Charge the beach or the airport?

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Friday, July 14th

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Does 1104 on your Friday midday with Damien wicket haul the bumper music it suddenly comes out of my station man this is great yeah. For their honor right now that we organize both of them but right now. That is the voice of Jason Evans that you're here you can hear it in the afternoons. Just on the that's right 327 and I got free beard as a Friday because we do for your friends means don't do that this and I don't really have anything to mats that when we have Dana parks so they're fantastic they don't give away stuff down and so. Yeah. So just don't get free beer from or Fonda Nadal. That's right I'm not I'm having fun it is kind of like debate. I have to play a different definition of adult kind of flat I think you're probably probably. Weed out yet so. Really met yesterday afternoon he's been kind of fun so as you are getting to know and so in my. I coming up a little bit later we'll do this at the end of the hour I have fifteen questions for you okay a crank your again there is a right answer to these on and this is just based on those of you listen to show for awhile stuff that. Have been points of contention between wicket and I OK and so we'll we'll see you come down on my side and more on our wicked side in other words does the good side. So I can expect probably like like a bunch of text messages on the tax lined a 229 help you out lately. That. It. Your right yes we do so you're currently at let it comes I love the tax by one person asked me if I was happy via the use of it went out. Guys gain I'm very happy. Quick look at that sometimes do I think that's that's created so I think it is and yeah I just take. Because I. I'm married to him that I got outlined what do I care products. Story about her it was U2. It happens yes she she she flipped the script and everything I was sitting down assistant and come on seven years ago. It's hard to track us. And can be married on our anniversary so we are together for five years got married and access so. But that was it Ned at the now defunct dark horse tavern heaven a slice of pizza and beer. And she took to mean does this need to compete on an island and had a leg down there's no reads in my right there's one guy at the very end of the bar and it's like. In his 72 Tom Collins is like it's been an on this like the it is now and then we started talking for a little bit. She had a knew we had a mutual friend that I was McMahon and biting you ever tell me about this crazy vixen over here. Incidents Eumig you wanna ghosting karaoke you know again if I'd lived downtown yours ago in downtown Indy to lift its credit. This. Didn't. And karaoke. She was on again off again with the young lad and I was on again off again with a young lady and then I didn't see we you know social media makes you friends and answer you start to kind of stalking if you will or at least figure the personnel. The night stock the end of that stock stalking without the restraining order and I I without the stock on the awkwardness of like hey he's outside my window again. But does sincere and so June that we met like it very in the September. And then I didn't because it to numbered two and tan yeah so then I didn't seared into the night before her birthday and a theft. Very she purposely sheepishly I was like that you remembered because. As you know. Adults are so good there at the flirting and dating and yes so easy so it's then that we talked for a couple hours I was hosting gig the next night as she kept hinting hinting that like liberties democracy succumb to west where many as the president I know this and an altogether. And then I would on the road trip down to New Orleans in the delta went undeclared still Mississippi's kind of clear my head for nine days and pilots and came back and like the week after I got back. The first part of August are neutral from Maryland. Sent a text message that said Alex is now single comment she once unions that got back Euro welcome. Obvious where I. Possibly can in my mind a 160 character is sponsored a text message was the W Lee. And then very mentally yeah yeah and then that. We hung out all night and then I took her first day I took her to grow roses in Columbus park when you were talking restaurant answer. Yeah yeah we have our little spot that we sit in Ireland in the Barbie it's table. And then I took to see a movie screen menus to be over there in the west side. And I took courtesy. The bunker Howard classic hobo with a while that's a romantic film or big we're big gore for NB a we regulate those cheap illegal you know you know the just these sort of like you know movies so we went what's sad. Busily shelling and and in the night was pretty much done and I was like a beaver of the foundation. You never heard of the foundation or guys. Down and eighteenth in mind the muse to musicians. Union hall I told him it is we're going to an eel and a and an orange about this deep a city councilman from from here just not too and it was a while ago so it's bad but it has claws and at that allows it Friday and Saturday evenings until 6 AM. Because this is where guys used to jam back the date of grant from count bases means it. Big Joseph turner all the people McCain's years so and says she'd never heard reports we went down and caught some live music and tell the wee hours and we were weavers we are having a blast of what you just it's. Creepy this guy was he could not quite as he owned a used car dealership somewhere off a truce to have these like really tight ugly white pants on. With like some sort of Hawaiian button down shirt and that we look like he was into the book your sugar and just kept like coming up. He kept coming up and is like. In late yours so beautifully look at a cross between Katy Perry and there in the Munro. My wife is half Middle Eastern so I don't know where the fit it. The Maryland Munro aspect comes in because she looks nothing like a blonde white now a negative thought of that at that point or is that let's cut out here and then we went record shop in the the following day and I'm happily ever yeah pretty much knows and hog that's all kinds of sweets that's your romantic. For those who have never seen it urgently to exist and they're there does it's there and I'm I'm and because I Merriam stepfather so I have a little daughter that's gonna be nine in September and she's just genius she's awesome view. Describing to me earlier about or what's going on your life and she is quite wise. Yes and we all yes she's she's very insightful. And we can later now but yes she's. She's trip and she's funny and and when he's you know not so much now but Mike maker and when my wife and Alex and I first got together. Her daughter was just like three and a half so. We've been together for you going on six years and I really realize when your round a toddler that drunks and toddlers hurt in the wind in this game. The break up song for no reason to break out crying for no reason they'll sleep where ever they hope it all down a lot. If you ever compared drunks and toddlers it's amazing like in the league like I want one of I wanna videotape a bunch of drunks and and his take their. What they say and have like a toddler sort of thing and just compare that to construct. Which is right we'll try that at some point I that's a number. Coming up after 12 o'clock we'll get you what's trending we will do first ruled Friday after one. We get into this Kid Rock saying I. I wanna be a politician story in what do you think it's real I think it's hard done little bit later in the show the coming up next we will get to the story. Out of saint Maarten about this woman that was killed. Out of a prominent tourist activity there. The people are saying now needs to and Jason Evans and Iraq in studio for Mike what did Jamie is telling its 1112 and came easy that's it I'm sticking around forever NASA and Manson. Or I didn't got a player that was her class. Isn't it easier for afternoons on the rock down the hall from us they. And fighters back there must in. A fan of the flu. And it strictly is a fighters died well it's very complex that's not realizing. And I'd. Co workers I. You to know I don't have the full the full picture so I don't know what so mocked and what's obvious on what's real bond you know and I'm. I don't and I'm not a big. Which sees which again I completely out. Like a lot of times like in stories and tell like I trying to to a bellies and just the way things happened in the leg never believe that that's that's true I'm I'm adopted. I. I'm I'm adopted and like in 2005 I found my biological roots and it turns out that I have about. Two sisters and my mother's side two Brothers and a sister my father's side and in my. Biological parents were sixteen and seventeen respectfully when I was conceived it was my father's first time that either one and Elliott took summary I'm felt compelled to share yeah yeah. Still image there is total of marriages between the two biological parents. But what makes it like okay you're up to big deal with which yeah okay but my biological mother who gave me up for adoption is adopting yourself. Songs I I'm second generation. Adoptions and figure present virgin for the certainly two of the slightly left of we have a special place our hearts for apps are on your beauty your back of the doesn't mortgage abuse I've adopted a baby and no one is out. So that's called it that we have more in the field yet. Aren't we all know are you a little bit better a little bit later coming up in the next hour we'll ask you about a guy that has a full face tattoo. Who is complaining that he can't get a job or to mansion shocking level. The difference between men and women a little bit and you know the face tattoo it's sleep it's need. Are there some tattoos that you get and you just know you're stealing your fate career wise a little bad and don't be dumb if you're gonna now. We'll talk about that coming up after twelve also personal Friday at 1 o'clock. So a picture that is circulating today in news outlets is what happens at this airport in saint Maarten. Outs in the Caribbean. We've got this really popular vacation destination. This. Princes Giuliani international airport is there and it's very easy it's very close to beach resort they all artsy Martin's not her back. So every day tourists gathered just steps away from the airport to see and feel the power. Of jets landing and taking off so there's a big fence there. And crowds gather to just stand there and feel the thrust of the engines that fly very low over. Can connect at ams out of me interrupt your news. The video on seeing in the Washington Post in a it's all white people like every single one of them is a white person I think. What I'm just saying no like. Like watching this video and people are rushing to have the plane. Blow its exhaust on them while they're on the beach and wait for the four and they're excited by its very excited hundreds gathered there. That's the stuff is flying everywhere it's and is going everywhere what it looks like he's. Like leading the charge of 300 like him until Arnold Butler led. Just. A tourist activity because how close in the United States we have space rules. That would prevent this you know you can't they're skier how close you can be to an airport which they apparently don't have. So for the people who line a little tennis shoes I'm snap at the exhaust from one of those jets can be strong enough. To exceed the winds of a category three hurricane. So think about that and and here we environments tornadoes but think about what it's like to be outside in a category three hurricane. They are going up to dispense and some are playing a game of let's hold on. And see you know we get blown off the facts. Well it has happened wary 57 year old woman named Gately mcewing for New Zealand was killed. After she did best she was it just trying to hold on the defense was in this crowd. And a jet flies overhead and the engines in the thrust from the engine. Napster into a concrete wall so the blast from the plane knocks her down and she is tilt. So what they say is that the runway where the airplane's power their engines is less than 200 feet from that fence where tourists gather on the beach. Signs are posted warning the public and police there say. They regularly patrolled the area. But it's also not illegal. For people together there. So now you headed to now now this has become a different thing and they say it's the first time in the fifty year history the airport that somebody has died doing test. So now the question being gases that are out there CBS news should popular saint Martin's jet watching spot would be closed. After a tourist. If anything we should be encouraging more people over there because we have an over population situation happening on this planet we only have one plan apart as we know right weaknesses are planned at this is always just ask Jack we can have the argument about global warning and all that stuff all day long but my my point is we have one planet that we're part of view Marty were already overpopulated and so if anything just start sending more. Taurus over there and if that happens I feel sorry for the family I was in the best elect but I mean you're done should your beef your. You're you're being you're like you're of. But I predict a massive lawsuit here because even though the sign is up. That beach or whoever you are going to decide has responsibility at all of this is on the airport or probably the beach resorts fault. But the beach resort has a responsibility to a certain extent to protect the safety of their guests and if aside is not. Make that decision but clearly the sign was not enough to keep people from gathering there so that decides is going to be our government and our lives you need to play another fence you need to put more distance between resort in the airport or you need to have the planes take off from somewhere I don't think the planes can't think this is it's I think that art is not there yet and exit his brother that. I don't know I I don't have. I don't Hamill I mean I I I have empathy for the family and I feel you know obviously when you lose a loved one it's Sox but at the same time. I like you. She I. At the beach a louder TO. That's why I guarantee you that this well they'll end up closing that's their problem I'll apps because the beach. Had a sign up and assigned wasn't effective clearly because people were gathering there anyway I mean there's there's a ton like watching and yet these videos hundreds of the matter there and and so now somebody's gonna say that beach resort is liable because either your site was big enough or you should put up another fence so that people couldn't get that close but again I don't tear play a little bit. Where you can and how far away you can back people away yeah it's not going to be in the path this airplane. Haven't signed releases like he's doing he's got there I'd now but for sure crowds are brought together. And they might they might when you sign of that hotel they might have something that says that are paid FYI you know that there might be something in that. You know the the fine print the nobody ever reads me out of there because because. Like how many you looking so this is the first person that died she didn't years she gets sucked into the plane that guy that was the first impression when I was reading she got she couldn't hold onto it because it's a category three category three her uncle effort going you know 200 feet away directly over hat we have we have wins here couple weekends ago they were like 67 miles an hour dam broke trees out of the ground you know and pull them out a ground. So we know like crazy weather these people wanna do that I mean. So somebody is on the text line teaching days Euro or stupid or call 5767798. Should this tourist spot would be closed. Now they want and has died after the thrust from an airport that is right there are perhaps doctor downing killed. How many people got injured in this report I got right now there's a video here of some guy out gets pulled off of it and she goes face first in something so she obviously got injured how many people done. Demi you watch these videos were talk we're talking like clothes and and coolers and cheaters and people are being pushed that's how strong. Write it up well I think it's it's a giant hole in game and it's a public beach so it would be hard yet to close the beach it's all illegal for them to beat air so couldn't you close off the beach and make it trespassing for people to be either but how. Again I mean how big you talked about how big dance and say we're margins and big I mean again. Just goes back to. At some point we have to be accountable for our actions as I would be well my guess is the beach gets weird. Over the staff teaching 80 or 5767798. What do you think should this beach be held responsible for this woman's dad. Susan and Casey are happy Friday to. You. Hear the idea again. Speaking I don't eat and eat it you'll actually. Get being. Yet. But no real part that they eat up quite get it. Yeah. Please. End the end. It might. Not to. And yet go airport in the regular. Gal I ate in the Atlantic and it it would be. Eaten. And it. I. And let me lady taking off. Into it deeply you know. And it was really big injury you know. So do you think this beach resort should be held liable for the woman's death. Well I don't know I mean it isn't like they're running the old I'd be happy you changed it. And it hurt. I've I've never I know that all's I never ran with the bulls but I did my friend's wedding over and Spain we did. Tar balls like inside the big enclosed area and I had to do right time he had one that picked up his back before river yeah hook and hit the wall right next my head of the Republican who is that the smartest thing to do but it was just like people do it is that your waiting for that happened exactly and again I'm I'm. I'm not saying that that they on the issue close to beat I know it's a tourist attraction I know that there's a bunch of lemmings and people they get over there to have that happen. But again someone just put this over here like whatever happened to personal accountability and I got chewed 9613 back at you that's the thing like that yet like. You choose to do that you accused a better when you choose take motorcycle on the highway 185 miles an hour I got to seven it by stingray and oh the brilliant it was his right there I've got nothing about it. Fascination on the highway and at night. But yeah that's what sounded like my book was (%expletive) because bats. I. Zero or 57677. Point eight should resort being held liable now woman's death after a jet blast from the neighboring airport. Knox are over and holes or take your calls your tax next days and Evans and from my pointed at 1129. It's gonna work. Go both fighters fighter like guys until 32 in the day with Jamie and McCain it is on Friday we have Nate. Jamie I wanted to say something we have Friday when you play from fighters exactly. At. Yes why is there even in a conversation about common sense coffee is hot food and plans can kill. Yeah. I'm just messing with you that are 1447. Proof reading retreating just like comments and proof readings important to that that is epic problems and Tonya. My my favorite is when people are on the tax line. And the lane in the me in the ego and an idiot but he is well why you are up but. Instead of the unit content through of you are an idiot yes thought I was that's a little blaster York and got that text back and I. I've been called the grammar knots about what and I am finally yeah I've former English teacher so yeah I downward punctuation like let's eat grandma with a let them eat a a grandma. Is. But this isn't it appeared together on the rock in the act. And as we just continue to putts fell in house from your into the buildings and we appreciate it coming down no the and the hall. All brought out the story at a saint Maarten in about whether a question that CBS news the CBS news is asking should this resorts at this beach be closed. After there was instead they're now it's this has been this way for a while fifty years at the airport has been there. The airport is very very close to this really popular beach resort. There is a beach there that backs up to the fence for the airport so think about how close that is and those planes as they're taking off and as their landing. Are very very close to where crowds gather at this fans because they wanna feel the power of that engine. Well it happened so than a 57 year old woman was holding on to defense at the airport steps away from the beach. When a jet blast from a Boeing 737. Through her backward. That caused her to hit her head on the concrete pavement. And she died she died from the head wound. She was super super close there and there were signs up that warned people not to gather there although we have seen pictures of on it's a people outside at the popular thing to do. Hundreds of white people. Into electricity itself but you'd like. All right tenor. I category three hurricane is what wins from this this Boeing 737 compared to. So people are asking now even though the signs are up. Should this be to be close should this resort to more take more steps to keep people away from this area where now we know. Someone can be held. Every single response I'm seeing on the tax line says he agrees with you I mean I mean I. Look I. Again I don't I don't wanna kind of overshadow the good of the passing of this woman to death Denver Gary can she had a kids I think she was a grandmother that is probably you know trying to be cool and all that for kids and all. But that the reality is that she. There are signs I would assume I would assume at this resort they would have some sort of and the fine print when you check in right hey look there's some air there's a runway right the end of our resort. You probably steer clear. But bad habit but obviously she didn't end sushi she. But this to hit it OK let's let's take the airplane that this let's take what's that taker her records does that let's say she's walking down. The beautiful steps from the resort to get to the beach food and let's let's again personal conversations and a cup if you drink I don't know her situation I don't know of any of that stuff but matches or maybe. Stone sober who. And ABC's goof around something has he's blocking she's walking a block just walking it she trips loser feet. Spitzer had just the right angle on a rock and a freak accident dies. Did dish is did you then see this hotel because she. So the difference with this is that I'm not saying this is rights but my prediction is that the speech ends up being closed. And they put up more fencing or do some things that the people can not an encore it's not gonna stop people write and say art is not big and so my guess is that just about any point you're pretty close to the airport but now you've had a death and now they can today. We can take steps now to prevent this from happening again so either they will make it illegal they'll close the beach so make it trespassing should just build a wall. They'll put. Engine maps are some things that caught on your head you at least earn. Adding that W that's gonna cost money for them to do that I don't see that happen that's a good point I admitted it anything they might put a more fencing but it's not gonna stop people from and you watch you rights and you cannot you can't put fences inside of a notion I mean you're not diligent in that thing blows all the way into the ocean and so right. A you're gonna be able to if you wanna feel it you're gonna feel to feel it even if the offense comes up to the shoreline out you're still there's still a deal with me so I wonder if at some point. You and dot I don't know what their equivalent of the FAA's air but I wonder at some point you start sending planes. Landing and taking off in the other direction. So that they don't over the resort something will change as a result of the scientists at what what's the what's the airport again it's called Julie on princess Juliana airport what are the fonts by 767798. Or you can Texas at 22980. Shelley at Lawrence your first up on this beach. Earlier and that each about three years ago and sure there are signs there that. There are charges that. Not on the beach you're locking down stairs. It's sort there's simply a bar arm impeached. And we didn't we weren't stupid enough to hang on a tense but. It's the sunset beach bar I'm looking at it is that okay. It has nothing to do that resort eat eat you got it like. He's got a lot younger to get to the beach are not restored and caught saying issue on the beach and your little speech prowler a year your lawn chair or not planes fly so close. You're that it sister really amazing fuming that the hold on that sense that's just cheer stupid it. Certainly an eye on each and get the same thrill and the same feeling without being in a position where you would be knocked over and tells yes. That is not a pretty amazing and the reason that the planes are landing and taking ops in the other direction now has because such a short runway and they are like. I'm mountain bridge can apparently basic. Act as I. Could you circle around the other way you know did you did you you can do that you can just have the planes. Go on the other side of the beaches from Google Maps I. The I've. I don't think that she could do it safely and doing that because there was too many close calls it kidnapped mountainous. That Turkey candidate you've got to meet someone and that currently amount coming out there. And as. An audience I'm in the area of the mid aerial shot from Google Maps now this is also from the street look how many people are there this is lagoon when driving by on the outer. So yes you've got a lot you have to you have to decide on their cases and was then and what happened so there's really no I mean this isn't. Why can't at the public beach why can't I'm surprised it's not illegal you could very easily and again I guarantee you this is gonna happen. The government saint Maarten very easily close that beats and say your trust passing and ticket people for trespass. Something will happen big speech I mean it's like looking at looking at the aerial shot on Google it and it's too big beaten by gets a lot of you are he said I mean there's not a lot of there's no other place to go yeah I mean it's as if there's not a lot of. I mean by 7611. An eight or 22980. Several U waiting to align your Jeremy in a park you can see I. So do you see what you experience there from being accused CI. It's it seem like that further the plane got the bigger than trust was bookmarks Foreman. They would come by and are in our utility truck in flashlight and we look in inside the fence where we're like five feet away from. Runway. And he marked former stuck its head up outside the store Barkley walking and it blew as hard at all. 300 feet download. And that's what got kicked out because we had to get out and don't get it. And in the future it's crazy I can't see how anybody wanna be. It's a thrill for people I've people just like that to see if they can get I think they wanna be thrown into the ground. Again if you if you if you're a thrill seeker you have to you have potential ramifications for your actions there is if you jump out of an airplane you go swimming with sharks if you elected if you are. How old Chet shut down the street wrestle an alligator it is in Florida bettors are Mayo who sought comment. Thanks alligators and I just called there 8% have a good weekend. As somebody who brought the green canyon as an example on ignorant Greinke and that's not and stocked you can very easily take its healthy. Back up to fart die it happened multiple times were people of just. Alive by itself the dots but people to start back and upn and it all their fault they're dust. But we don't fence off. The edge of the green canyon. Some sort to goes on Africa safari thing and gets gets outside that are. They're Jeep and because they wanna touch that Zell and at night I got comes over back to. That this is probably preventable now. I don't know if that's the big beach and I and it's like look like at the big beach or a small island right and that's. There is is to be instant art to be on the beach where your calls your tax ax 57677. NE 142980. Jason Evans from Iraq and steal from Mike what it. What do toward X 1142 and came easy 1147. Midday with Jamie and wicket. On a Friday I'm not wicket you're. Due. Later how life it's who you are but I'll read his column now there's nothing like it is likely that's Jason Evans who does afternoons on the rock and decide it. Or case I'll go work really long day I I love radio I I've always been a fan of radio as a kid. I mean I'm so cute even though before you on Tuesday. I've always loved the medium of radio it's really was really our first. A time to bring entertainment into our homes and each right sort of lay out. What my daughter's recital or you know like it but that was a percent we brought the outside world into our homes and and everything from baseball games to. You know alien invasion. In New York City you know exactly I it it's a it's a fascinating medium cylinder like hey can you fill and I'm like. The wife and then likes it makes you because and issues taking a half day and I didn't know an extra we didn't have anything lined up because we are leaving tomorrow for a Southern California to stay in Venice got a little bungalow there were aired in the fan so we'll found out of camp on a little hippie commune that's got like a piano music microns is yeah exactly so. Sir have a good time my my my wife myself my stepdaughter and my mom lives over and Suzanne into science is gonna drive over on Sunday and hang out just because. My birthday is on Tuesday my Brothers would have been on Wednesday so outside yeah. All we'll hear more at that you are wrapping up our conversation now about the story out of saint Maarten where a woman was killed. After she went to a popular tourist spot there's a public beach their urgency Martin's pretty small. And the international airport there is called princess Juliana airport it is right next to this beach and beach resort. And it really popular thing for terms to do is to go gather by the fence or hang on offense and gathering your defense where these you know NASA at 737 jets. Fly right overhead. It is a thrill for them to see if they can stay standing for that blast. It failed for what there is that he's having a woman who was holding on to defense. I don't know she'd realize how much that blast was going to be but it not to reverend she had her country and she died. Some are asking now will this speech or should the speech beat close. Sorting your calls and your text into ninety's you're 5767798. Is ingrained you. How do you think. You aren't we get that it was. A solution. There are no lets them. What is it carrier put back where the little. I don't know I've never been on aircraft carriers sort of just like touring it when it's docked. OK they bring that that they blocked legitimate opponent they let him so they can't apparently it was a bit of equipment who's behind it. So that any demand upon that they don't get by Matt. Sponsors and so give them like I was joking about the engine maps noble yeah they'll all. Think they did the same thing you know and and it only heparin that broke should scoot viera line up to get up well with the top of the potential so wouldn't affect the ability. It's a good idea Tom and thanks for have a great weekend what I wonder about that is we're talking about the force of a category three hurricane. From the airplane. Is there a nap or a wall or barrier that would be soft enough but strong enough. You with state and that but still not kill the person you don't segment and. I don't know if there's an ex who's gonna pay for it you know and for sure enough not to play on the battle build a wall thing but really it's airlines to be. But that's his business needs everywhere this again I I would like to see that the pig it's not the resort does that ladies knew we looked at the Google Maps is it's not like it's connected to resort right it's a pub probably beats its wide open their signs everywhere. I would assume when you do your research the people that are going to this don't just go down a Saint Martin go up two GO Steve and playing it. I say. You know like. They know what's going on they're going to go to. Like this happens gathered for the world they're going to have happened exactly what just happened. Next up let's go to Jack in Saudi I just happy Friday Tia. How happy party gaming. Mom yeah a lot of what I was gonna say targeting covered it is a public beach there's no suing a resort irony in public beach however. There's a couple things that could be done to its somewhat fixed this. Plaintiff no land there 24 hours today they're there they're on schedule. And and the government there could. Go out you know when the planes are scheduled to land. And it's not again all day long it would constantly be going out there and shut the road count clear clear the people way. And and let let plane land and and then open that the place back up and eventually you'd discouragement up. The other thing Jamie world traveler us when you go to New Zealand as I'm sure it's on your list. I fortieth Yassin earlier in the house. There you go you're gonna see signs all over New Zealand warning view of things like bungee jumping in and various things. Warning that as an adult activity. And you know you may be irked because there are no personal injury lawsuits lawyers courts and things like get in New Zealand which. Somewhat surprises me that the lady who was injured was a key week. And she's known better that that there's you know. That they grow up in the in the world whether or not Molly coddled or hand held completely like we are in the United States. Where you can slip and fall down and out grocery store in New Zealand there's nobody could do. Run that got back all right. But this is where. You could have a lawsuit where you sued the government of saint Maarten for not protecting people on a public beach I guarantee you it will happen. If I think they don't buy in New Zealand but are not New Zealand and Netherlands. But whoever it is if there's not a provision in the law for that. You know like like the lady that also had been there said they're not be all over you don't just walk up there haphazardly and go oh geez there's an airplane. Guy you just ask you accused him tells him yeah. Made a conscious adult decision. Beforehand. And in if something happens that's too bad but. You have to pay the consequences. You know what I'm surprised truly a surprise that the first step up and I'm also surprised there haven't been. Dozens and dozens of eye injuries. From. That stopped being blown out and people are there and look at people not an offensive on the company. In order busy taking itself beat it and stand if it and you. You know 300 miles an hour. I appreciate the calls are rarely does he went to a couple more on have a fantastic weekend my guess is that their had maybe dent those. This has been injuries we hear it what was it because mostly relate well I was an idiot and I I got a chair in the ugly not going to submit to that I mean. I knew I do after looking over there like a button and from the aerial view and and and showing you that picture from Google Maps yet I mean in terms of like having control go by and and two people lost and all that but then again that's a lot of work a lot a lot of work and and I I could see something like this happening now because there is. Sadly adapt. But I think what's gonna happen is it just go back the way it wise and people are gonna do it obviously it's bidders. People people again but he nightmare jet set on the phone and like I said you humans ago. People go there they know this is there right they why they're all you know like like like. My wife has is travel itinerary and I've gotten some notes to about like things are gonna do in Venice in Los Angeles you know go on over Anaheim produce demand that we got. You know. If there's like oh let's go watch the air planes take off sunset here Hillary you go that might be on their way. Again we have little monitor which is what triggered when does the duties and obviously those things. No visceral let's get one more call up your restore unit of free at a news Stephen Overland park's been hanging on hi Steven. I am alive I figured that there probably two things you can do you could quit your job. Jamie and you could. Run around putting up baby eight and stopped quarter on every. Week on world jobs more and. Protect the people from the cell. Or you can to realize that. It'll. But this system. Stupidity out at that and darwinism has taken care it. Yeah sadly yes they slot for the calls even but now I go back candidate didn't. About what has happened until now but now you've had a death but now the government can do something to protect people in the future like put up another fats or close the beach or do something. What an avid you know you may mentioned. We all know that this one was from New Zealand and a guy that does not who whose Stephen whoever. We got a for the he he made mention that there's that personal. Liability. Lawsuits and New Zealand so I would assume that this man was like well name all passed away because she credible on offense and she couldn't let it snow said you know. We're not going back to saint Maarten. Those are you should I've looked at the pictures online check out the pictures of this resort and it was completely that I am for army outpost near post where the plane. Just look at how low the planes fly. Over where the people on the beach it looks like a doctored photo but it's actually it's actually real seek and weigh in on us banks are already called in text and. On a happy note. Hi on a happy note for next year yeah dismisses mrs. In re your your middle school English here. And she won Emmys as you want me to reach out to you and I congratulate you on the bad that your still on your you're still working with your punctuation in your grand. He'll definitely so yes that's been seriously yes he was a good teacher that's not taught you well yeah yeah clearly. I haven't changed much they still have my Peter Pan complex and I work in a job that allows that so. Ask them when you give away here on Friday I doubt we'll get you what's threatening coming up after 12 o'clock in the we'll ask the story of the guy that has a tattoo on his face really big obvious anti covering about half of the space. He can not get a job. No kidding but asked what could think I'd be doing for a living would you hire somebody like that it what's the difference. Between how we would approach a man and a woman and not just face statues but thinks sleeves and thinks he's a really obvious that my agency molest professional.