Can you compliment a woman without being creepy?

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Friday, July 14th

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We made Friday everyone else for midday with TV and wicked wicked out today. So we do we could to get the most polar opposite of what an in studio today I think we've succeeded I think we'll find out. We bring in Jason Evans from afternoon on the rock. So you got your own little red Butler and we got a a couple of basic silent yeah there's a few things and so trying to figure it's got me up there. Is he has jet went to start rolling his eyes that you. Then you know you're not start off well. We get along real well me and jade you we are added up together yet members were cool so I mean both today you know I mean so like it's we're in account for brutal school were old school exactly old school radio. Old school race speaker of the old rate that you see the I am so I'm getting off topic already. Big adjuster which I'm animated person and sorrow. Should you got your tax sign is great yet the show will be great and never the same we Nivins on their today awesome Selig that the seat we find out now. I think it will turn on you later. They're an eight dollar and an Alter and you paddy guys feel about hairless hippies that's basically what I am OK I mean it and IIIDJ. William La. So now the snazzy you know it that's right we reflect from the can't expect my. Eyes and it's great to have you here it's great to be here at them and I'm excited that US media step up here and do my best not to Sykes that's my plan that writes that you've got to do better than Greek and that's that's the power that are okay side you know. He's got he's got a lot of old man from legends stories for you don't strike me that I'll be down before on Tuesday believing that. Yeah but my wife is ten years younger than me so bad. Yes yes yes so that so that's that that keeps me young at heart. Plus I got to step it's gonna be nine in September so I mean. We attitudes are helping us your party with the kids. Yes so entertaining today for us and for you hopefully because jays lineup for the first time right after the show yesterday pretty much so it'll be like the blind date but on the air I did I did wish you happy birthday recently on Twitter they so Europe about with a bunch of O workers who site I've I've tried to make your howry who reached out and I totally ignored you have pretty much. So to just building that we work in a little bit it's shouldn't surprise anybody that we have never met because. They keep to the big two sets of doubled its doors yes between us on the tock and and those of you to get to go play. On the other. It was real bad about that because you guys don't have Google's white you can't go to the bathroom. On beat legacy go will be in saint like you've gone through the doors double sets of gas generally you couldn't just wandered on. I. The reason to ever go to the way that way. For some reason that you keep us I like. Wild animals tucked in the corner yeah but where we're nice people over on the run OK yeah. And censor anything what you're and down there now and in the seats I have ever aren't like I mean yeah. Dumb and dumber basically is the kind of suits that I like this site release yesterday I signed as a disease and I'm like okay. Give me I think you're offering to give give me kind of your life story in 62 as a ball free to treat it like a dating you know feel free. To give me like random. And send me a few pictures and make sure one of those includes a baby but didn't tell me it's not your I didn't. The pictures of babies didn't say they're not mine yet and that is Easter and it was looking for thought yeah that's it everybody says chip as you know what I was talking. I've never done that dating thing I've never done. Would it tender I know that you can rattle. There and I I know of grinder for some friends item I never used it. I think there's one that's like if you're like if you're into silver foxes you know like everything. I mean there's there's a dating app for everything I'd. Match dot com and it was a you're okay your. That's all that's covered some of the some of the big east now though never done so you. You write basically for me a bio gas which was that a good place to start so it's kind of I've got son. Some questions for you later okay. There are right or wrong answers okay he's okay enabled shot to ever have you. Act because there are right or wrong answers and it may determine if the audience likes you more or glasses do you like booze. On I don't entering Tibet C I think I think guys if if it if you if good if you're on the fence and we'll have a couple of allied nations at some point accumulate. Rate bringing it back. Of the party house so I guess you can't beat the friends just so I can come partying your neighbor it's pretty awesome. And yeah I we have a lot of fun over there yeah very rarely leave anymore except to come here they don't ever gonna Kansas is the come over here condition. Where I've where I was once arrested for not moving violation cuffed and stuffed in threaten to detainees are up about that story. I questions now yeah I I I but my list is increasing of stories I wanna hear. So we'll get through but we'll get through those. Coming up a little later this we will get you what's trending at new and first ruled Friday problems at 1 o'clock so be sure to get those ready. I coming up later in the show we've got a guy has a whole face tattoo. Who is having hard time finding work. That's shocking. Beat him if there's any discrimination in this world of the guys with the obscene piece that he's not good work a little bit of that. That decision making their guy he's tells her what she homer hit. I was drunk and help us open South Africa it's made it. The outlook together now as what was the incarcerated drunk on home brew when he got things. Is it possible. All possible. I work in so it sells it to get us talking about. Men vs women with tattoos and how we look at that differently in what job we hired them for. We don't like designers gutless and and so what do you would you take that based on what company. You're running we'll get into that a little bit later also. I criticize Kansas liquor laws a lot because they're horrible. They don't compared to the when I just found out of Alabama that just passed I did read an article yeah it's Alabama but. It. I just. They ego you ask me what I drink yesterday I gave you four things and I said in this order. It is the fourth thing on that list that they are going after and I don't like it so get to battle the leaders while. Other start off this hour talking about and I'm not we're not getting into the politics of this but V. Can a guy not win in the situation on and what happens when president trump did in France some weight later. I'm Deke out on the story of the French president and his wife because the more solar about it. The 24 year age difference between them how they knew that he said to her at seventeen under the mayor even and he did you just. We'll get in all that that'll that'll be the romance percent of South Africa which I'm sure in July but pressed it front. I did something when he arrived. In France that got us talking about why this is creepy. And if there's a white man to compliment a woman genuinely. Have her take it the way it's intended to have him not be we hear about it. We're gonna practice this problem and a put on the spot dessert so creepy and so not great yet because Morgan regulator can do. The resort. Let's see does that creep as a creepy creepy bad premature but that's a breeze yeah. So we've got the French president Manuel and Akron and his wife Bridget Akron and when they arrived in France yesterday president trumpet on it from the official visit. He took moments compliment. The first lady of France on her physical appearance and what he said was. You're in such pitch right he then turned the president of France and sad she's in such good physical shape. Beautiful and he said turning to the first lady of France. Well it was there and the first lady of France appeared to grab Maloney and by the arm and take a step backward. Maligning just kind of awkwardly smiled through the whole thing and the answer is getting a lot of attention today and the work creepy is what keeps coming up on. Such tiny zero U and Texas are gonna call 5767798. I don't and have trouble with the sometimes. In knowing when it's okay to compliment a woman and think about pork is it ever okay in the office and came to compliment. I'm at a big. See this. If if if you wanna be genuine I think adding your they're your tone your inflection obviously the vocabulary you use. Yeah because there's like I've had friends of mine that I know that like big start working out I mean movement now Mortimer. She's gonna hit a milestone birthdays into she's an exercise in them like I gave you look great Bryant like. A bit but we got a we have a she was not my best mate might weddings we have a pretty good report Jordan gets its. Utah like. If you're talking about like for example must come complained told his story about you leave and sun person was born some of the deal baby blue ridge that. She's laid into him guy and the security guys is like. In the dented and you know he's at the back Elijah I just meant that you you look really good and and and in that. It if you can call the basically that's it if you cap on and again I haven't seen the clip of afforded the president I haven't heard the audio sudden. I don't know his tone and inflection that this guy doesn't necessarily have a great track record quipped yeah. Complements towards women but. I digress I think I think a cat call. Vs at that as genuine continent like if you work with somebody you know they've been exercising and they've been in the gym and arena. You know Dow even hit the gym like if you make small talk with think. Like you don't really know somebody move and just keep keep at how how strangers become lovers as you know like breaking that I sort of thing you know about it. And I. Our. Not teaching I zero or 5767798. How compliment alignment meant if you can't win do you feel like if you compliment and that they don't that you don't know they're gonna take it the right wired not get into the sacks 1014 David Jamie Wickman came BZ. 1019. On a Friday midday with Jamie and what did Jamie on a selling Jason joins us hello. Afternoons on the rock I'm a cult of personality if you will yeah a lot of love and attacks on at a time. Yes I Condit as I can't think yeah can you tell. I get it but it takes me like captains and a longer than everybody else I'm I'm a music junkies. I mean sometimes it just takes me like. And that's part of the sound like that someone's it's Tom Waits ago when asked so you teach me a few things about music on because I've worked my music taste made. You perhaps not necessarily not my my my my breath in my movement width of music is pretty pretty wide and yet so so for those of you that are not as goalie Jason like I wasn't until yesterday I'll get to yield that are coming up it is just questions Travis knows some of these. Our right and wrong answers to things like repeal or doctor pepper right Alia root beer. Yahoo! yeah yeah. That's a and I go spy game W I think that's the best one of Aaliyah and Italy no abuse in media beast yeah yeah the Bard's little teams go to Serbia from the two week. We're a long time I was. The studio and I jails and but as well as as you see fit to tonight 80 or 5767798. Men and a little closer yeah 'cause of what present front said yesterday. TV wife of the French president she's in her sixties and let me point out that her husband is 39 we'll talk companies in Tibet. But you up to her when they were just greeting each other when they'd first gotten to France the official visit. The present front side are. You're in such good shape she was dating a big haul it back to the camera that recorded the incident he then turned to her husband the president of France and said. She's in such good physical state. Beautiful he then sat turning to the first lady of France at that she appeared to grab the arm mobile U Tron who witnessed the whole thing. It took a step backward. Will trump is smiling sort of awkwardly like at the senate solvent but I don't know what's the deal so just talking a bit about isn't it. Is it ever okay or how do you complement a woman with out being creepy about it has to be used as creepy. It was creepy because he complimented her body. Not her shoes or summer how little more time so well on. The room a little back at some times you guys probably. Are not the easiest position with us. I mentioned as a the last break like cat calling is that it's not gonna get you anywhere I've had and I've never seen a gentleman can't get you look at. Celebrating you don't. Like. It's a barking its you know it's thanks to you that you imagine. At that point like bad guys the dog leg and the use. Of oldie. But network for. But I think ultimately though like if you if your guy that I just I don't know how to way lemon. Confidence. That it if you had a good start if you approach a woman that you've never seen and you are trying to engage in conversation. I contact. Confidence and and and beat complimentary towards like it's a nice out which you know or or there's something that you can that you. Maybe you'd notice on ABC great teacher of your favorite band or band at least you know Anita park after. I. Got. An that would keep it simple to simple. You looked lovely I guess voice is really important that I think Tony is the difference between creepy and creepy view that sees me like I'm enjoying looking into Iraq yeah you don't. Jesus never used about one an app on yes that's. Capital health point made point right deaths you know sellers like he just mechanized simple just certain that lovely idea arts is over you and yours like and I think she well she in North Kansas City. Councilman element. Well good morning NATO and at what happened that. To cut the cost of things here met in the United States. Question of workplace I think you have to be. Very trouble with what you say and Agassi. I want to say. What's okay to say. But it is so it's okay to complement of one clothing. Rather then so would surgical. Appearance related they are. Unless apparently gave. Lessons and and Mike women love Jack they're paired up yeah elect. Cleveland when you notice is you get like how did you use it to him and so my dad dead that's again but it's also like. Exactly what about Africa. My two bit and it. I believe that really looks lovely which. Like I disorder as Saban out in the idea that their system. And responses. But the theory this beautiful. You they. Let it goes so do I the president. And I say maybe it this exaggerating or wrong aspect abilities Libby say well your age. You look. Right yeah out which doesn't make it to better me. That's absolutely. Horrible. And it has America. And that aspect you know let Leo and etc. all of or probably the same either that or lady didn't. This big indicator. I'm surprised her husband didn't interact at some point and do something about it and it. And I thought yeah they fly. Slot for the call LT have a fantastic weekend. Let me give you guys attacks that we just got heavy react to those and I will also somebody texted into teaching nineties Euro literally a man cannot compliment a woman on anything. Without sounding like a pig nowadays it's all thanks to the ultra feminism. 90% of men mean nothing by it they're just complementing and how you look but most women are worried. That we're trying to get their pants as a woman I don't concern result to be the biggest feminist in the world you can compliment me and not seem like a panic and. And let's beyond as well as the most of the men are trying to protect the ticket to odd base paint. Complements my shirts Travis who is now happily with Mel. That means he's he's on the proud odd pounds that's that whole different thing to pick up. I thought about it talk about it now that I'm saying like if you're if you're on about the social situations and guys start a conversation with you. There is there's. I don't think he's just trying to see these guys gonna go opted to skate city and hang out with my skirt and a happy and I mean maybe that would be the ankle that he would do. Would pursue so. Compliments or with intent of some aren't we think is a problem for. Look how many people we have on this planet that's a lot of compliments have been handed out over the years better. Travis let's say they're aware something to work that. Whatever you want to you know she's she's mixed U percent. Kenya compliment her network and not be weird about it. Yes. Because I hear. Is reports there is seeking back home and those are great shoe right or there's that it's different or some actual wars I think last week announced a re elect. Stretches last relate to color of that dress she goes well thank you. But as knowledgeable. Address which really nice today I mean Apple iPod and cool I think he's just police say also too when you're talking about like Ike you know when you've been working around people watch over the years you do it becomes this becomes your second camera away you know in the like. Like I'm sitting in Scott parts chair are you are striker this nominates stink it could I can't believe it's a community that's like. But it ED UBU like you you start developing these these these and a personal relationships where it becomes more. Cousins Brothers sister whatever so you can have those sort of things haven't. Let's zoom like did you see that the new sales gals are. Say what a salesperson don't now narrow building like it comes to the newsroom and it's something you don't know but she gets your attention. And she's wearing a suit that you think fits well or how whatever your compliment is is that okay is their way to do that and not be weird. That's a good question yeah. I got it right back. There's no doubt one man yeah Brad and I think oh this is a first impression that could just go really wrong. Right there that's your that's a first impression I think frequency matters ya doing it once is creepy doing it. Regularly gets weird you here and there we got a question attacks on it will take is up after that marks Newsom said it is it okay to comment on the woman's weight loss. Especially if it's noticeable and you can see that they're working hard at it appraisals somebody lost weight Lester will talk about that coming up next. Jason Evans and for Mike when tech coming up I'll get into more about 1032 midday with. On Friday more to help him on the rock amok. And so far come out with some and some living collar now ago AC DC was that special. That just what comes up in the rotation guys got Manson back there. To feel that I'm playing new I want it I'll ballot. That's and I put an ugly face in again you're doing kind of a Doubleday tonight's game three to 7 PM on the rock yes. So happened as will get when you guys from a fan or as reference guide tube from the other side and the people you. Many they'll they'll go listen yourself in the after him not to forget him arts but that's fun for you but I don't of the imports give away free beer. I'll guarantee you they don't I guarantee that. Today we see you address the differences between what happens in studio and what happens in the studio. Like you allowed to drink in your Steve I would never drink on the job that's an intercom policy. We didn't hold. The difference is that we don't screw you because our bosses opposites right there. Literally we can I can see into the wind up oh. You guys probably to label you had a free beer. His flow more freely around here in our little more well behaved. It don't hole. Hold media world has changed in me radio television news brand all of that like this week with the anniversary of the Disco demolition in Chicago right 1979. Right and and that I was talkative to my boss Bob. We recall and a whole Bob but anyway but. We don't and that's it that's a stunt that we can more like there's no way we can gather up a whole bunch of Disco records taken out to Kauffman Stadium emblem up during the seventh inning stretch or whatever and the lawyers Buick had not gonna. Happen so his you know and and there is there's a big picture in the back of their chosen newsroom. Yeah from years years you don't have to people and they are all smoking the cigarette ads are not anymore oh my gosh and that means that. Must say I think my boss resort of his first duties as a PD was like make you throw your. Cigarette butts and that was it was on these refugee editor with and you don't resembles pictures those guys are all also wearing a yeah the second half dressed really nice we don't. Outlook and I've got I've got golf should shorts basically they're all in appearance in an age who are your perfectly coordinated my hundred jobs assured him. And in the three dozen nice guys that are in early action is is a nice odds are. Well as a professional before the break I bwic. Just some analysts later flip flops and a flip flops of stuff I've asked you these are not flip flops these better wind sandals I can still see your toes and that's the problem and they're just saying aren't they yeah there are real bond there there interesting I do not think of what I do however keep would I said issues in my drawer in my desk so I can go put him on like. Mister Rogers I do that every day I'm not required accident I'll go I'd -- more honest about it right now although it up and then check mark against right next break I'll go swap out my issues that we would in the first hour and I almost did that to I was gonna swat Malick and on the view of the among my phone Google it up. A little bit ago by. A question before the break up the question that the quest for the break we are talking about. President trot and what he sat upon his arrival in France to be wife of the French president her name is Bridget Mac and you basically got to form together maligning him president trump in the French president whose wife and she early 60s63 probably and president trump looks at her it's I. I'm not gonna say it was a surprise but if you wanna say good for your age kind of a comment he said. You're such good shape and then eight turns to the president of France and says she isn't such good physical beautiful he says. Lot of people they're talking about because it came off as kinda creepy picture and. You know he's agreed to grant you is is because it would just kept the second part. You'd perfectly fine it just says. I agree she's beautiful and then she letters that your beautiful bride keep that right there may be a year from now you seared in some years such great shape but. It was all in a wind is just yet. You know I I go back I go back to that it's them that that Howard Stern said many many moons ago about drugs he knows him pretty well. Is he just wants to be light like you gas and not do it I think this but I think this is the guy that just has no filter. Obviously he did makes no apologies but he he's trying so hard look at it and I think that some one and I don't think he anticipated. When he did he get his run for presidency. Was that no matter what no matter who gets in there half the country's not gonna like he and his bottom right and I had Impreza every and then of the other half a quarter of them are probably gonna go. I'm done with the jacket that. Look look look at how how our attention span America we have a look and see what I. But I think it's I think he's he's that awkward fumbling grandfathers is trying to be cool. And doesn't realize that like. When you Wear your shorts up here knows you're not coal in the war. History of the inappropriate comments to women and I understand sort of where it came from two inches is heating here's Lonnie was standing right there it didn't matter to him because he's a spoiled kid you know right I mean. So we question before the break as you're talking about you Forman and what a horrible situation here and in not knowing I'm confident when minimally can't without being seen as a as a creep or somebody asked. Is it ever okay or how do you compliment a woman on weight loss if you have noticed and a public orator and your second but as somebody that lost four pounds and for life last year I have I have several friends that are like friends of mine husbands are just. Guys conference went. And they had trouble with this I would go to lunch with and hadn't seen them in six months or something and there was even one day that it was adorable and that he didn't wanna be weird but he wanted me to know that he had noticed. So he texted me later and just sent to set I didn't wanna be geared. But you're looking great Michael. Or complicated than it is you know just me last night. What's great treats elect broke leg and like cool working that's a great you know yeah. Take as a compliment I'm happy that you noticed you don't know what you're saying it's done packets. But jut just noticing the weight loss. It's double standard when it can do it all Bela. There our Travis couple that way. I'm so if it's micro affair while talking to Mel completely it would work now a lot and at your regular work out in and lately acting she's just recent lost five pounds a sedate look great you put good food and fit whatever you are right. If I set this to a random person I would know how to say it decides hey you look. Looks like he lost some weight again what about let's bring in the building what if it was somebody's dad died is adding one mentioned it let's Lee. OK because we McNabb what it's like that runs the point down the hall that let's say she lost weight and the next day tournament Franken on I. What difference yeah you've done it before him well in her office and what if you notice that she lost weight. I would say Lee you're looking great so I'll probably at that wouldn't they are you trying to lose weight did you lose weight arts and Leland. Maybe you don't bring it up if you give it. When you know who exactly is the way but but sometimes you can you can. You can back door no way you hear them talking about exercising working out like. Schumer exercising. As I just didn't awkward it's OK we like being honest we're so afraid of just saying. I don't wanna be weird I want to compliment you and you look but please don't think I'm I'm trying to take you lie but I heard there honest to me about my feet and I think your biggest fears it legal music which has just. Right now I've done it with you about you've seen you can now gas and on Earl here is giving it. Really adorable. You do it in it's like I'm walking and it's Jay Edwards. More than any Jason Jay mentions it more than anybody around here without ever Padraig a big inning anyway but I do need to see he's he's our guy. Just buttered up on Friday. That's twice. For I didn't think you are is got to say god I. That's the requirement lie but an attack on like you know. And them that's so. As more like a Big Brother do sister died it was diary your guests. Are right and so I think we settled. Yes you can compliment what does it include content editor Joan and confidence. Hurt just don't. Voice. Like that Alec Erica looks good on you you don't grabs the good yeah I. Each other stuff. The pitcher. You damped some countries put up those shoes Travis put but the shoes up there. Well now things I think they cannot he cannot walk by me without me complementing. No shoes so it's a compliment to clearly what about YouTube clip but don't beat views Lucas and Bud Black. Fine line that abide by and many other you guys do that. I think I think like thank you someone's got like a fancy suit on you know it's again like a good looking now you know. And that's that's solid and we had a solid for that the ads this year a solid. Dull. You have the great snow yeah that's fantastic. That's a little Jimmy walking again. Don't Jack in his guts and it does a good color to hit the not something police say I don't know I say I had a is completely different generation I believe their reliability and let us. I don't think I rise today and I think that the blocks daughter. That this. The very end of today Jason Evans for Mike wicket who is back Monday next I talk a little bit more about the French president and his wife. And tell you the story and this is where urged a geek out about it because it's sending their story. It's. It'll as the difference between asthma couldn't look at this guy that acts party in the David deviant and came. Seven under daily team in a camp like it's back Monday today we bring in Jason how things on the rock. Hello I know this is Ozzie this is definitely one I talked about can you believe Sharon is taking them back out on the road and the fact that you don't bag to. Tiki culture suffered just stuff that relates to. Well both probably you can ask you spam right now and I on our Manhattan and I think I think that's. That's that's where that teacher comes into play stop making stupid people famous though like I mean guys the do you applaud their business. A criminal master yep but. But. Can carnations mom is is the ultimate hip I mean she floated out and Seattle it's an insult them space at a bit mean but look at Kim's. Video that made her popular out of beavers seemed video that made her popular it's possible okay talented young ladies. It's exactly but like like. Who who floated that thing out but also think she really just capitalize on that and it's kind of like you know I mean. There's no she came out now there is a program wife and child and I had not the Southern California tomorrow and you write for your vacation yeah yeah oh yeah forty per next week I'm my fortieth birthday on Tuesday she yeah and why don't. Yeah yeah there is Imus. So but guarding Jason which has been fun because a lot of your texting and if you didn't run through some questions that come out and Ben issues on this program before okay premier the person that normally sits there and yes there are right or wrong answer is what it's about him becoming the next hour. If you've not seen the pictures. Or heard about the story about what happened in saint Maarten. Out out in the out of the islands where you have an airport. That is very close to really popular beach resort so close that he popular tourist activity. Is for people to go and kind of clamp on to the fence that surrounds the airport because planes fly so low. That daylight to feel the rush and the thrust of where the engines take off. We had a woman who did that. And die she was thrust back into the wall and she died as a result now people are asking. Should this tourist spot be close is that enough we'll get into that coming up in the next hour here but. And a couple minutes because a judge does land on stories that you just can't stop reading about. And what is boring for me. Was the background of the French president and his wife. And so it and it gets into. The age difference between them and how it's basically flipped with president from the oval on so the president of France and it comes up because president trump is there. Is Emanuel Mack and his wife is Bridget. He has 39 years old. She is 24 years older than him and that's exactly the age difference between Gilani a trumpet Donald harbor pretty close except it's just read. Talk about their stories sell. The first thing you hear about them is the age difference and that's why some reviews. President trump was saying you're in such good shape or your aid because she she's an early and I don't know why. If piracy issue would rather be oral looks great for early sixties a threat for any time as I got myself in trouble feminists are free app an app. I know and so that you're about how they met and how they came to be. So just just tell the audience it's America America's by mid America America when American pie as evidence the movie American yeah yeah or it's stiffer asthma all basically in order if Mary to their regulatory and it not slept with. The kid it would ban about that almost you know it's. Sort creepy sort of scandals so missed she isn't teacher and that's how they met. She used against 24 years older than he has and she was teaching at the school that he attended he was thirteen at the time. And she assign. In his class that he was friends. And at seventeen. She he goes to her. Who later becomes her husband and says I'm going to marry you one day. And he did she was married with several kids at the time he went off to Paris to school and and you know that kind of went their separate ways and at some point they re connected. They fell in love she left her husband I think she'd gotten divorced or at the newly divorced at that point so there wasn't anything scandalous about that but once or short she. And Hitler's ma. She has more grain kids at 39 yes more great kids the president trump dies. Because she had kids before again he has a stepson that is his aides. It's just sitting and so that there were stories that were asking you know do we view that story differently or are we more because they're French car. I love it up for for cultural reasons like the slightly do we are we more forgiving of that or less forgiving habit given that she was older. You know Mary idea come from there to god idea vs president who'll. The target of osment was wearing a little bit. Who. Has been married several times and and every time seems to you know go back to someone he doesn't marry women get older even though he is getting older he goes back to the same age bull. And so now he'll he'll just keep hearing somebody like right now it's three years in the next time it may be forty years and never. If you feel like we knew we talk about trump like that you need to have the dazed and confused about what kind of and I. Yeah I like them high school grounds because I get on an excuse and the same day it's not an hour and a bra. I. I mean what's going on in Spain that's about and I served presidents I don't know is that is that is that as a married a second cousin thing I mean like just. What is happening to our global leaders like on. Sergey you when you hurt. OK as a guy when you first heard about them the French asked about the hidden Hitler's mom the first thing that I keep saying good judges but were you good for him. You know we're like what what was your guy thought about that because it and you're the obvious because. If you read about his presidential campaign. He glows about her and he absolutely she left her teaching career because he unexpectedly had this rise to presidency. And so she puts her fourth and he really just jumped on her it's adorable it's still is your buddy's mom. Yeah I like ideas I. Mean I've I've I've been with my wife now for coming up on a year removed almost married and together for almost six years so like. I'd I'd I'd try to imagine like being at a single guy back in the day and I just I never. Like. Your friends sisters who always seemed odd to me. Moms really seem odd to me as you know like and then begin to let them what I think are good good rules like if you're a guy you have an apartment complex don't. Hang out don't stop a girl that you have an apartment complex with. That because of that and is it willingly let and it the same problems. Coworker. And bad idea same thing at ten when it and always always. Got married. About liars okay and then the help like like how many like. And Catholic stepped out with an anti Arnold Schwarzenegger etiquette of the nanny like personal. You don't get hot nanny why you never gonna I'm Danny like you need a higher like a Romanian woman that's like 82 years old and speak only English that served in Vietnam yeah right that's what you need at any rate there you know. But for some reason I am less. Judge you about it admittedly with it being a man that married somebody 24 years older than I am with our president get married someone 24 years I was at my assumption I'm just assuming your maybe it's like. Not a women's lib into women's empowerment and life like she's still got you know I mean like she can get the younger cat. Like the story it's we. But I like he knew at seventeen that he was going to marry her now it isn't weird at first some was in school. But how many are there three how many reports have we seen out of Texas had a New York out of everywhere words like. 24 year old teacher hooks and seventeen year old what you guys think it's hot when it's the woman that's the teacher quit when it's the guy it's creepy but I I. Remember like ever hearing tales like this when I was in high school I went to Catholic high schools and there was Mike Rabelo I was like yeah. All that happy hour is is getting big dollar and guys like that that never was really in now but. It just seems like as of lately it's been a lot more those stories and boom they happen in the states we're definitely like oh. Other creepy predator woman out there but then yeah yeah I mean it it. Because it's France and again maybe Google opened little more progressive. Is that our president at the same. Yeah I am except she was a model and and the story went a little differently and the story is all the more romantic. You know he can you wanted to Disney's in this thing that's just fine and pick up. You you view as. Social about it when I was reading a story like Mike. Two age difference of the first thing you do was look up pictures to see what they like to see if if you could tell they were 24 years apart. And well. And an easy out and my ass. Because they were together. You. Are I mean that's romantic part of that for sure are okay. All right. Anyway yeah that was why not start I just thought I know more about the French president as wife now and I know anybody other than our president and to be an if you're not a reader just watch a movie American pie and no understanding of that and I'm reference. You know somebody attacks like that it's both creepy yeah I think that it is just that. Are coming up in the next hour. Are we will get to the story that happened out of saint Maarten there's a resort there where he really popular thing for tour studio. Issue there's a beach resort there that backs up to an airport and if you see the pictures of how low these planes fly over this resort. It doesn't look real pictures look like they were doctored. A common thing for people to do there is to go and lean up and grab on to the fence surrounding the airport because it's right there. Because planes will fly at really low over and they like that rush of what that feels like. We will explain what happened tool but who did that and what people now are saying about what's happened to that resort. Also coming up a little bit later this is not the first time it's happened but we got a couple stories associate with a cup ride. The dirty dancing. Yeah. To get dirty dancing. We wouldn't be telling the story that god what else are we know it was a mass and it got a story out injury desperate battle with that as long as. Those stories coming up next Jason Evans from Iraq in studio for my wicket Jamie Sally.