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Monday, March 19th

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You're listening to the Dane and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Actually samba. SA indeed Texas in the 788172881. Your keywords sales and a your story there about male bird yeah so what is the name of it again I DM AURD. AME you like them and the new day and let. Me I think it adding a DM AU Yasser and it is something along as if it's an Akron and I wanted to be DA MU because I can make fun of that and violent and over and and as we've really really funny DM a yeah it's sorry. And the mall. Or some form. I needed to be damn you. It's a male birth control holiday after remembered every day he had his communion eight DD DD we were easy being you being right. It's it's taken daily for 28 days until lowered sperm production enough to prevent pregnancy. Light weight gain now and there. All about a us paying him. They'll never ill and now and skewer him IUD him quite about just each piece of metal where it doesn't go. It's unnatural. Combs. You know fine. Give me the railing at Bill Ayers is an online so. I'll just get fatter. In a birth control because then we get. And you don't wanna have sex is anymore. It's. It's not really a sperm. It's up induced current and yet wanna have sex may yet. Except. Women still has the same side effect thank you and you still wanna have sex with us. Yeah. Yeah. I don't buy it at a quiet now it did ABC. It's something that Allen sent some very interesting I didn't understand it but this was not my stories so. Maybe you could help explain it. That there someone who is very depressed and yet he brought this in the LA times. Because he knew his whole life he was the product of the sperm donor. And he writes this whole thing about how. He's ashamed he thinks about it every day. Yeah. Why be ashamed of that yeah this is product was. He says my return calls from California cry you'll bang. And came I was working at summer camp surrounded by young kids. And they told me my father was quote very ice but the because he had a family and never told his wife about the donation. He preferred to stay anonymous. I would have a need to know. If it was a sperm donation. In the same way I would have the need to know if my biological parents decided together to put hampered optional I don't think that's. I don't think your speeder accurate here because you've always made the argument that a child who was adopted. Might not necessarily need to know who they York but they need to know what they are as in regards to. Are are they susceptible to breast cancer. Dementia etc. That's going to be in the sperm donors files he's an okay. Are some respect and know what his blood type isn't what I don't know that guy likes to play violin in the and the father you know number 6433. You know here's his profile is yours is genetic profile to have that stuff Coca. I think I would wanna know more if it was a traditional adoptions. Like my parents just for whatever reason decided they could not take Jeremy. They adopted me out. I think I would wanna know more. About them. Than I would about. Your reactions and owner at the age era now Carol were to be the one. If you found what you were adopted at this age. I detour I would wanna find the I heard parents immediately I'd I'd be pretty shocked just like this had never come up and the last thirty plus years like the report it would wanna know like if there was a deathbed confession that I was adopted them I would. I would absolutely one nor senate curiosity. Was this Britain. Made anonymous sperm and egg donation illegal in 2005. They made anonymous. Donation illegal. When asked about the decision at the time the Health Minister said quote we think it is right. That donor conceived people should be able to have information they net about their origins. But. You don't have to tell them the same area yes likewise in Sweden Norway Germany Italy New Zealand and Australia. Clinics must be licensed. And donors cannot. Be anonymous. Isn't that interesting so the person has the right to track you down. Over your right to remain anonymous. Yes men. To succeed if you're sperm donor you are not a dad. You are and some people think this is very altruistic. You are donating. So that a woman who otherwise could not get pregnant in a traditional way has the ability to do. And I think that's a very altruistic thing but does it make you would. Dad well let's be honest. Most men who are sperm donors are not doing it for the old truism are doing it for the money. You go when you futile room really don't magazine how much we want you may. Does it okay first of all. Even if you only made ten box as the students. And bucks is ten box and how many times a week and I comment well. 'cause I'm gonna do it nine times this week anyway is huge fight coming here five times and get paid for that let's do that. Second hold you really wanna know that your dad was like a frat boy aged rocker who came in here couple times a month to give money for concert tickets. Okay let me ask it is what. His picture is him with a hat on backwards. What you. Saw. The little people power if you were to honor would you know if it were. Her oh. Oh I didn't do so I get to and I did it because I needed twenty bucks well but this the country's. Which had outlawed. Anonymous donation. Have put an end we'll see but here's the tuna when I was. At Nebraska my roommate Ronnie and I would often go downtown and donate as. We do once a week. Because you were concerned about saving lives in the community and that's exactly right rod and line. I didn't want I didn't want and it's under great protest. The 25 dollars I would received her donation of as. It's used to what year what I really wanted to know I've never been allowed to fly now. It is whose lives and dies today. My donating my lies in Lincoln Nebraska. Received mind. Lose and and whose life was saved because of my generous donation. At the Nebraska last year so all the crap your eyes are brown all you wanted was more drinking much that's exactly right. I don't know who received my plasma and quite frankly. Don't care. I went on. The donors that donated the sperm created my life. Was an alcoholic who needed more drinking much because he couldn't hold steady job. Don't think you can actually be trunk he's put his name in there as Phil credits. Cool it. I. She. It. Early last year the donor sibling registry. Which is an online support group turned family finder for offspring and support group now listen so there's a donor sibling registry so if you know your sperm donor may be. And cared as she's a sperm to our baby. You guys can submit your DNA and figure out OK you guys are at least half siblings because I siblings you cannot find. Your donor unless that person at the time express at least says it's okay. Sperm donors are in high demand. As a sperm donor you can hurt as much as 1000 dollars per month. And that's an eastern Washington western Montana while. Here here or a final say it's got to be honest. Awesome. I know like argue musical are you would genius play the drums very Smart to know you forgot three better than drinking problem. This. Out. Rodney suffered for six years co hosting a show with the Dana right now. Possible lowered sperm count. This. Team. This. I think you're supposed to be honest in your profile remember the guy who didn't tell the bank Kara. Last year he did not tell the bank he had. Constant little Liddy have was at autism. It was something. And now he has all of these offspring. I need to look it up and the parents are furious. At Uga autism through the vaccinations. Say out out sperm donor lie it has its test them. Man they are mad and he's got a final dividend from the vaccinations get a from the Mercury that's in the vaccination at its restaurants that's right and right romantic sperm donor lied about criminal and health history he was hand some. And use. Hair. It's murder it's mets' big money hand over Frist. Really really. More now. All isn't it weird that the two women on the issue goes straight to gutter where the two men act responsible. And respectable you sell your egg scare. Win now thousand bucks a month and now government. No it's a lot of it's a lot of why looked into it because she was like yeah I'm doing and I. It's pretty invasive is heading and they gather more she read about sick or character in that. Roger do me a thousand dollars or more could do all in my power that you could care and thanks in time and those people mature age now. 8000 dollars laws. Let me tell you how that made me feel rights. As people are dedicated to John. There are out there it is not dedicated to their craft. Ride I could easily make 3000 easily it is. Our Houston and not even close. Out realistic. Just tried all popular in America mountain please don't. I have until around and that little Volkswagen Jetta since I got back in to town I love that thing I've had via. Tebow on that I've driven I've had the the atlas my goodness I love and a list let me say that the Jenna it is smaller of course it is a sedan. It is the perfect car for your college your high school kid. Really the perfect car for that aide sent love it and it does come with that apple places to. So you put your phone down on an end card as the rest of the work. It's got a little bit of a smaller screen in the apples does but it works the exact same way and let it. And go in now listen to this VW Lee's summit you can lease one of those things for 139. Dollars a month 139. Dollars a month that's it or you couldn't buy it. And they will not 4000 dollars off MS RP one of the things I love about books like and Lee's summit you while Lee's though if the lowest Lisa nationally you wanna buy. They will give you huge discounts they're so easy to work with and friendly no credit no problem they have financing and payment solutions for everyone and remember. Most of the 28 teens come with a six years 72000. Mile transferable. Warranty and a VW Lee's summit dot com. VW Lee's summit dot com. Withstand that. We gave him. Prison in the story that you're talking about. Names and yeah. Who figured it out scene. Had a child from donors from a donation and her son around age five was diagnosed with autism and somehow. She runs it to somebody else who use the same donor. And that child had autism it is that they go back to the sperm bank in their like wait a minute. And sure enough this person had fathered. I am not sure how many children but he very very high percentage of them have autism swords autism is genetic well into gosh in this case was. Is that interest and are now several months to study them what's the name of the kids I am not saying out loud. Jack away no I am not saying it out loud and does do his last name is inconsequential. Last name is a way in person jets cannot take that I'm not saying the name. Which we believe we're the last where his father heard before he went into the room. Him. Autistic Dutch man fathered more than twenty children through that donation at your mind about itself. And it was laughter Jones investor. I am not just listening to years of he was identified a decrease in coal. Paul. He's a pathological liar and a sperm donor. Producers note. What in the name of Sam hill is going on and Austin, Texas. They now have a serial bomber. Roger read this today a fourth bomb exploded and can't. This one though had trip wire attached to it. So they're saying whoever's doing this word there it's more than one person when they don't know. Is in that's my concern is incredibly well versed. In this kind of stuff. In bomb and bomb so I don't my first concern was that. Maybe two or three years I don't know I I just worry about now people gore who we should do that. And then like it's gonna confuse the investigation. And and it's a mass in the war that I don't know what's scarier the fact that they all or are not related. Willie is it more terror find that there's one persons and now 45 bombs or is it more terror foreign there's five different people right. Idea. Right now well that they've taken out the the hate crime scenario in all of this because the first two victims both died by the way are blocked. The third victim was an older by that I mean 75. Tank. Certified year old Hispanic woman right the two men who were injured last night were in their twenties. And the white. So clearly there's not a race compile all right you know initially they were worried that this was. Some type of race hate crime is the first two victims who were both killed were blocked. Meat and bombing one bombing to. Bombing three it was a Hispanic woman bombing four was two white man and here we Iran they have found similarities between that device in the three previous devices so it's the same person. Here's the deal. Triggered by trip by the way if you look at the map. So as a high level of sophistication. And in high level of skill and the unabomber and if you look at a map it get it. Started in northern Austin. Then 22 on the same day in east Austin this one was in southwest Austin it's a backwards L almost perfectly on the map. Great. So are trying to make like a swat jerk or square I don't know. I have no idea here's the question I think everyone is asking themselves. If you lived in Austin. And this was going on. I don't care who sends me a crackers or I don't. Air it's my mother. And it says this is underwear and a hundred dollar bill in here and she's on the phone telling me and I mailed a package under Wear hundred dollar down there ain't no. I'd open and that thing. Some answers as Dayne already told us about Mexico yes but will revisit Mexico possible. What will revisit Mexico three loss phones two pairs of law issues one musket will do that after 5 o'clock. It's good to get to the newsroom McCarron marks. Happening now on KM BZ a sad development in the search for an American student who went missing in Bermuda out we'll have more next. Data right here was different the programs are Woodbury and low cost life insurance what the name says it all and if this has been on your to do list. Calls Stuart and get it done it is so easy and so affordable start. Any data that is exactly right we will help the listeners to navigate to the maize products are so many to choose from. But we'll make it simple maybe you're taking the medications. Maybe there's some family history issues and those who we will help listeners find these specific policy that is to prevent they get to ten year term. A fifteen year term clerk to a thirty year term if needed but we will publishers find the specific policy for them. Remind people were assigned to Zurich. Absolutely 16792. And 0700. I think 16792070. Hero answer would very with low cost life insurance dot com. For a 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom and Caremark Serb police in Bermuda said today they found the body of nineteen year old mark Dombrowski who was last seen or released Sunday. Acting assistant commissioner James Howard of the Bermuda police said officers remain at the scene of the tragic discovery that there's no early information about his cause of death file. Is not ruled out. Right now the forensic offices there. There are assessing the scene Dombrowski was visiting Bermuda while competing as a member of the rugby team at sages of universities in Philadelphia. 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Eight KC I 47 downtown 4040 or official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Highs of six. Some seven line it's. We're talking about these bombings that have baffled. And horrified the city of Austin, Texas a fourth overnight. This one injuring two. Men in their twenties. Their white which kind of throws out the race component. In these bombings the first two involved black men. Both were killed. The third and elderly are older Hispanic woman and then one overnight. Injured two white man. A story here out of Austin from CBS news. Federal local officials and Austin today described any change in the methodology. Of whoever is behind a series of apparently connected blasts. In the capital of Texas. Describing a higher level of sophistication in the device that detonated Sunday and then in the package bombs were used previous attacks. Austin's mayors is growing anxieties are real and legitimate. Following the fourth blast in the city this month they started on March 2. Police believe the latest explosion which injured two man is related to the first three according to Austin police chief Brian Mannelly. Manley said investigators have seen similarities. Between the device that exploded in the latest incident and the three other blast road trip wire was used in the most recent explosion. Quoting here from police chief manly we are clearly. Dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point he was asked by the way the news conference on Russell earlier this morning. Why are you calling him a serial bomber and not a domestic terrorist it's great question there was no answer. Great question. The victims from last night are stable but have received quote significant injuries. The injured man were writing or pushing bicycles. When the explosives detonated unlike the first three attacks which package bombs were left on people's doorsteps. Apparently this was a box. Some sort of a package. That was next to a fans on the side of the house. There was tripwire we don't know if that means fishing line or one. That was attached to it they hit the trip wire the box exploded they were both servers were injured. A police officer friend of mine just wrote and asked what the two white men entered day I don't know. I don't know. That is it was just it was two black men who were killed today. Was the 75 year old Hispanic woman a lesbian well I don't know but what if they're just targeting minorities of any type. Oh I see blacks yeah as a yes spandex yes. Or. Some does this say to you. Former military. Does it say to you group. How is that I am and I feel like I got to thinking about disorder earlier today when I was watching the news conference that they had. And this last one went off. The bomb exploded at 830 last night. Which they rightfully point out. The son had gone it was it was dusk maybe not door but it was certainly not bail. So when they constructed this bald. Check that when they set this ball. It had to presumably the during the day or at least when the sun was. Up yes nobody noticed anything. Nobody saw Harry. Not knows him knows in my neighborhood. But I know who lives around me and who doesn't. And if I saw somebody on the corner of Mike's house right street right and they're hunkered down next to his fans. I'm gonna find that to be interesting and start paying attention but you're assuming this person is not masquerading. As a delivery gang. A handyman. Got to work truck with slap some name on the side of the truck. Now. He could work for. A company that delivers packages yup and just have that one package that isn't really. Part of his job yup. True nobody though has had. I mean this person. Can't be stupid. They have to know. Which houses have cameras. Which are not common but becoming right work right and right these days. Because that would be a dead giveaway. Probably bad choice words in my heart. But he would have to scope and it's ironic right there are current insisting I keep using the word he we don't know but we can assume it's heat. Or he's. Been it is more than one I have no idea also I mean is is a forty year old white male who has issues with his mother. We don't know about. We don't know that it. I've 767798. If you guys want to weigh in but a fourth bomb has gone off in. Student Austin, Texas. And strangely. Maybe I'm reading way too much into this. But they kept putting up the map of Austin. On the TV this morning. And pointing out where bombing one happened were bombing to happen were bombing three happened or bombing four happened and they kept drawing lines between them. And the bombings have gone chronologically. In the shape of a backwards capital L. Some of those the device is success despite significantly different design further suggest that the bomb maker behind the attacks. Is an accomplished one. And has likely to have received some training. Perhaps as a military or police explosive ordinance disposal. Technician. So you figure out who is an awesome. With that sort of background. Kind of visit now I don't it's a perfect backwards all. These are not. Yeah. I mean freakish ways so. In the meantime. The chief told residents do not touch or go near anything that looks suspicious that's the problem these aren't going to looks suspicious from the outside that's for the unabomber was so successful at like packages. Well and now you know I I I heard a former. FBI or CIA agent on the news last week this was after the third bomb had had gone off. And he said I have never. In the last 35 years of my life. Touched much less opened the package left my front door. Until I see who sent it. And I call them really yes because he was a high level member of the FID was your guy sure. And there are probably people out there that want to kill him. He said if I come home from work and there is a package on my front porch I will look at it to see who sent it. I will call that person. And make sure that they sent me a package. The reward is up 212100000. Dollars now. There's a good point probably ex military probably dishonorable discharge her book so sure about that. Don't be so sure about that dishonorable discharge. And we know is really from Austin. He's from Houston. Who is from California. And or idea. 57677982. Guys one way and but they have now had four bombings. And homes in the city of Austin, Texas. In less than. Three weeks another they've pleaded for the bomber to come forward we assure you we are listening. And we want to understand what brought you to this point we wanna listen to use so please call us. Knowing that this person has a message. Whether it's I hate gays or minority or the unabomber war it's it was technology and just for easy Rage Against The Machine and of what they're thinking that's that's just reverse psychology or repair. They know that this person has a message that they wanna get out as. Black could do was that whatever that messages it was okay. Maybe it's I hate minorities or. But world was coming to an end or what ever. And they're just trying to tell this person because you and they know he's watching TV. We know you have a message we know your. Wanting to get it out there contact us you know. It's interesting Scott the two victims who survived the two white males which or was overnight just happened during what they are going to be able to. Hope because they're serious but not critical means they're going to be able to tell police what the package look like. They're realists say right before we opened it I brought in on an amendment out it was detonated by trip wire. They never picked anything up. Meaning like if it's out on your front porch you walk outside it was next to offense. They apparently were going and moon this is where I'm having to fill in some blanks here. I heard there bicycles. And that they were putting the bicycle somewhere the trip the line. And the box explode. They never picked anything like it is spam that came to their door open Hispanic woman for example that was it that was injured but not killed. Opened a box. Of course the box expert what's interesting about these two white males and they're not even necessarily intended targets of this thing was justly and by offense weighing. At a residential cents. The way I understood and I watched the president's point that's the way I understood that they had gotten back from a bike ride or something like that. If I'm wrong now correct myself in the in the not too distant future. I understood that they had gotten back from bike rider whatever. They were moving the bikes walking the bikes. Next to the fans. Tripped by a line the box expo they may not even seen the box because assignment on down sooner Sam. Hit that hit the trip line the box explodes their critically injured but not going to. So they may have and every scene. I've 7677. On it and parks protect ports to write about guards. On our data and arts in case of these. It's got parts if you. Government embarrassed smile if you cover your mouth when you lie if you would cameras you're gonna wanna hear what I have to say. Doctor Ross Headley Casey's trial can definitely change all of that for him. Over the past 23 years doctor Hadley. As an incredible transformations for people who were simply unhappy. With their smiles I went out visiting Casey smiled about a month ago solid book that was filled. With before and after photos of patients whose lives have literally been changed because now they can smile with confidence it's so important. Doctor Headley is amazing and a really cool part of your consultation. 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Does he wanna forever I won't say when we first moved in to grant you. There was wanted to crappy little liquor store bush in crime fragrant beautiful crimes regret you know. But there's not one there anymore in 1999. There were still two million. Fumbles in America. How many would you guess. Still remain in 1999 there were 2000002 million in the united I'm guessing there's 99 left I'm not. Now here you're forgetting the small towns with the Casey's General Store outside. 364360. There are 100000. Remaining pay phones in. New York and stop it. Bring. Checked at a fifth the memory New York there are 100000 left 20000 remain in New York while. The demise of pay phones uses on surprising. This is an on surprising result of cellphones. Which are now in the pockets of 95% of Americans according to pew research. Those general views of course. The country's largest carriers have all sold the last of their phones to independent providers. Spring got out in 206. AT&T got out when VO eight Verizon got that 111. But pay phones remain a steady business. For some of the 1100. Companies that operate Democrat country prisoners has. Paved the pay phone providers reported 286. Million dollars in revenue and when he fifteen wow. Hobby damped. What. See I think your feeling like okay everybody's in this big city here and we all have cell phones. I believe outside of the convenience stores. In every small town in America you'll still find a pay phone. I believe that and that all the prisons haven't. What a young person nobody is a pay phone now. You don't I got to my doorstep on a Friday. I had no idea it still existed. The widely. That's articles so you deny it you have to call them and tell him to stop delivering it to how many trees that wastes. Why recycled it sort of solid wears very early I eighths five years ago called them and said stop. Sending me days. Rod did you get a yellow pages or your house the other day. I do not believe so now you know the white pages don't even exist anymore because there aren't enough land lines to justify program. So we now just why Pete event in just as YPO on the for a young said you know do young people even know how to use a pay phone. Young people don't even know how to use a landline. I think I told you about this the wife had a play. And it was set. Try to remember what it was Aaron it was a it was a you know set a long time ago and in the play there's a phone. And date the couple times in the play had to make a phone call. And the first night play. Just before my wife went over this with them this is how you use a phone. I we got it we got it should know walked over put their hand on the receiver. Dialed the phone number and then picked up the receiver that I'm. And the audience rule or I thought it was. They're so exposed and and now the kids are like why is that funny allies like because. And your. Get a pick that thing up first I had no idea is at hand on the number then pick it up. A lot of people are right in every. I keep them at school or at the all there though. Airports. There in airports airports. Ole now that is sure I have seen. Now that you mention that I have in the bank of phones for the rent and car ride for an cars and stuff owners one pay phone on the end. Now. You can make my with a painful. 200 little game in charge and Cameron nine dollars. Colors. What what do you think somebody would say it is fifteen years old today. If they got this. Would you accept a collect call from Barack Babcock. Like I don't know what that is. Less time you took a collect call. Most of my family that still in prison wouldn't call me so it's been awhile. Q were to cash is zero. ZER. Yeah even go about making a collect call I don't know how you would do he'd have to have an operator. You just dial zero I don't think zeroing yourself. Nothing and nothing for nothing there works only over there are no more corporate colleagues there. Now for emergencies. It. To place an international health. And. They're telling you zero doesn't do things more. That's the operator now the operators telling you you just push number that doesn't matter anymore. Q were 072881. Might add does dial it and it didn't work zero. 72881. Newsroom here is Caremark. Happening on KM BZ the president unveiling his plans to comment the national OB org crisis we'll have more next. This is a true story crawled in the last night and looked at my husband and I go. I miss this dead and I miss these sheets I missed my Brooklyn and she it's Brooklyn and not comment telling you what. We started sleeping better than a moment that Brooklyn and dot com box came to the door I love those sheets luxury bedding without the luxury prices and when I was a way. I've missed that soft luxurious feel again. No luxuries pricing. 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