Councilmen Quinton Lucas votes no but why?

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Friday, December 15th

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Joining us right now we welcoming Kansas City councilman quit Lucas. Councilman Lucas we appreciate the time so much thank you again for coming I didn't know yesterday was kind of a hectic day for you. You know good to be with you guys always it was an interest in de. Before two explaining kind of what we're all about. Back councilman Lucas you're one of the of the nine who voted no in this and got everyone questioning why what was the reason it and let's just go into this. Was this more than just a formality that we all thought was going to be the first little hurdle after we all were thrilled I mean. As a guy who voted yes as a guy on the radio was banging the drum for yes. We really thought the the meeting about the MLQ was just going to be act it all right coaches sign off on this but it didn't turn out that way. No we didn't my background I'm actually a contract lawyer and so. I think what we were doing was trying to make sure that we are protecting the public interest law tour. I'll certainly enabled you to actually burst after the sort of contracts. But I think what you saw from the council yesterday it was in no way folks trying to say. We hate the project there's not going to be new airport terminal or anything like it was. The fact that they were third terms of the deal that we just couldn't live with. We want to impugn your Reche. For some reason that hasn't happened over the last several weeks and so therefore with all the best start it was kind of start anew on the remote you Fredricka do better negotiation position. I know there was some concerns expressed about the vague terms community benefits. First let's talk about dollars. This thirty million dollar idea it's hanging over this project. For those that are listening what was the conflict what was the problem in and how much did that factor into your noble yesterday. You know I think it was a significant part of the no vote I mean the idea is it's aren't born in the cup now. Will be reimbursed for expenses in the event for some reason they either go away just as there are some collect. It's like a severance payment for somebody is fired or contractor. And while that is routine of our business. Some of those are question on the council wouldn't matter what are we pay. Four calls that were incurred prior to the election for example why are we pray for costs were incurred an excellent covered up of some sort rendering. As you might remember Robert Donnelly. So we were wondering why worksheets that he's a few million dollars and also what attorney. All these things at the beginning the for developers are saying. They were doing at risk. Announcing what the public restored to reimburse I'm certainly giving people false there was another reality though which was that of course colonial last contractual arrangement. In the morgue where per day up here at thirty billion dollar B. And what we were saying was what will get Bashir for some reason let's say that there is a cause for a those separate ways it's more does something broader or we do. Do we want to always actually have to have that thirty million dollar Burton. Sitting there and so while it's one minute progresses over top. I think he even from the start the I didn't repaid expenses activated from September to now preparing going to dollars expenses my colleague at all noted. We don't know what some of those are going to. Make those calls me it's one cent more questions about it. Now councilman Lucas I am just filling in here on the shows of please do forgive me I'm a bit of the villages and it okay. About right I think the village idiot perspective is an important one here. Because so I absolutely understand and appreciate you looking out for the finances of the city on that level. And you know personally. I don't understand why these extremely wealthy companies ever get some sort of out from a city. I also kind of feel like from. The idiot perspective I've watched this go back and forth in the press and it's almost another black eye for the city in that. We can't get this done and I was against how this whole process started from the get go with the burns of McDowell even though I'm sure it was a above the board it felt like. It wasn't and so from the get go I was questionable but I do understand the need for a single term I'm all for it. How do we get through this process how'd we get everybody on the same page. How do we moved Kansas City forward. Yep but I think that's a great question him about the 100 most people actually. Lawrence Kansas this border few people these two. Very simple. Workers in Queens a short. Obstacle I you know I disagree intensity start pretty. Strong words in your editorial today in progress that is accurate. There are suggesting this could lead to years of delays. All types of other horrible conditions. That's not true. I think there's no on the council Percival once open for an accurate processing goes through even months of delay that we. So I think what you're going to see in the next several. It does come together once again try to work on what is that we want it. For example perhaps some specific financial terms we can protect the flying public. And the city's interest long term. I think what shall also see themselves stronger definitional what community in agreement. Mean Q also means a majority counsel we're gonna look back and frankly I don't want to accept it guitar or crest. And so you know I'm I'm leaving a lot of Twitter unfortunately. I know you're okay yeah that's moment. But he'll that are suggesting that it would not in this is the worst record setter and I respect what they're saying but here's the deal. We're gonna get the new airport the voters approved its airport the council's report the report does not an end around on mask. All this is doing is making sure we get it done right and up front. But the or yours now we're not looking at each other and wondered why something went wrong and nobody asked us to begin. Councilman quit Lucas joining us here in 91 KM BZ. When it comes to the community involvement and reaching out towards minority companies for hiring for construction. Was there a specific debate that was held that that you had in the rest of those no votes had a problem with. You know there's been a lot of the frankly it is to debate there is an outsider. I was able to talk about yesterday but I think it's opened the minds of so so. There are labor unions and issues to think about it connection with this and they want. Has a reputation as they could. There are minority owned firms and owned firms what percentage record. There's this reality that there's be one billion dollar plus project. And so I think you have a lot of different interest groups. That are trying to be part of it and you know I can and that's their job. And still I think he might typically there're aspect of different reasons. Until I had one Crowley said he wanted to be transformative Woody's side which city creating jobs for people over there. I have another colleague it was all about the labored have a colleague Richard Berke of the doll and so your right to. Different and disparate influences interest. But you know the hard part of your ship is just say you're doing things its entrepreneur in other people. And so I would hope that over the next few days so truly just the mayors of many others. Two great leaders on the committee. Get a chance to work toward I think what is it consensus. And how we go forward and we've actually built or your best product possible. Council and another is a sky is falling attitude like you said on on Twitter and part of the of the facts that are coming out is that one member of the city councilman councilman Barnes. Has introduced a resolution that would end it immediately and further negotiations with edge more and move on to the runner up which was eight become. Is that a realistic possibility could we be saying goodbye to edge more in like you said you wanna get it done before Christmas but is that a realistic possibility. You know I think the answer to that is that there are number responsibilities now and on the opposite that you probably. Real witches. Oh the receipt simply get a chance to talk at more part of what he. Yet however the council. Yeah we're past that point negotiation where mr. Reid. You look at the number two. And the other option would be open for urban about what to do. And so you know you're looking at well opportunities. In terms of the pardon question. I don't see why they're casting the I mean. Ultimately it all the room today I guess on Monday notice that the public. And come to some sort of decision comport ourselves to think about what is he. Worked. And so I think you're right. Why don't we like to get there now be thought right now is way. Is this process still troubled we had a vote would just break out there and that's where all interest there and make sure well. Lucas thank you so much we appreciate it has been a relief fund long drawn out process we hope it ends very quickly and if I don't talk a divorce right exactly. But but with a lot more airplanes. If we if we get a chance talkie before Christmas and hopefully we do because I think most people want this resolved before Christmas. If we don't talk before then have a great holidays there. Hey happy holidays to you will get this done berries. Everything else.