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Monday, November 13th

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Happy Monday it is 1104. And Judy modest silly back tomorrow. We're gonna disturb put this guy the payroll could sequels Soledad I'm talent yet it's like a second home Weaver little cubby holed out here on the site. I know I need to have something I'm still waiting for. Boss Alan just just little little lunch the lunch here and there is well again have a sandwich I'm pretty easy guy didn't have a bagels out of the best that they must establish the boss and strawberry salad was the cons and when Aaron David from Iraq is today for four hours we appreciate governor and I enjoyed being here I do I do it's it's always interesting when you get somebody has its guy we had to keep pace in last for yet and you get somebody at the end of their four hour shift for another four hours yeah that's hard. This is different for you because this is like your warm up to then your show I'm stretch in right now OK does that get under students are given Luis and feeling good and then you know when when I landed that double shot of metallic blue line that's when it just goes bananas. Idea I've listened to that before yeah I've listened to like Metallica didn't present is that here I'm I I listened to him not listening to us horror. 610 Allison do you have kind of can go to my life that I won't. Good to hear what your wife I have a battle of scene who can be on the most radio stations in this building and right now. So she's been on the buzz I've been mentioned on the guy. I obviously the rock and commission on Iraq and she's missing the point I've yet to be on the point I think she's been on six and she was Friday yes there Thursday I think she's been on. Four state should try to do is clean sweep an old thing what I I just wanted just say I've success have been on every single Entercom stations and then. If if it's plus. All a couple of public radio station that register and town I just have a goal to be on every single radio station in candidacy before my time's up and I just our new contract on the first cycles so congratulations to you guys go ahead on your operas and I'm glad to hear sticking around I'm stuck I'm stuck with jawed Casey for awhile so apologies if I have to apologize ahead at times so and that's it it's whoever applied to mr. Booth on Twitter. David net and that was the actor. I'm Jason native now I I do have an uncle Dave and he's give them a lot but now. And yet that's the finance. You're on Twitter and Evans yet Evans on Twitter yes follows a KM BZ radio and wicket coming up later on this hour. Will get into the idea of is there ever too much Star Wars all so I don't I'm worried that this. That's had that that's a serious topic and I'm really words of very serious shouted for real very serious show today yeah. We'll get in that little bit later on also coming up at 11 o'clock should you be able to join the army if you. The history of mental health issues and talk about that. This story I think is. Well it's polarizing to say the least. It's a two part story first of all GQ names their people of the year every single year. And this year they are citizen of the year. Was Colin cap protection. Formerly of this ever does go 49ers and based on the reaction that we have on FaceBook. There are a lot of unhappy people in Kansas City becoming cap rate was named. The citizen of the year you can read about the stories on our FaceBook page and they go through the entire you know back to 2013 when he was on the cover as one of the best football players in the world. And now he's known for not playing football because he took a knee. And I I find it really interesting. That so many people on her FaceBook page have taken to. Their. FaceBook muscles to criticize an island cab predict because of what he is done and I mean. 4050 comments already this morning industry went up open and oh yeah. So there lie do you that have. Called him a lot of names. Top wide as in this PO ESCO way. Reach hard alert someone wrote on her FaceBook page. There's a lot of adult life. I ice that that that that are alert and yeah I wondered that was for all the outraged it's about the come forth or is that it was a slam at hand I think it's a slam with the decision to make cap predict these citizen of the year. I believe via just two gas just aghast. Idiot. Disrespectful. Words that don't get put up on her FaceBook page. You know the because if you type in some serious swear words we have a filter we don't allow them on the page as to that yeah we don't and you desperately to me and it tells all OK fair game up a of if it's serious question and I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that I think Colin Capp critic was a great citizen and do a lot of deserve to have dishonor. But why can't we have a discussion about someone who. Really did did nothing violent did nothing criminal. Did some things that irked some people and now is being recognized as a person of the citizen of the year not boy what a great guy just the recognition that. His beating him his actions. Stuck out more than anyone else that's a regular person I've I've said is. Before and and I'll say it again I think if camper nick looked more like his name sounded. You mean white tank yeah I think it I think that you would not see nearly the backlash because there's. One and whether we like it or not the truth is is a lot of times in American society. Lots of white folks are intimidated by strong black leaders. And it's been proven over the years I mean Cassius Clay became mom and Dolly I mean you've got. I mean. I think there's a lot of people that that. Did from freaked out about a guy named Barack Hussein. Obama Hillary president. And and it's ingrained in our country's DNA I meet don't go back to like. Dutch settlements on Manhattan Manhattan islander acog colony in Virginia like like we have always been afraid of that which is different which an American. Society for the bowl committee for the high percentage of it it's typically polite society. So I mean I don't wanna get racing but it does it put. It it kind is. An and look Alan cap Riddick is an act I'm not a fan of old dealing thing and this is not a conversation about kneeling in respected what not. Put it in terms of the recognition that he got him as. If you ever in your life sing us sing one person's protests lead to so much conversation. Never. And rob I mean I mean Rosa Parks as Rosa Rosa Parks problems for Jackie Robinson insurer color barrier yeah. And baseball and and everybody we always have this conversation when it comes to social issues of why can't we. Begin a dialogue and I don't think anybody ever really wants a dialogue you wanna dialogue of its cause that you believe it this is a dialogue starter that is turning to criticism black balling. And a PR nightmare for a guy who had the ability to still play in the NFL. And and the thing is is that an end in the same breath I don't think I think collar telling cap and it is more effective off the field and on the field early because well while his numbers started on down his final season. And yet he did lead the team to a Super Bowl but there was also a lot of the parts around of course and and also to I think that he's more effective off the field and on the field because let's just say it's on the field and he doesn't deliver let's get more they Sox should. Right let's say that may be one of those linemen that's guard your backside is who got little beat the view pulls up a hand me and you get blasted on the you know and and and current. I think he's more effective as an activist I think he's more effective to to raise awareness of social issues that you mattered to him. The dude that should matter to us as as a society and it. And I think it's great to take all your talking points from from new income groups like us but wants to watch and watch interviews with Colin he's he's he's he's not. He this idea that he has his first responders that he bash is the army that he bashes the police and he's he's very mindful that he chooses his words carefully. I think that he's trying to. You take. And I that I got a friend of mine that they don't you can't you show your work and protest Michael first of all. He he he didn't do it during the game no way he did that he does it before the game he does reports starts theoretically it's not a and how it's affecting. How. Well. It is affected enough people there at the ratings are down. In the national. That's because of saturation of the of the sport me c'mon there's a lot Thursday night football since you know you got Fries and nicely at Saturday's college and you got Sunday's all over the all over the at all the channels to. You eat sometimes you too much and locally sometimes you can't because it's on ESPN and and you got Monday Night Football I think you might have an over saturation of a product. Verses like people are on our task is to let you had your thinking how fortunate you are life is you can be so nab. Pictured pitcher basically like I'm not gonna watch a children's sport played by grown men. Anymore exit. I 767798. Or talk more about the over saturation being in a second but. Isn't there anything wrong with Colin Capra and being named GQ citizen of the year. I 767798. Eagles text attitudes united Cyril it's been day with Jamie wicket events from the Iraqi more calls coming up next in 91 KM BZ step 19057677. Heidi Collins cap predicting the GQ. Person of the year citizen of the year excuse me. For the latest issue you can read about it it's up on our FaceBook page 5767798. And a lot of people are bringing up the fact David's in from the rock by hello we're talking about cap and out in a recent up what he stood for. Whether or not you agree with that I do kind of agree with you givens when you say that. He may be more effective as an activist these days that would allow as a football player because he. If he'd give you right if he goes out thirty socks. Then all of this was for one all of this I'm being black balled and all of this. And if there's somebody out there that does have a problem timber takes a shot at him or whatever could be. Other than here there's a late hit Libya and that's yeah and I and I and I think I've I've followed this closely because obviously being every now and again confident on sixteen and have a conversation of those guys down that way and having friends that are just so anti camp for nick and NFL right now. You know we're so I would very much had been in the group kept the cap corner when he started the whole thing about black balling the NFL's like. Not around to go yeah I felt like you who think. Like. And I get it you know you're you're being locked out you feel you're being locked out and you have the ability to play. But I feel like you're gonna be more effective he's going to be more effective you know doing what he's doing as an activist. Then to be getting on the getting on the gridiron. Go to those 5767798. Shelby and Overland Park your 91 KM BZ was up Shelley. I'll. You are that well well in your in the you're here. On our more than one in the summer administration and all that that. A long time. Some of them had earlier this year and the questioning by the year would I use them come get me. Actually done anything to help in the communities that you so put upon. And so on our. Yes these tornados and he's he's he's donated over a million dollars to to help. Those communities in California. It. In the order. Colin cabinet are going to SB nation has donated 700000 of his million dollar pledge to 24 different organizations this is from SB nation back and looks like. June march got a bunch of different I mean I've to break the whole thing down for you worries Japanese 70% of the weight was million dollar donation. And they haven't gotten that more money or not that that's not how well me or start it. Actually put it to see Shelby Shelby it is exactly where it was when he started he said out of the gate he was going to you know do more than than just. Taken me as soon as you put it but it but regardless of the is donation. Let me ask you this shouting. Does a person have to be great. You know to be a great person to be citizen of the year because his me would you say that his being. Swept through the National Football League and has had a great impact on you and me. And all of us as fans. To me he's he's done more. When he was playing Purdue had more now that he's not polygamy was. I rather I rather. Appeared to come to the congress up every planet and at the same hadn't gotten it. Talk about not thinking in. Or drug war that Everett popped out and a bit. It about convicting. Anybody could be element. But it. I will say that I didn't it. Now a lot of people and a good friend served in the military that are you know a lot in a public that I looked like I want an amount currently at IB. You know so like a guy kneeling creates more outrage for you than say. Or a like that the situation in Ray Lewis or what we had here in Kansas City a handful years ago I mean like. Like to meet. Its elected our people selected now. On the whole they want to let the ball players and put it. Speaker on their helmet cam Beck you know what color but it looked up on top of that happening shooting Arie your app out. And everybody and compete all out there. You and you do you think Tim Tebow got run out of the NFL 'cause he took Indian praise Jesus. Because I would believe he did it at. Are some of the black. Now that's that's a 100% on troop chubby thank with a phone call Tim Tebow that bounce out of Vienna felt as he sucked. At death. Tim Tebow was not a very good quarterback. Isn't your Jesus in this in this regard Robert Brit Tim Tebow. It was one of the more overrated prospects the league has ever seen considering. Everyone knew. Not to get too inside the draft is throwing motion. Was was slow. Yet very slow release his mechanics were horrendous he ran it gimmicky college offense when he was at Florida it was a fullback 6323. Tim Tebow. Was not accurate. Didn't have a great arm was a good guy who won football games at Florida. But he was not black balled by the NFL because of Jesus. Tim Tebow was kicked out of the league or not signed by anyone because Tim Tebow socked coming teams Tebow play for all of them. There are paid Shelby thank you for your phone call I do disagree with. Right if you if you have a problem with Colin Capp predict a citizen of the year because you don't like what he did and I and I you know I respect her. Of friends and families served in the military and who are upset with this because I don't like that he meals but. She did say that well if it just taking unique and get it done and anybody could be citizen of the year. Think about the conversation we have everywhere in this country think about whether good or bad we're at least. And unfortunately we're not talking about the right thing here we're not talking about the reason he needs ordeals anybody takes it that he keeps getting over we're not talking about. The oppression that he that he's actually kneeling for. Unfortunately and part two are pressed banks where president. This conversation has been reignited in the wrong fashion it's now about respecting the flag and respecting the troops this was never about that. Yet if the shiny flashy object in the room was to scream about how. The NFL players are disrespecting the troops which is 100%. Not twice. He created. Again the wrong conversation because it got twisted in turn but he created a conversation that everyone has an opinion on. He not everybody can do acts Nia in this country. Eases lap wonder and there's people that say that he he you know there in a fellow players should protest. On their own time well I hate that idea that somehow that has Jeff walker. If if you're going to protest when nobody's looking in your protest eight gonna matter much you can do it your living room that your dog like yet if you do that Colin Capp prediction. We protesting were these players should be protesting on the road time or anyone whether it's you know for trump anti trump for cap anti cap would ever. You don't get hell protest works protest is to gain attention is to gain awareness. Is to start conversations and is to be seen. I'm not illegal protest right in my. The me me. The media let me ask you this one off the tax idea. I'm. He brought politics into sports. And I watched football to escape all the other DS for a couple of hours and I understand. And I get that. You don't have to watch the anthem. Mikey you don't like I have it's been a newly added that comes on I take my hat off no I bet you don't. That nobody listening when they're sitting at home please your hat off for the Intermune a lot partially because they don't show the of them anymore. That you know there there's going to be people who they're gonna film themselves doing death Aaliyah just like the people are filming selves is going to carry out acts. This is saying here it is anyway here's get away from the cured simply not nobody understand how fortunate we are as a country. That this is our first world problem that we have to address nation and that nationwide and that's getting mad about an individual. Not standing. Or are earner a kneeling during a nationally and peacefully protest he slipped wrote that he believes he's please India but what about like our obesity rates for children about. In the district of illiteracy rates two football but what about infrastructure that needs some serious work B eight. So these guys thank you. Public and but we care more about this yet this is we don't Mark Dayton and and I don't like this on how people are artistic cabinet but had no problem with Kim Davis protesting. In the game access and Stan and was at Kentucky a Kentucky. Again selective outrage right selected. Again I. Like that he that he dated but he created a conversation. Across the country. And that to me is I mean look Hitler was man of the year. Adolf Hitler was time magazine man of the year and did anybody probably that a bit of a bit of that would be the case if let's say. Side. Or because of the type magazine man of the year people would be up in arms. I can Jones giving Sean good news is it's time magazine. We're all in this area unbelievable. Potentially get to a couple more phone calls plus the GQ Woman of the Year is out. And she's wonderful. About that Satan is to extend 33. Nivins in from other rock for not hottest selling not a happy song I said this the last time I was in this song from Third Eye Blind yeah not a happy song but it's about drugs and overdosing and being an addict yeah you so it's not a fund saw now it was wildly pot O yet because people don't listen to lyrics are just like. It beats. It's like. Under the bridge in the chili peppers people like love Miguel smack it was great to dance to it was the only song they didn't play when the chili peppers were experts at the end it was the one and I'm like that I was I in the bathroom that I visit. No they're my mom is in studio yeah I heard we talk about my favorite people write it gets a little creep people were cool with that I don't care. And look I haven't reached out to her. Because you're not allowed to do with the a couple of things Gail can dot the real deal good deal gal did Joseph just showed how even Alberto talent shank just try to teach me how to say and I always get it wrong that felt good jobs are right it. Got the bill who was. Tremendous as Wonder Woman. You did you buy the dvd yet know I have and it did the extended version now with all the extra if you look at my my my a browsers to India. Yeah it don't look at his browsers are actually it it's great being here you bought into place you clean out once a week now I and you policy using god you know and and I don't. Attract you running cognitive activity that Gotti Gotti and explore browser I'm. Man Britons have. I'm a married guy now another hitter this thought that. But she was of course fantastic as Wonder Woman and the Justice League movie comes out this week I believe passionately five days out. But she also is in the news for two reasons one and she was named wonder Woman of the Year. By by GQ because the movie. 800 million dollars worldwide and she really burst into the limelight then when it comes to it. But. We also found out yesterday in a story that's on her FaceBook page you can read about it. Mosquito. Won't do Wonder Woman again if Brett Ratner knew the latest of many Hollywood sexual harasser is allegedly. If he's still on the on the product or project get. Get rid of this as it's funny manner FaceBook page were what put the story up about this. Have people said good for her way to stand up for a she's the moneymaker. Others said and I paraphrase about twenty comments. No one woman is above the movie there are plenty of pretty women in Hollywood I think this plays out that. That's a Smart she. Is because like. Okay we just got done with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine yeah and if it and presumably they'll reboot that in and bring somebody else and you know. But did you imagine it's switching now known as he's been three movies now the one coming out to before you know and she was in the fast and furious she's always she was I didn't see him as well as I Wonder Woman that's what time she is she is becoming. Wonder Woman the way that Christopher Reeve was Superman and we'll always speaks exactly and was with over. In a couple of years ago five years ten years maybe they'll have somebody else play one woman in a different type of store M that's fine but you'll always be that she you know and in our arises you know as we look at entertainment. You know and she's got power he's got clout and Ian if the food the allegations are true England about finally some shades of truth in all these kinds of things you know Olin. I don't know this is really for all of us to decide. I mean this is something that happened in the league with this guy sure and all of this kind of stuff but. If she doesn't fuel comfortable with him. Well there's there's some business decisions. And she clearly obviously and this is not something that she's handling privately she made it very public known her feelings of shots fired. Gone public and everything right coma but but in saying that she made shots fired like I here's the deal like I'm let it be known if you didn't beat her exes I won't be in it it's and I big power and I think that I agree I think that it's a situation where the the studio is gonna look at going. Who's who's gonna be a bigger draw was worth more to this company in front of the camera. Or behind the camera. Does not it's not just going to be about the movie it's gonna be about the marketing it is about the dead that advertisement dollars is going to be about the tall he's going to be about all those things that they're going to be able to make money he's going to be in the. Afternoon they're gonna say you know here's. Here's here's a watch this mania sealer they're gonna to buy him out because he's part his production company is involved with all of this sure also by the way. Page six source. I said they did dote. Actually backed out of going to a and awards ceremony where she was supposed to honor and present an award to rat oh wow so mad at she pulled out there he went six women came out including. Discussion and strange he who who who accused Ratner of sexual assault or harassment or. Something in that pantheon so this is this been kind of big get a brewing about rap he's messing with the go to and so on you're gonna go out there. Wonder why bump can. There right what do you think Stan hey no problem on yeah we will try and by about 38 men minutes into doing okay right we let's see so far we've hit on race and sexual harassment yes so anything we have next. The need to cross off but I just ate it's it's crazy to me and good for horror. Because obviously they gave this is female of the year award. They gave it to her before. Any of this coming out against red at least you would think this whole idea because. She brought empowerment through the movie idea she brought. Strength to a female character and that is economic comic governor monopolies that comes to the movies and not. Wonder woman's as good a comic book movie Izturis. I and they set the bar very high in Justice League better not suck this week when I OC. My wife to my stepdaughter seem underwhelming I haven't I guys haven't had the time that Saddam yet I know plenty of a women friends of mine that is seen it and it very much as. When you have when you have superheroes for. Eli and it'd been men yeah it's it's great to see that empowering for women that there's there's there's a cared about to vacancy on the screen identify with. I'm glad I'm probably what prince's layup. Mom it's certainly isn't cat woman. Wasn't sorry and as I mean you know my Alley area and movie was to hear horrible mean. It's great on mute. I'm sorry if he won't let it get everybody. I'd and we knew it is I think princely palace the last female. Hero. And you know even superhero hero whatever was last and we had when there was a female and then in the movies Jack and to further for the forget for cartoons for side by threatening mean one that women could relate mobile or or or get beat the but yes user wonder Woman of the Year now. I would love to be in that were beating at Warner Bros. area as they try to decide the fate of the franchise. Because. With Europe comic book fan. At least a comic book movie guy. And you been watching all of them come out marvel. Those movies are just all great means for the latest one rag Iraq fantastic connection coming out is black panther in an infinity war and all those. Marvel is crushing DC yes that inverse is Superman was too many people very disappointed yeah yeah I liked it. I in the it was great and the was as terrible as everybody says it was. This felt like it sent a movie like it's like it's it's there are teachers established characters and shore they're gonna ago you know. I mean in the Superman movies have been okayed you know one that led into Batman and Superman was OK you are that the person that sort of coming back around after it was and in. Yeah the first. There was Superman over. Expert in met Superman man of steel who Superman. Return of Superman or whatever. There's two pretty confusing is that they say name a name character I can't keep up with any of this. But it was. It DC is gonna succeed they need to have a follow up to this one. And whether it's I think the next Wonder Woman I don't know make some you probably know better than I would. They need hurt do they need him more than they need her that's the Warner Bros. meeting I wanna sit. Yeah no I I think I think in inner more than him. I didn't I mean I did I think that she is carrying this torch very well and presumably what wants to continue to carry. But I think if you switch it up it's going to be beaten. It's a year Brendan writes wolf diva she's in one major film and now she's making demands. Yet there is someone else in the text finance and kind of similar to that it's it's funny how this woman who's making money off of being drop dead gorgeous and some are trying to school people on viewing women as sexual objects. It's an interesting tax. Would you watch us kill bill kill bills. The do you think women get behind that character in kill bill as like out there it is yet Ed broke I mean. But not not as much as wonder most women probably don't like. Tarantino movies yet they've kind of appeal to it's there yet the rights yeah like it Tarantino like my my wife can't get through pulp fiction. She got to the stabbing scene more bodies in the ODs in and then she quit now I'm done out. I don't think she like reservoir dogs and on the she'd like hateful late and much like any of these is. They don't read so I don't think. That Luther his character into the kill bill movies as one of those empowering women let's get behind. Had a rolls right of Iran via governor Mitch McConnell speaks publicly about Roy Moore you gonna wanna hear. What the senate majority leader had to say and you will next 91 KM BZ. I can tell you it is. I don't know this. Nice work Jack Jesse Courtney and Jamie fly in the plainly. What did you choose. It is. Still counting Bible be that's right are holding a mile and a bull beat they're awesome Iraq. Evans from Iraqi men have been there a couple times is guys are really good live. Let live performance it was awesome but the interview with then it can be can be like pulling teeth did you interview -- I've interviewed him a couple of times I know John has done in the mornings and it's it's it's it's set language mean other Danish so it's like there's like a language bears. OK so you're just like trying so hard to get something from them and it's a lot of just like yes. OK okay like interviewing Toby Keith. Is a disabling this. Because they can't look around the room does the kid does managers step me through what he says is a really OK I used to work at this place in Dallas Texas where I had a ball low and act cowboy hat and and the way he carries the servers were you carry your little pad no that was in the replica. Gun holsters you know to kind and they played Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson nonstop. Not to the point where it drove me like to bananas about. Grow so bad broke like living likened likened extended stays sort of thing got a lot out of it agreed to install at the time now got rid of it all a burn I was done I burned it all I haven I eight odd jobs sold like a screwed up. My shoulders for life Karen is stupid guy stakes they have like. Like the big tray eagle stakes on in this public. Sunday special Ali cutie from 999 I mean I I he. You sound wonderful I'm never gonna save my life sucks again browse I paid I think you might wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning but you're dead you're not doing that it actively or has it well I hated but he did not I'd load it with passion. Two of. 11 o'clock should you be able to join the military a few of mental health issues we will tell you why the army is opening the doors but first. About Roy Moore and even paid attention to the news out Alabama and in the he is out of Alabama. So more as you may or may not know is up for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions your attorney general out of Alabama. Coming up in a couple of weeks there will be a special election. Between the republic in Roy Moore and the Democrat named Doug Jones. And last week and the bombshell dropped in favor of Doug Jones and against Roy Moore that back in 1970s. Op Roy Moore at the age of 32. Was. Sexually involved with a fourteen year old is that a good way to put it whether it's harassment war. Touching all either. We really need to stop this wicket with that comparison because some lawmaker down and Alabama's made that exact compare him. Look at Jesus look at what can Mary and Joseph. There's a reason it was called the immaculate conception and there's a reason it was she's the virgin Mary in that doesn't. That doesn't. That doesn't jive with Aikman are right into it you know and I remember that Jesus so. One of the women her name is Lee court incidents mr. Rupert closed at two over abroad underwear she was fourteen yes there apparently is now another woman that is coming out. About this about Roy Moore it's not looking real good for Roy Moore. And regardless of your Republican or Democrat. If these allegations are true. This man does not belong in this am sorry this man should not be one of our leaders I personally don't think he's qualified regardless who was kicked off the bench twice. In Alabama as a supreme court judge and also he believes homosexuality is an illegal activity and it should be punished. And in every winter which. It's gonna guarantee. A good amount of votes for that itself. I mean there's there's enough that phobia and there was a recent interview table is what he kicked off the bench for about once he didn't listen to. Eight he went against the law. Okay homosexuality gay marriage okay when it was deemed legal in America he would not allow it in net in Alabama Erica and there was another reason to it escapes my mother happened to him twice you can check that out there are also in a recent interview Roy Moore was asked about the dreamers and dock up and didn't have a clue what they work. A sin again OK the guy up for US senate. The US senate was clueless when deter the topic of dreamers and doc came up. Had no idea what atlas literally sent I don't know what that is in a radio interview down in Alabama. Do you think that. Some have asthma attacks and about a situation. If they agree about Haitians are true he's begun the people are treating him as guilty with no proof that's very true and again I'd say so I believe he's not qualified regardless of these sub allegations. But he do you do you think that it's and as some have deemed it a witch hunts. Well. These days we're talking more more and we should be talking more more about sexual harassment and and what not and whether it's Hollywood to politics two hours every day life. We as gentlemen need to treat women a hell of a lot better. And it's not just all the women I understand it or all of and I should say they're off in cases where it is the woman harassing the man we understand that. And we under but the majority of the time. It's it's guys. Do you think this is a rush. The judgment because Democrats went every seat they can get. It's a rush to judgment probably by the left and it's probably rushed to defending him regardless by the right there are a lot of people that are just. Backing him at I mean I saw a study or a poll of evangelicals down there in Alabama 50%. Said that even if he did inappropriately touched the fourteen year old girl. He should still have a seat that's nearly 60% of the people that support him believe that. Regardless of their true now if they aren't true he should still sir he should still be elected to dissent. And how do you feel about that person now believing a word coming out of the mainstream media us included right. Show me a blue dress and then we can talk. It's always the mainstream media. All right how about this. About Mitch McConnell senate majority leader Mitch McConnell I don't believe he's mainstream media I believe he's often times. The center of the mainstream media's attention. He was asked about. But there he believes the women will be accused Roy Moore of sexually assaulting a fourteen year old in pursuing other teams. But it is allegations if true. I wonder what. I believe the women yes. So he's like the Bobby the brain union of politics like some time sometimes you root for Mitch McConnell sometimes you don't. He kind of plays both sides of the place sometimes that's their whole colgan at a time Sony chair and get a Mac side ahead isn't. One of the all time greats like that again by the way this is straight up answer for Mitch McConnell pretty delegations to be true. I want you I believe the women yet. And into the text her may be should go after Mitch McConnell as far as I know is not part of MSNBC CNN or Fox News NBC ABC or CBS. Mean Tarzan companies this venerable on that. As you. But. But won't it won't. Soaps and Mitch McConnell says Roy Moore should step aside yes that he's been very. That's a vocal about that. I am so. But again both believable. Will people take his side were they just throw him under the bus now colonies just working for the Democrats. Something Yahoo! more you know no demand McConnell. Was never working for the Democrats gets you what happened this there were getting to the point where in congress. There are a lot of Republicans you know. In good time when it comes to senator cop cotton cotton excuse me doc worker. And and Senator McCain and senator flake are all now surprisingly breaking with trump. Not gonna be reelected regardless rattled retiring. Right thumb. And and you're watching more and more people begin to separate themselves from president trump. That's totally happening obviously with all Democrats but it's slowly beginning with Republicans. It if Roy Moore gets elected to be still wins this special election a couple of weeks in Alabama. EU EU will now never looked at that senate seat to be held by Roy Moore while his time in in that in the senate. Is anything more than a child molester and we'd be elected eight child molester I mean you think about that. That that to me is something that regardless of party you don't wanna be associated with the news this was a Democrat yes it Democrats would not want this guy in because one of the faces of the Democratic Party would be a child molester. You know the they're they're you're gonna get hit on the and the tech sign it's going to be all about. Slick Willie on a Bill Clinton's names come up and people tweet that I mean yeah that's great and my response to that is simply this. We made a mistake back that are right. We should have done more when he came to President Clinton and his. Escapades and let's not make the same mistake twice. Whether you're a Republican or Democrat you don't want one of the faces of our government to be a man associated. With child molestation. Have we gotten to a point in this country were more about. Winning the party yeah it is about paying attention to the people party over country party of apart all over country party over country party or. And I mean I eat it's strange for me to stay there is no pun intended. Trump was right about Luther strange guy who ran opposite Roy Moore for the Republican nomination for the special election. Big Luthor would have been a better alternative right now and if you're Republican if you're a Democrat you're looking at this like it's means it's amazing. This is how can we possibly elect this guy. And we'll find out last I saw is a dead heat between the Democrat and Republican in a very conservative part about so. It it'll be interesting naturally more update oh by the way he's threatening to sue the Washington Post yeah story out there out of by the senate about that.