The Boy Scouts of America make a unanimous decision to allow girls into the organization.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, October 11th

The BSA takes the B out.....  


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Listening to the date and parks podcast. It was only until about 11 o'clock is like OK. It's so powerful and the writing is so little raw. It eczema and. Makes you feel like Q are there. And I cannot wait talked to them about it I know he wrote it 1990 and that's kind of I am way late to this part. And a friend of mine is currently two portrait of his teacher reached out. On FaceBook last night and said I've been teaching this book. 425. Years it is one of the most important. Works in American literature. Please can I comes here showed mar. Just a classic tomorrow. Yes Kelly was told me that things they carried. Which is the name of the book but it also plays into apparently. And I haven't read. It's literally what your carry what you carry what's important to use that you carry in to war I would argue what they carried coming out of the war yet. Emotional baggage gets opened back up. But Kelly was only one guy carries like marijuana. Don't anxiety via another guy carries pictures of his girlfriend yeah in fact watches a guy go to the restroom. And get his head blown off. Because he's too busy thinking about his girlfriend he he lost guests and then to guilt you carry for looking down at that photo. Why your friend players at this time. It it is. One of the Hearst thinks I'm gonna ask him and anyone who's read that and we'll tell you the book messes with your mind because you're so. Sure war. It is real. And I you've read historical fiction I do Scott and I know when I read the parents architect of the nightingale. You know those are characters and you know that it's not real and it sucks UN and those are great books. But you know that it's not real. I cannot. Convince myself. That this book was not real. It messes with your head you're so sure. Everything is real well but that's that's I think we need to ask him how how many of these people in the book. Are real he will tell you the answer is not and I I don't believe them I don't believe him atonement was it's hard. I have never read a book where you're so certain. That these things happen to these people. And then I I Google it afterwards. And I was all depressed and we're way that these are not people. But are they. I am right now I can't wait to talk to him about it he dedicated the book you won't you want them to be real you'd want them to be real. Listen to this on the very first Alan page the book is lovingly data I stop. Yes thank you the keyword is coach. CO a CH coach. I'm Texan in the 72881. Coach. 72 aided. The book is lovingly dedicated to the men of alpha company and in particular. To Jimmy cross Norman Bowker wrapped tightly Mitchell's Sanders Henry dobbins and Iowa. Those amend it appeared these pages. Those men. Are mentioned in the very beginning this book is dedicated to these meant. Attack was ruled that don't exist. Now I'm not sure I hit. Let me tackle this real quick and this will be the last thing I say about it and then I just wanna move on from because I got a lot of this yesterday. Scott need I remind you made fun of him last week when Dana brought about you suck. That is actually one of the nicer Tex we've got in regards that when Dana first brought this book problem you beaver clear with my run do not locked. And she said this was historical fiction about Vietnam I said something a little Sparky. A bow not liking to read historical fiction by people who had not been there. And time I was very quickly reminded on the text and that Tim O'Brien was in fact a Vietnam War veteran who. Now text her 8207. You're welcome to tell me that I sought your welcome to criticize me I am not above a good criticism. However when you do criticized me I would appreciate if you recognize when I admit. A fault and a mistake. Which I did. And I apologized. I I would have never heard of him had it not been for. When I read on Amazon I read a lot of historical fiction and Amazon will suggest. Books for years. And it suggested this one and I thought of it more special on PBS is going on sir I'm an a by. It comes in the mail I start reading it and then I see that it just so happens to be. They Kansas City public libraries choice. For everyone to be reading right now all across the match. Everyone is reading a spot up the book in my car I gotta go get it is Kelly wants an autograph absolutely. I. Listen. Think you fifties 7570 use Sox got okay. Listen I am having not know anything about this book I went and put my foot in my mouth you. Okay. Upon learning that this man served in Vietnam. He immediately gained my respect. And Dana would you confirm I apologize. Digit and said I was. OK and we cannot wait to meet so let's move law. OK Tim O'Brien will be joining us in studio and the 4 o'clock hour I was wrong. You need to hear it again. And Hank. I will we give back the boy scouts of America. 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Borough. There there there was at you as Kansas and this team I was. Sixteen. I think. Look at those eyebrows I had the full on. Breezy channels as a team on this one or. Yes. That was laid on the keyboard in my office just. Who would do that settlement did you do that do them. Some. He'll decide. Which I would loved him in the opener. Mantle. As Brian. Is thorough. It's one wax my colts. Little waxing is your friend were open where you Kansas missed team there. Teens encouraging excellence nationally yes sir you were Kansas this team now it was miss teen Kansas is like. Below that it was like the Al go to the Kmart yeah. Who is good target. Well there were fifty of us and Texas one that your socking I now. See her pick it. Did you ever go did you ever to people like miss Kansas Allah you didn't want it now I did it once it was fun Erica. I CNN the boy scouts of America board of directors has unanimously agreed to welcome. We start this sentence all over again. I have let me clear my throat. The boy scouts of America board of directors. Has unanimously. Agreed to welcomed girls. Into the cub scout program and to forge a path for older girls to pursue an earned the highest rank of eagle scouts. And the organization announced today quoting here from the boy scouts of America in a statement and I know. The boy scouts of bird. Prominent group here in Kansas City. They were the sporting KC game a couple of weekends ago. Four full disclosure I was a boy scout my dad was an eagle scout I was a life scout which is to say I couldn't make eagle. I was one ranked below eagle. I'm according here from the Boy Scouts the historic decision comes after years. Of receiving requests from families and from girls. The organization of valuing the results of numerous research efforts. Dating input from current members and from leaders as parents and girls. Who never been involved in scouting understand how to offer families an important additional choice. In meeting the character development needs oval of our children. Now I should point now. That the United States is in rare company here when I was in the Boy Scouts in Europe. We would go on were called. It. Absolutely horrifying the guy is actually kind of a I remember one jamboree was held outside of Copenhagen Denmark. And their worst scouts from all over the world from Sweden well and and refrains from all over Europe. From the United States from Canada from Sweden from Norway from Denmark Germany. Spain Italy you name it they were there. We were the only scouts. That were exclusive to boys there were girls. Of okay so around the world around it's girls gamble and that is correct it is scout. It's not Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts it's just scouting. And we would go to to try to meet. Girls out try to meet. Others doubt Susan we would go to some of the other camps and and I remember for years I had a Norwegian. Norwegian flag. But I got from the Norwegian scouts. And here comes all these American boys. Look like a bunch of weirdos sex act. Walking into their camp weather's boys and girls. Can't you following a fall and then we would go to the next camp to say hi and here's the Danish and and there's boys and girls there are there cooking pancakes and there have been a good time at the age ember re learn about it and everything. We go to the next camp and it was boys and girls then we would go to art camp. I mobile. Its assaults that part. While sausage. The boy scouts of America have announced today they will include. Girls now. We wonder why adolescent boys have troubles talking to young girls I. Roland is in the Boy Scouts is and he is either cub scout actually are you OK with girls gone on the camping trips. It's it really doesn't bother me what I don't really care one way or the other that it acute wouldn't Celtic and not care. No and and a lot of times we go to camp outs. A lot of the others like if if somebody has siblings. The whole friendly guy and and by the way when I was at the sporting game a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed how many women. Boy scout. Leaders there war and women in their thirties and forties yet. Dressed up in the garb and they news on the shoulder said you don't troop leader or write whatever. Our armed ten leader is is the woman. Oh. And here's the thing with the Girl Scouts and heal my it was in the Girl Scouts for just a little while probably. 23 years and we did the Girl Scout Cookies go door to door kind of thing. I'm never really. Understood. What the point of the Girl Scouts was maybe they just lack the direction that the Boy Scouts have. May be there or are at the corporate level you mean no even at the troop. I never got this impression. That my his job as a girl scout was to do anything more than good one meeting a month now and sell cookies. That was it. There was no rank. Or at least didn't met maybe I didn't understand properly he didn't appear to me that there was any rank I mean one. Things and maybe this is part of growing up military. What are the things it always appealed to me about the Boy Scouts was that there was rank. You know tender foot rise second class first class star life eagle. I still remember all. And I must create it'll scout I was literally to merit badges away I don't wanna talk I don't act. My dad and I quitter ads that you make the the no I got a quarter match. The look on my dad's face. Oh my god Dana. When I told my day because at I was sixteen years old we'd just come back from Europe we were level or what could more and it wasn't cool year. And I remember the day I told my dad was kidnapped scouts. And he looked meaning it was almost on your gonna regret that. And I sedan and get that scouts. And he has got years to merit badges away. You can do this I said dad I was so worried about my rat you. Answered network yeah. I was so worried about my reputation. Yeah. And the way these kids would see me and Lance. That I gave it up. Dale let me tell you something right. I wish. At 46 years. And maybe it would have been her back then what is it I wish I could look EU right now and tell you Dana. I'm an eagle scout camp but I'm not I'm acquit. I quit because of my wreck you stink when station x.s you war. Act the finish line poll you work. It slot so close. So close and I quit. I hate myself inside port. And you know what you know what I have in my room. I have in a what are they called it goal boxes guy's shadow box channel marks. Right next to my light and it reminds me of this every day. I have a shadow box personal shadow box Hispanic. With my dad's got in country medal and his eagle scout. Because until you get eagle scout you just get each. I don't have them. Remind myself every day when I walk out of my room and turn off my life I'm equator yeah and I did not. 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I'm staff meteorologist on different era more Katie NBC weather. Right now 59 downtown it is 65 in grand view in 63. At your severe weather station. I'm will stare at stake connected with news in 981 KM BZ and K and these eight. Come. There's news. He writes story arcs are quick to add five merit badges left. I'm poison scouts now and I am mad at myself. Haven't we all quit something that you look back and wish when you were younger and union nothing. That you wish you would finished how many of listening right now are a few credits short of your master's degree. And and you got married. And the new had a couple kids and net thesis is hanging over your head it's one paper leave you with your brief while you got a great job category and needed that French class I went back the grudgingly and did it. Because I knew it would bother me every day for the rest of my life but how many people listening are. This close to some thing and they table I wish I'd never quit playing piano. I was like you go home and sit down and make beautiful music out of that thing that is a piece of furniture that sits unused in my TV. I've really stupid question there's no like. Ged for scouting is there a great question entertainer. I cannot go back and I would love to see you go back in apparent. Tight short flat panel khaki pants with the next chief just this. Meeting be like. Oh. Here's here's Michael's got that dude is. Thirty years. Mirror. Do like a cape at a forward or you're out. You are. Oh. I wish they would let you go back and finish it got that service projects that would build a bridge over creek I swear by god and you know I one of my closest friends sons. Is just finishing up eagle scout and she said to him get it done. You have one year has won here does not a true. Here in Kansas radio give me an honorary. Co topic is at the same thing now. And if you're asking for is that I saw all almost back I sort of got. I will I will save an honor I will I will do everything you can I I was just reading on that. You have to complete eagle by eighteen here or otherwise the only thing you can do is you could. Volunteer some time and do some scouting you know scout. He'd become a leader on Kate. And and kind of redeem herself but you still don't get the bags. There is the spirit of the eagle I am learning it is an honorary. OK so here he's all of the yen translation you're a quitter as head yeah but you came back when you wise and adopt a now that America has created dispirited eagle award as a oh wait it's posthumous. You always right. Yeah. Right for registered youth member. Lost their lives illness or acts not okay. So will revisit that since operating nevermind we're gonna punt on that so you're saying there's change. John enlarge the sign. Any and a nice one let me show Douglas. I'm out here and would cut me and I just I was listening to radio. You know and just had to call that there you know one month old son and my middle son word import scouts. And my middle son or my old sort of lower Weathers were my middle son was going forward eagle scout and even on the court. I've ever and I know you don't know me but it I've known you for a minute you know just by listening to show Arnold here quarters there but that's my comment. You know if you decided you'd think if you wanna be your quarter there's a way to which earnest around. And you know. I know you won't be able to future Europe marriage for being an eagle scout being. The age you are now that's fine you don't want there is always a major ship. You know there's been a Big Brother helped some of these other boys and girls. Should take it step further and not be headquarters you don't plan. In. Other words don't be a loser like Clarkson did. Well I'll be urine sample. You're not a loser step up to the plate and be a big brother and helped some of these other boards that do wanna quit. Think you know on a Bender Darman yet I don't wanna quit you don't wanna quit because. Take lied if you got eagle scout on your rhythm in me. Oh my gosh. The doors that they opened man on Tony right now for rail yes yes yes you put it you aren't Eagles got you put that Ramirez. It opens doors now Scott you're not tooled become a training okay. Also true thank you zero money for accurate. Thomas in Kansas City hello Thomas. I I absolutely love your show. And there is program that the cap actually. It's called venture group and I just put it up today and both girls and boys enjoying. And the girl can actually attain the rank of eagle. Though I don't know I don't know why they're having. Jim joined the boy out. They GO way to generate repeat. And is well what is called adventure crew are venturing crew. Venture venture crew. Yeah I've never heard this before. Believe it lawyers who recently made. But I it is the way for both girls. And boy that you co mingle and yet there eagle at the end. By the way for just sitting in the boy scouts of America announced today. That they will admit girls. It is no longer going to be the DSA but rather the SE. Somebody says Scott. You can win an award from the NAACP. You can easily get an honorary eagle scout award we'll look at just bought them. Org who all to dub entry into what would promote. Improvement you divert our didn't appeal to me. I it. Well the ball higher home and so you'll honorary eagle can get one. The eagle scout yeah who just walked into the room yeah dance or did you just no. Doubt of course he came out of the well tying knots and helping people across the street. Yeah that you came out. That's his own bridges between peoples. That's 8%. Sea otter what was your project or projects. It eagle scout committees. At your. R.'s. Wells I created a camping program for overnight you know. Camping trip for the a young adults special needs. Community all. So it took outs camping did the whole thing in the and its service projects around their facilities at nominal. Treatment Woodson. And it's our what he says dollars. Come on Pulitzer. This and that get so I didn't suit up as well we wrote to. An honest I've done. Politically cabs yeah. Major percentage of mismanagement. Yes we did O line you know it's I've I'd. There an amazing little clip I seen that the like all of America. I want to enter an amazing creatures that don't adds this oh what now you're not looking hard and expect. As well we tell the young ones who don't want to come back with snipes in their back just not looking hard enough. To venture venture scouting program. Is a program for teens. And it's coed it's open to boys and girls and it's. It runs parallel if you will to the scouting prog tank. And you know scouting is boys from 1118. Approximately eight. And and events are I think it's who cares she's angling get the portal and its one you know on an annual that's right it does go to 21 that was was not founded until nineteen. I NBA right relatively can hire Ken I'm not at the moment. No let's let's go back and check the take note. So as art but you could. I'm against you order of the year to. Yeah so those guys. And I'm also in the the trouble makers say which is only around here drug makers say. Who the hell's make it's it's the honor camping program held here that Bartel the social. Three ways and there aren't. Com or seven ways there. I care. Three ways doesn't do me any justice. I. But it's amendments and earlier Allen is an even earlier today. Something about dole girls can get an eagle scout venture and I'm pretty sure that that is nuts available that rank they do have their own rank. System and ward system. Rewards is the popular something. Like blue bird I was just looking at Ellis and involvement of the Cayman long after it was all of course but they had their own rank and enhancement insight manager. But I don't believe Eagles is that. For the girls are all right yet not yet to be an eagle. Eat. I thrill I think if the other organizations around the world have always been co head to open this up to vote I think is a great. Great idea what's nice do is now it's going to be interesting is that you have the other organization completely separate organizations the girl scouts of America. And what happened that. I will. Pan am and quite frankly at the show. I don't know what the Girl Scouts do there's no right. Did you sell cookies. And dune like crafts. My. Guy yeah I I know a lot of little girls and I would count mine among them who would rather be out in the woods. Catch and Bronx for real ironic and intra personal absolutely. It's Mike's do exist. 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That's Terry's dot com code word parks. Will sign him. And Boy Scouts is now allowing girls into. Is it true this was a unanimous decision to its board wants another area. You know it says to me says two things number one I think girl scouts of become irrelevant. Our girls usually out of the girl's scouts by a 1213 fourteen of the latest. Problem. Boy Scouts is I've been struggling a little bit. And there is this idea of let's just get to a more inclusive society. And a promise. Scouting in Europe has been boys and girls together. I am. Since I was there in the eighties. I mean her a lot of funny stuff going on back communities now maybe I was just to sleep and not paying attention I am annoyed. So want. I jury awards hello jury it's scary ordeal. And it beyond that out all right what are you guys are wonderful. Hey I I love you OK when I went girl out. IE and may pampering Scott currently they used to. It was brownie. Open junior senior. I can't remember that something. I earned every bad that I could get pill habit they'll have the master very proud of it. Go forward if you read how my older son who is now nineteen is also an eagle scout. Here's my point. What I don't think any of us are talking about is the leader them now. Idea. What I went through everything. That. My son I went camping I shot arrows I would say it may I. I hit all those things in addition to. Selling cookie. And so I can you let IR. At a girl scout but that's not something that I mean that that was the topic is about. It distresses me that. That we haven't looked at the leaders. Of the group because it might leader. When I went to school or leader I guess I should say made it such that I did the acting thing. Seoul. I don't know what that except where they need to turn it toward the leader and figure out or or even as standard and say you know because eagle scout is. Hard. Why get in it and and and he is very proud of it and I mean it back RT yet. People are on him because as much that he didn't want to it as much as bad you know we got it. Man and I think it as much as to what it but. I think we are looking at the leader. David noble part you get the last word for you and Soledad if. Okay outburst they use I. It looked. In the war eagle and two later. Before you can qualify to get your eagle project. On the ball. So much and you're not gonna. That's just it is but he. An adult leader. In Iran. I didn't or. At least in a couple of meetings a week. I'd I'd and their tour. Multiple illegal. A mentor and given me by at least for Eagles. And have taught me helped them through their career it equals out and key until it out of the problem with my Norton and broke out. Even without a little hard. It was a Coker and accelerated. And help them learn to do and it's like this out so I don't market that's definitely. He cannot. That girl can hit it out if you sit yet so they're gonna start now and kept up next year they can. 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