of that area. The thing you'll the thing that that one back you know back and part of coming back on the Oprah cry don't wake up smuggle cocaine as. You know there's a dead bodies there that's enough for. Mark. I'm curious did you read about the glass castle. It was a it was a movie recently and Woody Harrelson plays the dad and I think Naomi Watts plays the mom this book. And it's a memoir it's. Britain I this now adult woman who grew up under those conditions. It I have never been so conflict did reading a book. Because the parents loved there children they I do believe those parents loved the kids. But the kids were raised in squalor like absolute. Squalor. And so on the one hand you have the right mark to live that life off the grid with no running water and no plumbing and no. It's with no food. And they're always scrounging. You do have that right and then on the other hand you have. You know we have Child Protective Services in place for reason and and your left if you read this book kind of like asking yourself is that lifestyle okay like these kids turned. So because I have read the book I would have only one question. It should. So. Yes. It sure. And. Longest you'll be adults making a choice as. Look out of our responsibility. Legally. I don't have to agree it can't I would I would venture to I don't agree to putting your chick lit. You're gonna make choices you have to be doubled both. To meet your responsibilities. Obligations as as apparent just beside. Her children entered community. Now I don't agree with a lot of people let out. Like Scott all the I agree with that if you or your other. And I repeat LA cloture vote no more I got a lot of anecdotal. I gotta admit to but it hurt but it's not my business to judge and man that. You're duke. My pick up. But but but but mark you have a right to see. The mark do you have a right to beat goofy. You have a right to live a life so I. It's. I don't want a deal. Yesterday but you don't like it you know. But people broke the country. I am what I consider the greatest generation that had been told that the greatest generation that grew up but a lot of situations where much. The truck that great. Now I remember it. 576779. It man I want as Archie about cottonwood canyon if you are in the market for a new home you need to head to these homes. Look at cottonwood canyon I'd never heard of it. When I toured it I was blown away I called my girlfriend she's a real estate agent. 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Jim in the next. This applauding them I have heard hang on to tonight. I just want to hear Snoop Dogg in in Willie Nelson song. It will it opened and both of our. Oh gonna make you analogy that. The parents are always. Cushion verbally on the cute anyway so an example would be if we're vegetarian. But there were the editor in a native great merger but the important nobody would look at it given second a lot of that child abuse or neglect or anything else. Because of apparent is that by being. Go out and show is that it won't let you have a warrant or burger or Hungary think you'll group opened my company eager whatever. I don't beer and neglect water they've got murdered and shelter coming out of the country and everything else is Boca. Let me ask you questioned him and and I am a little bit torn on this one although the delivered to enemies says. People have the right to live however they want so I going into this a little bit biased. But let's say you have a family that's living off the grip there there out in New Mexico or. Western hills of Kansas or whatever. And they. Live in let's say just for my argument sake log cabin. They have water but it's not running water they don't have plumbing percent. They don't have electricity. They're raising 234 kids in the house they are. Being educated. Classically trained education. But when these kids become of age which is to say eighteen. And they go out into the real world they have never seen television. They have never seen the Internet they have never seen a cellular telephone. They have no way of understanding. What we would consider the modern conveniences of life have these there have these parents. Done these children a disservice by making them intellectually disadvantaged. To succeed. Well important that the bird a martyr and being at that look like we looked for centuries without running water it would sell. Electricity. I mean because that's the way that they shoot coming like if maybe murder in their point of view is. If you want to open in the world of value if you get out and monitor and I as long as urban educated. But Jim went into that for singers were short on time you bring up a good point back in the day. You know people didn't have running water that it electricity. But Clinton a felony there but but everybody didn't have running water and electricity so everybody was still on the same. Intellectual. I can use that word plane. Whereas if you were to send these kids out into the real world. They've never seen a cellphone they've never use electricity and they have no idea what the Internet is have you not set them back. Well group Dan electro optical terror mark Serb what. Remember couple months ago was trying to find a new baby sitter because she didn't want her kids and sit in front of the TV. Isn't she doing you vexing thing just not to do it not to be same extreme. As far as the kids fifteen or sixteen inevitable Adibi is. But it changed on the plane that same deal right now and that's verbally that you don't want to kid sitting in front of the GB for two or six or whatever. And nobody network or the world by now widget that I would change the channel or. Philadelphia blew it over and are your brother made the talk you guys have a great night. On behalf of our producer today the finest men and all of America the great rod Babcock. My good friend and coasted right times got parks and god willing Robert mark 2 o'clock agreement besides. Beaten. Okay. Needs. Happening now Mon KM BZ dozens killed and an attack in Afghanistan Maher next. Hey if you pay taxes and who doesn't get to Volkswagen a Lee's summit right now they will axe your tax the rest of this month by any new or used car Volkswagen Lee's summit. And pays zero sales tax. Volkswagen of Lee's summit will pay your sales tax right now when you buy any new or used car. 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