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Thursday, May 24th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. Okay. Yeah yeah. Wow it's an old old. Squeeze me our own name. Good thing. Okay. There. Q were cast this hour is over the total T Texan in seven to rated one and you're in the running for a thousand dollars. Q were to cash. Receipts and what what what yes. I'm so sorry I don't either and on and Iraq can address something broke quickly this Tuesday afternoon on the show. We got into a discussion about teaching. And I had made some comments. About. One of my wife's friends who teaches at a different school district yet evidently. Those comments. Got this woman in trouble. And she is very upset. I don't even know this woman this is a friend of my wife's. I was evidently portly. Trying to defend the profession of teaching and explaining that some teaching positions. Are more stressful than others and that being a teacher is not an eight to four job with a bunch of vacation. Anyways I have never met this woman I was I purple eyes in a conversation that my wife and I had and evidently. This it's fine school district here in the Kansas City. Metro area general area went to this teacher very upset about her. Going around and complaining about the school district which she's not doing I've never even met this woman she loves her job and now she's very upset. That her job might be in jeopardy because this something that some idiot on the radio said my wife was like man almost crying and I mean last guy when did you say why did you do that. I I just want to apologize. And I hope I did not cause any trouble to anyone. And I don't think he's famous I remember that conversation clearly because a man named Tom cold again. And said. A sensual Lee. Stop complaining if you're a teacher. Are you get all of this time off now you get free tension or was not correct is not true and we. Even people were so angry at what he said but we let him say it because there are people out there who believe those things absolutely another not true. And I thought you did a really really good job. Of defending. That profession. Well at any rate I mentioned the district the district was upset. They went to her as one of those things I said my friend my wife's. Name or not. Not even know Laura never even spoke to her this signals. It's just one of those. Well if it's a friend of regularly tracked it down again they were very upset and I just wanna apologize does this teacher in question. Didn't say anything I was just relaying a conversation my wife and I had and cry and portly evidently to defend the teaching profession. I just Guatemala is. It was right I thought you did a brilliant job. Of defending the teacher profession. Dispersing. Some of these. Am. I ever Brothers teachers well. I respect him. All of them obviously. And and I I do not think teachers get paid enough and I joke with my broke all the time about. Enjoy your three months all Campbell he'll be in town on Friday night he's done teach brokerages got a job. I'm not breaking news here is that things are told everybody my brother's done teacher. Overly he's an assistant principal now done in Wichita also got ya got a job businesses of Britain's move and so he will be the disciplinarian at the school. Got you for two months under your mind two months that's gonna remember you like to designated hitter you can. But without immediately. Yeah. That story about the time he walked around the corner that notes the actor Patrick. Can I told Roberts I hear it here at him in trouble. Roger Ailes is I feel horrible because I think our biggest fear one of our biggest fears and we've been doing this. Long. Time. He never warned you don't ever want something that you say to get someone else in talk unless Alonso wash unless they have come and there's there's a lot of the Washington in the and then he deserves it. So anyway years ago my brother or chaperon me I guess it's a great term limit teacher. Is on duty to watch advance and make your chaperone your sharp. So my Brothers shattering his stance at high school but he was work command and Wichita. And he's worked at several different high schools. He decides I'm gonna go walk the holes make sure everybody's in the auditorium amateur bodies can't sing let's I'm gonna make America walked holes make sure nobody's wandered out. We smoking in the boys room as a right. Motley Crue. He turns the corner. And he sees. Roy put the doctor. He sees a girl bent over. And a boy behind sure. He's not bent over and he is. It's he he saw some. I ran aground now I'd like you going to say he thought he was seeing something and it turned out not to be no doubt totally that yeah I showed that I don't need to quit my brother goes he didn't say anything verbally I think he was in shock my brother looks down hole and Eagles legacy goes. To which the the boy looks up puts his index finger up and goes on. The X. All animals that line. His story towards it says. My girlfriend works in education and on them and I talked to her yesterday and I said hey he. What you get out. Like the kids are out Friday prayers for a lot of the kid as your tried to undermine must pull his teacher would you. And she is an ace support staff role she has June 20 years now and I go. Talking about this the other day anyone else. This time off you know I think your district employee that is certainly not the case and if your support staff that is not the case. It's just not. You GAAP. Are. All the kids last day was yesterday talented at work today until like 5 o'clock way to get her friend so please click on I hope I have prices and there's a shortage of teachers are second year. That. Lets you don't have your job. That stuck out about it. Did so here's what you can about it Aamir overnight sorry the story and it has since gone viral this is going to be more than local story. ID it's going to be or national. Once again there is a local student he is a three point nine. GPA. And they are telling him he cannot. Walk at graduation. And you might think did he released chickens in the schools that he. The car to the toilet paper the property. Did he sprayed the balls and the boys. Every year there's some story. These kids come up with these dumb things to do others can was created this kid was whole hilarious. Was absolutely. Creative. And we are going to call out this school district there is no way they should prevent this kid from walking I do not think he did anything wrong. He school looser by the way it is the impediments observers district. Here's the story a senior at Truman high school will not. Be allowed to walk in his graduation because of cotton shield. Eighteen years old and Mets yes. I posted that incredulous on Friday that listed Truman high school was for sale. It is. For sale. On its feet is it's funny. Quoting here from young talent she other people were going to release life miser. You know blowing up each in the front lobby area I thought that's something more laid back so I decided to put the school up percent. Adam Craigslist listed several amenities including the school's newly built at the fields and parking. Normal dining room. The independent school district took issue with carlin's reason for the sale which he wrote was quote dude took the loss of students coming up. In other words the seniors graduate ride all the kids leaving. I decided to say the reason were so this is because of the loss of students because senior class is graduating said she but on Wednesday. She'll spoke with fox four by the way here's three point nine GPA has been mentioned. Was notified that he was not only suspended for the remainder of the school year he would not walked. In this weekend's graduation. Sushi. A three day suspension sure but denying me the ability to walk. A lifetime moment I think there are overreacting. His mom says and I quote he went and apologized try to make things right in the return they give him harshest punishment possible. Detectives. With viewed them detectives. With the independence police department investigating the incidents. And found no probable cause or reason to pursue criminal charges. So is it that he said the loss of students and they thought he meant he was gonna go take out of bonds has. That's why detectives were called me because he he used the word loss instead of declining or departing departing or declining membership let me ask you this had he used one different or declining or departing instead of loss. Which if you look up. In a thesaurus they're all going to be in the same ride realm of that word. If he used another word wouldn't even be talking about is. According to probably now according to Kyle and she'll. The district tried to related back to all the recent school shootings and everything they tried. Try our tying it back to bat but I don't see how this was they perceived threat. At Ole. Re yet again re add again him. Let's hear. The ad listed several amenities including the school's newly built athletic field. Plenty of parking and a bigger than normal dining room. He said it would be up for sale due to the loss of students coming up. On the line. You're always the champion of common sense on this program this is a lack of common sense. The man should be allowed the man actually should go and advertising. In college because that is a very. Lever. Play on. What's happening in the world but we have we now hatched to catch someone's gone and now we have zero tolerance policy were. Anything that you visit an icy green room you bring a gun and just all yeah. But this is a kid who thought I mean gimme a break my buddy Chris Smith his younger son are younger Brothers aren't. Com was was the valedictorian. At Lansing high school. You remember the story years ago he was also on the yearbook staff. And it created a really interesting. Farewell to the students. Emphasis on the word farewell because that was the first word. Elf. And if you read down the side all of the good bye letter from your valedictorian. Yeah you read on the left side of the column in the Lansing. High school yearbook from 1990 whatever was it told you go do something to yourself. And young Brian Smith. Friend yourself and his young Brian Smith from the class of 1992. Was not allowed to graduate because not only was he in the bout when he was little wanted him go on he's like he's a farm system Atlanta. He's worth a lot of I'm Syria's. And Sherrie this is a doctorate in pharmacy so here's the question what do you think the punishment should be if anything and I would argue nothing none. And are we coming to the point because we have these stories every year. Where it's time to somehow incentivize. Our seniors too just not go down this road at all. You're thinking about. Bringing livestock. Into the lunch room now don't. With here here's something that I that we got a good break but here's what seniors don't realize every trick of the of them incredulous one which by the way Kyle and it exactly pretty brilliant. The livestock the toilet paper all been done that the paving the Jenna tolls on the school mascot statue out front. We did that a glancing back in nineteen and in. 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The folks out of VW Lee's summit asked to see Christina my cart girl tell you wanna see Dana's car got a VW Lee's summit dot com. VW Lee's summit dot com. It's through an era where. You can. Talk of this kid and independence is name is Kyle and she'll by the way if anybody knows Scotland. I think I'm pronouncing it right if he's won't call him he's welcome here. 5767798. For cover and shield or anybody else. He put Truman high school up for sale on Craig's list. Like a fake posting. Danced slapping I think it's hilarious how much to be asked for by the way I'd been so what it was like 121000 dollars. And spoke on rate seems fair Sarah and independence hello Sarah. The I graduated current chairman high school and that it. I mean it is actually rather funny. 88 and are popular cheerleader girls are great pain that cannot vote on heartbreak don't mean. Eight and today it did not get it and it can be a lap. Ot at school the Lansing high school life eons we actually had an anatomically correct mail wire and statue upfront. And my senior class painted the portion of the animal but it's anatomically or. Nobody was forbidden from walking. I think we are quickly coming to a point where schools are going to say. Knock it off and he and I pass Tony let me give you example. I may or may not know some graduating seniors who thought it would be funny to go to toilet paper their eyes school. That's a super original. Them. I'll ask it didn't work and I was out about twelve dollars worth of Sharm. As soon as the kids got there with and with an I don't know who these kids don't know what it. Please come flying into the parking lot and surfing everywhere. And get out of the car before police got there. So what happens late at night when police Rolla and all of these kids are on campus you know you know what happened. They all took off. Running were you more so now you have. A bunch of kids at night. In the dark wearing dark clothing. Scattering and running. In two neighborhoods. At night. We ever serve I remember. The next day because some of them ran into like in nearby retirement apartment. On the grounds in to the apartment. Errors in the next day. This is how people can shots this is the dumbest thing I've ever nightlife someone was is gonna get error. Because some come out to smoke a cigarette imports and think there's a backyard. When in fact it's a bunch of idiots with. So are you among them trying to pick their high school. And the best part is that cops have pulled up for probably Gigli their butts off when they pulled in and the kids started scatter like really that's all you got their trial I think god they ran off and on to the paperwork on this stupid offering. Keyword caches doughnut Diaw and UT doughnut GO NUT. That's. Texas 772 rated one here in the running for without our yeah it's. Skewed to the newsroom here is NY. 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Saying those attorney Al Walken said he handed over to the FBI a recording of the governor's former mistress in which she talks about their relationship. Watkins represents a woman's ex husband who made the recording without her knowledge. Coming up on 433 in Kansas City will have traffic and weather together. Next it's got parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic pain doctor Kendra Pearson and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team. And Norplant physical medicine can get you back to a pain free life. There advance chiropractic and medical techniques are individualized to treat each patient's issues I became a huge fan after meeting doctor Kent. And torn her facility. Norplant physical medicine will set you on the path to healthier and happier you schedule free consultation and nor plan physical medicine dot. Com some hazy sunshine in the forecast for the afternoon we quickly heat up to the upper eighties. Rogue showers and thunderstorms popping up through the afternoon and also into tonight her overnight low into the upper sixties. A few more showers and thunderstorms trying to make their way and for Friday. Partly sunny at times high for the mid to upper eighties and a lingering shower or storm Friday night. And in dry and hot weather expected for the holiday weekend or Heiser ranging from the low to middle nineties. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer nearer more KE NBC weather. It's 85 degrees a case CIA 84 liberty and here at surface weather station that's 83 degrees. Radio dot com that is the official knew almost KM BZ in Dallas today listen there was any time anywhere. I'm Dan wind on news 981. KM BZ. I'm certainly don't you know having a now in its future news there are Brothers never seen poisons like that's what we know. Well at school. I saw I think that's what I saw the same show back in the late eighties it was. Cheap Trick rat poison conservative and rat was too drunk to perform you know it was bad it was cheap servers Lorraine and course it's on itself. Oh ports it's fantastic if you've never seen poison. They put on a great show is on its easy rock yet I'm not the biggest fan but man it was a fun to have their fun to watch. Ogden feature in independence thing under the age real quick at a sort of reset the story here because we're talking about a kid named Rock Island shield. Sheets are issuing thank you apparently related. You're the mom right. Okay am. Kyle and Shealy bigger pardon com. Eighteen years old he has three point nine GPA is not gonna be allowed to walk this weekend at Truman high school. Because he polled at these. Annual senior prank he put his high school up for sale on Craigslist is that correct. Did you know he was. Gonna do this synutra. I got to find out right after it happened. They had been talking about other more. Senior prank that I cringed. There was one day at this suggestion that releasing her life might at this school I'm not Smart that. As a let's not get used you eat there. They talked about turning the front lobby into that speech. Because they're so much construction but let's not pretend I'm in the lobby that that was enough for the construction workers. Yet know the purpose you know we don't want to disrupt that construction on on this. So he. I realized through the Howard school app that I think ever. Every parent district uses. He was late for class that I said oh what's going on here on I'm I'm on my way up and doing something at least send me. That the link to this. Think this Craig Patrick both post and all I can do it seductively as you're what he's thinking goes. Because you know I didn't wanna do it or was okay that's funny I think it was going on here you're you're in you're selling your school I got just you know. I. I got that you're going to go OK. And that type of course the first thing I can determine that my mother as a mom what the joke. And she laughed and that it people at we all had a pretty healthy for a name it it was just tie at the end. I read the detectives even laughed about it. They weren't they weren't so they were so night. They came out they didn't look at my and let this. On like the eighteenth. We didn't see any detected until the 22. It would if nobody even took notice of it for that many days that's how low key even being you Astride a if you let what happen to you how many people occult school and say hey I hear it up for sale you know he was trying to be funny ha ha. So. When detectives showed up there like we're looking for Kyle and I felt like options about that crank and it attack that. Hold on I don't think you can get here for me I think that I chuckled they're like yes we'll help you out if I go there and I'm like you get out there you that's what the cops right now. And the but what I do and then you know they kind of express and that somebody. Hold. The concern here called them and you'd like. Or her recently you've got locked up for you slightly right to develop. Yeah and they said well because of the way you worded it. Somebody that that they were going to Russians take their students out of school because they were afraid you're coming into what do them harm. And he looked at me with that standard. Teen age boy dead hands stare like. Your third guy. That. Yeah I think the standard when I got it from my older kids view it I gave my daughter well but if the glazed over look not comprehension. It is there any chance he walks on Saturday. I know. I wouldn't say I really I'm hoping for the best I'm not pulling the entire school districts. It fault. I really hope that our app our superintendent doctor Earl looked at this. Looks set everything looks set the overwhelming. Support that we have not only the metro area that this story here. But across the nation because that that it's not really that early passed a lot faster than we thought it would be. Yeah I think that if you looked at the overwhelming support that even our little community has given the violence that he would see nobody truly felt threatened. And that you you know you would think that in the bottom line. He's quoted as saying in Kansas City Star I have a three point 96. Grade point average I've never been suspended and the one time the first time I get in trouble I can't walk. He says I've waited thirteen years to walking graduation. Plus the money you spent and the we've all just been through this it is not cheap to get those kids to the finish line. Yes no it's fast it's it all. Pay we have. We are clashing last year you know we got the issue that he had a laptop when he got to the school district. He. He paid for his son musical instrument he is either source wicked evil part time job. This year we paid for. Announcement. Thank you all of the stuff that goes with that graduation of his capping down and although both seniors who accept that it's as a warning lights you know at the extra sweat then and only extra little Apple's. He's repeat for all of that. Having had you met with the superintendent. I have no idea what the principal. Not that I have spoken to him briefly on the phone. I met principal prior to this but I've spoken briefly on the phone and the interactions I have been on the artwork hurt as a. OK what what happened to give give me what I want to make it worse for her because I want them to come to their senses and say all right. Yeah it is just a theory. Sharp and close up reaction. I I asked them to continue the dialogue with me if there's something to be done if we hit lesson because he has never. That is trouble in high school is a model student he's he's consistent he's. You are registered voter at eighteen years old and even went user voting registration office. And put his name and he helped them run election but this is the kind of citizen that my son has become. And so he has every right to feel hurt by the school district. At and he doesn't hold the old school district. Accountable either it just the actions they view people. And so we're hoping that. Between everybody that we you know that got this big Q. With the help of the media with the help of his friends with the help our friends and our family and people that we all across nodding in the cities but the nation that maybe. Simple reason hasn't attaching conditions that he can be up there with different. We're rule book will he had ten even if it doesn't get to graduate or walk across storage. We were advised that he would not even allowed to be independent. Oh. An order for him QB and it is hard to be in attendance. At what type of graduation. You'd have to ask ticket. In order for us to have tickets for the graduation. They would have allowed him to go to this morning due to graduation rehearsal and without or without a ticket you cannot even be on the premises. So he can't even watch and be an audience to support this spring. When asked he said if I had to do it all over again he would still holds the school for sale prank. Only I would use a better choice of words he says to make it blatantly. Obvious that it was a joke. I I completely agree it was even bag. And teacher. As well. You. She was talking about using these scholarship options for his employer says he's going online. I think what is he may have found now only career and pretty much whatever you want. What I said this guy get this is. He going to marketing or advertising or something creative because I do find it amusing. And I am a zero tolerance kinda gal I don't feel like this falls anywhere near the category. Of of what we should be concerned about in our schools today. Not right place. I've no tolerance I imagine you're taller it's parent my kids batteries with moms coming and we've done something bad recent rally her apologizing now. We get upset her let's not get your yelling I ain't got that you know I'm let let's stop it. But I've also that here at that they know they can sub humans say case have a problem. And treating your tolerance nonsense and and and threatening behavior policy factory but having. A policy were students feel like if they'd make a slight mistake you're going to be punished harshly as that they've made grievous error. That that's the problem there's no body lying in the end to draw between those with a joke and this is a threat and they're picking this little. Mole hill and they have created Mount Everest with it. A number of people if I may enter it in eruption do you to know court. About one and they just got their cars are driving home from work I said what in the world this kid do. Your son Kyle and Shealy. As a senior prank. Put Truman high school up on Craig's list for sale. In the advertisement he said it had several amenities including. Newly built athletic fields plenty of parking a bigger than normal dining room here's a line that got him into trouble. They took issue with at the end he wrote. That the reason that the school's upper say it was quote due to the loss of students coming up. By that he was referring to graduating seniors. But some people read that as a reference to potential school violence is that right. That's what we're hearing and from what I have seen in response to use the media coverage. Seriously. Everybody and everything thing. I would say maybe one out of 100 people go that the threat in 1990 look at what hope way to get kids. So. I'm going to take it any issues there were more carefully or certainly become an adult now let it little more careful with forward. Way to go to YouTube didn't disarray saying there was a property damage there's no credible anything going on and you were created as. Get jobs you know as a parent how can you not. Be behind it when. It happened. So much more. Hey Denise her time if ever keep in touch with us what you don't is stranger I'd love to know how this ends up and I do hope the district. And your local school officials see this for what it is I really do you tell your kid he's doing he's doing great and this too shall pass. Yes that's what we felt like you've gone there and there it. It at the end it's just going to be a memory. Right thanks so it's matured a weapon Karen walked him. I think home all. He's clearly not threatening the schools simmered down superintendent. Work. We wondered we reduce drug laws students via an old school. So. I'm Tonya man. Ever everybody talks about snowflakes and safe spaces in this world. We've created it our generation rod created the save space. As I know it terrifies me like I said I'd edits on both sides both sides need save space I opinion a lot of care about what side for instance I it terrifies me that we live in a no joke world that's. That's talks coming clearly it was not threatening to blow up the school shoot students there com. I've 7677. It's up parts and I know there are some of you out there that are just unhappy with your smiles doctor Ross antley. And his amazing team over Casey smiled can change all of that for. For the past 23 years doctor Headley is an incredible transformations. For people who were unhappy with their smiles. Doctor Hadley is the only accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the entire state of Kansas. The first thing I noticed when I visited Casey smile was the warm and welcoming environment and the friendly staff and then. I saw Booker was filled with before and after photos of patients whose lives have been changed because now they smile with confidence. 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And I mean no rat what trial apple but it took me back to a couple of years could market going to be important I actually had a senior that graduate this year to. Ian it reminded me a couple years ago. The senior prank for school. The kids including ballplayers to try to dictate a teacher's home parks. Wouldn't it be Smart Car pinning great looking car. And and putting it out. Another teacher rock. I believe that it's all. Nobody got a problem. Yea you know you gonna do stupid out. It harmful as Barbara. Campaigning the genitalia on the Lansing line statue upfront I don't even think we didn't. We didn't do anything we have our our principles it was Wilbur Barmes. He was known to golf's whenever. The opportunity hit him and so he would leave and go golf during the day. So all the seniors handed him a golf ball as it walked across age and we thought we were really really scanner. I mean we were really pushing the envelope. We can't a principal off all he could call to throw it turned out it was it was part of a handshake part of the handshake. He handed us a diploma we handed him a golf apple. Now it's actually pretty funny Wilbur Barnes got a 125 golf balls dead. I'm sure you had a smile lines at the outset. I your keywords caches they went from 430 because they gave it up thirty minutes to early. As I mean idiots. Not stupid. With your keyword is still doughnut. Zone here now known through the DO NUT he doll but one job and dropped. It. Had donut is now the official keyword to cash tax added to seven to added one in your in the running for a thousand dollars of Q were to catch your key word this hour is don't into the newsroom again one and I can't be easy. The president issued a pardon today whom Alitalia had a viewfinder itself the cards or whether it's a fender Bender god forbid. 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