Cartoon rabbits throw blackberries at Mr. McGregor... Parents revolt.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, February 12th

Movie has sparked the hashtag #boycottpeterrabbit 


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. I used to work on the docks. Until we can't. Like you know shortly and I are orthodox and as a union of. For workers who work in the dark with. That unions gone on strike. The union of darkness no more eggs. Bring immortalized we're gonna start we. Workers of the dark. Cunningham two pounds on the I'm trying to work that they just room questions to. A year. No. I. Well in Alaska were they don't like for three months out of the year is news some legal. That's when mommy doesn't work in the right. On the networks. In the day. Everybody I'm. Admit your wrong and just do it. I thought to hunky support in the dark basis aware of Moses. He doesn't apparently works on the docks in the daylight. Union veterans strike was down on Fisher. To. Tommy. And we all it. So in two missing thank you and how would you say I'm used to work in the tar. Union men are on strike he's down on his like it's tough hit stuff. So it's so the bricks and diamond well. Bloomberg. Through what you have for us. I'm pretty sure the EU could be a professor at Southern New Hampshire University so where you know that online universe timed it claims to be southern New Hampshire but the ruling on lineup. Thanks Tom apparently an online adjunct professor incorrectly told a student Australia is not a country and gave her failing grade and okay now they'd reverse that decision and fired if they fail. The professor failed to student. And said Australia was a country and the professors like no it's not okay. How do you know that. How are you a professor. At doesn't know that. Some liquid. Coming countless other seven men and. Map you can get North America South America Europe Africa Asia. Australia. An. Anonymous. When. And now you're down. Asia securities in Asia Africa RD did south American party to America and Europe. Missing in the cold when the real man on our stick out I don't. Should be content when he goes there. Can do. Guess what happened on the tutors last night. So credibly edited some. Awesome there hand and let me just tell you one scene of the show is ten years old it is so. It. Did you know when they behead it amble land they did not use the chop acts thing that everybody else gets. He commissioned. An expert sportsmen. And rod and you know this because she stood in the spot pursuit and indeed they commission and expert sportsman. With this long shiny. Swartz and super sharp so forward. Sworn and password what he did realize this was his trek as everyone was watching the quaint. He said. How I saw it like over there and so she looks to the left. And when she looks to the left he's got his sore. I don't know that went flying through the air button. McNamee way to be had some gas then there's a guy who decides to go against the king and uprise there was an uprising if you well. Have you heard of these stretch machine. Yes. Wow. Women titled yes at the end of the road now this one they tie your arms to one end the rat they tied her feet the other end and then they pulled wreck of the noise that. The human body makes let me just say when one does as good tendons or rip I. So disgusting. I can't stop watching it. Stopped Sony backed them. Did you not see Braveheart it's a minute hang him which they did it's like I'm going to. Rick your guts out while you're alive its involvement then I'm in if you want Iraq is then we're going to cut you in sports that's called ordering. Then soccer and can't we just. Fork of the middleman and to cut I honestly think these things happened in in Braveheart unbelievable is wrecked every quarter because about it. Quarter. When you die right that yes. They quarter you after they killed mine and now what they would like in Braveheart for example with William Wallace. If that movie is to be believed they racked him first. Okay which is where they'd catch you out and then going portly body that they start the horse starts going forward and it stretches your body. It's called bracket. Then they bring you down from Iraq. They throw you on this table with your arms out it's like across brain accepted you laid down. I down then they open up your innards and they pull your intestines now. It's called it's a bowel while people are watching Kara as was as in what this does this is to get you to confess. OK because you know right and once your intestines have been ripped out you're still alive but you will not let. Because guess what your body can no longer handle it it's not like stabbing you in the heart where you would dot. Well and that's and there's no medical treatment system what are they gonna do and so indicted Albert people items. Gallup you know there's no medical treatment and so well once you've been disavow even today you would not win. They'd rip out your large and just. And they just they cut you open and they just go. I put. Let's let's tone down the point at that point they're looking for a confession. But you have betrayed the king rentals urinated in your battle for no. Not in the large go to the mall. And then if you will confess muted you don't and does that make your. And then your then they cut your arms and legs off and they put those up ice. As someone to say to me. And text me 2980. Like when a long histories. Continue on did we stop doing things like that to people. Electricity a day it's Prince Charles is ordering someone to be be headed today than when I was 17100. I mean it was hanging 1970s. Remember the last he had seen. That was the last he would we used and then some of that stuff still goes on in the desert. You think about it like firing squads those aren't used in the US anymore. Hangings are used in the US when you think of firing squad would be more humane than say the electric chair. Mean not that I am looking out for the humanity of someone who is kidnapped and killed a child per say. But it's interesting to me that that's the one and a uniter he's been used in the Villa out that in the united artistry that one went away we're not gonna fire upon. But will still Cindy's electric chair which to me is more barbaric and the firing squad. And is that even used anymore anywhere. You can't work question can you at all is it into state just came requested guests. You request that well because it's. Oh yeah by firing squad hang on. Them. Utah I'm going to be really amazed by you if you. Got that right. You talk and one others may be one others aren't even though there's another one. You tossed allows you to you can choose the firings while in 1913. And trees that make her a bitch became the first and only inmate in Nevada to be executed by shooting. After the lord of the about a state prison was unable to find five and then to form the firing squad. Me a shooting machine was that built to carry out executions. Get Utah had won in 1960. Now that we have. Here again Scott execution by firing squad was banned in Utah in 2004. Broken while accurate but that and was not retroactive. Three inmates on Utah's death row have the firing squad set as their method of execution or. And Idaho bandit in 2009. Here temporarily leaving Oklahoma. As the only state in the union utilizing this method of excuse and. I think and Powell I'm not a fan of drawing and ordering in Iraqi People but thank you reporting. But I consider bringing back some things like it is a moment. You gear like you get three tickets for parking in handicapped space we racked you not like. Tie you to a deal but like kick in the jar. And if you get like so many do you rise one throw punch. I just little things like that just I think maybe we should bring some of the stuff back and it is like a simple thing like Jay why we kick in the ocean. They step on your title game you park in handicap spot three times in a row you get three tickets we kick you in your you do that is our air and who does the kicking. At the bailiff. Guarantee you is you can't volunteer things. They would just give the Bayless a ruler he uses what he had with the ruler. Or wreck your knuckles white Fiat and doesn't back of the cast any as as it gets more severe where he whacks you with a ruler I wanna Doug you know whack him in the. I once there buy something. You said we can't even do that anymore when it comes to spanking. I think schools can. I think they choose not to. There are many states that guides. You can if you want to but the school districts Ohio right because of the threat of you know losses that are on ever actually swapping is still on the books in Kansas and Missouri but nobody uses them. Now in taxes it's on the books and they do use audited in. I've adopted it. I destroyed schools in. 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Weighted handle five rescission engineer blades are rich shaving gel probably cover. Hers is so confident called either blades. They're offering US special trial law for you heard it right just redeem their trial offer a thirteen dollar value all yours when you sign up. Plus as a special offer for listeners of Dane and parks go to Harry's dot com right now under the code word parks and check out. And get a pole shape or form also for free. That's Terry's dot com and remember code word is parks. And. Yeah. And then. It was not a idealist. And portrait. Of Barack and Michelle Obama for the Smithsonian are horrible. Or. Not that bad and I mean it looked like Michelle Obama. And when Barack Obama's signal wouldn't share in the middle of an ID field. Story here from Los Angeles rod get ready to bury your head into your hands. Peter Rabbit so you know the movie Peter Rabbit is out now. Well like the it's kind of animation. Peter rap yes. You know what you call it and we I'm. It's not animation I I know me or Peter Rabbit filmmakers and these studio behind it are now apologized. And for insensitive Lee depicting her characters allergy in the film that is prompted backlash on line. Sony Pictures said Sunday in a statement that the film should not have made light. Of a character being allergic to blackberries. Even in a cartoonish way. In Peter Rabbit which was released over the weekend. The character of mr. McGregor is allergic to blackberries. The rabbits than fling the fruit at him in his CNET and he is forced to use an app beat him. The charity group kids with food allergies. Posted a warning about the scene on its FaceBook page on Friday prompting someone Twitter to start using the hash tag boycott Peter Rabbit. Group. The group said that our urging jokes are harmful to their community in the making light of the condition. Encourages the public not to take the risk of allergic reactions. Serious. Okay. Okay. Kenneth Mendez the president and CEO of the asthma and our G foundation of America. Wrote an open letter to the studio on Saturday asking for the opportunity to educate the company. And the film's cast. On the realities of food allergies and urged the studio to quote examine. You were portrayal of bullying in your films gored are geared. To a young audience. Go ahead and sanity are going and hours and I. I think that we have become an incredibly. Sensitive world and I understand especially if you're the parent. Of a child with a food allergy in particular a nut allergy I can already predict which are going to save me. And you're right this is a serious condition. My child could die. If they get too close to peanuts or the night I think because silence is this movie they're gonna go to school tomorrow and throw a jar of. Skippy at the kid with the not act or any any more than when we were younger Dana and we were watching Yosemite Sam. We didn't go around shooting people would muscles. Or shutting them off cliffs we didn't sit there and smoke cigarettes because half of the cartoon character smokes cigarettes. And it's I didn't I dynamited. Two birds and image. It's eighty swords into acme AT&T from the sex line the rabbits through blackberries at the bad guys. Would they prefer rabbits shoot each other with machine with us. Has checks out the plan I mean it's just. Now here's it's you consider all day long and say that. I'm telling you if you're listening right now and you have a child. With eight nut allergy oriented there was a thing as a Blackberry allergy. I guarantee you they don't find this funny. I 767795767798. To the newsroom here is Kara marks. The attorneys for a Scion Jamal say they're still holding out hope one more next. Boy do we need the plumbing pro last week came home there was some water on the floor or water on the floor. Was coming out of the dishwasher turns out we had a Claude underneath. I mean lay underneath. 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Dana's plumber dot com you tell the plumbing pro Dana sentient. 530 wind Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or an immigration judge has granted science Somalis second stay of deportation after a judge this morning ruled against the Lawrence professor and his attorney breeder Sharma Crawford. Ordinary. They're not and you cannot urban area there's not. I hear seventeen from whatever and yeah. The mall is and her to Bangladesh when that layover in Hawaii when this latest stay was handed down. More than 150 retired US generals and admirals and more than 12100 veterans are urging the trump administration not to make steep cuts to the State Department foreign aid and other overseas programs. In separate letters they are emphasizing the need to invest in diplomacy alongside America's military. Traffic and weather together next. 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We'll go for partly cloudy skies by 8 o'clock 26 by midnight 23. Close to where should be we wake up in the morning afternoon high 48. With a partly to mostly sunny skies on Tuesday. Windy and I could increase the fire danger on Valentine's Day high temperature 64. There was the chance of some rain moving in the 3% on Thursday but to be mild enough that will be in the form of brain. The morning starts off with 47 and we stay above freezing when an afternoon high on Thursday close to sixty once again I'm going 59. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. 32 PCI it's 33 and Lee's summit 3040 or official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. So the movie. Rather. Is apparently quite controversial in at least one CNET. And her beaming calls to boycott. The movie Peter Rabbit. Because in one scene and I haven't seen it I have no intention of seeing it enough for this reason. There's apparently a character in the mr. McGregor. Who is allergic to blackberries. Just ends I have. Occurring in a computer evidence. That you can't what do so he's the bad guy movie and so he's allergic to blackberries and the rabbits. Throw blockers that mr. McGregor and yeah have a childhood. Not that Portland you know. And so mr. McGregor has the blackbirds throw anatomy is allergic to blockers he has deployed an up beat them. And stabbed himself in the like. There are parents around the country. Who were saying this is food allergy bullying. And they are calling for a boycott. All the movie Peter Rabbit. I understand. There are times when we all see. Things in Sonoma or on television or whatever. Where something that we belong to or something that we identified with as. Is mocked or made fun of happens all the with the year old woman when your man column whether you. I mean you may whether you're where you want. A few years ago Taco Bell had an dad and they were joking about your neck being crane because you're turning your head too much eating their tacos. And a group of people with some. Bob's key. A rare honor. Net. Slanting disorder. Came out and said that's offensive to pass them. You remember that until yes I do I do room and it was Shaq in those bats and they said that's offensive to us we walk around like this because we have this. Totally rare robs your next thing so you're right there's always somebody that's look and be offended. But I will tell you if you're a parent listening in your child has a food allergy. I think you'd be surprised how many people agree that this should be taken out of this movie. Could. 5767798. Haven't heard from her a long time Hattie Jane what's a girl I goodness. Aging. Oh me. Our our right had aging called back called back. Eric in Kansas City Delaware. Just how well. I like. The pot here and it allergy big. I actually. Like the Gaza that child that galaxy. You know like birdies analogies. Were basically all right. It and that. About the allergy bullying issues specifically com. And study burst out there at the problem. It is de Berry burst all the couple. This happened I believe my outlook about their they upgrade to trade in elementary school. You're actually living it day in data. Surrey. And see I get a all the work Bundy. The Britain also burst onto everything is fine but you know right there are. And it's an Ocalan. Who did well this said. A couple at the data over Thursday and others say. It was going to govern so butter. Such ice time and hope that he died. I gotta tell you might do about exploded. It'll save you went still. Am god and it's a situation. That our isolation. Audio that. The principal on days and it took it. But back. Reference to connect up here. What pirate didn't have not seen that movie to be viewed him. But I what I read about this brown. A group called allergy research education. Bought bear. Paris based group that owns it bill would be the allergy issues to educate people. The bank that was that they are actually turn to chill or. And there was malice and ball there and I guess earlier in the movie. I actually. The other characters in the area that is great. Although they were all but they're physically. Like. The joy that this person going to dot opening and I think now or in the biggest speech but it. It could be. You know like one it is. Gold at these allergies and believe that the ball is. In my ginger is going to be one of course. I you know it's that there is still. Don't have the need to get the problem I just. I just urge you to be. And educate yourself about the realities of the situation because. Anyway it is like it is not annoying brash did not gluten allergy that's. Chile. This. Understand your point Erica and and your very well spoken but are popular films. Especially those geared towards children throughout the years filled with examples of a bullying to some extent Rudolph the red nosed reindeer comes to mind. I. I think created you know there are a lot of the a lot of shows out there where bullying you sort of learn how to write and I come back that they. I think that is built over the top was the fact that they were hoping that the guy back. Ryanair right well and I say this Eric what happened to your son in school to me that's assault. Saying you're going to do something that caused the death of another student that is assault. Tort Kelly resources toward callus when you're thinking of redneck yes it's called can't call us and for the two of you listening who maybe know someone who knows someone that does through that. Was Taco Bell really trying to offend people would tower across the nano. But at Eric's point a bow. That you know in in the movie from what he understands it and he was fair in the sense that he said. He had never seen the movie he was going off of an email that he received from this group called fair I believe it was food allergies so I'm. Yes it's my understanding having seen a small clip of the movie this morning on Good Morning America. That they're throwing the blackberries at this mr. McGregor not just to bully him but also. Thinking he'll dot. From the blueberries or come in contact with them. Understand that argument and certainly that's not a pleasant thing to say or think about. But think about all the cartoons that we watched when we were. Yeah it's. But we're that's stepping on diesel and hitting your face that's no you know kind of like almost like Larry Moe and curly type slapstick. Physical. You at Yosemite Sam pointing his god and people's faces. And blowing it all off Bannister I mean how many times did you see. A character given a center at. Times if you did you see the the beat of Donald Duck. Go flying under the back of his head because he'd been shot in the face by his seventies yes I mean we didn't run out and start shooting people. When we were thirteen years older ten years older and school. But it didn't happen. People smoke cigarettes. In cartoons. And we dangerous drugs personal desires because we sought and cartoon and look cool. I never beat a mouse with a broom. Our broken Gartner. I. Thank you. Get clear. I'll need her children he. I'm Adam. Right well we'll leave it at them juniors and you're gonna have a reaction art your. Sergeant in the room with them and would your reaction at not chill. Out there actually yes. But it certainly is obviously in your mouth. It's a child at current market hatchet and then pastor. And no amount. Then you can however. There isn't mine and meet you recommend like children that mean apparently from other kids that once. That didn't we that this stigma tied it even more and it exclude it and it it's. Make them stand outing them more. And actually. We can that are other than you know maybe he's actually a little bit more here about. The incredibly important but it. There are other things and we. You don't think they're romantic weekend. And stigma. And it you know hit that excluded and they write them he actually does it. Paper you don't. Have you seen any deaths have there been any deaths here from a food allergy. Not that I have and I've been hitting that serve. I've been at that part of that credit. And I and I and minimizing the title is read your odds of getting eaten by a shark are greater I'm not minimizing it times. When you look at the cases across the country every year and I'm not minimizing and this is your child you would be worried about that sharp right. But I always read that you are more likely to be eaten and killed by a shark in your diet food allergy statistically. I don't know that I'm back in but I would say yeah I mean it appears. We have to be educated and how we give them time actually for cute allergy action plan. And if you all of it your child will be on him. Are you suggesting as a nurse. Who specializes in food allergies. And the food allergy table at the elementary school is unnecessary. I'm so glad you called Denver because our school we had not free I island. And they tried to make it now didn't rule here is not free islands let's put those kids over there Paul entries in that's where the nut free island kids set and I got. That breaks my heart that was my kids over there. I have an appearance that all they have a friend that and it's just. The. You know issues when you words no we didn't my kids' school kids elementary school has not free island and those kids by themselves at breaks my heart. Seekers we did not have this when we were children. Where the nut allergies and we account now last purchase you know our well Brooke you still there. The nut allergies when I was in school. You know I don't know read that recommendation now is. Eager Carol. Alt. And I and they are able to eat I'm. You know there is being called samba pop. At our. I remember that from Pakistan. Or are India habit and country yeah you know Alan. It is as they introduce is hot and different things. Earlier in their children. Really say if you're trying to can't. You know developmentally. Able to say it like K Miller. You know carrier. Feed them that as early and they can't do not wait because their chance at having allergies though Lou. Increased in the aids. I love it Brooke thank you so much for the called moon. We don't like kids stranded on not free island. Why she. Is an ex. That not make light of this somebody wants to go ride not freed island is that where the women said. Write your four lightning landscape an irrigation and today I wanna talk to you about irrigation. If you don't have a sprinkler system or. 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To have an update on the Applebee's story out of independents. Where two women were. Told to leave. The other day they were accused of dining and dashing the day prior. It doesn't seem like it's map but. Three employees at that Applebee's and independence by the independent center have now been fired. Read that it's it's not the same two women. It's not. Hattie gene in met online one bigger pardon hello had a jeans and a patties. Are you guys they'll. Growled. If you know what gap so lab work it out. At the new year. And then we played them catch you right where our bit when we were he would. Greece already am on people. Mac right so when we got caught up I'll be. No more movies about it and make the movie you can watch and. Allergy is real but it's not a point that we did not seem to have the level of allergy or intolerance with. Different chemicals and things perfect and it will be and I think it has a lot and that the partners who called him. I'm good point. It has to do I think and I don't know. But I think it has a lot to do with the way that we allow our children to be children these days I want to talk to me girl. Check it out team. You have to be people who are black and age you don't need to Latina balking at grill you know whatever your grandma put on the table. Appearance saying oh well up and I'm articulate. And here and what you are due to celery. And everything you can't do in any bank today. They. Well we also got to eat dirt and our burgers and we were kids and now we don't like kids do that stuff anymore. Are you keep doing what. At a Eugene it'll be stranger we miss you. I'm out now I want you to send this out the right way. Our animals being out there right wait a small times better do you make your recorded this program and how do you have a memory. Just. And I might I might do have issues with people about how to make it mine are. And and. Do we have time on. Whom I'm addict in the I I. Has it after it was ensues. Nurse. Who fear of food allergy owners who actually knew it was talking about. I feel better now is but Roman was a baby. Talking to a friend of mine I was I was staying home with him a lot watching him in the as me and him and Andy's system babies boring as hell. So I was talking about a mile on the phone when things maybe you know Vietnam outages or anything. Thought about it throw the kitchen got a big your children to visit family was asked finger all the peanut butter. Walked in the living Herman stuck on a review of his mouth like you might do to a dog raw technique. And it was hilarious he sat there in the middle of the lives alone and I'm but he does talk. Results until it by another rabbit that the animals all product is what I did now enough. Greg what you have done on who and suddenly turned purple and swell up and couldn't buries. I don't I don't know it didn't he didn't batting. Average is that. She was mad. It really zone in regular marital benefits for a week after I know wanna Fran. And no texture that's not where Lance Armstrong sets it on to reapply. A related case. Where you have this you're Lance. A woman for Ireland. My father dresses are going to more violent than at the. We generated. Don't we don't know right after these 6 o'clock news have a great night. On behalf of producer today the fighters spent an all American group of them that are different because veteran guy and stuff parks and god willing Robert tomorrow at 2 o'clock great night we say. Did you. Happening now one KM BZ good news for now for Lawrence professor Moore next extra listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.