Building Family Through Adoption 1

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, April 6th

Mark and Julie Clobes say their faith led them to adopt children, including an infant with profound physical challenges. 


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Is just joined your family it doesn't matter to be our biological problem or not or they came to use through an adoption process. The globes as first considered adoption when they had trouble conceiving adopted two kids from overseas then along came their biological son. And they adopted two more kids their five kids now range in age from 21 months to thirteen years. The Christian faith led them down this path which they've found to be very rewarding. We thought you know god has given us a lot more than we needed him we wanted to use sat in a way to you know help. The child Fidel so be careful that we don't eloquent restaurant told her at all super huge blessing to us. So they adopted a little girl from China she had a cleft palate so it was easier to adopt her. And they can get that minor problem fixed here though the process still took a year and a half and mark said the anticipation was intent. So like you know when you're pregnant I'm going to let us. Into the patient everything you know go to the paperwork so very similar a number of them through both weight and it's sort family. He could say they want more siblings now on the pushing mom and dad for a boy. No decisions just yet little Davis is their youngest she has profound needs. Around the clock nursing care to can't swallow or sit out because of prenatal brain damage. Healy says she and mark talked it over they prayed about it. And then took the plunge. You know I'd like to say that we were just really courageous things that share that be great but Stanley is really a trial. And we were really torn as to whether we could do that. The family gets a lot of help with the nurse for a vote life is still very busy as their family grows. Mark and Julie are seeing changes in themselves. I think that a case not only our heart attack his belt from the ho. You know their history and how our family would put together and it is basically come the more the merrier you know we have enough clubs that we never run out.