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Tuesday, May 15th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcast on KNB easy. The. Me. The. Yeah. I. Yeah. The real. She. These moves. Its. Seoul. Is your partisan and your human ashes ES i.'s. EST. YES. Text and 72 hated one and your running for a thousand dollars. If he were to cash this hour on the program when you hear an artist. That will be performing rock Preston Saturday June 2 at Kansas Speedway. To a caller number three not now not now. Focus. Attention. When you hear an artist. Will be performing rock fast. Take caller number three and you and aghast are underway. On mouse free of charge to those who roughest. I don't spoil anything for. What I did because he Chappaquiddick last night. Up to four weeks. It and meanwhile around Tenet. I thought it was very go to. Hertzberg I got out and did she get out of the car and she taught I don't she lives was she does I don't exploit. With the aid of a rescue crew about two days later. Here she survives for two days here. What I wanna ask how. And they clip it. Was at it takes liberties they can't explain how she did not get out of the car. And he did get out of the car because he was unconscious and he was there is need. In that movie she is portrayal life she's drunk and passed out as his cardinal's. Home tie. Roddy I read about all this last night when I got home there is no suggestion that she was not. Alive and coherent when that car when and that water always the documentary or it is a policy based on the events. In 1960 not a drought is all the answers she was alive and well I just don't think she was conscious. That what issues among many issues we know that he waited ten hours before. He called bully to source as long dead when they found there sober up you know there was an air pocket in that. And there is it rescue or who on the record says if someone had just called she might have been down there like two hours because the car flipped over upside down. I don't understand how it is physically possible. That he got out of that car and surface and she couldn't get out because for him to get out there would have had to have been an opening somewhere. She couldn't find an opening in the strapped. The reason all of this was buried with error. Is because. Political operatives behind the scenes. Rushed her death certificate signing. And in all me so that there could not be an autopsy. They're there was no autopsy to know noble effort now. You couldn't prove she was alive not alive if she suffocated if she drowned. And I think if you're looking for answers to those questions the movies I can answer those questions because those secrets were buried with her. Quickly. She was very quickly what exactly well it tells me there were a bunch of very very powerful men around Martha's Vineyard. When this happens by Martha's Vineyard in the camp yeah well and and their operatives yes and their operatives. I thought it was very it you'll love it as a political drama. Aren't sure what they don't spend very much time on the rack it's really what happened in the ten hours after the round I told you. My mom had a dear friend Nancy wiring my god bless her. Nancy Weyrich who was the wife of a general that we. I grew up around Fort Hood she was. Refers remember now and Mary Jeff merry joke affecting. She was merger compact is called hermit and a. And she always believed Teddy Kennedy to ever. Not into you know not like with a knife or anything or done chartering and but he was let's be honest with what really happened that night. They were a party. Yeah he was married yeah he wanted to score with some strange maybe made nine please. Just wondered driver home image for you others say it may deny Leo now. He was drunk. Went off the bridge there once was a senator from masks now who went down in search of yet. He wanted to get some strange. He was drunk the bridge was horrible went well WRT was sober wouldn't have been so horrible. And went off the mean Ted Kennedy was a notorious. Well. All of his life more all the Kennedys. They go off the bridge. He's a senator he's a sitting US senator yeah with a bright political future from the biggest name in American politics. And they are underwater. Oh my god. And somehow all he cared about his service all he cares about is himself and his political career he even. Not only did he not reported for ten hours. He went turn. Hunch he just he did go to brunch heat that is accurate. The only thing I'll say is this in the movie it portrays his two buddies who are attorneys. Stripping down diving down and trying to open the doors they can't get the doors open. So the question is how does he get out. It was hole in the cart there was no wind the only thing I how. They seek it out she doesn't they don't think I can think of is as it's going off the bridge arrived before it does he flies out he jumps out ruse is thrown yes that's the only scenario that makes sense to me and we'll tell you that. And then sat down hair once the car it's water the doors slammed shot. And the pressure starts to build and you get the reserves are. This is why you need to carry that tool in your car to hammer that is the windows smashed routers slash seatbelt. Cut her earth. Slash I'm among collar thing. Which you don't carry my mom always says I'd need to carry my car to which I always say to her if your car flies over bring to your site down. Drowning in water however you define that tool. Cuban talks. It's good and if you're a political history gussy it there's a reason Teddy Kennedy never became president mad states. Chappaquiddick was it. There is an old Associated Press article about the raw thing. Rocks into the court dike bridge. That new posts and guard rails have been added but it's rotting in people want it gone my assumption is that bridge no longer. I exists there in the same form and it didn't try to excuse me. Think that he did you know. But I certainly understand how the wreck happened when you see the way when you're drunk. And you go over a very skinny bridge over a body of war with no railings or no yes you know it it's like a golf cart prison that makes sense you know you've got to really stay between. Teddy Kennedy killed her. Because he was strong. It's that simple I combine up. Any was more concerned about his political future. And his family's reputation. That he was about Mary Joseph compact it. And when he got out of the water there. There was a house not far. From the bridge with like song. He didn't stop and ask for help. He kept walking. And stranger the next day had a neck injury in some fashion but was able to walk two or three miles back to the family compound. I now. I'm not I kill or not he he you don't you don't always drove me crazy. You know as Teddy Kennedy was dying years ago it was 20092000. And just the accolades that people were throwing on this guy you know the law and of the senate. You know bowl last of the great Kennedy lineage. This man was a he was not a good human being. And yet. All we heard about was how great he was Andy's old lion of the senate. And he's you know the last of the Bobby John F. Kennedy lineage global law. He was a horrible human being. Who's drunk. See let you woman you die you too. Well I'd I don't like the where he let her die you cannot use you cannot excuse him leaving you can't you can't excuse passed a house cannot excuse with the light on right next of the Britain cannot exist that. Kept walking. Because at least one of the divers said had someone just called we kind of got her out because keep in mind when car flipped upside down at least in the moving. There was about six inches of space. Between what would have been the floor board of the car because it's upside down right and her face and it shows are in there. Screaming for help and praying and you know it that air bubble doesn't last forever but it was there according to one of those divers long enough that she probably. Could have been say. And there's that there's. Very brief. Scene. Where they show one of the emergency workers pressing on her chest. And air comes out of her mouth and he says. And I if your doctor correct me if I'm wrong. That that means she had Aaron who longs which means she was alive when she died. That's how that is ever. That's how that everybody the five women I know what I mean like didn't swallow all of the water and round but had Ares is she survived. After the the car wreck cars and then took on water and drowned but I don't. And who knows because no one knows like you want to know. There's no way anyone's ever good enough. 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Area that says no. Crying. Children. Not no children. No crying children here's the sign outside this restaurant Ian. Monterey California no strollers. No high chairs. Booster chairs. Children crying or making loud noises are distraction other diners and as such are not allowed in Howard dining room yeah. And I'm a breeder and I say it out. It try exit. Need. Real easy. When we go to pay to be someplace. And some idiot with that kid does not know when to stand up. And leave the dining area with a screaming child. I did not get for many years. To dine out adding I didn't get a read books all kinds of things adding to go to movies. For. Life's little of that account you chose that I shows that lifestyle. And I remember a couple of times and now one of those kids would start scream and I would jump up like a gazelle. And bound out of that restaurant. Because I don't feel like the other people in that restaurant should be paying to a joint experience that I'm not going to run. I felt that way then. And now that my kids are older eyes sure as a whole feels that way now and it's happened to be twice this year. Twice this year. Restaurants and her guest restaurants the last time it happened I was with my mom and I said so help me if someone doesn't take that screaming kid out of here. I'm getting goes say something. And it was just screaming. It is you know when a two year old is just. Too hot and you know there's a moment when a when a two year old is just. Done. How long do they get before they have to take them. March 25 seconds. That's because you know well when your toddler's just. Had it. The arched back head is back over stimulated. You know. It's grieving. That high pitched horrible screen. Not just whining not just crying but the full on arched back screaming that are out I had at a map. But they've had two in their. I'm sorry that you don't get to enjoy your dining experience. But what gives you the right to run it for everybody else I'd love these policies. I think people should be. Considerate on their own but because they're. Hezbollah and you're gonna get. When he shared. It. Is that the kind of now. Now that's a newborn whale and that's a different Wales and a toddler wail you notice you've been thrown at this and a so you're talking about like screaming. There's nothing worse than a screening two year old and I don't need to hear the audio to remind myself how bad it is well I'm only just now I'm trying to get an idea I don't wanna hear that when I'm at a rest. 99 until. Election as it is I. Stop people are turning radius. I go hey I know it's. This restaurant is getting a lot of flak for this. What is the time that. On how long and you'd be willing to put up with the screaming let's say one and a half year old two year old that's the worst age to me connect audio wise we're seeing it here. And should eight restaurant. Tell patrons if your kid is screaming. You're out. Was in this Yelp review if this signs said no women. No African Americans know Asians would you feel differently and maybe protect this is all the same it is discrimination. Yes against crying babies. I think we should be able to discriminate against them I'm sorry. Disturbing the peace yes arrest them and I'm not mad at the baby. I may you. 5767798. To the newsroom here is Dan why mom brightens attorneys flip the script and get police to investigate the Saint Louis prosecutor that story in a moment. Edit a full senate still wants Casey cannot the other day and help spruce up the back yard area of our house. And if you like me have new sensing a new deck did you think about sealing it. Permanently protecting that investment. Have them come out and do that for you certainly if you just free did your driveway my god that's expensive. 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Into the way the city prosecutors all of us handle the felony invasion of privacy case against Missouri governor crichton's police the bears say the decision to investigate was made. After meeting with crichton's attorneys who announced earlier than today that they would be asking for it. The defense attorneys allege that William tis a B investigator hired by circuit attorney Kim garner. Lied to the courts and withheld evidence in this case. Kansas is governor has signed a law that allow those were wrongfully convicted of crimes to collect 65000. Dollars for each year they were incarcerated. Under the law signed today those who were wrongfully convicted and whose convictions are overturned. Will be eligible for the 65 gram per year they spent behind bars Michelle Feldman of the innocence project says. The new system as a gold standard among such compensation laws. It is now 533. Traffic and weather together next. 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Sun cloud mixture on Wednesday afternoon high temperature 82. Slightly warmer on Thursday the normal high 75 will be up to 84. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. It's 77 at the airport 78 downtown and the same carriage official weather station 78 degrees. The radio dot com at busier fizzled almost KM BZ download it today listen to his anytime anywhere. I'm then one bomb there's 91 KM BZ. Saturday June 2. Relieve you from zones and I think he's only given him respects. Because I was in the some of the events neo soul all some of that stuff and I'd rather just anchors aren't true. I will take colored armored. 5634044. 5634044. Corn number three you're a guest on us scorn for free. To rock fest 2018 it is June 2. At the Kansas Speedway headliner this year is five finger death punch. Against Stone Temple Pilots battles seven does settlements in. Loose. I'm 135634044. Scheduled phones are attending Garnett. Hey Al Arian were two moments. I have my particular you know because all the time I don't agree with with where it goes on tonight daily right. With this. Person all my parents are about proper manners before we ever went. And I stood at one restaurant might get out the door. I just can't stand screaming kid I get in a little kid get up and walking untouched area meanwhile. This is very different time period where you would tolerate. Ted. A child screaming and say a restaurant vs a movie theater or church. You know what my church pastor. And the people are are archer to we have an angle get archer. Crying and screaming at church everybody tolerate because the future or. So wait wait nobody at an issue with that. Yeah we're feared but I don't want them to take but he's an outside I'll say this aunt and my pastor. Is is. And a wonderful human being but he is easily distracted. He has never once in the twenty years and having gone of that church has never said anything to the parent of a screaming child. But quite frankly I can't remember the last time I heard a screaming child in our church and a primer. You can go out with a whole way and we have speakers where you can still was some of the message via. Yeah our our our partner preacher for elect that the think thank. People understand it you're kicking in Hartford you can control your Trout they could walk. You know now. We get them and that premature and appeared to do that in the movie theater I've never experienced it with a cute in a movie theater but then. We never took markets the theater they didn't mind and it's been so long or whatever app. At a restaurant. No. It's common courtesy. Going out to enjoy your dinner. I I accidentally or intentionally add a little kids area restaurant about a year ago. And was watching the eat any wouldn't back away and I do kind of politely not my glass over spilled water all over. Oh. Are we want. You to know. Use it accidentally or intentionally. Well I bumped my glass okay it was kind of an accident and bad he turned around immediately as horrified look on its basically respected spirit and I just would like. Started it was an accident at. Happened it was it was an ally via. Yeah Alaska so that was rock you restaurant owners. In a restaurant that you know they don't have this policy and one of the questions I have analyzed as business. Does there come a point where you'll just say. Ma'am. I am so sorry were happier here. We've all been there but would you mind just for a moment maybe walking to the lobby to see if we can get him calmed. Urge you think is restaurant owner you just let him play. I mean is this trial is now. No one else in the restaurant you run the risk of infuriating. One cuts over. Right or you run the risk of entering dozens rights. But was social media today let me ask you which one is worse. Because that mom is gonna go on to Twitter or face when I leave an app and say you're ultimately would happen restaurant next tonight. I was there have been a meal I hadn't been out in for a right. In breast feeding bottle blonde and my child happen have a little bit of a fit. Restaurant manager asked this week or you get one of the customers. Who said we were restaurant next. And this child would not stop screaming and the manager knew about it. Did nothing about it I mean either you're giving bad publicity I mean him around would choose that you wanted to ask dasburg he's on the line. It. Do and handsome. And what do you do have you ever. Well your. We always look while we ethical or so other people around here in the that you're you don't win quite often. As long ones. There's there's now. Aren't all that well well well. And of course with all the setup color. Yeah that bank for a and we don't occupy right now I'm not hitting these kids are quite an update these are different. I'm never gonna mother didn't get up in the back until the Serbian exist and lead the world for you now go up by. Wait or come back and also for Wallace. I even think about that but sense cell phones and ipads it's gotten better. All while ninety aren't. There. What do you do what do you do when like a large group from radio station comes by they are tackling woman and who laughs very loudly and it's almost as bad as child crime what would you do that situation. He's. An example do you give them their own private room in the back. Follow what it out written statement yet. The Big Brother. What's interesting about the iPad and iPhone comes out that's true. But here's the deal would. Two year old which is a special kind of terror. There does come a point even with a phone or coloring broker or distraction where. It's what I used to call the point of no return where the toddler has hit that ball we're now indeed danger zone he's not coming back. I got stick out. Scoot to Libya in Kansas City hello. Are doing that I'll ask. I am out now are welcome please your your doing good company here. My mom and point at what you bad. You can give you that there and I did that again are my mom I have a little land are multi year note he went earlier haven't gotten used the quote terrible hit yet though. Give me where. He may edit title. Out of it and I get a look at a restaurant when legal out a lot of black party that it'll. Not like that there are other people but I'm glad I don't wanna cut. I as to why a beer got a bit. And I'm an actor Ian ballot. No don't please don't know he's got eggs and I'm like about the speaks one of the things we told Kara win. Charlie was a baby baby baby was go out and eat now you can still get away right because they'll strap that RC don't bother anybody it's really fine. You start kitten and at 101112. Months and for me anyway from that age until bouts. About three unfortunately. We just. Very rarely went out because it's so unpredictable and you're paying for that to like you're either. I play that would make what kept me out at a restaurant you went out quiet it. You know like. I respect of course I get up at my style you know competent rocket that. I'm not going to go to director at. The time you know I'll I expect a call that yet been complete and we're we're you know quote and quote. Again like I you understand. That expect from the point land OK let's get the check what. Let me ask you let let me ask this and I Persia called. How many seconds slash minutes. Would you allow your kid to. Throw a fit notes say it's a two year old which I agree there is the worst. Before you say okay we've passed the point of no return this kid's not coming back to norm normality. Or. That's the Kaplan dot give again my little latitude and Gerri you're so it does get that you missed them quickly and I. They are helping out here maybe around because there are a lot longer than. It feels it and that's they would like ranked redirect to redirect. And well I really would have there and it got pretty close that usually there is that he had to pick up on that be like you know what you're attacked. That's not gonna give you a check knowing no answers you're here here's the check. And by that I mean please sign it right now we're ready your current. And it was. And look at a restaurant that my child. Out. Medium pressure at each article earlier your point got a well you don't go out restaurant and what we're at 8 PM you know. Not yet you're doing great you keep doing what you're gonna hurt her. I would not go back. To having a toddler for a trillion. Dollars. Write it down if you handed me a trillion. Dollars. And said take it two year old. It's not happening. He's joked you Kristen had kids you would have to check me in two million acres in 1004. In. Hey. I want Smart are. We are in 08. Chris isn't five years old. It was last night he'll argue eons Sany. I had the league's. Sacked once. He has had is not 85 years old he's 76 and you know what I had another eleven years to have another yeah. We have been there we have done tree now or nine. And still. It is. He has three of his own kids you have four of yours you've got seven at the time is not another one ever. There's no need to make this eight is enough I always say to people when they see those babies and I love them. And I love them from a distance I wanna smell them and I want one from about forty yards away don't you come closer to me that. Yeah I have to admit they distance. Every time I'm around my a my brother's boys he's got twin boys that are forward now yeah and I. A loss. And his arm around like there is allowed to violence on that and and I think about it for a minute on right now is not a chance UH. Third down oh yeah we don't want it now on and done. I have a step brother who lives in Minnesota. Whose wife is pregnant with their ninth child. It. Kinda. There's is. OK. To have a big fan and live on a farm. No blue eyes but he hides them from high school my my my other my half brother. And I. Who he's a half brother of mine and a half brother of my stepbrother. We both joked that you think we'll like his otherwise and we mean this. Barak. But you know what if that works for them grain and I just. I got a nice I didn't like being able to go out to dinner or against C a movie art or Sega one or two of them let's go on a trip for a couple you know. You just there are many years in your life where you are not able to do some of the things that I really enjoy doing. I might open with the door like nothing with the door close Staten. Here here's my body Chris husband from high school. Member right soldier saw him at. Will discounting together OK I saw him at season's Eddie's a couple of years ago keep in mind is that bill. Keep in mind his profile picture is covering up a child and I don't even after. It causes the current picture but look let's count your ready this is my buddy Chris I was an otherwise there's him one. 2345678910111213. Thirteen and there might be another one under that profile we don't know we don't know. Thirteen. Children when you can't see it fit the mall not under little FaceBook profile pic but your FaceBook. We all picture. Yeah. He has so kids don't fit on his poll data they are three you're. At an outlook this kid I mean you said. It might pay. To be she wore her everybody's ready. My FaceBook. Phone. There are smiling rod look at this family I mean beat up our name. They're they're doing God's work that's fans had a body holds that's got thirteen. Kids there's this thing called smiles therapy. Reviewed just keeps my Elaine eventually you'll fool your brain into thinking your happy. Whatever he said smiling cast iron and you have a dead tree that. Become a giant ice or in New York some trees and shrubs overgrown and ugly. 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Don't ever look down there down just win yeah looked out there and you only have one child. I'd promise. It is the nasty just. Well most beautiful thing it's not beautiful it's not a miracle you know hopefully it's just and it's ugly. You'll never look at in the same way twice I promised. Don't look. On behalf of our producer of advisement and all of America the great run Babcock made good credit goes to the right. I am scuff marks have a great night be safe because. The keyword cash is oil. And in case you forgot to. Happening now on KM BZ the volcano on the big island at could be on the brink of eruption more now. For people who know fashion and who know what you're talking about. Broke class fabrics precise custom fit and in house master tailor who can fine tune your feet when it arrives. Byron has huge selections from each time Robert Talbots think Roy a southern tied. Now twenty to 50% off and a Biron on the plaza you'll find sizes and fits for every man. 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