BREAKING UPDATE: Shocking mass casualty incident in Branson

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, July 20th
17 dead.  Ranging in age from 1 to 71.... 

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Colin. York artist of the day. Now we can count. Since. And it's pretty. Training is opening for. Pollen that's well they're cult had I had heard train out. I think it is great if it'd be great show I'm excited that you get to go and excited that it's inside because once again the skies are look at. Why we're listening to whether music but it makes me think there's something so they're going on outside down I think. And now. You know I have been doing this. A long. Time like. One main. Five years my sixers. And I don't know what it is about this. Particular. Tragedy. That had me physically. Sick. There have been on the boats last night I have nots. I didn't even know what a duck boat was when I first saw the alert. I thought it was some kind of hunting. Boat. I just didn't know. Until the alerts started coming in and I was seeing all my god these are going to be terrorists. And I remember Chris walked in less like carrot and I was I felt sick like I just Teddy sic. Hit in my stomach feeling. And you know I think we can all. To some extent empathize. When it comes to a situation like disk as you can so easily see yourself for your Graham mom or your family. Saying Ellis pay the 35 bucks and go to the thirsty thing in Branson. I've never done it you have. I did it about a decade ago a great time but I mean. They're one Boris big old. Hunk some battles that out from the 1940s. In most cases yeah now these are just old military things that have been converted to a tourist attraction sure sure and so licensed brands like. Oh my god at it you sort of I mean you just you instantly know. That it's just not going to be good when they're looking at those kind of waves yeah. So. IA have a lot of things to say today about this and I know that you do to and I know that Jamie and wicket spent a lot of time talking about this on the mid day show but we also have new people joining us. As I don't know that we're going to do all day. Talking about what happened. We will provide the live updates from these stone county sheriff's department as those command. My husband is actually arriving as we speak he left this morning to eco. And if he's there and can bring us something new. Or different or is talking to someone who can. Add something to the conversation. And he is aware that we would like tenth and Colin as well just because he's there. I think one of the things I wanna talk about and I note Jamie in which it covered a lot. But. Heart of my age. Just. Rage. Last night. Was over he filming. Of those deaths. And have we had people film debts before. Yeah. Yeah out people took videos during. 9/11 people take videos during car wrecks people take videos during fires and I get that to some extent. That rubbed me. So badly last night and we talked about it in the news from care. That there were people dining. And enjoying their chicken fried steak. And carrying on this bizarre kind of play by play. As these people were. Die. And I want to ask two things today and I think it's two separate hours. Would you see something like this happen. I think we all. Just human nature we all ask okay what would I do if I was on that boat what would I do. We know that seventeen people are dead but fourteen survive yes so what did those fourteen do. That the seventeen. Did not. I think it's natural to say especially cares and juvenile those boats while idea. Yes absolutely I think that narrative changes if you have a child with you. If you're the baby was you certainly. I photo on FaceBook that a friend of mine posted. They were on that lake several months ago with and there are probably one year old and four. That definitely is going to change your. Plan of action. God forbid if you were on that boat is something like that happen what would you do and most people lament about that and they don't think about it of course they don't think about it. So that's one of the things I wanna talk about because I do think. There is a really interesting conversation about group thing today and why. People do what they do in emergency situations and why other people. To. Nothing. And I have gotten into some really heated conversations about this on Twitter. On FaceBook a friend of mine someone I really respect that I worked with for years at channel five. I vehemently disagree with mine notion that it was a horrifying thing. To continue your dinner and tape that boat as it went down. I've heard a lot people say entries of the news or like what would you do it and absolutely what would doubt what should we do what likely that you. Because in a situation like that it's storming the waves are six feet tall they're power far away. You're in a situation where you're not equipped and especially if you're not trained I mean there's nothing you can't. So I wonder like. What would you do it because the people that I it was just so disgusted by it last night and I wasn't the only one her FaceBook page has since been. Move to private she removed the video in question it's of course gone viral. And that that video. It seems really callous. Especially knowing what happened ultimately. Right because. Played just the first Rodney you have just the first little benefit. And you can share with the people I've labeled the video. I would that be in the advice standard. That's. You're gonna. Restaurant background noise. Said that goes on for five minutes and like fifteen seconds. It's. That. Sparked such. Age in the past. And I do understand. Anyone who has a different opinion really Egypt saying what are they supposed to. You know when things as different was and wouldn't. I wouldn't just sit there and keeping my dinner as well now does. It mean. I'd with a knife in between my teeth and light jacket on with two kids under its. I wouldn't that year. But I know what I wouldn't do and I would not physically be able to sit there and watch what was happening to that boat. With all those people on about. This I really don't think that those folks. Had an idea of how serious. And how much danger as people were in and spilled water until now exactly until it started tip. And then I think that's and that's where they stop reporting to. Yeah. It's interesting because we we note that they sent there and continued their. There's a guy like people think looking at a record. Deal. That's going to be like some. This woman looks about sixty years well. The millennial. Jumped in the water and we have an audio clip. Rod from the witnesses who actually went out onto the deck there on the same. Lines. The staff started going in to help these people. And Atmel lineal went in and dragged out and on conscious. Pregnant. Woman. In fairness. Would you expect the young person who is. Physically fit and not the sixty year old lady. To jump in and maybe try to soil and held Jim we said he'd probably. First saw the boat. I picked up my felt like everyone's first reaction in this stay in ages oh. Picketers from let's let's record as any said right away I just knew. Which we like this is bat he's that I just knew this was bad he put down the phone went out with the staff just to see if he could tell. And it turns out he dragged in as she was unconscious. She was pregnant. He said I do not know whether she survived. That other first responders were there almost immediately. And took her started doing. Life saving measures. But I I am going to ask this hour what would you have done and if your answer is absolutely nothing what did you do fine. But these guys helps the twenty year old helped. So we what we know we're on the bow we saw of this to go duck boats were struggling. We decided that maybe this is too much trust me. Receipts. Stood Garcia's. Minutes later we heard that. From the captain one of the votes actually tipped. So all of the staff started rushing over rushing around being like Jack is these as much as they could just. Save as many people as they could that that moment we decided. Hope so we went to the front on the whole we are on the second level. And we actually seemed to workers are some jumped in in the distance. Getting saved by a person but. And then phones and so this Leighton Ku is in the nation. Unconscious. Elmira stone of the first of all the help a couple of people jumped in the water. We got her on the boat she was unconscious I was sorry start CPR and then. So if you wanna say no one. Jumped in to help that is not true he did. Everybody is not him even Dan and his or said everybody is not that guy. I'm series are you that guy or is this just a big old group think thing or no one else is getting up so you don't get up. So the guy next he doesn't get out. And you talk about where your from. And you enjoy your chicken different stake. 5767798. Scott is off today will be back Monday you can text be 22 nominating your listening today and parks welcome back we'll just get right back intent. Just one minute ago. Couple of news outlets. Have released a story. After speaking to a woman named signed him last case is from Oklahoma but she is in town at table rock lake with family. And I want to read you. Part of her comments there's been a lot said about how much time did they have said they have known. And we'll get into that later because I believe the owners and or captains absolutely had enough time. To get off that water. But Sonja says. She watched the amphibious tour boat attempt to get to shore. For eleven. Minutes. She boarded the Branson Bell's show about that was the one where the offending video that I keep talking about. Originated she was on that show boat she said she watched the tour boat attempt to get to shore for eleven minutes. Before it sank around 7:10 PM. She says the boat was getting lower and lower and then it just went straight. Down. Olasky said her family went on the same ride earlier in the day. She set from her vantage point she could not see whether the passengers were wearing flotation devices while they were on the boats. She said some of the survivors. That she saw being pulled from the water world wearing life vests. And others were not. Quoting here from ms. olasky it is just surreal. It's just one that you cannot explain that eerie and is looking into that water. It is indescribable. It is something I hope I never have to see again but that image is in my head for a long time. Malaska estimated the boat eventually sank a mere 100. Feet. From shore hundred feet. 57677. At 98 let's go to Lisa in Kansas City hi Lisa. I am my comment would be if you're not trying you know you're not trained. The way people who are more and do. Let them do it you can call it that he can pass a blanket that he could pass a letter that. The other thing. It. Started filming just because at the end of every event nowadays people lacked for all ready to be handed them. My guns that are thinking that they were get going to be there linked something that they would later and then. Back. Why I don't like the young men at first they knew they didn't either rest and it. They left the area. I treat it like. I know I I couldn't please and thank you for the call. Because you would know you just know there were children on board we know the dead. Out of the seventeen range in age from one. 271. There have been many deaths since 1999. I think the second most disastrous. Incident. Happened back in 1999 when thirteen people died. That vessel also went down like. Iraq. We are awaiting. And update from the sheriff's department out of Branson we will bring that to you. When we can I am asking if you were there would you have helped. We know is one right as we know there were other boats out there based on the dispatch audio pulling people out of that water. But based on this one eyewitness accounts. She says it took about eleven minutes. Before that boat sank at 710. PM. 5767798. Let's go to Brian in KCK hi Brent thanks for joining us. Hey. I appreciate it called. Me like. You're due. Out the jacket. What do you think that's a hell. I. I believe what you thought well I'm saying you're not you're sending your outlook on how about saying why. By. Saying it didn't say that it's a little bit about how I don't. That they have no little ultimately create or doing anything else other health. There's a witness to history. Or probably what that you can. What that person look at the history. Now also in the body and how choppy waters. Both boats are bought and behind without water. That aren't big enough action taken out I'll get out of the water to get additional. They would accurate and the art auction are optional. They eat at a hundred feet I don't know how do you any overall. It. Choppy at LaGuardia feet. In an at large boat hit it long I. Choppy water get. Her and Bryant and assembly is saying about the witness to history do but the first thing that woman did was publicly posted to FaceBook. And eight you know it was immediately. Viewed and shared before family members even new. That their dead loved ones were on the bottom of that lake and I will tell you. Before she took the post down she was roundly skewered. For. Posting that and so you can say yes maybe she wanted to give the video to the NTSB or may be she wanted to be a witness to history. And that's fine might my gut tells me she just wanted to share something sensational. I don't know why. Your first reaction. In the moments after you witness that Boca down. It would be too posted on FaceBook and say oh my gosh this just happened right in front of us not serve thirty survivors. Well no dangling. There aren't going to be. Many survivors. 57677. 98 in text me 2980. And it hasn't it's here's Karen marks the White House releasing a statement in the wake of the duck boat tragedy in Branson mourn axed. Hey if you or an older parent is looking for a fun. Gorgeous retirement community check out silver crest at deer creek. And silver crest at college view. Gorgeous would it views 24/7 on site security and all of the amenities of today's modern. Retirement communities three meals a day that housekeeping services out there. And travel in the heart of beautiful southern of one part they staff members out there who have been there for 1020. Years. 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And saying the implementation of sanctions against the secretive regime must happen. Ambassador to the UN Mickey hailing. Saying that China and Russia blocked a US request that the UN for the suspension of all oil transfers to North Korea. US flight yesterday. A halt to all additional. Refined petroleum shipments to North Korea. China and Russia blocked it. Ailing saying those two countries claim they needed more information on the issue we'll check traffic and weather together next. And Celanese summer is here here here all my good folks at sealed once Casey. And have them come out and protect those investments on the outside your house your deck your driveway your patio your garage floor. Seal wants Casey is here to permanently protected beautify those areas listener come up. A couple weeks ago one of our live remotes and they said we just did our garage floor we're getting ready to do our basement floor it looks amazing. 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High pressure taken on over a dry delicate for all of your weekend plans plenty of sunshine T Saturday the high upper eighties. Sunshine an upper eighties again on Sunday and are you gonna try on Monday. On staff meteorologist at a pretty narrow more KE NBC weather. 83 keys CIA it's 87 and Lee's summit eighty cyber now in your official weather station. KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take us everywhere you go. Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. Us. Welcome back to Dana and parts you can put it past the hour. Paint the eight tie into east Texas seven to 81 for your chance thousand dollars. We are continuing our coverage today it just popped up on CNN this is a worldwide. Headline sadly today after what happened overnight in the Branson and we are starting to hear from some of the witnesses who were either on the dock nearby. On aid docked boats nearby. We're asking like who would help and who wouldn't help and what what camper UN and and why. And a listener just rode into decay BZ FaceBook page and said I would absolutely. Help I would dive right in I would even think a second. Think about it. Also I'm a trained first responder. 57677. 98. I wanna go to Claude in case because I think I'm going to agree with what you're about to say cloud go ahead welcome. Yeah thank you argue you know how long to the people have to get out and I wrote those dot com a couple of years ago. And if you can imagine like a school. With what the windows staking out now that kind of like what it it's got a medal canopy over the top. If that thing starts to sink and you can't get out through the window where the Wendell would be right away the pop it's gonna force you down. It's a costs and actually becomes a cot it becomes a literal costs and on the water. I actually live on table rock lake not so far from where that incident happened I know that area very well I've been out there many many times. That's one of the deepest parts of the lake it's not very far from the dam. The bottom of the damaged 200 feet that's how deep it is that the dam so I know it did a very deep part of the lake. I would not have died in the argument that it isn't yesterday. I've never seen the lake it's choppy as well as I saw yesterday. And I'm also well I'm not anymore at one time I was certified first responder in one of the first rule which you ask yourself it can you do it basically because you don't wanna become another bit. And if I had not had a like Jack and on myself there's no way I would jump in the water I'm sorry but there's no point having other people killed. Well Claude one of the things. That I and we're gonna get into this a little bit next hour is if you are in an emergency situation like that what you do and it is we know from witness accounts that some people were wearing life preservers and some were not that I have trouble understanding. If they truly had about eleven minutes. Knowing. That. There outcome might not be a positive one. I would think if there were enough flight jackets on that boat every single person would have had a life jacket on. I believe that four of the victims were found inside that often liberal coffin. At the bottom. One of the things I said a buddy of mine is like. Once. You start to realize in a vessel like that that things are looking back. Because we know fourteen people survived. If you have a life jacket on isn't the safest but scariest thing to do. Is jumped overboard get a waves from that vessel that you know is going to go down it goes against everything you probably think. You should do. But I'm wondering if the fourteen who survived. Got off or out of that vessel. Both for in that eleven minutes it sank directly to the bottom. Because once that boat goes down especially if you're wearing a life jacket. I just don't see how there is. A way out I just out. Chris cats from came BC nine channel news just arrived on seen promised we would check in and we will. And what is the latest there from the table rock lake Chris. I earned 200 orders. Or the potential. For. Crocker would be an. The question. Some are under are you it. On it here in the year. And her partner on the another uses them out here and yeah. And there are some. From our governor to African continent and want her on the colonel partner to earn. There to work on. Your. We're coming up caught them and yet if you're there early and it was so. The shortcut for what are you on record this. Summer. The earth and their attention on their chances here and they are. Yeah you're doing well and. You know Chris hey Chris your little girl little pioneering press ear volume is a little low. I wanna ask you we know that when there is a mass casualty incident like this it is not unusual at all. For the NTSB. To show up in mass to try and figure out what happened what's interesting about the NTSB in these duck boats. Is that they delivered a warning years ago. About. This type of vessel if not this company. With respect to that canopy that topped lay here. On that they warned many years ago was. Dangerous and could trapped passengers inside of something went wrong. Adding it's going to be interesting to see because I think the NTSB. Can make recommendations. But those recommendations had no. Teeth. It's going to be interesting to see if they address that this is not their first rodeo with these votes. Whenever there's an accident involving corporate citizen weather city it's what this morning what are whatever it was. Yeah and yet he. The ability to make recommendations to make its reputation but ultimately if herbal. Regulatory agency that is in charge of actually implement and order it could include in how often but. I think he talked with certainty is that that is definitely is and who serve or that is India's source of frustration from one system it's. Whether or anything different people come out of this is probably where they went way up. But it's something that. You know what the people who are so many questions. As herb. I want answers who proposed to you know their work. Now. And certainly you know first and foremost. How much throughout much of a warning that the arc in the McPherson it was curtain call our. Warm. And certainly a lot Parker. How many people were wearing them common word. The whole issue out of these are both will certainly he's a threat and yeah and I'm sure. Quarter. The that the court order or whether it is sort of the dark secret that. Kabul which is concerned as well. Against the law ought what you record and that a lot of information. That. While we will check back thank you for calling in the NTSB. Delivers a briefing we will certainly bring that to our listeners as that happens. It is worth noting that thirteen people died at. More than half of the passengers back in 199913. People died on aid duck boat. In Arkansas. And seven of those dead passengers were still trapped inside. Because of that canopy and the NTSB at the time. Said contributing to the high loss of life was that continuous canopy roof. That in trapped passengers within that sinking vehicle. It's sort of like getting out of an airplane. An attorney who has brought lawsuits against a duck boat operators told us Kansas City Star Friday. This is not an open sided boat or you can just pitch yourself over the size. And then listen to this quote from the NTSB. Former chairman. He was in the that chair seat at the time of the Arkansas disaster. His name is Jim Hall he says the bottom line is why are disease boats still being used. These votes were not designed for recreational use. Especially with large numbers of people and whether or like business. Continuing this quote here. The operator and the regulators. Know the danger. Sad to see these repeat occurrences. It is just infuriating. That is Jim hall of former chair. Of the NTSB's speaking directly about the tragedy in Branson. Had no idea. The ducks were dangerous. I've bit my grandparents. We used to go to brands and every single. Summer. Grow prosecuted to the point that I might. Go programs. I rode the docks many times a lot of times when they're out on the wonderful people. They'll pick educated and have them comeuppance here for a second. I was that kid once. I've been on those ducks aren't. Always been fascinated by I think they're really cool it's a great big giant deuce and a half. You know army vehicle that you could drive down a boat ramp and across I think they're cool. I had no idea they were to injury. So I'll tell you this like with all catastrophic. Disasters. And the NTSB that's what their their four we'll get to the bottom this this is not going to be one failure. It is going to be multiple. Failures. And it it'll be inching see what they have to say and get if they take the Mike from today down there we will tune in. And bring you that as it happens. You're Q would cash once again is paint PA INT Tex at seven to 81 for your chance of a thousand dollars. More of your calls your textured ahead your listen today and parks. You know the right tire can have such an impact on your business so it is crucial to make sure your job posed reaches the most qualified candidates. He could try posting on a job board but do you really know who will see when you opposed George job on Linkedin. It reaches 70%. Of the US workforce and unlike job boards Linkedin as a community that career focus people visit every day. To grow professionally. And explore job opportunities. Linked in jobs intelligently targets candidates based on their skills recommendations even how open they are to new opportunities like yours. Insights that are only available on the Linkedin network. The result is your post is matched to the best people for the job. That is probably why a new hire is made every ten seconds using Linkedin. Right now go to Linkedin dot com slash day and get fifty dollars up or first job post Linkedin dot com slash data for fifty dollars off terms and conditions apply. Brington York closer than you think. Welcome back CNN times. Scott is off on a college tour. With his kid today we'll be back on Monday. I do remind view as angry as I am about the video and the doing nothing in the people that took the video. There was somebody else who also apparently posted some very graphic video overnight of first responders. Attempting CPR on some of the victims who did not survive. So I will just let's. That statement stand because I'm not sure what else to say. About that let's go to Jerry in Lawrence hi Gerri welcome. Height didn't play I I liken back two days what you were talking about. Shortly which was built me and hitting and and shielding. I I had not heard about this until I read your tweet that morning and immediately turn on the news. And of course they were covering it and end it in Atlanta and at stake in the news national news indicated. That 911 had not been called for a number. Of minutes. And it bit of the fact that the K. Why the hell are these people filming it and instead of back in it and I'd love that person who called earlier and what may be it was because. You know everybody was no need it there they were gonna need footage. I wish I feel way but the reason they had their cameras that was something was happening and they want it to be able the payment. Yeah she post it correctly if that is that. Every for a quick end and I want your reaction sharing some of because I know I'm not alone in my discussed and no I'm not. Some of the reaction to her FaceBook post before she removed it. Why in the world would you record does what the heck is wrong with you. From Allison I feel like this needs to be taken down at least the second video and not heating on this woman but. Knowing there are fatalities involved why not take down the footage of the deaths as it happened. And then finally show on a writes I don't understand why people sit and watch and didn't scream. These people needed help these people lost their lives in all caps how in the hell. Do you have a heart to sit and record this. And then I cannot read the rest of that is it's expletive filled chair I'm greatly under Myers says I cannot express the disgust I feel. For the posting of that final video in particular. Family members living their loved ones terrific final moments. I I couldn't agree more. And I get to answer to or comment on any other questions that you have apt. And I'll answer it first I have 100%. Surety. That I would have done and I I probably wouldn't. Not first responders like probably would have died. But I mean there had been something I could do and then the second thing is. Get off of the phone from filming it and using what that what is supposed to before which is 80. And dial 91. Line. Like you'd say earlier unit they had. The ten minute fourteen minute. He can't he can't wrap my head around that something could have beaten. Unser. Gerri thank you for the call. Hillary to the definition of group think. Group think is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a group of people. In which the desire for harmony or conformity. In the group. Results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision making outcome. I do believe. This was group thinks at its worst. Nobody else was getting up. Nobody else was calling everyone just assumes. Some one else. Has called for help. So all recorded because shortly does both going down in someone's calling for help right. I 76779. 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