concert gouging... and your hotel privacy.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, January 2nd

What's the most you would spend on a show- and for whom?   Also- what does that "do not disturb" sign REALLY mean??



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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. At least it's still Arctic gear but not quite as bitter as has been and I know this little consolation but. These are wind chills will be like twenty below zero as they have been. Think it's gonna feel more like zero wins tomorrow morning rolls around when he temperature fourteen afternoon high 21 degrees and plenty of sunshine. Another push of Arctic air moves in late tomorrow into Thursday. That knocks the departure back down to 1 above for the morning. Afternoon high of nineteen degrees were covered through the twenties into the thirties it was we finally thought on Saturday. But the chance of a little bit of rain and snow possible coming in on Sunday. From John Romano First Solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether tore. I'm wondering I KCR it's funny human liberty 23 at your official weather station. Today. Speaking of all the things that occurred. And we do this retirements last hour. On CNN is New Year's Eve and television broadcast ever let things cool. Tom assessed her. Not only did you get to see their reporter Randi Kaye light somebody's. Gas mask Aung. She also tried to hand through television to Andy Cohen. A joint. Not only did you see again Don lemon getting hammered into Portland cement telling everybody loves them. But you also saw solid proof that CNN. Listens to this. Radio show no really what it yes. Because they have stolen. An idea that we came up with the years ago. And everybody is familiar to bill O'Grady reading the hits. We do it well at least bill graded well when he goes on bringing sexy backer. Like you should put a ring on wall itself. They had Wolf Blitzer. On Sunday night and now read the lyrics to desperate Zito. No it did not yet they did at its back is a bad. Impersonation of Belgrade so. You're. They remember this smash hit of the summer when Justin Bieber teamed up with my old friends Luis fonts again Daddy Yankee it's one of my favorites let me sing the words to you right now. Come on over in my direction. So thankful for that it's such a blessing and yeah. Turn every situation went to heaven yeah. Oh you are nice sunrise on the darkest days not me feeling some kinda way. Making wanted to savor every moment slowly slowly. Did he ever made love how you acquitted on the only key know how to turn it on the way you nibble. There's no. Back it is I tell you it was back. Oh yeah now. Numbering in the C. The little boy whose dual. He self I think you were special. What's and your bra. To a turnaround in Alberto the Slorc. It under the bridge. Like that are there and it just hits a split he's ordering a hit and it took umbrage and throw. I'm them off or anybody that. You see these shackles. Baby. You worse than the news. Would you put me for me. It's just no love makes me feel this way. Of course. They're doomed the course. Yet wolf is a zealot he doesn't read it up which is weird. Am heed to build sounds like. A fifty year old report. Wolf Blitzer sounds like a goof ball news tiger trying to be funny and he's not gruesome reform burn more through your group pool shore up. Rip that right out from under us completely ripped us officer. Jerks. Come on over in my direction. So thankful for that it's such a lesson Nia. Yeah. I don't know sent him MP3 brokerage. And you know a CD at Taylor's story that's been circulating. Just tennis. Apparently or her out. New tour that's going on reputation and her coming airhead in September. Tickets are odd scheme newly priced Blake could be cheap seats if you are a hundred bucks apiece right editor. At arrowhead and her fan base is still the teenage girl yeah. So mommy and daddy here being forced to pay out a hundred dollars per ticket for a beat war after hours so here if you want a good to see these kids I. Here you with that awful. So here's my problem and I had a conversation with my youngest daughter at this today. Huge Taylor Swift amateur for the last time she was here to the sprint center it ended up being one of the best shows. I've seen useless to god I I just don't I'd like towards a personal use don't like her music choreography and dance team has just been. So I was tell messaging sweetheart to some controversy about. Her ticket prices right now not only are they ridiculous. She's already the highest paid entertainer in the world one of them. And there's this new thing in the cancer star wrote about this and is Timothy and that doesn't get to him wrote about this a couple months ago. Where they're trying to get used to be what's called. A verified. A band yes and so if you buy her merchandise. And you click like on her Earnest Graham post and and you follow her on all the social media platforms. Somehow you're supposed to be bumped up in the line to get better seats now is up paid for and I don't under it I think that sounds like the biggest crock. And what they're so as the artists well we're trying to keep the tickets out of the hands of the scalpers and as a secondary market. Is that stop that yours or you'd just go on mr. ram and like her stupid page. Get stops anything well it might shots and those spots maybe. I think you're just trying to get you by her crew of course you know that no and that T shirt hat well. But this is America mean and he is as tawdry as we might think it is. No peace force that's correct. I'm not or out at a hundred dollars for crappy C and I cannot happen I want to see this and should we just that secondary market are you saying that is that it predator status on Ticketmaster dot com care a lot of people running in saying I got second. Tiered seats for less on the ball well that's what frantic if you look on Ticketmaster right now. Minimum standard thriller on any if you want like the good floor seats more than thousand dollars on the secondary market is over 6000 dollars. Percent of those for as for two hours yeah it's insane it's absolutely instinct. I remember going to see friends. In Cologne Germany in 1987. And the tickets were 2175. Deutsche marks which was let's 25 dollars. And we thought that was outrageous. 25 and to dosage and here's the. Adding this is America you're right they can charge what they want strewn. Do you really think she will sell out arrowhead at that price point I would argue you know yes and here's why there's a tipping point at the sellout like. When I took siren goes in one direction. Two years ago whatever two years. I thought for sure this you know boy band sensation. Was gonna sell out there. It was very crowd but it was not sold out I was kind of surprised. But here's why she's going to sell at least 40000 tickets. I guarantee you because 20000 young girls are gonna want ago. And my quick. Mr. What do those 20000 girls take with them another friend. And apparent. Moment that yeah I guess because when I took Sarah to goes in one direction guess who else went just one direction. This guy yes it. I've been. Concert Sherpa for my little cousin for a couple years now taker on this. I. Mean she's in the metal but there were shows cited Agassi. And and yet it's. I mean we it was a big deals are the nights are on the show one night what was your first concert without a shot. They're birds are other first concert prince nineteen it is. They you know interest in with Katyusha round that I would have to really think about that mine was a Joan jett's concert but it was at Six Flags what was your first concert chapel rocked. Kids yes that's right my teams have reason to GAAP seven DA. The point now that there are very few shadows I'm trying to think. Of one. That I would pay that kind of money to those 100 dollars we five under. Let's say 50500. I wouldn't paper note. I've done something that's not backed a YI. I paid 500 dollars for four on route to touching the states. Across from Elton John's yeah. And I would not take that experience back for my five flight hundred box I was young as twenty floor when I did. Best concert Netherlands and he was this close from media was his via. That to me is worth 500 dollars if you asked me today. Who would you doce and put down that kind of 500 bucks just I don't think there's an endless not because I saw the Eagles on his top Paul McCartney. I solve all scarring that's all the stones left you would say he's that it had to come back from the data there is literally no one I would never spend and I. And there is anymore it even 250 if you set me who would you go right now for 250. Her I don't think I would even spend 250 durst not even a whole lot of artists I would spend a hundred dollars to guess I'll be honest to fifty. That's a lot of money. It's just not just you it's UN somebody a rat. It's carriers have to be like a sample and re union two hours on the and even then to fifty. I don't know I can't think of it I mean paid 250 for the stones and. And I told you Paul Simon was the best I've seen ever add that I had stopped and I want to say those were a hundred she's 25. Is. I was happy to it. Don't think there's anyone left I've seen Willie Nelson's amazing. I wouldn't pay to fifty Z and again. And tractors and it's a cup. Elderly and it yeah. There's got to be somebody okay Michael Jackson before he died but I don't see he's but your you have to factor right now. He's going to die so this will be the last time I ever get to see right and and that's not for year. I like if you said Scott it's the last time prince came to town out would you paid 500 dollars to see him yes now knowing that he's. But no I wouldn't pay for and won a mild and it wouldn't pay 500 Ecstasy different. And the checks and you're talking about the price of tickets to one good basketball or football game what's the difference that's a fair point. If you wanted to see a final four if you wanted to see a big twelve at 520. Evidence here. And and yet you can did you know fifty yard. Line seeds to the playoff game 250 behind the bench for our Super Bowl tickets or something. Fifty and behind. So for me right for. You at your. Ticket. He had in his blood during the think they'll they'll out there and I saw. Would you slot from. Its. Attempted. Would you. Year two bills so. I. Don't for the pro. In the work now. My friend in an elevator in Miami and Tuesday and she can watch. Can I ask you now. Can have you. As for him and it feels. Third you can send. It won't be known. I cannot wrong wanna be on new this elephant is enough and. Not. Some what's happened almost all of us and knock on would happens to Memphis in the future but it you do find yourself. If a car accident. Remember the name deals collision repair blues it's just gotten in on the answers just cutting off from a whistler. This past week who said they. Unfortunately her car accident took their car to Dale's collision repair and it was much better but have they taken it to the viewership. Working Dale's and blue springs has guaranteed. As long as you on your card truck pitcher car or truck fixed right the first time. 81622818558162281855. Or online at Dale's auto collision dot com. Dale's and who sports take care of cars taking care of lot of people pregnancy and I was hey I've earned dollars. Per ticket. To seek journey with Steve here. Okay. I would pay a 250. Dollars more of a 150 girl there. No I did not perjure I would pay I think rod you've been with him as one I would pay 250 dollars maybe a little bit more. TC Pink Floyd with Roger Walker's. Sorry dad all. Adam dynamite day. I know it's easy to other remaining surviving members have to be in the yet at all either via IDC this story will get into via. Remove that do not disturb signs from Walt Disney parks are just a moment but mine stopped the world I'm getting all story. Comes to you from the New York from Fox News to seek. But it's about a story in the New York Times. New York Times photograph received backlash on Twitter over the inclusion. Of chopsticks. The times was reporting on yet to be opened Asian inspired steak house. Sounds good. These steak house which is Asian X inspired is called jade sixty. Features classic stakes and traditional Asian cuisine. Sound solutions. In a photo for the digital article there are typical Chinese dishes like beef and broccoli and steamed bonds. Place next to a hefty New York style steak and it'll be here. Though the issue that Twitter has is not necessarily with the quizzing him by twittered out the company but people want. It's with the presentation which showcases. Chop sticks. Sticking under the steak and perched in the beef and broccoli. K. So far nobody and other it's an Asian inspired restaurant they're put chopsticks in the Twitter users have been quick to accuse the newspaper. Of cultural insensitivity. Over the use of the shop sticks. Which many have said are placed in an upright manner. That is an etiquette folk all apparently with chopsticks. In Japanese culture opera chopsticks indicate death. Or suggest a funeral for. One user wrote so who died or was your menu inspired by a part of Asia that uses wooden sticks is a the times. Removed the photograph and replace it with one man did not include. Chopsticks. Is it. It's not about. Okay. I'm follow up question I guess you guess obviously please go ahead sir. The photo is one of those foudy photos it's fate where they've got everything laid out for us for a magazine. So you've got your beef and broccoli Atlanta's stake in the middle argued there's appear on the right. And they do have chopsticks shout at one of the bulls. Right because the person setting up this thing on it no Asian it's a photographer. There's ways I don't know. There he doesn't know these things and he's just like needs with chopsticks and they're too when they go to film like a big Mac for. McDonald's and it's sitting there looks huge and it's beautiful. And the ketchup is still red cheese is so yellow. They do now that's paint that's not a rubber that is literally play they stuffed and Angela. They put big chunks of styrofoam between the lettuce and tomato in the bar and to make local full in fact. Yeah they they they. Commercials one time where they were literally with. Furniture varnish painting Turkey's. Half cooked turkeys so they looked golden brown and beautiful with her and miss it with waters who had the sweat pour it looks delicious. It was furniture and. And water. Somebody wrote on Twitter inspired liked by all of Asia. I don't see any Indian or Malaysian food on the table I'll. Tell you that America has lost its mind. I don't see any Indian normally you get short. For the love of gush. Now it's just people trying to find something to be upset about it I'm telling them we the most but her country. On the planet and the New York Times actually remove the photograph. And then re shot it without the chopsticks and a. Akron and you can't. Scout pack. We're Brood War old newsroom in me and we should. Face kicked to him and charged. A quarterback. Like Disney and their properties the resort's. Are removing please do not disturb signs from their hotel doors. And can name disturb you without those signs. At any point when you're staying in hotel room and it is not just Disney doing is it's why they're doing it. And they just argent hotel. Into that this moment right rob Babcock has got parks and to the news or Kara marks. South Korea considers high level talks with the north we'll have more next. You know Irish shot my kids' friends attack Christian Brothers automotive this morning actually have got a little scuff on my car I'm hoping they will help and with them they're gonna do that. They'll do anything for if you go in and tell me or came easy listener. You are still gonna get that 25 dollars off any service over 100 dollars 25 dollars off any service over 100 dollars it is a great deal right now. Because we are smack dab right in the middle of the coldest weather. We have seen in Kansas City in years. Go and make sure your fluids are concentrated. Make sure your oil. Is in good shape your car battery that's a big point. Who wants to be stranded on the side of the room when you can't feel your face. They'll do all that stuff for you check your tires and make sure you're good to go your college kid is good to go before they go back to school. Christian Brothers automotive you're gonna love these guys and again 25 dollars off any service over 100 dollars publications all over I got the one and only. There's one in Shawnee liberty in the north planned on Barry road you can find an independence all you have to do is go to Christian Brothers auto dot com for the location nearest you. Thirty in Kansas City for the KM BZ newsroom and Kara marks are the US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki hailing Susie US will not recognize any high level talks between South Korea and the north until the regime agrees to ban nuclear weapons. At today's State Department press briefing spokesperson Heather Nauert sent it to two countries want to meet up it's up to them the Republic of Korea and if the DP RK. Want to have a conversation that's fine. But we are going to ot necessarily believe that Kim Jong-un is sincere. And is credible. In pop in his talks with the Winter Olympics coming up in South Korean and a renewed nuclear threats from Kim Jong-un a cop top government officials in both countries have proposed direct talks. Possibly beginning next week near the border. Governor Sam Brownback will deliver a budget proposal next week a sign that he's not planning to resign as he awaits confirmation for an ambassadorship under the trump administration. Rembrandt brown back previously said that lieutenant governor Jeff collier would lead to development of the governor's budget proposal. Check traffic and weather together next. Maybe not a part of the heavy coat necessary probably for the next 24 hours or so. Our morning temperatures fourteen degrees above zero the windshield right at zero. Plenty of sunshine in the afternoon on your Wednesday high temperature 21 degrees. Are to care was back in on Thursday and respect and a 1 above in the morning afternoon high of only nineteen degrees. From channel line I'm chancellor chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Right now it is twenty wanna TCI we're looking at 22 downtown 22 at your official weather station. And Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. 77 and it. Just restoring media Wall Street Journal. The unemployment rate in Fort Myers, Florida Minneapolis and Denver. Grocery cities malveaux low 3%. Below 3%. Obama. Thank you mr. trump. Devilishly handsome. Here's the story from the New York Post. At some hotels and Walt Disney World. Do not disturb signs have checked out for good. Walt Disney World has removed the signs from the four hotels located on the model for a loop. That connects of the magic kingdom theme park Disney's Polynesian you. Remark as part of a new policy. Guess of these locations can now use room occupied sometimes. Doing so does not preclude maintenance or housekeeping for entering in fact guests are now informed that Disney staff will now enter rooms. At these properties daily. But wind neatly like when you're sleeping at 6 AM because I will not be pleased. If guests are not comfortable with Disney staff going into their rooms when mayor on the company will coordinate with those people. On an individual basis according to the Orlando sentinel. The new policy appears to be in response. To the October shooting in Las Vegas that killed 59 people. And injured more than 500 others according to the paper. In that incident the gunman Stephen panicked. Shot at a crowd from his thirty seconds worth mentally and everyone blamed the hotel in part saying how to act could you not know. He had an arsenal in the program. Paddock restored thousands of rounds of ammunition a multiple firearms in his room prior to the incident evading noticed. From hotel staff by using a do not disturb sign. Multiple hotels in Las Vegas the balls are revised their do not disturb policy in response to the shooting including the Orleans hotel. And casino on the strip. I guess are informed. At check in of the rule change Disney declined. To provide additional comment to MarketWatch but confirmed the details of the Orlando sentinel report were indeed. Accurate they will inspect every rented room on a daily. Basis. 576779. Dates. It did not even occur to me. How angry people would be about as an entity why I posted the story on my. KM BZ tapes and and and immediately. Our gun people started writing. Not that the stories about guns per say but they were saying its response were gone in some well that they were saying if I am in my hotel ran. And I'm always armed. And someone comes walking into that room who shouldn't be there. I'm going to defend myself. And then a bunch of them got into the castle doctrine and your right to protect your home. This is what they were saying to me on my FaceBook page. Extends. To York. Temporary. Rental residents. Don't think that's correct I know it it I got I think it is or isn't but. Google the idea is you've paid. Our barks tonight and that's your home for the weekend. Just like when you're in your car that is. You or domain in some states in some states. But shortly. The costs they they say you know they have the right to come and just like it you know you've rented. Rental property before we we you'll own the home it short right to go there but you also have to go. House keep mean what and when for example when I did rent property in Kansas City. I had to do 24 hours notice. Right before I can enter the house that I ill. Right but you still have the right to go there. Also we with this is a little different because it's you know hotel. But their notice is knocking on the door and say hey it worked permanent. OK if you Google is the castle doctrine applied hotel rooms you get a billion results and all of them says something different it's going to varies state by state. It it varies depending on the hotel room because it says hotel rooms. Present issues with self defense where you gonna go out most hotel rooms are the main room. And then this article points out this is true to try to escape you would have to go to the bathroom which is toward the door which would be toward the attacker. It's not like your house where you have a variety of options. If someone comes into your home in north all right we usually there's only one play in an unless there's about her something but I'm. Enjoyed it spider man's gonna shoot ill. So we are not giving out advice on whether or not to castle doctrine to spice to your hotel room because flat out we don't know. But that was the concern I posted the story on my page that somebody better not be coming in their that doesn't. Well I mean it yet and let's say you're you're in a hotel you've rented a hotel. And your sit there watching TV and you've got dual handguns that on the end table just in case and that's. If the hotel does not banned firearms. And somebody kicks down that too. And then yeah you probably have reason to shoot them out of defense for your own life. However. You know. Wider. You don't have the right to shoot somebody knocks on the door with an electronic key. Oh you know. Woman from some more answers housekeeping. Housekeeping. And they come and you don't have the right to shoot them similar to what in if you just put the chain on the door. And then no one common anyway well. Good lime on disease gonna notice right now. Yeah. I work and ordered him but he. Don't believe that stuff about securities that get nothing to do that. That is near to you about. They wanna go to those are and how long term gap you do not sure. Ego and their room or there scattered all the political attract. People sneak in at which cap. Oh. They want to keep their people happy that would minimize. The complaint but they have. There are no reason order for it to be or about security. Just because of the shooting in Las Vegas so why hide that they use. They're doing it because long term debt screw up their property and people are becoming more and more. I hit it on the air about that. Davis for Disney when you say long term guests who checks and at Disney for a month isn't that we get a week out. People voted typically how it right to be a repeat of what I believe that stuff all over the dialogue that extra part cocker as. Well how long it dictate to attract. To attract a we knew. Your kids but yeah and let the bay kind of an equipment crap off the wall. It got to pay out well. David you're actually right we went down to Florida over the summer and my two daughters have their own room. Within two days I was down in their room I walked in and I my Georges it's ago I don't get to work at play in this room up. Yeah I was shocked what two teenage girls could do to a hotel room. In two days okay so if that's a reason for this David why now right after Vegas happened you're saying that's a coincidence. Or reason they're cute. That all this. Week we've got people get into security issue. Oh that we could picture I'm not an expert yeah. Oh. People at that there are paid for. Specter that we can picture. Are getting cleaned. Everyday. We can picture that we have people coming down adept at the end of weeks I will we serve. Oh. Pollard building there they're there they're making sure they don't get over it muted for it in didn't. I guarantee it. You know and if it's a good excuse. Everybody is worried about it as they get Galapagos so. That Apple's war. It's not happen. Like their big epidemic of people trapped in a hotel and black people quarter while its in the novel and they're taking advantage of the. But it also could call. I've 767798. I I would make the argument. At a hotel room is not a rental house yes you're renting the room again. It's not a rental house though. You're not moving in your own furniture. Not living there your temporarily staying there while you're on presumably vacation business and within reason and that that's the important part within reason. The hotel has every right to comment. Maybe you are doing something in the that you shouldn't do. Every right to kick you out. I think he hit the nail on the head when it's how many people are saying in the program. Is how many times in her twenties of people you know in their twenties would go on vacation they can't afford it and they bonk five to around when they only say there's two adults and right. Where the hotel wouldn't come in and say. Okay. Cough up some extra cash you said to did not sixth or three people sleeping on the floor to respond to the keep calling to ask her roll away the. Dude when we went today on the hill Miami to love who's the old one with pearl's death there was like fourteen people in the courtroom. And of course according to the front desk he was just tablets that are. But yeah Iran fourteen people mostly been an error south law by truck. 57677. Eight Scott parks say hello to 2018 with a amazing savings from Nebraska furniture mart during the mart's new year event all furniture all carpet. Area rugs are marked at 55 cents on the dollar that's based on suggested retail plus you can take an entire 11% off the tag price. Don't miss out on the mart's incredible New Year's deals appliances and electronics and shop. With 24 month financing on purchases for nine and under more see the store right offend our comfort details you'll find friendly sales professionals in every department. They can quickly find that perfect item for you and your home and talk about convenience most items are available for easy pick up fassel would. Whether you're shopping for high end appliances. A new comfortable sectional the latest TV technology new flooring the mark has it all from the basics to the best. Don't miss the new year event going on right now and Nebraska furniture mart. Yeah Bob. And and. And yes this Malle. And. Yes I'm glad. Yeah. Moon. News of oh Iraq and only. And I ask. You know. Tonight's in 67798. And looted Baghdad to have the band back together. All four members filed for some three weeks and James in Kansas City hello James. It. I got out quick quick yet but it you're probably gun owner better. About the situation and a crowd. Not all that on the can anybody. Else that everybody just is it ironic that I am on world. And pick our doctors couldn't. Ball. As well let me a while ago. It. I'm an everyday. You don't want to do it don't do. It in I don't understand why people are making. And Oregon. And cricket establishment that does. Is that yeah. Aim and aim it console act as a fellow gun owner which in my. I agree with you on a percent in a private business. Says we do not want guns in this establishment. They have every right and quite frankly it is gun owners. I am one. Who are sometimes their own worst enemy. Becomes emotional moment to listen he year. Buffalo Bill. You're not in a. You shoot somebody for coming in your hotel simmered down. From Martin Erin Wagner should in a while you're on Scott this has been an enormous discussion with respect what sport they're trying to privatize city streets. And in doing so. It's eradicate this city rule. That police can't stop and frisk you ask you for guns on him on a public sidewalk. By privatizing the sidewalks. They get around roll there now pried it we're telling you it was a private business with a private side blocked. Keep your guns out of here right and last week people freaked out so one is not gonna go. I wanted to I got a Westbrook. And the problem with that role without getting in the weeds is they're going to enforced from 11 PM to 4 AM. To get got a code at 1030 I guess that's okay at eleven the end you can't win. Because you know some of the problems that having a late at it again it but it's the same thing. The a private business has the right to decide if they decide this is what we wanted to do to do. And let's be honest about what to Westport. Thing is all about. It's about keeping young black men with guns out of west. I say that as a recipient of an NAACP award I haven't for. Do you think that's what the status. I can just be that keeping guns and other what was the curfew in the entertainment districts about. Is sure how was keeping black kids out of Zona Rosa. Is guess what black kids don't go Zona Rosa it was about keep them black kids out of the plaza on Saturday night. And and I agreed to an extent with that argument because it was young. Black teenagers Angus young users is redundant. It was black teenagers primarily who work causing all the problems on the plaza for the last 345 years. The gold all of the entertainment district curfew was to keep young. Black men and boys off for the class. To justify. And to make everybody on the council along with it hit an all the entertainment they've made it all the entertainment to including Zona Rosa in the north. Where there has never been a problem with crowds of young black people walking around and engaging in bad behavior. 576779. At Linda in KCK hello Linda. It. I'm calling I again it is the year conflict in Iraq is me Eric and and on. Tightly called the next hello. Try you know stir on the door. And the door is. This content a major change for them to go. I'm not that don't work that mr. two were not out. I it it and it kind of perplexing to me because. They tried that are hurt and make sure that. You get exactly what you want to get the treatment that possibility of having. I don't know. It's interesting to mainland because as a person who travels. Frequently it doesn't bother me at all if they're going and once a day. And making sure some idiot isn't stockpiling an arsenal. You know to mowed down 500 people at the resort I it does not mean all I know Scott say olden hand of your email has sort. I know I don't I don't believe I have full privacy rights. What I'm saying on someone else is I don't. No I've I've argued that you can't smoke a cigarette and out government he won and there's two that's posted they they do have rules and you have to follow those rules there are private business you can't paint doubles is you know that that kind of thing so. I don't have a problem with it I do think this about guns I think it's about Disney saying. We saw what happened. Can we control everything on her property snell but this is one thing we can control we can at least do peeked in once a day. To try to head off anything before it happens if it happens. Let the senate I think they're not about some things that they're going. I'm not gonna knock on the door Jew I want right every day. And it's a lawsuit let's be honest part of this past lawsuit. How many people and how many survivors are suing. The biggest of arrives at the concert and I'm Natalie bay pardon me all of those entities are being set. And I I would argue wrongfully so specially the concert promoters and the concert promoters is is puzzling to me but. I could make an argument at that lawsuit against the hotels ballots guy thing. When he had weapons of warfare in their my god how does someone not see that indeed most indeed most spied upon industry in the world. Which is a casino. Luggage. It's that simple he just he didn't walk in what guns just draped right shoulder. I mean you want hotels is are going to your luggage. And provide a bit chip for a lot of women out there there's going to be something in that luggage you don't want somebody else to touch. I ice and his gun IC what your saying but ice. They'll we'll. Please please leave me at least really. Lets. I do Cuban and holster. I think there's an argument you made that that is about loss of now will you will they win it I don't know. It's hard for me to believe in that industry specifically. With a number of cameras on you every second of every minute of every day that no one could have seen him coming it was a cache of weapons. We have one minute William -- Pay. It real quick program note. People do live in Tokyo. I didn't know they did they do in exactly cheaper to bear you know Orrin of people political tilt. No matter record kept the book is just too good but come openly pick him up and take school. People who agriculture. So I. I might agree with you the people might live in hotels I would not argue it's cheaper. Even the cheapest hotel on towns what forty bucks a night. View guns before forty bucks and divestment. And it starts with twelve X 12100 bucks tomorrow. You know apartment in mission for six. New homebuyer program do. Kosovo and don't you can buy a house general and park for less than 12100 hours and still have 300 dollars left over for stories. They're getting it checked and their families if it is specifically because they're conservatives are here's Karen. Tapping on KM BZ freezing weather turns deadly and we'll have more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.