BREAKING: Missouri Governor indicted.

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Thursday, February 22nd

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on K and easy. Pockets of recent movement through the farther north you go the more likely you are going to stay below freezing which means peace sicker there but. Still elderly now for the mattresses we are teetering with 32. Still some fall a little bit of freezing drizzle out there but this lighter precipitation that we saw earlier today. By tomorrow morning will be 31 degrees so slick spot or two. On untreated surface is still a possibility. Afternoon high though should know all that away 43 with a partly to mostly on these guys. From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby came easy whether. It's thirty tearing argue CI 34 downtown 32 at your official weather station. And Johnny candy store insurance and parent and I think we learned a thing is senator Robert Mueller calls your phones don't answer. Every time he calls you're going to say it's and it. Very very easy to be. So what's going on him import and gates are now. Facing 32 more charges and. There. Get a story for you and emirates are hoaxes which. Everything is out. New poll. Jennifer raise money can't buy happiness. Let me try to go at it they've that's exactly what Imus could say actually it can't parenting. If you make in 95000. Dollars a year. That is the income at which individuals experience peak satisfaction. With their lot else admin at it used to be seventy. I've read this study and now we've bumped up to 95 now if you're just going for emotional well being a lot of Obama between 65 and 75000 a year emotional well being 65 to seventy and 95 is key capping heat happiness so anymore and that and it's just like great in 96000 your miserable 95 and got. I'll. Supporters say has never been out exactly. What the. They gathered stats from one point seven million people across 164. Countries the most interesting and the most happy people were at nine and ten. Yeah. I still went Daniel talks. Money can't buy happiness but it can't buy see do you ever see him I cried a sound I'm after now. And her agreed David Rothman said money doesn't buy happiness but it can rent a lot of good times. You know that's the truth speaking of C do you know we're getting ready to go on this senior trip. Well if it turns out at the resort we are staking their. Different local high schools at least five different local high schools. That will be the same time where there is just going to be a mass amount of seventeen and eighteen can now. And we had to meet. Two nights ago with. No help and everybody on the record your taking your oldest son that's it just me and miles twos came Kuhn Mexico correct. And she he. Laid out some roles she's that this is how this is gonna work this is how that works about half of the kids are seventeen after the kids or eight teen drinking age in Mexico is a drinking age mex is eighteen so that's. An interesting. One is eighteen or seventeen he missed it by a two. Week. And. Year. Yeah during. Well you know what they said if you get caught that's one of things you talked about you get a bracelet right we knew you know right when you get there yet and it checked passports. If you lose a bracelet it's 250. Dollars to replace it. And you do in. Whitman of breaking news and you will be grilled about where it went why it went out that's one train of thought. I'm sorry a saint this grand jury has just indicted Missouri governor Eric Wright in all of felony invasion of privacy to. That is coming from the fox affiliate in Saint Louis go to Twitter if you would sky emblem on Twitter KM IZ governor gray has been indicted on felony charges for invasion of privacy. Read the indictment below. Today as city of Saint Louis grand jury indicted Missouri governor Eric Wright is on a felony invasion of privacy charge for an incident that took place on March 21 2015. In the city of Saint Louis. Under Missouri law the grand jury has found probable cause to believe that governor crichton's violated Missouri State statute that a black out is just to rest and he was just arrested by the sheriff and saying wow. Who's. When women and co the stature as a provision for both of felony and misdemeanor. The law makes it a felony if a person transmits. And image contained in the photograph or film. In a manner that allows access to that image via a computer. And everybody basically he's been indicted for revenge for. The stature has a provision for other felony and misdemeanor of the law makes it a felony if a person transmits and image. Contained in a photograph. In a manner that allows access to that image via a computer so the the photo was supposedly in his phone and Scott. If I'm reading this correctly. He saved it in a manner that would allow others to access it via a computer. He hears stories from the start that just cleared. Governor error crichton's was indicted this afternoon by a Saint Louis grand jury on felony invasion of privacy as we just said. The charges stem from 2015. Affair and allegations that he threatened to release a nude photographs of the woman. Taken while she was blindfolded and her hands were bound if she ever spoke publicly about the affair Saint Louis circuit attorney Kim garner. Launched a criminal investigation of the allegations last month. Quoting here from Gardner Kim garner. As I've stated before it is essential. For residents of the city of Saint Louis and our state to have confidence in their leaders they must know. That the office of the circuit attorney will hold public officials accountable in the same manner as any other resident of our city. Both parties and the people of Saint Louis disturbing thorough investigation. Of these allegations. Gardens could not be immediately reached for comment because he was in handcuffs the allegations against crichton server shortly after he delivered his annual state of the state address. Last month. Concluded that may go into the background of the story. The governor. Of the state of Missouri. Has just been arrested. And indicted. And this is felony. I I believe that it is now says there's a provisioned for it to be a misdemeanor. BA I'm looking into indictment right here in the says he committed the class. The governor of the state of Missouri has just been arrested. And indicted. It's the state win he's being processed when the lieutenant governor. I don't even know who that is used repeater candor. Don't call MP. And it was Peter. Who is the lieutenant governor I don't even know. My Parsons Mike Parsons right in Parsons. But governor of the state of Missouri has just been arrested answering no west parson. Person my person. Well that was a quick change. So news. Well checks and I was like well I can see you were distracted you were talking about going McCain Kuhn. And you kept looking over your phone Mike unfocused and but I knew if she's not focusing on this story. There something common in on the phone yeah. And then she goes we've got breaking news and I'm like okay. Yeah. Well he's. Not a I was. I don't inducted. And I thought inducted into the hall. To see in ducked it out porn and porn hub indicted in died at a it. NN dot. Fraternity is. Herbs. Prison. Yeah amazing error brightens is in navy seal. Decorated. Combat veteran. He was an up and comer. Ian Republican Party politics. There is even talk. There was talk about a presidential run of some day Eric crichton's running for president of the United States. That clearly is all that and. Because Eric writes the governor of Missouri. Has just been arrested led away in handcuffs. By the sheriff in Saint Louis. And has been indicted. Because. He took pictures allegedly of a woman bound and blindfolded. That he was having an affair with and by the way. The husband of this woman. Who is the one who spilled the beans on this whole story out from the night he was. And operating and try to pat husband. Who is a husband score. Has to be smiling. All day long because that husband of this mistress. Is an angry and not understandably. Understandably angry angry man. I ask you a couple questions sure if you are subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury you do not have the right to say I don't like doing that right. Correct. Our contempt of court yes and ensures why I figure I may seem idea so we'll know greens are able indicting him so much we know that. I've struggled with how old you prove he took that photo. This felonies suggests to me Easter as a iCloud system or what have you. That they know at least the photo was taken. Because this says took a photo. And it was on a computer system where someone can access it says that if you read between the lines that says to me. That yes a photo was taken. And based on these charges yes we believe he threatened her with exposing this photo. Did they have to have her. In court in front of the grand jury to go forward with these charges is from day one she has said and I certainly understand this. It is. She does not wanna speak publicly about this at all. And I get it that are. Turner. Why this is my Granger juries work in secret but when you looked enough like what do they have it just the photo was him was at her I mean I I don't know. Because he could just as easily say Carrie yes we took consensual photos but no I did not blackmail her with it. You see what I'm saying how do you prove. That sentence was spoken. When he said to her if he ever talk about the summit I have this photo and don't forget. Her. 57677. I'm David you wanna weigh them 5767798. Breaking news of this hour. 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For your free estimate mentioned Dana told you to call you'll still receive a twenty. Percent discount remember was sealed once you seal it and forget it go to seal once Casey dot com 81694239. 27. Breaking news stories. That is coming in the last. Twenty minutes. So heavy attack the special counsel Robert Mueller this is not forward and talk about him TARP the second one in the second. But the special counsel Robert Mueller has filed 32 more charges today against Paul Mann a fort and Rick gates. He is clearly. Ratcheting it up. The real breaking news closer to home. The governor of Missouri Eric brightness. Has been led away by Saint Louis sheriff's. And has been indicted. On felony invasion of privacy charges. This afternoon and an up and comer. In Republican politics. And up and comer in Missouri politics Eric brightens. Has been arrested and indicted this afternoon. Scorers over I had a case in front of me does the state of Missouri. And plaintiff. Verses. Eric. Gripe tens defendant charged. Is listed as follows count one invasion of privacy first degree which is Kara mentioned is a class. And then it lists the address where it happened which I will not share witnesses are listed as they generally are in these cases by. Abbreviation only initials only right there are three. Witnesses listed. None of whom have the last name beginning with the G. So the three witnesses in these case. In this case. It's going to be the husband scorned. His wife. Because. These are both listed as the the letter S and any third witness who doesn't appear to be related. And I'll read the indictment. The grand jurors of the city of saint Louis the state of Missouri charged that under count one the defendant in violation of section 565. Point 252. Committed a class. We believe in them pretty well for his he could go to pre. Slip up in that on or about march 21 in the city of saint Louis the defendant knowingly photographed. Kaye asks. And that's the mistress in a state of full or partial nudity. Without the knowledge and consent of KS. And in a place where a person would have a reasonable. Expectation. Of privacy. And the defendant and this is the important part subsequently. Transmitted. The image contained in that photograph. In a manner that allowed access to that image via a computer. So they are saying that image was. Transferred. Transmitted or potentially could have been transfer no it says transmitted Coca aren't. In the photograph in a manner that allowed access to it by computer so here's what happened he took the photo was a little phone allegedly. Took the photo of her nude on his cellphone allegedly. And in either uploaded that photo or I don't know plugged in his iPhone to charge at Scott. And that's photo was then transmitted. It didn't does not say may have transmitted it says was transmit allegedly. On two. A different computer. And you know this could have been something they found Scott in the class out. In the picture six months ago and you think you've deleted it who knows how that cloud works. That's saying don't take these photos class. Now we'll 101000 now Scott Lee sees several years probably not probably not. You know we had someone this week who was one of Donald Trump's main island. Campaign. Fund raiser guy is sentenced to twenty years Cara four. Soliciting minors. That happened the day before yesterday I believe he was given twenty years but will only have to serve three. And that is for the conviction of soliciting underage people. For sexual activity and the reason I bring that up is if you think he's gonna serve seven and Missouri audio for taken a nude photo it's it's not gonna happen I mean six months maybe a year if that I I would beast presenters and to present time I read. 5767798. I mean not tell you with the breaking news is because she's about to do here is Karen marks in the news governor crichton's has been indicted by a Saint Louis grand jury mourn axed. I can't see him doesn't sound is if you're worried about the ice storm common thinking about thunderstorms coming in the spring called CMOs. And sat. And they would get to the top of the line to rack homes standby generator. And here's why that's important. You have a home business office if you opt and remember certainly was serious medical needs and now you know that power is a lifeline in your house. You got a generator your friends like you sit in the dark but you will not be if you call CMOs and son. And check the greater Casey comes out coming up march 23 to 25 they'll be there they've had all the home says this year. Find my guys at CM hasn't 8167814707. 8167814707. A map to the free estimate measure tell you exactly the size Geneva. Or check and see him dozens und dot com tellem Dana sentient. Or thirty wanting Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are a Saint Louis grand jury has indicted Missouri governor Eric Wright is on a felony invasion of privacy charge related to his affair with his hairdresser in 2015. Saint Louis circuit attorney Jim Gardner launched the investigation into brightens in January when the affair came to light. The woman's ex husband came forward with recordings to a TV station in Saint Louis sink right is to get into a picture of her and then threatened to share it if she spoke about it. The governor has denied the accusations calls to the governor spokesman went straight to voicemail this afternoon. More charges in the Russia investigation ABC's Eric terse he tells us they involve former trump campaign chair Parma at a fort and aide Rick. Gates were almost a decade before they join the trump campaign Paul man affording Rick gates worked for the government of Ukraine in that time the special counsel said they generated tens of millions of dollars in income based scheme to hide from US authorities men afford the superseding indictment said used offshore accounts to buy real estate. And then with the assistance of gates used it to secure twenty million dollars in loans there were tens of millions and offshore accounts and the special counsel charged them with failing to properly account for all the money 75 million dollars in total. Aaron took her ski ABC news New York. Traffic and weather together next. I just chatted with the good folks at Volkswagen Lee's summit today and we are gonna meet next week and swap out a car I ever driven atlas. 121. And love them both and I honestly said just it's a coin toss which I like better it's kind of depending on you and how many people you're needing to haul around but. 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Tearing our case CI it's 33 in mission repeating or breaking news governor Eric grains has been indicted this afternoon on a felony invasion of privacy charged. At a Saint Louis circuit. Attorney's office. I'm Caremark Serb stay connected with news 981 KM BZ MK UMB easing dot com yeah. Was sick. These guys use V news and messier. You talk. That's like Tulane. You're saying it's eight CN. It's touted as a possible presidential campaign. Someday armor and wasn't going to be this year wasn't a mean act. Wasn't going to be 22 wanting their same torrid 242028. Air grains would be a good candidate for this. Topic come. Maybe sealed. Good looking and well spoken. But he took that on photograph public. And Eric Grimes. The governor of Missouri. Has been arrested. And indicted. This afternoon. Accused of what is really. Allegedly. Revenge port. Don't you ever tell anybody about the affair that we're having oral releases photographs published the photograph. Largely. Shows a woman bound. And blindfold. And a once promising Republican politician. Finds himself today being fingerprinted. And photographed. And I'm blues clinics. Hi I'm certain he got all the time and Latin Europe at eight about Eric pre. I don't I think you know angrily disappointed in him but I do different back then. He liked a lot of the government official. There untouchable. AA can commit adultery. And Allen at cal about it yet people are at cal out. Chi is not a good person because. He. And I hit at Nomura. And what they think now it perhaps and not brought a packet that is today. And they need to hat eight next inning all law model to follow and it got better each could be Jack. I don't feel I thought you know like Graham might that may play a higher error. I. Remember everybody exists. Indictments. Has nothing to do with. The what was reported to be a consensual affair. This indictment is because of the alleged photo and and the comment allegedly made if you ever say anything about this against you. And so. I understand what she's saying and we kind of had this conversation after it came out and all of this was going on. And you said Scott is this enough for him to lose that office and most people thought no well that just the affair was not enough to lose the office. But now that he's indicted and charged with a Fella and there's no way he's done there's no way. I'm surprised he hasn't resigned to rest my question what does he resigned tonight. And he passed and it'll say this has become a distraction from the great progress we've made in the state of Missouri I can write the speech muscle picture. 5767798. Tom in warns berg hello Tom. You job. I've got a comment on your comments about where crichton's over the past several minutes. Number one I wanna remind you of that. Person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. You folks sound like your conducting am concerning the president and sending more the political trail or not. Second point. This whole a prayer in Saint Louis. Is obviously. Perpetrated by means democratic. Enemies in Saint Louis and other parts of the state. They're trying to get him out of office anyway they can just like they're trying to go after president trop. It is pure dirty politics at work. Tom you do recognize he's admitted to the affair that. You you do at least recognize that he he's an added. I did I do it meant just that that is true. And that was wrong candidate. But. Eric Gordon is still a good man I still won't vote for him as our governor wanna see him stay in office I do not wanna scenery shot. Because. He is innocent until proven guilty Scott Perry talked to me. I'm not talking down here are just reminding you you're. Well. Think proponent annoyed you're right I'm annoyed. Let me ask you our let me just ask you this so for a politician who is now charged with a felony would use saying. That everyone should remain in office until. The charges are brought before a jury and a verdict is rendered is that what you're saying that we need to wait until a jury of his peers. Agreed. That a politician is guilty before anyone should be forced out of office. And you you would have to agree that time you're talking about Democrats and Republicans then. What about Anthony Weiner. Before he was compared to what about what everybody had him dead to rights. True. I think Tom we wanna say and I just saying we want to say that we should let the system play out until there is a guilty verdict. I don't know in practice if that eases is something that we should expect as taxpaying citizens. I get it I get saying he's not he's not that is not and he's not guilty yet. But I can point to other cases look at Marion bear at the time who was seen on tape. Pay hookers and snorting crack cocaine. Which would you say that Mary and Mary should have remained in office I would say no smoking. More are smoking crack cocaine. I think if we all really I think Thomas we really look to other politicians who have been charged with serious crimes. I don't know that even you agree town and every case that we wait until that are guilty verdict is rendered. Before they resign office I I find that real hard to believe. Aren't just let justice calls of that. And I would not compare greatness you mayor of Gary your summary of the problems you mention like Anthony leader. Eric Wright is an upstanding young man. I. Felonies that you would agree. But bottom broker in court. Do you feel the same way about other politicians like Bill Clinton. Yes you do. Yeah as evenly I I understand your argument and agreement that I understand you're saying. Okay well. You don't have to agree but. I think you would be well advised to support the governor until the trial was over. Ask you this if he is found guilty and and Tom you're right in this regard he has not been convicted of anything he's been indicted today. And the governor has been arrested. That is certainly not a guilty. Plea Norbert. If he is found guilty. Of taking this photograph of this Macon woman. Bound and blindfolded. And threatening her if you say a word about this affair I'm going to release this photograph. Which is not very Smart but whatever would you still argue then that he is an upstanding citizen using your words. Yes some outstanding citizen who made a mistake. He's an outstanding citizen somebody who took revenge foreign. And threaten to use it against her and an ascetic. My Syria or. Would you feel the same way if you as a Democrat. Okay. Tom have you tried and I don't believe a word just came out karma. Now talk is ride in this system under which we operate dictates you're innocent until proven guilty he's right about that. I take exception to kind of what he tried to more of that argument into. And that is you have the right to remain in your job. Until you're convicted that's not true all's. People lose their jobs in this country every day come on allegations. Bull for. Conviction Tom. Wants Eric Wright has to remain in office because Tom voted for Eric runs. He likes her and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that if I had lived in Missouri. Last year when the election or Kurt I would have voted for or regret it sure. He his resume was impeccable. Phenomenal. I would have who. Voted for Eric right if I was a Missouri resident last year. I now think that error Greg's needs to resign. Even if these allegations are proven to be false how you would just say how how do you lead a state where you can't type of criminal I am and you can and that's exactly why he needs to resign. You can't leave the state where this hanging over your head you simply cannot agree. By 76779. It. Dana right here for doctor Tate in the center for nutrition and Lee wouldn't 135 and row and down more than twenty pounds. And not to Mexico here in a few weeks wanted to dropped when he dropped twenty announcing an oil analyst and more. I have a girlfriend down more than thirty pounds. Down 31. Inches and it is a dramatic transformation when you're talking about 31 inches of weight loss. Since she went in for that free consultation with doctor take medically managed weight loss with doctor ta give it a try if you're tired of banner had to install. Medically managed weight loss with doctored tape McCauley and love their staff 9138148222. As the number. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com he tellem Dana sentient. It was a breaking news day. These special council's release 32 more indictments. Against. Paul Mann of port and aggregates. This afternoon. Putting the rig gates' talk of a plea deal certainly on the back burner that's not gonna happen now. And speaking of indictments. Little closer to home. The governor of Missouri. Eric gripes. In this storage is cleared on MSNBC. It's been picked up nationally. The governor of Missouri as we broke this news at 410 this afternoon. Governor of Missouri Eric Wright has has been indicted. This afternoon on felony charges of invasion of privacy Caremark to joining us we just. Got a statement from the governor's private attorney. In forty years of public and private practice I have never seen anything like this the charges against my client are baseless and unfounded. My client is absolutely innocent we will be filing a motion to dismiss that's from Edward at dowdy junior took aunt resided. He is not resigning. That. The governor of Missouri was arrested today and indicted. On felony charges of invasion of privacy has attorney says these charges are baseless. It's on MSNBC right now this is crazy hello Chad. Oh. Thanks for a show. Well not I mean all I'm not care as. I remember back in it or not as president. But the market well Lola. And you know and it basically says oh trying to bridge and nobody bit. Now. That it will turn and so all you Republican began blowing. And I guess what now to come out now and make him start a person. You are doing his job. Ought that you're actually here. Now or are Omar order. Okay and Malkin well. No you old person who wasn't. I can't stand that people make me defend Clinton. And I'm not I'm defending the process what do you mean it was okay then it wasn't okay then. Well. Atlanta in camps are. Am and tried to. Try refugee camp for away. It was actually white checker and Chad what did he do. You remember well he had he had an affair that's not all well and lied about life. All right and lied about it up like there. Right Bill Clinton committed perjury to the special counsel which is a violation law that's right. You know so now the question. That people were going to be bring him and oh. There it. Is there a bit. This year the number not. Cable turned sent about Republican. And the Democrat. I went straight. Well that but let me let me ask you this Chad and and again I hate you're making me almost defend Bill Clinton. A ma'am and I I do have. Burglar respectful. Do you do you remember. That case the that the reason that Ken Starr was empaneled. OK because it's certainly had nothing to do its. Oral you know what in the White House it was about a land deal it was white one. It was a Whitewater investigation. It was a land deal that had gone wrong in Arkansas. When he was not the president of the United States. And Ken Starr took two years. Everybody's talking about Bob Mueller and you know he's taken too long this thing to be wrapped up by now that Ken Starr investigation into Whitewater. Which. Brought about zero indictments regarding Whitewater. And only one charge against the president of the United States and that was perjury for lying about an affair. Betty had with Monica Lewinsky. And do you remember all so if we're going to talk about what everybody said back then do you remember what. Us Republicans were saying about Bill Clinton in 199899. Get he should resign. I so should we not then in fairness and this. The affair was not the crime it was the lying about the affair that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. The indictment today has nothing to do with the affair does but it doesn't. And it has everything to do with photographs allegedly taken and used as revenge porn against this woman. If were going to be fair and consistent Chad. Should we not say if Bill Clinton as we all did as Republicans. Should have resigned in 1998 should we not say that Eric brightens your resigned in 2008 team. I'll say yeah. Early a gentle man and don't. The right thing. We're going to be right Oak. Park. Eight you have a great night OK about it. You know I think in you you've mentioned this before Scott. The Republicans with all due respect have lost the moral high ground here we have lost that sounds to affairs and paying off. Porn stars and paying off Playboy playmates. That ship has sailed to re there and finally lost the moral I would also say with this current president. That if there's three affairs or five or twenty. As long as no laws are broken that is between. This president and his wife and I say the same thing as said the same thing about bill. That's between bill and Hillary doesn't. Affect my life and he. It it doesn't really affect my life that that this current president has had the affairs he's had. On his current wife either doesn't affect me the problem is when laws are broken. When these pay outs are made or campaign finance laws are broken because of these payouts or when you're lying. Bill Clinton under oath about the affair mr. or win Eric brightens you are alleged to have the blackmail someone over a photo it's really never about the affair I said with Bill Clinton I don't care I say with Donald Trump I don't care until law is broken. But I will say. The Republicans have lost the moral high ground since this president took office. But Democrats. Bad behavior of where the true you're absolutely right. That the ground has been libeled because you had Bill Clinton in the ninety's and now we have Donald Trump and in the 2000 things however. Republicans. Are checked that Democrats. Cannot sit there and tell me that the charges against. General. Help me out Michael Flynn. That this is a big deal. That. The George pop double was thing is a big deal. You can't tell me that lying to the FBI is a big deal and then tell me that Clinton well and it only has applied to. We didn't glory. I mean if we're gonna be fair here we have to be fair on both sides Bill Clinton lied to a special prosecutor. That is a crime. He deserved to be. Impeached. I'm I'm I'm. Thankful he was not quote convicted by the senate and think board that. But he deserves to be impeached for that he lied to the federal government. Matt is a crime to the news or care marks. Having now I'm KM BZ the Missouri governor indicted and arrested today we'll have the latest next. You know I promise you spring weather is coming in it's going to be nice out soon like we're talk and weeks called lightning landscape and irrigation now and get on that schedule now. And they even able to come out about a month ago. And ripped out all of our landscaping rip bouts cash it was just a ratty message needed to go. Ripped all of that out in the front side yard and put in an irrigation system on one of the nicer days. That we enjoyed about a month ago called now get on their schedule have them come out. 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