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Dana & Parks
Wednesday, June 6th
Danny Crump was convicted of murdering 6 people in Olathe in 1980.

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Let's get you Daniel and Gardner to wrap up our conversation hi Daniel. Error and yeah and who are bad. Daniel pitcher down. There. What do you remember about that blasting and you. The man running and I'm worried actually I'm in the emerged through the regular aspirin hand them out and around her. And there are trade in that at yeah it and and that we now remember having them around. Daniels told you win the explosion her. Or. And the. Where a driver six. Do you have any relationship with your data. Yeah. Your cap. Dirt track that turned him. And man and Lleyton and treatment. And that. It. Daniel quickly did you ever can you not anger mounts so close to the phone your little over modulated because I do what I do and as you that's much better thank you I wanna ask you a couple of things. What what does he say about the explosion is he sorry. Six people died. Don't talk about it. Grabbed me. People are narrower and and then that chase it you don't talk about it. India on the live written mark this get out in time where that kid and kid than ten minute where Romney had left. But he joined you do understand that that her family wanted to spend time together to. And then there's people who were dead. And I know I'm not I need to track that brandish frustrated that he that he's back. Add years to pack rather iris you guys can get in our plan and see why they act. You guys. Were cute hey ma there. The U guys. And that exactly where you're Brothers Eli. Well Daniel Randy Foster was blown out as a house at four months and oh yeah we're wrote. So you're not excusing what your father did Ari I'm just trying to figure out like I know is your dad that you're not excusing what he did it. Yeah we were laid out denial and a half and when they're scared worried yet got terror and now they're different people or their. I needed it will. Army couple people who know. Keep an eye on those out now they're needed on. Daniel was your mother Diane post was your mother killed in the blast. Being in and and we ran and you lady. Their plan prior Eric king and that stern named Diana wrote then that thing pat writes. Here they're damn that thing you know actually had them down. Ha okay jet. Ran parent. And did you attend deceive parole hearing. Aren't shall not matter I gonna die today there's written and read. And what would you say. And that. That we were sticking it and and congregate care. Grandkids are planning to spend more and yet that we're there we are. You're way. And how old is he today Daniel he was. There. Are eight K okay. He was 27 I'm the blasts in early sixties now you think. They act of them they re keyed panic people keep power plant. And to not let you know the your league aide adding on and they they were the only still get our people cry aren't that that we share. I hope that you rather arrogant. Is she sorry Daniel. ST ED. I'm Hammond sir now at a C or their. Yeah the plan exactly. What I'm not how long now. Daniel might just asked him I would wanna know I mean he clearly has been convicted of murdering six people when I just ask him. We have bra. It's. It can't talk about that not. People are. There are ten that every hanging China get very good. During a man that they give that are negative. And we ever wrong and how well that create cap room. Daniel broke quick did you live. Is in the house that exploded and was that you're around. I do not know. You don't know because you were five years old you don't remember. Yeah we don't mean I'm. March this year. There are now rather than her arm band not grant and they got pitcher written that were. And again then that we announced that we get. You can get an earlier where merit that he had split. Okay. Daniel please thank you for the call. And re. Okay Daniel thank you for the call you haven't heard YouTube. Hell. I know you hope. Your father. Will be released. Your father murdered. Six people.