Caller was inside the Lenexa Costco when gunman came in. Most fascinating discussion we've had in awhile.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, December 14th

We are just fascinated by this conversation on human behavior.  When the gunman walks into the Costco-  no one puts down their shopping cart.    Shoppers see the man with the gun-  and PUSH their empty carts to the back.   WHY?!?   Tim calls in and was there when it happened.   No- he did not put down his cart.   WHY?!?!?!?


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy threes pop and upper couple sprinkles of light rain will be later on tonight. Otherwise just look for the clouds to thin out as the day goes on on Friday 29 your morning temperature wind chills in the lower twenty's. Afternoon hi I'm a little bit warmer 47 degrees we will cracked forty. Upper fifties possible on Saturday. From channel nine comforts of their chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. It is moon. It's. It's. And. Yeah. Okay I had. To. Hello my friend. Are you darling and is so popular when I come here because they bring you guys cause I now. I'm so happy you're here casino can be alone and need a. I magically show up everywhere it's caffeinated it's just go into the club. At the K let's hear it. Yourself. Well yen now says it's a little. Used to flying around everywhere and I am. I'm reviewed in the sweet. At this had been here it's been. Has been. It's we. I will be here for the injuries and I'm not going anywhere. Until January. Weren't traveling for the holidays are you care and really turn out we're gonna semis but that's at that does that count it's attached. Slightly. Very it's a like horrible act now I don't lesser Antilles I don't think we'll go to the lesser degree. Atlantis is bigger more Antilles and the bigger where art integrator Angela. Got a lead or close to pour pour just only make up. You know I wanna go to Greece have always said yes I have never been a mind degrees degrees and I'm reading this beautiful story right now monstrous story. The authors coming in April a soldier can not putted down keep staying up till 2 in the morning rating at physical data goes it citizens center in great. And so. Being that person I am I thought. So why I got my phone and I said Matt of Greece. And so agrees pops up and kind of looked trying to figure out McCain has happened here in this beautiful island on the west side. And then look over to the right and it's like scary mixed scary right to the right it's it's Armageddon it's like deter. Mixing that idea if you think somewhere agrees there's a right now. It's really it's the word Greece is the word. Like I've really wanted to go but that is too close to Corey out you mean scary Dana he's our go out what it's okay what is Greek for awhile while the little bump on the I think it is Greek I wake up. Door. Just. Last well since you front loaded all your vacation for the first sixty weeks a year after that again. So much assassin is excellent are you going to be here is your show going to be on. Between Christmas and here as we would he now not only is it every time I guess is they'll then on December 20 and I'm very excited to have you hair I'm not excited to be here I'm excited you'll be here with me I'll be your consideration this sport six bed nets all the here from through Thursday and look who owns. Feel bad you've got to be on the 26 to want to a later date like the 2720. But the day after Christmas is just depressing the Christmas is fine and you will meet me here that no one works that day no one analyst or a police officer were. Or us your service and or us that isn't even pepper and some processor or cookies as you know those alive yet had pads. Asked for a lot people just the occasional and he does it make that happen and they actually give me grief this morning excited I even Bakes and neat scene. And now we're not and I diet so I'm not eating anything at all like someone brought in today's there's in the break ground. Couple days other's needs and I'm like I can't I am now if you stick it packed in like. I think it's been too. Full months without diet can joke I don't even if you are more or Starbucks. That was my big sports. Do you. Like bad habit that is so dobbs and what I bring you today Starbucks moves but I was going to ask. And Regina and I was just getting into the routine of driving through and get one on my way in and and I know that that's bad like there's like 350 calories in each one of those thing and and doing it Green Day. And so ever once while I was still ago but I get the T analyst at night at the little tee and I filled up with water enter into it. Berries and so and calories that I can at 350 a day or five to whatever minds. Oh. That was in the match. Art. Five at 2005. Dollars and 5000 calories yes so that's enough of that. You know every day. Now your line of your line. To. Just a skinny lattes stuff for you just say Libya. Is that your what does this rot okay what is this okay delicious eye view holidays. Spies flat planes that it is out of Italy's hey I need more often because I literally hugged it out with every single person that he hugged it out Travis that went on with rod. You have that now is there. As you're reading and the word sad is it Casey you've got it ran. Bruno saying a lot yeah start of the and I went out again at odds thing. I will do that hey I got it skinny and I guy half the sweeter and now I'm sorry self restraint okay. 340. Calories. Eleven grams fat lesbian and thankfully. But I have this week there OK so now 320 calories that. A and it here English thank you for coming eleven long time. And let you hear Scott personally that tomorrow dog wailing dog get a lot he was fine he called me 42 times. Make that 43. And we never talked about the document finally like the last time he called ice snapped. How's that again. He's like well fine you don't wanna dogs doing tonight. It should be taxed. At the spying you can text mean she's dead you called. Bright let's agree. So yes Stella is fine he just went over to pick her up I'm sure their home they were doing because of little puppy count see him. I. Alive FaceBook post Scott and was wearing his hair and it was an accident odds did you see the gift post noble I was like hey sporty spice and of course I. That. Forty. It's they'll ultimately won Iowa he had I really don't want yes he has been wearing that at Adidas track suits. Since it apple. It's a cross between sporty spice. And a white. Run DMC. Stick to that yet yeah that's yeah Scott like Scott loans actually invited guests. Four shirts if I Guess jeans or shirts. Nebraska kiss ends he's got he's got one of the he's got one of those letters scattered. Or fog hat present and I can't stand outs and Lizzie and is via he's got that your. And then. He's got it tied at one TO to bring makes appearance and then the idea is tracks it goes liberal. It's cold out using simple man with simple means limited. And sporty spice it's forty spies. Dallas back in an called the candidate that you've been urging you purchased clothing and closets. Did you hear that story yesterday night. And honey cleaning kick and it's come to my house it's gotten so. Got so crazy with the that I actually broke out and hired a professional or at night czar. All okay so to be honest how much for someone. To call someone to come over and organized is it by our idea. It's by our. It that the gala ball park the gal is principal conduct on and she charges I think semi final hour. It's. I am today. To our projects to panic attack came in scope it out and my utility like laundering utility closet with a catch all for every birdie there was I mean you couldn't walk and it was like quarters buried lie so I just in that room was like your junk drawer and closet right yeah. That's exactly it says she took an all out yet to coming out first show notes we started going through stuff and IA would be like it they get rid of it get rid of it and then finally it would be like no. I wanna keep that and she literally would look at me and go does this bring you joy way a mop. No it doesn't seem like a solidly was mostly close. We have a lot of things because there was a a government that's cute she was shot in iron and a does this bring you join me out of it get rid of it. And it seems like I could get rid of that shirt and I know I search and it was still in its protective. Condom cutting from the dry cleaners with last anywhere and answer she red tag was from 2011. Yang enactment and she does it's gone green and it sent it to do so with the lights that remains that you guys you're good. Quality professional organizer I cannot say enough good things about simply can't Amos and it's simply can't simply on that sounds like a latte she is very. She's very woo woo a granola and she Gator Dan she is nonsense ambulance did you say you you. Herds. Right seven bags of clothes now main bags of recycles an even knowing them as recyclable stuff I mean I mean. Just stuff like anything plastic you know any sort of electronic or like had a penny press and my parents got for me okay. God love the people that give the meanie press and the ice cream maker lie and end up a sponsor. Still all. All in the box and I just everyone's well I would go buy in that would blow dust off of it. And then so she was just like recycle recycle recycle an instant and donate the he duct sealing and you want to go drop it seemed to exit yet and that she gets their seats. Wow aunt that tax or perceived and and and like three bags trash and like it just ski out that I had a much trash. Under yeah sure yeah. What we talked. But yesterday I think that you know Americans by nature in the last twenty years or orders and I bet you. Businesses like hers are blooming. I if I had to guests and not just a 1800 job as we did that. And you just point eight they really do that coming about and Tony and that was expensive I did 1800 John. 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I shopper who happened to be an off duty police officer. Shot and killed this nut who. And looking at the footage or are you watching watching it appears touchy about pesetas radio we can't see it. It doesn't matter if you've seen it for the purpose of this conversation because there are a couple of things that happen that are so. Don't say funny there's nothing about this that's funny. Just human behavior like we said earlier is very interesting bizarre very bizarre. In this day inmates with all the news about mass shootings and we will not talk about and didn't expect can't. You would think that we would do things. As victims in a situation like this in Moscow. Differently but I think. When there is a large number of people. And something bad happens quickly it's group mentality is still group mentality so tell me on the website and what do we have upper. Well it's on our FaceBook page right now OKZ FaceBook page and we'll what has been provided to us. Our views from two cameras things camera eleven camera threes per cameras needed for this. And we've got an edited the one clip and then we'll see everything of course there's there's other stuff but. You see the man come in you see people run in sin and come strolling in. And then you go to the next view and you see. People run away and you receive the off duty officers start to innocence stalk this guy he's quietly like that of the bill walking to the back of the building and then it ends we don't see the climax of the video right to. But it's worth noting that shooter was going to the back of the store is where everybody's Larry as we get ahead scurry so that was the does that a could've been a disaster waiting to and so here I wanna talk about today what do you see in the video or not and I would urge you to watch it because it is in real time. How this unfolded the first thing UC. It is two women. And I I've got to point this out because a good friend of mine texted me and said did you notice this. Rob pulled the video when you a minute because you and I both missed this the first time we saw the video. The first two women you see him run and then when he first comes in the store. They're still pushing their shopping carts yep I am looking at a right now okay a shopping carts or entity. There is a gunman chasing you. The key. Pushing. The shopping carts like they're running with where he's not happy shopping carts. There's nothing shopping carts they just in and had the little lady greet you welcome to Moscow Moscow carriage is. As the winner of two women as the gunman comes in in this one acts like Costco. The very first two women take up running right when UC OK something's going on here. They run with their shopping carts. And if you abandoned shopping. A band. Did you just don't want put down their shopping cart you know it is it's that it's already in my hand and just need to dial like and doesn't get it here and I'll just an idea he's mine retire. Not like. Not only to either win or anything it's just I want to talk about human nature and human behavior. When something unexpected. Why keep shopping cart runs on panic in the year you'd drop everything and run would predictor out of your mind scared exact. I do understand that but I always go back sick kid out I never understood why people go. The back of the store right sayers write it on I mean in the movies is it. Hit it out right on running and so the next thing you see as crazy crazy boxed in with the gun. Is this father pushing a toddler in his car now keep in mind he has seen two women. Run. Then there's us almonds that runs. He's looking to his left. He's looking to his right he's got his toddler in the car guy walks in with a gun. Again with a group saying. Not that I'm trying to get into this that said. But there is lay. Between this man coming in with a gun everyone running. And the father with a toddler. Reacting he does not react right away in his defense maybe I mean it's. What the people who were just reading by him or saying get out there's a guy with a guy and what they're just running pass him is that lets people. When they. And that's my toddler and that this is just what I think I would do but I know I would do it. I would grab that toddler and run. Like freaking. As a ring that I don't that you would it I think I am not necessary if you don't understand what's happening you're going to try to evaluate the situation. I think if it was just me Karrie right with a toddler I don't. I don't know I know you're thinking. Until you're in that situation where apple and its I am not by any means we are not here to criticize what these people debt but really watching the video. It is going to be an interesting conversation this hour and a one know you think. About the way people react you don't like and planes they always tell you if the plane goes down leave your backs. Why do they have to tell you that wouldn't you naturally think. To not grab yourself that you've been all the time people go back into a fire grab the you know the well on the Titanic who were so bright their luggage out about it and I think it's that thing I mean you just never know. Right so what does credit go to. They came easy FaceBook page if you're a place for you can do this watch the video. We're gonna go to the newsroom with Caremark sir and then we come back I want you to break down what UC. In this video has it was a friend of mine he said he noticed don't want their car. Even this. 5767798. Here's care with an innocent man now in custody after an hours long standoff near Saint Louis will have more next there's still time to get on schedule. 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Thirty drink Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or two police officers were shot this morning in the Saint Louis suburb of bell fountain neighbors the suspect barricaded himself inside a home just after seven. Within the last hour he was finally taken into custody and was handed a hospital expected to survive. The officers he's accused of shooting were treated and released from the hospital the bullets hit they're bulletproof vests. No jail time for an Indiana fertility Doctor Who admitted to using his own sperm to a disseminate patients years ago out ABC's Brian Borough reports 79. Right here for CMOs and some look before the snow starts client at a CMOs and sun and get your top of the lines in Iraq homes standby generator. You know you can get them. With that whole home system and back up generator system. For as little as 99 dollars a month and let me tell you this is not an nest that you wanna take lightly. 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Or you aren't aren't TCI it's forty and blue springs forty wanna your official weather station and Caremark search stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Okay. We're just gonna get right to it because during the break. We had a different of the program Cullen named him. Who was there. When this scene unfolded on the label inside the the next Costco. And we've been watching this video and breaking it down if you go to our website you'll see that video. And we're asking you do you see anything in this video that stands out to you what would you do in the situation and one of the things a buddy of mine noticed. Is that no one puts their cart down and runs in fact people are soaring scurrying away there's their curse touring. With their carts which makes it harder. Because the courts are big and heavy. It makes it harder to run. And so let's get him who was there Tim we're glad you're okay we're glad your wife is okay. What is the first thing you remember that day. Or media outlets night's first thing you remember. The first thing I remember is it's kind of like a couple people in an argument outlook the front of the store we were in the middle of the war. About where the quality inspection in order. Ornament quoting here. And Myanmar wipers and they're shopping we've heard arguments from from the oldest or horse on the court. Noticed a couple people really mad about something and an act quickly or where. Six or seven people screaming that the other long. And your first instinct is the technical steps port that. Commotion there trying find out what that commotion to. And then. Read after that the cost or employees sit there and now. Through all the different trials and were running down now. Yelling. Active shooter active shooter now we turn everybody around in the back of the store. And in my mind. I'm saying I ain't here no earned sharp. I I I know I'm not hearing gunshots or she's saying her. Not registering in my mind. There's somebody there with a not that I don't hear. Accept the argument. So that I'm I'm. Gonna close my wife scrapping the front of the bastard. To run at the back explorer and it took the second employee there actually look at me and tell means. So Rwandan backed the war. Before Myanmar lies and we did put shark hurt. All the way in the back. For no reason. Whatsoever. We have Warren simple rule thrown grow rule boardroom. That's all we have mark or by. Know that my wife. I want it on the from a car or in the court and I expect our McCourt. Push in the color and they only got the back of this or there's these are. Other people in the same thing and then he. Finally meted out the back door. And then we will now go back there or fifteen seconds or mirror. What sound like they're sure but it would probably shut and tackle world or shot or an echo those. We heard. And tipper and I look at my wife and I took those countries. And then hit and run up tobaccos or into that standing. Al by the gas Ireland for. Point to five minutes. The couple in Russia manner and are bad. Tim really quick to what extent do you think just kind of a group saying click a group mentality is at play there because. I've off instead of icy everyone running. I think my natural inclination would be to run. Maybe it's not an EUR employees were telling him run to the background about ego and even then with him telling you run you said it took twice. And I just because you don't and you're like what's because you don't expect this kind of thing to happen maybe what do you think. They call it normal record expect normal in. You don't expect that to happen or not it. You're not looking for that that happened and unfortunately that's what the people shot because. They're in there and looked like. What's going on. Instead of taking that decisive action move Horry or February. And I mean their doors or in open beside of the war phycor Ono and backdoor Kono on. They opened one of the quicktime. Stock or. Are back in there opened one of those or are fact. People were jumper and a six foot privacy and on the back or copper or no in them on the way I mean there were people. Dead serious about doing away. And me and my wife and portrait that furcal back oral also backed the war. Shuffled off a little bit longer and at random and then that's when we. Move quickly toward the get silent which natural that was the best place to have silenced. Who was you said she has seen the video is she. I mean I don't as you can identify yourself in the video you can see yourself in the video but is it. Yeah yeah as we can do is overhead camera that over the quote an apartment. A candidate. If you are watching porn on the part of a basket. And though it. Her I see it so it does she know here's my question or give you have you talked about this. Why she immediately wanted to run and pull US terror. Verses. May be waiting for another employee to say is does she know or is to me as a husband and wife I would like. Come on what you're doing you know what I mean. That's what she was saying and my response my responsible for hurt I don't hearing cute. I I think if I think. If I if the first thing outlook or not an argument that the first thing I want or a bad round or in all. I think I think that would open final people go oh you are because I didn't hear anything. I heard no ground burger notre. I Orton. As. Anxious and servers as it ever published book and get away. But. I Larry's shirt him or you wearing a gray shirt and black shorts and. Right apps as there are absolutely see you on here so if you go look Tim comes in at about one minute. Pardon me about 46 seconds. If you wanna seats and his wife and I can see her pulling York art. It online job and. Yeah we I mean we didn't like that Amanda back in the her. Around for the reporters. I mean I I was watching people go to the site or. It just didn't I didn't move at you and Madden and you know. Oh Merrill. So I don't Tim I'm so glad you shared your story because it's the and we are not here to criticize anybody but I think. We all want to put ourselves in that situation and say OK what what I do I think I would do this and I think I would do that and I think you just don't know. Until you're there the the last thing I do wanna say we have heard it has been widely reported that those employees saved lives. What would you agree with that the way they came forward and. Korea and they were they were they were fanned out across the war. And not only running for others and so what they were making eye contact. And anywhere that customer explain. Urban music go to back about oral. Which. I'm Art Shell and in the open in the video I understand the economic or are coping. On the way back or adult section. Which is where the final. Things happen well. We all have ago that the that our technical. For. The go to the back out so. At some point footprint fairly close to that I'll turn. And headed to the opposite side or at taco. And if you haven't been in their. It will picture I can totally pictured in my mind even without seeing it so thank you for sharing your story we are glad you're okay yeah glad your wife is okay. I hope you never are in the situation again but if you are god forbid. Drop the card at the high end the Elkhart. And are important armor and better and running. Thank you for the call my friend are backed think. You have to give props at the employees to who I mean obviously did. Snow and go as well you know that and so it's sickening how sad crisis note they have been trained to make eye contact with those customers. And yell run this thing human when he was talking about that I'm like that's all they've been practicing that drill and others to Bruno did Jews. And coming on Saturday do stupid drew. Would now like I'm so glad I was of those rounds what you beetle one. To push the cart with the drone and it and keep. I don't know I don't know I think that is though I think your wife and I think it's a bush yes she's been strained. I I think it's. A life and death reactions that at that exact moment. That's all your possessions you have and so like on the plane they say he my. Is. At this moment is all I have to keep this have to take care. From the text like people grabbing their bags is a proven comfort thing and times of trauma even people who are severely injured. Saying in a car wreck will grab for their idea here's what I don't understand about the cart. Not to keep going back to cart your abs you're going in you. That's what are running for your life as we know now these people war. There is knotty clung to your and you would have to squeaky broken will cart you. Straight is when Canada and our. Hearts. In heats. Your. Likelihood necessity of occasionally. Right I would probably grab it at her back at our. A bit of the car's gotten into the it's to grab your purse which are crucial test so fascinated by the cart because it is a metal. Large. Impediment. To your survival it's also battering ram you can use it as a battering ram used as a weapon. As boats 576779. It that was a fascinating phone calls him was awesome thank him for sharing that story you're right hopi what do you meet him ever pass through or would you be Tim's life. If something like this happened 5767798. Back with more day in and park spread activists. I eventual around and that's forty team on for several weeks now tester of the app was too and I love them both. Go to the number one VW dealership and all of Kansas City. Volkswagen of Lee's summit. Le. Those two trucks he told me to pick on if I had to. It's hard to one's seat 71 NC it's five and much of public it's like I do you cannot go wrong with Annapolis and remember they're still doing that deal. 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About what he did and did not do and why. And another listener just wrote in I wish it would Collins and if you're listening. She says as someone who was there. You do not think she says you don't think you are in shock people were yelling. Shooter. You're thinking is this real. So you just go well. She writes I was pushing my cart I was pushing my car. And running. And and I looked down and realized what I was doing I'd drop the cart and got out. It was a very scary situation Cindy we would love to hear from you as 5767798. And here's what I wondered rod hit the nail on the head. A little while ago when he said he thinks his life. Who is a teacher who has had that training. Prosecutor active shooter has seen LeBron get out to it because if you really don't wait if you really think about it logically. Why would massive amounts of employees to be running at you full speed yelling get out. There's no reason that that would ever happen it's not funny it wouldn't be a joke. You know even though you are. Mind is thinking what black. That is a real. Drilled. Situation. Whereas say are trying to save you and you can kinda seal the employees spam out. As their running. And making eye contact you can tell you can tell they're like. Get out you don't run active shooter but I just think it's so fascinating. Hairs on the back of my neck were standing at just talking about I think it's so fascinating that even Thames said. He. And that might be sending them and when their on that even Tim said he had to be told. Twice. And if you look on the video it's right in about 49 seconds he's kind it to the right he's got a gray shirt he's got black shorts on. And you can see it needs light starts Golan and got us our rights and he hesitate. Just a bit better. Because he heard yelling he didn't hear a shooting which I get when nursing shooter. I understand your first thought would be sure I did it and I know it's weird when I hear two people arguing with the very first thing you wanna do you usually usually wanna let's go a lot of looks like at this free show well you know somebody's fighting over that special of the day. Yeah so you've had so loop. And that's what he you know that's what life he mentioned he goes I just kind of want to see what is happening and I realized zero. Quick let's go to Katherine and Lee's summit had Katherine hi Katherine. Mac yeah another way up to a defense shopping cart. Is in an obstacle between you and the other person granite. Not about to hold an early do you think bank but it's the security blanket burst that you running away and there's nothing in here. Make she's very volatile. So it somehow makes you feel of the carts. That it's some kind of barrier if you will. Okay. Well. Because the cart your pushing it. The government is behind you like I understand what she's saying it is Simone was coming at you like with a machete. I think this is the truce thing I've ever read from the text line it says that Dana had wide and her cart it would be going with her. It's as. Bad as well. I don't eat every. That's not funny about it as if that's true. Him. King and easy. Neutrality rules next we'll have more next. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who has at all the hall is a fast approaching. Ordered gifts for everybody on your list with just the click of mouse it's real easy. Just go to Omaha steaks dot com we've been doing that the two years we love the flavor we love the selection. We love the price. It took about Omaha steaks and how fully 4999. You get the family gift that when you go to Omaha steaks dot com. And the code word parks in the search bar for savings. Of 75% off and don't let the name for reduced stakes and they but he really do mystics. 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