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Tuesday, July 10th
Hero or Villain?   

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. On show me as soon as the. So care. Important day Scott that he doesn't surprise to have the whole band back together for the first time in a long. Time that they and his back yes and I have been waiting for this day. Is Scott and never answers an email or does anything I tell him to Virginia. Is going to fall over when we opened the box that my friends is brought in reference to studio. Please welcome Annika and Malick chains. To the studio. With that shiny box with a big red bow on it and I am so excited to show you what is in that box. And none of well. Sort. So guys welcome. Thanks for and you are the two that brought the doomed from New York City to Kansas City. And by the way this agreement. Thank you I saw him. Hearts all right Byrd guys that are not very cool so your grand opening was a few weeks ago you asked this to come in and get our due done. Remind people what this is because until you see it it's really hard to conceptualize. What this it is. Basically this is a 3-D scanning system that has 66 cameras when you step in front of it 66 cameras take one instantaneous picture of you wouldn't from that we created treaty file and we can either created 3-D digital avatar or printed off but we different. It's a little mini. Action figure sort of the arms don't know of but he didn't need to. I. I mean I'm so excited identity you know this is his birthday present the plan that would blunt. Am. I guarantee you with our rights of has the right way and you cabinet. Or. Rumor regards to how how people so far have done this intensity he gives you looked at a few hundred eyes on the mayor line. We definitely haven't been good amount would have an all gonna bank union. It is when you need your picture taken yet it doesn't printed out. You know Alex opted out every so excited apparently ready. For the little mini dangling out of sorts I know right that Agassi yesterday though you can break we were we good. We could soon be hard just getting out and go all. Some pretty. Yeah I. Heard for the winning the and Damon are bought for their guns at his home. This. OK so I didn't care and my daughter's like will do maintenance will be his right. At. Say what do you do with. I think what you. That's right. I like to think given as a time machine you go in there with present moment in time. I. All you see Michael that's golf. Now it is the bumper stickers just outs and a and I held date and parts bumper sticker he read it. I. And that's what scares me and I'll come and go out and. Have to do before and after I spent some. Things you've been asked I can you do. Did without your clothes on the answer that question you say is yeah this I think that's really weird but if that's your thing whatever it. She's up let's are proud so super care. Isn't kind and it's your mother in law. Here is all. Imus that cost and they start in 95 dollars for points and. You can read it started. Looking around Cutler didn't rely so at UC UC. Yeah actually this is it. It's a means creepy. Creepy what is the life size and like I. It also anyone there were working on right now this gives new meaning his and he expired. Well the larger kind of the resolution is just more details more details so. Suffice it to say it looks like human rights and accuse others of Buddhist monk that we're doing now a couple of poses that it's on candy he's quiet his dues quiet. But he's very quiet. I think it's fantastic. Island. And what he wanted to do our current. Well it was actually him to do and it was there was a group of people that were giving him. People don't families you can do your dog and there are a couple of dogs and there that are. Why apple now really need to Scott takes still end there's still life size monk White House Scott look at that. Goodness I mean that is amazing that is really amazing what's amateur what does this mean. So poem her excuse me resin a polymer. In English basically it's a very very fine tile. Powder Coca that's got to well. Is it heat resistant could melt well and could I pray. Right you wanna. The two things you wanna do is is we we consider these not so much two was as a workable artsy wanna keep it away from western direct sunlight sunlight just like anything else like your car whatever will eventually fade to coloring you don't want that. And then of course heat. There's not a lot of things stand up to drink easily and well it'll probably here melt something like that it yet. You look at I. See my necklace I have a very tiny it's a teeny tiny. What UConn company and so sorry. I don't know what but you concede that the hearts and the tiny little late bloomer Tiffany Tiffany and you can see on there and my sunglasses on my head where they always are. Fantastic. I just like you could see the resemblance between dollars. Oh yeah hello and so tell me I'm companies can do this I just like almost like a photo this I don't know if that if it would work like that. But it if you. Like owns earners something can we you guys go out. And two men or work for absolutely absolutely Lotta people are saying give us the website X. And do not so I mean it's DOB. Read the dock. I do like that do yes basically like the isn't Augen and a Malone and then be Asian boy and 3-D medias and don't turn it into the toenail polish on my feet 'cause I'm wearing flip flops and I mean really. That is kinda crazy. You know what's cool is every time we get one of these the stores we open it up we acted as we do every. And we went like this than it is up and sell. Paint the picture quick. Rob we were kids they have the the Star Wars action figures with the arm moved in light. Luke Skywalker light savor the had to move up his arm. They're not that yeah there was like and they're not those there than to. Star Wars action figures that you get like at target or Wal-Mart. Wherever. Where they're bigger. They don't move. OK but rather just the figure. That's what it looks except the sidelines the intention of danger of that statute it's like a little tiny color statue. Of pain and it scares. Kelly do I'd never places like next to your bed on the hell. I think this is fabulous and is one of those that would ruin any people say is like why why would Jesus and the first thing I said was why wouldn't you do right course is so. Yeah any reason you'd have a photograph or. I think of my daughters football team or something you don't mean and and you can do one person you can do three you need them. Three people right next Richard council you can do up to three hours listening in on my fourth they're small and you have a kid but three people for sure but if not. You can doom individually the press hasn't changed so he can do three people individually or through together still the same price so it's it's personal choice about. A lot of people wanna see pictures of it were FaceBook lighting this right now according to have one months is go to our FaceBook page. Became easy FaceBook page we it's on FaceBook live right now. And you can see. The justice you have to do this. God yeah that Bristol thought was we would share and a ride. You know and we wouldn't have that team. You never listened to me you does he ever listen now there of course. Unleashes. And the funny thing he said he wanted to lose weight so when I've done is I'm have a lot of before pictures of before dukes and their people and wonder where is your after Michael Moore coming after. All the forms. And. Is aren't like where's I totally and I want how. Yeah I. Do 3-D dot com we. You were not paying mostly on the here we're not making you number there's no exchange your. What's the address. 6511. West 119 street in Overland Park Cheesecake Factory is much different. Parents are welcome welcome out of town and might make it. I. Is it that there might be innocent and I opened the. So yeah. He also won yet this peninsula into the box that pretty read it right there at the box got that the mine did thank you guys that is so much yeah you do it in line you do a lot of interest and love it. The interest rates may extreme make you make the argument that you're I. That's right. Grade obscenities at a art do 3-D dot com. Thank you will see you as an off day tomorrow aren't aren't aren't aware my fund is close enough of them just Wear clothing that. If not. A. You know the right hire can have a huge impact on your business it's shall make sure your job posed reaches the most qualified candidates. You could try posting on job boards that you really know who will see it. When you post your job on Linkedin. It reaches 70%. 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Met me in the phones so I know I just I mean to sound rude. I doubt the widget please I just something. Now you're pregnant a bit more yeah you have been two of your pregnant cells with Charlie. No. Up. That's interesting again. I'd seen a night that little older you can say this was you out before you were you up. That the problem with that is that I than have to pose for pictures while pregnant. Please listen let's keep that exact same RI and cross that bridge and yes. And has put it it's so each you know you could. Also just throwing this out you can do your child every year out outweighs the same day yeah on the same day every year you won every year on that today. And then when they graduate high school you having really creepy collection of eighteenth. This off to college with these were regrettable year. You're electable awkward those diablo discredit these races until. We do view that your because actually wish you were my. I didn't want a reminder that you. Not about it really is a good idea so they like you know charge that was okay. The twelve soccer players and their coach. Are now all safely out of the cave in Thailand they got the last one out can you imagine being the last one and you're there by yourself the coach was last one. As it should and he has become rather controversial. I was watching CNN this morning. And they said he has been vilified. I'll come on Google local media in Thailand. They're upset with him because he let them. Into the cave. And I guess it was his idea hey let's go export it however thought come on you know why he was in the worst condition of all thirteen. I heard it's I heard he gave in his food all the food that he took and he rationed to the children. But he's being vilified and Jamie modest sell it was telling us earlier. There's talk over there in Thailand of suing him out. For will act. I'm assuming he's not worth a lot of money and it's interesting because if you around the. World she is being praised as a hero. He is a Buddhist monk he's being praised as a hero for his employees and home route during his situation that could have been really. I was really bad. You know if sue him I would be so. Sad. God forbid had half of those children tighter three of them died they couldn't get the mountains I can start to understand where. People would be. Really he. Questioning why did we do this this makes me angry that kind of thing they all got out and saying god they all got her. Is anybody to blame for this now. A monsoon. You're wondering what that white is is in the background it is ten. Thousand damn degrees in the studio. We are running a fan I am 44 years old come try to turn it off and we'll cut you. Are you mood today I got that impression I don't know miserable four and you know he ever ended general with a group of 44 year old women when the restaurants too hot. And it hair. Rod he's doing okay they're trapped in case you can't out of here I am. Rodney. I think he's a hero I don't think there's a lawsuit. I think he kept them alive I believe that I really do. Lot of people are pointing out the. Thai Navy SEALs did lose his life trying to save them. Well and to his. Posthumous credit. They were saved because he was able to deliver I think it was oxygen tanks have. Two of them and then I believe he died on the way. Back I've been reading about him too they said look at that wasn't for this guy who has experienced. 38 years old cave diver navy seal guy. Those kids would not have the chance they had. As Scott yesterday you were vilified in the coach now you're on his side know and they never should have gone into that K. They never should have gone can you imagine if I. Was on some. I don't know maybe my soccer team won on a tournament. Down in. Springfield Missouri or somehow we decided pay. There's a cave over there that hill let's goat teen couple won the parents would be furious. It. It does seem like there's a little bit of a liability when you are the only ones taking. I think what we're doing is we all got so wrapped up in the story. Via and the rescue and it was a fascinating story there's no question about. Okay but I think we're looking at this. From the United States over in Thailand where it's kitten was on a soccer trip. And the coach took them into the cave and they got stock and they were in their for 14151617. Days and they had to beat. Taken out by in you United States navy seal. There was question about their health and their mental health for years to come you would. The furious but for whatever reason because this happened over and Thailand were willing to cut this guy some slack alt com on lighten up on the coach I. Whale how many times does he should get out why wait how many times does the scouting master look over the course of the last fifty years in America. They are on sun you know advanced eagle scouting type of weekend trip and how many times has that happened that day start. Hiking or wandering. Nightfall. Comes. And they get lost in have to be rescued and kill it kill boys I want screening never does that does were boy scout I can't think of why it happens Scott does burst into it does happen. I've 767798. To the news or McCarron marks there's a lot of work left to do for families separated at the border mourn acts. Are you sick to be in the main course and your own backyard you do not have to be anymore you don't need a constant battle with mosquitoes around your home this summer. Mosquito joke and how I wouldn't it'll let those annoying mosquitoes ticks fleas take anything away from our summer fun. I scheduled a treatment with mosquitoes Joseph and you should too you're gonna love the owner David his father dale they're great guys and they get so many positive reviews. 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Alden says those parents who bit removed what had the chance to decide whether the child was deported with them but the majority chose to be deported without their kids. We've seen many of these parents who have been removed declined to take their child is because they completed the smuggling acts the goal. When they paid a smuggler in these criminal organization to these cartels five or 6000 dollar to smuggle themselves into the country they're going to get their child. You have the 102 kids under age five who were determined to have been potentially separated from apparent 27 are said to be not eligible for reunification. Reasons include parents having a serious criminal history people determined not to be a child's parents. Parents facing evidence of child abuse and parents being treated for communicable disease. And parents whose location is not known. 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On a Tuesday throwback to Haiti's. 1980. But. I've 767798. Us says was in the coats only like 25 years old I believe that's right he was very young. And if I do wanna announce guys is they're saying in Thailand especially in some of the rural areas. They're not sit in front of a television screen playing video games all day there are a lot of kids who. In the rural areas there entertainment is exploring nature OK but so you don't get your normal teenager thinking of here in the United States like he can't do that there. There to pour a here's another one for video games kids go out and play it does not surprising these kids along with the coach when exploring. That's fine. Don't go that far into the cave. Export the first 100 feet. They were in a mile. Off my all. That's a little too far boys. It. 57677. Nightline one hello you're on the air guard. Hi there morning our web early morning shadows. I heard that it was a tradition that they in fact after that game. The player and coach would go and they'd brought their hands on the inside of decayed. Trick. It. And our locker starting Tammy and paint and then from the locker that was coming and thanks TBE eight. Let me about it. Why would you go win there if you knew the rain was coming. Well maybe you thought it was a father and I don't know. You're not necessarily thinking Langley where you're responding to something happened it was a tradition that they had weapons. Jets coach do numbers are off the top of his head. Apparently this as a common thing for them to do it just didn't work out well. So sorry mean cash offer which is thought. Art thank you called are you ticker I 767 so I'm just so there oak hanging. So I am. I don't wanna be Debbie downer here I'm thrilled that they are okay however I would. Need to remind everyone he's 38 year old. Highly trained. Thai navy seal losses life in all of this and sadly I don't think he gets remembered cordon off. But I just don't see the point in going bat or health or would you want your kid to go into a case. What would be appropriate. 66. Foot. And c'mon back. I mean they clearly what it if they were trapped by rain on the life 360 yeah can you come back if they were trapped by rain water they had clearly gone in 24. Which means that there was a bad decision made by somebody I would have to say that the bad decision was made by the coach. Do. I agree I think that they worry about it yet. Or whatever. And that when you're out here yeah I'll eat it. Why. Treat it weren't born or. I don't think yeah I don't think that app are out candidate that you aren't and obliterate my. Not quite there are active and its attack you ought. But that's my point any immediate and safe correctly or very well and many just don't agree who the hell are you by the way. I don't but yeah at all. Com and how far into a cave do you need to be aware when it starts raining. You need to go backwards farther into the cage and forwards out of bed. I don't know if you meet I. It. Big app it. Be safe out there. Okay that's what it sounds like inside a hole or truck. Okay. Summers is it was almost death by dumb ass you know I would agree that. You want to talk about this in your back. Right again at 3 o'clock let's talk about that three. It is is really hard to read. That story it will be hard to talk about that story. And Scott when it comes to a mother. Who is desperately. Anguished. Over at the sly did. Of her son who is addicted to drugs that. Where do privacy rights kick again. Verses this kind of public service announcement we keep seeing what people posting photos. Of people in various states of overdose. And is it OK for us all just be a little bit uncomfortable. A cup. I before it that Scottish officials rod you'll be happy to know have a plan ready. If the Loch Ness Monster is ever caught. Officials drew up a set of guidelines on how to protect the species including releasing him back. Into the lock. The partly serious partly fund code of practice was written in 2001. By the Scottish national heritage as an age which is funded by the Scottish government. Estimates now says well dust up the planet put it in action should the big east ever be discovered. As officials should take Indian exam no such thing I know. Are they running low on tourism or something many more people to show up to Nazi. You believe him locked in response. I believe the Loch Ness Monster was a shadow on a photograph. I've always said now that every one. Carey's amazing cameras with them all the time I see all these pictures of big foot you know that's not weird. We hear. Used to be those. And then now it is okay on their phones and amazing cameras there is no blurry pictures really anymore you know. Little less software photo whistle as a result picture but it has been a while the less I saw a pick and the sacks aren't gonna explode with people who are old notable talk about it. I ain't seen it I. Even some things quite Loch Ness Monster is not okay one of them not not to get into a conspiracy after running back in your record. What is the one thing. That's never been proven to exist. But you think it does it's. I iPhone and other plant and a ailing okay all right this has too many people around the world has seen something. People I'm going with aliens and Roswell and area 51 and all that staff or to letters fifty whenever. I'm with all that's. I really believe in big so I believe the government and stuff added it's not telling us why doesn't the government dollars. I think there're panic reasons we've talked about that they're religious reasons for some people which I don't and I think there are like languages. I've always and I think it has a whole lot less to do with religion and a whole lot more to do with. Telling the American people yes aliens exist yes they can come here and turn cows in the inside out and stick things about it whatever it is. Another we can really do about scene or not your lives which won't. Trying to repair the one where it happened and they allegedly today. Past. Those guys passed a polygraph. Return of the one with a guy claims who's taken up into the yes it and then their neighbors don't snow hit in the fields they've of that movie. One word. Scared me to death in every sees this Europe. Falling off the table someone spills a bottle of like maple syrup. And he sees that and it launches him into this Rory easy psychotic flashback of what was done to him. How do you all pass the polygraph these were like you know small town alone. Yeah I remember the movie Adam. Disarmament name you know what I'm talking maps tell me on the texts and and that Yemeni twenty you don't talk about yeah I know the movie I just can't over the years ago. You believe they got pilots that's one work. We'll fire and this. Is. That's one work BC there's been an update to that because they never recanted. They said this happened to us. Independence. Day. I don't think that was the movie I was in 1993 film based off of the book at Travis Walton. Which has Hollywood took some artistic license I know I only are proud to. Oil or go back he took artistic license via admit that. Hollywood it took some artistic license with the book. You. Know with the movie. How can we don't see how aliens don't just there's so much more powerful when we are. And better than we are. Why don't they just put their spaceship right there in the sky outside the studio come down take you or me with a. To do is expected but there's no I saw that then get eight that's right they were working on a tree thinning contract in Arizona. K on the right back up right like have their own. BS on that already there coach reasoner is on the death after shutting off the engine to their trucks they got closer to this unbelievable sight the craft appeared to be stationary. Floating twenty feet above the ground with a diameter at fifteen to twenty feet. And a small liberal crap Travis hastily made the decision to examine it up close decision that haunts him to this today. Lou it seemed he was hypnotized by the mystery. And in the energy shifted and the sauce or started to walk. This is a thing I'm telling you I believe something happened to those guys. Then why doesn't an alien if they can hypnotize me what their spaceship. Why don't they just land outside the parking lot tonight at 6 o'clock wobble. Make me hypnotized take me up and anal probe me. And then drop back off and about a week. Ask me if there if they're better than us I mean they don't meet high heat I mean they always seem to come at night. Weird. Eighty. To me something happened and is meant not say in what but I think something happened and the government eroded. So once thank. Believe that there is alien life out there I'm just not convinced that they've come here. Kidnapped it's proved to us why returned him. But they just take him up their program do their research and tell us. Why we're scared to bring him back they're that. And when they polygraphed all these guys know blatant signs of deception were detected. Say that last part of him no blatant signs of deception were detected a bit but why would they bring him back. Until announced and I'll I'll. I would hope they would bring me back I wouldn't be stuck at their net gonna know. But they have no reason to bring back him. Try to be nice. And make him Fran there's something there I don't know why but it ain't the Loch Ness Monster com and that bigfoot. Now. Now. I've 76779. It rob Babcock to Iran I'm Scott parks are carry them exit. Hey Scott Steve decreed a mass diamonds have Allen some seventy plus years experience between the two of them. Buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars in fine jewelry. All over the world they are wholesalers it's what they do and because of that you are going to say. Let them design something for you. And sell it directly to you that said this before you could price them first you can price them last it doesn't matter. Line up five estimates they don't care I'm telling you I've seen this happen again and again and again. Wholesale prices when you are choosing a diamond. Will not be beat. They don't even have a receptionist on staff to answer their phone they don't have steps it's just Scott and Steve Craig Thomas diamonds by private appointment only. The pulse of what they can do for you 91366096. Of nine. Not 136609609. McCree Gomez diamonds dot com. Which was able to and maybe worrying. Under. Army Tuesday throwback to the eighties. David Lee summit. Enabled. They don't better than I deserve my friend thank you for us. Hey listen I think they're warriors on the US vote vote. I believe that there are. I just don't believe an alien. It. And everybody that. There's. You're certain you're Christian right well you believe it. You believe that the principle I think that's right Satan. And I believe that I believe in the WF. Our. Well. UK color change people's mind. Then if you haven't even opened detailing. It. I. Up to David the David for what benefit. Don't understand your point. And that didn't let little people they don't go to the editor where there are other people aren't they and I can't eat I got creative and what would it create it back out there it doesn't say bland and multi million anybody else do they didn't. I agree to. Let. The bullet Dowayne aliens to come here okay well my point well. In independents day they came here because they were running out of necessary raw materials. On their thank you you're allowed to use Hollywood I'm allowed only I only his and it sends you running out of their raw materials. But I don't so indicated believe in aliens you can find it easy to blame and especially the Bible. Let me get into legion. Let let's let's not give in or religious discussion because if we do that we got a Serena and all the other ones and because were an equal opportunity. Bradley show on the ice. But I wanna get in the religion aspect the the only religion component about aliens I find fascinating is why it would. Religion. Because I don't think it would. When her mind. Dave in liberty another day hello there. I can't well welcome respite from my Supreme Court nominees then. You'd from the but it is more often that Travis Walton fire in the guys like being. The UOO. Stories you are talking about. Urges Regis and I think at first and then all the movie and I'd open movie was. Absolutely fantastic. It's as compared the bowl. And at the matter back in or you'd that FBI eight new interview death. And he's sit that he didn't necessarily believe and you vote himself but he absolutely believed that they were telling tree. So he's that you is that the decide what do you eat that baseball but they're telling the truth but it but it and then it was the Berry burst. Document it abductions story was in 1960 was Betty and Barney deal. And if you read that one that won't really really make you wonder. Just what's going on because she actually mapped out. Practical things. That the alien said the that you were traveling back for. And I. At mat that out and it was like. It was twenty years ahead of the crime that that art of the universe actually been mapped out by high powered. Dave thanks for the call most of Betty hill's notes tapes and other items have been placed in permanent collection at the University of New Hampshire are on the moderate. According to a variety of reports the alleged UFO sighting happened on September 19 1961. They were driving. And Betty claim to observed a bright point of light the sky that move from below the moon and the planet Jupiter upward to the west of the noon. She thought it was a falling star and. No falling star tree to report on us every time. And and I'm running an. Home about dawn hill's assert they had some odd sensations and impulses they could not explain. Their watches would never run again. The toes of her shoes verse grapes. Yes. Now. Maybe you kick something. And good news anchor or. App and now I'm Jay and easy and Johnson County family house to get rabies shots mostly wind next. It right here for doctored Aegon that's interpreted reasonably would. 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