Boy scouts and Girl scouts become one?

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Wednesday, October 11th

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91. KM BZ happy Wednesday an hour from now data and parks we'll check in with Scott India. Who have been here since 11 o'clock in the morning Travis what you guys doing what it takes to get your clock because the same. Closed door meeting. Yeah I was. Meeting noted office. Travis you're a man of many words average shows not only eight hours. And stiffness and AM. 'til 6 PM like Boston economy and so I'd Kaman sat down and. You're a better man for it. Well that are you better man for. Surely if it all out that we. People are which she about being fired. Oh yeah and we have major person in the building who was standing near our door we I took a break and bush and yeah every had a second applies. Miniature world I think and can. Harris and find out why HR was here the stories up on FaceBook. And the story broke about an hour ago and our guide taking your comments at 5767798. Or 22980. About what you think. About a big change at the boy scouts of America has announced to today if you call we talked about it now a month or two ago where. That the league scouts and the comes out pentagon back and forth a little bit because there were a lot of girls. In scouts who were complaining that the girls didn't do enough and they didn't have. And a programs that they were interested in and the biggest difference that people complain about was that girls didn't have an equivalent of eagle scout. Would keep receipts they had highest level rank. But it didn't come just with the glory of being an eagle scout. And so the discussions were happening about letting more girls into the Boy Scouts. That is going to happen lie on the boy scouts of America put out a release. Saying the boy scouts of America board of directors. Unanimously. Approved a plan to welcome girls into the cub scout program. And deliver a scouting program for older girls that will enable them to advance and earn the highest rank of eagle scout. The SA's chief scout executive Michael survived sent the values of scouting. Trustworthy loyal helpful kind of brave and reverence for example are important for both young men and women. We believe it is critical to evolve how our program meets the needs of families. Interested in lifeline experiences for their kids. Six it was gonna work starting in the 2018 program year families can choose to sign up their sons and daughters for cub scouts. Existing pacts made cheese is up to new girl pack a status of tactic consists of girl dance and boy Dan is. Or remain an all boy pack cubs scouting and will be single gender. All boys or all girls. Texting and going oh here we go. Co went camping that's not gonna happen comparing by using the same curriculum as the Boy Scouts program the organization also will deliver a program for older girls. Which will be announced next year and should be available in 2019. That will enable them to earn those rank of eagle scout. Boy oh boy did this get upset a lot of people on all. Excite a lot of people on a lot of people I'm sure are going to say that the girls have a lot more to gain from those than the boys do you find your right your right but so why you know I mean it's it's got that were offering the most opportunities for the most people. I'm curious to know if you think it's gonna change the dynamics of Boy Scouts all but again it was a unanimous. Decision. I am wondering if this is going to lead to the end of the Girl Scouts. See that that's what this is there's no need for that there's just that there's. Three directions I can go with this and one of them is and it's been my thought all along it's called scouts. You know sent scouts of America or Americans count and LeRoy and Kimble is now join Girl Scouts or Girl Scouts haven't announced right there's not a big demand for poised to join scouts there was a big demand for girls to time is because there's no level of prestige in the Girl Scouts that a boy can't eat it can't attain it's not higher than Eagles. Right into it the president's recognize Eagles arts mean Donald Trump Barack Obama George Bush Bill Clinton recognized eagle scouts Dylan calls out the girl who sold the most cookies eat. Don't know what the equivalent eagle scout is in the Girl Scouts we don't know what that's all we do you know with the Eagles 5767798. Here's my big question about this. Why debuted its deep down why date you'd swear you suspect didn't they do this out of fairness and to give girls the same opportunities as boys because they truly leave. That girls deserve the chance to get to eagle scout. War. Did they do it to up their numbers to pad their stats to get saying look we have this many people enrolling. Did they do it for that or did they do it because they really believe that girls should have the same chances as boy's aunt and things like Eagles quite. Honestly it doesn't matter to me because the result is the same thing that they're there at the end result is. Girls get more opportunities which is good for everybody. And my guess is that upping the numbers means. And and having more money to work went and having more people to work with means you can offer more programs for boys to everybody wins here so I'm OK with whatever amount of. 5767798. Timmy KCK first up on 91 KM BZ what's a tip. I would I think about this. I'm all for equal opportunity I think that's fantastic. When I look at it realistically. And I hate to be easy to get I. Glad that I think you're open and out burger future turn should as sex scandals. In all kinds. Are you separate it it's not like they're they're going cola ad that's not what's happening. Well an opening up programs for girls. Which is good and I think it's great ethnic you know it's it's something that could be. I helped equalize so the way things or the world that's that's great ideas today. The way the world. Right now I can get in the future there's going to be some in this something that'll pop up which I need to shaped by you know actually I think it might. Need the opportunity might be there and. I I hope you're wrong Tim I I think a lot of us wonder about that but I think we all hope that Iraq and assure you to tool. It's like to Mark Lee in Kansas City on KM BZ I'm Arlene. I would be account out it and in the I think it's great that near my pot go out nick. That they do not yet there and you know like you government grant and I are out I don't recommend. Apple that they are. Now I've got it on the government and certain about what their well. Thanks for the vocal Marley and appreciate it I 767798. Me shelling Kansas City right 91 KM BZ. Yes. I the role in the discount. At adventure in Korea. Our partners including current account the current program. Just fourteen between that you. Can go. And it was kind of camping group. We didn't have stricter regulations that we as it was strict. I'd training. And making you know I want it to expect that we the first time in at different times. We didn't camp at. The Captain America. It's been a program that's been around advocates for change your. So that has nothing you do took out dynamic and and and its neighbor didn't wind up. But that now but and as someone who has been involved with this Michelle now all. Girls can or need the rank of eagle scout. That's that's different but we have found different light does that that's crewmembers. That we get but in the end at the moment is as intense. As the Eagles. Is there's something and and you know more than I do and and we're learning as we go here Michelle. Is whatever ranked in the Girl Scouts anywhere on the prestige level as eagle scout because we see presidents recognize. Eagle scout I've never heard a president recognize whatever level of venturing your girls and and we don't know what it is right. Well that and outs of what does it took. Him a gold is not as intent. In my opinion is that I did not stay at some of the gulf apple definitely think it's just as. Hard on. I am and that's exactly. As the Eagles. I have made that that its criteria is exactly the thing. There's just nobody is out there that get recognized and go out. Michelle thanks so much good lawyer phone calls including and she ended Steve. 5767798. You can jump in as well Boy Scouts now allowing girls in historic any historic shift today. As the boy scouts of America unanimously. Approved to welcome girls into the iconic cub scout program. You can read about it or FaceBook page you can tweet us at KM BZ radio texted at 22980. More your calls next on 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ. Midday with Jamie blanket. Boy Scouts in a stunning new news. Breakthrough today and let me in a unanimous. Vote today allowing girls to enjoy 15767798. And maybe my favorite Texan the attitude united zero I'm sure. Is there anything left in this world that can't be ruined or diluted. By having women joined guide. All you women is a ruling and the things that we in July to put on hold for you. Review white and it went out to vote and ride and work in the same office in June oh man. Republican general this women's suffrage and now she just go back being used for couple things that. Yeah that would go for you procreation. And dinner seasons. That Dexter is 77 before the tax line you're awesome. That's my favorite. Back to the phones springs Italy is off this segment and 81 KM BZ afternoon Dan. High and turn. I can't really say that million lower on her cat and our outlook. About like our primary probably Alter your grade. Aren't they out thought it was like nineteen under or pay out stock option by. The report boy. I have three eagle that got my country I would occur out. While I can do that girl out. Many are held Graham Kremlin to the point out. Why do you think they didn't. What does it have plenty of opportunities the calls been coming for a long time from girls to create a program that's the equivalent of the boys. I don't know. I don't know I think Ron. There are. Can't he get more out a lot like sit there and do well there are a lot of keeping you know. You can eat that without a point caption. Am proud fell one night and I. James Brown said it best this is a bad girl thank and appreciate it. I mean. I don't focus not I I'm not a girl all right so I don't like do you want to learn the skills of the boys. You know like I I I don't know. That's my question to Jami just grab the Mike staring at the computer what. Because there's some things that I'm just not respond to share a lol OK so you do you big announcement and some things I'm not going to buy. Is that because I'm not gonna get the satisfaction. Of responding to there. So many or Earl. Complacent and brown gather on the great song thanks and she's right. Shannon Kansas City and 81 KM BZ. Mon I'd go out and girl. And should be. My son weren't too little. They were nineteen battery. Error. They were campaign and it works issue they were teaching them. Leadership skills. We're teaching them all that works well look at today's modern war. My daughter honorable out there land we're being taught how you make partner out of duct tape. How to make Turkey at our home he'll. Tell. All their cookie. And you really were teaching my daughters in and I couldn't teach at all. More relevant and what was the hot air. Sure I got to the point where it. Ridiculous my daughters are in and the one that you are not happened in. Or gore. And it's not relevant to today my daughter's little color to be able to compete. In light at. Oral and black church teaching them what not we're look. I can't I can't disagree with (%expletive) and making a person of duct tape how does that help you write can also point out that it it in this time where we've got Harvey Weinstein story evolves and we've got you know a lot of and we've got some work to dale and how women are treated in this country and is it not perhaps a move in the right direction. That we mingle boys and girls and a positive environments is set a good example perhaps at a younger age and maybe the Boy Scouts the right place to do that. From a text line being a woman is really sickens me I have a son and daughter maybe I'm old fashioned but I think I should do guy stuff and girls to do girl stuff. A 191562. Now is that we're not active and up from the text line and a man and a few of the girls these days or distance as strong as as the boys. And wicket deliberately hang with the boys. Are. Proudly but it steadier at night and day of BZ what's up Steve. You don't. Like to preempt that guy that Michael yeah I illegal I mean maybe a year ago. They and their there right Beagle who like so people here. In typical gear yes it takes funeral or it I think. Here you're able to get it and they do now pair have 283. Who are. My my issue. Here are my concern. Weren't and I don't mean you make you mad at you. I don't wanna I wanna. You watered down to meet girls. Aren't. Why are you gonna be watered down to meet the girls requirements are to be great. I've your goal every organization have ever been in there ordinary. Men and women have been pretty. They carry. I would never part of the military but other. Prime example are you. What great different. Everywhere they can be an iron. William or there Gary and I want to stop willing. To do it if they weren't the only let them follow the rules beard. Okay let me ask is on the go. Real fast about. It as somebody was all the way through the program and got the Eagles got the military out of it and keep the conversation about the scouts. What you go through as a scout. As a boy scout that you feel like the requirements or or the standards would have to change if you let girls do. I girls not do you do it. Any debt that they asked us. I know that there but I do maybe they don't change. Our go to. That's asking why I think we have to I think. It is the requirements I'm saying what we need to change for girls to be able to keep. I I don't know. Accurately I don't know why I sent. You're aware TJ that the American spirit going and I don't know I don't. Ares I just just keep the standards where they are right now so they're gonna have to change and that's why I'm asking what we need to change for girls to be joining you can't come up with anything specific excellence not assume have to change at all until they change let's not cross that bring both of you let's across that eventually get that I'll ask I I genuinely got to push ups in the boys they don't think he'd gotten some scouts I need someone who has been in Boy Scouts to genuinely Tommy for point of information. What will need to change about the program if girls are there Steve if your right and they do lowered the standards I'll be on your side. If you lower the standards to become an eagle scout. Because something physical I I don't know. That I will be on Steve cited as a mistake but as long as the themes thinks they and the up and uncle what's changing a few things to make it better for everybody why's everybody so against that because there's a standard should have to hit why lower that might change the bar they're not watered down what it takes to become eagle scout I hope they are at its gonna carry less procedure not mean does and I hope that snow says it's got Bert in Kansas City right 91 KM BZ what's up. I am I in worked on a national scouting camp. First three years and it editorial position. We get people working their from all over the world. So it's a lot it's cool you get a lot of people who have a lot different life. Time experience that I'm in out. And we have 20% women working there. Mandate. Are not out there entry into. Now just normal dot. I talked to a lot of about the difference that I drove have been an entry and and grossed out. And it is a big differences. Told troops. You know there's a lot of good points structure not many good girls culture but you can find the girl scout troop. It really good you can learn a lot a lot of leadership experience that. But I am all for on the idiots say letting a minute I think about art. Bert thanks for the full comment appreciate it by 767798. Thomas your lead off hitter in two minutes we'll get to Sandra as well more your phone calls Boy Scouts letting in. The girl's cars that word came down today they'll be separate troops will be an all girls troop and I'll go boys true. Non co let me too we always have to remember that some people were worried about those camping trips getting a little squirrelly Jamie then I'm having to worry about. 5767798. 981 KM BZ. Midday with Damien wicked this man's world well now I guess in the world the Boy Scouts Jamie it's two woman's world to. The boy scouts of America has put out a release announcing their plan to expand programs to welcome girls from the cub scouts to the highest rank of eagle scouts. Starting the 2018 program years they will begin to make some changes and cub scouts and then they will deliver a program for older girls. Using the same curriculum as the Boy Scouts program will be announced next year projected to be available in 2019. That will enable them to her in the scouts the season rank of eagle scout it's the same curriculum teaching curriculum as other place so the caller who. Earlier said that he was an eagle scout many years ago and was worried. About the you know the standards being lowered it says same curriculum and I'm sure people that are very interested in this we'll keep denying. On said curriculum your thoughts I 767798. Right to the phones Thomas in Kansas City right 91 KM BZ. I. Got Thomas what's up. More the boy out. Already have. At the spinoff but it's called centric group. And the Boy Scouts are mean it's both girls and boys and either Warren can obtain the rank of youth out and dirty as that they're going camp out. They pretty much have the same curriculum as it was at the CAPTCHA to the same application process. On having to do but service projects. And all of that and they can Phillip king the rank of the. Right but what their their really is no. Eagle scouts there are no girls that are eagle scouts you cannot get. You can't you you cannot get that ball until now. Inserting in what 2019 I believe. You can obtain the rank of eagle scout if you're a girl because they don't offer an adventure club is one thing and yes it's a gold star gold level or gold medal program. But the war eagle scout will never be attached your game. Well inventor crew. They actually have it to where girls can have things that bring. That might make a change them why they do this. If there at the same why did they do it. I know. Everyone has told us it is not the same. Everything I've read it is not the same. So. You know they did you're the first person to say that it is on the same level. And I can't find it anywhere and if you do finally police Thomas who with and I'd really sincerely mean this text it to 22900. 5767798. Sandra Lee's summit here and 81 KM BZ. Any particular call. I'm I have two daughters that and are they go out my Auld and is bridging that. He had been that girl out and kindergarten. And is desperately that her bronze award. And you know beyond her elder. I I think it should keep them that break I don't they have my children my girls need to be involved and point out. But that's just my opinion I think fate based and today and are out and I have plenty of opportunities and dropped out quite. Do you think though that the skills there are girls in this world. And with typical for somebody else's and he spent time selling cookies making cookies. And building purses out of duct tape do you think that there are some women or girls that could benefit from learning the skills. That Boy Scouts learning Girl Scouts don't. Have my oldest daughter and then kill. I'm here over several years and he had heart surgery horse back riding. I'm leadership skills they're young I think people have a misconception of what girl out actually jailed. I'm sure that is. Certainly with a bomb aboard day at rehab. One the bag I am having an out I can't grace Skinner in the ready and actually I'm a piper green and make got a hundred I'll agree prom. He you know we took a lot of time apart from the golf now. I think on people you know girl scout it out dating and what they actually deal and I think my children are really benefiting from it. That's some good things for the gold call per share it by 767798. Go to Ian in Kansas City in your 91 KM BZ. Not too bad what's up. Well well but we're talking about the eagle scout to be gold. Gold member from the girl on girl scout. I think the eagle scout really took off and everybody includes such high tide adding. And why they don't think they're on the same team because a man in the world so you guys. Guys don't. Want law student who looks like oh I know you're great person. You have when this started when you know. When women got into. Work force and became CEOs and VPs and everything. Big war on and Malia. Where they could say you are girl scout in the hired him because you know your girls terrible. No it's not equal because of time. Where I'm at this. On the whole aspect of my my wife works. Girl scout my son is in the bullets out. Not or boycott girl's got to mix. They are separate groups individually. To. That gender and they learn. But let me let let let me ask you this in due to the Gert does your daughter. Learn skills. That will benefit her she gets out or their skills that your son is learning in the boy scout that she could benefit. Absolutely no different from what I can see him. Whole pima. And thanks in appreciate it. Most true people but it's it's funny no difference and it's I'm guessing it's in different places because you daddy and who's in Kansas City and maybe it's having an in Missouri Girl Scouts northwest or north east odd Kansas Girl Scouts might be do something different. The Overland Park girl's house might be doing something different give troop leaders a lot of leeway in what they wanted to you know because we're alerting people said on both sides. I wish my daughter was learning how to make purses out of duct tape. Or Ian says. My girls are doing just that valuable skills as men and mirrors the boys so I it I'm guessing. And maybe that's an issue to that we're not it's not. Common course the worst in her word I it's not common core Girl Scouts it was consistent right that's the Republicans it's. Not. Jack and sister curriculum across the board and again ask many of you on the tax line are saying why can't a Girl Scouts just changed their curriculum. What scouts is doing mess it is because the could've done it and they didn't want us it's. It's that basically the Girl Scouts to should've seen this coming they do they got a little little more work every minute of the boy scout with the Boy Scouts did something about it. And the Girl Scouts didn't dump it and if you want to call it the Boy Scouts taking advantage and opportunity fine talent to. By 7677. And it got time for two or easier let's go to bill in Kansas City bill your I 981 KM BZ. Hey guys can't get beat up or I don't think the art so late it's just about the great wicket. You know it started earlier you what that why why why the boy got big because you're old and find a way. Now you're already wanted to go ahead Jane they're a curriculum that that the make it work Barrymore re bowl for girls that they neagle out what it. Caller there awhile ago that the weekend that you gonna wanna be a part of an organization in demand that the make changes. I don't follow that at the update. And it ain't stupid don't need a bit quick and it guy Earl yet they're built they're bridge. And the likes not fair you don't like. Organization march in step up and picked beat the girl out. Bill I'm. I'm gonna ask you a question now have you been listening this whole time. Art then you have not heard me say once that they should change the curriculum that. Well. Her name is Jamie and I. I think she she did not see it he did not say Jay and I know she did not my friend she did not say and you can defend yourself I mean you asked you guys about it you know pre under control player she did not say change the curriculum. Yeah. I don't like your I don't know what you're so upset about about what I said you were even clear that it was the woman on the show that senate so Heidi how can you be so sure what came out of my mouth eat your. That there was a caller who said. As long as and I agree with the call as long as the standards stay the same. Then it's totally fine and it won't lose anyway and my response was although no one is the only answer this question for me and and it's a genuine question on. Many people seem to be concerned to some people seem to be concerned. That if you let girls and then the requirements at least it's not going to be as hard. That's the race worry about if you let the girls say that girls can't compete in an art is good at boys as some stopping can't do the same things. And therefore you're gonna change requirements and standards. I didn't make. I didn't take a stay on that the question I asked was before you assume that or have that fear that those standards are gonna change. I need someone who's been through the program to explain to me what are the things that. That boys are doing that you feel like we're gonna have to change the standards on before you jump to the conclusion of oh my gosh we're gonna have to change the standards of black girls and are we really are you just afraid of we tell me without what do boys two and outs that so difficult the girls can't do you think anything needs to get each had no idea because I've never been through the program. I really I was a girl scout I don't know what the requirements are the standards are. My only kind of to that would be. Doesn't that eagle scout rank wisdom for some trustees if you watered down what it takes to get there and you don't want it now of course not because the reason girls want it is because of the proceeds that goes with it. Stockton David KC the final word on 981 KM BZ woods update. While early on her thank you use you to close this out rather. All wrong why weren't you know. It's like you're coaching the you know I've heard last comment that the ownership question won't watch what's wrong. With the forced out that they don't wanna make it changes. And the Girl Scouts don't wanna make changes. My answer is to that. That's really not question. The question is why is it that grow out don't wanna make changes. That should. You know user keep the Girl Scouts in macro. So. Minimal in the morning here. I think that what is that I think what's mentioned here in our constitution. Is what. Cry ever. Oracle I mean. Gender politics that rattled the minutes. That's what the drivers and explosive news in this into that's been going on. In the military it's been going on across our country that's what drivers as well and so I mean that the boy scout were attacked for not you know we're not there. Accepting your a analogy you know how much colonel it is in all sorts this. Chamberlain. A lot to be coming from radical feminism. That really is the drivers behind this that musical if we really if we don't wanna ignore the ultimate program. It can ask a question of dollars. Are given to get the dollar. No are not yet they're. Sorry that I understand that. If you had daughters and they didn't want to be in the girl's got that one in the scored the skills in the Boy Scouts as opposed to making cookies and doing home economics stuff probable that. No I really don't know why. I hit that that's appeasing said this radical is this radical feminism you're talking about. Well. I think I think persecute component that they are secure component of feminism. Just why every movement of equality. In America except everything has its limitations mean girls are girls and boys are boys but I will tell you though I would say that my oldest son. There's a police officer Kyra. Our own and taking he has a hero shoulders. With his news conference. When the police officers they're great police search. No problem I think we we live at dinner time where we realized that it that it grows. Women can do many range. That manner kept all the boy is here are capable of doing winners. You know maybe thirty years ago. That was just not accept it. Agree with that they we're against reg entry should phone call. You can check the story lot of conversation on a FaceBook page you can check it out as well on Twitter KM BZ radio it's mid day with Jamie and wicket. May or slide James is all over Twitter. He's got to be announcement coming up at 3 o'clock we'll tell you what we believe that announcement will be for Kansas City, Missouri coming up next a 981 KM BZ 981 KM BZ mid day with Jamie and waited. So. Earlier today it to the next keyword cash. Earlier today mayor James was mayors like James in Kansas City. Was tweeting out today talking about some kind of big announcement. That there was a going to be made today. It's kinda obvious but still I think it's pretty funny that he tweeted out. Shot of him at his desk and around him are a bunch of packages. That obviously delivered by Amazon and he said I've on this picture with a caption I've been busy online shopping. Find out why today at 3 PM and then later on about an hour ago here's what those Giffords yet they still don't get it right. Box is going up and boxes coming down there's mayor James sit there at his desk saying it's it's almost prime time yeah. It's pretty obvious what's gonna happen at 3 o'clock. This announcement and I think what's gonna happen you're having you and I both agree Kansas City will officially throw their hat into the ring. To get the second headquarters. For Amazon was right now based at a Seattle. Active pays those announced recently that Mraz I was exploring locations every second headquarters. Every city wants. Every city would love to have second headquarters for Amazon and cities are a maker lets you you you get that in here it's 50000 jobs or whatever it is it's good paying jobs. To grow exponentially over the years. If you get an Amazon headquarters there's a better chance that you get the rounds like inducing aid deliveries theirs you get a bigger district. And we party got a few distribution centers here so any city with the distribution centers gonna say. Like tax money the game people moving here the city grows a mean. But tax incentives and packages and that kind of stuff go go with I don't get it for free. If you gonna have to pay to get to get Amazon now and to me. With that the rise in Internet shopping and the fact that we don't go to balls anymore and we don't go to stores anymore. It would seem to meet this is betraying you won again on. You you really wanna get on this train for sure I think it would be freaking sweet. And I don't know too many people that would disagree. But I think you'll be pretty sweet. If Amazon picked Kansas City they're on the West Coast my opinion is that once something. In the middle the country or on the East Coast. My guess is they want whoever's going to give them most of located there regardless of record I get that you know I do is gonna put about put together. The most tax breaks in the biggest and sons and zen and everything they would want to put it there I think Kansas city's got a shot. I do and I NN the reason I do is. They got Google fight every year before anybody else they Luna. They were the words I ever year it's turned out to be up. For our people but that stalled for awhile on and it doesn't and as as happened fool proof but out that was. That was something you know we're becoming a bigger tech city where attracting a younger workforce here. When you party got the distribution centers that helps that means that Amazon's RDS and experience working with Kansas City but every city's gonna pull out everything they've got to try to get it right and other cities have stuff that we have to. Sound good house and we've got a spot smack dab in the middle of the country. That as quick access to Chicago Saint Louis all of Texas not two not too tough to get over the East Coast. I'd I think they got a decent shot here in Kansas City to get Amazon. I don't know what's most important that. If there are looking acts and I don't. Are are they looking at workforce issues like what's the workforce capable of doing. What kind of workforce does is that we don't know what work is going to be done at that second headquarters like are they gonna separate some of the war between. Seattle in the second place and so do you want more sales people in one dual core customer service and you know I don't know how they're gonna divide that some. That something that may be looking and in case. You're looking at the education or your workforce there or at least the potential to educate. And it's and work a bigger tax of eight and we cover band so and given that that's a big need right now maybe that helps us out. And maybe other cities have got work on at a time and I don't mean to be. I I'm just Devi an outer team I I think your being mr. bubbles and sometimes I always sunshine and rainbows that a reality in the next here. On Syria the announcement is planned for 3 o'clock this afternoon we assume that's what it is that would make any official bid but yes. It would it would be neat to get here obviously. An and in just think about what it would mean if the match announcement was made. And I would love it. Pattern over governor gray and his right nice he was rock climbing today we pictures today I hit it. I did rock climbing and was joking about challenging governor Brownback to rock climbing. Yeah they're yeah that's horrible terrorists pasty thighs slightly cool if there's no match. With all due respect to governor Sam Brownback was a friend this program has been on his radio station at the studio before. He wouldn't have a chance in hell to beat a former. Military man toppled wall. There is no chance and now. The thing that he's rock climbing today. Governor brightens I don't why is so I don't know but one more note on cubicles he would get bipartisan support. You know you you've got mayor James who claims to be an independent. And then you've got out of the Republican governor you'll be cool to get everybody on board. And Howland new airport look at shiny new toy for Amazon wouldn't hurt would be kinda neat and not hurt we get to airports for Amazon right into our ports.