Casi Joy live in studio!

Midday with Jayme & Grayson
Thursday, May 25th
Casi Joy, originally from Smithville, Missouri, just outside Kansas City, joins Jayme and Wickett on #Midday to talk about her time as a contestant on the NBC show The Voice and what the future holds with her blossoming music career.

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I Thursday beautiful day in Kansas City it's 1006. Today Jamie's one of those days where I mean and even need the Phidget Spinner I've made I've I'm gonna happen out and I made. It's an all out and let me have it now and see how. On you go out messing with them sort it out at the start spinning something else let Britain I think. We've got a ton to get to today we've got worst the Montana GOP congressional candidate. Greg Gian Forte in the news again and Carson in the news talk about Harrison school. On that doing some sad she leaned on some people yeah we also got some new TSE restriction. Coming to tell you about it might take a little more time to board your next airplane if I may or may not have watched the entire dirty dancing remake last night's I. We're gonna start finish out its organizers say guest who said this between wicket nine covers that we have this morning that you said to me about your evening last night that me and my now my day started with the Manny peddy Monday bloody watching dirty dancing I drank whiskey. Why I'm. No doubt on a new round and I. Your dirty dancing. Is now. I'm glad I guess so bad but take your recap we are very excited you watched her on the voice you've seen her perform in and around Kansas City and we are Berry happy to have Cassie Julie in studio with us. So much for coming in need thank you for having me we'd on the media tour presidents cup the I'm glad you know where you are right now I. I don't yet to. Maybe in ten minutes. Now I'm just you know staying busy hands I love doing all this stuff I learn pilots check. Where that have gas to play a few songs a little bit later rod if you question you wanna throw to Cassie made up of voicemail about life after the voice text demanded 22980. It's 22980. And we're on FaceBook line Al Assad wanted to act and I beat him doesn't does the stations all you can also see issue looks cute as can be to now. Secretly treatments oh hey hey look I promised Jamie I shaved today and shower and comb my hair it is a big day for is for a big gasoline went all I really got to army does not happen at the now the time is fast and and you were unfortunately eliminated and even watching the boys do you watch where you wish you could have been and. Seated and I it and I'd at least he asked for my iPhone OK my were alienated and like. I guess I said to have been that really gonna hurt now because we're not in a lot it's set up a. No I he I would scene in an out it it hurt my soul a little bit to watch but I of course you know it's on my best friends. Where you know. Contestants site you know I wanted to watch you know I of course watched every every week in a Stephanie was on my best friend that Stephanie Rice. On site at bats you know watching my friends that at the same time regulate. You. Try a little bit just have an idea give a sense of the timeline that now things are done because the finale was this week said the timeline of when you recorded your segments compared to when the finale is tired. So I'm when he goes live it is actually lives but before that. So I was I was tied up with the voice for nine so awhile so it started in July it was when my very first audition was. And then. You know that the blind auditions take a whole month. Of 'cause they've got 96 people to wow chip Pratt and Karen makeup wardrobe. Voiceless and this is your song. Band rehearsal you've gotten so it's it's a lot of stuff that people don't know about behind the scenes have you kept in touch with everybody to sums on. Absolutely yeah I'm stepping national talk every day she's like my life coach and yeah and I Axel talked to Lauren. And actually and police a lot so. Are you mad at T soul because that's the guy that Blake picked when you were eliminated. I mean I sat there like he's it's a lock a whole lot there's already two women on that team the decay heat was that did you like it was of a male male broad time thing. Even when he said. He's like common adult with them. And comes out he's like man I'm Mike. To beat. T thought like that's still that's really not me that's it I'm really not get each. But no I've not been leopard diesel you on Atlantic bodies up. In your mine where you think and then after you laughed. Re thinking OK here's I think is gonna way and yet you always wonder that about competition says he kicked off and say they asked that a lot and do you know or do you get a sense of who what when and wasn't the person you thought. What a lot of us said crisply moved from the very beginning late said crisply hit from the beginning and out yeah okay that that. It was crisply he said multiple times there's your winner as the winner. Is. The my eyes are. Right here up over on Friday night here. Cadet but went when. When you watched you watch the finale because I'm not like I said when you got eliminated and there was no one else from Kansas City obviously there was no local interest. I know nothing about country music Cassie but I thought. And and and Jamie olds I don't I don't nothing about country music but when you're on a Mike. This girls got and I don't like I said clueless when it comes to country but you had a I think scrolls were locked to at least get to the final whatever. Well I that enjoy all types of music and a lot of people say that like legit my like favorite bands are. You know Carrie Underwood Rob Zombie. You know shine down so I'm like Lady Gaga all of them so I'd like to incorporate all that speculate. In the ticket waiting game a well rounded audiences that I'm not always like landmark Matra economic problem it's funny you know like so it's a relaxed on. It's I just thought it actually. So it's I try to at a lot of different elements that you know I got some crackers and some. And some yodeling is in deep into Hewitt had a chance to show that more you would have gone further just a second saying about it. I played you know just I feel like there was a lot that it didn't get to show them. You're grit Crist Stapleton song. Ideally to pay. I shouldn't have but I read some of the comments that everyone likes to as much as I can't believe she picked that. You didn't packet. Who selected. Ole Blakey. Yeah. Stem easier approach he's the guy you pick one I still for me I think it was a great song choice because I had die and bully I yodel I don't old country. They went to read that even older country and we went CU my church of and it's like okay she's kind of courage to continue country. Then we go to Chris Stapleton that's Mangini handling that's my five and you know I come from Iraq background so I'd like I was like I need to use the states no one knows that even. This from a microphones. So I was I was really glad that opportunity to just like rock out you know apparently I hear back. And you know. I mean maybe it should have been a ballad. And I gonna come home on a ballot in I would have been like. No one that I like to run mistakes at that these are you trying to please Blake Shelton because when -- that stage of the game he's he's deciding you know you get to that you get to the public later and I think that haven't watched the voice for awhile when you get to those those live shows later when the public's deciding I think that's what you got to broaden your horizons a bit. And terms your choices your stage shows up like that but initially you're just trying to please your coach or one of the other. Yes and T I I did so so we send an a list for the life rounds and it's of 25 songs and then Blake pics from there. And that was my number twos and so I you know I kind of pick Dick kind of didn't. Number one so broad you know by car through so we'll find Atlantic I ran. That before you get out here today I feel I've never actually you've ever pork okay in my head I was like are there is some Carrie Underwood business. Asks. You know the average a reason I did you remembered suddenly it was awesome did you and I am. I didn't cry that Egypt but it was part of my wedding present from my wife was to go to the Garth Brooks show and it was unbelievable. To go to match every song. You don't know that you do an ego and your like I had no idea that all of my favors or right or exactly yeah exactly and that's country. I mean that's on his country home. You know I think it's just a sport but injuries are now. Our own country you're right about that Cassie drew from the voice is with a sweetly as a song as we go to break here are awesome and I should buy into guitar that's Mort talked about plus. We are gonna get somewhat serious here because as cash is getting ready to started to herbal tyra she's playing locally are coming up next if you wanna go check her out. There there was a situation that happened in Manchester and obviously being an artist think is about to go out on tour. We want to know her thoughts on the Arianna grinding concert because that was such a massive story at if you have questions feel free to text amenity to united zero we'll pass some of those long Jesse joy here and anyone came easy taking us out with what's so we play and you're casting. I think I am going to play here. My son to India on earnings this is on my. Capital covers pleased by the and it all of the places. I. You need the big team did an Aggie crowd and our. Stay in the wrong. Mankins here do. And it doesn't end the lives and now it is now the seasons and tonight. On Smith is still in the season when I mean incentives. Palin can't yeah end and hanging. I'm yeah. Kids. Only thing. Need snack. Yeah. And hands me. Nancy I. Want news 981 K and easy. Mid day with Jamie wicket we're bringing you this hour casting joy Kansas City native who was on with a voice. In my magazine around. I would just ordered to the restaurant and wasn't looking at the clock so here they come back. They had to resign as enjoys your member of from the boys the finale was this week so we'll talk a little bit more about the finale she will again be at chicken and pickle. On Friday nights I believe I shows starts on 7 or 8 o'clock you get tickets on of that right or you can show up at the door and have their what is left seeking check out the music live we heard a little bit from a to break. We were just going to the bathroom together I as awkward as that sounds time we did Bjork X yeah. Announced or in my life Jenny story in my life. I don't have a lot of fun talking about the voice and all the when it was for you in the success and and and all that split. What did you make the other night when your heard about the Arianna grundy. Bombing I mean that as an artist getting ready go out on tour and you see that. It's I mean it it's heartbreaking it's it's terrible and most of all it's annoying to me that the people listen to music and go to concerts and see light music to get away. From all the crap and the drama and all there you know issues they're dealing with a life and you know to try to get away from not only to walking into more gist you know. Terrorism I mean it's. It's so unfortunate that that we can't just go eons you know enjoy life music anymore it's it's scary. We talked a lot on the show that day about when it happened the next day about whether it will keep parents at all from letting their kids go to some of these shows were these their ads of these bigger Arenas as a performer. Is something you give any thought to you and William now about just. I don't know what you can prevents but just the fact that this has happened Allan please very similar to sprints. Yeah. I mean yeah it's it is scary and it's not something that I really thought about before. But in the wind Dion. Christina green thing happened you know when she saw on the voice yeah and you know shots. At one of her show was and I had never even thought that was like that's seeing anymore you know and so then that happened denounce this it's a lake. Come on guys it's death race it's scary are you apprehensive about going into the I mean. Yes and no I don't think that I am at a place yet that anyone. Who would like. Well they don't ever well let me let's say there is a mass of country stars won entertainer of the year Blake Shelton. And he was playing a shell around here in Kansas City and ask you to be part of the opening act I mean public's gonna track 181000 people now Princeton they're allotments and what if you were an opening act for for Blake Blake if you're listening the answers yes. Yeah. That. Aids but I mean you know what I mean because you couldn't let let's say that this tour leads to something bigger and bigger and in your opening up for a mega star like Blake Garth or something like that I mean. YouTube really probably the thing. About I'd say it's scary but you know I think that's. Letting them win if if we are like oh can go to like concerts anymore we can't we can't drive on the streets and Marcus extra eyes and we can't. To this and that this and that lets all just stay in her house and be terrified that that they want so I mean. To some extent you've just got to live your life and I mean not let them. Control us what they're wanting. How does a fan because I'm sure you put a lot of shows having you spent almost your time in Nashville I believe and and you probably go to different venues and bigger ones against sprint center. What what are our fans that might be apprehensive now. It's almost scarier as a fan I am I'm always kind kind of looking over my shoulder and you know check in check in around anytime that weren't public. Places I mean the movie theaters now school I mean it's it's terrible place mean. And the unpredictable thing is that this was in a big arena but now we're in summer concert season and you know as as their numbers are they do a lot of the big summer festivals the big multi day festivals countries are is July county fairs. The kingdom can attract or state fairs and attract a lot of big these these outdoor crowds right and how many hired only yeah yeah. An Iraq that's coming up you know and tablet isn't going to Iraq fest oh yeah I'm seeing from Kansas City now it's at the speedway countries camped out yeah. Half dollars a multi country that's coming up the summer a couple of that a commit on the Tex I would throw your way all right did you not at zero Cassie drive in the voice it and studio if you want to ask the question texted in 22980. Is Blake gonna help jump start your career. And help you make your music into a career he's done it he's been known I am I am hoping so busy listening right now let me for fifth at a comedy. But it but did you have that conversation on your way out to me are you still in contact with Blake's people a mean or or any of the judges I guess it's I have his information. That's all she'll. If you have a pen and paper. And it it's. Let's see here at this from the Tex Lancaster eleven to the moon and back pretty free all the way. I don't watch talent shows that while what are voice. And also. Oh my gosh Cassie that song was amazing text and he's committed to two. 980. To get the chicken and pickle show going on it's in the north land 8 o'clock tomorrow night event bright is that where India. This at a kind of got event bright. And they would you deal because it seems like now you're gonna this is the beginning of and I saw on Twitter will people want you to come to Oklahoma and come to Texas somebody wanted to come to France. I saw that on. A lot of Austria I'm like if you or I am so yeah. Clay where every it's. Dean is an American Idol in the past has done like the tour is where they get some of the stars American Idol again there goes the performers that have done really well is they're gonna talk of doing that for the voice any kind of get the finalist together yeah after several seasons they've been talking about. A Vegas. Assistance as yeah yeah yeah yeah they. And it talked about it for this season but I don't I don't think it's gonna happen at this. The you know he worked with with blink one on one how much interaction you have with Adam or with a leash or Quinn and for my own personal want. How good looking was glad it was Glenn. Sit down I've been a fan of Gwen Stefani and I was about fourteen when she was in no doubt I'm sorry Belize is new on the block and gorgeous but I czar chemical and guy. See it's so beautiful and her habits and she has like a whole team like. Like a person for each finger I mean like there's a wall around her and you cannot see her until it's like. They get it perfect she gets mad at and then our park this season as Gwen Stefani did you work with her because of your relationship with Blake now at basically what you see and the shows how much. In acts guy with the other coaches it is second answer obviously much longer. On TV. So did you get any other advice about the because now we can ask the questions that we know you can talk about when you're kind of settled or did get advice about the business or anything that really stayed with you in terms of how to succeed in going forward even though maybe this didn't work out the way you'd hoped any any words of wisdom. And. I mean I have what I eat we didn't really get to talk specifically about like what to do next just because at all you know happened so fast it and you know he's he's was still on the show until now some hoping to hear from him now that the the season's over but. I just took from him. Than it did parts of my voice that that really shines through the most to him which was that just. You know the power and then in the in the yodeling and so I've kind of tried to hone in on what that means for my brand and have been kind of breaking towards that as well also. Sleepless in the song. Wonderful I'll get the news coming up here about a minute but when we get back after we hear more from Cassie to have the voice. She's in Kansas City girl well final it was like going up in KC what life is like in Nashville now and two words Jamie Luke Bryan. Like. It and a very honored forty players and text any questions to do ninety's or what he play now. I'm going to play aid brand spanking new song no one on earth has heard this from my mom okay our rights and just your mom. Just your mom as high as I had in Nashville with a buddy of mine Tom Glenn. And at this time is called sparks and me and got to hear a 91 came easy here's Jesse joined. And then UN I used to sing. It's. Time for me. Yeah. EE it's. Yeah in the Latin Tammy I was. And I live in match. And is now paying the that's not Atlantis made news. Here. And snow and. CNN's. You can't sing. We can. And makes me. That good still throw me. We've seen on small business loans and name. Yeah. This posting notes. And here we. And it's I mean. It is time to just have. Well. Love snow. And then they. No yeah. It's not and then they seem. 91 KM BZB David Damien wicket Jamie money Sally might wicket in studio lot more segment with Cassie joy Kansas city's on contestant from the voice. And you guys you're here with your boyfriend partner. Brody Brody what. Security beyoncé. Graduate class you guys have a date yet we due October 14 oh congratulations levee here in Kansas City and the twin. Breaking news in this everybody else already knew breaking news you're all invited that the applicants are now and my dad would be so upset I don't think I heard it on the radio that was linked. Now yeah. Bring cats and I am now how much I mean there's been here in Kansas City. Too much for me to be living in Nashville upcoming I thought I airports in that I live. It in Nashville. Because I am in Kansas City summit to just cannot stay that way I am so obsessed with my family and just. All the fans here and the and support that everyone's been showing here that scientists can I. Commend the guys make the feels of it but this career is. Get next national little more than yes yet career wise I'm like OK get this panic out of you know I'm writing out there playing playing writers frowns Ian you know now captives to kick it off so now I'm really super not living in Nashville. Where I thought you can check Cassie joy out tomorrow night at the ticket of pickle in the north land other rooftop. It's free to get a ticket and event bright you can stand on the side of the building and hear anybody gonna be up there you gotta get a ticket and event bright yes 8 PM. What's your dream concert venues cities will be your injury teams sent out sprint center for a good answer the big event at arrowhead Airpwn I lecture of the Mets are ahead caught in sprint senator. You. Text your questions that seats united zero we get on that I think is pretty good when during a break out what advice do you have for someone who writes country lyrics. But doesn't sing or play an instrument. I know a girl sings and plays and who he. Coming up I'm. Having a lot of people a lot of writers at a Nashville. Don't management and don't sing a lot of people are just like we're next. And a Briton with a lot of people that are like that and I see term quality oriented anyway. So it it works very well to right with someone like you'd get a strong ability person and singer and they need it with the person used to make it with words. How do you get paired up with somebody like that you know do you just moved to now how do you break and so to speak coming Taylor Swift and the Mosley was just kind of earlier this that's around our run ass until somebody listened. But if you just have lyrics adding your head you know you don't know the music firm how do you get a good partner like at the consignment. Today NSA I neck national songwriters association is a great way to meet writers Ian down you know right in their freedom writers rooms and all that so if you're wanting to break into the songwriting. Industry in national I would definitely suggest an essay I. But I'm just going to rounds and playing and then you know you meet up with with all these people into. You know just setting up as many current and seeking an end. And. If if you could set up some sort of concert who would you want a player who would be your dream besides Blake Shelton. Who would be your at arrowhead at sprint center who would be your dream you and somebody else going back to back. Luke brown earth. Top of them and they are or Taylor swift's. Any women that you do is cut here as you. He is and I would the bag right back into the is that the magnitude slip back. Alone a lie and I I mean there's act calendar in our office is all Taylor's well I'm Alan you don't even though right human being congressman okay lifelong I cried like an eight year old the entire time that she played sports and I was there to I was there was friends it was I mean like ugly cry. I was an ugly cry couldn't stop. I music has some some strong women and it especially you know especially over the years we've had some strong women are there any women in country. Whose careers you can see trying to model like a Reba McEntire Martina McBride who who did hits for 1020 years. Right right I mean I think first off Carrie Underwood is definitely like in the great template says if he I mean why she and the final here. But and got a career high yes well you know coming from a reality show in in you know making those today and I don't feel like. Even though she won I don't feel like American analysts is stuck to her name for forever you know she's really done a great job of breaking away from it same with Kelly Clarkson. Via her marriage more as I mean you know coming from a big songwriter background in just you know. Beaten down doors in Nashville and not she did sing with Taylor's home. How artists that grind by the way of beating down the doors and getting in front of you know record exacts an end and like you said peddling cassette tapes to people how much of a grind is that for you. I mean it's getting near impossible. Today with just the industry changing so much I mean you know records are selling like they used to end you know everything's just changing so right now it's just a matter of you know. Figuring out what's what's the new trend in the industry which is here streaming and Spotify in its mom and pop up and I. It's that the industry changes as a consumer like to meet the industry is changes the consumer because you know growing up. I'm 36 and we bought tapes and independents because singles and and CDs into tape I'd I would I'll show you it's about this big. But nowadays I mean you know he liberties bonus 5000 songs on it and it's a lot different than sitting at demo tape somebody. I literally think the last album that I thought was 1989. Really cost I have not have I mean am I the last time I bought an album is in 1989 and probably the same odd question that we got somebody did on days replied I believe saying that they are petitioning for the voice next month in Saint Louis any advice for people auditioning for the voice. So let's talk a palette for that first for that first round. I would go and there are. Being confident knowing your sounds Ian down just being an insult was is so important she got a good song that's gonna catch them right awake as they could stop the ten seconds so make sure that. Everything you've got is there. So you can't trip out of the gate you've got to be re you get a Beecher a game out of the gate you can't have a slow building song yeah 'cause there's seventeen billion people. I'm sitting at a light up I love that fact I campus. If I go to be memorable easy said he are two things on the voice in the early rounds yet the people that pick a song and they try to model it like the original and any of the people that'll take a song and go way off the rails with it to show the difference like yeah you've either got to do it just just write the original or totally. Toll on the other. And right absolutely. I think from mean. I don't I never really felt like I'd standout kind of a person like I a lot of time to go to those auditions and there's the people that like. You know on their crates in a pageant queens and like the. You know. So well I think that firm meat like the yodeling with how I stuck you know I'm not personality gonna go into an back flippers. Taken Fitch spinners. Which which we introduced her to your religious manner you're welcome home that it's from attacks linesmen says it we try to get into the Texas music scene and is it any different from the Nashville music scene. I have not yet but I hear that Texas is a whole other world and like so will be in Nashville and people come up and specifically request any place in Texas country. What does that mean I guess I don't know I am not like it's nothing to know it. Just know it's humid. Finally before we let you get Audi with one other song. We mention the two words Luke Bryan you said you'd love to work with Luke what was it like was it real. When you open the door and there was Luke Bryan Dexter Blake shell my. Manager asked him yesterday he's like so I mean house Telemar alive. Surely that was all fate clay review you could have been that excited I'm like the are you having me Catholic and a leg so I I I was walking in a 1000% sure that it was gonna be Ripa is. Yulia because they're like best d.s they've hosted awards together currently. I was singing a read the song I already knew Celine Dion was on the mentors and one of the other couples got us a means so I'm like. Really random read the song that we got this old song that not a lot of people knows I'd like. It's definitely and I got the red hair we're ready. Citing the deck for I had no idea I made yeah. So walking in and and Brian my fiance hit Aaron we just celebrated our five year anniversary of the day the full ball I was not sat silently at this. And some in the next day at. Walking in and our song for our wedding is a leak and songs that the day after university locked in honestly I was like I. Like literally. Like a isn't hard to listen to the advice and winners and your party does not and I honestly I don't have any clips they released later I was like it's been like twenty minutes and so on Brett did I run in here. It is it to play. ET. Do you remember any of that no no no okay. I remember one time he's that the witness at one Ortiz like all the ladies like that was money. I'll have got. We can't think. Enough for coming in here and others other things going on down all that are gonna go take care of can we get one more body one more song audio clean also as you set up let's see here. Olives from the tax line dude are you kidding me covered in goosebumps you're gonna rock the music world Cassie so good. I possibly said their birthday is October 14 they're landing. Congratulations. Through it just somebody said describe the country music scene today and Edwards are last. Meets trucks. Popped around. In tight jeans and that seat nothing's changed my did you know I don't and I don't know its own. That people it's been awesome avenue in here thank you so much good luck with everything hopelessly against him in a pickle tomorrow night 8 o'clock Cassie -- free show go to of that bright. And get your tickets he get up on the rooftop again it's event bright when he plane on the way out here. And in other brains and can knees on I wrote this with Stephanie Rice on the police Albert roommates the whole time you're out in LA in we have a lot of time. During the battles knock out round so we've got this together and what's the name of it. Currently. Called it a shell who as a joke I like to call turtles. Our I guess he joy on the way out thank you so much here and anyone KM BZ. Music time. I believe hands. Listen to hang man's landing yeah. It's. Hanging. And you lose it turned a little he. Am not time. Sick and it wasn't going to be so it's only enough. On this team. And can't stay. That thing. Anything new on. CNN. I'm Don Payne and. Snap. Very good time on the eve and time. Yeah injuries that's. Then at various times. Names here. Move. You on. And.