Councilman Quinton Lucas voted YES!

Midday with Jayme & Grayson
Friday, February 9th

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Big news story yesterday it's been one at that a lot of people have been waiting on and they were about the Kansas City Council. With the uncertainty yesterday. Voting in the key measure for the MO EU wit that it's more infrastructure and real estate voted. Yesterday eight supply to accept the memory of understating wit it more than provides. Framework for the negotiations going forward joining us right now from the Kansas City Council. We say hello to market frankly Lucas mr. Lucas thank you so much for joining us. Oh I agree reputed. Art so the reason what have you on obviously the big news as many of us who voted for the new airport. Are thrilled to see this get passed and at that next steps can be taken or will definitely help out the city of Kansas City. You boring no votes when this was shot down before and this time we are a yes vote. What what are some of the things that you wanted to see it changed in the negotiation. When you did vote. You're arc until we're about who switched votes the its number who I think the issue we would follow. First we want more financial terms of the deal and so we want to see a little bit tighter language in connection with our our local workforce women owned businesses minority owned businesses and I think we got our. We also have a timeline now let him know when we're getting reports back to actually project. So I think on the whole what we're looking. Is he is stronger and better document a better deal for Kansas City and we had a chance to I think the more carbon in its you know it more difficult with their all of with some of the projects or about Brinkley come to a better term at the flying public can be proud of not just today but for the next generation. Councilman quit Lucas joining us here in 91 KM BZ I know there were about 45 issues and and a lot of them had to get resolved. Did you see enough of those 45 points that we were able to eat for you to say okay. In good faith we go forward now at work on some of the others that may not have. Met your expectations. You know I think what we saw was substantial movement from the document. Early December which in my opinion probably should have been presented to council court. I band I want all of those issues we've seen real real strong improvement real work buyer or to try to I think it is. Where we love the council saying we need more details more heat on. And so I'm I'm proud of that now or later on issues organizing paper in the mobile unit as project itself that people continue to discuss them and it will be looking closely. I think we'll continue wanna make sure that we're using locals as the urban. Greater Kansas City regent and so will keep working on the hour. I think we now have an agreement and the way to over the can happen. Mr. Lucas dissidents here I'm curious I know that they're reading some of the articles and being at Jackson County resident living downtown. You know the taxpayer for KC MO. Aren't the other. Projects and things that we need to be paying attention due to go bonds you know the infrastructure concerns Broadway Bridge. You know when when when the roads freeze over and and pipes burst everywhere. The important things that we needed him in and I don't disagree that the airport needs a lot of help my butt took the tour with just admire out there and I solid underneath in the underbelly at all. But some of the other things that we need to pay attention do that we have voted online and are paying it that you could go bonds and whatnot. Is this airport as we saw like it was voted on that it was turned down numerous back on that again I mean are we forgetting. We have it's not just the airport we need to make sure that we're continued we can't the city's Renaissance that there were taking care of all of our needs that we able to balance all that. So yeah for civil and that he played with a walk and you've gone. We've been doing it we're center have more and we'll keep you accept this yesterday with a City Council. We have a lot of things. On the city a lot of things beyond the airport and I think you whatever Kansas City resident Roosevelt within campus he couldn't come through all the top. Can be competent that would bring attention to things like a colonial Britain and its long term Arctic replacement. Basic infrastructure also quality of life position on the and we talked about this before my. But violent crimes against the city's heavily drugs so. I don't that the airport has taken a lot of oxygen and it's taken a lot of our attention and our energy but at the same time. You know I still have the opportunity to meet with police chief twice last week we still have the opportunity to I think do a lot of work its port city. One other wanna make yesterday as part of the reason that people I think were so kind of acrimonious sobered as a result interest groups. Ideological opposite the last big thing we've. And the point you just make one group which is there. We hope that we expect there are more projects is more economic development. They're more. There's more building be dark creature that we're gonna make sure that we keep doing that not just the next two years but hopefully the next decade in Kansas City. Gusher right the department Renaissance we need to get over this hurdle with the airport which I think we did yesterday. Councilman quit Lucas joining us or 91 KM BZ how tense was the floor because I know each and every member of the City Council including mayor James got the speech yesterday was that at. Is that a tense situation. You know he's if you. Opera created. You know I know that you know in Q yesterday morning and a lot of people know what would go out. And so I think you saw a lot of that conversation. Being folks trying to persuade some of their cult. You would make it different political points and others were trying to kind of summarize what happened yesterday that. It has been incidents I think they're in more personal attacks. Between those who was elected officials but sometimes involving some of the different interest groups. They're a bit more of those attacks I think we need. And you know I hope everybody does take the opportunity where this year. Your biggest issue was organized labor would be your biggest issues. Minority business enterprises use startup will be the biggest issues slide. You know people have the chance now is the fact that there are. We're in new terminal we have a plan for how we view it. The extra work together girl apply against the city instead of electronic Harvard upn and the problem we can do our own group. I don't wanna called threats but I'm not sure the better word. How serious to the council take the threat of going with aecom burns in Mac after that story popped up following the previous vote. You know we have had a good faith beauty an obligation to negotiate as more I think we we discharge that. And progressing even when Woodward rejected the first W. I would want and I know most of us I think almost unanimously. We wanna continue to negotiations that more so I don't be silly to let sit you'll notice what's going on outside has got a few world. We weren't sequestered jury for example by. I think you know we we kept our focus on probably make it's that steel chance that he could make of that still large public art industry we got sick. The other we go to the field there is it is perfect opinions of life whether the time when you realize that you might look at real art to do some good Circuit City. And I think more city's stance. The orders we have the experts and others. We're trying to come to that's council recognized but it it has been since it has been stressful and I'm delighted that we can talk about any number of other things. And what's the timeframe then Honda moving forward with the airport. You know will report to the airport. You know I think it would Shakespeare's sexual orders we still have more. Well I'm a lawyer. We. Are transactional documents to go through that court financing its feet on. And so many words right we have the summer is when I think we're gonna finish up all that work. We're old and have ground broken I think in all 2018. And then I we're still looking for delivery before the end of Corning Corning walk. So our hope would folks driver betrays you I look at it this morning. They're looking at a new facility. Or the bunt towards what they want but policies and Greg year. Counts the Lucas when did you know. You were going to flip your vote. You know I'm the big battle blah over the last week I would mr. up to Atlanta today I was looking over final language in the contract terms that I think we're protected local businesses. That was delivered to me at 11 AM yesterday and final term strategists look at it. Thought golly so it's sadly it was probably one of those new. That afternoon. I think uncomfortable with this. We are questions answered in the and that's not what I'm fully decided all the while knowing that I I don't think it you know we were going to be there certainly radical. And destroy the project but I do what I'm actually a good final term to most comfortable with it. I yesterday afternoon. I've built and with with Mike here many times we've gone. And I know what people concerns that taxes how much might you're not paying for this airport to airport. And out of the ground gets broken I don't know the lawyers how much of my taxes is the Deluca is gonna go towards this airports. How old is it 1% as a 10% how much my taxes. Is gonna go to. Who you are not out in your general fund taxes you paid campus. You're you're not our business there. So that's that's. That it is at a 2% as you know got into protests at that point 1% number he's. 08% how much of my taxes is gonna go mark he's ever stop her now. Now you know airport you know report are that we're proud of your. What lasting for you civil want to know is there anything in this next in the next few weeks or next few months of negotiation about. Local companies helping to build how much of an emphasis. Will the council an edge Moore put on. Kansas City based companies due to due to some of the bill. Absolutely. I think that violent record that's not the dark about what we talk about women owned and minority owned businesses and most of the director local Britain would be those groups are we absolutely are a focus on a local business enterprises. We also have a focus on small local business enterprises and that's what the counsel's gonna continue to fight a war so this is not just in the project where we're. Then you all the money out of our goal is that we have local workers local businesses and hopefully local flyers are going to be happy with the result comes when we want. Ultimately this enjoy your week at the top with the against him thinking so much for take your time taking time out of your data joyous things they're always good brought here.