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Tuesday, September 11th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. What does this ride good. Am filling up hotel room full of smoke. He can see me. I'd. The thing Margaret is sitting right there with cheaper. Heartache house visible guard it. And our allies like hey pass it drags. Match. You're going to be in so monsters or did bags bloggers broad audience everytime. It and the jury knows. She's office. So unselfish speed. She's gonna kill you are armed and I'm number way to them. Eager remember Jeffrey. What's his face Dahmer now all all wins from the Cosby Show the guy was photographed in the Trader Joe's Trader Joe's and by the way to his credit. With that story broke and he was getting made fun of a job ashamed he did his interview on Good Morning America. In a sports coat with his Trader Joe's name tag on and I thought that was club. So that's pretty fantastic. Well since then. His life has done a one lady says he's now appearing in Tyler Perry show eight and 80 there's and I knew about Tyler Perry just came up today I he has been in. Offered a guest role. On the sixth episode of NCA ass New Orleans. He's a good year. He's funny. It's amazing what one little surreal them but I think. Starving artists starving actors. And you never know your next page has him. On. Who. Railing. Do your due date you unemployment. Last six months but now. I bring you care Mercosur star ex treat. White pregnancy kept like it up now. It's clean. Clothes are eating for two bright so I told Paul if he's going to register as the debate be needed ice cream. Kind I'm extremely distracts Missouri. And opt. Extremist acts is that like managers and owners it's amazing it on chocolate ice. Wind swirls of ige. And little bitty peanut butter cups well yeah. And it's hobby hobby which if I don't I don't stop eating and I'm going to turn and you know. I think my wife likes that the lights. All stop. Kelly cannot stop getting enough for the job he loved. Ask why it might even. So sometimes say you give to. And then I just have to get virtually just throw old now and talk about the ice. Think. You'd better take that chip. Give him. Serbia right now. It is. This is through talking to convert. It to be that is really care let's talk let anything else. That's got me here on Scott parks telling me about ice cream whipped into an ice cream cherry got a good look at the it to Spain now to the heaviest pretzels. An old. Sweet and salty you know we retirement Jeffrey Jones for senator. It reminded me. How and. Crisis. Without being insensitive. I understand what Bill Cosby was. And he's going to be punished for. Who's already been convicted. He's gonna be sued Google wants it right is that fair that's an object. And karma caught up with them because now he's blind to. But I was just looking up like Jeffrey Owens on the Cosby Show who played his son in law who was married to. Huge cliff hawks to bulls oldest daughter who never lived in the house but it's came into the show waiter. And he the show is so funny I. This is Jeffrey Owens playing his character urban. It was there are elements are open and he's he comes into the house and he's impersonating. Doctor hawks double. And make him the kids laugh. And I think if I remember this episode Redmond and fast forward through it. Doctor pucks bull comes in to the house as he's making fun of him by a person. But. Don't try to tell me read you what to do recon you know. I'm paying for that couch is sitting on. People like me are you a mole like me. Eight some 5000. And hundreds of dollars. And here comes our I. At this point Theo and doctor hunt small walk in the door but opens goes back to I am your thought now don't don't don't let. Kids are on the counts and try and tell him to stop stop talking dads are interpreted as a. Your father if it was not fun to me you you wouldn't happen. Be able to paying. For this ad that I've read it. Job. And then you'll see. You do. Some age advancing on your face. That's funny. Stunning is that from what you like 85. You know regular why can't we still put penalty. Just because he's a jerk. And issued hood but. It's inevitable and watch these things went out that's what I can't I can I thought I can't thank every time I see I'm like. Can you not watch how our cards without thinking about what Kevin Spacey. That's why they took in my office I understand what would you not watch it. The movie baby driver is still a great movie is it any less of a great movie. Because Kevin Spacey is apparently on inched. What other people what they ask you this. Well I aren't you know the answer. We watched professional football. With people who do horrible things. To women. And we cheer them on when they catch a pass from Patrick mar homes and run into the end zone tiger reach kill. On Sunday afternoon. Tiger rekindle. Beat his pregnant girlfriend. I mean there are plenty of examples of times where were won't. Do you ever stop listening to Motley crew those of you from the 1980s. Because Vince Neil killed Lee guy in a drunk driving accident. Killed a guy. Took his life. Yeah you know what I did every time public crew put a new record out. Apple. Applaud it. I don't listen to an elected. Even knowing the lead singer had killed them. So mrs. Cosby show is still on TV I can't fire. Because it was I'd still watching because I think it's funny. Here's another one signed Feld is on the error all the time. Ice and Michael Kramer yes I'm Michael Richards of Richards who played Kramer yes he screamed. All. N word every word and word and word every word every word in to the balcony. How one of his comedy show us. Now he's ever worked together. But with the residuals are assuming he's getting from site Hillary runs in him. Syndication I would assume he doesn't have to on the show wasn't called Cramer it was cults and I understate it. But Cramer was a major part of the show. They could somebody else the guy from seventh heaven Stephen Collins who was. Accused of molestation. They pulled that show within a nano seconds got canceled. And that although her runs that's a purple. I mean I guess I've always just wondered am. There's a a tinge of hypocrisy you're. Were willing to forgive some people. For moral behavior. Over how to forgive others and I've never been able to figured. It just seemed to be rhyme or reason this Bill Cosby is eight rock idea. As he should be. In Hollywood Bill Cosby will never work again and he shouldn't. He should not let me be very clear but why would we not want to watch. The Cosby Show the message is still good and the message in the show is still clean is it not. I can't separate I just I can't every time I see 'cause the eight to use bank rate. Like I had to answer. I apologize I say I haven't pulled a double standard. In that I would electricity. But Roseanne didn't rate people no she did not such sheet she does say something racially insensitive. I see no crime no and I still want OK okay. OK they're still care barks her network to connect an hour maybe a maybe that's what is being racist is not a crime. Rape being a woman or women. Is a crime. I do know that Rob Lowe said that he likes the way the status quo works. There's another example Rob Lowe had sex with a teenage girl. Ontario allegedly I'm sure. An odd to hate. Allegedly. Tape. Rob Lowe had sex with a girl who was a teenager on eight. And keep him from appearing on the west wing. Or parks and rec is named news coming out in corporate career since then. Where we drove. Is that it charges of criminal charged as well I don't think. Correct me if I'm wrong rod. I don't think Rob Lowe was ever criminally charged with anything I cannot believe sound at all. I just don't get it. I would still watch the Cosby Show if it was on TV I cannot find somebody said it's still want to be. Drew will they pulled Dukes of Hazzard. For just haven't confederate flag atop the general what are you try to do me. Don't get me started about. Also what about tower seven America went about. Movement arson. What about an hour seven era. Do you know how it came down. I do. I've sort of six and said man. And how you're coming down OK okay I'm dead. Okay elegance. OK okay. Say it. I have this song stuck in my head if it was Saturday. This is a song that is really easy to hate. But I've got to confess I don't. It was a number one hit 1985. Tuesday throwback to the aids starship. Beaten them. Steve in grand view. This hello Steve Steve. Doing well and thank god yet live when it comes the question of that we Kyrgyzstan and not others to this they get at a lot to do it. If you were on the Bill Cosby twenty years ago and then all the stuff came out about them. It may be didn't expect you have much is that it's somebody that wasn't real end to begin with. Just like you know I have I have forgiveness for bulk got to keep it'll get over your but it ain't when it comes to forgive someone like rob blow. I don't hear I don't know much about Rob Lowe never really liked and so. So tell us how we connect and not necessarily because. You feel like. Bill Cosby represents you were problem doesn't represent you regard that. Steve if I can ask W. Okay you're oh you're 35 years younger than I thought you sound a little older man not law. I grew up on bill costs. Whether it was Fat Albert in the seventies whether it was because we show in the eighties. Putting pops yeah I grew up with Bill Cosby he is. An emblem if I use that term loosely of my use. And and and I remember the Bill Cosby. That we would watch at night and laugh and you know it was good clean. Family entertainment where everybody could sit around the TV and watch that show and and slowly and I'm trying to come to grips with. The regal Bill Cosby one. That wasn't on television. Drugged and raped women and did horrible things and what's not excuse that we'd be foolish to try. But that's the Bill Cosby I remember. And that's the bill Cosby's strangely I want to remember. Also go out and I think we need to be careful. Holding yesterday's. Vote yesterday people yesterday the liberty and and dignitaries. Accountable a debate standards. Take it he's sixty years ago you know you play the probably the beeper. Often outing areas. But said the by today's standards it is you do not talk about when you don't they're stated that it step. I'm a hundred years ago it may have been commonplace. You know for men to beat by today's standards. Abusive and eight altogether but that's just that that was that 80 and it would just. You know though those are unreal man you know there there are other tricks well that day no it's it's those. Although you know those B Leo whether they're just there. College. Masculinity I can't think that saws. Toxic masculinity now. Now it's. It's it's definitely not acceptable but you know. Fifty years ago a hundred years ago we find out some of Portland folks who are. You know the people we looked up to Julia about how to behave well you know work out except a bit. And I met that Leave It to Beaver clip that we play from time to time and a pleasure to second. Imagine this. I'm not do that too to make a joke not now. I'm I'm using it to make a point imagine this on a TV show today and it would never fly. We knew we could out of sight you're always do it couldn't. Tomorrow I guess you know it's a woman's. Places them. Encryption. I explained my mom and welcome your eyes did not say it took him. Well I just women do all right women have all the modern conveniences. But ask men are better this rugged type. Can you imagine back now audit TV show today. That would blow up. That was funny fifty years ago was the norm. Quote the norm and ease and ash tags here quotes on the whole time colleges like. Sentenced. Today. Newsroom Caremark. The duck boat company owners want a lawsuit against them dismissed more next meeting. It's. We. Yeah. And it's. I feel it. And he. And and I want you. That's okay. I name. And it's always a. John Williams. A lot of people. On chooses throwback to. My 767798. A name that keeps popping up on the text line and there's so right. Michael Jackson. Man we forgave him. You never compared to the north and Scott. Okay. You're right he wasn't. My and the dude was weird humans and god he was weird last. Mel you over the park I'm only hello. Ten. And I think that particularly. What Michael Mack. I'm in Hampton Napster. On that depression. Every time he's on your every time I'm on. Wrapped show are you guys get along so well and Nicole. Wrote that oracle. Yeah moved in could be my doctor. I move them to my phone and doctor. Alan main lab that I. You're so sweet and started her breasts Twisted Sister. Our natural disaster that problem sore arm. As an amateur and the next. And that 16 AM I've got. I mean yesterday when you're retiring and Michael what you now they're trying to enemies no people suddenly are important. And everything you do everything. That your. But circle and I tried again yesterday I think you guys and I'll bet that chemistry. Them and I would let. Us. Yes you and Melanie or recruit. I am really fun and thank you for its eyes and. Ali hang out not to be your psychotherapist hear everything and am Mac could try to be better that the nine. Why are you depressed I mean you went into wide there like are you clinically depressed. Well don't I doubt that the momentum on talking to it I. Well you and their doctor's note. Know what's going on there from their kid. I don't know that I'm running out of GQ. BS. I got you at the net all. My own act now. You're you're gonna. Happen. And I give you some advice some mixers or second funny jokes aside as somebody who has battled depression and his wife. You you're not alone for a Mel is Tokyo fear. Because there's some phone. Let me say something. Honest about this in the past. About now because actually do consider this serious business. This is not route. Somebody who has suffered from depression in the courage. ID. To seek help you are not alone that is the worst part about brush. Is you think you're fighting this alone. And you're not. You are not alone my friend and go get some help there is so nurse there are so many places. This is serious business this is life and death and I'm not minimizing it. And I'm not exaggerating the written. This is serious business if you think for a second. You're having depressive thoughts. In everybody gets depressed to remember wrong everybody feels like sparks and there's a difference. I know that difference I know the guys that Macs because too. There is no shame. At all. In asking for help just go do it. Get rid of the stigma that to that depression. Has this horrible stigma I've talked about this for years on the show us from the first day that I knew I add. Get help if there's no shame in this game. I promise. I have been depressed. And again let me just reiterate there's a difference between having a depressing day and being depressed. Find yourself somebody you trust gets some help I swear to god. I swear to god in my father's grave. There's a light at the end of that tunnel. Just find it. Committee got bush. OK we Levy Melanie enough. And cool parent. We got here. Do you see this Kansas woman. This is from channel five. Born and raised in the state of Kansas went at barber. Mountain. Did not expect this kind of counsel Barbara have been issued US passport before this time around Barbara was told that are. Birth certificate. Was not good enough to prove for US citizenship blacks according your from Barbara it's like their retro actively declaring that I was never citizen. I was born a farmhouse in the 1970s Wentworth Cali she is the birth certificate to prove it. Father went to the courthouse days after she was born to certify Herbert raised seal at all. The local passport agency accepted that documentation is more than satisfactory. For passport. Days later she received a letter from the federal division of the US passport agency telling her the application was denying. And required further documentation. Quoting here from Barbara. I have a birth certificate it was acceptable for wouldn't be accepted a capital letter stated because her birth certificate was not issued at an institution. Or at a hospital. It was not considered proof enough. She received a letter asking her to submit any number of the list of additional documents. A border crossing Carter green card for your parents. Issued prior to your birth. My parents were born in the United States may you have overtly religious records. We don't have. Our family Bible. I. Barbara says they won wouldn't accept my birth certificate they would accept a family Bible. As proof of my US citizen. What what is left. What is up family bibles summing has been passed down from generation to generation and how does that prove that she's a citizen of the United States. I am noise that is insane. However KC TV five called the US passport agency the employee answering phones at the county issued birth certificate which is what Barbara as. Would be more than enough and more than acceptable. For passport application but in some cases that decision is made a case by case basis Casey to 85 will get the bottom of this. Casey to revive contacted germ rams office senator Kansas. Asking for more details concerning what transpired after barber contacted the senator's office. And soon receive her passport in the mail but Barber's concerned. If this happened to her about this being an official federal balls at what may happen next. I worried about the all the people in Missouri. Who try to travel if that driver's license. Older I restore I met today Michael actually. They're talking about another. X extension of time for the stadiums are here's the funny thing you know I went to go get. My new driver's license. Couple three weeks ago. And the lady at the countersuit do you want this to be a federal ID. And I suggestions. And she said we'll bring you need this and the list included. Passport which I brought with it and I showed her my passport and she said that was not good enough. Might. American. Passport. I wasn't in the mood to argue with her there were a lot of people behind me I just want to get out of there. She said my passport was not good enough. To make my eight Kansas driver's license. Federal ID called. And so on my Kansas driver's license it says up in the right hand corner not federal ID. Yes I have a past. So. What does that mean he'd probably uptick passport with you every time he traveled. If our wanna leave the country but I was gonna out in the past forward anyway well I don't I am but I mean it. Why you'd be able to travel if it's a non federal idea are you going to be able to travel domestically. If you fly. Yes. Well I always travel with my passport and went about a word. I did that so if if I'm going to North Carolina I'm going to Texas I always care pass. No matter. Missouri receives an extension until January 22 turning nineteen oak. And are they just gonna keep extending it. Apparently and what is it and I asked out of ignorance what is wrong. With the Missouri driver's license that it doesn't qualify as some sort of ID card I think it has something to do with that and I'm aims of the scanner yes this means you with the pork that's an aside. It. 57677. Month. Playing here. Even though I don't really you're actually on the theater just looks like you are. And mr. towns go to AA running king's mill high Iran. A couple of the whole thing with the certificate. Is actually ended it. To disqualify voters. And this is why it is bigger mostly targeting south let's state story is illegally crossed the border. In these in certain institutions or is going to counting caucuses. They would get birth certificates at a burger catering and her trying to colonial. On a date certain or. You're a qualified people or find out whether there will be cooler. And then there. Which driver likes and the reason waiter says it's not federally approved an important. You're not going to be able fly domestically I would say we're having a network or by IE your passport. You'd do that with past. It's the thing but it Emory and you were to lose your passport and you were today. You could Washington DC. Now you're stuck there until you get another forum like. Because it is not a federal league career. I beat you in. A Iran obviously smarter about this and I am. I CTU. What is the problem. Is it to the bar code on the backer what else. A couple of different things where in American thing I know everything about it but he basically what they are wanting to view is yet. All driver like him loose to fit a certain the but it looks like there. O agreements it has that declaration on the driver like. You're you're all uniform. To Wear. In here saying can you. Think you know this is that a terrorist or what we're now. He got it. You know plus our current you know murdered and then there will be another place to recover that Adam. I mean there you know US accepted. I eased but no different. So they're easy to would be easier. You know like you if you got your computer for them. And it verses having one standard life. To thank you GO Ingraham you get the last word I joke. Now a year but the other thing too with servicers can get in federal building. And you'll feel on Fort Leavenworth. Without it sent. So you have to have a federal building on it and have it told Rodney. And I'm getting ready to go on troop numbers should expectant impeached tried it star. To get the star lights. In the state of Kansas called star like pocket wire and having so much trouble why you make six trips. Well a true number one it was a first monthly implemented in the year ago. And they did have clear instructions aren't like you walked in my passport thinking. So like the world do it you from the clerk told me yep you should be getting. You might Mario like. Back out early. I told to stay they do what we really don't have to have this much mustard or so security toward. And well and good luck guys who have given new. Aren't like that but. I love page. On behalf of our producer of today the finest men in all of America. The great right now. My different coasts today Michael MacKey from Michael Mikey ask. Involved with in Kansas City magazine follow him on FaceBook and Twitter if you would be so good in Kansas City. On these items got parks and god willing product or 2 o'clock have a great night BC. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.