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Tuesday, April 24th



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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Yeah sounds good to write you Walker's. Like a chewing for instance are at ten clicking when it I don't want the drives are. They have. And. You might have miso Omnia I at least so phoney out in their recently recognized condition. It causes those who habits red with anger irritation stress or violent rage Scott's. To certain trigger sounds Scott and sort of baloney. Scott has won and it's so weird it's bubble wrap. You hate problem it's the sound of bubble wrap opting like. Hated hated the picture I I thought you treasury notes. Bubble wrap yes I for whatever reason when I hear people popping those bubbles. It drives me nuts. Knees so let's these Estonia so am ISO PH oh and I and okay nails on chalkboard for most people that gap even thinking about that makes me go I can't handle. You pencils on teeth but can you rate your fork through YouTube or not. We can't lose it it's a disorder where people have abnormally strong and negative reactions to ordinary sounds that humans make. Like chewing or. Breathing. Typing. Says breathing. It's spring hang. You know it has pretty things and tiger. Like that weighs. Oh. Listen to this a person's reaction can be so powerful. It interferes with their ability to live life normally. Sep first say it's like being punched in the stomach or repeatedly stung by bees. Outcome always smelled like that I just like adapt. But it's because I don't think you really have Meese a phony about it and more than Dana does what what's yours than me breathing. Now it's not that it's this new thing you're doing. It's your doing you know why. It just started don't tell me you haven't heard it. And that her camera. Meant to listen for now. We had someone call in about it it was their grievance on fest was Friday a couple of weeks ago. And when she said it I was like I know exactly what you're talking about and it's knew it was that the day I was girl now. You hear. I am sorry my breathing by others. Now now I don't wanna pointed out because they have a thing about it but the next time you could I'll say I'll have brought back it up seeking here. No what is giving you did it once or Saturday and I looked at the clock is I thought to myself I'm gonna pull it up later so you can hear. Can you describe the sound. And look he described this announcer. It's when you're talking. And in the middle of talking it sounds like as you take a breath or to snort. Like liking not a store what's the word fort Kara like you're clearing a one and yes yes. And I don't know witnessed it when it now that this person and I pointed it out I can't stop hearing it too. It's so weird. Studies have identified the following responses to me so phony. Irritation turning to anger. Disgust turning to anger. Becoming verbally aggressive to the person making the noise. Getting physically aggressive with objects because of the noise. Physically lashing out at the person making the noise. But it. Or listen carrot taking evasive action around people making the noise. Yorkers. And get a break the sound. Eating sounds. Affect 81% of those studies so terra people biting on the four or chatting loudly. Lash out breathing or knows it sounds. 64%. While. And then finally finger or hand sounds. Like cracking knuckle and it knuckles. You freaks me out more now is the next cracking. It don't do out right. And I tell you something. You know me well I'm going to use and you later on. I notice lately yes and I think it has to do with the fact you're bringing in Starbucks and I vote yes. That when you read commercials sometimes uber. Yeah have I have noticed it twice today and I noticed that once I'm Thursday of last week. Where Europe the middle of a commercial and you use squelch a Burr. I'd say yes I squelch it I turn my my top would know where I might as well where you don't just go. But you all you like you've forced down or. I've heard it three times in the last three days on the year. Sooner we're being honest with the job is there here on air or is there anything you would like to share that odd issue on the Asia. If you're like this be opening up a can of worms and liberty. Or emotionally. You know what tomorrow morning I'm meeting with saint Margaret I'm fifteen. We're having it get it on the table meeting. And wait why you think it on the cousins and apparently were annoying each other and so we're having yeah we're having her come to Jesus is going on your read I don't know yet. I'll tell you later. Or morning having a come to Jesus meeting with each other human in my pot no I think she's annoyed with me and I think it has a lot to do with your shoes under a lot of stress of the brother Don and everything. But we we have an argument on Saturday or Sunday. And tomorrow we're meeting her house are gonna have a will come to Jesus character and we know what is you know you've got and you want us how. Steps to do you know. I'm an honors mortar she's an honor bumper what are you. I know it's something and she's just not saying it because she's right we're going to be Matt I'd be mad that. You sound a little you sound like it or not. Not. Now so I didn't ask pride. I just wanna say that I level of you very much in line glad that we're all here together. What is that Kara do it now know do it I know our students he's not saying that she SA all. My name is Paul as we know. And this don't stop. Shoes. Put on the table right now. Baby's coming now put it on. What are you got. No listen to our voice out goes up and using. Higher. People's voices go up in octaves there line. I'm. Tomorrow for a blast is gonna start. Secretly hates both of us and gene does not pump and on secrets is the it is complete. Player. You can. What are you. Don't swear on. Dues swearing Shirley. Where I'm really glad they did you not have any. It's OK while you're talking about that normally go this just popped up on my face a salute to guess what's right Pope will be it is. Tree. With a Y sprite. Here's three popes. It. I think it's a fierce threesome Knoll. It's a condition. Where a person experiences. A year or a version. Two clusters of small holes. Right but it just popped up over so. You're pregnant. You're right come from the tax. And there's something you don't tell all that's what it and of course begins that would make the most sense. Are you asking about. And. Here clusters holes. A Swiss cheese scares the crap out of me. We're all. Let's. See that. Maybe. She's diverted. Wrongly unions like it hurts my heart and burden of what triggers Trisha about it and I don't and and I guess what triggers it sponge is coral. Honeycomb. Besides. Seed pods. Pomegranate it's. And clusters of eyes as found in in sex you missing the lead here. Staring at hate is not pregnant and you know she's but I remember this state where it was today. Tuesday April 24 remember that because it comes back but she was dying laughing now wait a minute. What happened and what happened on December 3 2016. Kara marks ago. I did not drink it heinous party. There was more to that story and Scott noticed. And what did I say be. Are you pregnant that's right yeah. She said Nell Nell she was lying. Eyes yeah. I know we are currently the brain that is very true just like her marks late. Writer for Volkswagen of Lee's summit I'm driving all over Kansas City today in the bats T go on with. And panoramic sunroof today's the day for the long panoramic sunroof on me just I it's fabulous. I need to head into Volkswagen of Lee's summit they're over stocks right now they have tons of red hot deals. You can actually save up to 8000 dollars on a new car there. 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Are you pregnant why are you asking me about. And all. Speaks. The family of David and cards is about to get today there. I'm not quite ready to make the announcement that. Though. I. I'm so happy he literally went to the doctor today and got to hear the heartbeat conferred. We are having second maybe he regrets. Here's what happens off the air Scott. Presses the button to talk to carry their because you'll get in here right now. And at this point we still have no idea and it is like. Leave her I don't leave her alone so she doesn't come here and Scotland's only god now I feel like she's not coming in here. Badgering her I don't think she's pregnant I don't know. Can her Pulitzer in here. In my defense and I are all eyes look I said listen if you are pregnant. And of our soldiers sorry but just tell me and I won't say another word. But if you're not let me know and keep the joke going. And Carroll looks NGOs. And we just went crazy. To which you shouted. I. But tonight not say if you if you did you did you are coming out don't wanna I signals may never talk about it again I am so sorry and she. She came interface was a little red she goes. What can tell you that we didn't repeat sooner things great I. Graduation and camp the most bizarre it. Announces. It is I had this old thing going to be planned out it was going to be adorable. Just like the last time writing did you guys don't like five minutes. Got a new addition to the data are again it was this excellent well. We were trying to get her to say what annoys you about us now. Bachelor's. Match ever to make understands our troops fight. Hey I think I mean this would all sincerity. In Vegas that was about a year and a half two years ago. Do you and all I am thrilled. Congratulations. It's fantastic thank you think we are so we are over the moon and I know you already are yep it's fantastic. So do we supplement apple picker balls are more important call me. It's. A rock sperm. Swim team captain are you to find out yeah Alia. Am waiting to not do that again and don't know he's so happy for you and yeah I am not expecting this today I wasn't. If you're pregnant. I. Or come from potential. And that there's something you don't want to tell all that sweaters and of course begins that would make the most sense. Are you pregnant and why are you asking about and she's the only. She wants to kill you make about this. The newsroom caramel parent emergency crews called out to Casey I'll tell you why next. Man spring is here if you and your family's outlook and Fred got a gorgeous on retirement community you an aging parent. Really go check out right now silver crest at deer creek in south problem park. Or silver crest at college view they have a month to month apartment homes. Available now and here's the deal I mentioned spring they have gorgeous wooded views there. And they have 24/7 ons like security. All the amenities of today's modern. Retirement communities. Three meals a day housekeeping if you want it. And travel in the heart of beautiful southern oval park staff members out there have been their for 1020 years. One and two bedroom apartments are available now. For anyone over the age of 55 and they have traditional assisted living services to you need that. Check out some repressed it deer creek and silver crest college if you ask any resident and I'll tell you we wish we would have done this years ago. Silver crest at deer creek and silver crest college view and active retirement community. Invites you to take a 913681110161. Outlet I don't want summer cress love the way you let. I thirty suing Kansas City from McCain MB easy newsroom I'm Kara marks are. Emergency crews called out to TCI this afternoon after a woman died and it'll have an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle. Going to Kansas City the flight landed at TCI emergency crews are on scene the moment pronounced dead after the plane land and a 25 year old Canadian man accused of mowing down pedestrians with a band in northern Toronto. Has been charged with ten counts of first degree murder and several counts of attempted murder. Yet a court appearance today ABC's caricature ski in Toronto reports authorities are still trying to pin down a motive but they don't think there was a connection to national security. There's been no talk about raising Canada's version of the terror alert level but we know the police are making adjustments they did so for the Stanley Cup playoff game. That was here the night of the attack involving the Maple Leafs and the Bruins still do it again for an NBA playoff game that's going on tonight. And the police chief said he would make adjustments as needed to make sure people feel safe. We'll check traffic and weather together and axed. 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Dazzle increased with cloud cover throughout the evening hours and chances of rain moving in from northwest. Closer to the Kansas he metro ETA as early as 10 o'clock we'll see those temperatures fall through the sixties down to about 49 degrees by tomorrow morning. Take the rain gear most of the day off and on showers a possibility 80% chances when thinking but not all day purse say high temperature sixty degrees but be prepared for showers in and out of your morning. And your afternoon to. From channel lineup for Shiller chief meteorologist Brian Bosnia KM BZ whether. Right now is 75 degrees a case CI 76 down to 76 at your social weather station. Ball. For the for the times that I've been listening to your show cares announcement has just made me smile the most in rush hour traffic. Now when I'm home I say congratulations and thank you for sharing your happy news with a all of us. Shame on you Scott because. You force her to tell the news on the air. Now while I was gonna tell on the air eventually just today I had no not necessarily at times but before. I. Who wooed can graduation skid mark served. I did not notice you're drinking Saturday that's I didn't I was the first thing and noticed that I don't know him. As he's a truth hunter. Hundreds through I don't know you can't hunt for if it is to find its finder and truth the truth so it's just truth out there. A major trade journal trick up their and so I have to go out there and find a hard and so when I find it hunt didn't seek Muster kilt. Thanks those that true. Journalist yeah. Are you want IBI I'm I'm not match you know and I love. That they're gonna be so close and it love love you love that how old is Charlie and he's going to be nine months next week. It we were not planning this Irish twins hope I don't when you're not just the slow stop play and you're like I hope all of the crime. So you're not supposed to be able to have that happen when your breastfeeding right that is why. The life life life. Are you going to look. Just like Kate Middleton seven hours deliberately knots and you see that going around the Internet Scott. When she came hospital she is seven hours post birth. And she looks like she's getting ready for a and I know she's got someone that's blown out hair and got a thousand people take care to listen. Let's be honest anyone who's been down that road even with someone doing your make up there are no one looks that good now no one. And we were talking in the newsroom here and I oddly enough about that baby and giving birth today. And she did not spills the beans to me and someone had posted something. As a joke regarding this Kate Middleton baby. And we can't read it on the air it is so now it's hold areas funny. We cannot read on the air I'm gonna try. They keep your finger on the dot but because as couple words like the first or carries and I cannot say on the air no I wouldn't know what's the first word. It starts with whisker and I won't say the second part. Here it is. It. And here she is for the third time stunning. All smiles. With her royal whisker. Just adult channel a eight hours after a watermelon princess Kate is in full hair and make outstanding precariously in high heels in front of the hospital. Hoping her. Story that doesn't slip confidence. And rent. Once again I'm in all of her composure because after my third. I can do little more than one adults that. And occasionally spritz the injured area with a numbing solution amid gasps of pain. I certainly did not drag my fat to steer well and shot past nannies to present. Oral. I grinned charmingly for an army of cameras. Blank that noise ivory billed and looses parent already stands what fans I could find. It's not that new baby and I witnessed as the after pains ravaged by shrinking reproductive organs. Congratulations to the royal couple and their beautiful new. Bullet for a all prints and of course the royal blank that the whisker. There. If you wanna look it up you say the second word I am not saying at about the royal blank. Also hole. She looks I would stunning it's not. Bears idea obviously not that not technical and they're talking about the prince's let's just. Have a hot. And our region of her royal body please. She's cool rod did you take and is not a loyal dog I think what's funny is most women and is in 99.9 999% women look at them on those steps and were also happy they had this baby. That you remember what you looked like even getting out of bed this morning and it's just. I think she just gave birth seven hours before the capitalistic. No I don't remember Kerry that the mesh underwear they via the fake mesh underwear and you're like even entirely sure I can stand up straight at the moment and it looks fab night lights were still. Mountains why give the guys that measure underpants it's not now because. If you have anything that's like. They're trying to keep it in Houston. Are now is trying to maintain the ass. Is someone else and it is that care remember nurse comes in and says you know you need to pass gas we need to have that happen. You know that someone has to tell. Kate Middleton right she needs to fart yeah like it's just Albert I don't care or princess. Or if you're at KU man I don't say it ain't that. And that the fact that someone has to go in to eat this beautiful lovely. Prince William's wife and say. Yup we cannot let you out of the hospital so far. Why and why you need to fork because they wanna make sure I. You're sure hurts doesn't and it probably smells like flowers I just say. They want you to do certain things. Well it's you and I stopped short at C a step at a. Insert an accurate and tell you if our our royal Ann lovely you know ladies welcome yeah. Yes they come in and they say we DJ one actually that you're lower intestines and all that stuff is working ending. Because after the epidural. At all stops. Can he can he either wants to do that. That's my eagerness is like an alien and our differences and if that's an athlete and I'm not. A. May the. Why does everyone at and amp. We're here. Front page of the Wall Street Journal but Wall Street Journal. A newspaper I consider to be like the newspaper newspapers. They have a news story about the road maybe yes. Because everybody I'm honest and I'm not trying to be like a curmudgeon or anything I just don't really care. It was the first thing I said to care when I walked in yesterday. And the first thing I said to her when I walked in today yesterday I said oh my lady today I walked in and said oh my gosh did you see the photo. Of Kate Middleton seven hours post star ups looking like we're getting ready for GQ is that because you are excited as you were jealous yeah. I just think it's home lit areas that she looks soul. Good. After baby number theory I mean her peers even mundane it's beautiful she looks stunning and skinny like I'm sure she'll Wear the same pants. Around today that its war before she writes adding she's just what are. Happy for you Madden oh I'm so happy for them I load another world maybe it makes me very happy as rob I love and sirens royals and he's. And no. No it's a big deal no it's not makes has no bearing on my wife lets you remember the mess underwear that tab at the had to Wear after she gave birth they give you these like. It's mess it's mash under I don't know how else to describe it looks like fishing net other their little better now. Dan well I guess it's via at eleven years. You don't get to wait and what does it look like and boy shorts. And their Maurer. Like pantyhose material like boxer briefs and. I have no idea what happened that that was not in my business. Now you're the tone tablets and former. No I don't remember that you that was not my business. Owner. Well we're thrilled for you think you smudges and it was a stunt doubles that that really wasn't case to the fact that she's still in fact going to get. So the baby's due in six months. November or it's way too early to know whether it's a border correct what we are gonna find out there or go. Will serve it's gonna come and play Jim and they're not normal and he wants it that pistols during at. Have a little bit of time. Well we're thrilled for you and congratulations to you obviously I can graduation when you get home to poll and tell him. We need to own and and then I'll be like onion to go back to listen our classes got to make its eighth. Are you. Have you not told anybody know our Amazon okay so everybody knows yeah that was a surprise like the why do you children. I was going to tell you guys kind of in similar fashion I told you last time. Men but I hadn't quite hear Allen's India. There again so. Now I don't learn about that that this is an. God in a right here with good for the programs are Woodbury and low cost life insurance that is one of the things I wanna talk about today the low cost you would not the leaked. How affordable it can be to adequately protect your family Stewart. Absolutely and these are real quick congratulations to terror Paul that's terrific news and talk about light. Cycle of debt that I call. When we look at life insurance in your 100% right it's silly to expect it about the 45 year old male that's a nonsmoker otherwise in good health. Can get 81000002. Year term policy for less than twenty dollars from a by the lately he's out there the price point treated cheaper. The women we love the opportunity to help them out as well. Remind people are just. The phone number 816792. And 07008167920700. Mr. Woodbury with low 'cause life insurance dot com. That's it was. We have and our studios but none of moving Kansas city's anchor ma'am. Chris Katz. Isn't that wonderful news upon you'd like Kara isn't it yeah see you listen I was. And and I I happen despite like Q I just had a feeling you know did you really that it. Feel guilty. I just. I texted him and I said this right now is are you break and we now if she didn't want if she didn't wanna disclose that you gave her. Ample opportunity not out of ample opportunity now does this was this was her call. What are you guys doing and you're going to say we are excited Pete Souza a long time pizzas White House photographer. A bomb under a variety of administrations is speaking tonight at the dole institute in Lawrence and the Dana said. Is it that looks like when we have a Obama said we have ago he was a social White House photographer for both presidents Reagan and Obama. Reagan animal Reagan and he's been around he's been there for a long time and he snapped my favorite photo of all time and that is the picture. Of the little boy who went into the white house with his two Brothers. His fighters all the time. And the parents of the children had said each one of you we have time you can ask the president one question. And the mother said we did not direct them nor did we ask them. The questions that they had decided to ask the president says the oldest brother goes first. As the story goes and asks something about a retired fighter jet and the other brother asks about something else. And the little boy at age five walks over and the president said what is your question young man. And he said that as short hair feel like mine does blow is this one right here it is an iconic. Photo. And and I've read about Peters is a saying in that moment he he. He you know he's at the photograph isn't even really hit a very good the parents who can't see them that you know parents read is that all has cut off on your legacy is you need. I notice a Nimitz out in that moment the president bends down. And this little black child. Reaches over and he was kind of tentative about it and I guess president Obama's oval don't. Feel about it. And he passed the presidents Kennedy and it is the most it just brings here's in my eyes when I see that picture. And you know the family has talked to mountain and photographers talked about it but what a witness to history mr. and that's. You wanna know what alive and well. Like this is this is the debts and go chip and up she said she said can you take today off and as a well look at seats will become the president's photographer for Reagan. And then you end up taking for. Any. You know ears off and then here in for Obama I think I think he's someone with a with a reputation and a pennant damn good one. And I think com if you're an administration looking for some wanted to document the you know moments that the rest of us don't see you want somebody you can trust and I'm guessing he's the guy. And I think the president spends as much time with him as well like they are you ever thought that I'm not mistaken they're always there yes yeah. Always air and and they just photographs from the White House determines later. Which pictures are we gonna let out an and I think we'll you know you you end up seeing a lot of these photographs in their presidential libraries later. Now I'm curious if you took the photograph after regular shot you know that the photograph right after the shots were fired. Was he there for that I I don't but the things I don't. You gotta figure ones I would think so regular room with them. We'll fill in if we did tonight when sham. From kiss. They were you're partisan today. Very very weird choice might run on this. It's from 1980 news from 1980 from the I messed up my problem but got worse. What's up man. I've humorous news today Kara marks for his pregnant when her second child was ruled absolutely. Over the moon for them. Congratulations to Paul and to Kara marks are. He is no longer apple picking Paul is potent. Because Charlie is only nine months old. We got to run Johnny Weir is next on behalf of our producers today the finest men and all of America the great Rada. My good Freddy goes into right items up parts and god willing Rolex tomorrow 2 o'clock have a great night Kansas City be safe but because. Happening now on KM BZ deaths on a plane will have more on this coming down. What spring is here finally look at the flowers on the trees makes me so happy time to start heading outside. Thinking about your outside areas of your home your debt your driveway. 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Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.