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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. You know delusional old constitutional. But hopefully people won't be the initial proposals to from the rest of the profits and had a lot of problems. Thought it may or June. First phone call me do you feel exposed. Hi Chris it's two and he. Contributor now at the CNN he was with the Washington Post this'll be with them. As an opinion writer. Just wrote regarding Charlie Rose and the Washington Post story. And and he sums it up pretty well in two sentences. For those just tuning in Charlie Rose one of this country's. Most respected. Longest serving journalists he 75 years old he's from the old guard. He's from the Dan rather Tom Brokaw era of journalism. Charlie Rose will probably not be on CB list. He is now accused the way I know he's done no way he's. He's 75 years old he's been in the business forever he's from the old guard. He is now accused in the story in the Washington Post. Of sexually harassing at least eight women. And Chris it was a who is now with CNN but for very long time in May still be with to some extent the Washington Post. Writes. This. To sentence summon up perfectly. Statement. Every damn. Day. Dudes we need to do. Many attaches the Charlie Rose to. Did you guys see it is statement from Charlie Rose and a heavy debates that's Yang does. Agree give credit for only that but may have a lot of you whose horse care be honest who's worse. Charlie Rose or his 51 year old long. Time female assistant. Who knew this was going on and did nothing because she has a statement today too she says I am embarrassed. And I should have done more to protect these young women she's 51 some of these women. When this happened with the shoulder rubbing in the shower naked in his coming out in his house some of the women were 21 years old. And it was common knowledge around the office one of the item. Males who works either on that show around the show when this 21 year old said he came out of the shower naked and I turnarounds like on. He said you got the showers trick. Like they knew he did Dennis. And I almost all. I it's his behavior. And he needs to own that behavior. And he does but his fifteen year old or 51 year old female longtime assistant who knew this was one on and it's in it's I mean. What is up with that. Well how about the assistant female system and a two partner Wednesday. Yeah who literally shell went into slaughter ushered these women into the hotel where yes. Yeah you just that and I don't wanna know what's going on in their. How much amounts. So I note that this is a male problem but man it sure seems like there were a lot of women who nil. And just did not and did nothing. He was some assists and add him to an end at some misses he wasn't on this morning. While he knows common. He's done he's done you'll never see Charlie Rose again he is done enough or here's what happened CBS and anything in oh it's common. And I'm aware of we will see his statement by day's end but guarantee it data you know this businesses while I do it better here's what happened. This story started brewing over the last week. CBS was called but first. And then over the weekend Washington Post was ready to go to print. The time they give me your statement they're ready to go to prep the Washington Post calls CBS. And says we need a statement on Charlie Rose up were going to print on Monday. Whether you like it or not CBS calls Charlie Rose yesterday afternoon and says don't even bother showing up for work. We're not putting you on the error. Only to find out later in the day that this story's been released on their website and then we have to explain why we put you on the air. When when we we nil read his statement and it's and irony do you have in front of you anger I just read I was I want you to read the whole thing because. A you don't even need to read between the lines here he is acknowledging that these stories now says in a couple of cases he doesn't remember exactly that way. But there are so many women saying he came out of the shower naked while they were doing research. There are multiple weapons and that's what he didn't know what is he taking showers where they're doing exactly what I was thinking. Are they doing research and his apart. I don't know. Today ever shout at CBS zone now I don't now. I mean but the old building a shower but it was in the basement and it was only for the engineers that they had to stay over. He's always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings even though I now realize I was mistaken which by the way some of these occurred when he was mayor yes shares feelings between a 74 year old and 21 year old. Rally he's 74 now how alliances when dressed in doing research and you're walking around your dangling now is. Would you please cover up your old man Charlie Rose please. While I am researching your topics for you. Just. Hopes. They also said they worked in a volatile. Environment and he was the volatility volatile and I say this that does not surprise me at that level. It does not surprise me at all. Okay texture call. Defendants. Why do and it's not the first sentence that caught my attention. It's the second. Reading yeah. I am thu said. You Kara and you'll hear the first sentence and it's gonna you're like me and really wait to hear the second and third sentence. Why do these women wait forty years to say something. That's the for options. Here the next to the 21 year old. Is of age soul. Walked. So what it's her boss. Owed one whole your thing out and show it to random women that are not interested. Keeping your pants are. He's the boss. Like the boss you probably be polite just sexual harassment but now I don't think so I don't now not now you would you. Like put that in your sir Charlie Brown mr. and sir. X. I. I don't understand his behavior like other people all detached. That shoulder rubbing. But he can't dinners are rubbing my older we are. You are now once they can keep things yeah. Solves one woman said actually two it park weird still and said he was that the Ike roper so he'd be sitting next to an hour why we're sitting next you in the office. And he would start down by the need. And then kind of creep op. And she said I can tell he was trying to gauge my reaction. What is my reaction and she's one of the women said she moved over and one of the women said she. The car stopped and they were getting great apart she just got out of the car. Yeah. What you mean so what I don't under I say it is no way shape or form in any universe. Is that behavior OK from the tax on shot up who cares. I am reading text do not blame me. Hang on. There was another one in here that I just saw. And it scares me Dana you always blame the guys yes it may not be your choice but they are of each. But sexual assault is not legal costs because your victim is over the age of eighteen. I'm just written text out in what is clarify let me clarify here. Would this be classified as sex assault dopey Iraq probably more harassment and lewd and lascivious behavior. It is probably not. Felonious sexual assault. Are given them. There's nothing in this story from these eight women that suggests he. From a text line what were they wearing. You know acquire other someone is just sex literally had to get under skins got no one can actually believe that this. Your kids choose to believe we do not the university okay. I need you to come back down to earth because we do it and university and her. Her are okay. I am woman. I certainly don't condemn condone what these men are doing but these women need to get some holes and reported when it happens. To Charlie Rose when you're 21 year old assistant at CBS it's not it's not gonna happen now icing today. Because. All of these stories have come out Spacey Weinstein rose. I think drawn more hello I think women would be more likely. To report this behavior and then I think this is what's more important the recipient of the reports. I think moving forward will handle these cases differently I really. I don't think now if you went to someone at CBS and said. You know Charlie rose's harassing mean he felt I'd die he walked out in the room naked. I think the recipient of that report now moving forward. Passed to do something about that vs as well that's just Charlie in Charlie from the text line we know about these eight but how many of them want it yet. I obviously I am now I am reading from the tax line okay. How many women want their boss to come out of a bathroom nude. When you are working in a professional environment doing research. I'm going to go with 1000%. Of the time that is not once did. Behavior let's take a genders out of it and just make it. It's a man doing it to another man how many men are gonna wanna see their boss right none of them and me. Now I don't I don't actually read this one because I'd like to think we're moving in a better direction what we're not when we read this one. BS and the word is actually written. Looks like all war you'd dress like a whore he act like a war you're asking for it. These were professional scene I am reading from the text line makes me sick. It makes me sick but I know there's been up there and they have mothers and sisters and probably daughters. 767798. Charlie Rose is. And he's done for. The career of one of America's most esteemed and respected journalist Charlie Rose. Is over. 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Phone lines are open ADM to 8 PM daily blue Medicare Advantage available only from the local trusted leader for more than 75 years. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. And keep your hands feel thing. I shall we runway. He knows Thanksgiving this week. Currently 63 degrees though. 5767798. It seems like and probably seems that way because it's true every day somebody else gets accused of sexual harassment. Big names Charlie. Charlie Rose from CBS is the latest eight women have come out today in his story printed in the Washington Post. Accusing Charlie Rose sexual harassment. Same paper but. There Roy Moore accuses of being out to get him. Must be out to get liberal journalists to. Stephen Italy. Hello Steven. Guys you know I was Texan and I don't think. I think you guys completely misread the situation. Charlie Rose and not bad at all then rather are still work in after being discredited. Thoroughly. Charlie were you can't destroy. A fifteen year mismanagement. When the greatest newsman of all time. You just can't this story with a bunch of at 21 year old siege. Sure it looks good and bad. Human relations over the I mean it's eight he's doing it because since obviously. He's taken off. And it worked before so change. They're linking to it it's the most. You know yeah there there. Can he can't just put that all all at one end at one record you have to complain. You know an insurance or. Aren't you. Blame a musical legend or a bunch. And it's belts a bit. And Accenture and Adam afterwards speaker that can. You've you've used the word flu Z twice why blame the women for this for his behavior why why do you blame them. The woman and sure enough smarts to go soon be at the opera. And and it's something that you. If you on the 5 AM here in pain and so want to OJ that's expert at the Cuban relations. And look what we're able. I'm an honest and to be honest as a nineteen year old just starting out I would have been terrified. So. I'll leave it there are. Still. There at that track as that are transparent. We're having an accurate accurate I think it's the only. Job will be. Responsible in order. Stephen Jordan Burgess record. Said the women each publisher two things just sent him I want your reaction you said the women should be Smart enough. To go to human relations finished well. Right and then you said. Something effect of these women need to take responsibility. For their actions should Charlie Rose. As than 65 man. Shouldn't have been Smart enough not to do this road in front of somebody who works for him shouldn't be taking responsibility to his credit to some. Is. IPad shower but since I'm not saying it's not that that's why. I'm just saying that I'm tired. These women. They always want all the all the perks ultimately the responsibility. I mean they want everything and credible all the meat and you can't destroy showed what could beat a woman is palpable. Let's get. Aren't you guys do not people. Or that I mean it looks it looks. Don't you try doing it can't be. That. Into. And out there and it ought. Double blew it by that you have dealt a general election and what. And give them paper the only. Thing that. Just got. Here and gone but I think that you'll never get on air but it got. For got dark that your law. I'm obviously obviously two words and we got to get to the news any injury immediate. Real reaction ready. And real bail I. Do. I think you'll find they go lovely human beings. Our first black president. They deserved it that was his race. What I what I can't get past error kept saying should take responsibility the women should take responsibility. For their actions. Actions. When he comes out of a bathroom naked. In front of one of his assistants and he is their boss. Where does this action even come into play here this is on you wonder why women don't speak up. It's because people like Steven think you deserve it. To the news or care marks. 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We're 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara Marc stern can't city firefighters are responding to a partial roof collapse and a three story brick building near thirty Jordan woodland this afternoon the intersection is blocked off no word yet on any injuries we'll keep you updated. More fallout from the worst mass shooting in modern US history and in Los Angeles today attorney Chad Pinkerton announcing the latest lawsuits filed on behalf of Los Vegas concert shooting victims survivors. And hundreds of other people impact. And days a little bit about reminding us to think about those victims and on Thanksgiving hopefully. You and others concerned out of prayer to the fairway and the victims. Companies being sued include the Mandalay bay resort where the shooter opened fire and the concert venue owner and GM resorts international. We'll check traffic and weathered together next. 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Partly to mostly sunny skies in the afternoon high temperature not quite as warm as today but about what you'd expect heading into Thanksgiving fifty year high. 21 to 43 extremes on Wednesday partly cloudy skies. Thursday bounces back 34 in the morning afternoon high 56 of for the plaza sliding away Jack going to be necessary as the temperatures going to be in the forties. From channel lineup first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Fifteen I Casey knight's 57 and only some garlic and at 1598 or official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. He relives. Well Stephen. It's you've done nothing today. You look at that excellent. And Stephen. Everybody hates. And when I say everybody I mean like everybody. Even her mother and choose what happened. You've been called it tally wacker. Total idiots. These are the ones I can read. Accretive. The problem with what Stephen says Scott is that Stephen probably works in business. And any woman listening right now who is. Hesitant to come forward. With what has happened to her. Listens to a collar like Stephen says this is why women don't speak out this is why. Because there is an automatic assumption he used the word full losing you right out of the gate. There's an automatic assumption that this behavior is somehow the fault of the woman. And that is so sad and so sickening to me I don't even. I don't even know what to say Stephen. Ayman read your text from the excellent they want you answering. Well you can certainly say double standards if women can have their breasts now why can't men. Have their dangling out answer of that tape now both are private parts. Are women walking around naked from the test up in the office. I'm just. That's that's the most ridiculous analogy I've ever heard in my. That's what you're doing exactly. Julian Kansas City hello Julie. I I I I. Part of I don't currently at forty years or. Is now pac man. Different world it or buy. It now. The Charlie Rose stories are only about one meters their their recent as as early as the mid 2010 are you talking about. About Roy Moore. I'll be able that are coming out Kerry four years ago in that. Eighties and early ninety's. The work Chrysler a lot different. Yeah thanks airport especially for women. Out most of green aid and opera factory. Inland capital. You know I won my very first. I. Nineteen. Getting out there. I told you all whenever we say whatever we do it plant are at a factory. It varies. Gas being high I can't turn a man. I made my life miserable and I quit and a you know. Mapping app and Dan. Out as you know at that. One of the supervisor it didn't matter and that it and get. It you heard a supervisor. At the woman had a problem. She could report to achieve them and other. Yeah. We really live in that world today Giuliani understand my mother worked back in the early seventies. When it was time they smoked at their desks they took martini lunches. Today Ali what do these allegations isn't when he is at 2011 sky it's not. Very long ago. And you know. I wouldn't expect today I would expect women. To really speak out I ballot in nineteen girl you're very. I mean I think are we grade our girls or shelter now timlin idol I was raised. In town it was. Hello Angel wouldn't about it when we raise our daughters shall. I can't I don't. I am really right now Mike Abbott college and I don't like what really that very site god. Not a thing that probably should not. You know and I know and I my daughter's grown more I know she won't see any of that that's a huge sort of I see. About. You said we raise our daughter we raise our daughters more sheltered. You said it in the collective what do you mean by that. Our daughters you know we we we're eager otters. They know about sexual harassment and stats yeah. Don't think it. Saved a part as it actually. It. Get to a couple quick questions and Jimmy really shortest kids have a couple for that we got what it should women. Should women who were sexually harassed assault that act. You picked the word forty years ago not becoming forward today. Like oh or heard I'd say it was words that they are. Only focus we're not talking about words everybody who is coming forward right now is talking about actions whether it's Donald Trump. Whether it's Roy Moore whether it's Al Franken whether it's Harvey Weinstein. Charlie Rose. These are these are women who have come forward saying this person touched me against my will. Catching station to station our important mission came forward back and. Okay at Juli thank you for the call I I wanna just clarify something and there's nothing we can do to help Stephen but if he's listening. Multiple women who have accused rose said they had at first. Been reassured. By the presence of his longtime executive producer then again this female and had worked with him for decades. Two women who spoke to the post said they repeatedly. Reported. Roses inappropriate sexual behavior too vague. Vegas today came out Scott and apologized. And said I should have done more to protect these women so they tip report this and nothing happened. To. The north or. EL I. Bet it. Even. I don't know hell albeit I'm anything a worker to major companies yet back. When I was 22 point three your industrial nation or human resource. Call. It blew Paula liked it. But the two major company's outlook for in this city they start Senator Clinton in the eighty's and ninety's and you know. The real world with either human beings do you should be taken into. United someday. This and right. Look at my daughter to only fifteen years ago. If you get hit by a neighbor which is it. Actor who let you know an American. Or the like you're gonna hurt but yet. You don't. And he was in her late forties and it. It's like it shouldn't happen nobody to tell me when. You would hurt an award. You know it's that I would like to go through our stuff. All over on Margaret and our. You know good lord put. The change people have to realize yeah. And an Ernie. Incidents and call and the word reckoning was used a lot this morning. I'm in regards to what is going on. In essence. At some pointed out that this all started. A lot of people would say with Harvey Weinstein. Somebody else pointed out no this actually started either twenty years ago with Bill Clinton and it's now it's finally. Those snowball is really. Rolling down the hill or it started a year ago or two years ago with Donald Trump. And now women. And certainly with the Harvey Weinstein story are feeling empowered. And there was a headline on. One of the cable news channels I was watching this morning they came back from break and he just said reckoning. And I think that's what we're seeing. Women and and good for them as if offered to curse. Women feel empowered right now to come forward now are are some of them lying I don't know I don't know. Here's what I do now. Eight women came out today. And accused Charlie Rose the famed. Journalist. Currently with CBS but maybe not much longer. Of sexually harassing them. Eight. Seven have now come forward about Roy Moore by the way I on both of these stories I believe. I do. And it is I I was read in the Wall Street Journal front page article. Who is left for Roy Moore one of Buddhist. That behavior but one group that steel supports Roy Moore in Alabama people. And hackers. And know what one voting bloc still supports him overwhelming. A man accused I'm not gonna say a man a cute I think I know of touching the genitalia of a fourteen year old girl and trying to get him to touches. Trying to get hurt touches. Evangelical Christian Christian conservatives it is evangelical Christians are the last voting bloc in Alabama but still support. Roy Moore for the US senate they had sold their soul to the double. To get people onto the US Supreme Court today agree. That's it. May have sold their soul to double. I 767798. It's more calls your comments here in just moan here and in in parks. Are struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who has it all the holidays are fast approaching order guess right now for everyone on your list. With just the click of mouse go to Omaha steaks dot com we've been. Going to almost exec comp for years we love the flavor we love this election. And we love the east. Let me tell you model holds stakes now for just 4999. You can get the family gift that when you go to Omaha steaks dot com. And and the code word parks in the search parts of savings of 75%. Off. 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Now deeper in the article it says none of the women works directly for PBS or CBS. It doesn't matter because he does. That they work for his production company he would hire them to help me do quote research. Charlie Rose is accused today. Of sexually harassing. At least. Eight women in a story that appeared in the Washington Post. One of America's most seasoned respected. Journalists. Is probably out at CBS news any should he admitted by the way or at least some. Tribe rose to Citi acted appropriately he was wrong he was not on CBS this morning this morning. And likely won't lobby there tomorrow. Wednesday. He's accused among other things of coming out of the bathroom. While these women were doing research and neither is officer is home. For him. And coming out with his public plan paying amount. He adds up its. Think I went to my employees out there and analog out. Completely naked. It's just so weird. We. I've 767798. It's incredible. When did this start. And here's the better question where president. Because as Chris it was a with CNN pointed out today. This is happening every damn day. Every day. Somebody is accused. Big name. Of behaving inappropriately sexually. With women. I don't care about your. One night stands and I don't care if you had sex with 2000 women Gene Simmons. Nobody cares. If they were. Women that came to your show no war. Found you attractive. Gene. May want your hotel room and they willingly said. Teared us take week CBS has suspended Charlie Rose. PBS has halted production of the Charlie Rose show. That's breaking from fox. Ands. A multiple people or re tweeting let me work backwards to see where it's coming from. I've literally been sitting here watching Twitter waiting for that shoe to drop. They have no choice of course I don't know choice. He admitted to it. Here ago CBS suspends Charlie Rose statement quote Charlie Rose is suspended immediately while we'd look into this matter. PBS is suspending distribution Charlie rose's show I'm quoting here from PBS. PBS which shocked to learn today of these deeply disturbing allegations. We are immediately suspending distribution of Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose is produced by Charlie Rose incorporated an independent television production company. We expect our producers to provide a work place where people feel safe and are treated with dignity and respect so there there is he's done. He will not come back from from the Scott nor should he. Apparently John Oliver looked disciplines are foreign pleased to have audio that did. I said I just played on HBO there's no way we can now John Oliver ran a segment calling it creepy Charlie Rose. And it's just. But but but but of comments made on the CBS morning show. It's just him and Gayle king and all of the creepy things he said in sexual innuendoes. And multiple people are putting it out there saying his. Ongoing segment featuring creeping Charlie Rose now seems even worse. As. Charlie Brennan on its. Not afraid of Charlie prowess. Ought to look at it it's it's not. It's not popping up room. CBS channel this tomorrow morning they they bring somebody else and and may have to address. Yeah I think MSNBC did when Mark Halperin had ago. He was eight almost daily guest on their show on morning Joseph and they simply said we agree with the decision made by MSNBC. Mark Halperin a bit of speaking for Joseph Scarborough here are present. Mark Halperin is a friend but I am concerned and distressed by the allegations made against him. And it was the right decision by MSNBC. To sever ties with Mark Halperin Mark Halperin on. Op Bill O'Reilly. Now Charlie Rose. I mean all holes waiting with bated breath to find out what tomorrow brings. Next please please would be Sean Hannity please government official and it. To the newsroom with Caremark. 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