Can you LEGALLY ask a job applicant if they're gay? religious? broke?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, March 8th

NFL prospect says a team representative asked him if he "liked men....."


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. If you were to cash for. Him as I always do they try to thrown words and his two different spellings. Lawyers in Philadelphia always trying to ruin your day Ricky. There are tricky and today. These are eight KC. The KEE. Texan and a 7288172881. And you're in the running for a thousand dollars Huard cashed out before we move on this afternoon we are going to in honor of thirty years. Since I went through the windshield of the car and ripped the nose right off my face. We're gonna play in the nose on the home K. It's the dumbest stupidest game we are welcome odd Travis. You get to be first. Are you ready we are on FaceBook live right now by the writing off along is that I'm ready aren't you can go over to Dana and she will a fix you with the proper eye gear. All. Where is via. Where's the where's the picture view version resigning over there on the al-Qaeda and when there's a candidate. You figure Travis. Can you see anything. On. Is it going out. It only here. And pinned the nose on the hockey. Yeah. Not good. Boom yeah. I'll call up her. It is beguiling and are now your turn to in the nose and how he. Turned against better. I'm David. You know regrets any hurt setter lose. That's cheat. Yeah us. Closer. Our carrier last month. And it's. I amid the hander hander Travis is knows open a window. I. Yeah. Our. And those among. Now. Carroll's just as bad as I was. Scott's going now in the nose on the on the hockey. It. You don't need this and they didn't seem to understand that concept. Have been the worst. I was trying to tell you where we look at religion on main street. Of there you can go and cute noses and a thank you. Just like real life it ended up in the car next to it. And then eventually put back play. The worst where. You face the pain is about. You dad. If you cheated oh. Probably just like your slowly Eugene you put her hand I'd ever I know the answer. On the way out please please tell me that I'd been sober adult well. If you. Are first on the war. On her left or right it doesn't matter you have. The right of way for a better term. Stepped. The first Allen however. For if you and they point this out on the website I was looking. Once you roll you're supposed to start walking back yeah I don't need to what you're not like you're not supposed to use body language they can that's gonna knock him. That's fine but you're supposed to remove yourself from the front of the Wayne Newton. Okay and it as the bull is of the bowl the bowl is is out all the going got it now. Here here's the one part. That I think was in dispute. If two people. Stepped on Google wallet at the same time exact time or well is the same time tank. You have to defer to the person to your right but only if they step up at the same time right that's not happening. It's not what is happening today it was a bunch of really rich retire widely and went too much GD time at her hand. I. Am I wrong or am I think we've really arguing it like having meetings and throwing at it like wow. I need to get out here because no one should take bowling that's seriously I know why because no one dogs thank you I sort. Clinton's got it does sound like you have lot of flare when you blow it SlingPlayer. So I think we both have bad etiquette that I got players alike like to keep delay how much Larry I am obviously yeah. No leader microphone on what's in this. We are seeing Scott splatter a tank and larger crowds. It. Yeah he's not having a body yeah go for the strike is like there's certain exactly. Yourself about all double. Those rates on those involved and may be my nickname mr. flair. Mr. Michael aphrodisiac. Player. Or it. Your I want you to get a bowling shirt you're gonna go bullish and I have to do Afro yet. Flight a FRO. Eighty PH oh ass bro did CN yes Ayman. That's and that's nickname after thorough. Even out yet easy you just. Most of Leo it's the. I'm going to be honest it's better than Scott's balls and balls yes. I I've I did you really. And care is almost two Hubert namely I think of something really. Once did what and what it's totally his idea. I'll buy your school. It's just. A gross now. Now. I think I am so let's take about olive and did a I don't. Boy are you and all things. It. Skype parks and if you ever been embarrassed to supply our get your picture taken whatever it is maybe just cover your mouth when your talking. You don't wanna hear what I have to say doctor Ross Headley Casey smiled. Can definitely change all of that for over the past 23 years. Doctor Headley is an incredible transformations. For people who are just unhappy with their smiles when I visited Casey's my last month I saw book that was filled. 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Any he walked out as quickly as he walked him he just opened the door you know there's a door to the right of the podium. And he said hang tight everybody major announcement in North Korea coming soon and many walked back out. And so we don't know what soon means. Quite frankly don't know what major means. I don't know North Korea means. Well there have been conversation by the reserve front page photograph on the Wall Street Journal yesterday of Kim Jong-un. Shaking hands with a high ranking South Korean official. It's the first time Kim Jong and has apparently ever met with South Koreans to Utah has that little melon I mean come on and of course. I think he's about as crazy as they come. Bought it. That also scares me too. And so if there is a quote major announcement coming soon whatever that means I don't know. Hopefully it's that we've reached some sort of an agreement. That keep them from going down the path they've been going down. That would prevent us from going to war. I don't want I don't know the most on most Americans don't want that. It would be a nightmare scenario if that were to happen. Yeah Curtis and Caitlin columns overdose CNN president trump and heard the briefing room and announced OK garrido here's some additional information. Announced there will be a major announcement on South Korea ten night. At 6 o'clock Kansas City time and 7 PM eastern. So we're now and I don't know what it means and I don't know what it's going to be but we're about an hour and a half foul. From whatever the president says he's gonna have. I'm ugly and it'll come by is going on right now if you miss this news there's a player from LSU name Derrius dice. And currently good enough to at least get to the come on enough to be considered for the NFL draft. Any won't say what team it was. But Darius guys from LSU. Says he was asked by. One of the teams it's looking at him. Do you like man. Well Zacks. Is an illegal question to ask you not even allowed to ask someone about their sexual orientation you know this you've hired people. You're not allowed to ask our unity knocked up anytime soon you're not allowed to ask are you married single. Today you're not allowed to ask are you okay. You are not allowed to ask those things. Two years ago New York Giants quarterback. You like apple. Says he was asked the same question by the Atlanta Falcons says Eli apple and I quote. The falcons coach one of the coaches was like so do you like man. One day. It was weird I was just like no. And he was like if you're going to come to Atlanta sometimes that's how it is around here you're gonna have to get used to. I guess he was joking but they just ask most of these questions see how you're going to react. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard my life I find that incredibly offensive 2013. The NFL conducted an investigation after three. Draft prospects are they were asked a series of questions. That touched on their sexual orientation. If you are a team what what statement are you trying to make with that we don't want gays here and that's to me what that sets. What is says to me is at the NFL is still. EE EOC violation the NFL is an employer. Technically you are applying for that job and you are not allowed to ask a candidate as any HR person. Certain things about their lives you're not. You're not allowed to ask somebody a third I know why. Because it's an EEOC violation. Because it might be used against you now. That was from where. It says live person. Guy I don't think they're legally allowed us that I think it is say is in the civil rights violations and think as an employment pilots and they. Being gay is not a protected class and are not what I'm telling you I know for a fact you're not allowed to ask someone about their marital status. Or their sexual orientation and job interview you're not ask any HR percent Texas twenty to 980 there's a list of things are not allowed to ask. What is somebody said. I'm just throw this out. And I'm not arguing the point I'm trying to ask out of ignorance. Here in the middle of a job interview tank rocket I'm being interviewed. Out of out of nowhere I say. Yeah we're just having some small talk trying to get to know each other I think you're trying to see if if if you and I would be a good fit. And out of nowhere you tell me that you just got back from Cancun Mexico OK okay. And I dropping and as the interview. Oh really you're just got back from K good I'm going there with my husband next month. You can drop that in his interview and then am I not allowed to say. Your your your married. I think if they offer and going there with my husband you can't saying. Mary. I don't think you asked if gets you your missing the larger thing. I said Scott park said I'm going their next month with my husband okay. Ordered. Iran can be employer now. No would be employer not say something like that you cannot say but if I say I'm going their next month with my wife legacy Odom and let me tell you house you cannot say. Read from Salt Lake. You Mormon. I'm telling you you can not religion is for sale closings in an interview or religions are protected class. Care you've interviewed people for jobs there are certain things you are not legally allowed to ask people when they interview. Are you pregnant and history are you going to be pregnant. I would argue are you married are you gay are you one of them we're sorry you'll Mormon in general and Allan just. And I don't with a violation is if it's CEO's seat or if it's so it has something to do with civil rights. I think is an employer if you ask that you can be in a a lot of trouble you open yourself up to a neo seen glossy correct. But gay people or not a protected class and I got on on the federal level if it's I think it's more about Pete I have business owner's personal. I have business owners texting on my personal phone saying you are not allowed to ask about sexual orientation you are not even allowed to ask if they have kids. BS for some people they would assume that's a disqualify higher. I mean we expect a hundred hours out of you your your coming to apply for a job on Wall Street if kids. Harry gonna juggle that mean you cannot ask people that bunker. 5767798576779. Makes of the newsroom McCarron. T it'll be another sunflower showdown in the big twelve more next. It's got parts here to tell you that I'm excited and you will be too about how one lucky homeowner can when a 7500. Dollar window maker over. From continental citing supply there a couple of ways you can and it went first you can stop by continental citing showroom in independence. 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While K you topped Oklahoma State 82 to 68. In the SEC in Missouri was down by one at last check with under a minute ago. There are official president trump has signed orders placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports the president was joined by at the White House today by industry leaders. Trumps that Canada Mexico and other countries can't avoid tariffs if they are willing to negotiate more favorable trade deals. For individual nations as long as we can agree on a way to ensure that their products no longer threaten our. Security. Traffic and weather together next. I pressured hanging around here for the rest of the week giving us trample whether or next frontal systems are in mid on and by Saturday afternoon near some rain chances and place during that time. Mostly sunny for the rest of today our high mid forties and are dropping to about thirty degrees for tonight with a partly cloudy sky. Sunny an upper fifties for tomorrow. Cloudy conditions returning on Saturday that shot or rain by the afternoon high 55. Rain showers maybe a little less an island here early Saturday night. I'm staff meteorologists are different era more key in DC whether. 43 aren't aren't PCI 45 downtown 47 and your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with Newsnight DA one KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. And we can command and it's. Yeah oh yeah. You can lose. And can. It's. 87798. Accident on the tax line. Arnold this is true or not this where we need our HR professionals opens out. Talk about this. College football player. By the name of Darius guy he sees from LSU. Number must suspect. But he's one of them. Days. Because one of the teams at the com line as there is guys. Do you like man he won't identify the team. This ticks me off you know lies got really at this just makes me so mad you wonder why athletes don't come out. What does command. You know. Really this is why. So rights and this is where Devlin is about eleven illegal interview questions. And it can't I struggled with the first one well the first one doesn't mean you were convicted. Have you been arrested. Lou I don't like that question because. You can be arrested and not convert for producing marijuana city of leeway to grow and then that turns out to be. Tea leaves. Him and he heal our. Given back to your family. Just Fisher rested doesn't mean anything are you married. Can mess up what religious holidays do you celebrate matters you don't want to offer Russia China do you have kids who. What country are you from new is English your first language and you should probably be at all interest in them. How how old are you I'm guessing is protected do you have debt. Do you drink alcohol. Okay stop I'm going to say it with debt. I think you still have the legal right to find that out in certain. Certain black male double professions and in certain white collar bank. And investment professions. Out when did you last use illegal drugs. How long have you been working and here's the one I really struggle with a long have you been working why is this even a question that would be off limits. What type of discharge did you receive from the military. Now why not what if it's dishonorable. Don't you as an employer would you have the right to know that isn't that bright bit. If you're not convicted in a military court. No way you can ask that no way. I'm gonna throw another one in there. To any health problems when he does not matter here the diabetic. Are you going to be taken time off to always prevent that that one's going to be good at. Insurance companies wanna know I know. I don't think in an interview you are legally allowed to ask it I agree with every single thing on that list. Because it presupposes. All types of things. Do you have children that pre supposes that you're going to be wanting to take off. For their school play that you're gonna wanna be rushing out for a dentist appointment. I don't do any of those things I have four children what have I ever missed the show because someone had a doctor appointment never happened no matter of you've you. West early to go to like to swim meters something thirty minutes hires Mary understand yeah. But but does it affect my job that I have that number of children. I would argue. I am the least affected. You at least affected you and I are never off work for kids stuff SR. It's just extremely. Rare you know the night of Jack's dies bank and let's thirty minutes early well should. So so you're assuming when he asked if kids that's really going to be a pain in my career but that's not an and that's not legitimate assumption. Let's say your hiring. For certain position. In walks a young woman. 23. Or 24 hours and should she take off for winning ring before she comes and now. Because that wedding ring tells me two things if you're 23 or 24 result. Your newly married probably probably especially if it's a job requires a college education probably probably just got married and you don't have kids yet. Probably so should she take offer wedding ring. Think you need to necessarily take it off but I think you need to be careful about the assumptions Wednesday because that is just red. I don't ring on your left hand doesn't necessarily mean you're married what if your recently what do but Dana if. At 24. App gives you if it's a ring like yours. That says one thing you're merit. Wouldn't say that's that's a wedding that is when traditional. Classic wedding. And if you were 24 years old coming in in my office and I'm hiring manager. All of us are night and I'm. Pre disposed not to wanna hire somebody who is likely to have children anytime soon. I need you with the office fifty hours a week we're gonna send you want a lot of trips and you've got to make a lot of sales calls and everything else we're going to depend on share. That wedding ring on your 24 year old hand tells me you just got married and kids are on the way. I think. Any woman will tell you in high powered corporate America so think of your very high powered high billing corporate attorneys. Think of finance. Think of a Wall Street type jobs treating type jobs where you are expected to put in sixty hours a week seventy hours a week. I think they will tell you it is implied. In those types of high pressure jobs. That it's going to be difficult to do family plus this job they will tell you it is implied. Now that doesn't mean your employer gets to ask when you're applying for jobs. How many kids you plan. And word is an illegal. I think the word is unlawful. That's illegal no one's going to jail for asking that you could be sued by the EEOC someone to bring a lawsuit and say you I did not get this job. Because they asked me about my sexual orientation I tell you the FL has a huge problem once and. With that type of Westwood David illegal and unlawful the same thing you don't have to go to jail just because something's. Week. Jay walking that we are going to jail it's a violation. Of federal policy. Is what it is. Rods out of the office had random holes you know what I mean is was taking cold like to your on the year low. I. Who like to go ahead well in parts. To outline three you're on the air. I. I. Or short I thought I'd under their urged that it oil essentially so. I know that you're on our report for earth orbit by. And it's like. An air force that it shouldn't pepper. So that that was just art. And I think that it kind of pretty big negative on your record. Yeah but that he brings up ambulance got. Gun ownership. Gun ownership is not a job I know that I am guessing you cannot ask somebody you can person did you vote for Hillary. Things like funny is not in that just. You just can't I don't like you can't you just can't. What is your religious institution. A hole. Like saint. Luke's hospital sure. Now try and his medical so you still cannot say to someone do you go to church on Sundays now he's scary day. Now. Now what if you're a Catholic school. Can you say if you're Catholic school are you Catholic is is a private Catholic school you have X general sex they're all private. Hole I wanna hear from nature people on that. I still don't sink in hiring you can ask those questions what are if you. Are hiring for a job as secretary out of Mormon temple and independents can you state you drink alcohol. Because in the Mormon Church would allowed for how well. That's a great question where your hiring at a local mosque do you drink alcohol. Because we don't want that and our religion. Therefore shouldn't they also have a right to say you'd. I think not even if you are a religious organization I don't think you can ask those questions. John in Kansas City John hello. I I ordered to make a comment about your comment about eight. Dishonorable discharge or are discharged I think an employer should be able to ask. If you which discharge at in the military. Wouldn't be relevant and it in my opinion it is. It if you have a dis honorable discharge that does say something. Absolutely. I mean I would wouldn't it long ago and I am an honorable discharge are out that it. I would yeah. In there at. Not only appears probably probably this off by that jobs are additives are just so I think at that one should be asked. Oh villages remain I got 12 on my phone that is you just wake Kelly said harper our church is hiring a school nurse. And the ads says you must be a practicing Catholic. Shocker that a Catholic church and the Catholic to be there are and how can say I typically would you want the priest to be as a private organization I. Yes you can. I guess. Would if you were working at a mosque wouldn't it be presumed you're Muslim it would be. For my desperate and I applied for a job at the fellowship Christian athletes run for 35 outs of bureaucrats is they wanted me to sign a statement that said I would not engage in premarital sex. Real. There is no way that's legal no. Way we've it is. Do you remember. And remember the story we had not too no longer going to dictate to you as your employer what you can and can't do. In the privacy of your bed or are you kidding me. You remember the captain do you remember the Catholic school but not too long ago fired woman because she was lesbian. Gerald and she sued and remember if she won she lost. If content came to you and set and are comes not a religious institution we want nobody its own by someone who is religious so. What if they came to you instead we want you to sign this piece of paper. The owner is a religious guy that you pray three times. It. Companies take to people do. Come release all the time tell people you can't work here and smoked. And. Exactly when they say no. Smoke here I'll. But you're a sign. That says if used well we have the right to adjuster insurance real saint Luke's believe at saint Luke's. Rod correct me if I'm wrong or children's mercy one of them. Has told their employees if you smoke even when you go home we have the right to fire you. There are many places has said so you can among her awkward talking is not protected class are seniors sexual orientation is protected notes non flight sexual behavior is not did it is not federally protected. We're gonna fire you because you went on last Solomon. Wii's Dana use some states protects sexual orientation they don't protect sexuality. How can an employer. Tell you to sign a waiver that he will not answer is they Horry wrote I don't know the Catholic Church does with their priests. You're not supposed to have sex as a priest that's there salad deceive bow in in the priesthood. Eight. They're still an employer you still get paid to preach. And it took congregation found out you were out on Saturday night I think it takes all of that and I think we need to take churches out of this conversation. Because they did what she focused the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is in and of itself religious institution a business. Charge. And when. Fellowship of Christian Athletes it is a religious institution. So you can tell everyone in the holes of that right business we're going to dictate your private behavior and you don't sign this waiver -- report your tired so it is reported that the church is not business or non profit if there are talking about a business dictating your private behavior. Did you just sign a new contract yes didn't have a morality clause and now guess after. Com has basically told you I always morals and dot. Com has told you. As your employer if you act up even when you're not here. Dana if you drive drunk but morality clause driving drunk is Eagles. More out clause typically covers the companies but if you go out and do something. Extremely. Publicly. Stupid. And that includes illegal behavior that also includes non we'd be OK give me an example. It's up. Anyone who's been fired for that and I can only think of one I can only think of one. Well there was a news anchor who danced topless in a bar fairly patient with her husband in Mexico. That's not a wit let's welcome someone turned in the photo or in New Orleans let's say in the French Quarter not illegal flying a Nazi flight from someone turned in that photo and she was. Roundly criticized for me she and upper sign. 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But it is a nonprofit and I wonder if for some reason they get to hide behind the rules the rest of us abide by because of it. Crystal in liberty a look crystal. Pretty neat I. At that bloody. Hours thanks and have that meeting. Two of them make that quick. I'm out and it does not matter EEOC block it can still. There are very particular thing that you stay away from what I always do it. In the present to the responsibilities of the job. Personal style. It's a separate situation and yet but even if they bring. You still hear that got. Can you absolutely. Chris Webber quickly and and you gotta get to a meeting can you ask prospective employee do you smoke cigarettes. But could you could you go. Mean. I'm. Not putting I don't know you actually. End it. I would I would lean toward no because that Coleen health issues. And you know our whole. Using crystal the NFL can single player do you like men. I wouldn't even if there on profit. What are your and kept her quickly as were were wait laid on top. What if you are hiring a drug counselor at Three Rivers are Two Rivers or whatever holds called can you ask them if their pay an alcoholic. The job experience. May the and and and an entire professional at a church so you got that question. Institution and have an opportunity. At. That question and the Department of Labor it actually. I had with religion. At the institution. That you do. They have a little bit more protection that an hour. Question that you wouldn't be able app and the corporate world. Our own sub either keywords ray had stalled DLL. Udall Texan and a 72881. Year in the running for a thousand dollars of the keyword cash to the news or McCarron marks. Happening now on KM BZ awaiting a big announcement this evening on North Korea will morn next. If you aren't aging parents looking for a fund gorgeous affordable retirement communities over crested deer creek in south oval park once you. 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