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Wednesday, July 18th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. But it's. He's not that's. Here yeah. Yes and there's another way. Next current cancer and I can hear it yeah. Did. He isn't the only I don't see how does his best single of the year yet I jazzier guy. Besides not me yeah it might be me it's not me. But there's. You can't the answer artist today announced for the for the second half of the day but lately I don't know. Object is to keep at it as it Johnny Cash now they can map. It sounds like you have Adam. This possible equipment to. Object 72. How UK's by with your significant others where. And same number out and different and on it. Silver rock or a friend of the late respects on the fortunately. I brought bananas seeing his timeline again guys this is easy. I. A bad marriage with frequent conflicts. Could have some serious impacts on your health according to psychologist. Worker Nevada and Michigan University of Nevada and Michigan researchers there. I talked to him like almost 400 couples to investigate whether disagreeing about two children money in laws. Even vacations had negative health impacts. And it turns at the DO. On the other side the flip side of it couples to agree more Austin actually have some positive health benefits but it's only for the first few years in their marriage kind of wears off after that. Like a lot of things yeah. What does he left because I felt like. Right after you get married especially when I was nights ago was nineteen neighbors got married. Like. After about witnesses settle in for you like now we have to pay bills and adults and. A lot of this is like really hard right after. This. If it's. At the right. We're not talking about this no air earlier as a whole not taught there's no threat after the baby comes to your that euphoria that you had this little fantastic person running around. A rut. Are you in Iran. I feel like you might have brought that a threes. There hasn't worked out for I don't I don't want to do don't you. I. Let me I'd be a XQ. Or based torture. So given that it's not let them sometimes. You know Iraq can be happy place. Someone just. At an all giant hasn't shaken up. That it's Gina IR EG if you're lawmaker did you really not look at that academic think a result some and l.'s. Prominence explains that they're gonna have a combined mall called oppose. Would someone else that's hip to this state of Virginia had its own site allied troops. At the people balance and he. A us. Now. He years ago I think your Sharia. Product you run this. We had we did a topic one time. About the sex let's marriage no I was on you and that's okay. I I leave after he called you remember that and and there I mean and I. Actually I am an agreement on this topic. Again because it may be true really. Felt sorry for these guys and and women who were calling him who said yeah. We haven't had sex in five years and I and I remember. Anymore Coleman's. Of course your calling and offering personal and so I think it's okay ask you sort of personal questions. I didn't fortunate doubtful. And I remember asking some of them what do you still love him or her but you know I love them. But we're just roommates. We've been married a number one. Wrote and said they were OK with it like you just kind of settle into that and it didn't. Necessarily bothered and I think those were predominantly older. Married couples saying that as their coal. I. Some cases and realize it was to me Howard Stern. Services leader talked about this to hear that part of it shows. Where. People always say that to me if they hear something on that show and you know I love Johnny I think she's a wonderful human being. I would rather got myself like a fish than listen to man rocked I don't have it in my car it's not programmed in my car. I listened to our show. If I'm in the car out and and and see what's going on. In the mid day hour. Or the morning news and then I listen to what every 44 year old woman listens to and that's popped. You get yours it's like not like I'm of leading his show them if I doubt it you've ripped off from giant I I. Analysts had never listen. There's no ripping off who is not only is much happens in a day every coach talks about the same crap accorsi talked about it it's Eminem's it's stupid to tell us right. And others showed toward what. And when we're done with this showed ice they're here for three hours and talked to Jonathan and about half the same crap. You just start singing which did experiment. Just start doing is is dumbed it is just talked about on data parks yeah drives me crazy. And there was there was a. South Park episode that was the exact same thing where every on this one kid tried to do something. There was another kid next and go on the Simpsons did that yeah. And south Clark was making fun of the fact that every time they try to do something and somebody says the Simpsons didn't know it. Air. It takes everyone's saying Jamie what can already talked about that's okay. And someone's hand and apparently in the news and so we're talking about these things I mean. Were talk about something you probably hear Mickey pastry tomorrow morning I'm John leaders show. Are you gonna tax them answered and in parks talked about the draft law. So home now. Don't. Know. And had an urgent foul. What did I don't lately I jar it and there is something going on in this country and it is left and it is right. Where we have become just in in all horrible group of people. I'm children. What it is I don't know if it's the constant barrage of Russia in this matter whatever. But we've just become an intolerable. Group of people where richest man child not to show. Me. Some of Al Unser as the summertime heat and partly on the show last night and the lead singer foreigner who's not grand aunts and now. Not to be old cheesy or anything Rodman are you gonna call me a big win for this but he's like he goes he was. Just talk of the audiences was near the end. Of the show and he said he is I don't care who you're standing next. Which arm. And Mike are okay that's a little locker and I. I thought that sense there Doug this is awkward and cheesy and this is really not know and Dan Lara. To people tune. Well everybody did it and man so the guy next to me it'll Kelly was my left but there was some stranger guide to my right. And he puts his all around. And I'm you know I have like about I don't know half of a second to think idol I feel about let's. It is personal space but it's Richard date it's another thing you'd think I XT at delegates and that's the god. It came to the show with no big deal I mean you know of course upon my armor on Kelly Edwards here. And then I feel this. Arms like me. And I brought about. I don't know maybe. Of half a second remember that myself how I feel I feel analysts. And I just. Reflexively. My arm around him he was soaking wet was. All which I'm not a fan and he has its ups. And I looked at it might end up. So oh. It is a concern rooms who was. Assault and if I didn't want to stand and comfortable home. A. So anyway. They start it was the beginning of I wanna know love is you didn't know it yet they just started and he's like they historically in the drum drumbeat and some keyboards and the guy was like one of the guys well. Hang on I'll turn my back and I want you to show me. I'm showing my back. Up. Roger. Rogers my joke. Anyway so I put my arm around him and so I've got my armor on my left arm is around Cali. My right arm is around soaking wet swett. Who turns raises concerns. And we all just started rocking. Armor please. Laying the knot out. So if you're listening right now. And you're in the grocery store means playing you know you'd hear them down we would like you to randomly put your arm around the person you're standing next to him. He sent everyone listening to right now and then report back and attacks the week should not had. In the bank just. Lovingly no carefully don't do that don't do it out and I want you to say to them. I want to know what love is. I want to use it to show me. And then tell me what happens and then look at them dinner everything was fine and that's our treasury in the tomorrow. And now. I live saw us loud I'm brown and shoes I think that's what does. Georgia's rumors. It was awkward but didn't say anything so I just ago. I mean it was awkward but I I get what the guy from Forrester and do a dream world just so mad at each other these days and who's trying to create like it is. And unity unity you know unity. But it's a nice idea I was it's like touching any relief moist. If it would certainly goes. 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Is the number to call 8167920700. Or low cost life insurance dot com. There and and this. T Rex. And out of California where these states Supreme Court. He has removed. From the November ballot. A measure that would have divided or could have divided the state of California into three separate states. It has been removed. From the ballot by the California Supreme Court. It's gonna say can vote just decide to divvy up their state I wondered about that when it first came out they want and northern California. They want southern southern cal and another portion that would be a coastal roughly like Alex Angeles. For about a hundred miles up the coast the logistical California. But but my point is I don't think voters have the power. Constitutionally. To say. We're gonna divide up the state and victory. So that instead of fifty united say well now we have 52 well. I don't know if that's true game and here's why. I do think voters might have that writer league lease the state legislature's work hence we have West Virginia. West Virginia came about because Virginia seceded from the union. In 1860. And the people who lived in the western portions of Virginia. Didn't agree with that and they created what is now known as West Virginia. They broke away. OK so let me ask you this because we hear from time to time certainly from sly James. And from the mayor of Saint Louis. That Missouri should not be treated. As a one size fits all state when it comes to legislation. Certainly crime and gun legislation. Because the issues facing Kansas City proper and Saint Louis are so very different. Dan any of the other cities around more the more rural parts of the state has faced with a it would stop whichever big strip snap mayor says that any start what would stop. Somebody from saying okay. You're right we would like to handle things differently legislatively for Kansas City and Saint Louis so we're going to break apart. That section of Missouri. And we can talk about what shape it'll look like and how big it'll be an all of those things. And we are going to segregate Kansas City and Saint Louis and call it something else and the rest of Missouri can just be Missouri will be eased Missouri. I don't think it's legal because people would do it all the time and that what does someone else came along in three years and said now I don't like that I want the boot heel. To be separate. It would change the senate make up. Well it would change representation it would change. The argument has been and the reason California really wants to split into three. Other than the obvious that you know what happens in northern California. Is completely different than what happens NC Southern California. The opposition has been no way to. You split that into three different states and now you go from two senators to six senators most of whom will be Democrats. There is a political component. Now it would not affect. By and large U working great your House of Representatives representation because that's based strictly on population. Would clearly change the makeup of the US senate now. If they do that so many states are gonna star were going to be you know trying instead of unrest to the states QBs are now I I agree is that. Hundred you would then have two more now you don't water for senate you have a 104 and watch this immediately following. Deep red Kansas would split into two. To get two more senators to vote Republican in the senate Nebraska would split into your ride out in states Texas could be so you are right because of California did it it would tilt. About does the power and the balance of power and that's why they're S patent and at any Republican states would start splitting in half all over the nation. South Dakota which split into north woods was all about 140 cent already on the sacks and has a great question if you do that. Who accepts. California's current dead. In Morris who newsroom here's Kara marks. Our clarifications from the White House that's next. Hey if you or an older parent is looking for a fund gorgeous retirement community. Check out silver crest at your creek in south Oakland park and silver crest at college view. That's just north of 132 at the met after a level. They are gorgeous with wooded views 24/7 on site security. All of the amenities of today's modern. Retirement community you have to be over age 55. It reveals today housekeeping services travel in the heart of beautiful southern Overland Park. They a long time staff members out there are some of the that in their ten even twenty years. One and two bedroom apartment homes are available now for anyone over age 55. And traditional assisted living services they're too if you need it. Silver crest at deer creek and silver crest at college view asking your president I'll tell you we wish we would have done this years ago. 6811101. Is the number to call 9136 at 11101. Or silver crest Kansas City dot com. Or 31 in Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom and Kara marks are clarifying the president's comments answering ABC Sicilian bank Yahoo! asked him earlier today if Russia was still targeting US. Try answering no to times. White house Press Secretary Sara Sanders later telling reporters the president was saying no to answering any questions at all I talk to the president. He wasn't answering that question he was saying though is not taking questions. And I've stated her position us. 7-Eleven worker was stabbed in the back an arm by a customer in Overland Park it happened this morning near 107 and Metcalf. Officer John Lacey says the employee has seen the suspect before. Was in the store. 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And it is amazing guys lay lightning landscape irrigation. At a shiny you're gonna love on. 9134413900. As the number to call 9134413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com. An isolated shower the seeding otherwise we'll call a broken sky with some clouds and mostly clear. Would drop through the seventies down to 70 tomorrow morning increasing clouds with a shower and thunderstorm complex rolling out of the northern plains states toward us. Estimated time of arrival will be for the morning rush hour. Morning temperatures seventy degrees been at noon until about 8 o'clock A heat advisories are even posted. The high temperature 95 factoring in humidity get a feel close to 100 degrees again. Friday 93 your high temperature. But another chance but at 30% risk then a morning showers. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. 84 rain aren't PCI it is 81 the LA sat. 83 your official weather station KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take us everywhere you gal. Kara marks or news 981 Kenny and easy. Yeah okay go. Until we tell by the number modular. Of the United States is in regarding to adding new states where there would be Puerto Rico. Adding is different than dividing the go ahead well just new states in particular and Puerto Rico could potentially someday be in new state. The if you're just joining us the California Supreme Court has polled from the ballot. The November ballot proposal. That would split the state of California into three separate states north California south California. And what would be just called California. Which would include the area of Los Angeles and about a hundred miles north. Here is the text from the constitution. New states. May be admitted by the congress. Into this union. But no new state. Shall be formed or erected. Within the jurisdiction of any others state. This is the California and our right. Nor any state before formed by the junction of two or more states or parts of states. Without the consent of the legislature. All of the state concern you can't gang up like Kansas and Nebraska couldn't join forces become a bigger territory. That's what that says which would not make any sense because you would lose members in the senate correct you would lose representation. It doesn't make it or western Kansas couldn't break aways that we want to become part of Nebraska. I understand. Why California wants to do what it wants to duke is it's so big. It is the sixth largest economy in the world or read that again the sixth largest economy. In the world if it stood alone as a country. They are different north to south central and yet it. However I don't think is it isn't should unilaterally be allowed to decide we're going to make something different that then affects the entire country. Is and at the ridiculous amount of money that Hollywood Briggs is yes it causes that I mean obviously. The entire economy is now Hollywood order movies but yeah that's a huge help but they've but. Hollywood and housing will face it porn and all what Roger exudes so much money you're also leading out Silicon Valley in the nor that's true that there Microsoft. Absolutely right. There is a huge tech component to northern California. That is. Distinct from what they do something on your current. But but I can I get nervous. When we start talking about states splitting up I don't care if it's red or blue it doesn't mean anything to me. There was talk if you me were call about 67 years ago. Western Kansas wanted to split away. And become its own state. And there was talk. Of mongo people who currently run the show and western Kansas right whoever they are now. In the camp of her many of them. They wanted to break away they were gonna fair or they wanted to form a state called western Kansas west Kansas. Had failed. As it should have. That's because you understand what I'm saying Scott the the unilateral decision of one state. To do something that affects all fifty should not be allowed it just shouldn't. I bigger Margaret Microsoft is in Washington apple to California bigger adding a state like. Hawaii Alaska Puerto Rico is different. Because it does affect the overall make up. But it doesn't affect somebody else your neighbor actually in splitting up effects. I think it's I don't think it should be allowed I actually think. And I know that they would probably boring to. Democratic senators to the senate I actually think Puerto Rico should stay. I I think it's crime that 3.5. Now it's 2.5. Million Americans. It's a territory in the state but it has more people. Then Kansas. And several other US states. Wyoming. Delaware Rhode Island North Dakota south to Idaho. Montana Puerto Rico has more people than those of Nebraska that those states and gets zero. Representation I think that is across. So it's crime kill its. Site. New news and so he's writing in from rod you can help me where this ever remember learning this in tech and Texas history when we were kids. So keeps writing in a bow. Texas has at its constitution. That it could split into five different states if it wants to. I've never heard. All look it up but I've never dog never heard that I'm always there right claim that. Texas has the right has exceeded its it was agreed upon yeah we settled that in Texas vs wide and 187 goats that's. Sort of the people Puerto Rico are the ones who voted to stay commonwealth and not become a state that's my understanding. Why would you not want to become a state because then you are income taxes yes but with that you get broader representation you not. I mean you get members of congress I mean right now Puerto Rico is like Washington DC. Where they have. Members of the house. But to have Novo. You know they they get to go and speak on the floor. Nova but they don't have to borrow right there they're just there ceremonies. Bride it's like me on the board of directors here. When you're not even on the board. From the Internet it's. Texas dividing into five states and against notes which I know a lot of things. Phony baloney fake news I don't I think it's actually pretty well thought out and one reason. About Texas dividing and a five states partly true rock. After several years of contentious debate in 1845 the US for his political factions. Finally reach enough of a consensus to agree that the benefits of annexing Texan block. Com. Off to read through this. It is partly true. That Texas has the right to split into five. Separate states that the a's pitchers. Carry our our reservists. 576779. 576779. The California Supreme Court today pulled from the November ballot. A voter petition. That would have allowed the people of California to vote. On whether they wanted to split into three separate states. North California. South California. And what would be called just California. The texture to great question who would assume the State's debt. Postponed. How do you divide it. It would be a logistical nightmare Scott. It would be tough. I can't think of another time when a state broke away from a state which that this is what it would be because there would still be a California and that would be Sambora Los Angeles. The only other time I can think of from. I have to look at this. Where state broke away from another state is West Virginia. When they broke away from what was then just Virginia. Right but that was way back before I'm guessing the Supreme Court said you can't just willing LEV dividing us some hope because that was in the constitution. And West Virginia broke away and 1860. Now they broke away from a state that said they were no longer part of the United States. And that may have factored into. Allowing the creation of West Virginia oh you wanna be in the United States and you're leaving a state the claims on the confederate states of America. OK fine we'll take you by 76779. You do have an extra 151000 dollars well listen what happened that day when he called by French ship one to sell his home and Overland Park. Chips all inclusive marketing platform generated. In 48 hours. 48 showings and six offers an imagined Dave's excitement when chip told him hey I soldier house for 151000 dollars more than you or ask. Is your homes on the market even in this market you wanna know you were maximizing the profit from your home sale. 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Legislature who disagreed with it and they said well we're gonna get together our own group but we're gonna call ourselves the Virginia legislature. And we Arab oil to the United States. So we're gonna pick a couple of guys instead of the Washington of these senators. And but the senate said hey welcome news senators you know you're the guys they're oil that the US. So we recognize your government we recognize who wore legislature. As the legitimate legislature of the state of Virginia. And and the and after awhile they said you know we like to just have our own separate state for the this part of the state and hence we hear the legislature of Virginia where OK with that. And congress again that's pretty cool let's let's do that and they do the lie that congress approved it and the legislature. Of Virginia. That was still part of the United States. Was cool with that so it was constitutional. I the. And I think it is because there's a lot of people who questioned. Whether it really was constitutional. But. You know the guys in charge with the guns that it was constitute. Constitution. And and and and edit word to fulfill my obligation. I guess I should say that there is another thing that keeps coming up every once in awhile. Where people think that part of the state should be. A separate state on its own that would be of course New York City. Which is famous for being where the mayor was Bloomberg. Does it. Justin in Lee's summit hello Justin. Art I think they. Are quick break here or what reader. That's. Where were you so much just appreciate that or or or reorder. Our. The amount to go out the windows. Like a where you. You know it's just. I don't it doesn't. Are. In my mind at all or break out. Currently the jets and other economic problems tell all they spend any amount of money out. Well. General are not specifically well there. Corporate apple there are there. Or artwork here and I hit. Poverty rate and one worst drug problems and spent over twenty million dollar and number a year. Cleanup eagle and Q occasion on the street. Where. That's what you if you look at the match secure the border and all that's why eat all wet roads it's going to be its own little steady. And the rest and they repeat. It's our own state and. Don't they were due to our security north Californian soft porn yes. 00. Last I heard it was they were to break up the sports section and put it. Section eight the mainland. The issue on the ballot. For November that was taken off today about the California Supreme Court would have split the state into three north California south California. And then the area around Los Angeles would simply be called California. I. I've heard her. Different break of it is argument on order that. But again many city on a major economic problem or stay there. Here's some. Right that's that's always been Kansas City and saint louis' argument. With respect to crime and gun legislation is that they should be able to do their own thing. That is not how our site you roses are so different and the the issues facing those urban areas are so different than the rest of the state. Doesn't everyone have that in some form or another. Eric Robert O Blake walker who issued curtain. Is owed or. Earlier purity or forward in California. Agreed to let the maturity of. Major in our our. Our our most. Are. But. Just think I do think a lot of states have personally don't like there was. New York City. Is nothing like the rest of the state in New York right there's like but yes your city you. You know rules the rest of the state because of population and a and and it's an economics so it's a tax line. From 1072. The state of California. Has over 12% of the representatives of the United States congress. When there are fifty states it is sad that one state holds 12% of them it would make sense to split them up. For one's from one state that their 41 state does not share so much of the influence of what occurs in congress not texture to an intensity to. You can split California up all you walked. That region that we still know it's California would still have the same numbers represented as they were just is what it would just it would you would now have. The let's defer now to the congressman from north California. Instead of California it doesn't change anything. Until people move. As long as you have that many people living in California. They will continue to have that much sway in the congress it's just a fat Jack. That's how it works that's why we have four congressional districts in California has like five million. You know look at new York city New York City has a more congressional districts. Then the entire state of Kansas. Because New York City has gotten a little more people. Your districts are apportioned based on population. Q were cash right. Is your key work to catch. Oh. Boy lost who dropped out. He's cut. What weight during the 6 o'clock weren't ices. It's not just this. Would fit you're key word this hour is terror. ID maybe next hour will be stabbing her now that rate that's four letters published forced burning I I don't know if we're gonna time. Terrible. And you're brought up now. Test. Computer. Terror is your keywords it can actually played center and 28 at 817. To 81 message and vigorously applaud. Your key word this hour is they're. Newsroom Kara marks. Happening now in KM BZ accused spy pleads not guilty ain't details next. Are you ready for the lowest prices of the season Volkswagen of Lee's summit is sweeping high prices out the door you can get to completely redesigned 2019 Jenna. Right now from 159. And Volkswagen a Lee's summit has nearly fifty of those and stock from 159. You know I love the atlas everybody loves the atlas. The eighteen atlas is in stock right now from 279. And I have always said if you're not a minivan kinda go now. 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