Casi Joy from NBC's 'The Voice' on her big win in the knockout rounds

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, April 5th


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We are very happy have a very special guest for this once again after a big night on national television. Great control. It's everybody in the class event and November's. Know exactly how to do it and they say you learned from countless companies to get back. Like tough when your body you can win this knock down. Winner this knock out his passes. Offer I again. But cast his old school. She has a youthful energy about her performance is Marty thank you kind of music she needs to move forward. And that's what. Passing. I'm going to. Realized I didn't. She joins us right now live from on Kansas City she is are very yelled we're happy to have her from the voice she's under the live rounds Cassie joy is with a signed KM BZ. Cassie your media tour continues thanks so much for giving us some time today. And thank you so much for having me and like gearing up quickly and office. A. Okay congratulations on making it through the third elimination round I guess we'll call for those who aren't super familiar with the show there several rounds of elimination you've now made it through. All the versions that were recorded ahead of time now we've gone of these live rounds just how you feel now. Oh my god I eat a light on cloud nine that it but days. Now but they yell and he does all of that love and support at getting a trader at. Earned it from my own account and everything it had been so there. How long this all actually take this for those of us watching at home it's been weeks and seemingly years since we first saw you during the with a fortune or turn Cassie and how this all actually take to film. I actually started all of this and you'll laugh it. Wow. And yeah. So it took it out how it's been going for awhile and then have you played we talked you a couple of times now and you've done really well. Holding in the information. How hard is that knowing that you already know Dino kind of the results in and you can't say a word to people like us. No earlier than it was really hard and you know that the fact that they air the episode that I watched them live out. I did put myself back in it that round but I am I'm so glad to be able its market we'll find out. I I. Parts. Of the knockout round and what you performed and and the come does that you went through this latest round so those for those who aren't is Miller country music music. You did a song called my church which was the first single from a new artist named Marion Morrison was it was a big hit for her was her personal. You pick that song and how you decided to do to take on it that you tuck. I am yet that's one of my favorite. If they would play out. And I felt like it was the right kind it sort it out about the play instrument. That was a good sign that he got on and it hit it showcase. My brain that I haven't really gotten so any rain or any I. See your eye on that like that was the little introduction. Q all of that. I had to tiger a fast that it does listening to again the first inning came to mind was if someone like Faith Hill. Who has a lot of power in her voice had done the original because the originals a little. A little more inward it's not it's not as big as you made it and it may remind me right now. Out there are. There is a powerful voice and we got to see though little more. You got it was difficult to get it. It's at cape like a totally different things that light to. You know the old school country which I totally still love but obviously like I wanna be on the radio. I'm glad to get in a country current country. Cassie joy from the boys Kansas city's own here on 91 KM BZE got to say yeah so you said to get to show that you could play an instrument what else do you play. I played piano was well and back plane each camper. I'm now. I've played a mean I am worried about sixteen Miller Lite so I've I've really I'm really really good at that. It would when year interacting with police show that week and you guys are practicing and I'm not sure how much interaction you have when you hear that she's doing. One of the great ballads of all time in at the Celine Dion song what's going through your head. Not fair. You say you know how to act together the leaked and I worked through that back from it at the hotel. So it looked like before we knew that we were paired together or help each other with. Like. I didn't. A thousand professor Abbott don't get anybody but police can't because we're so different different on earth island every day and turn purple Blakey. Paired with a. Well achy in what. What are you thinking as you're listening you know this thing we played some for listeners where the other coaches give their opinions and sometimes. They won't give their opinion on who they like better which is sometimes a sign that they're gonna steal the other ones they don't wanna set their cards of the coaches his team here on. So what you think through that process and were you surprised when you ended up and wanna like that. It and the whole time I was the kind of talked and myself down like this. I figured with its just being policed and being back added to the banks like there was. No way I'd get a win that maybe that's why it is so out in the paper or. Like on everything that I at. So what's next for you mean you you're on the live rounds you can actually talked us like a real human being now which is nice to say what what's next for you guys. The word is definitely right now Ian. We are just going on every hurtful. That Iraq to go back to wardrobe that ROK app performance out there with I'm super excited about. It's. Trying to stay healthy not get sick yet that is keeper her car till April that the people in the life. OK so somebody who has watched many seasons of the show and you I'm sure have a while to kind of get an idea of who wins and what kind of songs you've been going forward. Adding educating wicket of that how the show work out I'm not gonna lie I've I don't want to tone of the voice till this year Chile you'd Cassie and. I mean as I've told Jamie I'm not the biggest country music fan in the world but to that the show appeals to overly wide audience and we heard like I'll say he's thinking now about the kind of music to have you do going forwards that you can appeal to people that listen in morning country. If your goal is to win with everybody India and so he has talked about what kinds of music you're gonna do going forward. I'm a little bit. We haven't talked about like Q ahead on teacher with all of this obviously you know we're thinking one after the trying that. Kind of the lead that I can tell you guys. Are we are you gonna break out and I think that's a lot of people are wondering are you gonna get out a country your performances. IE I don't want you but. But it's something. About and Blake thinks that that is like absolutely the best route for me you know to with the show a bit. I'll think certain era that there's something best. I think that. What does it mean to you when you hear a judge that's not cures or coach that's not yours like Adam Levine who we just played and he said Cassie is the one to watch. I doubt that it's so crazy and violent but because they are ultimately get it. Picked up up up up up and at the end we heard you say. And I can't wait to call my mom what was it like to call your mom back here in Kansas City. Oh my god it's vocal and I I didn't get I I kept going wait later in the day. And I told her earlier so she. Definitely thought that I didn't make it through it out violently calling for outward yes you know could buy it would be pretty upset not wanna talk that he definitely ironic that peak. I was like guys we got married at interviewer I can't comment on high. But the as a real quick how people on the hour on the team's going to live rounds how many other people are you up against. Our. Thorough it's five or team right now. Presently sixteen other Blake's team has five police his team as I've Weinstein has five and Adam's team as five. Okay and got to be nineteen yeah no problem getting knocked out of fuel Cassie I've got this. Hey I congratulations. The live episodes begin airing on NBC on April 17 I know Kansas City will be watching all these supporting good luck and congratulations once again can't wait to see it. Me you Beijing government. Take care Cassie joy on Twitter Cassie joint user act and she joined this Kansas city's or she you know when she wins if she wins. The next time she's in Kansas City I'd offer to come in studio I'd like to meters she simply just a a just a wonderful young woman. And yeah I'm fine I'm really likable and stuff matters is that at some point during. The performance is now the public votes and so marshes and the coaches that have been making these sessions. But later the public gets away and that's why that's why I asked are you get a country because not everybody's a fan of country music. But you gotta win with the masses in the end he's got to get some radio power at a live vote. I don't know how you can I think UIDUI tech dinner you can calling your votes. And then there's a formula to stop began canceling the public gets to throw down the final twenty. Nineteenth all she's going to be. Actually a debt as always edit his alibi but personality as part of and she's got the right likeable and as you wanna hang out with their personality that is really appealing on TV. She's in California. It is what 815 in Cali right now up. She's been doing media for the last like two hours that and and I think we're the last stop on the tour who have been at a and CNN that much energy she is the actor is going to be good I'm telling you she's gonna launch is gonna be fun to watch things to Cassie joy for joining us.