Cop shoots dog. Should he have?

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Wednesday, September 13th

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It Wednesday to athletes at the weekend Jamie modest selling by quick and happy to have you. Are we hired today at all after last night's late night at arrowhead I could sit and that combined have little. Rough go of it with Google fiber this morning but. Seems not entirely uncommon in your belt. I don't know what the dealers. I I don't know if the deals. We're having an issue connecting with these VP and educate work from old guard lost her. Allows you to connect your computer her computer here in the building losing gets stuff done and it works everywhere in the building except our park often sell it gas I don't know and Google fiber cable over this morning and I'd I don't clueless I don't speak computer out now and if you they're trying to relay. The issues to meet like your idea to go get your IT department to release of an IP you'd like. Will boy and I I ice I wanna follow Ryan can you come to the radio state. And it and deal with this early lead when the middleman that stupid right let's tee Smart people talk. I'm like I'm a little tired rhetoric and unless. I don't know anything about user does come back like seven dollars now but it was to last night at 1045 we will talk about last night show is you and I had very different experiences last night dancing show and arts were apparently are close to each other but you of course did like the piece of you we really we did some of me something amazing us all. Say is that I was totally unfamiliar with back chair before last night like a new one song in loser yeah yes I think. I'm a fan we'll talk more about later but I mom. Op ex awesome I yeah I I dig the white man thanks Steve scared straight ahead motionless thing it works for. Except. Our are. This first story is one that is very emotional and it's about a FaceBook page. And you can see it and it comes to us from the Kansas City Star in a little bit of a question of who you believe. And what kind of threat ones there and so as mentioned at the Kansas City Star we got a case drug dealer. Who admits that yes I had been using and selling marijuana and he had it in his house and yes. Police had the right to beat at his house it's a question he has is. Why did they have to fatally shoot my dog in the process so. Here's how the story out its first Chris Lee's Chris Lee is is the guy he's dealt us. Chris Lee. Said he opened the door is Hyde Park home quotes him as black labs emerged on the front porch Whitman. Police by the way say they bolted out and darted out toward officers but but he says first of all the bulk of his black labs came out on the front porch with and he surrendered immediately. And pleaded with officers not to shoot his docs. She says the dogs never make contact with the officers but sergeant Terry Thompson spokesperson for Nancy police said. One of the guys at an officer's leg and tore his payments. She said in an email statement because of the dog's actions that doc was shot. Police this is not recently police officers were serving a search warrant on the home in the 800 block of east 44 street. It was the day before he was charged with multiple counts of drug possession and illegal weapons charge. Police suddenly had opened his door and allowed two dogs to run out and attacked the officers. Then he quickly close the door. Les said the dogs got out when he came outside to surrender he says even though the dogs were barking they never attacked the officers got written police say they were allowed to run out and they attacked the officers he said they just kind of got out. So it's I mean dogs do that sure right but did he. It can apart I don't I don't quite get is he open the door dogs and out he slammed the door. According to police or easily ignored immediately apps on so let's keep this going about a dozen officers were at the homes are the war he says. He says the execution of his black lab eight year old axle was excessive he said police shot Axl at point blank range. Axles death was over some weed there was no reason to go to far. Up by the way when police searched their search those guys on they found all kinds of stuff and he's been charged with some weight to drug dealer. But again the police justification. Which is vague to me is due to the dog's actions the dot was shot. So so police are saying that because. And only won the two dogs which general was OK get axle Axl and slash by the way the names of the two dogs obviously Guns 'N Roses fans who think that that so police today. That the dog ended up being shot. Bit the officers lag and horse which they're obviously be evidence. You know if that's true that there's obviously torn pants. So low end is there a bite mark. I mean there's got to be some kind of claw mark like markers something if he did get fit. Now I don't know what police policy is when it comes to dealing with animals. But again he contends that they just kind of picture that he can picture the dogs get excited he's opening the doors there's quite the police presence outside. And the dogs just got out police are saying you allowed them to again how he should have held that back and violent end to get out. You kinda get to get at that point who's right here. To zero or 57677. So we now. We a lot of really compassionate dog owners out there I'm one of them gone he admits. You know I did I I was right to be arrested he had sold allegedly hot under two and under cover ups or multiple occasions so he doesn't. And what he's done wrong yet the question isn't. Is this guy guilty of being a dope man guides not yet question they've found a bunch of mushrooms if not a bunch animals they've got a bunch of marijuana. 120 gauge shotgun and shotgun shells. Not seek you don't shotgun but we're just painting the picture. Was the police officer based on the details that we have from the story in the star. Was the police justify. In shooting ended fatally shooting the dock the question I was at a case like this is. It was there away you have restrain the dockers somehow kept the dog back without killing it that we don't now. I I don't know. We don't know that and the only comparison I'll make to discuss throw the thought on the table is that if police feel threatened by a person. You know they're they have a certain right to be able to defendants yeah and times that issue and that person of they feel like life is in danger which is possible here. We afford that right when he went as a person. I 767798576779. Where the police right to kill this drug dealers doc and again no one is defending the dope man all right let's make sure we get that clear. I'd love to hear from a police officer in a sometimes they can't call. And maybe can texted at 22980. What is this do what is the the plane and here what is the usual situation. And what's the thinking is it is it that is what we just sad is it because the dock until you mean. Black labs are not German shepherds that triples whatever but other than that they're gonna bite Killian you know is there is their actions such as protocol. What's protocol when you're dealing with dogs and and a and a hostile situation like this my other question and this is the big one. We where we have cops where. But again. That's a lot of people are asking we have craps her body Kinsley pulls somebody over do they Wear a body camera out when they're going to read a drug dealers house I assume yes I don't know. I would guess that we put a month on police officers let's say rely on turning a mine body cameras are not the same thing and dash cams. Right they don't turn on automatically sell yeah did so did the ops or turn the body camera and there's if there were twelve. If there were twelve police officers. Wouldn't there be one body camera you would think and if there's not doesn't every question. 5767798. Where the police right to kill this drug dealers dog. I 767798. Can texted at 22980. We want to hear from you coming up next here and 81 KM BZ. 81 KM BZ leading with Jamie and wicket and FaceBook page and check out the story scroll down a little bit. And I'd go vote and let us know who should be in the 2017 national toy hall of name. I love the story everywhere you like this is Russia the it is just really so and I think. Famed as a pretty good drop dragon this whole thing out a lot of publicity for it and we feed right into it. Every year they put in like two or three toys things like. You know a box and things are very very simple sometimes. So they always the time your come out with the list of finalists are like 89 bomb and now and we'll talk about it because it's a little trip down memory. You move up some of those that hired you know my top three can annoy your top three little bit later and which of the three resort which three of the nominated. Do you think should be in the toy hall of Famer and other were talking about a story and Hyde Park. Yes it's a case of whether police should have fatally shot. Drug dealers Dodd Chris Lee it's it's kind of we believe but Chris Lee admits that he's a drug dealer and police went to his house to serve awards are all these are charges. He says I went to my front door to surrender. My two labs got out. Police say. He actually opened the door ones and closed it again and then re opened it and he allowed the dogs to get out and by doing that one of those dogs attacked an officer. Bit his leg in tours pants. And because of that action police fatally shot that dot the other dog was laughed okay. He says Chris Lee of the suspect in the case says this was going too far why did I understand him a criminal and I get that you were there to arrest me. But why did you shoot my dog police are saying here's. Because they were aggressive because they were threatened again. I wonder if there was body camp I wanna see the torn pants. I wanna nailed the first instinct could have been taser or pepper soup or may be on yeah we don't know exactly what they would've kept on them at that point on he had a note the which you can. Which where we go into. Busta house for drugs let's what I now and I'm not a dog but to me that's you know. Police it's it's not a job requirement for their lives to be threatened them of their safety to be threatened and so. On he should get the dogs back. He knew they were get excited he knew there were a lot of police outside. I don't apparently the were allowed them to get out but he showed it just like anybody else the front door. You don't. So you're you're a dog owner anybody's editors bring you our Google fiber this morning two hours ago you put them back or you hold the backs of where that we they don't get add to its you don't want him to get out. And so to me you should they shot the dot not necessarily but he allowed them to go out in the first place that escalated all of us. 767798. And during the break thanks to Scott parks. For for calling in they are obviously talk about the story apparently yesterday. And Chris Lee the drug dealer. He called into the show to tell his side of the stories out on bond apparently. Chris Lee is a listener of ninety KM BZ and we appreciate that Crist here was a call with Chris Lee yesterday during Dana and parks Iran KM BZ. Yeah. Not really. That really good good people out and my. Soul star socks story I told you broke my heart I am so sorry that that happened. Thank you. How much time between you opening that the war in that dog opening. They were under direct. Debt. And they are you wishing door it literally. I didn't have a and so I didn't have two full seconds to do anything. Except I first or shut the door and I do dogs. And then I choose what you realize they're gonna just not kick the door in just you mean like reached on the back to Oakland can't. I give our sleep over the dogs. And I you know and trying to shove it ought where there's no right here and there are well I give. Her thoughts. I mean I've tried could have done anything public about else. Don't know at that point cops are receptive with certainty they're all shouting and make you do things which I am trying to do I can't wait out Obama. No end in. Parliament parliament. Passed a bit scared. And then when the concert that attracts them what happened was my wins out and there's little deliberately doesn't. It doesn't there's no I can't really get to and you know being back to a quarter we shall grounder by ten are on a small porch. And you know like you know everybody in the like that in the concert. And I mean you. Didn't quite like psychology. A color she'd invite anybody probably terrified buttons. But the police Chris say that they have. One of their offices even had torn pant legs from your dog might. I don't I don't I am positive that that it is that the story that they meet that they need to fabricate that and they look so look we're certain that they went and Tara stepped little bit of the dog Bettis. And watched what's the server well into the. For me ask you this what was the other dog doing at the time you hear her side. Of the torture by TV as well and he didn't actually Don Hewitt what were two different. Com and you sort of bought an atom bomb in the technically the cops are excellent and now 67 ops sort of like almost all their guns and and there yeah enemy who's just watch that friends murdered and out of the net soaring large men with their knees in my back agreed. And the yelling call your dog shoot. And the Internet and there's been people just don't count well I cannot have treatments. Working then I'll let back. I can't do it in and out and got laid on my porch. He's terrified and they and they are trying to ensure engine. What would it be argument from those on the tax on whose say even you claim in this story. That your dog was shot at quote point blank range would that not indicate your dog was right up on the officer. Well again and again it is I'm I'm at the front door I'm coming up the front door and everything in on this I love looking at it now maybe. Seven feet from the front door to her to the beginning of the porch and that cram and people. And that and that's also just what that you know it's just I must get away from it and it's going all. So it's not like you know yeah probably wanted to get passed and I guarantee you one out of. Well I'll say this Chris I do feel like there was no good. Option or solution here I really do and I am sorry. I am so sorry you had to see that I really am. You know I ordered one the other callers in that you know what you eat that he was a police officer if you come up on somebody was. You know what with dogs you would have yelled out some way or you know something it at that particular and the again might have been a weapon like absolutely OK I surrender unconditionally and Heatley. And you know offered no resistance just what shall then that we were not right and all know what it was for. Currency it says here in the story you don't have to answer obviously but you called us it says here you face drug possession and illegal weapons charge and other drug felonies can. Can I ask what those are. It then there's nothing that there's nothing there were some. Miracle of emotions but. I mean there's nothing there's. But we. Can possibly countless. Acts are brought the police to his friend and. No matter what brought them to my door that's what they came work happen to find a little bit. You know a little bit of Russian I have a personal. And you know and all of a sudden I'm in eggnog and I've like ever admit that I am a criminal any kind I in the low on the low level jet did not. Wouldn't make a dent in that in that marijuana industry and it was me I promise you. They didn't straight answer with I'm I'm a low level yet I can't believe most art it's so hard look at how well. I'm all right Chris leak who is featured in this story in the Kansas City Star his dog axle. Was shot and killed when police showed up at the door he claims unnecessarily. The police say that axle attacked. One of their officers in Britain won on the leg toward his pants and because of that the dog was shot and. Yesterday on Dana and parks. It you can hear the emotion from from Chris. In that and I and I picture a small porch. A bunch of officers in and around and on the porch. And a dog barking. In a very unfamiliar air mr. territory for the dog. And that his older the dogs' owner has his face slammed into the ground like like probably should have and knees and his back I was exposed to control his dog at that point. Like I'd just like your questions I am after hearing talk in orbit your calls on. I don't care what he did. I don't care at least who is to add I don't I don't care about his crimes I don't like when he says. Why was I targeted so hard for hollow I am to me it it's irrelevant what kind of criminal he has that seems to be a case that he's making it wiped outlets like this would be more complexities that Scott asked him what brought him to the door war. He seems to be saying because it says in the story my dog was shot over over week to meet crimes don't matter you know I I don't think the police response I don't think they would have been more or less likely to shoot the dot based on what he did as my point. Questions like was there any way for police to know ahead of time that there were dogs and side. Because they have a history and the sky and the guys sold in a drugstore in part our officers and there was there was airwaves for police to have known ahead of time. And for them to have said something from the outside we know you have dogs please restraint is something like tactic to cap this reading Haskell yeah and and again like somebody point out of the text link to. Well these are labs the gonna elect them the death these are pit bulls at some else pointed out you know dogs that are excitable are gonna act out of character a little bit and when you've got that kind of police response. A police officer can't exactly what the behavior of the dog as it's also possible that police didn't know what kind of dogs were there at the other question is fundamentally how does. Why would police lie about it. Why would it. He's saying police line I don't get why can justify killing of an innocent dogs but they they just buy it they say this was a threat. Global taxable some goals some calls on this 57677980. Per his side of the story you read the police and the story you'll see it's on our FaceBook page 981 KM BZ midday with Jamie wicket. The legal right to the phones here. Chris Lee a drug user of serie drug dealer. Acknowledges that he sold marijuana but that doesn't diminish the grief grief he's feeling these days after Kansas city police raided his home and shot his dog now. Jamie one side and we just heard Chris who called into the gate and park program yesterday. Chris says that dog was out there as he opened the door. And he was unable to restrain his when it was two black labs. And then the police say the labs were grass. Police say you're allowed the dogs to get out and by virtue of the dogs getting out an and their side of older bunch of police outside that makes sense. One of and bit an officer's leg in richt is Pam hit her or she and they say that because of the dog's actions the dog was fatally shot. I shot so I 767798. Was there right for the police to do this toward the votes and turning it on Trevor in Kansas City you're in 91 KM BZ what's up Trevor. I first time caller. Our grammar correctly that gentleman said that he would the drug dealer. That you open and shut the door if we state. Yeah they're correct. Yeah and he admits to that he's sad I shut eye opener that he said that in the call open the door once. I shot it and he says it was to to get the dogs back but that he didn't have time any thought I'd better open the doors and they don't as Boston. Eric it deplete the would look at it like I didn't grab a record. You know we were out on the delivery driver I've been out there have dogs receive the way out the war. Trying to get older they are in he okay despite I have been bitten by dog bite well. You know he's not out of bite into your order you know did we are not quite do that I'll ever order though eight. I agree police he's a good shot into that they're out there at the guy what did you throw it out of the house. Residential burglary at the anybody else. Now that would by neighbors are our hope you'll note they out shot corrective equity put it out out. Brett takes the vocal appreciate it 5767798. And that is a common sentiment from some people will you were dealing drugs then your dogs not shop okay. Doubt according to an analog a lot of people say gaff yeah an analog that you put yourself in that situation by being criminal let's go to Jonathan in Kansas City Jonathan thanks for hanging your 91 came BZ. I don't hey what's up blood. What we're calling into the question that you guys. I know I think it would change yet the the same. From people went along with the dog still. I think the doesn't differentiate so long that you feel threatened. You have a right to the same yourself the weather that dog you know an eight year old 96 journalist utilities threatened. Then you do that elected him yourself. And if the dog big outside. If you felt like you would have the ability to be able firemen dog sometimes he is there's mine outward expressions individual Perry opened the door closes. They might have had more firearms commentators spectators don't always word. So. Which is that it is that correct for the first instinct to be shoot and kill an animal. There are a lot of variables that would go. So. Long so I mean. In turn would have to be there in a moment often may have been a little bit more on guard and the caller did say they. He opened and closed the door like the previous caller said it is grabbing firearms what is he doing with the Dorgan. I'm just the thought is not. And I'm gonna gas the immediate thought is not she until the dog the immediate thought is neutralize the threat teacher. You down and and to me I do make a little bit of of those things and you know we don't wanna take a precious animal. But this officer doesn't wanna double a dot that's that dot attack it hurt right yeah I think I'll sure. And we want we got to take into account of the options are gonna be more worried about the suspect in the close to a dog running out. So they're gonna wanna try to get that dog didn't serve as quick as possible to go right back that subject. It's it's it's all bad agent and interest and from students some good points men appreciate it. And you and when you say neutralize the situation you're probably right about that it's that's a word I keep coming back to like to have to kill all the dot. Well I I don't I don't think that's I hope that's not the goal I hope that wasn't it and you do wonder like why did you go for the Don first wide and you go but may be in their minds. The best way to neutralize it. Is that we need a police officer if that's protocol and and somebody who may be a former accomplish or former private investigator or whatever. That. I wanna know when you walk up to would do it a drug dealers house. In your rating the house until they were due to were doesn't come to their rating house are they armed with guns tasters and pepper spray do they have all of those options available or is it just got so. Let me read you real gas I assume this this attack Israel while ago. From Kansas law enforcement officer generally when you server search warrant on a drug house and university you're approaching a house with you were handgun or rifle you will usually illegals commonly drug dealers have some sort of lethal weapon themselves to protect their money and product. And fear being robbed by other dealers or rival gangs this is the tax now. If I already have my weapon out from my holster I will not put it back in the holster to pull out ET's or orbit on. While the process of getting it a large dog is considered a weapon so. After that's a great text Reagan's. That's a great text let's go to and a blue springs you're 91 KM BZX Reagan and you're on the air. Now I yet con man. I have a question asked about that police officer. I wonder now that dog for propane. I don't say it can't and did it I could see and they cut it he'd be it. April 10 at gotten can't get hot it'll be quicker probably never had a great shot. And at that dot Vietnam and acts heart that yes. He hit it and because yet protect out. And I can't get into why they get it into a hot air and get treatment right away. We don't know if he did or not and I mean that's a great question. I have I wouldn't be able to answer that question I didn't look at who was admitted into the K you mad over and public information yeah. But it's a really good question if that if the in some ways of Tex lines said. I know that he had as is hands toward. How do we know that it's one side vs the other side and if we body cams if we don't have footage for my cameras there's no and yet exactly. I don't know how you know that. And going back to attacks that it's got bite my head thinking because they can recover Sharpton this guy's house twenty gauge shotgun along with a box of we Chester twenty gauge ammunition near the entryway. It doesn't surprise me I mean he claims he's a low level low grade low level drug dealer. Regardless you're still dealing with thousands of dollars you know in that house. Would you shut the door. That doesn't curry a moment of I give up. But but I I get why he did it but when you take a look at it from the police officer's point of view you just slammed the door in the face of the cops that are coming to bust you. We now now you cursing. Out one and what you gonna do when you open the door Acura and you communities got to go and buy the door and I mean. I have. Friends who have gone to places where the first thing that happens when you knock on the door the whole thing slides open and a gun barrel comes out I mean. That's upon us that's going through the minds of some short down by 767798. Thanks and giving Kansas City year a 91 came BZ. Yet I am my job that I do I have to build it customers solve what I was going out to the customer's home. That border to Egypt neighbor to a pebble just happen to be out each. All next door came around and they're bargain and yet I did there ready to go to the next step during the doorbell. And become lie and around the corner at me now. What was like to do I stood there and their well being and hope that little roughed up I just kinda walked around there. And he just of their bargain. And then the only urges Japanese come out and called him when he took off and ran back and I stood there are saying well we see. That happened quit but not that became about it now that they look at what you saw there that they would shop the dog on the spot. I don't know but I just I just can't you know do when a course that. I was is that green to get greater in the doorbell when it looks like thereby it's where it ran around the scene in. And they called Doug in Egypt took off it would just kind of a frightening moment but then again not then became a bit so that pretty cool he never. It may hear anything you'd do is bark in the that would. So it was a different kind of story that you know the Dublin home and a I'll look like Kenneth (%expletive) doubling in the door and how it all and again. Should the police have shot this guy's dog the other. You know there's so. A lot more that go beyond likely that the pants got Ripken and I'll let you know that sure you know like I do you have you know ease protecting himself you know is that what happened I did it but it. You know one of them story that hit the fifty. It's tough call it's a lot he said they he said she said or he said they said or whatever yeah. But this is I started talking about this at the Jamie earlier. I was completely sympathetic to crisply and as we heard his call I was more sympathetic to Chris slate. But I'm I'm starting to be more in the middle or I don't know what the right with the right answer is I. Think you'll like a lot of people I'm not a doctor yeah and and not. Compassionate toward animals but I'm not coming from that place of love of docs and you may be are a little bit on an and that totally totally makes sense that that's kind of been forming where your and is. But a lot more questions now you know in just about his behavior and how Chris Lee's behavior. May police feel like this was Marty. Threatening situation I've 767798. It's more calls K and Cindy stick right there it's May Day with Jamie wicket temporary three and 91 KM BZ. 91 KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicked city money selling Mike wicket coming up next hour or eagle homework assignment. Go to our FaceBook page. And check out what is Joplin Missouri woman was wearing at school she's seventeen. And she's a bigger girl not obese but she's a taller seventy year old. Yeah. Look at what she was at a class are wearing. Utter FaceBook page. Too ridiculous I'd like to outlet that school would have suggested as an alternative for where I have several ideas don't worry I had liberal idea say also review Jamie I had different experiences at YouTube last night gas from TI and 40000 of you so crowd was amazing it was so cool was so. I don't know the answer didn't it look like there were some seats now maybe you'll ago but it looks like they're refusing to people's could've stepped down to the floor to the general admission on the floor but. We'll get to that right now wrapping up our conversation. Of the Kansas City man. Whose dog we shot. After police raided his house. Because he was a dope man selling weed he says it was unnecessary to shoot the dog the police say the dog was aggressive. Yeah police say that. He opened the dot opened the door once. Closed it and then reopened and when he opened it the team dogs ran out and charged at officers and a one point 98 era black lab name axle. Wet and an officer bit a lag and rip the pant leg and at that point police say the reason that this officer or an officer fatally shot the dog was. Because of the dog's actions and and and grizzly allowing the dogs to get out. That escalated the situation for this to happen. I was 5767798. Since he's been hanging out we appreciate that very much Cindy your 91 KM BZ. Hi. I would very very angry when I first heard that story now and Andy got. Blood boiling again now I would think 1%. Lead at the church or not. Thought. He work with they are one week out these rescue animals from there are situations. On you know what are we won't we lock up and I thought issued at an hour at. Her again. And collapse you know. The one issue and you are out like that. But as police officer supposed to make the distinction of thought into that mind about what kind of dog is a white and and given us. Threat assessment in the middle of all those. Know I agree with you on and greet you on that I think she'd reacted. More out of the year when he should be concentrating on the war critic and and spoke at 8 AM. That's my other question and I got to wonder that the Kansas corrections officer of the police officer the texted and said that that dog is a weapon. And if they have their guns out they're not putting them back into the reach for the taser I don't. It it's one of those where I wanna side with the dog but I understand where the police officer is coming for especially if you get a sense of how fast this is happening. Oh yeah thirty seconds 35 seconds hi there do you put your gun away because the dog is currently a threat you don't wanna shoot the dog or do you keep your gun out because the guy might be you know I mean he could have opened the doors slammed it. Reached an excellent toward that end and they mean their stake in this guy yeah sold weed to two different cops are cops on two different occasions. Which they might think OK he could have a gun there I mean. He may not be the biggest drug dealer in Kansas City right what he's you know he's an and our love I I don't know where he falls in the pantheon or he could have other more dangerous dogs inside that he is going to command to go after officers. Or anything else in my house I mean. Again I wanna side with the dog. Blight and into cities point. Don't know if they could've taste or pepper spray pepper spray dog I don't know what you do and is that enough to neutral I don't know enough docs yeah that enough to comment on or is that going to agitate a dog further. In June. And so many questions I have for the police if they staked this guy and they knew Horry lived. Didn't they know he had dogs. And could they have handled it differently in jail could they have said we know you have dots. Restrain Dan we'll give you sixty seconds or street yeah dogs and at a program could point. Could you Kate in Kansas at eight era KM BZ high. The statement you made that it's basically these are laps not at all I'm Derek. All right suggest there is absolutely nothing in the three doubles in incurred Democrats in. I I own at that also why I understand what you're center. Add that that's. There's a lot of misconception about pit bulls being and naturally aggressive breed and now it's caused a cameraman and. But oftentimes pit bulls are bred I don't believe they're born that angry. But oftentimes pit bulls are trained to be angry and aggressive thought. Like terminal app third regular or a pretty penny that's what I. And came out on your side on this one but oftentimes drug dealers will have aggressive dogs to protect them from things like this by using aggressive dogs sell candy. Can the police officer defer or or figure out which dog is which way it's coming at him. Well tied to be honest I would be afraid that you wallet was charged. And their point same postings are asked city officers shot the dot. It if they are but certainly within his own line of duty trying to protect himself in his opposite the. Think the call again this week I get you know if they're trained to do with that. Then yes I put how to love dogs. Or or very close to get his second one. It's a shame that there was not a different way to handle. It's you feel bad for him when we played call earlier you hear the emotion in his voice you know you know it's it's a memory or family that I was eight years old maybe how the dog for quite awhile. You feel for an. But in terms of justified or not justified moxie ops are supposed to do if he felt like she was in danger K thank you so much for your phone call we appreciate it let's go to Tyler. Tyler here in 81 KM BZ high. So little and but I'm not law enforcement officer of Ottawa on paper a year like apple well. You can try indulged in any. Be held to serve as belt right now they do every day they can opener at the user. People praying dog bite that are out to kill. Burger for. Who knows that dog with trying. I. When you get a curtain that crop that all mapped or whatever I'll be regarded as you can eat them and you and pepper spray them. And it doesn't affect them. Would you give the doll that trying to kill. They command. To go after something the pepper spray the laser does not work at all. I don't know that from experience I know that from the knowledge of listening to law enforcement agency that told me that. So was a teacher if the dog was trained to kill the tapes or would that. Pepper spray would have done only option was to kill the bulk to protect. Alive. Of the officers. And and he's. I I assume he's right you can train a dog to do anything right in theory. I'll I'll take your work all all our time there on that one man leadership phone call and make so much. Ken in Overland Park next up on any one KM BZ. It's I can't. Hello Paula state trooper and Jamie asked about neutralizing that threat. Lou we're trained to fire and though the threat is no longer a threat. And that applies to you animal animals people does make a difference. No it does not make a difference a blog is a weapon. And did make their lunch that it may take bad shots same thing at the moment. And there's no. And innuendo and and then thank god you called. There's no leeway there to sit that's protocol. That is broke out if you if you consider. Bill. Then unleashed. A deadly threat do you are following officers. Do required to have iron to a threats neutralized. I I understand that yeah I I do my heart bleeds for the dog sir and put the owner happened for the guy that called. It really does last word on this goes to John I think in Kansas City right 91 KM BZ would sub Jonathan. I don't. An impression on when you're in Arabic and more support. Toward the. And it situationally. I think that we're using that standard we would use to take human life and the completely different standard it's unfortunate that. At the dog died however that not human being. So the officer that I feel like he's going to die in order to be justified in and fired a weapon and if there is I mean and obviously any barged sides Armenian art dog cart has the ability. Central to cost permanent damage and there is no time. That the like rabid dogs were the permanent meaning a human being I'm typing or using two different standard here unfortunate. I think the fact that the dog is it not really well and there's not some it can indiscernible people Martin. Means that arm. That we shouldn't kill under any circumstance at all. What happened about a actually uses loses the ability uses hand. Further the device but Barkley that admitted drug dealer is somewhat adult performer. I guess I. I think again that's the highest standard. Where are completely different in late and that when your children are more on a drug out. You are currently oak forest you have a lethal weapon about you know at a time triggered on back away in the and feed the dog. Try to see if that thought stop before it me or is that actually gonna keep coming to me before I start to. The tape there or try it you know I. You write about I just that I wanna get to the news but it's a pre I appreciate the phone call and I almost and I don't wanna go down the Michael Vick rode. But that's why when people are just so screaming angry about Michael Vick and I have to always and I love dogs you know I love dogs after a mind people he wasn't out there killing people. I do not have sympathy for Michael Vick but he wasn't killing people and he served time in jail.