Bruce Turrell, KC Zoo greeter

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, April 27th

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We all know someone who can talk to anybody and if you did the Kansas City zoo in the last six years or so. Chances are you've met one guy and particulate. Who can talk to anyone not. Might talk to people from forty different countries my mail every state in the union probably. Partially behind computer screen should be under Salinas had interactions. All right Bruce Terrelle stands a little over six foot tall salt and pepper hair as a big smile on his face. The first and last three she'll see you visit to Kansas City zoo he's the person that everybody sees. And he couldn't do in the person everybody sees an alien and that impression is just phenomenal gruesome one of those people. It's crazy pat. Passionate about what he does everything frank will burn is ahead of guest relations and Bruce's thoughts coming that's great about it and is it not only are gas obscene act. Ahmed also our staff. Employees you know it rubs off on people Bruce is a ball of energy smiling talking interacting. And the man has a great memory for people we all know. But the rest of cannot her one time I talk to him and his wife she's. The great ball clear a better person and I'll Morgan Churchill can help one day when you were given new theater restaurant that is the basic human to me personally. For a major celebrity in the opener taking photos is parade. I'm Ken Mattingly was from the Apollo thirteen fame designed your first signs exhibit one down your stuff and everything to mussina yeah. And he has a great memory for people listening to us. But you've seen things you can only imagine. Probably most interesting person I never knows what to tell when one day is like about money yourself. It is around July 4 last year he had us like military IDS and extra what did you do. The military goes policy official photographer from Douglas MacArthur minerals were two counties I choose a room the first time compliment you routine. Douglas macarthur's photographer. You can understand how Bruce remembers people like that but he remembers everybody remembers him by name remembers where they went to school. Members runner from members and their members of their unique visitors. Since. Pretty amazing. Like the latest from London whose son was a palace guard at Buckingham Palace another visitor who's two cousins played on two national champion Nebraska Cornhuskers football teams in the late nineties. He is a huge fan of coach Osborne and he remembers the kids to their names and what they like I. Maybe comes out here yeah. I don't know his name George these four years old earlier today you know it's groundhog I give him race cars. Such as what my stand over there and talk a little number I'm humbled cars like gave a little bravery stars like that. To the family can judge your name Terry and here you have a winning TJ he loves airplanes. Wherever they see and I'm not here I'm Michelle Miller place for TJ. It's that kind of service that is made who's not only a mainstay at the zoo but. Guy everybody mentions vs boss frank says they can't help but hold him up as an example we tried to do some things are presumed to. And I felt like employees to. To be that person. And beyond. And it's part because Bruce always laughs you know. We can you know hey whoever is mentioned the most this month then you know I guess surveys. Positively again you know this better than them. We've always wins because he's so passionate about that goal if we only had more bruises I wish we can multiplying you know we've talked about how do we get more Bruce's. And how do you get Bruce away from the front gate when he loves his job so much Chris Lofton. Play golf I'm an outdoor style like Winona Ryder lombok from playing golf things like dad and I mean frozen spin on why he's scratch golfer. Nobody shot at a particular day and actual memorial I don't put away from a hole in ones on getting there. And get this Bruce even gets recognized on his days off always a moment general firm's advice honey stick your fourth coffee missing enters golf course. Anyways I had just Napoleon on the basis look at my sunglasses on. Many walks of Jimmy cheers in her eyes. Personal plus we know me I'm she goes my daughter just point edge over here says mommy what is he working at this. You know I've taken this personally fighters all one refreshing Dudley for her to think it got me. It's very humbling. Casey easy you Deanna rose clearly Bruce loves animals like your grandma loves the tigers. Also liked America a Washington interaction trust each other quite interesting just as it actually is why the sky safari ride. Hello John only animal yeah. But while he loves animals people will always be Bruce is a focus. And we asked him for some advice for those of us who aren't good and striking up a conversation would just anybody. I think it's all about you know have empathy compassion concern for the probably just wanted to talk and visit with other people because we need to realize and life. It's all about. People that may be the best thing we've heard all week choosing his class you're right I respect each other all. We were still live by from a guy you can't walk by without smiling to the next time you pass Bruce Terrelle at the front gate at the Kansas City zoom feature to say hi to our person of the week. I could talk to. Hey Matt. We'll achieve. I did finally find the bearcats yesterday. During the discovery bar and they're not in Africa anymore so I finally found. More than. They looked bored permanently Jay was not very interesting because they were not very active me. But easy. Has my attention of people in the animals when you've taken the zoo does Vijay is completely distracted by people as opposed to animals at the zoo outs say what Bruce is to keep. The first time I met him like. This guy's getting in the nicest people I've government. He sent at the perfect job he has four absolutely is if you can see more about the story at KM BZ dot com or put some pictures up their video of Bruce doing what he does up there as well. And done. Deep you can't help but say hybrids and by Everest when you go into the hazard of satellite was great talked to him thanks to Franken and all the folks at the zoo for a Furlan has come out now and talk to him. Done if you've got somebody who ought to be person of the week would you let us know you can email us EJ came BC dot com or Ellen at KM BZ dot com.